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warmgreytail · 20 hours
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doctorkatmd · 2 days
Can we talk about the ADHD cycle that is forgetting to take your meds for a prolonged period of time, then taking them, realizing they feel good, and then slowly forgetting to take them again? Not even like specifically ADHD meds, I just did this with my metabolism medication.
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Me irl
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theadhdravenclaw · 3 days
I am aware of how whiny this may sound but argh, I took my ADHD meds for the first time in a few days (legit forgot that I am on them) and they're starting to kick in but I didn't eat so now I'm nauseous and need to it but eating just feels like ew gross and to eat there's just too much executive function needed, what to eat, make it/warm it, is it healthy?, get a plate likeee ahahaa
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Rotating a potential conversation between Ed and Izzy in my head. . . it goes with a fic that I’m probably never gonna get around to writing but.
After Everything, someone has the ‘you’re in love with Ed’ conversation with Izzy and he gets upset because he knows there’s no chance at all now (in his mind at least, we steddy our hands here gdi) but he’s been working on the whole ‘talk it through’ thing and. He has to know. So he goes to Ed while Stede and the crew are doing storytime and asks:
‘Did you know?’
‘Know what Iz? Gotta be more specific’ (he does know what Izzy’s asking he just doesn’t want this conversation/wants to put it off)
‘Did you know that I was in love with you?’
'. . .’
‘. . . Ed-’
‘. . . Fuck you, Edward.’
And this leads into the fic idea I’ve got where Izzy leaves and kinda pulls a Davy Jones a la Pirates of the Caribbean, cuts out his own heart because the love hurts too much, only it gets a happy ending cause I can’t handle sad endings lmfao. Not only are the hands steddied but they’re stacked :3c, which is all I’ll say cause I do wanna try and write this (if I decide I can’t win the 1 v 1 with my executive dysfunction I’ll tell yall how it was gonna go tho, I have a really cool oc for this lmao).
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hanniecat922 · 1 day
I have three major essays due in 2 days.
Yet I am here. reading Danny Phantom ff. imagining my blorbos in situations.
Executive dysfunction is one hell of a drug.
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awetistic-things · 1 day
i’m in a productive mood for once
i wonder how long it will last 🤧
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shamebats · 25 days
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Well this sure hit me like a ton of bricks
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k-dhd · 3 months
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restonrosebleed · 5 months
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i made this instead of doing the things ive been "forgetting" to do
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funnytwittertweets · 3 months
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saintqueer · 3 months
one of the most baffling parts of adhd is the food thing. you know the thing i'm talking about. like it is 8:30pm on a friday night, i had to work late and i know i really need to eat dinner but i don't actively feel my hunger right now and i can't think of anything i would enjoy consuming or that i have the energy to prepare but i'm also fully aware i'm gonna feel like shit if i don't eat dinner
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transfaguette · 4 months
"didn't you wear that yesterday" um ever hear of a WASHING MACHINE?? [< did not actually wash it]
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adhd-alien · 1 month
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Will post a comic series explaining why this happens and sharing tips and strategies starting next week
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kaizokuseb · 5 months
this may not work for everyone, but the best advice i’ve ever heard was something like “if you’re struggling with something, make it easier.” that sounds like bullshit, but it actually helps me a lot.
i struggled to brush my teeth for years. i still do! but i made it easier for myself by paying attention to my needs. what kept me from brushing? part of it was the sensory experience, so i switched to an electric one and it works much better for me. part of it was having to stand in the bathroom for two minutes, so i moved my brush and toothpaste into my bedroom, where i lay or sit in bed and look at my phone while i use them. this didn’t solve the entire problem for me, but it made things so much easier.
i can’t stand having a shirt collar, so i wear mostly tank tops, but for the shirts i really like, i usually just cut the neck part out. yeah it’s not super pretty, so i keep some of my shirts uncut if i really like them for their look, but it helps for my every day clothes. (my mom taught me this one.)
showering and doing dishes are two things that make me want to die from boredom(? i don’t really have a term for that crushing boredom/dread of executive dysfunction and trauma responses). now i have a speaker for my shower and headphones for chores, and i just listen to music or podcasts. it makes things easier, even if it isn’t enough every time.
just. look at what you’re struggling with and think about what specific part is bothering you most. if there’s an easy fix, take it. even if it only makes things slightly more manageable, you deserve that. you deserve an easier way to do things that you struggle with. even if the solution seems silly or weird, is it hurting anyone? is it making anything worse? is it better to brush your teeth in bed or not at all?
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hockpock · 1 year
ADHD time blindness be like "oh, today is the 30th? that's fine, December is still next month, that's forever away!
...what do you mean tommorrow?"
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