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obsob · 3 months ago
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a redraw of ‘lament for icarus’ by herbert james draper ✷
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wherethedamnthingsoverlap · a month ago
if in 2022 you really genuinely believe that the average middle or lower class citizen using their money in a frivolous way is a personal insult to everyone suffering and genuinely believe you can/should have some say about how these ppl spend their own money then you're actually so wrong???? you're gonna eat these ppl when we start eating the rich lmao what??? wait till you hear about the fuckit-expense mindset young people in korean have developed
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delicourse · 4 months ago
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oghh pastel time babey
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vroomgogh · 4 months ago
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togashi actually emailed me the leaks and this is what happens in the new manga chapter. so excited to see everyone happy again <3
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monggay · 28 days ago
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HIIIII i uh its pearl!!!! but its a mechanisms au besically theyre immortal space pirates but also in a band.... yeah......... MORE RAMBLES N OTHER VERSION UNDER THE CUT
also see: gem as drumbot brian!
ok so pearlescentmoon as gunpowder tim. her mechanisms are her eyes (half based off her double life red life skin). i just want her to blow up the moon ok!!!!!! (see song: 'gunpowder tim vs the moon kaiser' specifically 'tim goes crazy') idk whos bertie tho, jonny to her is def grian tho skyduo (?) my beloved, maybe tilly or scott or smth as bertie? maybe ill add more ideas when i think of more its late maybe the coffee n cokes like fove hours ago is catching up to me or smth
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tunapesto · 5 months ago
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from me to you
#deltarune#??? i guess#asriel dreemurr#dess holiday#college au#this will make sense by the next post#dessriel#if you want#anyway random hcs. dess would dye her hair and i like the idea of black roots fading into a lighter brown. fake braces bcoz i could not deci#asriel wears glasses but prefers contacts 99% of the time#ok fuck. now that im on pc i can type freely#anyway the plot is#or more like. loose idea#is that azzy has Some issues with his parents' divorce and how he sees himself#hes like. the golden child n stuff. smart gets the best grades a goody two shoes etc#but thats all he gets as compliments usually. especially as a kid#either that hes the perfect child or that#of course of course; its toriel and asgores child after all.#and like from a  child like that youd expect something great like being a doctor.. lawyer... engineer...#no. hes a game developer. hes not interested in any of that and he wasnt able to come to this until only when he was about to leave college#and like. asgore is 100% supportive whatever makes azzy happy#he also used to buy games for him so hed know#toriel is fine with it ofc shes not gonna disown him over it. just a little underwhelmed but its OK. she tries to find the interest in it#read books about video games and ask kris sometimes#because she still very much wants to be involved in his life somehow#identity crisis. college. figuring yourself out all that shit#azzy has this in a particularly average age to have it. youre about to be an adult. of course you havent figured shit out yet#youre 19 years old in this big big world full of people#and college... is busy as hell. so much work. so much tiredness#art
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astraldemise · 3 months ago
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ufo fanatic
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miikpal · a month ago
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why mourn her? she’s never once existed
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campyvillain · 4 months ago
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i know I probably shouldn’t post some redesigns this early but fuck it im excited
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bybdolan · 4 months ago
I think it's weird how "fame is an inherently traumatizing and dehumanizing experience" is a concept many people understand but only apply to celebrities they like.
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girlblocker · 2 months ago
ok here is my attempt at seeing how serious of an amv i could make about the little guys from night at the museum. WITH all the silly shots included
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kristalpepsi · 3 months ago
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Girlcat? Girlcat!
(4 @hools!)
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2hoothoots · 4 months ago
Raz is really OP to be immune to even radiation does he have any weaknesses like superman?
raz has many weaknesses. these include: being hit on the head with a big stick
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cozylittleartblog · 10 months ago
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no energy to illustrate since ch2 came out so all i have are dozens of pages of memes and sillies to puzzle together <3 if i have to draw all the damn queen content I Will. and im sorry to say i find one-sided queenkaard EXTREMELY funny
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milkcramp · a month ago
remember how I appropriated a shitty ugly garden bed from a public federal facility across the street from my apartment back in June for a vegetable garden? Here’s how that’s goin…
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I think altogether (including the two times I’ve watered it during the season- I’m trying some water saving techniques) I’ve put maybe 20$ and 10 hours worth of work into this.
The city would cut down the weeds in this bed maybe 2 or 3 times a year, just letting them grow up and die. Last year it was full of invasive nightshades and noxious allergenic weeds.
I’ve met several neighbours, received a mystery donation of some tomato plants, noticed it become a hub for the sparrows and bees. I’ve watched folks meet there and become friends while their dogs play by the retaining wall.
Start a garden. You won’t regret it.
plant list off the top of my head- sage, thyme, rosemary, tomatoes (Tigerella, Barry’s Crazy Cherry, Atomic Grape, plus the neighbour’s plants which look like some sort of late season slicers), Red Russian kale, Lolla Rosso lettuce, Lilliput zinnia, nasturtiums, borage, wood betony, cilantro, Swiss chard, Napa cabbage)
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stupiditysphere · 3 months ago
how do sexist portal fans exist. the entire story is about the experience of women in male dominated fields and the cycles of workplace abuse that situation perpetuates
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seesboy · 5 months ago
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my vocaloid spin has me by the neck and that's okay
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