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The answer to all conflicts; polyamory 💜🌸✨
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Slowly breaking out of this art funk
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Can I interest you in an AU where Aizawa tries to woo Mic with horrible pickup lines from the internet, because he has no idea how else to do it? And mic thinks aizawa figured out his crush and is teasing him? Imagine he has a list of them and every so often he’ll bust one out like Is there an airport nearby, or was that my heart taking off? Completely deadpan.
Mic kinda half-laughs sometimes but once in a while he shoots one back in an attempt to defend himself. Aizawa considers this progress
Eventually Kayama pulls him aside like as hilarious as it is to watch you roast him, I think you’re starting to hurt his feelings.
Tumblr media
Like he thought they were really getting somewhere and Mic is just weathering the storm.
Aizawa has to try something else, since the pickup lines didn’t work. So he goes to the card store and gets the biggest, cheesiest I LOVE YOU bear in the whole place. The cashier asks him if he would like to add an audio message to the bear, and he says he would. Now the bear says “I love you beary much” in aizawa’s expressionless voice whenever you squeeze it.
Hizashi sleeps with it every night, even though he’s still not sure if Aizawa is making fun of him. but he took the bear so aizawa thinks he’s batting a thousand. Hizashi is a lot of work to win over but aizawa is used to working hard. It’s worth it. Especially when he ends up in Mic’s room for something or other and sees the bear on the bed - he’s in cloud freaking 9 because!! Success!! Meanwhile Mic is dying of mortification and praying for a villain with a murder quirk to show up and put him out of his misery. Aizawa thinks they’re dating now. The bear has been accepted.
Now aizawa has to google “how to be a good boyfriend.”
So Hizashi starts walking into the apartment after a long day of radio stuff and patrols to find Aizawa is just... standing in the dark doorway. Waiting. “Tell me about your day” he demands, in the same tone he uses to interrogate criminals as Mic shrieks and drops all his stuff. He can’t figure out what it is Shouta thinks he did, and if he did do it, and there’s... something on the table. It looks like it was food once, before the war.
“I made dinner” says Aizawa, from behind him. The kitchen is not actively on fire but all the windows are open and a suspicious smokiness lingers. It’s the middle of winter. There is snow in the apartment.
“That was... so thoughtful of you...” Mic says, putting his jacket back on.
Aizawa nods. Date night is a success. Another flawless victory, thanks to the internet. He had tried to cook along with a YouTube video but didn’t understand some parts were cut out, to save time. Hizashi eats it anyway. This is what love is.
Aizawa had planned for them to watch a movie after dinner but it takes six hours to clean the kitchen. Most of the pots are unsalvageable. He wanted to make chocolate covered strawberries, but they were out of season. So dessert is one of those cans of mandarin orange slices with Hershey’s syrup poured into it. Then Aizawa tried to light it on fire, for fanciness. It didn’t burn.
It’s still freezing cold in the apartment at bedtime, so Mic offers to share his bed so they can keep warm. “Is that moving too fast?” Aizawa asks. He really wants to, but Hizashi has been so slow to win over, he doesn’t want to blow it by rushing.
Hizashi thinks he’s making fun of him again. “I’m not going to jump you in your sleep Shouta,” he grumbles, and aizawa nods. So it’s like that then. He makes sure to keep six inches between them, as a buffer. The perfect end to the perfect date. He’s amazing at this.
Aizawa also sets phone alarms, so he remembers to do things like Text Hizashi To Ask About His Day. Hizashi has to get used to his 3pm "what are you doing" text from aizawa. There are no follow up questions.
One of the things on the list of good boyfriend things to do was "compliment your partner!" so Aizawa made a list of compliments to use and he texts mic one per day.
"You keep the bathroom very neat"
"You always remember the name of the takeout place"
"You're very punctual"
Hizashi, sobbing: I don't understand what's happening
The best part is that Hizashi already does all the good boyfriend things, so Aizawa thinks this relationship is going great!! He's a very lucky man.
Eventually, Mic just gets pushed too far. Aizawa's daily 5pm compliment text was "you look handsome today" and Hizashi just fucking snaps. He leaves work early and rushes home. Aizawa is in the kitchen trying to figure out how to cook a stir fry. After they finish with the fire extinguisher, Mic throws it aside and says "I can't take it anymore" and full on dips Aizawa into a kiss.
"Finally," they both say afterwards. They think they mean the same thing, but they do not.
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Hizashi: Shouta, you are MAKING ME be the voice of reason and its not a Good Look!!
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War on Christmas -- Squealing Santa 2022
My @squealing-santa​ gift is ready, and it is for the very very cool @a-fluffer-nutter​! From your BNHA ship list I went with EraserMic, and had lots of fun with your prompt of "The pairing celebrating Christmas or the holidays. Opening presents turns to chaos!" Though, it wound up being more post-gift opening/cleaning up chaos in the end. I hope you enjoy!
Fandom: BNHA
Ship(s): EraserMic
Characters (lee/ler): Switch!Aizawa/Switch!Yamada
Word Count: 1501 words
Summary: Hizashi and Aizawa get a little sidetracked while cleaning up the post-gift opening mess.
[ao3 link]
Christmas in the Aizawa-Yamada home was turning out a bit more chaotic that year, compared to the celebrations of the past.
While Hitoshi had seemed perfectly content to sleep in until late in the morning, a boy after Shouta’s own heart, the combined energy and excitement from Hizashi and Eri had the whole household up when the sun had barely cleared the horizon. From there, the morning was a blur of messy breakfast, wrapping paper, and sparkly bows.
Now, they finally had a moment of quiet.
The moment Eri had opened her last, largest gift and found a pink, sparkly tricycle inside, Shouta knew it was over. While she would never demand it herself, they could all see how much she was itching to take it out for a ride, snowy lawns and icy sidewalks be damned. Hitoshi, perhaps seeing the exhaustion in Shouta’s eyes, or maybe just wanting to get out of the house because of the flirtatious looks Hizashi kept shooting him, didn’t hesitate to offer to take her out for a ride.
And then it was just the two of them, finally having a moment of privacy, getting to enjoy each other’s company… if it weren’t for the mess.
For so many years, when it had just been the two of them, there had always been so little to clean up. A few pieces of wrapping paper here, a handful of dishes there, and then the house was clean once more. Now, however, their living room was covered in brightly colored foil paper, all ripped to shreds. The dishwasher and sink were overflowing with dishes from cookie baking, large dinners, and sweet breakfasts. The coffee table was covered in frosting and edible glitter from Eri’s (and, admittedly, Hizashi’s) efforts. The house looked like Christmas had exploded, and not in a fun, festive way, and Shouta decided that that certainly wouldn’t do. 
So, despite all Hizashi’s whining for attention, Shouta moved on to cleaning. They had plenty of time for Hizashi’s dramatic forms of affection later. Right now, Shouta wanted to be able to see the floor.
And then, as Shouta tried to gather up some of the stray pieces of colorful paper scattered around the tree, he felt something hit him in the back of the head. Looking down, Shouta saw a balled-up scrap of wrapping paper.
“You’re supposed to be cleaning,” Shouta said, raising an unimpressed eyebrow. “Not making more of a mess.”
Hizashi gave him an innocent look. “I don’t know what you mean, Sho.”
Shouta narrowed his eyes. Fine. Two could play at that game. Instead of immediately retaliating, Shouta only huffed and turned back to his own trash bag, shoving the balled-up paper inside and continuing to clean. He heard Hizashi let out a quiet sigh on the other side of the room and the rustle of him continuing to clean. That was when Shouta struck.
Quickly, he balled up several scraps of paper, doing his best to make it look like he was only trying to make the trash fit better. Then, he took his arsenal and chucked one directly at the back of Hizashi’s head. Hizashi yelped and whirled around, a hand raising up to where the paper hit him as he gave Shouta a startled look. Shouta smirked, throwing a second balled-up scrap and nailing Hizashi directly in the forehead.
“Oh, you’re on Sho!”
Shouta scoffed, wider grin tugging at his mouth. “I may not have started this fight, but I’ll certainly finish it.”
And then the room became a whirlwind of bright, flying paper. They had bought the pretty, decorative kind this year, for Eri and Hitoshi’s first holiday with them, which meant they were both likely to be shampooing glitter out of their head for weeks. Shouta wondered if they would ever get it out of the carpet.
Hizashi laughed the whole time, loudly and easily, dodging sloppily (despite the fact that Shouta knew he could do better than that, they were Pro Heroes after all) but throwing with alarming accuracy. Shouta, on the other hand, didn’t hold back. He was much more suited for this kind of war than Hizashi, with his skillset as an Underground Hero, but when he finally cracked, barking out a laugh when he accidentally knocked Hizashi’s glasses right off his face, he started to get a bit sloppy himself. There was a sort of fun in that too, not aiming to be perfect the whole time. It was a game, after all. A silly bit of fun. He could afford to not be perfect.
He would still win, anyway.
At least, he would have, if Hizashi wasn’t a dirty rotten cheat. With a battle cry, Hizashi broke from his side of the room, pelting a laughing Shouta with wrapping paper ball after wrapping paper ball as he charged, eventually tackling Shouta down to the ground.
“Hey!” Shouta snapped, trying his best to sound authoritative despite the lingering laughter in his tone. “Get off!”
Hizashi only laughed, pressing his weight further onto Shouta. Shouta scoffed and reached up, grasping around for one of the wrapping paper balls to shove down Hizashi’s shirt. Hizashi gasped in faux-offense.
“I’ve won, and you’re still trying to sabotage me?”
Shouta let out a grunt. “You didn’t win, you filthy cheat, you– ah!”
Shouta’s arm shot down in defense, but it was too late. Hizashi’s devious fingers were already buried in the hollow underneath his arm, scribbling and scrabbling away at the sensitive skin. Shouta bit out a curse, scrunching up his face and squirming underneath Hizashi in a half-hearted escape attempt.
Hizashi gasped in faux-offense. “Shouta, kitten, you’re accusing me of cheating?”
“Even more-so now,” Shouta ground out, refusing to give Hizashi the satisfaction of his ticklish laughter so easily.
“Why, kitten, I would never.”
Of course, the words were accompanied with Hizashi immediately darting forward and burying his face in Shouta’s sensitive neck, so clearly he wasn’t doing a very good job of defending his own actions. Shouta knew he should’ve grabbed his capture scarf off the hook in their bedroom that morning, just in case, because now without it, Shouta had nothing to block Hizashi from nibbling and nuzzling and huffing out breaths that unfortunately sent Shouta squealing.
Hizashi huffed a laugh against his neck, which certainly didn’t help Shouta’s predicament. “Wow, Sho. I think that’s a new record, huh?” He blew a quick raspberry against one of Shouta’s weak points. “That may be the fastest I ever got you to laugh, huh?”
Shouta had never been a man of many words, so he figured a simple “Fuck you!” would suffice as a reply.
But, Shouta realized, with Hizashi’s new focus on one of Shouta’s weaker points, his fingers were less focused and intense, fumbling and half-hearted as Hizashi sought out better reactions with new methods. Shouta had control of his arms again. And Hizashi had far more weak points than he did.
Shouta’s hands shot out, wrapping his arms around Hizashi’s back and rolling them over, scratching his fingers in-between Hizashi’s ribs as they went. Hizashi shrieked, barking out a loud laugh, tilting his head back with the force of it. Shouta shrugged his shoulders up to try and rub the remaining ticklish feeling away (and keep Hizashi from getting any more ideas).
“Not fair!” Hizashi cried out through his laughter.
Shouta raised an eyebrow. “Not fair? It wasn’t me who brought tickling into this, Zashi.”
Hizashi twisted underneath him, probably trying to get leverage to throw him off, but Shouta wouldn’t allow that. He pushed Hizashi back down, planting his legs firmly on either side of Hizashi’s hips, and finally enacted his true revenge. 
His fingers jumped from tickle spot to tickle spot, wiggling and spidering and scratching as swiftly as they could. Hizashi wailed in response, his laughter going near-hysterical as his senses were overloaded, not being able to keep up with how quickly Shouta was switching spots. His hands were always two steps behind in defense, never knowing where to jump next to stop Shouta.
It was a good thing Shouta knew how much he loved this. Otherwise he might actually feel bad about the tears of mirth slowly building up in Hizashi’s eyes.
And then the front door burst open, revealing their two children, both seemingly far too energetic for having been sloshing through slush and snow for the better part of an hour. Shouta halted in his attack, opening his mouth to greet them even as he started to remove himself from Hizashi’s waist, when he was tackled back to the ground himself. Shouta shot Hizashi a glare, wishing the kids were still outside so he could spit out a curse or two at being so sloppy in his own defense. Hizashi winked at him, then turned his beaming smile on their children.
“Hey, wanna see what Sho looks like when he really smiles?”
Maybe family tickle fights would become another one of their new Christmas traditions, after this year.
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Mic: *coming home after a long shift at the radio staion* Shouta I'm h- Thats another cat.
Aizawa: Yes.
Shinso: *coming out of the kitchen with a coffee for himself and Aizawa* Hey papa. This is Pretty Princess the second. Eri wanted him.
Mic: Shouta. We talked about this.
Eri:*walking in behind Shinso* Its my cat Papa. *smiles sweetly*
Mic: Shit. My hands have now been tied.
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mae’s erasermic fic rec post - the 2022 update
ayyyy guess who finally got some time AND motivation to sit down and update this, which hadn’t been touched in about a year and a half.
this means i added a bunch of authors and individual stories, as well as a few new series. hope you enjoy and maybe find something you haven’t read yet! :)
and there’s so so so many tabs open on my phone+in my Marked For Later on ao3... truly blessed
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Some fae au spicy crops 😌
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Last one for now, didn’t finish in time for Aizawa’s birthday bUT here it is anyway
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Mic can't handle how cute his hubby is 😔💜
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💜🎃👻💀🧡 Happy Halloween!! 💜🎃👻💀🧡
Have some fluffy dadzawa for the spooky season~
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More MHA
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Hizashi, holding a picture of Shouta: have you seen my husband
Stranger: has he gone missing?
Hizashi: oh, no, he's over there. I just like making people look at him.
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