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sunghoon size kink
sunghoon is close to if not 6ft with broad shoulders and biceps the size of my head there is no reason he wouldn’t have a size kink
plus his hands are 20cm which is the same size as txt’s soobin and seeing how big he is from just what we can see there’s no way you can convince me his dick isn’t big i just know it is
but yes sunghoon definitely would love seeing you bouncing on his dick knowing how deep it’s hitting and even seeing it slightly bulge against your skin
plus if you’re saying anything along the lines of how deep it is it’ll only make him want to go deeper and hit harder until you’re crying and feel like he’s going to split you on his dick
just sunghoon size kink
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Tumblr media
ema’s fic rec’s ₊˚⏃⊹!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i decided to make a lil’ masterlist of fics i thoroughly enjoyed for you guys to also read and support these amazing authors <3 make sure to give them lots of feedback and love; do not be a silent reader T-T! i’ll continue to update this post, and there will be no social media aus or smut in any fics below. have fun!!
and yes, i have already put reblogs for 99% of these works on this acc with like a paragraph of feedback. buT i tried to shorten my screaming thoughts into one sentence so this isn’t annoying to scroll thru lmaosjns
Tumblr media
⚠︎ yang jungwon:
http-do-you-luv-me? ★!!! (16k, jock won, e2l, f, a)
i have reread this masterpiece countless times and it’s p much my comfort fic T-T i could rant about it forever, even if u dont read enha/longfics just read RNNN, all time fav fs <3
for any price ★ (9.4k, assassin won, f, a)
saw assassin and clicked immediately jshsjs, very unique and exciting!! plus yeonjun is featured.. *stares*
in your dreams ★ (10k, dreamwatcher? won, e2l, f, a)
you cannot find any other fic like this one, very creative idea and has a bit of everything !!
love that blooms (demigod au, f)
chasin’ your pretty thoughts (22k, mindreader won, f, a)
lost cause (8.5k, classmate won, f, a)
would you be so kind? (3.7k, classmate won, f)
crepuscule (11.5k, vampire won, f, a)
closer (4.7k, ravenclaw won, f, a)
war tactics and kisses (demigod au, f)
attention, please! (9k, jock won, f, a)
⚠︎ lee heeseung:
always been you (16.5k, badboy/bestfriend hee, f)
my camp counselor is kinda hot (demigod au, f)
attention, please! (8k, jock hee, f, a)
⚠︎ park jay:
study lessons (12.3k, jock jay, f, a)
⚠︎ sim jake:
none for now <\3
⚠︎ park sunghoon:
the 7th sense (10.3k, dragon hoon, f, a)
marriage discount (2k, fake dating, f)
reasons to date (2.8k, classmate/friend hoon, f)
enchanted (3k+ ongoing series, prince hoon, f)
⚠︎ kim sunoo:
none for now <\3
⚠︎ nishimura riki:
sixteen eighty-five ★! (6k, e2l jock/newsclub riki, f, a)
another all time fav, everything about it is just what i enjoy in a fic and i could reread it over and over <33 niki is so mean but then so nice it’s just auhsjs aww
dear bus-noona ★ (0.8k, stranger riki, f)
i barely read short drabbles, but this was absolutely adorable and had me laughing and smiling even with just 800 words <3
kitty got your tongue (14.6k, assassin riki, f, a)
sucks to be you, sleepyhead (demigod au, e2l f)
all i want for christmas is you (5.4k, e2l, fake dating, f)
attention, please! (10.8k, jock riki, e2l, f, a)
lucky charm (2.6k, e2l, f)
behind the net! (9.8k, jock riki, e2l, f, a, plugging my own fic cuz why not)
⚠︎ choi yeonjun:
i said “why won’t you forget?” (2.7k, runaway beomjun, f, a)
⚠︎ choi soobin:
none yet <\3
⚠︎ choi beomgyu:
the prince and the jackal ★!! (11.8k natureprince gyu, f)
AAH ANOTHER ALL TIME FAV, i could talk about it forever, but it’s just so unique and close to my heart and the bantering is so cute, idc if u dont read txt read rn it’s amazing <3
the only exception ★ (12.4k, stranger gyu, f)
this fic is just so warm and homely? it made me smile lots T-T
i said “why won’t you “forget?” (2.7k, runaway beomjun, f, a)
⚠︎ kang taehyun:
none yet <\3
⚠︎ huening kai:
none yet <\3
EXTRA ! (i don’t read bts anymore, but i wanted to include these since they’re still favs of mine! HIGHLY RECC EVEN IF U DONT READ BTS!!)
so you wanna be the best ★ (8.1k, POKEMON TRAINER JUNGKOOK!! <33 f)
I GREW UP WITH POKEMON, DIGIMON ALL THAT. so when i saw this??? i genuinely screamed this. one is vv close to my heart <3
lifeguard ★ (12.6k, lifeguard jungkook, f)
this fic will get you to giggle at least once, istg one of the funniest fics i’ve read it is HILARIOUS i’m not over jk putting sunscreen on mcs back and her thinking it was tae the whole time T-T
thank you for reading!! again, make sure to give the authors lots of love :D
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texts with boyfriend niki !!
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Tumblr media
stupefy ‧₊˚ ⚡︎𓈒 p.js
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
for the anon who requested ravenclaw reader getting locked in a closer w slytherin jay, hope u find this :c
SUMMARY ! playing spin the bottle with your brother and his troublemaking companions results in you getting locked in a closet with his best friend, who seems to have noticed your staring throughout the night.
PAIRING ! slytherin!jay x ravenclaw!f!reader
WC ! 1.4K
GENRE ! sprinkle of fluff (?), slight suggestive, implied sexual themes from hee’s friends
WARNINGS ! making out, jay pulls your tie (so rude smh), he’s only cocky for a bit then he’s a blushy loser (just like irl 💀), reader is teased for being a ravenclaw, heeseung being a terrible brother and his friends are just as bad
a/n: WHY DO I ALWAYS DELETE THE WRONG ASKS I FEEL SO BAD 😭 sigh. take this tiny jay fic cuz of anon’s indulging in my slytherin jay antics grhrgehbrgh
Tumblr media
instead of being asleep like the rest of your nerdy house was, you were down in the potions room playing spin the bottle with the slytherins — or more specifically, your older brother heeseung and his annoyingly loud friends.
you've come to know a few of them quite well, especially one named park jay. it was as if the boy was sculpted by a greek god; perfect pointy nose and jawline sharper than a snake’s fang, cat-like eyes always seemingly harsh enough to pierce right into your very soul.
you were almost in a trance side-eyeing him half the night, but the sound of your name makes your head snap up, nervously adjusting your glasses, "h-huh?
“aw, look at the lil' raven," a girl named karina hisses in amusement, "it's your turn, cutie. don't be shy." you'd think heeseung, being your older brother and all, would stand up for you by now and tell his friends to play nice. but the slytherin male only smirked just as evilly as the rest of his housemates, staring down at you through his wavy black bangs without a hint of empathy. it really was a wonder how the two of you were even related.
as you gulp and move to grab the bottle, you feel jay's gaze sharpen on you even further.
please, please, anybody but him. you doubt you'd survive being in the supply closet with jay for more than a minute, any more than that and you'd probably faint on the spot.
with a last shaky breath you release the bottle, everyone turning silent as the glass quietly spins and spins. before you know it, the bottle begins slowing down. it goes past everyone at the table: first sunghoon.. karina…. heeseung.. yeonjun..
you freeze.
the bottle stops, and in utter horror, you look up to see the face of park jay smirking down at you, mischief evident in his shimmering pupils. of course your luck had to fall down the drain at the worst times, it was all too predictable. karina cackles, “yah, isn’t this too mean? jay, go easy on her!”
you desperately look at your big brother, who you always looked up to for help, but the emotionless boy is already pushing you towards the supply closet with a sinful grin, sunghoon doing the same to jay next to you. “w— hold on, hee i don’t want—“
“have fun!” slam.
you continue staring at the locked door, dumbstruck as the voices of the other slytherin’s slowly fade away. in one hopeless attempt of desperation, you reach up to test the handle a few times. the last source of light illuminating the room full of strange ingredients and liquids was a single hanging lantern, only increasing the dreadful mood.
“sunghoon has the key,” a raspy voice provides. you turn, eyes finally locking with jay’s as he perchs up against the wall, arms crossed calmly. you weren’t sure what it is you were expecting from this unlucky scenario, but it definitely wasn’t the usually wreckless slytherin maintaining a respectful distance from you.
though you notice that unlike your brother, his gaze reflected genuine emotion; a hint of pity showing through his pupils as you glue yourself to the ground anxiously. he looks even more perfect up close despite his untucked shirt and loose green tie, black cloak almost falling off on one side.
it’s tranquil for another moment before jay speaks up again, running ring-attired fingers through his raven bangs. “why were you staring at me?”
your mind blanks, unprepared for such a sudden call out. “i.. i wasn’t.. i didn’t stare at you,” you mumble pathetically.
the slytherin looks at you again with a knowing simper. you swear he whispered ‘cute’ under his breath, but you didn’t have time to dwell on it before he replied, “during spin the bottle,” jay refers. “don’t think i didn’t notice. your little glasses don’t hide anything.” with no response, you tilt your head down in shame and embarrassment.
suddenly, the boy pushes off the wall, stalking towards you ever so slowly. when you try to step back in response, a shelf full of potions nearly tips over as your back stabs into it.
you gasp at the contact, facing forward again to see jay right up in your space, hands pinning your sides in with a brow raised. “do you have a crush on me or something?”
you choke in horror, “what!? no!” he brings his face even closer to yours, watching for a reaction. when you don’t bother making an effort to escape or even turn your head away, he chuckles, small fangs poking through his pink lips as he realises you want this just as much as him.
before you can process it, the boy has taken your perfectly done blue tie through his fingers, rubbing down the material leisurely. “tsk tsk tsk.. little ravenclaws like you shouldn’t lie, could get you in trouble.” he suddenly yanks your tie harshly, grasping the material as you’re tugged towards him with a yelp, lips centimetres from his plump ones. “i can feel your heart racing,” he snickers.
you aren’t sure how you haven’t passed out yet; he was undeniably stunning up close, black bangs covering bits of his eyes, tongue poking out to moisten his chapped lips as he holds you against the shelf.
with a breathy exhale, you slowly reach a hand up to place against his own defined torso, grinning at the feeling of his own heart beating rapidly out of his chest. ”i can feel yours too,” you fire back teasingly.
at that, his smug expression staggers for a moment, processing your boldness in surprise. then, he smiles, reaching up to push a loose hair strand behind your ear. “caught me there.”
your smile grows a fraction. “jay,” you mutter, glancing at the locked door. the slytherin hums in acknowledgment, the sharp tip of his nose poking your own. “can you..”
he waits, “can i what, princess?”
you swallow, fingers wrapping all the way around the large wrist that’s calmly raking through your hair. “kiss me?”
jay’s cocky smirk returns, tilting his head evilly, “what’s the magic word? c’mon, ravenclaw’s should know all their manners,” he taunts.
your jaw ticks in irritation. instead of doing as the taller boy asks, you don’t think twice before switching your positions, pressing him into the shelf while kissing him just as you please.
jay groans in alarm at the feeling of your soft lips moving against his, visibly having an inner debate on teaching you a lesson or letting you have your fun. it seems he chooses the second option, allowing your hands to roam into his jet black roots while gently cupping your cheek as if you were a vase; broken into pieces if he touched you any rougher.
after a couple minutes more, you separate for air, staring at each other with glazed out irises. it was clear who had more experience; jay breathing half steadily while you nearly pant your lungs out, lifting a hand to wipe your steamed up glasses.
“do you think your brother’s gonna beat me up?” he suddenly asks, though not looking scared in the slightest.
you scoff in amusement, “no, he doesn’t care about me. he’s the one who pushed me in here, remember?” feeling irritated by the mere thought of heeseung, you step closer again to kiss him and distract the both of you, right when a lock clicking reaches your ears.
the closet is aggressively jerked open, a flood of light shining into the storage room. “time’s up, jay! get off the poor thing—“
everyone peeping into the closet pauses in confusion, taking in the sight of you caging a boy much bigger than you against a shelf, lips swollen and hair a mess as jay blushes in humiliation, pushing you off of him.
first sunghoon giggles, then heeseung begins to cackle, before they’re all laughing, grabbing jay’s shoulders and pushing him around, pinching his red cheeks and ruffling his hair even further. “getting pushed around by hee’s little sister? a ravenclaw, really bro?” yeonjun snickers playfully.
with that, the group of slytherin’s begin to walk off without sparing you another glance, much too preoccupied teasing the black haired boy. you begin to chuckle for a moment, feeling proud of yourself until through the midst of the chaos, jay meets your eyes furiously.
he rudely points at you, then raises it to his neck, making a cut throat motion.
you had a terrible feeling this wouldn’t be your last encounter with your brother’s best friend.
slytherin jay the beloved T-T if you enjoyed, reblogs n’ comments are always appreciated and motivating <3
Tumblr media
© delcakoo on tumblr. all rights reserved. do not rewrite, cross-post, translate, copy, etc.
perm taglist: @duolingofanaccount @strawberry-sunset-skies @scented-morker @koshinene @boowoowho @sultrybaby @yunjinlvrr @lov3niki @yujiecho @monstaxdirtywonk @dekusgirl @l1lac-dreamer @kodzukii @yjjungwon @miou45
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jake + 🤪 and/or 🚨
Non-idol!Jake x fem!reader
Warnings: smut, food play, hospitals, crack/humor, vulgar language, I hope you like it anon! <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You’re really not sure how you went from getting the best head of your life to being laid up in a hospital bed with your lady bits quite literally on fire.
At first when the pain started you ignored it, thinking it was because you were sensitive from the previous 3 orgasms Jake had licked out of you…until it became unbearable and you pushed his head away saying “We need to go to a hospital. Right now”
He gave you a confused look, looking around the room dumbly before saying “What?” while he wiped his mouth.
You jumped up from the bed, immediately falling to the floor as your hands went between your legs, cupping your heat as though that would somehow make the pain go away.
“My pussy is literally on fire Jake” you say with tears streaming down your face.
At this point your boyfriend starts to panic, rushing around the room and grabbing the discarded clothes on the floor.
“Fuck baby get up so I can put your pants on!” He says worriedly, trying to dress you as quickly as he could so you could go to the hospital.
“I can’t fucking stand Jake! Leave the pants” you spit angrily and he scoffs.
“You can’t go outside in your underwear, I’m trying to help you, don’t yell at me!”
You facepalm, pointing at the bathrobe hanging in the back of the door. “Grab that and let’s go.”
Tumblr media
“Alright Ms.L/N, my name is Sandra and I’ll be your nurse today” you smile through your pain at the nurse as she grabs the clipboard behind her.
“What seems to be the problem tonight?” You look at your boyfriend raising an eyebrow expectantly.
“You wanna tell her Jake?” He avoids your eyes mumbling “No, not really” while he shakes his head bashfully.
You punch his arm and he winces “Alright damn! I’ll tell her…just don’t punch me again, you hit like a man” he turns to the nurse shyly. “We were uh, having sex and she stopped me and told me her pussy was burning”
The nurse sucks her lips into her mouth as she nods and you can tell she’s trying not to laugh, which makes you bury your face in your hands.
“Okay, Mr.Sim did you use any lubricants or massage oils that could have irritated your girlfriend’s intimate area?” The nurse begins to question the two of you, but still is unsure of what could have caused you to be in such unbearable pain.
“I’m just gonna take a look okay?” She says as she puts on a pair of sterile latex gloves, lifting the blanket over your knees as she examines your vagina.
“Hm.” She says and your legs shake nervously as you look at her
“Hm? What the hell does that mean?” You ask and the nurse looks between the two of you. “I can tell that you’re having an allergic reaction of some sort. Is there anything you’re not telling me? I can’t help if you’re not truthful. Are you sure you didn’t use anything that could irritate you down there?”
You and Jake look at each other in unison, a look of realization crossing your faces.
“The whipped cream..” he says and the nurse raises her eyebrow. “I’m sorry, what?” Jake sighs, rubbing a hand down his face as he realizes he’ll have to go further into detail than he was hoping.
“I was giving her head..or whatever and I used whipped cream”
“On her vagina?” The nurse asks, looking at you and you nod.
“Okay well that can definitely cause irritation..did you put it inside of her as well?” Jake nods guiltily, hanging his head like a kicked puppy.
The nurse doesn’t say much else, jotting down a few notes on her clipboard, before looking between the two of you.
“Okay I’m going to prescribe a round of anti inflammatory meds to help the reaction go down…no sex until it clears up, and no more whipped cream.”
Tumblr media
“You’re seriously giving me the silent treatment? You have to admit that was pretty fucking funny babe” Jake says trying to get you to speak to him.
You shake your head in disbelief. “You somehow find a way to dig yourself an even deeper hole every time you speak”
Jake shrugs “it’s not like you can walk away from me. You might as well forgive me…C’mon, I promise not to do it again” he whines.
“Damn right you won’t” you say before continuing to ignore him.
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Blessings Pt. 2
Tumblr media
A/N: Suprise babes! The joys of leaving lots of feedback and reblogs inspired me to revisit this 🤓 This can read as a stand-alone if you wanted to but here is the first part!
Word Count: 1.7k Synopsis: Gosh..... I can’t even Warnings: Hee um, degrades, monster cock hee again, squirting, use of toys like a vibrator and dildo, um, there’s like...it’s just a lot besties if u know me u know how i write LASDFASFA ----------------------------------------------------------
“Are you going to be a good kitty for me?” Heeseung purred into your ear, stroking your cheek softly. His gentle touch caused you to jump at the sensation, the soft silk ribbon covering your eyes hindering your one sense and heightening the others. 
“Y-yes sir,” you whimpered, a chuckle hitting your ear as Heeseung scrolled through the chat on his phone.
“Princess, they’re enamored with you. She is pretty isn’t she?” Heseung almost mocked at the audience, dragging a single digit down your sternum. “And she’s all mine,” He couldn’t help but warn with his voice, humming at the comments that requested to see both of you guys’ faces. 
“You want to see her face? Hmm, ‘fraid I can’t let that happen,” Heeseung remarked, rubbing his thumb over your bottom lip. “Instead be thankful for the show my pretty kitty is about to put on.”
“Remember your safe word darling?” Heeseung whispered into your ear, low enough so the camera wouldn’t hear. You nodded and squeezed his leg to assure him it was okay since it was your idea.   
Heeseung hummed and started slowly kissing your neck and you couldn’t help but whine and keen into the sensation, Heeseung holding your legs open with his legs over yours to prevent you from scurrying away. 
“Mm people in chat are saying they can see the wet patch growing. Is that true kitty? Do I need to check and see?” Heeseung teasingly inquired as his thumb rubbed over your ruined underwear, wearing a half-grin. 
“Can you guys believe how wet she gets? So quickly to,” he hummed, bunching the fat of your folds through your underwear and squeezing them, smiling when he got a choked groan out of you. 
“No matter how many times you fuck her she still gets wet like a virgin. So cute of her, so very very cute,” he cooed, kissing your cheeks as his hand went to massage your breast. 
“S-sir, ah~” was the only thing you could muster out, biting on your bottom lip to prevent yourself from choking out Heeseung’s name. 
“Mm sir is here baby don’t worry, I got you” he soothed, reaching on the nightstand and grabbing a dildo, using his saliva to wet it before pushing your underwear to the side. Even though you couldn’t see it you could definitely feel it and its size, your back arching as you felt the tip push past through your walls. 
“Good girl~, such a good girl kitten” Heeseung praised as your hands gripped his sheets until your knuckles were turning white, hips rutting desperately into the sinful stretch you felt against your walls. “Let’s see you do it yourself princess. Here.” Heeseung moved your hand so you grabbed the hilt, his hands going to massage your inner thighs tenderly as you moved the toy in and out. 
User2381: Fuck, anything larger in that tiny pussy of hers may snap her in half…
User:3242: She’s creaming around it already, filthy thing
“Princess chat is going crazy because of how pretty you look” Heeseung informed you tenderly as he held your legs open a bit more, wanting the audience to see just how full your cunt really was. 
Your cheeks were burning at your desperation and how you could feel Heeseung’s sinful grin against your neck as he continued kissing and egging on your ministrations, one of his hands going to your jaw to keep it open. 
“Now, why is my kitty holding back her sounds?” He tsked, reveling in how you could no longer do so, deep groans and pants leaving your throat. “No need to be camera shy, you already look like a bitch in heat rutting against a toy,” Heeseung noted. 
You felt your ears get hot the degradation, feeling like a pervert for enjoying him treating you in such a way. With your vision out of commission, every sensation against your body felt hundred times more intense, choked whines and pleas leaving you when Heeseung’s hand came over yours and slowed down your pace. 
“Always in a rush to come princess. Why not take it slow, savor the way your tight cunt grips the toy,” he murmured into your ears. You shook as you felt him lick the shell of your ear before nibbling at it, the now slower pace making you crave more than he was giving you. 
“Don’t do this please, I-I don’t like being edged,” you whined out, knowing that this was something Heeseung knew very well. Instead of sympathy, you were only met with a chiding chuckle, Heeseung’s hand that was stationed on your jaw moving to your tongue, pressing the pad of his two fingers down the center of it.
You instinctively began messily sucking and licking his fingers Heeseung admiring your work as saliva began to collect on your lips and chin. 
A messy eater you were. 
“Mmm I know princess but I can’t let you come from the first toy now can I?” Heeseung teased chuckling at the desperate men coming in through your chat. 
User9043: Gosh I’d love to fuck that cunt of hers, make her squirt in no time
User:3495: He should make her beg until the girlie can’t speak n’more
“Hmm, someone wants me to make you beg s’more kitty. But you wouldn’t like that now would ya?” 
You rapidly shook your head and ironically began begging for him to let you cum, blabbering pleas leaving you as you felt your belly get tighter. 
User5693: Damn, never seen her break so quickly. He must be fucking her real good…
User3983: Think he could make her squirt? 
Heeseung smiled at the comment and held your wrist so you couldn’t move your hand anymore, small pleas of “why” leaving you as you wriggled your hips. 
“Aw, don’t be like that princess. On your knees and bend over kitten, show your pretty cunt to the camera for me yeah?” Heeseung cooed. 
You swallowed thickly and nodded, turning around and doing as he asked. You buried your face in his soft sheets and whimpered when you felt Heeseung slowly pull the toy out of your replacing it when what you felt to be a vibrator. 
“Your fans wanna see your little cunt squirt so why don’t you give them a show?” Heeseung teased as he went to his phone to pull up the app, immediately pushing it to the highest setting. 
Your knees buckled at the sensation and you let out a muffled groan as you felt intense vibrations against your walls, your thighs rubbing together desperately to gain even more friction. Heeseung hummed in satisfaction and moved so your head was resting on his lap, his hand stroking your temple fondly as your body shook. 
“Your so loud kitty. I wonder if my neighbor next door is listening to you hm? Rutting against his pillow wishing he was fucking your pretty cunt,” Heeseung drawled into your ear, stuttered pants leaving you when Heeseung playfully tugged at a pert nipple. 
User8573: Fuck, she clenched around the toy when he said that. Guy’s got himself an exhibitionist huh?
Heeseung smiled and rolled your tender nipples between his warm hands, cooing at you when you made more little whimpers.
“Mmm I think she is a bit of an exhibitionist. If ya tease her even a little bit in public she wets herself in time. Such a cute needy thing, can’t even go out in public without ruining her underwear,” He chuckled out, flicking your puffy clit with his index finger.
“H-hee-Sir please,” you whined out, your nails dipping into his thigh as you felt the knot in your belly get tighter. You heard Heeseung tsk and lower it down some notches, seemingly punish you. 
“I can’t reward you when you made a slip-up like that kitten. Almost used my name, that’s very irresponsible of you kitty, and we can’t have that now can we?”
“No, I’m sorry please I just, oh god,” you croaked. You were so so close and the nonstop teasing only made it tighter, your back arching as you felt trickles of sticky essence running down the backs of your thighs. 
“What do you guys think? Should she come or not?” He questioned nonchalantly to your viewers, stroking your cheek tenderly as you lay beneath him a shaking and quivering mess. 
User3422: God yes, she’s gonna squirt isn’t she?
User1298: Didn’t realize a pussy could drip so much…fuck
User7653: Depends, gonna overstimulate the needy thing afterward?
Heeseung smiled at the last one, quirking a brow as he raised the vibrations to the max intensity. You let out a muffled scream into his thigh as you felt the knot snap, your legs unable to hold you up any longer as syrupy beads of essence leaked profusely onto Heeseung’s covers. 
“Mmm, thatta girl~,” Heeseung praised as he slid his thumb into your mouth for a moment, high-pitched whines leaving you when he pulled the toy out. 
You heard a rustling noise which you hoped was him removing his sweats as he lay you on your back, propping you up comfortably with some pillows since you were laying horizontal to his bed. 
User7563: Shit, probably gonna split that pussy in half with that thing
User4982: Ya think she can even take it?
“Don’t worry guys,” Heeseung assured, tapping his tip against your soaked folds. “Her little cunt is going to all of my inches, isn’t that right princess?”
You nodded excitedly and bit down on your lip in bliss as you felt the dull ache in your core begin when he pushed the brunt of his tip past your walls, a choked whine leaving you in the process. 
“See? She takes everything like such a good girl~” he praised some more, grabbing your legs to wrap around his waist. His lips connected with your neck and you shuddered at the sensation, feeling that familiar bump in your belly as Heeseung moved inside you inch by inch. 
“Now hold on tight for me yeah?”
SOOo once again! Verbal Feedback, whether reblogs, comments, or anons is what makes me write more content! if u say nothing i write nothing lovelies ;-;
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Business Confession
Tumblr media
Tittle: Business Confession
Pairings: Kim Sunoo X F!Reader
Genre: Smut??, NSFW, Love hate relationship
Warning: S*x, Offensive words, Cursing, 18+.
Summary: Kim Sunoo has been your rival since graduating college, you two had been aiming for the CEO position of a company since then. But there's a common secret you two have. You want each other.
Note: Not suited for minors.
Not Proofread
Short Scenario
(Idk if you call this sm*t😭 but ig it is, but there's no deep details Abt s*ggs and stuff, but idk, it's so awkward posting smth like this here when I never posted smth like this, like ever. And also, my family knows this acc, and if they confront me Abt this fic I'll eventually delete it.)
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Kim Sunoo and you are nothing like friends. He'd rather die if someone--anyone would call you two friends.
it's not like you like him, he likes you, kind of stuff, but the opposite. It's like he hates you, you hate him.
Kim Sunoo is the son of the current CEO of Vé-Lives, and now he is aiming for the position. while you are the granddaughter of the founder who wants that position, but, Kim Sunoo is making your blood boil for he had been aiming for your nerve for these past few hours.
Today, Kim Sunoo is in front of you--in front of everyone--with his annoying smile while he says flattery, and everyone sure is flattered; and that is your problem, how can you get that position if he already got the attention of everyone?
Once the event has already ended, you wasted no time and stands up and exited the place.
"I'd appreciate it if you at least flattered me with this whole success." Kim Sunoo followed you down the hallway with a smile tugging up his face.
You turn around, "Oh," you said with a sarcastic smile. "Who fuckin' cares?" With that, he gave you a giggle, and it made you want to stab him more.
"Are you acting like this because of your business proposal the other day?" he asks you with amusement and a smug smile, smirking to his delight.
"Oh, you mean when you slap me the other day? No. no, of course not," you said once again sarcastically, "I fuckin' hate your existence."
"That's amusing," he mumbled still smiling and looking at you with the look of a predator looking at its prey.
"Cut the crap Sunoo."
"Oh, I'm Sunoo now? not Mr.Kim?"
And with that, you turned your head and heals ready to leave because he had pissed you quite enough for you to make a scene.
"Are you walking away 'cause you're embarrassed enough that I am the next president when you spend your time making efforts to nothing?" he lashed out one more time before your fist landed on his face, he was shocked and surprised as he felt the sting eats his face. With a little bit of time, his palm met yours; and you were also shocked, he had slapped you--again.
"Fuck you," you said with venom lashed your voice, while tears glided through your eyes, ready to fall down your cheeks.
"I wouldn't mind you doing it for me," he said with daggers in his looks and knives in his voice. he's no longer smiling, he's looking at you ready to kill.
"I'd rather die." Once you said that, his face is close to yours, advancing at your side, his lips close to your ears, and his breath warm on your skin.
"I know you wouldn't mind doing it with me, would you not?" His hand finds its way to your clenched fist, and the other held your left cheek. you could not explain these feelings, the tension lingers around; but sure enough, you know you like this feeling, and you wouldn't mind him lingering his hands around you--anywhere.
You know you had dreamt about this, and you know you've dreamt of this quite a few times already, so when Kim Sunoo led you to his car, up to his apartment, up to his couch, your mind lingers about his touch and nothing more. that night, you did not think about anything else, not even the president position of the company, just the fact that his body is against yours, his body heats yours while you heat him, and the fact that your nails dig up his skin while you suppress your voice, preventing yourself from making any noise, while you lie to him about you being inexperienced. Lying about the feelings you always have for him. Lying to yourself that you hated him. And while his lips danced with yours, his hands around you, your mind is drunken with his eyes.
"I love you." That word satisfied Kim Sunoo so well.
Tumblr media
**SORRY FOR THE CRINGE-NESS **I realized there's no smut in here, but would you consider this a smut? it's still portraying s*ggs in the last stanza...idk
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mint chocolate shirt — track 2 : mint choco boy 🫶 mint choco girl
warnings: i think just one ur mom joke
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS. back in 2020, jungwon accidentally bumped into a girl, causing her mint chocolate chip ice cream to stain his crisp white shirt. with no time to change, jungwon had to go to his first inkigayo performance with a huge green circle on his shirt that his members constantly tease him for. now, two years later, jungwon bumps into you again, only this time, the mint chocolate chip ice cream stains your shirt.
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AUTHOR’S NOTE. y/n is down so bad and jungwon still hates her dang 💔💔 sorry it’s so late 😭😭 and yes there are spelling mistakes in y/n’s texts. yes i am too lazy to fix them.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
till death do us part — two. till we meet
synopsis: kicked out by her step sister, y/n begins working small jobs to chase her dreams. what y/n never would have thought was that she would get tangled up in the affairs with the king of decelis. nevertheless form a contractual marriage with him— each for their own benefit.
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— a story that starts with a text —
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: when you installed a dating app to just mess around with random people, not knowing that you were turning your peaceful life into a bloody one the moment you sent that text.
genre: yandere, angst, college! au
warning: cursing, mentions of implied sexual assault and sex tape, drugs, degrading, manipulation.
pairing: heeseung x fem! reader
word count: 17.3k
a/n: part 2 of EP 9! Thank you for reading and I apologize for any grammar errors, reblogs and comments are highly appreciated by authors! Lmk what you think <3
. . .
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Heeseung’s eyes boring a hole onto yours as he waited for your answer along with others. Your palms start to get sweaty and your heartbeat quickening with each passing second. You have to save yourself. Shit. What should you say?
“I.. I–” you can’t help but stuttered, trying to think of what to say, the pressure was getting too heavy. You couldn’t bear to let your plan get ruined because of a mistake you did before. “I don’t remember I ever said that before?..”
They tilted their head, even Beomgyu. “Eh? But you did tell us though? Right?” he turned to Kai and Yeonjun, “Right?”
Yeonjun took a deep thought, saying in a low voice. “I'm sure you told us.”
Fuck! You can’t let this happen, you have to insist. Shaking your head in confidence, with your lips tugging up in a smile. “I really don’t know what you’re talking about, we did met back then but I never say I didn't knew Heeseung.”
Beomgyu’s mouth gape even further, pointing at himself, “Then are you saying that we’re lying?”
“Even Yeonjun and Kai were sure you said it!”
“Don’t force her if she don’t remember, it was like months ago. It’s only normal that she forget it.” Soobin muttered, fixated on his guitar. "Or maybe you guys forget it. Remember when you forgot which one's your toothbrush back then? Yeah."
“No. No. That's different! Tch. You seem to be lying. . —”
“Don’t pay much attention to this kid,” you turned your attention to the voice, him. He walked past you and Heeseung, dropping his guitar on the floor. “He probably got a screw loose in his head once again.”
A snicker and giggles emits in the air upon hearing those words.
Beomgyu scoffed in disbelief, rolling his eyes as he dramatically clenched his fists towards Jungwon, “Yang fucking Jungwon, why–”
Too deep in trying to make an excuse for yourself, you snapped your head to look at Heeseung face, you gotta make an excuse. “Heeseung– I don’t know what he’s saying–”
Heeseung rubbed his hand on your arm in a comforting way, giving you an assuring smile. “Of course, Beomgyu just loves to force his opinion on others most of the time so don’t worry about him.”
“I believe you.” His lips tugged up and his cheeks dusted with a faint pink blush, it was obvious from his eyes that he was lovesick. Did he actually believe you?
“I mean why would you even tell them you didn’t knew me? It just doesn’t make sense.” He giggled, pinching your cheeks and you pouted.
“I guess we were really mistaken, if Heeseung’s girlfriend says otherwise then it’s really not.”
“You are really pabo-yah, Choi Yeonjun.”
“The pabo is you!”
“It feels like i had too much kids in here.” Soobin sighed, and Taehyun giggled — your eyes meeting with his and he in turned gave you a small smile.
A ring echoes through the room, you realise it was from Heeseung who pulled out his phone from his pockets, you saw the caller ID as 'Dad'.
Heeseung then went outside after getting a call, “Oh gotta answer this.” you nodded, smiling sweetly.
You were left with the boys busy with their instruments, awkward you stayed silent but Taehyun smiled, not wanting you to feel left out. "Have you ever listen to rock music?"
Surprised that he asked you a question, you shook your head, "I think I did back then but it's not really my cup of tea."
"So Heeseung hyung is your cup of tea?" Kai giggled, your ears grew red upon hearing it while the others told him to quit it.
“I see you guys were practising, is it for the rock festival?” you tried to strike up a conversation.
“I see you still remember about the ticket.” Beomgyu snorted.
Yeonjun hissed instantly, glaring at him, “Beomgyu–”
“Alright, alright. My bad.”
“Yep! There's a festival set on 2 weeks later, and we were invited to perform. It's a bit bigger than we used to do. An accomplishment I may say it.” Taehyun spoke.
“And since you were Heeseung’s girlfriend, then you got the chance to match cosplays with him!” Yeonjun said.
“How cute.” Kai cooed. “Heeseung hyung cosplaying? What is it then, bet it’s a deer!”
Couple of giggles emits in the air.
“Hm?” you were confused. “Cosplay?”
“Yeah, you know visual kei bands? Maybe not, considering your expression.” Soobin chuckled, “Visual kei bands originally came from Japan but just because we aren’t there doesn’t mean we can’t do it, right? It would be suck-ass if that kind of rule exists.”
“So what do they do?” trying your best to look interested in what they were saying as possible as you can.
“We do cosplays, and makeups—”
“Not your typical boy band!” Beomgyu exclaimed, seemingly proud of what he was doing.
“---We do dress codes sometimes, its actually fun. Unlike classical music which I used to do.” Soobin continued. "Lame black suits and people with zero expressions, I'm glad I left."
You nodded, noticing the sincerity in Soobin's eyes as he spoke about his passion, their teamwork, and how they were going to pursue their dream without giving up. You were not sure what to feel about knowing them a bit more, the fact that they look so happy and proud of what they do makes you wanna puke, it's all because they look so innocent, so humane, and so loyal to each other — the type of friends that you would wanna have if they weren't actually the group that desires to ruin your sister.
And you only notice by now that Jungwon remains silent the entire time, sitting against the wall as he scrolled through his phone and writing on the notebook placed on his right thigh.
You had spent almost two hours in the studio watching them practice with Heeseung, and when it's time to go, Soobin went to talk with him leaving you alone again as you stood outside the studio.
The door behind you opens and you realise it was Jungwon as he pulled the hood of his hoodie and fixes the strap of his guitar case, he seems to not acknowledge your presence as he walk past you not even bothering to say a word.
It pissed you off, however you must take the chance now that you were here. You can't afford to wait another day.
“EJ.” Jungwon immediately halted his steps upon hearing the name leave your mouth.
“On Saturday, in the famous cafe around the city, he wants to meet up. However, please don’t tell Heeseung about it.” you pleaded.
“—Why doesn’t he just text me then?” Jungwon raises his eyebrows.
You paused, biting your lips, “I can’t tell much but he just really want to meet you and I believe you know what I mean.”
Tilting his head as he faced you completely, “You’re Heeseung’s girlfriend, why are you still friends with the guy who pushed your boyfriend to the stairs?”
His question surprises you.
“H-he already apologised.”
“And you believe it?”
“I don’t see why you’re interrogating me but i’m only passing EJ’s words to you. Take it or leave it.”
Fuck. That’s too hasty, don’t you think? You frowned but there's not much time left, you could only hope that the boy walking off to the street are going to come. You could only hope.
You and Heeseung went into separate ways after he gave you a peck on your cheek, telling you to look after yourself after dropping you outside Chaeryeong's apartment. Keeping the bright smile on your face as you waved off, watching him as his car left.
The smile instantly disappeared from your face as soon as his car are no longer in sight, pulling your phone out your pockets, you tapped EJ's number.
"Fuck, EJ. I think I screwed up." You face palmed yourself, sighing dejectedly, "Do we really need him? It really doesn't seem like he want to help us."
"We still have to try, what did he say though?" EJ asked.
"He seems to be in Heeseung's side since he kept asking me why I believe you like shit, are you sure he isn't dumb?" You scoffed.
"He was just testing you."
"—Since you were with me, he just wants to see if you really believe in me."
"Well then I think I really screwed up since I said you apologized." You whimpered.
A giggle emits from your phone, "Don't worry, we'll just have to see if Jungwon would really come."
"But do you really think he's going to help us to go against Heeseung?"
“And that’s why we gotta try it, take the chance and try to see."
"Alright, I'll be going now. See ya, EJ." You hanged up unbeknownst to the pair of shoes standing behind you.
“What? What are you going to do with your boyfriend? Did I hear it right?”
You jolted in surprise, letting out a small scream as you turned around only to see Chaeryeong's shock expression, eyes widened and her mouth dropped a bit.
“(Name)?! I thought you really love him? That’s why I didn’t say anything even when he was your sister’s boyfriend.” Chaeryeong added in disbelief.
You kept silent as she wait for your response, and a few stares over here and there made you eventually gave up as you sighed.
“I’ll tell you when everything is right. I don’t know when but please, just trust me.”
"Just what are you trying to do, (Name)?"
"Please, just trust me." You pulled her arm, rubbing her hands. “You’re better of not knowing about it.”
Hesitant she was and yet she nodded eventually, just pulling you into her hug as the moonlight illuminated on the both of you.
"Just please stay safe of whatever the fuck you are doing." Chaeryeong pouted, and you giggled nodding in response.
The conversation had EJ deep in thought as he looked outside the window for a good min and shuffles around the room wondering what to do next, but he came into a halt and sighed, dropping down as he sat across his room, picking up a notebook scattered on the many piled up notebooks on it, flipping through the pages of his notebook which was filled with music notes and stuff, and so he lifted his eyes to take a brief glance towards the guitar case leaning against the wall but in turn, he didn’t expect to look at it much longer than he thought.
Standing up, he walked towards the guitar case, zipping it open and pulling the dark-red electric guitar and leaned against the edge of his bed, brushing his fingers at the once-played instrument. A surge of memories hitting him.
[ flash back ]
“I like you.”
Chaewon froze, her sweet smile contorting into an utter shock as the boy in front of her confessed with bravery and honesty, seemingly gullible of what situation he had put himself in.
“I don’t know when but I really do like you, Chaewon. Your smile, the way you carry yourself, the way you do stuffs and the way-”
“Shut up,” Chaewon raised her palms, eyes glaring, “Please, stop.”
“W-why? Did I said something wrong?”
“EJ, haven't I told you I had a boyfriend?”
EJ’s world stopped the moment he heard those words, “W-what?”
“I. . I'm sorry I didn't tell you,” she look at EJ with guilt in her eyes, pausing for a few seconds, “I don't know what's going to happen to our friendship now.”
“My bad, I should've known. I'm sorry for putting you in this situation.”
EJ went back home, head falling down in utter disappointment as he clenched the straps of his bag. The orange sunset illuminating his face while he walk across the street, passer-by and vehicles floating like clouds as he was in deep thought. Unbeknownst to him, someone was following behind him. Checking on him as he opens the door of his house with the keys.
He waited for a min, sighing with his hands inside his pockets as his feline-like eyes looks up to EJ’s windows now light up.
. . .
Next day, it was college once again. Dozens of students going in and out, going to their respective classes and hanging with friends and some, alone. Just like EJ right now, as he sat on the bench munching on his the mochi he just bought while on the way to college. He observed as the people scattered all in front of him like ants, in their own group and world.
He had a friend once, a group of friends to be exact, but the friendship had gone broken due to personal reasons, betrayal it was and despite how he had tried, he wasn’t able to do anything but let it fall on the ground, it’s pieces scattered and it’s content that took years to build was gone just like that.
He had gotten his fair share of karma slammed right to his face.
“That looks delicious, I wonder where did you bought it?”
EJ jolted in surprise by the sudden voice, snapping his like a whiplash at the said person and there the black-haired boy with cat-like features stood in front of him, hands in his pockets, and a guitar case hanging on his shoulders with the straps supporting it.
“Eh?” EJ asked again, eyebrows knitted together and his blank eyes emitting confusion as he wasn’t able to hear the previous question due to being in a deep thought.
A low chuckle, almost like cat noise EJ thought, “I asked,” the black-haired boy gestured to the mochi in EJ’s hand with his eyes, “That looks delicious, I wonder where did you bought it?”
“O-oh, this, I bought it in a famous shop across the street, it’s a bit far actually so it probably would take you time to even get there.” EJ cleared his throat, continuing to munch on his food.
“Thanks, would it be okay if you could show me the way later?”
“Dude, you are somewhat deaf aren’t you?” The boy laughed, “Can you show me the way later once you’re done? Or at least when you’re free?”
“Oh, but don’t you have a map on your phone though?”
“I do, but it would be rather fun if there’s someone I could go with.”
“Friends? Don’t you have friends to go with?”
“They’re busy right now, but even if they wasn’t, I’d still want to go with you though.”
“Dude, don’t tell me you..?” EJ forms a defensive posture against the boy, “Are you gay..?”
“You can’t be serious?! I just wanna be friends!” The boy’s cat eyes widened, baffled at the question.
“Oh-oh, that’s nice then, for a second I thought you like me.”
“Yah, your mind’s really something, aren’t you?”
“Sorry, sorry, i guess having a lack of friend do it’s wonders.”
Silence ensues for a min, but the cat-like boy cleared his throat, “Jungwon.”
“Jungwon, the name’s Jungwon. What’s yours?”
"EJ, wanna be friends?"
. . .
It was actually funny, EJ thought.
A simple question, and the rest was history and yet no matter how simple it was, he can't believe how something so simple could form a genuine bond between two people.
Since from then on, EJ has grew closer with this cat-like boy who he didn’t expect to turn out to be a gentle and reliable person, and especially as a friend. They now often hang out with each other, in random spots of the city, going to different restaurants and all.
“Bro, you bought fried chicken when I obviously told you that I’ll buy buns for us?” Jungwon sighed dejectedly, dropping the paper bag with buns inside it on the bench.
While, EJ who has a chicken in his mouth, shrugged in response and sat down, “Well, at least, we have two dishes now.”
“Can you finish it though?”
“Wha- Of course not?? Do I look like I can finish both?!”
“That’s the deal, you dumbo.” EJ groans in pain after getting flicked on the forehead by Jungwon.
Hanging out together in front of the bun shop, the hot smoke flowing through the air as both of them munched on their hot bun, their feet swaying in the air on repeat and their shoulders raising and falling, the starry night sky and the busy city of the nightlife serves as a spectacular scenery for the two boys. But soon, boredom strikes and a series of sighs and murmurs left the mouth of Jungwon.
“So? Do you have any girl you like?”
Silence. But EJ immediately regained his composure, munching on his bun, “Yeah.. but she..” looking at the meat filling inside his bun, “Nah, my crush actually had a boyfriend now.”
“That sucks, how come you didn’t knew?”
“I don’t know, I might be really dumb then that I wasn’t that up to date with the college.”
“You could actually say that, you even thought I like you at first. That I was gay, wow.” Jungwon gave out a look of disbelief, shaking his head.
“Bitch, it really do look like you like me. I mean, the way you said it sounds so gayish.”
“Maybe you’re the one who is gay for thinking that!” Jungwon gagged, rolling his eyes.
“Probably you! Okay then, got any crush?”
“Tsk, got no time for that-”
“Hah! Gotcha, gay you are!”
“Oh please, shut up.” Jungwon growled, “Got no time for that, girls are a waste of time, besides I’m too busy with paying off my bills and getting into rock venues.”
“Wait, you’re in a band?!”
“Bro, you’re certified dumbo at this point if you didn’t knew by the fucking guitar I was carrying all this time.”
“I just thought you love to play guitar!— but I guess we can say that.” EJ burst into laughter but pouted after, “But really, you play in those grand rock venues and the fact you are in a band?!”
“It’s not that grand, more like underground rock bands. We played for quite awhile now, but soon, I’m sure we will be able to play in the big venues.” Jungwon looks up to the night sky, painted with stars and the bright moonlight.
“That’s so damn cool.” EJ turns to look at his half uneaten bun once again, “I, too, wanna play .. with friends someday. Would be so damn nice.”
“You like guitar?”
“Yeah. I had one but it's rusty and old, been awhile since I used it.” EJ rubbed his head in an abashed manner.
Jungwon paused for a moment, thinking deeply and then turned to face EJ, “Wanna meet them?”
“Who?” EJ raised his eyebrow in confusion.
“My friends, the rock band.”
“W-wait, woah, really?! You gonna do that for me?” his jaw dropped with the content of his chewed bun inside, Jungwon cringe upon seeing it.
“Bro of course, but eat your bun first.” shaking his head while chuckling, Jungwon went to eat his bun again and EJ who was giddily eating, stomp his feet on the ground on repeat, excitement surging in his veins.
. . .
“We’re here.” Jungwon exclaimed as he pushes the door open, the bell above it clinking in unison with the chill fragrance of the studio hits EJ’s nose, the warmth from inside engulfed his being. The posters and random magazines splattered on the dark painted wall, along with the unused instruments hidden inside the glass box, the black carpeted floor leading to the living room with sofas and a dining room, the walls from the other hallway was painted orange with the faint glow illuminating from the lamp hanging on the ceiling.
It was EJ’s first to be in a place like that, a place that exudes rich and untouchable yet with an aura that also emits wildness and rebellious phase of teenagers.
People like him, and at the same, weren't like him.
Then Jungwon leads him to door of among the doors leading to the corridor, and a blaring sound of instruments were playing from the distance, a group playing together, it sounds nice, EJ thought.
Jungwon halted his steps in which he did so, motioning for him to stay quiet, EJ nodded in responsr and then Jungwon pushes the door open, revealing a few boys playing their respective instruments altogether completing a melodic piece throughout the room.
“Oh, Jungwon! God, there’s no food?”
“You just ate an hour ago." Yeonjun snorted which made Beomgyu rolled his eyes, however the face of the stranger standing behind Jungwon caught his eyes.
“Who’s that beside you?”
Jungwon smiled, “This is EJ, my friend. He also loves to play instruments! Especially guitar.”
EJ then moves forward, bowing down as he introduces himself, his bright smile beaming and heart beating in excitement with the thought of now having a group of friend around his age, once again. “I’m EJ, im- Nice to meet you all! I've been playing guitar since I was a kid—”
Upon introducing himself, he felt a bit embarrassed but to his surprise, all of them was delighted in meeting him, exchanging fists just like how he had always observed others do, and asking each other about their favourite hang out spots and stuff. It was the first time for him for a very long time. But all has come to an end, as the door to the room pushes open, revealing the tall boy on his phone with green highlights on his lush hair.
“Heeseung-ah!” W-what?..
“Look, Jungwon’s friend is so good with guitar! I wonder, if he could be a new member in our group?”
EJ’s eyes widened, world shattering as he take in the sight of the taller boy who was actually his crush’s boyfriend. A tint of hatred spiralling in the depths of his heart, face felling down and soon it turns into a glare towards the cat-like boy sitting across the room who was now confused by EJ’s sudden change of demeanour.
EJ bursts out the door, with Jungwon following behind, calling out for him desperately.
“EJ! EJ!” Jungwon pushes the door open, feet scattering around the now-dark city with the neon lights glowing in the darkness, and passer by giving a weird look at them, and some on their phone glowing against their face, ignoring the commotion.“EJ! What’s wrong with you?”
“What’s wrong with me?’ EJ lets out a dry chuckle, “What’s wrong with me, huh? Why didn’t you tell me that your friend was actually Lee Heeseung?!”
“Yeah? What’s wrong with that?”
“I told you my crush, my fucking crush, her boyfriend is Lee Heeseung!”
Jungwon froze, “C-chaewon? You mean Chaewon? You never told me though?”
EJ groaned, he couldn’t ignore that, he never did once told him that the girl he had taken an interest was Chaewon, nor the boy she likes was called Lee Heeseung. But shame strikes him and he ruffles through his hair in annoyance, him in a rock group along with the boyfriend of the girl he likes? This can’t be.
He stormed off despite Jungwon’s protests, following through his emotions.
. . .
[ end of flashback ]
EJ plucks the strings on his guitar, letting out a sigh for the nth time. “Would he forgive me though?” it came out as a whisper to the air, hoping that someone would actually give him the reassurance that his wishes would be able to come true.
Weekends. A sense of comfort. Sun rays reflecting against the glass window. The scent of coffee lingering in the air as the waiters shuffled around the place completing the orders. There EJ sat at the table, fiddling his hands as he waited for that particular someone. Would he really come? Was I wrong?
Those thoughts run relentlessly through his mind for awhile now, looking down to his coffee.
A bell rang and yet EJ didn't bother to look up.
"Welcome!" The waiter exclaimed. The said person approached EJ's table and stood in front of him. Slowly looking up, EJ's jaw dropped.
“Jungwon!” EJ exclaimed, utter surprise displayed on his face,"You came."
“Of course, why would I refuse to meet you?” Jungwon chuckled. "Been awhile, though."
EJ let out a dry chuckle, rubbing his head, “Yeah, been awhile. How have you been?”
“Good, the band actually miss you a lot.”
“I doubt that,” EJ said.
“They do care about you though.”
“We both know that’s not true.”
Silence ensues between them, as the crowds’ murmurs and life of the city moves through the space as they struggle with their words but the memories from past hits them.
“You know, I’m sorry I didn't try to understand you b-back then.” EJ lets out, stuttering as he didn’t expect himself to even do it. “And I’m sorry for even doubting you were capable of doing that.”
“It’s the past, let’s move on from it?”
“No.. no, at least tell me how mad you are? Something?”
“I don’t think there’s anything much to say already you know.” Jungwon sighed, "EJ, I still want to be your friend and hang out like we used to do but if you are here to ask me to do something against my friends, then you are greatly mistaken."
EJ knew. He knew Jungwon would say that, and yet he still tried.
[ flashback ]
After a few days, EJ throwed his head against the grey-painted wall of his dimly light room. The music papers he had spent a week ago so that when he go to the studio and meet them, he would have something to prove, something that would prove his worth and eligibility of being a part of them. Jungwon, himself, had never particularly asked for him to do anything but he just really wanted to at least try something. But what a joke it was that instead of practising with the band, he’s still in the same place, cold and alone on the comfort of his bed and the sight of his old guitar want to make him puke and disappear from the face of the earth.
His hasty and rush attitude, always the same thing, all his entire life, his attitude and short-temper that manages to ruin every opportunity in his life. Why did he even get mad at Jungwon? For what? He didn’t even knew so why did he— why did he throw his anger at Jungwon?
The sight of the extravagant studio makes his knee weak, almost changing his mind to just went back home and hide again but he couldn’t always be like this. He have to change.
He can’t blame Jungwon for not knowing about it, neither Heeseung. EJ never knew him, that guy Heeseung had never done anything bad to him so why should he get mad at him just because the girl he likes didn’t like him back? As much as his emotions gets bitchy sometimes, he can’t let his life get ruin by his petty emotions, once again.
Knocking on the door despite the blaring music making his heart drop, he still went through his decision and bowed, apologising at his actions that day.
But to his surprise, they accepted him and wasn’t a tad bit upset at his sudden outburst that day, neither was Heeseung who greeted him with the brightest smiles adorning his face, a complete change of personality of what he used to hear — a different guy he was from the popular names given among the ladies who wanted to get in his pants, and from the guys who envy him and wanted to be like him, as he stretched out his hand for EJ to shake, astounded was what he could feel at that moment, for the black-haired boy with green highlights over it wasn’t bothered at the fact and was seemingly delighted to make him, a random boy with a huge gap of their social status, a part of their rock band.
And EJ was far more grateful than ever. He spent all night and day hanging with his newly found group, he was in a complete bliss and joy, having what he call ‘friends’ or ‘peers’ and being wholly accepted for who he is, and praised by his skills, it was everything he could ever wanted, everything he could ever dreamed of.
Heeseung, had turn out to be the best guy and friend he had ever known, second to Jungwon because he couldn’t let the cat boy frowned upon their sudden closeness in which he laughed it off. EJ had looked up to Heeseung since then, he treated him like a younger brother and never a stranger, and was always delighted to help him in his instruments and taught him almost about anything. Even with his wealthy vibes and fuckboy status exuding too much in the air, Heeseung was humble and gentle, definitely the type of friend that screams 'bros before hoes' at this point.
At that point, life was perfect for EJ, and he wouldn’t trade any day or life for this moment. The wonderful sight of his peers with their brightest smiles beaming in the air while they respectively play their instruments and EJ playing along with them, was everything he wanted even if he wasn’t able to get the girl of his dreams.
EJ had by far, forgotten about the existence of the girl of his dreams. But almost it was, as reality pulls him back but in a much, much crueller and dirty canvas than his life used to be. It was represented to him in a way it would make him puke and never appear again, nor acknowledge the people he once proudly acclaimed as ‘family’.
The newly found family that turned out to be devils in disguise.
“EJ! Heeseung’s throwing a party, wanna join?”
“Yeah, join us! It would fun to have you there.”
“Besides you could meet more girls.” Beomgyu cooed, making EJ let out a chuckle and he nodded in response.
"Alright, I'll come." The red-haired boy jumped giddily upon hearing it.
It was EJ's first time to went into a party, especially with friends. The sight of Heeseung's house with flashy lights and buffet just around the corner made his jaw dropped. His stomach grew uncomfortable to their unfamiliar environment he was in.
But what he saw next was enough to make his heart burn in pain, there the girl he likes in the arms of the guy he now looked up to. He wanted nothing but to left at that point if not because of Jungwon along with Taehyun calling out for him, already noticing the weight of the situation.
“This is my girlfriend, Chaewon. Chaewon, this is EJ. The new member of our group.”
"Oh, hi." Chaewon hesitates to look up to EJ, but eventually responded.
EJ's eyes was filled with sorrow as he can only watch the girl he likes beams in utter happiness in Heeseung's arms. Clenching his fists, he turned around not wanting to see them anymore when the rest of the boys appeared, ushering him to go with them upstairs.
“Do you still like her though?"
"H-huh?" EJ was taken aback by the question. "What?"
"It's so obvious that you like Heeseung's girlfriend." Yeonjun smirked
"Yeah, even Heeseung realise that but he kept quiet because he priorities our friendship more."
Guilt engulfed EJ's being as he looked down, his fists clenching the material of his pants, "I'm sorry."
"So, do you still like her?"
"Why the fuck are you still asking, it's so obvious."
Because EJ doesn’t want them to get any more wrong thoughts about it, he denied, “No, I no longer like her and I won't let it ruin what I have now. I realise there’s nothing really much about her but I’m happy that she’s in a good hands now.”
“Fuck! I’m so glad to hear that, wooh.” Yeonjun spins around with the red cup in his hand, plopping to the couch beside EJ.
“I thought it would do some harm to our friendship but I’m glad it didn’t go that far.”
“Yeah right? Why let some random girl ruin our friendship for nothing?” Beomgyu patted EJ on the back before plopping to another couch.
“It’s a coincidence, really but I’m glad you think the same way as us. Heeseung really do know how to pick someone, he never got it wrong.”
EJ nodded, smiling but felt guilty for lying and yet they were right, he can’t betray his now group just because of a girl he barely knows, a girl that was actually taken from the beginning.
“It must be fate!” Beomgyu exclaimed, “Soobin, Yeonjun, Kai, Taehyun, me! Jungwon and you! Heeseung that bitch got some damn good eyes and it was really an honour to meet you all my good friends.”
“Ew, go away.” Taehyun laughed, pushing off Beomgyu who tries to give him a kiss and the rest chuckled upon the sight.
“Ouch, at least a kiss won’t do? My bromance heart is hurting you know,” Beomgyu shrugged but eyes on EJ instead, “EJ, my dude!”
Hovering on him, Beomgyu gave him a kiss to his cheek much to his protest and the other gagged but laugh eventually.
Kai giggled with his hands covering his mouth, “That girl must be really dumb, right?”
Froze. EJ tilted his head in confusion.
“I know right? Must be thinking she strike a prince charming in a city.” Yeonjun stretches his arms, yawning in the process.
“W-which girl?” EJ asked confused.
The others chuckled, “We mean Heeseung’s girl, Kim Chaewon?”
Soobin took a brief sip to his red cup before looking under the main living room where the both of them, Chaewon in Heeseung’s arms playing together at the table with the others, “Poor girl, yet so dumb, she deserves it though.”
EJ found no words to say, only getting bombarded with the shocking truth as they spoke even more about Chaewon.
“Yah, how long is Heeseung gonna play with her? It’s been like one or two months already? It’s taking so fucking long, I want my moneyyy.” Yeonjun whined.
“Dunno? Guess we just have to wait Heeseung till he gives the sign.”
“W-what are you guys saying?” EJ asked again but his face had gone cold and pale, but managed to regain his composure as to not look too obvious despite his dying desire to know the meaning behind their words.
“EJ, we had a secret.”
“But you gotta keep it okay?” Soobin raised his finger up to his mouth, “We had a deal, a somewhat pricey deal than usual.”
Frozen and speechless, eyes blinking back in tears as he stared at the billiard table, the scattered money on it which made him puke so bad but he contained it, biting his tongue.
"You see this?" Soobin picks up one of the tapes scattered with the money on the table, "Tell me what do you think that's kept inside this tape?"
Soobin smirked, his eyes crinkling. “Sex tape.”
“We had a business, y’know? How did you think we went this far? We fuck some girls and posted it online in some website, and there money we got!” Yeonjun exclaimed, waving the money in front of his face.
“But.. consent? They give you c-consent right?” EJ stuttered, unwilling to accept the reality represented to him and therefore he wanted to paint it in a much brighter light.
“Of course! Some of them gave us consent actually which made our job easier,” EJ's breathe hitched, "But some are a tad bit annoying that we had to threaten them.”
Another crack. Something broke inside EJ. His heartbeat rapidly slamming through his ribs and blood boiling inside his veins but he kept it in, trying his best to calm down by clenching his fists to the point his knuckles had grown white.
“So.. you forced them?” forcing out a smile, he glanced at Soobin.
“Smart!” Soobin flicks his finger, spinning around the edge of the table as he prepares to hit the ball wth his stick, “Heeseung told us that his girl would be the next target—”
“— And it would take some time but Heeseung wanted to get his way with the girl, since you're with us now.. You'll join us recording her, easy right?”
EJ didn’t do anything. The monstrosity of this seemingly innocent boys who chased for their dreams turn out to be devils. He just nodded, the emptiness inside his heart was mocking him for even harbouring familial love for his ‘peers’. He couldn’t do anything.
In an instant, he stood up much to their surprise, “I’ll have to go outside to get some air, it’s getting stuffy here.” The rest nodded in response, Beomgyu telling him to take care made him wanna puke.
Take care? How can they do something so disgusting and yet still manage to say, take care?
EJ halted his steps upon hearing Chaewon’s giggles, her head resting on Heeseung’s shoulder as they played at the table together. Without much thought, with a great desire to tell her the truth, he approaches them but when he saw Heeseung, his feet halted by its own.
What are you doing? Why did you stop? You should fucking tell her and save her! Tell her the fucking truth! EJ screams in his mind.
And yet, he was unable to bring himself to approach them. Because in the depths of his mind, there lies words that rang inside the darkness,
Ignorant fool, why do you think she will believe you and not her sweet beloved boyfriend? You must be really dumb. Do you know where you are right now?’
In a party, who hosted it? Heeseung. Whose house are you in? Heeseung. The people in here, who are they? Heeseung’s friends. Chaewon? Heeseung’s girlfriend. Who do you think they will believe? You must be an utter fool to think that this is some kind of a drama where the good guys always win.
“EJ?” a hand rested on his shoulder snapped him out of his deep thought, turning around only to see his friend with those familiar feline-like eyes, Jungwon.
Mind dazed and empty and yet the burning rage inside his heart had him completely storming off the house despite Jungwon’s protests.
Walking back home was emptier, and wholly darker than ever it used to be.
“EJ! EJ! What’s wrong?!” Jungwon kept calling out for him and yet he didn’t halted his steps, but upon a few more calling, he froze and there he turned to Jungwon and within a few seconds of stare down, “EJ?”
EJ sprints towards him much to Jungwon’s surprise, he couldn’t contain his anger anymore to the point he punched the boy to the ground. “You fucking disgusting! Why? What kind of human are you, bastard?!”
“W-what are you saying?!”
Hissing with tears forming in his eyes, “Okay, tell me you didn’t know about the entire deal, that disgusting deal Yeonjun, Soobin, everyone including Heeseung! That tape!! You didn’t know right?”
Silence. A deafening silence forming between them which irritates EJ as time passed, but sadder he was when the truth slowly hitting him in a cruel way.
“You.. knew?”
“You fucking knew and yet you did nothing?!” EJ pulled him through his collars.
“How could I do anything?! EJ! They’re my friend!”
“Friend? Those devils are what you called friends?” EJ scoffed, “They can’t even be called humans, what friends posted disgusting tapes of girls without their consent?! This is literally a crime!”
“I didn’t help them. .” Jungwon shakes his head, "I couldn't do anything. ."
“You’re still the fucking same!!”
“I couldn’t do anything! I could only watch them.” Jungwon keeps shaking his head, tears streaming down his cheek, “Tell me. What else could I have done?”
“Fucking report them off to the police, bastard!”
Jungwon lets out a dry chuckle, “You can’t be serious? Between those girls and my friends, you couldn’t tell me to betray them. I could never bring myself to betray my own friends.”
“—No matter how evil or disgusting the things they did, I could only watch them do as they please. I don’t have anyone but them.”
Silence once again. EJ couldn't believe what he was hearing right now.
“You can tell me to do fucking anything but you can never persuade me to betray my own friends. They’re all what I got.”
“Then are we even friends in the first place?” EJ bawled in tears, “I guess we were never friends then if you loved your so-called disgusting friends.”
Pulling away harshly, EJ walked backwards shaking his head, jaws clenching as he looks at Jungwon in disgust. “—I can’t believe you.”
"Go ahead. Please report us to the police."
"Huh?" EJ turned around, eyes red with tears.
"I could never betray my friends no matter how it hurts me that they were doing all these stuff. So do it. That way, at least I won't have to be guilty all the time."
. . .
[ end of flashback ]
Guilt was eating EJ as that was the last time they had ever met, was he being hasty at that time for not listening to Jungwon, now that he thought more about it, Jungwon did had a point — if he was his friend, would he had reported him off to the police? Which was actually the right decision to do? Which was the choice he should’ve made that time? Which one?
The hot brew of the coffee blows with the gentle breeze in the busy crowd of the cafe, and yet the deafening silence between the two boys grew emptier.
And even when EJ had expected for this, he was still surprised.
Not wanting to beat around the bush, EJ decided to just completely be honest, "That's what I'm here for. I want to ask for your help to get the tape."
"Tape? are you saying?—"
"Yes. Please give me the tape. I need it."
"So you did decide to do it. . Well I guess this is how our friendship ends then—" Jungwon pausing, biting his lip, "But I can't help you with it."
"The tape, you want me to get it right? Well then, I'm sorry. I can't do that."
"W-why? Didn't you tell me to do it myself, to report them off to the police?"
"That's the point. Do it yourself. The tapes are in the studio. Get them yourself."
"You know I can't. You know that."
"I'm sorry. There's nothing much I could do. All I can say is get the tape yourself. I can't help you, I can only tell you where the tape is." Jungwon stood up grabbing his guitar case as the chair creaked in the process.
“Jungwon, you had a sister right?” Jungwon froze.
“What would you if it was your sister?—" his face had gone pale when those words left EJ's mouth, "What would you do if the girl they were recording, sprawled on the bed with her clothes stripped off, would you still choose your friends over your sister?”
EJ waited patiently for him to respond all while noticing the cat sticker on the back of Jungwon's leather jacket.
"Whatever you say, there's nothing I could do." Jungwon walks off to the door much to EJ's utter disappointment and yet he still tried one last time.
"If you ever change your mind, just know that I'll be here next week. In the same place and in the same time "
“Is that guy Jungwon really going to come though? I kinda doubt he will.” You shrugged as you scrolled relentlessly through your phone. A week had passed since Jungwon met EJ in this cafe, and you couldn't help but notice how he often sighed throughout the time, the fact he wasn't entirely sure if Jungwon would come either has you on the edge of your seats.
“I don’t know, we’ll just see.” you noticed EJ’s face falling down in disappointment as he look down to his hands.
“Do we really need Jungwon? Like we really, really need him?” you asked, curiosity glints in your eyes, “I mean he’s a part of that group, besides we can get that tape ourselves.”
"By what? Stealing? We only know that the tape is inside the studio not that we know where the fuck is it."
EJ sighed through his nose, “He plays an important role, he’s important because it’s only him who will be able to make this mission works. The only fucking problem was he is so fucking loyal.”
You nodded, was he really that important? You don’t know, there’s no other way but to believe in EJ like you always did, he always know what to do and so this time won’t be any different.
The both of you waited for a long long time.
It turn out to be a fatal failure as the sun went down in a slow agony, replacing the once blue clear sky with it’s orange glow and street lamps were glowing, the life of the city were merrier and livelier than ever.
“It’s obvious that he won’t come, it’s such a waste of time don’t you think?” You raised your eyebrow, “If you said that he was too loyal to his group then why would he even bother to come here? Like get an idea?”
“There’s still time.” EJ doesn’t bother to look up, but you can sense the determination and trust sparkling in his eyes, his knuckles growing white due to the firm clench he had in it, “I know, I know he will come.”
Looking far away in the distance, amidst the crowds, there your eyes catches something familiar; the boy with his lush black hair flowing through the breeze, shoulder hitting shoulder and his fingers brushing his hair off from his feline-like eyes. His rubber shoes bringing itself through the street with grace and the way he carries himself in a confident but silent manner emits a somewhat dangerous aura that you weren’t able to comprehend as he approaches you both.
“I knew you will come.” EJ exclaimed in happiness as he stood up, chairs creaking due to his sudden movement.
Jungwon stayed silent, and yet he managed to say a single sentence, "I don't know if I could help much but I'll try my best."
You don’t know why, you should have been happy right now that he came because it means that it will all go well soon but why there’s something about this boy that strikes a suspicion in you?
You observed as they talked, your arms crossing as you tilted your head, observing the boy.
“Can we really trust him?” you asked, arms crossing as you lean your head against the wall of the grocery store. Jungwon had left awhile ago and you are now with EJ, voicing your thoughts.
EJ drank through his soda can, fiddling his fingers. “That, we’ll have to see.”
You hummed in response. "I hope he won't betray us though."
"I really hope so."
It was an utter surprise when EJ calls you that Jungwon already got the tape, pretty fast than you think. You actually thought it would take awhile before he's able to get his hands on it, but is it still a surprise? He was one of them and you only compromise because EJ was always defending him and here you are with EJ and Jungwon as they prepare to play the tape.
Your stomach curled in fear from what you are going to watch soon.
“You know you don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to.” EJ asked you with concern on his face.
“No I’m good, I’ll have to see it with my own eyes. I.. really need to.” you looked down as you clasped your hands together, clenching it to feel the warmth forming. You really need to see it.
The tape starts playing. The familiar faces and voices inside the tape made your breathe hitched.
You froze when you watched the content of the tape, instantly bringing your hand to cover your mouth from puking at the disgusting sight. There you heard the laughter from the boys as they forced themselves on a girl you never know, but her pain you felt as her innocence were stripped away from hers, and then the camcorder were handed to someone, your heart sank when you saw the person’s reflection against the mirror.
Heeseung was the one who’s holding the camcorder.
Shock was an understatement as you can’t bring yourself to say anything, something seems to have been stuck in your throat and you punched your chest in a slow manner as suffocation slowly became the answer.
You can’t believe it. Heeseung, the one who had treated you with kindness as if he was an angel and protected you all this time turn out to be the worst person to live in the face of this earth, disgusting was what you could define him now and you turn out to be a hypocrite as well, since even though you acted like you hated him and wanted to ruin him, you still had this tiny hope hiding in the depths of your heart that you were actually wrong, utterly mistaken for suspecting him all because you just wanted everything to be fake so you can run to his arms like always and loved him with no limits.
But how funny it was that it was all true and reality slammed it to your face in a harsh and cruel way, representing Heeseung’s real persona in front of you as tears formed in your eyes, covering your forehead with your hand as your mouth trembles.
“This can’t be true—” you let it out as a whisper, not wanting to let EJ hear it but he knew. EJ knew and yet he lets you accepts it slowly till you are able to stand up on your feet.
Jungwon finally paused the tape, fixing his posture as he looks at you and EJ.
“So what are we gonna do? Give it to the police?”
“No, that’s basically digging our grave, you know how influential Heeseung family is? Who knows that the officer would be fucking corrupt as well.”
“Then how are we going to?” you asked.
“On the rock festival.” EJ clenches the tape in his fist, “We’ll put them in their place in the very eyes of their fans, after that, Jungwon you’ll have to speak and tell them that they should stop supporting a group like this.”
“Then we’ll get unnie to watch what kind of a shitty monster he was.”
“You heard me, he’s the reason why me and my family are ruined. So they’ll have to be in there to watch with their own eyes.”
“But how? It’s not like they would come if you ask them too?”
“I’ll ask Chaeryeong.”
“Chaeryeong? You mean your friend? Wait, this doesn’t seem quite right. We’re not sure yet if we could believe her.”
“EJ, are you serious? Chaeryeong would never do that.”
“But, ugh. She haven’t meet Heeseung, didn’t she?”
“No not yet, I never introduce Heeseung to her yet despite telling her about our relationship.”
EJ contemplated, turning to look at Jungwon, “Jungwon can’t you do it for us though?”
“I don’t really talk with her, she rarely talk with us unless at the party. Though she only exchange a word or two then went to Heeseung for the rest of the night.” Jungwon sighed, “And I doubt she’s going to follow me considering her relationship with Heeseung.”
“I also doubt Chaewon would follow her, who obviously was your friend.”
“We gotta try it, please.” You pleaded, “Just let me tell her, she knows what to do so just let me do it, EJ.”
“So! What you wanna tell me?” Chaeryeong plopped on the couch, sitting beside you as she took a pillow, embracing it with a wide smile on her face.
“You know what I wanna tell you the other day? When I told you to wait?”
“Hm, yeah. That one. Why?”
“I think I’m ready. I’m ready to tell you now.”
You finally told her everything that had happened, not keeping a single detail from her. From the day you messed around with the dating app, to the hallucinations you got, the accident and then to the present where you were planning to go against Heeseung, your boyfriend.
“(Name), can you give me a slap?” Chaeryeong gave a light slap to her face, “Am I hearing you right? Your boyfriend- No, no. Chaewon’s boyfriend- That monster is doing this to you? And you didn’t even tell me before?!”
“I wasn’t sure back then! Still I couldn’t risk you getting into trouble because of me.”
“But we’re friends! (Name), friends don’t leave each other. You should’ve tell me in the first place, y’know just so I could help you and you weren’t alone in all this stuff.”
“Don’t worry, I’m not alone. EJ was with me the entire time.”
“I gotta thank that guy then.”
“But this is disgusting. That monster planning to do that your sister? But i’m glad you already got that tape, you should report him off to the police as soon as possible.”
“We can’t, actually. EJ said it was too risky. We were planning to reveal that tape on the day of the rock festival.” You paused, “And we’re gonna need your help.”
Chaeryeong looks at you with curiosity, “What help?”
“Your friend?—” you had bring Chaeryeong to EJ's apartment and even though he already agreed to let you being your friend, you could see that he was still hesitant and suspicious of her presence.
“We can trust her, she’s the only one who can talk to unnie."
EJ hesitates for a minute but eventually agrees as you all sat at the table, listening as he talks about the plan which tooks almost an hour.
“Remember, you’ll have to take Chaewon and her parents to the rock festival before it ends. I don’t care what method you take but you must take her there at all cost.”
Chaeryeong nodded, looking at you for comfort in which you gently rubbed her hand.
“Jungwon already converted the tape into a USB.” EJ said. “Is the USB still with you?”
“Yeah, here.” Jungwon pulls out the USB from his pockets, placing it on EJ’s palm.
“The plan’s set. This is the only chance we got.”
You all nodded in unison.
“I’ll keep this in my room, just in case anything happens. It’s not safe to bring it anywhere with you until the day comes.” EJ went up the stairs, leaving you all three at the table.
“I know it was serious, but didn’t knew it would be this serious.” Chaeryeong said in a low voice.
“I won’t force you, you know? It’s really risky, I won’t blame if you want to back out now.” You rubbed her hands in a comforting way as you gave her a small smile.
“Nah, I won’t. We’re gonna get that bitch his karma!” You two giggled in unison when a few knocks were heard outside the door.
“I’ll get it, it’s the landlord.” EJ closed the door behind him as he went outside to talk with the old lady. You let out a yawn, tiredness engulfing your entire being.
“Go get some nap, (Name).”
“Would it be okay?” you weren’t so sure if you could.
“Just go ahead,” Jungwon said while his eyes were fixated on his phone, his fingers scrolling through the screen. “EJ won’t mind. I used to sleep here too.”
There’s no words exchange needed as you smiled abashedly and went to the couch, taking one last look outside the window to see that EJ seems to be in a serious conversation with the old lady, thinking that it might take long, you slowly dozed off.
After a few minutes, Jungwon stood up, the chair creaking in result which took Chaeryeong’s attention from her phone. “I’ll just grab a drink, want some?”
“Hm, sure.”
Chaeryeong watched as Jungwon’s figure disappeared inside the kitchen, eyes flying into space as she waited when she suddenly heard him talking to himself, or rather, talking with someone on a phone. She then look at your sleeping figure on the couch, your eyes heavy and tired as your chest rose and fell silently, eyes frantically gazing around her surroundings as she slowly stood up on her feet to prevent the chair from creaking, up to the stairs she go. A small hallway with three rooms in either side, and one of them was opened as the bright sunlight were illuminating on the wooden floor.
Sighing dejectedly, Chaeryeong looks around and then halted her steps in front of the room which has scattered notes on the floor and the desks messy with open notebooks. The window left opened as the soft breeze past through, curtains flowing with the air. The dark blue mattress with the soft white blankets turned over, she went inside and stopping to take a brief glance to the notes on the floor.
Jungwon sighed, “Is there really no way to pay off the bills? Okay, don’t worry about it. I’ll find a way.” slipping his phone inside his pockets after hanging up the call, he filled the glasses with water and went back to the table only to find Chaeryeong’s disappearance. Looking around, only your figure sleeping on the couch and EJ standing alone outside. His eyebrows knitted together in confusion in which he then brought his attention on the stairs.
Slowly walking through the hallways, he halted his steps to see Chaeryeong touching the red guitar leaning against the wall.
“What are you doing in EJ’s room?” Jungwon’s voice emits in the silence of the room, jolting in surprise she turned around to see him standing at the doorway, his eyes narrowing and arms crossed.
“Ah-ah, nothing! I was just looking for the washroom- b-but.. B-but-” Chaeryeong stuttered, her cheeks dusted with faint blush, “The guitar just took my attention, sorry!” she bowed down.
“The washroom is downstairs. I’m not sure how you were able to miss that.”
“Oh, I didn’t realise. It’s my first time here so I wasn’t aware.”
“That doesn’t seem believable.”
“What are you doing here? What’s wrong?” EJ suddenly appears behind Jungwon, and when his sight was met with Chaeryeong standing in the middle of his room, his expression changes, “What are you doing in my room?”
“She said she was looking for the washroom but your guitar took her attention.”
Silence ensues for a good minute when EJ spoke up, looking at his guitar leaning against the wall, “I understand if it takes your attention but I would appreciate if you ask before you go around in someone’s house.”
“I-im sorry, I didn’t meant to. I won’t do it again.”
“It’s okay then, you can go.” EJ said, and Chaeryeong immediately nodded walking past them when something caught EJ’s eyes.
EJ knitted his eyebrows in confusion as he tried to take a good look at what she was holding in her clenched fists. “What’s that?”
Jungwon then tilted his head to take a good look at Chaeryeong.
“What do you mean?.”
“No, show me.” Reaching out to grab her arm, she walked backwards as if to avoid EJ’s grasp. “Don’t tell me you took something from here, aren’t you?”
Chaeryeong froze but eventually scoffed in disbelief, “Fuck, EJ. I know you’re (Name)’s friend but have some decency, what could’ve I taken from here, huh?”
“You seem suspicious. There’s no need to talk much if you didn’t do anything. Show me.” Chaeryeong pulled away, pushing his arms as he tried to extended his hand.
“Look after your boundaries, this isn’t right!” Yet, EJ continued to pry away her hands, opening her clenched fists.
“Boundaries? You? Boundaries? Then you should’ve think twice before getting into someone’s room!” EJ yelled which shook Chaeryeong and Jungwon.
“I said I didn’t meant to! And still you don’t have the right to force me like this!”
“Just show it and we’re done.” EJ aggressively pulled her arm, prying her clenched fists open despite her protests.
“(Name)! Help! Fuck! Just what the hell you think you’re doing?!”
“EJ? EJ! What are you doing?!” you promptly stood up from the couch after hearing the entire commotion, hurried upstairs only to see Chaeryeong struggling with EJ’s grasp on her arms.
EJ finally pulled away, jaw clenched. “She took something and I don’t know what it is, you better ask her to show it.”
“No! I didn’t took anything, (Name)!”
“Huh? Are you saying that she?—” You struggled to make out words to say.
“There’s nothing to be scared of if you didn’t took anything. You know that tape is important and if she took it, then it’s all over for us. Jungwon had a hard time to take it and if she..”
Silence ensues, the atmosphere of the room growing thicker with tension. You turned to look at Chaeryeong who shook her head in desperation, hiding behind you.
“Do.. we really have to do it?” You asked, eyebrows knitted together as concern evident on your face.
“Shit, this is unbelievable. Why would I steal something?! For what?” Chaeryeong screamed at the top of her lungs.
“You know there’s no need to act all this betrayed if you didn’t do anything?”
“Look! I was just looking for my phone’s keychain! Nothing is there!” she opened her hands and there the fluffy keychain dangled around her fingers.
“God. If it was just a keychain then why you have to act all this way?” EJ groaned, ruffling his hair with his hands.
“I don’t know?? Maybe look at yourself, like the way you act or something. Getting all mad like that, that’s really fucking petty.” Chaeryeong stormed off but not before saying to you, “Where did you even get a friend like this, (Name)?”
You sighed, looking back at him, “EJ..”
“You can’t blame me, she shouldn’t have acted all that way if she didn’t do anything. Keychain? Bullshit. She must have done something.”
“EJ. God.” You went down the stairs, looking for Chaeryeong.
Jungwon had by far stayed silent throughout the entire commotion, rubbing EJ's back as he slowly approaches the window looking at you, thoughts running deeply as he left and walked across the hallway stopping at EJ’s room — staring inside for a minute and left, eyes growing dark and disinterested, seemingly bored.
“Chaeryeong! Chaeryeong where are you? Come back here!” you called out to the empty street, searching for her but she was nowhere to be seen. That girl ran way too fast for her sake, shit.
Your phone rang, and you immediately pulled it off from your pockets and the caller ID had never fail to make your heart sank. Was his existence had come off as too chilling for you that your heart sank in fear whenever you see his name?
Answering it, placing the phone close to your ear, you cleared your throat. “Heeseung-ah?”
You went to Heeseung’s home again after his request to meet you, and to actually spend more time with you. How funny was it that there was this tiny happiness inside you when he mention about spending time with you which made you cringe, this feeling was really shitty and you want nothing but to get rid of it quick. As quick as you can, because if you didn’t, then it would serve as a doom for all the hard work you did with EJ, something that can come off as betrayal for EJ and Chaewon.
Heeseung had bought you into an amusement park much to your surprise, you seriously don’t have any time for this though however there’s nothing much you could do but comply just so he wouldn’t get suspicious of you. With an icecream cone in your hand, you waited as he payed near the ice cream stall even though you were still worried for Chaeryeong.
A small hand tugged your pants and you looked down to see a young child around two years old giggling and raising its hands as if to take your icecream in which you chuckled, “You can’t have this kid. It’s mine.”
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I hope he didn’t bother you that much!” the mother of the child gasp and carried her child in her arms.
“No, no it’s okay!” you watched as they left, the baby waved his arms for you in which you couldn’t help but smile over how adorable.
“I see you love kids?” Heeseung came, licking his icecream.
“Not really, they’re a tad bit annoying most of the time.”
“Not if they’re ours.”
“Gosh, what you taking about? Don’t you think it’s too early to be talking about kids?”
“It’s never too early, why not? It’s much better to plan early, you know.” Heeeung giggled, looking at you with so much love in his eyes. “What do you think about having a child though?”
“Well considering how my mom looks so tired everytime after she looks after us, I can safely say it’s gonna take a hell lot of work to raise a child.” You smiled, a thought passing through your mind, “It’s seems too early to be talking about it but I guess it’s probably nice to have a mini you walking around.”
“I bet the child would look beautiful just like you.” Heeseung’s eyes sparkled as he stares at you making your breathe hitched.
“I’ll take that as compliment, I guess?”
“You should, it suits you.”
“Say, how about marriage? How would it look like for you? Would it be an obstacle or a dream life for you?”
“I haven’t think about marriage yet..” you pouted. “It looks fun though? Having someone beside you for the rest of your life.”
“You’ll definitely take my last name, Mrs. Lee.” Heeseung chuckled, his teeth showing as he blinked in happiness, “It feels like you were born for that name. It suits you alot.”
"Stop with that cheesy lines." You chuckled.
“I mean being your boyfriend is already a gift for me, what more else if I was your husband?”
“Marrying me isn’t a good idea.” you shrugged.
“Marrying you would be my greatest gift. Because you’re my gift.”
“You’re so good, so eloquent. No wonder many girls fell hard for you.”
“They did, many did fell for me but it’s not harder as I fell for you."
Heeseung’s confession had taken you aback to the point you were speechless, your eyes connected with his as you see the soul behind those eyes containing so much sincerity.
“I just wonder what did you see in me, it's not like I'm so special."
“You are special, very special.. I realise you were all I need, (Name). I wouldn't trade you for anything.”
Fuck. Fuck. This stupid feelings. You thought as you bit the ice cream cone, chewing it in.
The topic never seems to go away as he kept asking you questions as you two walked across the street with trees in your either side, the breathtaking sight of the pink petals falling with grace five centimetres per second.
“What does being a housewife look like for you then?” Heeseung looks at you with so much love in his eyes for the nth time.
“Hm, asking such question to a 17 year old would surely backfire. Mr. Heeseung.” you hopped backwards, arms clasped behind your back as you turned to face him. “Being a housewife doesn’t look pleasing at all for me.”
“I can understand why you think so, however wouldn’t it be nice to stay at home.. Say, looking after our child while he plays around and then when I came home, you would greet me and we would have a happy dinner and went back to sleep after saying goodnights and ilys?”
“That’s so cheesy!” You exclaimed, giggling. “Never thought a popular boy could be thinking a traditional family life?” turning around with your back facing him.
“I know right, never thought so much about it till I knew you." Heeseung whispered.
—You don’t realise just how perfect you are to me, that I couldn’t stop myself to envision you in many ways I couldn’t ever imagine I would think of. Heeseung thought as he watched you.
It's all your fault.
Going home after a date with you had Heeseung already missing you, excited to pull out his phone to text you again. But the annoying voice of his big sister echoing throughout the house had him rolling his eyes as he sticked his tongue inside cheek.
"You went to date with that bitch again?"
“Fuck, Heeseung, what have you eaten, huh? What did you actually eat that you fucking went to have an affair with that bitch?”
Heemin’s complaint that never ceases to annoy Heeseung. Good old sibling, he thought in annoyance and if only he could kill her, if only he had the chance to do so, he would.
Heemin complains on repeat as Heeseung walks inside his room as he ignored her, despite this she followed behind further testing Heeseung's patience.
“Answer me! Lee Heeseung—” stunned by Heeseung’s cold glare towards her, she gasped, frozen to his sudden change of demeanour.
“Sweet big sister,” Heeseung let it out as a slow whisper, “Noona, I appreciate that you had the time to run that petty mouth of yours, but have you never thought that nothing important nor useful had come out from your mouth?
“What?! Lee Heeseung. Watch your mouth! I’m still your older sister!”
Low chuckle emits in the air, “Unnie, you see, you had actually helped me and I appreciate that but it’s getting too overboard, it’s getting annoying.”
“You had made it easier for me back then but you should know your place.”
“If you weren’t my sister, I would’ve cut that nasty tongue of yours, my pretty big sis.”
Heemin was left stunned, as he walks past her and her body shook to her core. This wasn’t her little brother with his big doe eyes, the one that often laughs at her petty attitudes and groaned. No.. this boy was different.
After the date with Heeseung, you went back to Chaeryeong’s apartment but to your surprise Jungwon was there, busy with his phone as he leaned against the wall.
“Um? Is there something?” his feline-like eyes raise up to look at you, slipping his phone in his pockets as he fixed his posture.
“EJ was apologetic over what happened, he asked me to bring a bag of cookies for you and Chaeryeong to reconcile.”
“Oh, he don’t really need to.” You shook your head, “I’m sure Chaeryeong would eventually forget it. She don’t really hold grudges.”
“No just take it.” your breathe hitched when he grabbed your arm, placing the bag on your hands. His grip around your arm and his fingers brushing against your hand in the process made you dropped the bag on the floor.
“I’m sorry!” you immediately knelt down, picking up the bag, breathing in relief as the cookies didn’t fell off on the ground.
“I-im sorry for doing that.”
“N-nothing, it’s just..” you rubbed your arm, something weird from his touch was giving you sudden chills and you couldn’t understand why.
“(Name), if you are still bothered by my presence, the fact that I belong to the group that .. you know, then I understand, I’ll take my leave now.” Jungwon bows down, giving you a small smile as he picked up his stuff and went off.
“No, no! It’s fine, you were never part of it anyways, I’m sorry.” you called out in an abashed manner, but you can’t shrug it off. Looking at Jungwon, there was something in him that doesn’t sit well with you. Was it really because of his friendship with that group and Heeseung? It might be, but at this point, you were willing to let it go for EJ’s sake and so it didn’t bother you anymore, you were certain it was, but why, what is this uneasy feeling that engulfed your being whenever he was in your presence?
The second time you ever met him was back then in the hospital, when you got in a fight with your sister and he came defending you, well not likely, but he did. He came off as gentle and firm through his actions, and he kept proving it over and over again and yet there was something odd about him, were you really just being paranoid due to his connection with them?
“I’ll take my leave then.” he slightly bowed his head, giving you a warm smile as he walked off to the street. You frowned slightly as you rubbed your arm again, watching his figure. It was weird.
“What’s up with your friend, huh?”
“Hm?” you looked up from your phone, curious at EJ’s sudden question, “Why?”
“She’s so suspicious, like i just passed by when she was texting and she was so defensive.”
“Maybe, she just doesn’t like it when people look at her texts, i guess.” you shrugged, "But you know she's still a bit pissed over that day."
“That? She got the guts to stay pissed at me when she came into my room all suspicious like that? And who the fuck would be so interested in who she text or what?”
"EJ. ." You pressed your lips tight as you stared at him for a good min.
"Yeah, yeah. I know. Fuck, the cookies should've been mine though. She should be grateful." You giggled at to how silly EJ acts, shaking your head as you went back on your phone.
“I see you’re being good friends with (Name), that’s quite fast.” Heeseung leaned against the doorway, looking at Jungwon who was fixing his guitar.
‘Y-yeah, we found out we had so much in common, that’s why.” Jungwon stuttered, not being able to lock eyes with the taller boy.
“That’s nice, although I have to say, Jungwon-ah..” Heeseung paused, and Jungwon looks over at him through his shoulder, “I appreciate that you are taking good care of her but that’s my job, just please do your part and try to stay away just a bit from her if you can, please?”
“Oh, sure. I'm sorry, Heeseung."
“Just watch your boundaries, okay?” Heeseung smiled as he patted Jungwon’s shoulder, the boy were left stunned at his odd behaviour and yet nodded in response. "But I'm so excited to watch you guys perform the festival tomorrow though, in a bigger venue. We had gone through so many things I really feel proud to see you guys up there."
"Too bad, I couldn't perform with you guys." Heeseung added as an afterthought, pouting as he sat on the chair.
"We'll give our best to perform for you then, to show how much we had improved." Jungwon gives a small smile as he leaned against the wall, staring at his guitar.
It was finally the day, the day you and EJ had been waiting for, the rock festival. The festival where Heeseung and his friends will meet their doom. You couldn't wait for them to pay their price soon.
Ring! Ring!
The doorbell ringing snapped you out of your thoughts and when you went to opened the door, only a black box wrapped with a red ribbon were on the floor. You picked it up, looking around in confusion for anyone who dropped the box. Weird. You went back inside, placing the black box on the table but curiosity gets the best of you as you thought it was Chaeryeong's but when you pulled open the box excited to see the content, the note on it says otherwise.
You know cosplay are a thing for the festival right? So I bought this as a surprise for you, I just thought it would be nice if we could match outfits with each other. The dress would be so beautiful on you, can you wear this for me? :)
Your boyfriend, Heeseung <3
With the note on your hand, you called Heeseung. “What’s this?” trying your best to laced your voice with happiness even though your face was a complete contrast. “A wedding dress?”
“Surprise! Just thought it would look pretty on you, so why not? Also I’m gonna wear the same thing, matching I guess? I really wanna do it with you since back then, kind of a date if you ask me? ” Heeseung paused, “I personally asked them to cut it a bit so it’s easier for you to walk later.”
"That's sweet, of course why not? I would love to wear it then."
"I'm excited to see you in it! I already know you would look so beautiful in it." Heeseung's deep giggle had your stomach grew butterflies, heart sinking in disappointment along with it.
You pulled up the dress and by the looks of it, he really did picked you a wedding dress with multiple laces and diamonds adorning it in a rosy pattern, the dress has been shorten to knee-length when you raised it in front of you, taking a good look at it in front of the mirror.
It was beautiful. Yet, you weren't quite sure what to feel about him being all giddy and excited about matching outfits with you, it doesn't sit well. For a split moment, you felt guilt and yet you couldn't back out now.
You can't.
Fixing the piled up clothes on the edge of the bed, Chaewon sighed dejectedly as she relentlessly spent hours in placing them inside the bag. After all that happens, she couldn’t stay here anymore. Not when she had to bear the sight of you with Heeseung, the betrayal and all, it was all too much for her.
“Chaewon are you almost done?”
“Yeah, almost done.” Chaewon answered. After what seems an hour, the doorbell rang taking her attention. Thus, she went to open the door and surprise were splattered on her face, frowning immediately.
“Oh?— Why are you here?”
“Yeah. Yes.” Speaking through the phone, he sighed in relief for the nth time, "She'll recover soon, right?"
Jungwon promptly covered his phone with his hands upon hearing EJ calling out for him.
“Who’s that?”
“Nothing, just the hospital updating me about my sister’s condition.”
“I see, I hope she's doing fine?" Jungwon nodded with a small smile, "That's great, the stage’s about to start soon. You have it with you?”
"I'll get back to you soon, please look after my sister."
With that, Jungwon hangs up the phone and went to his bag and there he pulled out the USB, "Yeah, I got it."
"Give it to me, I'll ask them to connect it to the screen when it's time." EJ clenches the USB in his fist as he took in a deep breath, you're done Lee Heeseung.
“EJ! Finally, I’m so fucking excited to play with yall. Fuck. this is so exciting, im gonna burst into the air!” Beomgyu jumps in small hops earning a low chuckle of disbelief from Yeonjun.
“But still though, what a fate it was! I thought EJ won’t be able to play with us but who could guess really?”
Soobin patted EJ’s back, “We’re a team after all, it’s nice to have you back, EJ.”
EJ’s lips tugs up in a fake smile, “Thanks, hyung.” Heeseung had accepted him again into the group after Jungwon brought him back a few days ago and EJ had to pretend that he was apologetic for his actions towards Heeseung, which he despised alot but really had no choice but to do it. To his surprise, Heeseung pulled him into his embrace like nothing happened.
It was odd, EJ was so close to getting fooled by his innocent character once again and he had to slapped himself to get back on his senses. It was as he doesn't know what's real when Heeseung really seems like he's innocent when you're talking with him.
EJ was still skeptical over Heeseung's friendliness, and chose to remain alerted over what he could be planning anytime at now.
“Jungwon, what’s taking you so long, bro!?”
“Wait, give me a sec! My guitar is pulling up some real shit here.” Jungwon hissed as his fingers brushed across his guitar's strings.
“Why, what’s wrong?” Soobin went up to him.
“Nothing, it’s just the strings— It’s not working.” Jungwon’s concerned face gave them a uneasy feeling. "I think it broke on the way here."
"Huh? Are you serious? Right now?"
"Fuck, we must have had a bad luck."
"Just shut up, Beomgyu."
"You shut up." A series of hiss emits from the two behind.
“Guys, don’t we have any extra strings?” Soobin fixed his posture, looking at the rest of the band.
But his question was met with silence, only shaking their heads. “Taehyun has actually used it for his guitar, it’s the last backup string.” Yeonjun answered.
“So— what now? The performance is around an hour from now.”
“I have an extra string in our studio, it’s apparently old but I think we should try?” Kai suggested.
“I’ll go then.” Jungwon stood up.
"W-wait! It would take you 30mins to get there!"
"I'll be fast!" Jungwon exclaimed when EJ chased for him and tugged his arm.
“I can take you there.”
“No, no, there’s no need. I’ll really be fast."
“Hurry, Jungwon.” Beomgyu said and Jungwon nodded, his eyes meeting EJ’s whose face was painted with much concern and eyes screaming, hurry up.
Crowds moving in and out from the underground subway and until to the main entrance leading the venue where the stage will take place, scent of alcohol and dozens of different scented perfumes filling the air, and smell of popcorns making it’s way inside.
You frantically move around, trying to make your way to your seat. Heeseung had told you that he will come soon due to personal reasons with his family and you agreed, actually relief since he can’t come before your family does. Taking out your phone, you scrolled through your inbox and at that moment a new text came in from Chaeryeong.
Chaeryeong: We’re coming, (Name).
A breathe of relief came out from your mouth and content washes over your body. This is it. This was it, the chance, the only chance you had to bring everything back to the way it was before Heeseung ever appeared. The brightest smile tug up to your cheeks when you suddenly felt a strong push towards your back amidst the busy crowd going to their seats, you groan in pain trying to stand up but the weight was firmly pressed on you. The person who turned out to be a girl frantically apologises behind you while you assured that it was fine, pulling you up with her hand.
When you stood up, you were met with the sight of a girl around your age; a slightly huge bag hanging on her shoulder and her attire seemingly unfitting for the theme of the rock party, and something your particularly notice was the pair of keychains hanging down to her bag. Nostalgia hits you as it brought you back to the time you and your sister had coincidentally brought necklaces for each other. That particular moment was the best, actually.
“That’s a pretty matching keychains, you got there.” you blurted out with much thought, and a smile on your face that you didn’t realize were beaming brightly.
The girl notices it and smiled bright as well, “Thank you. I actually made it.
“Oh you did? That’s so amazing? Are you going to pair it with someone?” curiosity filled you in.
She nodded in response, “One of the members from the rock band. I owed him to be honest.”
“So which one of them?” you asked, somewhat curious of her favourite member.
“Hm— it’s one of the guitarist, I'll tell you when he's up there!”
You nodded. Suddenly the girl pulled out her phone, bright screen glowing against her face, someone called her and she nodded in response, “Sorry, I think I will have to go outside for a moment, can you watch my seat for a moment if it’s okay for you?”
“Of course, no problem.” You smiled and she whispered a small thank you before leaving through the exit.
Just then you felt a tug behind you, turning around only to see him. Heart sank along with the butterflies in your stomach, feelings conflicting in chaos as you manage to bring out a fake smile up to your lips in which Heeseung mirrored your actions but much more sweeter, and that made you wonder if his smile and his love was that genuine, then why did he do all of the questionable things he did? An apology or even a dozen ones aren’t enough despite how you want to deny it.
“Hey.” you gently spoke, noticing his attire which match yours; a black suit with a red rose inside the pockets.
“How was the place?” his soft voice brought your attention back on him.
“Awesome! It’s my first time to be in a place like this, the vibe is just so different but awesome.”
“I know right? Isn’t it so nice?” Heeseung smiled at you in which you smiled back. “It’s the first time I brought someone to my favourite place.”
“How about.. Unnie?”
“Ah, I once tried but she doesn’t like places like this."
You hummed in response.
For a moment, you would actually believe in him but there was no way your sister wouldn’t adjust her interests according to his since well, he was her boyfriend so it wouldn’t make any sense that she won’t go to this place even if she doesn’t like it.
She was far too lovesick with him to not follow him through his interests.
What a lie you got there, Heeseung. Too bad, it will come to an end today. I don’t know why you are doing all of these and even no matter how much I have grown to love you, a person like you doesn’t deserve love no matter what kind of excuse you give. It’s just too unacceptable.. you thought as observed him.
"I knew the dress would suit you, you are so beautiful (Name)." Eyes sparkling along with the sincerity and the faint blush appearing on his cheeks once again, you couldn't stop your heart quickening at the way he looks at you either.
Heeseung grabbed your hands into his, snapping you from your thoughts. His wide smile remains on his face as he gestured for you to look up. “Look, they’re on the stage.”
The crowd began to cheer so loud the moment the boys went up the stage, going to their respective instruments and there you saw EJ with his plain brown shirt as he carries his guitar, you notice that Jungwon was nowhere to be seen.
Huh? Where is he?
The lights begun to flicker and colourful lights emerged from the ceiling, blinding your view of them for a good minute. EJ then notice you, his eyes beaming but narrowed immediately in which you caught on, looking at the said boy beside you once again. Heeseung smiling ever so brightly at his bandmates, that same bright smile that had caught your heart.
Too bad, that bright smile isn’t that innocent.
Then a burst of scream coming from the crowd emits to the air as Soobin talks through his mic in which you couldn’t be bothered at since they’re going to be gone anyways, that big led screen flashing it’s contents for this entire venue will play the video they recorded themselves for the entire world to see their true colour, for your sister and your family to watch and see what Heeseung really was.
But you couldn’t see your sister or your parents in sight no matter how you tried to search for them among the crowds. Is Chaeryeong running late?
“Do you need something?” Heeseung asked beside you in which you quickly shook your head.
“N-nothing, there’s just plenty of people than usual.”
Hearing that, Heeseung chuckled. “I know right? Our band is pretty famous around this district.”
The time has finally strike for the band to perform their first song but your sister and your parents are still nowhere to be seen. Clenching your fist, it can’t go wrong this way. But again does it even matter if they are here? Everyone right now, in this place, has a phone in their hands recording the entire rock stage in front of them — once the video plays, then it’s all over for them, for Heeseung and his bandmate. Their entire disgusting deal.
"10— 9, 8, 7, 6—"
The people began counting in unison, excitement engulfing each one of them.
“5, 4, 3, 2— 1!”
The led screen blacks out, the crowd had gone silent with some murmuring of what was going on. Finally. You are done, Lee Heeseung.
The bright glow when the led screen turns on again has you shut your eyes tight for a moment, and when you opened your eyes again, something was off.
White. White screen shines the stadium, straining your sight and after a few seconds there a big font letters displayed in front of the monitor has your body and face gone cold. EJ notice your expression and snapped his head to look at the screen behind him.
"(Name), will you marry me?"
Wh-what— W-what’s happening— This. This isn’t what suppose to be happening—
“Everyone,” Soobin chuckled, “There’s a small favour I would like to ask of you, could you please take your attention to the special girl up there who has taken our beloved member’s heart?”
In unison, everyone turns their torso looking at you. Bright flashes from their phone shines on you and multiple murmurs and cheers come all over them, straining your eye and there a hand covers your sight.
“Heeseung?! What are you—”
Plain shock splattered on your face as Heeseung knelt down before you, with one knee under the floor as he presented a black box with a shiny diamond ring inside it with a big smile on his face, doe eyes looking at you with fondness.
“It might be too abrupt, isn’t? He dryly chuckled with a shy smile. “You know, all this time you were the only who was there for me, and it was only then i’ve realised you were the one for me and i wouldn’t waste any more time again.”
Run. Why aren’t you running?
“(Name), could you give me the honour to now be the one who takes care of you and give me the chance to repay all the love you had given to me till this day? To let me be the one for you?”
You were speechless, unable to bring yourself to move and leave. You have to, but you can't.
“I know this is so hasty and all and that i must be rushing everything but.. I can’t wait anymore, I couldn’t wait any longer to take the next level our relationship. I know it’s only been a month but..”
No— don't say it. No!
You gulped, beads of cold sweat trickle down your neck.
"Will you marry me, (Name)?" You felt your world shattered when those words left his mouth, as if it was a dark spell bounding you to his once he let it out because you couldn't say no. Not in this place, not in front of everyone, not when it was so close to reveal the truth. It wasn't suppose to happened this way! Clenching your white dress in your fists, if you reject him then there would no longer be another chance.
"(Name)?" Heeseung's voice snapped you out of your thoughts, everyone was waiting for you to say yes, as some of them had their hands clasping — for the perfect couple in front of them to marry each other. You looked up to the stage to see EJ who shook his head slowly, his eyes screaming, you don't have to do it. You don't have to. Reject him.
“Don’t you love me too? You wanted to be with me too, right?” Heeseung's voice brought your attention back to him again. His eyes pleading with sincerity as he waited for your answer, right..?
Shit. Shit. Shit. Chaos were spiraling inside you as you tried so hard to keep the smile on your face, there's no other fucking choice.
You nodded and in an instant Heeseung gave you the widest bright smile ever and the crowd cheered so loudly more than ever before. EJ clenched his fist at the sight, with a thought of what the fuck was going on. This wasn’t the plan. This wasn’t the fucking plan.
He puts the ring on your finger, pulling you into an embrace and loud cheers along whistles emits in the air with some of them congratulating you and wishing you a happy life as a future married couple.
Heeseung brushes his nose against the blade of your shoulder, feeling his smile against it. He strokes your hair with his finger and he breathes out a sigh of relief. He then leans into your face, almost touching your lips, you gasp and yet you shut your eyes tight at the incoming contact, however nothing happened. You opened your eyes to see the big smile still on his face.
“That wouldn’t be fun.” Heeseung giggled, his eyelashes fluttering as he looks at you with the utmost love.
“Huh?” you raised your eyebrow.
“I wouldn’t take my prize first, how about . . we play a game?”
“What game?”
“I also have another surprise for you! I think it will be in a few minutes soon?” Heeseung exclaimed, “But let's play a game first.”
You nodded, gulping nervously as you took a brief glance at the diamond ring wrapped around your finger.
“Whoever wins, will be able to take their prize!” he whispered against your ear, a smirk forming in his faint red lips. “Take your phone out, love.”
You hesitated but complied, pulling your phone out of your pockets as you turned it on.
Just then a ting pops up in your phone, and Heeseung gave you a smug look urging you to open it and the bright screen pops up, lighting your face with it’s brightness.
You jolted in surprise in unison with the crowds when multiple people in police attires barged in through the door, your eyes widened as you couldn't comprehend over what's happening right now.
“The p-police?”
The boys halted their performance as multiple officers walked up to the stage, the concert halting out of nowhere and the presence of the officers had everyone shook or confused to their core, their banners going down with their arms felling in the process. Confusion arises as murmurs came everywhere and you look around only to realise that when you turned to where Heeseung was standing, he was nowhere to be seen.
You gasp as you frantically look around, and only then you realise that your hands were shaking, noticing the ring in your finger had you frowning. Regaining your composure, you look up to the stage, the officers were up on the stage talking with Soobin.
You can’t heard much of it, only low murmurs and the concern and fear evident on the boys’ expression. It can’t be that EJ had reported Heeseung to the police?
You looked down, eyes unable to focus and a wait of agony as you watched them talking with the officer.
Just then, you heard a ting, likely from a phone so you look around at the crowd and then a two and three pops up.
Only then you realise that it was your phone in your clenched hand, turning it on as the bright screen glows before your very eyes. Your breath hitched and in a split second, shock engulfed your being as your hands weakened at the content displaying in front of you, the phone falling from your fingers in the process as you immediately covered your mouth with your hands.
No one has their attention on you as they were paying too much attention on the commotion unfolding on the stage.
Hands shaking and writhing, you gulped and bent down on your knees as you picked it up, turning it on, knees weak and heart quickening to the point you couldn't breathe as you couldn't believe what you were seeing right now: the text, the chat inbox, the username, the app. The distant voices surrounding you were so loud but were muffled into nothing as the texts had you shaking vigorously in utter fear.
Hee01: hello?
Hee01: anyone there?
Hee01: c’mon kitten, I know you can see this text.
A surge of scream emits in the air has you instantly looking up back to the stage and there your eyes widen in fractions and your soul leaving your body as you witnessed the officer approaching EJ who was now walking backwards.
You were unable to hear what they say, the fear from the text in front of you and the panic seeing EJ in a desperate situation has you frozen.
“W-what are you saying? Me?—” EJ pointed at himself, “Drugs?! Do you fucking hear yourself?! I do drugs?!”
“W-what..?—” stuttering as you heard what he said, and a series of gasp emerges from the crowd all around you.
EJ pushes the officers away, struggling to get off as he continued screaming, “The fuck?! What are your proofs, huh?!”
“A witness. We’ve filed a search warrant to check your apartment, don't deny it anymore. Your room contain drugs inside it.”
EJ couldn't let out any words, shook to his core over what he was hearing and yet he thrashed around when the officers approached him.
“Get off me bastard! Don’t touch me! I never do drugs! It wasn’t me! Fuck you!”
“What witness?! What in the actual fuck is the witness you’re talking about?! Someone reported me? Who?!”
Chuckle emits from the blue haired boy, Yeonjun who placed his guitar against the wall, he slowly mouths to EJ, “You see, traitor. I know what you were trying to do, guess what? This is what you get for betraying us.”
A couple of smirks formed in the rest of the boys' faces.
No. No! EJ pushes the officers from grabbing his arm which resulted in him falling to the floor with a loud thud.
Another ting emits in the air causing you to look down to your phone instantly, and what you saw had you knees gone weak, “No.. no—” the content displaying in front of you has an image attached to it, and it’s none other than your sister and your parents, blood trickling down their forehead as they were left leaning against the wall unconscious.
Tears formed in your eyes in an instant as you struggled to gain your composure, “No! No! What is this?! My parents! unnie!—” Bawling in tears as you thrashed around, pushing the crowds in front and behind you resulting in them screaming however the space leading to the exit was too tight that you were unable to move freely amongst the crowd, and just then you heard EJ screaming at the top of his lungs.
Another ting emits in the air serving a sound of pure horror to your ears, your hands shaking to see another text coming from him.
Hee01: why are you running?
Hee01: don’t you wanna save him?
Hee01: try to stop him from running or else he's gonna get a hole right to his dumb brain :(
The moment you read that text, another series of scream emits in the air causing you to snapped your head back to the stage and there you witnessed as EJ punched the officers, your feet instantly brings itself to the direction of the stage, “No! No! EJ don’t fight them!” pushing the crowd forward and yet it was tight and heavy you couldn't pass through easily.
“EJ! No!” you yelled at the top of your lungs, getting EJ’s attention on you but just then the officer kicks him on his back resulting in him falling off the stage.
Another scream.
Just when you were able to walk into the front, you were forced to witness as multiple officers pushed through and hovered upon EJ, who was struggling and thrashing around but soon they were able to pin him down with their gathered strength.
Another ting made its melodic horror through your phone, a two, then again.
Your couldn't stop your hands from shaking by, gritting your teeth as hatred consumed your being as you let yourself read the texts from him again.
Hee01: don’t waste your tears, sweetheart.
Hee01: it’s not the time yet :(
Wiping the tears of your face in an aggressive manner, you still can’t bring yourself to stop shaking as you type out a reply and sent it instantly.
sweetpurple17: why are you doing this to me?? What do you want?!
Hee01: didn't I say we would play a game?
- 👤 Hee01 is typing . . .
Hee01: you know the little game you wanted me to play before?
Hee01: what was it called again? Ah, the seventh month game. Right? :)) Too bad it's been over seventh months we knew each though :(
No— . . .How the fuck did he knew. .
The phone slipped out of your hands, dropping to the ground because of how sweaty your hands has become. Picking it up as fast as you could, you could only watch EJ struggling and you hissed, blinking back your tears.
Hee01: I remember you wanted me to guess your name, right?
Hee01: Well guess what, I won, babe :) (Name), was it?
Hee01: also I couldn’t believe that we’re now a couple <3
Hee01: let's play the game again, shall we?
👤 Hee01 is typing . . .
Hee01: kitten, why don’t you try to guess who betrayed you? Name the traitor and if you get it right, then I’ll tell you where your family is! Sounds fair?
W-what?— T-traitor? —
Hee01: still can’t seem to guess even after all the cute investigations you did :(
H-how. . . How— Who did this. . Who fucking betrayed you and EJ?! You bawled in tears, suppressing it by covering you mouth with your hand.
Hee01: don't cry.
Hee01: you look so damn gorgeous when u cry
Hee01: makes me feel like I just wanna take you now
The text was so disgusting to you that you want to puke right now.
sweetpurple17: why..
sweetpurple17: Why are you doing this to me?!! Tell me!
👤 Hee01 is typing. . .
Hee01: why you ask?
Hee01: then you shouldn’t have went and texted me in the first place, kitten.
Hee01: such a pretty dumb little girl.. But my girl :)
How, how, how. Unnie can't be the one who tell him about me! You hissed, shooting your head up to the crowd behind you, looking for any signs of Heeseung but to no avail he was nowhere to be seen, snapping your head back to EJ who was being dragged out by the officers, his hands being handcuffed.
"EJ! Don't do anything, please!" You called out for him but you weren't sure if he heard it as the crowd were getting loud.
He knew. He knew. He fucking knew! EJ was right. He was right, one of them had betrayed us! One of them! Your breathing has gone rough and rapid as you looked around in panic, looking for either of those two. Who did this?!— It can’t be Chaeryeong? But it can’t be Jungwon either!— Who— who was it?!
Another ting snapped you out of your dazed.
Hee01: time’s running
Hee01: go to the nearest carnival and name the traitor.
Hee01: one wrong move and your little family will pay for it :(
Hee01: can I get my kiss as a prize or maybe more if i wish to? :)
You gulped nervously, watching as he typed. Every passing second has you breaking down as the weight of the situation were pressuring you down, as right here, right now, you are all alone.
👤 Hee01 is typing. . .
Hee01: sweet kitten, let’s start the game, shall we? Now, now, who do you think is the traitor sweetheart? :)
Tumblr media
© sweetpieceofnightmarez 11. 28. 22
-> secondary blog: @llyzblog
-> taglist: @mimikittysblog , @zanyduckkitten , @skuiall , @teugiie (bold ones couldn't be tagged)
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seattlesolace · 3 days
when it's raining with enhypen
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were waiting for Heeseung to finish his practice, so you were indoors all the time. When he was done and you head down to the lobby, it’s raining hard.
You look at each other for several seconds before cracking up because you are both speechless.
You initially planned to go for a picnic by the river but that idea is now washed down the drain (lol)
Heeseung begins searching on his phone, trying to come up with indoor date ideas.
While waiting for an idea, you head to the café on the building’s ground floor to grab a latte.
Ends up just talking for hours with him there.
His phone is now on the table with several tabs open, but he’s looking at your phone as you show him funny TikToks that you bookmarked.
Time flies and when you both realize the rain has stopped, you leave to get dinner together.
Tumblr media
Is staring out the window of your apartment, commenting on the dark clouds.
You both already decided to stay at home for the day, so you didn’t mind even if it starts raining.
However, it was more than just rain—it’s a storm. Jay flinches every time a lightning strikes, and you follow suit, scrunching your face and closing your eyes whenever the thunder follows.
He teases you for being scared, and you are not having it.
You leave the living room to grab a camera from your bedroom. When he isn’t looking, you take a picture of him with the flash and he flinches.
You tease him back calling him a flincher.
He presses his lips together forming that iconic bread smile and now you feel bad.
He then proposes to just play a video game together to distract you both from the chaotic storm outside.
Tumblr media
You promised to meet him at the mall for some lunch and light shopping together.
He arrives late and slightly wet, droplets of rain still visible on his neatly styled hair (which miraculously did not get ruined).
You were about to scold him for not bringing an umbrella but you feel bad because he went out anyway despite the rain.
He notices that you are wearing the jacket that he left in your house, and then asks begs you to give it back to him so he can wear it.
You have been indoors for most of the time so you weren’t cold anymore, so you do as he asked.
Turns out it was an excuse so he could buy you a new jacket.
You look up at him with puppy eyes and he was just smugly smirking saying ‘don’t mention it.’
He ends up mentioning it all the time, bringing it up at any chance he can get. (“How’s that new jacket I got you?”) (“Remember the jacket I got you?”)
Tumblr media
Does not care if it rains or shines as long as he gets to see you.
Quickly changes the date course once it starts raining, coming up with a plan B already in mind.
Takes you to this leather workshop where you can make airpod cases together.
Completely forgets that you don’t even own a pair of airpods.
You make something entirely different and you both enjoyed the workshop.
Takes you to a restaurant nearby for late lunch, walking under the umbrella with you.
The umbrella is huge but he still pulled you close to him so you don’t get even a drop of rain on your body.
Becomes giddy at the sight of samgyupsal and you are just grateful that the date still went so well.
Tumblr media
Actually gets excited that it is raining. Texts you and begs you not to cancel the date.
You both pick a café with huge windows and you sit at a table near a window, watching the rainfall.
He creates a game where you pick a raindrop each and see which one reaches the bottom first.
Your raindrop keeps winning and he becomes lowkey irritated and then switches the activity to taking aesthetic photos of each other.
You take lots of pictures of him just staring out the window and it looked like a photoshoot.
He then takes pictures of you and they look like something out of Pinterest.
You spend the rest of your time just editing your photos together before posting them.
When the rain stops, he immediately asks to go to a different place to have early dinner with you.
Tumblr media
Initially wants to reschedule your date, but then feels bad about it once you ask why? Why? Why?
Bombards you with texts telling you to dress warmly, wear waterproof shoes, and bring an umbrella.
When you meet him at the station you greet him with a ‘hi, Mom.’
Clearly annoyed when you see his smile but then he gives you his arm for you to link yours with.
The rain is not heavy, so you both take a chill stroll down the park.
You found streetfood sellers and end up snacking a lot, giggling when you see his mouth tainted with tteokpokki sauce.
You continued to walk around the park but then the rain started to pour down heavier than before.
You both settled at a small ice cream shop, with Jungwon reluctantly following you after giving a lecture on how you shouldn’t be eating cold stuff when it’s raining.
Tumblr media
Proposes to have a water gun fight in the rain, and you thought he was kidding.
He was not.
You come prepared, with a raincoat and boots that reach up to your knees, as well as a transparent umbrella.
He comes wearing a white tee and black joggers and sandals. And two water guns in his hands.
He scoffs at your attire and hands you a water gun, but before you can hold it properly he was already attacking you with his.
You scream his name as you fumbled with your gun and noticed that he purposely did not fill your gun with water yet.
You run to a tap nearby and quickly fill up your gun and started shooting at him mercilessly.
He became drenched in an instant, from the rain and from your attacks, and before his shirt becomes even more see-through, you both decide it’s a tie.
Tumblr media
© seattlesolace 2022
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a/n: welcome to the second installation(?) of ...with enhypen! cooked this up in an instant since it IS raining where I am as of now... hope you like this one too! feel free to reblog or reply, or even drop by my asks! &lt;3
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enha-cafe · 1 day
How do u think enha legal line would react if u got a di!do shaped like their dick
heeseung probably walked in on your fucking yourself with a dildo and thought you looked cute, but the second you tell him that it’s his dick man is beyond flustered and doesn’t know what to say. because you like his dick so much that you got something modeled after him for when you get off??? his heart is doing backflips
jay most likely found it while cleaning or looking for something and brought it to your attention. he’s probably the only one who realized you have a dildo that looks like his dick and is somewhat amused. doesn’t say anything until the next time the two of you are about to have sex where he says he wants to try something and pulls out the dildo. now you’re the one who’s flustered. definitely ended up using it on you but you’re not one to complain.
you randomly told jake while you were making dinner and this man started to choke on his own spit. he’s interested (and a little hard) and is practically begging you to show him because what’s hotter than his significant other having a dildo modeled after his dick. being the cheeky bastard he is he asks for you to show him how you use it when you’re missing him. not even a minute after showing him he goes feral and pounces on you and uses his actual dick to finish the job.
you told sunghoon how you got a special new toy for yourself and his interest is piqued. definitely asks you to show him the toy and when he sees it’s a dildo he doesn’t realize what it truly is until you tell i’m it’s his dick. hoon pops an instant boner and definitely wants to fuck you with it because that means you’re truly his and truly only get off on his cock. it’s his new favorite toy to use on you and forever loves seeing you on his cock but is a firm believer that nothing compares to the real thing.
you told sunoo how you got a dildo modeled after his dick for whenever he’s away and you’re missing him. this boy’s face is heating up like crazy and you think he’s running a fever when in reality he’s just hot and bothered. because that means even when he’s away from you you’re still bouncing on his dick as if he were there.
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soov · 1 day
WR⩇NG R⩇⩇M! 15. ni(c)ki minaj
warnings ⠀ cursing.
Tumblr media
MAY 25TH, 2022
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ yang jungwon, the leader of enhypen, keeps using his senior’s dance room to practice, even after his manager calls him out. what is he going to do when the said senior finds out that he's not only doing it on purpose, but also trying to win her heart?
⠀ ⠀ pairing idol!yjw & f!idol!reader
⠀ ⠀ © soov, 2O22.
REi'S N⩇TES ⠀ no ynwon content for a whole chapter... i'm a survivor
TAGLiST 1 ( CLOSED! ) @fadedluvv @hiqhkey @wony-graps @4hysgf @mfbookishbitch-vhae @raimbows4u @ahnneyong @drunkjazed @ssseob @777wonz @kange3939 @byhsng @i-yeseo @riverkee @luvdokja @kittyeji @she-is-dreaming @luveuly @zeraaax @eunbiland @ineedcoffeeandtherapy @ch0ijiung @mxristars @itznotshy @jaxavance @mitsukifilms @4vonly @jovibaes @hykai @sunoik @kkalechip @boowoowho @jeongintwt @chukiez
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lusionsthoughts · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
what enhypens hyung line says on their wedding to their s/o .
enhypen!hyung x gn!reader
! warning ! mega fluff (on jays especially)
lmk if i missed anything:), like/note, reblog, live laugh love
" I love you, I’ll start off with that. I knew from the moment that I realized I love you was when I knew I couldn’t fuck it up. There’s so many things you can do to make me fall for you all over and even more believe it or not, but one thing that will always be my favorite of yours is your personality. I know everyone says that, but truly you’re one of a kind my love. How you don’t care what others think and do you makes my heart flutter. As a kid I was always the careless kind, the kind who will just go around and you wonder “whos kid is that?” but as a idol I always thought I needed to keep this clean non chaotic persona up so I had to change a lot about myself. That was until you came along. I always knew I adored something about you but didn’t know what until your personality rubbed on me and I managed to get that childish persona of myself back, the one that was taken at such a young age due to trainings and media but with you. With you, I love myself more than ever. And with that personality, you accepted my weird toystory collection even if it wasn’t normal for a guy in his 20’s you made it seem as if every guy in his 20’s had a toystory collection. I use to hid my toys whenever you came over but whe you were sitting at my desk and saw the forky I forgot to hide I panicked and your smily face assuming you’d laugh but you asked if I had anymore making me hesitant to answer but then admitting you loved toystory. I then went on a 40 minute rant of everything I loved about toystory to which you listened to it all instead of blocking me out. Ive never been happier, With you, I accept myself. With you, I feel it’s worth it to spent all my time with you. With you I know what I want my future to look like. "
“ It’s not a secret I never had a lover and reasoning being that I wanted my first to be my last. You ask me everyday “Why me? Why did you think i’ll be your first and last?” and I never gave you an answer as I knew I would ramble on but today I have everything planned. The reason I knew was because of how you were just like me, but better. From both liking being in the kitchen whether you can cook or not just because you want to be around my presence to empathizing on the same thing and sharing moments. But I also realized you were my first and last when I saw how much you cared about not just me, but strangers too. You never hesitate to help anyone even if it’s just a old person walking down the street or if it’s me just needing a spoon you’re always there to help and never complain. I grew up as a only child only being able to rely on myself, but I realized as we grew together I found myself less harsh on myself and being more open to help when I’m around you due to the fact I feel safe around you and feel as if there is no one to judge me. There so many more reasons but we’ll be here till next year but I want to let you know, you’ll always be my first and last even if I won’t be yours. “
“ You’re so special to me. I tell you that a lot, but now that we’re standing here, i’ve never felt more lucky to be your husband. One thing that made you stick out from everybody was the fact you’d put me before anyone else. I wasn’t doing okay one night and the pressure of being a idol tipped me off. I didn’t know what else to do, who to call, or even how to stop it. So I did the one thing you always told me in the morning, before bed, during the day, basically the whole day. To call if I need help. I didn’t want to bother you or be a burden but as soon as I heard your voice, I felt okay. You kept asking me over the phone if I was okay but I couldn’t even respond. That was when I heard you driving and thought you were busy as I was gonna apologize for distracting you I heard my door bell ring. I knew you drove here quick as we didn’t live too far from each other but not next to each other. As soon as I opened the door you held me in your arms and I never felt more okay. I never wanted to stay somewhere more. The way you valued me and drove out quickly in the middle of the night to comfort me let me know how much I meant to you, and I promise you mean just as much. “
" There’s a lot of times I realized that I would propose and start a future with you but one thing that always stuck out to me was your pureness. I remember till this day and forever will, the day that I knew for sure we would be here ready to start a future. We were just hanging out and talking normally and I was blurred out, but one thing I did hear was “Hoon, your personality is actually my favorite in the whole world” also how you would laugh genuinely at my jokes and made me feel actually funny and not look stupid in a crowd. How you would laugh at my jokes when the table was silent even if the joke wasn’t even funny to me, you didn’t want me to feel embarrassed made me realize how much you cared about the real me and not “enhypens sunghoon” but rather Hoon. But the day that I heard you laugh at my most unfunniest joke make me stop to look at you to make sure you heard me correctly in which you were laughing while repeating the joke letting me know that you did hear it and that you weren’t laughing at me, but my joke. I don’t know if I didn’t get enough sleep that night or I couldn’t process it but the fact that someone I truly loved looked underneath my looks and appreciated my personality that I thought I never had made me realize I was gonna grow old with you. Thank you for noticing my true self even when I didn’t my love. "
Tumblr media
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wonyoungfans45 · 1 day
wannabe ♡ idol! sunghoon x stan! reader
32. betrayal?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
context ₩800,000 is like £600 and ₩250,000 is like $150 . also what is yj up to omg?
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SYNOPSIS ‎⇔ sunghoon is a famous artist who decides to go undercover in a fan account to get to know their fans better. they come across y/n, a fan who writes popular fanfiction/social media aus about themselves and sunghoon. ☆
< TAGLIST ♡ @nyfwyeonjun @icythotticus @aerinaga @ilovewonyo @shinsou-rii @lokideadontheinside @octubreuno @nomniki @jagyuuar @viagumi @exohclipse @flwrsforriki @jaeh-yun @paradigmax @fluffy-cl0ud @iveivory @zeezee2409 @wonyofanclub @woniesyn @luvdokja @dimplewonie @bennettsprmcy @yenqa @hoonfever >
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Niki with a short s/o
Idol!Nishimura Riki x gn!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings: fluff, teasing, mention of bullying, riki being slightly possessive / protective
Tumblr media
It’s no secret that Riki is tall as hell
Boy is pushing 6’3
The first thing he ever said to you when you both met was probably a short joke (sorry)
Like damn what happened to “nice to meet you”
Nonetheless his annoying ass somehow got you to fall head over heels in love with him
So when he asked you to be his partner you didn’t think twice
You thought he’d drop all the teasing when you started dating
You were so very wrong
He only began to make fun of you more
Putting things he knew you’d use or need in high places and out of reach
All so you’d come looking for him in the living room, arms crossed as you shyly asked for his help
He’d cup his ear and act like he couldn’t hear you
“What? I can’t hear your tiny voice Y/n, I’m gonna need you to speak up”
“I said I need your help getting my art supplies”
He’d feign confusion, enjoying the sight of you squirming in front of him
“I don’t understand why you can’t just get it yourself, I’m gaming love”
“It’s on the top shelf…I can’t reach it”
“Poor baby why didn’t you say so?” He’d ask with a smug look
“Because I knew you’d make fun of me Riki”
“What? I would do nothing of the sort” he’d lie through a playful snicker as he follows you to the closer to get your things off the shelf
He has his fair share of jokes but he knows where to draw the line
He would never tease you while you were sad
Or stressed
Or if you were asking him to grab something important like medicine
And he absolutely never lets you get or do things by yourself, especially if you could get hurt
Passing by you in the kitchen? He’ll grab the cereal for you so you don’t have to stand on your tip toes
Going to sleep? He’ll reach up and turn the ceiling fan on for you so you don’t have to stand on the bed
He caught you crawling on the counter to reach your favorite cookies once and freaked the hell out
Ran over to you and picked you up off the counter asking you “What were you thinking? You could’ve gotten hurt!”
You blinked at him innocently, pointing at the cookie jar on the top shelf and he sighed before setting you down on the ground
He’d simply extend his arm, grabbing the jar off the shelf and pulling it out of your reach when you tried to grab it
“If you need something, you call me. Promise?”
“I promise Riki”
He handed you your precious cookies before going back to his game of animal crossing, in an attempt to calm his pounding heart
Riki also would never let anyone else make fun of you
Only he was allowed to
Because you knew he was joking
So when he brought you around some of his trainee friends and one of them made a joke about how “you could be Riki’s adoptive sibling because of your height”
He didn’t take it kindly
Especially when he saw the telltale signs of insecurity creeping on your face
“Watch your mouth” he’d tell his friend sternly, shocking everyone in the room including you
“It was a joke man, I didn’t mean any harm” his friend would say guiltily and Riki would nod, calming down because his friend was clearly sorry
“I know you didn’t mean anything by it…just no more jokes like that okay? Only I can make fun of them”
He’d protect you with everything he had
Not just because you’re small and he worries about you
But because he loves you
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