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That Feeling When
genre —> fluff
pairing —> enhypen x reader
warnings —> lots of fluff
word count —> tbd
summary —> enhypen and how they give you partner privilege
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🌸 Heeseung | Letting You Play On His Account
“Hyung, can I use your account? Jay hyung banned me from video games until I can get my homework done.” Neither of you can hear Niki come into Heeseung’s room. “Ewww what are you doing?” You both turn to the youngest who’s making a disgusted face. “What did you need Niki?” “Can I borrow your account pleaseeee.” He drags the please, hoping being the youngest gives him some points. “Sorry bud, I’m busy showing them how to play. Maybe later.” Niki slowly realizes that the reason Heeseung’s account points are so low is because he’s been letting you play on it. “Is that why you’re account is so low ranked?! You always have to watch me to make sure it doesn’t go to low!”
🌸 Jay | Letting You Pick Dinner
The specific ringtone you sent for Jay starts to emit from your phone. Picking it up and setting it on speaker, you can hear faintly the maknae line screaming at something. “What’s going on over there?” You giggle, making Jay’s heart melt. “I don’t have a clue.” It does silent for a few seconds while Jay’s making the members some snacks and while you wash your dishes. “What do you want for dinner?” Just as you’re about to answer, you’re interrupted by who you think is Jungwon yelling that no one else gets to choose dinner and only you can. Jay shouts back at him that he doesn’t always let you choose dinner. “Babe, you’ve had me choose dinner everyday last week, let the boys choose for once.” You can tell Jay’s pouting by the tone in his voice. “But I don’t love them like I love you.”
🌸 Jake | Letting You Wear His Clothes
“Jake! Where’s that one black shirt that I gave you? I need to wear it tonight!” Jay’s voice echoes throughout the dorms. “Is it not in the closet?” Jake yells back. “No I already checked!” Jake soon realizes where the specific shirt is. “Oh! Honey bear probably has it.” He whispers to himself. “I don’t have it!” He yells to Jay. “They probably did a closet raid!” Jake doesn’t even have to say your name for the boys to know exactly who he’s talking about. “I literally bought that shirt for you! Why do they have it?” Jake smiles at the polaroid of you too in the back of his phone case. “I just can’t seem to say no to them!” “But you can to us?” Sunghoon suddenly joins the conversation. “No comment!” Jake yells back through his giggles.
🌸 Sunghoon | Letting You Wear His Jewelry
Sunghoon shudders when he can feel Heeseung’s glare on him after you leave. “So wanna explain why I can’t wear your jewelry but your significant other just came in with your necklace and favorite ring?” The other boys watch on as Heeseung interrogates Sunghoon. “I umm,” Sunghoon stutters. “It because he’s in love with them.” Sunoo interrupts the conversation watching on as Sunghoon’s cheeks become red due to the (true) accusations.
🌸 Sunoo | Letting You Use His Skincare Products
The other six watch on horrified as you use Sunoo’s moisturizer. “You do know he doesn’t like it when others touch his skincare, right?” Humming in confusion, you look over at the others for an explanation. “He always yells at us when we even breath near it!” You can tell Niki is being dramatic about it. Just as you’re about to say something, Sunoo interrupts. “Well you guys are you and they’re them!” “So you’re saying you don’t love us?” Niki’s voice has a fake sadness to it. “Well….” Sunoo’s interrupted by the yells of the other six.
🌸 Jungwon | Letting You Take Care Of Him
You can feel the others eyes on you when Jungwon nuzzles his head into your neck. “Why do you guys keep looking at me, I don’t like it.” You whisper as to not interrupt sick Jungwon, who’s peacefully sleeping on top of you. “We’ve never seen him that relaxed, even when sick, normally he’s yelling at us with that leader voice.” You merely hum. “Did he eat the soup I made for him?” You can hear Jay ask. You nod your head yes. “How did you get him to eat it?” Sunghoon asks in absolute confusion. “I didn’t have to do anything, he just listens to me.” The boys are about to protest when Jungwon’s small voice says your name while snuggling closer.
🌸 Niki | Never Scaring You
“How do you put up with him?” Jay’s question came as surprise to you. “What do you mean?” Jay’s eyebrows furrow when he can hear the confusion in your voice. “With Niki, how do you put up with scaring you constantly?” He watches as you realize what he’s talking about. “Niki’s never scared me before.” Jay’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “Never?” “Never ever.” You confirm. “Oh my god, Heeseung was right, he does favor you!”
©️tzuyuluvs | Pease don’t translate, rewrite or blatantly steal any of my content.
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enha-cafe · 24 hours
sunghoon size kink
sunghoon is close to if not 6ft with broad shoulders and biceps the size of my head there is no reason he wouldn’t have a size kink
plus his hands are 20cm which is the same size as txt’s soobin and seeing how big he is from just what we can see there’s no way you can convince me his dick isn’t big i just know it is
but yes sunghoon definitely would love seeing you bouncing on his dick knowing how deep it’s hitting and even seeing it slightly bulge against your skin
plus if you’re saying anything along the lines of how deep it is it��ll only make him want to go deeper and hit harder until you’re crying and feel like he’s going to split you on his dick
just sunghoon size kink
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
ema’s fic rec’s ₊˚⏃⊹!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i decided to make a lil’ masterlist of fics i thoroughly enjoyed for you guys to also read and support these amazing authors <3 make sure to give them lots of feedback and love; do not be a silent reader T-T! i’ll continue to update this post, and there will be no social media aus or smut in any fics below. have fun!!
and yes, i have already put reblogs for 99% of these works on this acc with like a paragraph of feedback. buT i tried to shorten my screaming thoughts into one sentence so this isn’t annoying to scroll thru lmaosjns
Tumblr media
⚠︎ yang jungwon:
http-do-you-luv-me? ★!!! (16k, jock won, e2l, f, a)
i have reread this masterpiece countless times and it’s p much my comfort fic T-T i could rant about it forever, even if u dont read enha/longfics just read RNNN, all time fav fs <3
for any price ★ (9.4k, assassin won, f, a)
saw assassin and clicked immediately jshsjs, very unique and exciting!! plus yeonjun is featured.. *stares*
in your dreams ★ (10k, dreamwatcher? won, e2l, f, a)
you cannot find any other fic like this one, very creative idea and has a bit of everything !!
love that blooms (demigod au, f)
chasin’ your pretty thoughts (22k, mindreader won, f, a)
lost cause (8.5k, classmate won, f, a)
would you be so kind? (3.7k, classmate won, f)
crepuscule (11.5k, vampire won, f, a)
closer (4.7k, ravenclaw won, f, a)
war tactics and kisses (demigod au, f)
attention, please! (9k, jock won, f, a)
⚠︎ lee heeseung:
always been you (16.5k, badboy/bestfriend hee, f)
my camp counselor is kinda hot (demigod au, f)
attention, please! (8k, jock hee, f, a)
⚠︎ park jay:
study lessons (12.3k, jock jay, f, a)
⚠︎ sim jake:
none for now <\3
⚠︎ park sunghoon:
the 7th sense (10.3k, dragon hoon, f, a)
marriage discount (2k, fake dating, f)
reasons to date (2.8k, classmate/friend hoon, f)
enchanted (3k+ ongoing series, prince hoon, f)
⚠︎ kim sunoo:
none for now <\3
⚠︎ nishimura riki:
sixteen eighty-five ★! (6k, e2l jock/newsclub riki, f, a)
another all time fav, everything about it is just what i enjoy in a fic and i could reread it over and over <33 niki is so mean but then so nice it’s just auhsjs aww
dear bus-noona ★ (0.8k, stranger riki, f)
i barely read short drabbles, but this was absolutely adorable and had me laughing and smiling even with just 800 words <3
kitty got your tongue (14.6k, assassin riki, f, a)
sucks to be you, sleepyhead (demigod au, e2l f)
all i want for christmas is you (5.4k, e2l, fake dating, f)
attention, please! (10.8k, jock riki, e2l, f, a)
lucky charm (2.6k, e2l, f)
behind the net! (9.8k, jock riki, e2l, f, a, plugging my own fic cuz why not)
⚠︎ choi yeonjun:
i said “why won’t you forget?” (2.7k, runaway beomjun, f, a)
⚠︎ choi soobin:
none yet <\3
⚠︎ choi beomgyu:
the prince and the jackal ★!! (11.8k natureprince gyu, f)
AAH ANOTHER ALL TIME FAV, i could talk about it forever, but it’s just so unique and close to my heart and the bantering is so cute, idc if u dont read txt read rn it’s amazing <3
the only exception ★ (12.4k, stranger gyu, f)
this fic is just so warm and homely? it made me smile lots T-T
i said “why won’t you “forget?” (2.7k, runaway beomjun, f, a)
⚠︎ kang taehyun:
none yet <\3
⚠︎ huening kai:
none yet <\3
EXTRA ! (i don’t read bts anymore, but i wanted to include these since they’re still favs of mine! HIGHLY RECC EVEN IF U DONT READ BTS!!)
so you wanna be the best ★ (8.1k, POKEMON TRAINER JUNGKOOK!! <33 f)
I GREW UP WITH POKEMON, DIGIMON ALL THAT. so when i saw this??? i genuinely screamed this. one is vv close to my heart <3
lifeguard ★ (12.6k, lifeguard jungkook, f)
this fic will get you to giggle at least once, istg one of the funniest fics i’ve read it is HILARIOUS i’m not over jk putting sunscreen on mcs back and her thinking it was tae the whole time T-T
thank you for reading!! again, make sure to give the authors lots of love :D
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wonillaa · 2 days
texts with boyfriend niki !!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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delcakoo · 1 day
Tumblr media
stupefy ‧₊˚ ⚡︎𓈒 p.js
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
for the anon who requested ravenclaw reader getting locked in a closer w slytherin jay, hope u find this :c
SUMMARY ! playing spin the bottle with your brother and his troublemaking companions results in you getting locked in a closet with his best friend, who seems to have noticed your staring throughout the night.
PAIRING ! slytherin!jay x ravenclaw!f!reader
WC ! 1.4K
GENRE ! sprinkle of fluff (?), slight suggestive, implied sexual themes from hee’s friends
WARNINGS ! making out, jay pulls your tie (so rude smh), he’s only cocky for a bit then he’s a blushy loser (just like irl 💀), reader is teased for being a ravenclaw, heeseung being a terrible brother and his friends are just as bad
a/n: WHY DO I ALWAYS DELETE THE WRONG ASKS I FEEL SO BAD 😭 sigh. take this tiny jay fic cuz of anon’s indulging in my slytherin jay antics grhrgehbrgh
Tumblr media
instead of being asleep like the rest of your nerdy house was, you were down in the potions room playing spin the bottle with the slytherins — or more specifically, your older brother heeseung and his annoyingly loud friends.
you've come to know a few of them quite well, especially one named park jay. it was as if the boy was sculpted by a greek god; perfect pointy nose and jawline sharper than a snake’s fang, cat-like eyes always seemingly harsh enough to pierce right into your very soul.
you were almost in a trance side-eyeing him half the night, but the sound of your name makes your head snap up, nervously adjusting your glasses, "h-huh?
“aw, look at the lil' raven," a girl named karina hisses in amusement, "it's your turn, cutie. don't be shy." you'd think heeseung, being your older brother and all, would stand up for you by now and tell his friends to play nice. but the slytherin male only smirked just as evilly as the rest of his housemates, staring down at you through his wavy black bangs without a hint of empathy. it really was a wonder how the two of you were even related.
as you gulp and move to grab the bottle, you feel jay's gaze sharpen on you even further.
please, please, anybody but him. you doubt you'd survive being in the supply closet with jay for more than a minute, any more than that and you'd probably faint on the spot.
with a last shaky breath you release the bottle, everyone turning silent as the glass quietly spins and spins. before you know it, the bottle begins slowing down. it goes past everyone at the table: first sunghoon.. karina…. heeseung.. yeonjun..
you freeze.
the bottle stops, and in utter horror, you look up to see the face of park jay smirking down at you, mischief evident in his shimmering pupils. of course your luck had to fall down the drain at the worst times, it was all too predictable. karina cackles, “yah, isn’t this too mean? jay, go easy on her!”
you desperately look at your big brother, who you always looked up to for help, but the emotionless boy is already pushing you towards the supply closet with a sinful grin, sunghoon doing the same to jay next to you. “w— hold on, hee i don’t want—“
“have fun!” slam.
you continue staring at the locked door, dumbstruck as the voices of the other slytherin’s slowly fade away. in one hopeless attempt of desperation, you reach up to test the handle a few times. the last source of light illuminating the room full of strange ingredients and liquids was a single hanging lantern, only increasing the dreadful mood.
“sunghoon has the key,” a raspy voice provides. you turn, eyes finally locking with jay’s as he perchs up against the wall, arms crossed calmly. you weren’t sure what it is you were expecting from this unlucky scenario, but it definitely wasn’t the usually wreckless slytherin maintaining a respectful distance from you.
though you notice that unlike your brother, his gaze reflected genuine emotion; a hint of pity showing through his pupils as you glue yourself to the ground anxiously. he looks even more perfect up close despite his untucked shirt and loose green tie, black cloak almost falling off on one side.
it’s tranquil for another moment before jay speaks up again, running ring-attired fingers through his raven bangs. “why were you staring at me?”
your mind blanks, unprepared for such a sudden call out. “i.. i wasn’t.. i didn’t stare at you,” you mumble pathetically.
the slytherin looks at you again with a knowing simper. you swear he whispered ‘cute’ under his breath, but you didn’t have time to dwell on it before he replied, “during spin the bottle,” jay refers. “don’t think i didn’t notice. your little glasses don’t hide anything.” with no response, you tilt your head down in shame and embarrassment.
suddenly, the boy pushes off the wall, stalking towards you ever so slowly. when you try to step back in response, a shelf full of potions nearly tips over as your back stabs into it.
you gasp at the contact, facing forward again to see jay right up in your space, hands pinning your sides in with a brow raised. “do you have a crush on me or something?”
you choke in horror, “what!? no!” he brings his face even closer to yours, watching for a reaction. when you don’t bother making an effort to escape or even turn your head away, he chuckles, small fangs poking through his pink lips as he realises you want this just as much as him.
before you can process it, the boy has taken your perfectly done blue tie through his fingers, rubbing down the material leisurely. “tsk tsk tsk.. little ravenclaws like you shouldn’t lie, could get you in trouble.” he suddenly yanks your tie harshly, grasping the material as you’re tugged towards him with a yelp, lips centimetres from his plump ones. “i can feel your heart racing,” he snickers.
you aren’t sure how you haven’t passed out yet; he was undeniably stunning up close, black bangs covering bits of his eyes, tongue poking out to moisten his chapped lips as he holds you against the shelf.
with a breathy exhale, you slowly reach a hand up to place against his own defined torso, grinning at the feeling of his own heart beating rapidly out of his chest. ”i can feel yours too,” you fire back teasingly.
at that, his smug expression staggers for a moment, processing your boldness in surprise. then, he smiles, reaching up to push a loose hair strand behind your ear. “caught me there.”
your smile grows a fraction. “jay,” you mutter, glancing at the locked door. the slytherin hums in acknowledgment, the sharp tip of his nose poking your own. “can you..”
he waits, “can i what, princess?”
you swallow, fingers wrapping all the way around the large wrist that’s calmly raking through your hair. “kiss me?”
jay’s cocky smirk returns, tilting his head evilly, “what’s the magic word? c’mon, ravenclaw’s should know all their manners,” he taunts.
your jaw ticks in irritation. instead of doing as the taller boy asks, you don’t think twice before switching your positions, pressing him into the shelf while kissing him just as you please.
jay groans in alarm at the feeling of your soft lips moving against his, visibly having an inner debate on teaching you a lesson or letting you have your fun. it seems he chooses the second option, allowing your hands to roam into his jet black roots while gently cupping your cheek as if you were a vase; broken into pieces if he touched you any rougher.
after a couple minutes more, you separate for air, staring at each other with glazed out irises. it was clear who had more experience; jay breathing half steadily while you nearly pant your lungs out, lifting a hand to wipe your steamed up glasses.
“do you think your brother’s gonna beat me up?” he suddenly asks, though not looking scared in the slightest.
you scoff in amusement, “no, he doesn’t care about me. he’s the one who pushed me in here, remember?” feeling irritated by the mere thought of heeseung, you step closer again to kiss him and distract the both of you, right when a lock clicking reaches your ears.
the closet is aggressively jerked open, a flood of light shining into the storage room. “time’s up, jay! get off the poor thing—“
everyone peeping into the closet pauses in confusion, taking in the sight of you caging a boy much bigger than you against a shelf, lips swollen and hair a mess as jay blushes in humiliation, pushing you off of him.
first sunghoon giggles, then heeseung begins to cackle, before they’re all laughing, grabbing jay’s shoulders and pushing him around, pinching his red cheeks and ruffling his hair even further. “getting pushed around by hee’s little sister? a ravenclaw, really bro?” yeonjun snickers playfully.
with that, the group of slytherin’s begin to walk off without sparing you another glance, much too preoccupied teasing the black haired boy. you begin to chuckle for a moment, feeling proud of yourself until through the midst of the chaos, jay meets your eyes furiously.
he rudely points at you, then raises it to his neck, making a cut throat motion.
you had a terrible feeling this wouldn’t be your last encounter with your brother’s best friend.
slytherin jay the beloved T-T if you enjoyed, reblogs n’ comments are always appreciated and motivating <3
Tumblr media
© delcakoo on tumblr. all rights reserved. do not rewrite, cross-post, translate, copy, etc.
perm taglist: @duolingofanaccount @strawberry-sunset-skies @scented-morker @koshinene @boowoowho @sultrybaby @yunjinlvrr @lov3niki @yujiecho @monstaxdirtywonk @dekusgirl @l1lac-dreamer @kodzukii @yjjungwon @miou45
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jake + 🤪 and/or 🚨
Non-idol!Jake x fem!reader
Warnings: smut, food play, hospitals, crack/humor, vulgar language, I hope you like it anon! <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You’re really not sure how you went from getting the best head of your life to being laid up in a hospital bed with your lady bits quite literally on fire.
At first when the pain started you ignored it, thinking it was because you were sensitive from the previous 3 orgasms Jake had licked out of you…until it became unbearable and you pushed his head away saying “We need to go to a hospital. Right now”
He gave you a confused look, looking around the room dumbly before saying “What?” while he wiped his mouth.
You jumped up from the bed, immediately falling to the floor as your hands went between your legs, cupping your heat as though that would somehow make the pain go away.
“My pussy is literally on fire Jake” you say with tears streaming down your face.
At this point your boyfriend starts to panic, rushing around the room and grabbing the discarded clothes on the floor.
“Fuck baby get up so I can put your pants on!” He says worriedly, trying to dress you as quickly as he could so you could go to the hospital.
“I can’t fucking stand Jake! Leave the pants” you spit angrily and he scoffs.
“You can’t go outside in your underwear, I’m trying to help you, don’t yell at me!”
You facepalm, pointing at the bathrobe hanging in the back of the door. “Grab that and let’s go.”
Tumblr media
“Alright Ms.L/N, my name is Sandra and I’ll be your nurse today” you smile through your pain at the nurse as she grabs the clipboard behind her.
“What seems to be the problem tonight?” You look at your boyfriend raising an eyebrow expectantly.
“You wanna tell her Jake?” He avoids your eyes mumbling “No, not really” while he shakes his head bashfully.
You punch his arm and he winces “Alright damn! I’ll tell her…just don’t punch me again, you hit like a man” he turns to the nurse shyly. “We were uh, having sex and she stopped me and told me her pussy was burning”
The nurse sucks her lips into her mouth as she nods and you can tell she’s trying not to laugh, which makes you bury your face in your hands.
“Okay, Mr.Sim did you use any lubricants or massage oils that could have irritated your girlfriend’s intimate area?” The nurse begins to question the two of you, but still is unsure of what could have caused you to be in such unbearable pain.
“I’m just gonna take a look okay?” She says as she puts on a pair of sterile latex gloves, lifting the blanket over your knees as she examines your vagina.
“Hm.” She says and your legs shake nervously as you look at her
“Hm? What the hell does that mean?” You ask and the nurse looks between the two of you. “I can tell that you’re having an allergic reaction of some sort. Is there anything you’re not telling me? I can’t help if you’re not truthful. Are you sure you didn’t use anything that could irritate you down there?”
You and Jake look at each other in unison, a look of realization crossing your faces.
“The whipped cream..” he says and the nurse raises her eyebrow. “I’m sorry, what?” Jake sighs, rubbing a hand down his face as he realizes he’ll have to go further into detail than he was hoping.
“I was giving her head..or whatever and I used whipped cream”
“On her vagina?” The nurse asks, looking at you and you nod.
“Okay well that can definitely cause irritation..did you put it inside of her as well?” Jake nods guiltily, hanging his head like a kicked puppy.
The nurse doesn’t say much else, jotting down a few notes on her clipboard, before looking between the two of you.
“Okay I’m going to prescribe a round of anti inflammatory meds to help the reaction go down…no sex until it clears up, and no more whipped cream.”
Tumblr media
“You’re seriously giving me the silent treatment? You have to admit that was pretty fucking funny babe” Jake says trying to get you to speak to him.
You shake your head in disbelief. “You somehow find a way to dig yourself an even deeper hole every time you speak”
Jake shrugs “it’s not like you can walk away from me. You might as well forgive me…C’mon, I promise not to do it again” he whines.
“Damn right you won’t” you say before continuing to ignore him.
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goldeunoias · 1 day
Blessings Pt. 2
Tumblr media
A/N: Suprise babes! The joys of leaving lots of feedback and reblogs inspired me to revisit this 🤓 This can read as a stand-alone if you wanted to but here is the first part!
Word Count: 1.7k Synopsis: Gosh..... I can’t even Warnings: Hee um, degrades, monster cock hee again, squirting, use of toys like a vibrator and dildo, um, there’s like...it’s just a lot besties if u know me u know how i write LASDFASFA ----------------------------------------------------------
“Are you going to be a good kitty for me?” Heeseung purred into your ear, stroking your cheek softly. His gentle touch caused you to jump at the sensation, the soft silk ribbon covering your eyes hindering your one sense and heightening the others. 
“Y-yes sir,” you whimpered, a chuckle hitting your ear as Heeseung scrolled through the chat on his phone.
“Princess, they’re enamored with you. She is pretty isn’t she?” Heseung almost mocked at the audience, dragging a single digit down your sternum. “And she’s all mine,” He couldn’t help but warn with his voice, humming at the comments that requested to see both of you guys’ faces. 
“You want to see her face? Hmm, ‘fraid I can’t let that happen,” Heeseung remarked, rubbing his thumb over your bottom lip. “Instead be thankful for the show my pretty kitty is about to put on.”
“Remember your safe word darling?” Heeseung whispered into your ear, low enough so the camera wouldn’t hear. You nodded and squeezed his leg to assure him it was okay since it was your idea.   
Heeseung hummed and started slowly kissing your neck and you couldn’t help but whine and keen into the sensation, Heeseung holding your legs open with his legs over yours to prevent you from scurrying away. 
“Mm people in chat are saying they can see the wet patch growing. Is that true kitty? Do I need to check and see?” Heeseung teasingly inquired as his thumb rubbed over your ruined underwear, wearing a half-grin. 
“Can you guys believe how wet she gets? So quickly to,” he hummed, bunching the fat of your folds through your underwear and squeezing them, smiling when he got a choked groan out of you. 
“No matter how many times you fuck her she still gets wet like a virgin. So cute of her, so very very cute,” he cooed, kissing your cheeks as his hand went to massage your breast. 
“S-sir, ah~” was the only thing you could muster out, biting on your bottom lip to prevent yourself from choking out Heeseung’s name. 
“Mm sir is here baby don’t worry, I got you” he soothed, reaching on the nightstand and grabbing a dildo, using his saliva to wet it before pushing your underwear to the side. Even though you couldn’t see it you could definitely feel it and its size, your back arching as you felt the tip push past through your walls. 
“Good girl~, such a good girl kitten” Heeseung praised as your hands gripped his sheets until your knuckles were turning white, hips rutting desperately into the sinful stretch you felt against your walls. “Let’s see you do it yourself princess. Here.” Heeseung moved your hand so you grabbed the hilt, his hands going to massage your inner thighs tenderly as you moved the toy in and out. 
User2381: Fuck, anything larger in that tiny pussy of hers may snap her in half…
User:3242: She’s creaming around it already, filthy thing
“Princess chat is going crazy because of how pretty you look” Heeseung informed you tenderly as he held your legs open a bit more, wanting the audience to see just how full your cunt really was. 
Your cheeks were burning at your desperation and how you could feel Heeseung’s sinful grin against your neck as he continued kissing and egging on your ministrations, one of his hands going to your jaw to keep it open. 
“Now, why is my kitty holding back her sounds?” He tsked, reveling in how you could no longer do so, deep groans and pants leaving your throat. “No need to be camera shy, you already look like a bitch in heat rutting against a toy,” Heeseung noted. 
You felt your ears get hot the degradation, feeling like a pervert for enjoying him treating you in such a way. With your vision out of commission, every sensation against your body felt hundred times more intense, choked whines and pleas leaving you when Heeseung’s hand came over yours and slowed down your pace. 
“Always in a rush to come princess. Why not take it slow, savor the way your tight cunt grips the toy,” he murmured into your ears. You shook as you felt him lick the shell of your ear before nibbling at it, the now slower pace making you crave more than he was giving you. 
“Don’t do this please, I-I don’t like being edged,” you whined out, knowing that this was something Heeseung knew very well. Instead of sympathy, you were only met with a chiding chuckle, Heeseung’s hand that was stationed on your jaw moving to your tongue, pressing the pad of his two fingers down the center of it.
You instinctively began messily sucking and licking his fingers Heeseung admiring your work as saliva began to collect on your lips and chin. 
A messy eater you were. 
“Mmm I know princess but I can’t let you come from the first toy now can I?” Heeseung teased chuckling at the desperate men coming in through your chat. 
User9043: Gosh I’d love to fuck that cunt of hers, make her squirt in no time
User:3495: He should make her beg until the girlie can’t speak n’more
“Hmm, someone wants me to make you beg s’more kitty. But you wouldn’t like that now would ya?” 
You rapidly shook your head and ironically began begging for him to let you cum, blabbering pleas leaving you as you felt your belly get tighter. 
User5693: Damn, never seen her break so quickly. He must be fucking her real good…
User3983: Think he could make her squirt? 
Heeseung smiled at the comment and held your wrist so you couldn’t move your hand anymore, small pleas of “why” leaving you as you wriggled your hips. 
“Aw, don’t be like that princess. On your knees and bend over kitten, show your pretty cunt to the camera for me yeah?” Heeseung cooed. 
You swallowed thickly and nodded, turning around and doing as he asked. You buried your face in his soft sheets and whimpered when you felt Heeseung slowly pull the toy out of your replacing it when what you felt to be a vibrator. 
“Your fans wanna see your little cunt squirt so why don’t you give them a show?” Heeseung teased as he went to his phone to pull up the app, immediately pushing it to the highest setting. 
Your knees buckled at the sensation and you let out a muffled groan as you felt intense vibrations against your walls, your thighs rubbing together desperately to gain even more friction. Heeseung hummed in satisfaction and moved so your head was resting on his lap, his hand stroking your temple fondly as your body shook. 
“Your so loud kitty. I wonder if my neighbor next door is listening to you hm? Rutting against his pillow wishing he was fucking your pretty cunt,” Heeseung drawled into your ear, stuttered pants leaving you when Heeseung playfully tugged at a pert nipple. 
User8573: Fuck, she clenched around the toy when he said that. Guy’s got himself an exhibitionist huh?
Heeseung smiled and rolled your tender nipples between his warm hands, cooing at you when you made more little whimpers.
“Mmm I think she is a bit of an exhibitionist. If ya tease her even a little bit in public she wets herself in time. Such a cute needy thing, can’t even go out in public without ruining her underwear,” He chuckled out, flicking your puffy clit with his index finger.
“H-hee-Sir please,” you whined out, your nails dipping into his thigh as you felt the knot in your belly get tighter. You heard Heeseung tsk and lower it down some notches, seemingly punish you. 
“I can’t reward you when you made a slip-up like that kitten. Almost used my name, that’s very irresponsible of you kitty, and we can’t have that now can we?”
“No, I’m sorry please I just, oh god,” you croaked. You were so so close and the nonstop teasing only made it tighter, your back arching as you felt trickles of sticky essence running down the backs of your thighs. 
“What do you guys think? Should she come or not?” He questioned nonchalantly to your viewers, stroking your cheek tenderly as you lay beneath him a shaking and quivering mess. 
User3422: God yes, she’s gonna squirt isn’t she?
User1298: Didn’t realize a pussy could drip so much…fuck
User7653: Depends, gonna overstimulate the needy thing afterward?
Heeseung smiled at the last one, quirking a brow as he raised the vibrations to the max intensity. You let out a muffled scream into his thigh as you felt the knot snap, your legs unable to hold you up any longer as syrupy beads of essence leaked profusely onto Heeseung’s covers. 
“Mmm, thatta girl~,” Heeseung praised as he slid his thumb into your mouth for a moment, high-pitched whines leaving you when he pulled the toy out. 
You heard a rustling noise which you hoped was him removing his sweats as he lay you on your back, propping you up comfortably with some pillows since you were laying horizontal to his bed. 
User7563: Shit, probably gonna split that pussy in half with that thing
User4982: Ya think she can even take it?
“Don’t worry guys,” Heeseung assured, tapping his tip against your soaked folds. “Her little cunt is going to all of my inches, isn’t that right princess?”
You nodded excitedly and bit down on your lip in bliss as you felt the dull ache in your core begin when he pushed the brunt of his tip past your walls, a choked whine leaving you in the process. 
“See? She takes everything like such a good girl~” he praised some more, grabbing your legs to wrap around his waist. His lips connected with your neck and you shuddered at the sensation, feeling that familiar bump in your belly as Heeseung moved inside you inch by inch. 
“Now hold on tight for me yeah?”
SOOo once again! Verbal Feedback, whether reblogs, comments, or anons is what makes me write more content! if u say nothing i write nothing lovelies ;-;
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filmbyjy · 1 day
BUSINESS PROPOSAL > twenty-two! velociraptor speaks
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: idk what to name the chapter🥹 there isn’t much jokes in here
synopsis > being the amazing friend you were, you had helped your friend who desperately did not want to go on the blind date so you went as her. however, you were dumbfounded to find out that the CEO was your friend’s blind date! hopefully, he doesn’t recognise you.
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Tumblr media
taglist[open]: @nyfwyeonjun @nicelicious @duolingofanaccount @viagumi @precioussoulofmine @loves0ft @jungwo-nnie @alpha-mommy69 y69 @jnks6r @ilvsoup @abdiitcryy @deobitifull @yenqa @pshchives @jiawji @ckline35 @chaemmie @kwnshi @sunshine-skz @j4yluvr @nearly-brainless-rae @sd211 @captain-satan @love-4-keum @ce1ight @iwonlvr @jajjajas @shinsou-rii @greenmetalroof @byunappetit @yunji-n @oranshi @mynameisnotlaura @invusblog @msxflower @luvkait @uwudaizy @leeis @sstarrysshit @thathybesimp @outrochimy @adajoemaya @artstaeh @seeuuns @watermelon-sugars-things @ktttwwn @moasworld @sseastar-main @liliansun @stepout-09-15 @aishaishaisha @bwljules @indelicate-macalino @sparklingsjy
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hanniluvi · 2 days
Tumblr media
19. why do i miss him 😹
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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A/N : hari disappear challenge go!
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wonieleles · 1 day
mint chocolate shirt — track 2 : mint choco boy 🫶 mint choco girl
warnings: i think just one ur mom joke
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS. back in 2020, jungwon accidentally bumped into a girl, causing her mint chocolate chip ice cream to stain his crisp white shirt. with no time to change, jungwon had to go to his first inkigayo performance with a huge green circle on his shirt that his members constantly tease him for. now, two years later, jungwon bumps into you again, only this time, the mint chocolate chip ice cream stains your shirt.
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AUTHOR’S NOTE. y/n is down so bad and jungwon still hates her dang 💔💔 sorry it’s so late 😭😭 and yes there are spelling mistakes in y/n’s texts. yes i am too lazy to fix them.
if you guys liked this, please reblog or leave a comment to let me know !!
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iyeonjuni · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
till death do us part — two. till we meet
synopsis: kicked out by her step sister, y/n begins working small jobs to chase her dreams. what y/n never would have thought was that she would get tangled up in the affairs with the king of decelis. nevertheless form a contractual marriage with him— each for their own benefit.
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seattlesolace · 3 days
when it's raining with enhypen
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were waiting for Heeseung to finish his practice, so you were indoors all the time. When he was done and you head down to the lobby, it’s raining hard.
You look at each other for several seconds before cracking up because you are both speechless.
You initially planned to go for a picnic by the river but that idea is now washed down the drain (lol)
Heeseung begins searching on his phone, trying to come up with indoor date ideas.
While waiting for an idea, you head to the café on the building’s ground floor to grab a latte.
Ends up just talking for hours with him there.
His phone is now on the table with several tabs open, but he’s looking at your phone as you show him funny TikToks that you bookmarked.
Time flies and when you both realize the rain has stopped, you leave to get dinner together.
Tumblr media
Is staring out the window of your apartment, commenting on the dark clouds.
You both already decided to stay at home for the day, so you didn’t mind even if it starts raining.
However, it was more than just rain—it’s a storm. Jay flinches every time a lightning strikes, and you follow suit, scrunching your face and closing your eyes whenever the thunder follows.
He teases you for being scared, and you are not having it.
You leave the living room to grab a camera from your bedroom. When he isn’t looking, you take a picture of him with the flash and he flinches.
You tease him back calling him a flincher.
He presses his lips together forming that iconic bread smile and now you feel bad.
He then proposes to just play a video game together to distract you both from the chaotic storm outside.
Tumblr media
You promised to meet him at the mall for some lunch and light shopping together.
He arrives late and slightly wet, droplets of rain still visible on his neatly styled hair (which miraculously did not get ruined).
You were about to scold him for not bringing an umbrella but you feel bad because he went out anyway despite the rain.
He notices that you are wearing the jacket that he left in your house, and then asks begs you to give it back to him so he can wear it.
You have been indoors for most of the time so you weren’t cold anymore, so you do as he asked.
Turns out it was an excuse so he could buy you a new jacket.
You look up at him with puppy eyes and he was just smugly smirking saying ‘don’t mention it.’
He ends up mentioning it all the time, bringing it up at any chance he can get. (“How’s that new jacket I got you?”) (“Remember the jacket I got you?”)
Tumblr media
Does not care if it rains or shines as long as he gets to see you.
Quickly changes the date course once it starts raining, coming up with a plan B already in mind.
Takes you to this leather workshop where you can make airpod cases together.
Completely forgets that you don’t even own a pair of airpods.
You make something entirely different and you both enjoyed the workshop.
Takes you to a restaurant nearby for late lunch, walking under the umbrella with you.
The umbrella is huge but he still pulled you close to him so you don’t get even a drop of rain on your body.
Becomes giddy at the sight of samgyupsal and you are just grateful that the date still went so well.
Tumblr media
Actually gets excited that it is raining. Texts you and begs you not to cancel the date.
You both pick a café with huge windows and you sit at a table near a window, watching the rainfall.
He creates a game where you pick a raindrop each and see which one reaches the bottom first.
Your raindrop keeps winning and he becomes lowkey irritated and then switches the activity to taking aesthetic photos of each other.
You take lots of pictures of him just staring out the window and it looked like a photoshoot.
He then takes pictures of you and they look like something out of Pinterest.
You spend the rest of your time just editing your photos together before posting them.
When the rain stops, he immediately asks to go to a different place to have early dinner with you.
Tumblr media
Initially wants to reschedule your date, but then feels bad about it once you ask why? Why? Why?
Bombards you with texts telling you to dress warmly, wear waterproof shoes, and bring an umbrella.
When you meet him at the station you greet him with a ‘hi, Mom.’
Clearly annoyed when you see his smile but then he gives you his arm for you to link yours with.
The rain is not heavy, so you both take a chill stroll down the park.
You found streetfood sellers and end up snacking a lot, giggling when you see his mouth tainted with tteokpokki sauce.
You continued to walk around the park but then the rain started to pour down heavier than before.
You both settled at a small ice cream shop, with Jungwon reluctantly following you after giving a lecture on how you shouldn’t be eating cold stuff when it’s raining.
Tumblr media
Proposes to have a water gun fight in the rain, and you thought he was kidding.
He was not.
You come prepared, with a raincoat and boots that reach up to your knees, as well as a transparent umbrella.
He comes wearing a white tee and black joggers and sandals. And two water guns in his hands.
He scoffs at your attire and hands you a water gun, but before you can hold it properly he was already attacking you with his.
You scream his name as you fumbled with your gun and noticed that he purposely did not fill your gun with water yet.
You run to a tap nearby and quickly fill up your gun and started shooting at him mercilessly.
He became drenched in an instant, from the rain and from your attacks, and before his shirt becomes even more see-through, you both decide it’s a tie.
Tumblr media
© seattlesolace 2022
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a/n: welcome to the second installation(?) of ...with enhypen! cooked this up in an instant since it IS raining where I am as of now... hope you like this one too! feel free to reblog or reply, or even drop by my asks! &lt;3
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enha-cafe · 24 hours
How do u think enha legal line would react if u got a di!do shaped like their dick
heeseung probably walked in on your fucking yourself with a dildo and thought you looked cute, but the second you tell him that it’s his dick man is beyond flustered and doesn’t know what to say. because you like his dick so much that you got something modeled after him for when you get off??? his heart is doing backflips
jay most likely found it while cleaning or looking for something and brought it to your attention. he’s probably the only one who realized you have a dildo that looks like his dick and is somewhat amused. doesn’t say anything until the next time the two of you are about to have sex where he says he wants to try something and pulls out the dildo. now you’re the one who’s flustered. definitely ended up using it on you but you’re not one to complain.
you randomly told jake while you were making dinner and this man started to choke on his own spit. he’s interested (and a little hard) and is practically begging you to show him because what’s hotter than his significant other having a dildo modeled after his dick. being the cheeky bastard he is he asks for you to show him how you use it when you’re missing him. not even a minute after showing him he goes feral and pounces on you and uses his actual dick to finish the job.
you told sunghoon how you got a special new toy for yourself and his interest is piqued. definitely asks you to show him the toy and when he sees it’s a dildo he doesn’t realize what it truly is until you tell i’m it’s his dick. hoon pops an instant boner and definitely wants to fuck you with it because that means you’re truly his and truly only get off on his cock. it’s his new favorite toy to use on you and forever loves seeing you on his cock but is a firm believer that nothing compares to the real thing.
you told sunoo how you got a dildo modeled after his dick for whenever he’s away and you’re missing him. this boy’s face is heating up like crazy and you think he’s running a fever when in reality he’s just hot and bothered. because that means even when he’s away from you you’re still bouncing on his dick as if he were there.
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soov · 1 day
WR⩇NG R⩇⩇M! 15. ni(c)ki minaj
warnings ⠀ cursing.
Tumblr media
MAY 25TH, 2022
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ yang jungwon, the leader of enhypen, keeps using his senior’s dance room to practice, even after his manager calls him out. what is he going to do when the said senior finds out that he's not only doing it on purpose, but also trying to win her heart?
⠀ ⠀ pairing idol!yjw & f!idol!reader
⠀ ⠀ © soov, 2O22.
REi'S N⩇TES ⠀ no ynwon content for a whole chapter... i'm a survivor
TAGLiST 1 ( CLOSED! ) @fadedluvv @hiqhkey @wony-graps @4hysgf @mfbookishbitch-vhae @raimbows4u @ahnneyong @drunkjazed @ssseob @777wonz @kange3939 @byhsng @i-yeseo @riverkee @luvdokja @kittyeji @she-is-dreaming @luveuly @zeraaax @eunbiland @ineedcoffeeandtherapy @ch0ijiung @mxristars @itznotshy @jaxavance @mitsukifilms @4vonly @jovibaes @hykai @sunoik @kkalechip @boowoowho @jeongintwt @chukiez
TAGLiST 2 ( ꗃ ) @ilovewonyo @shinsou-rii @slayciie @luvkait @mylobae @dimplewonie @vatterie @flower-lise @yenqa @wh0reforscoupsandsunghoon @dreamenvi @soobsdior @wonhrs @rrvvby @ineedaherosavemeenow @cloudcutter @ilvsoup @lil-iva send an ask or fill this form to be added!
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theebaragi · 1 day
Romance 101 | Lesson 41: Don’t Forget to Tell your Parents
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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🎬Summary: Love is brewing on Hybe University's campus and Hong Y/n is just another one of the campus's seasonal love bug victims. Despite her attempts to avoid her feelings she develops a huge crush on the senior she’s working with for the school's film festival. But alas, Park Sunghoon has a girlfriend, it’s just a shame Y/n doesn’t realize that she’s his girlfriend.
Taglist (Closed): @sbnchaos @smolberry-ren @jangwonie @soobin-chois @solitxre @abdiitcryy @hoonsthoughts @sungookie @sukunasrealgf @jiawji @captivq @luhvlyuna @jaxavance @lilactangerine @cloverscloud @lokideadontheinside @itssmila-fics @raikea10 @binsoomi @latteunwoo @ce1ight @jojowantstocry @pshchives @chirokookie @arizejkt19 @naheeyounga @sobiood @viagumi @pb-n-juju @tomorrowbymoa-together @rionah @yenqa @propollis @tobiosbbyghorl @elinushka-ka @jjongsha @iamminnie @chesh1re-cat @jasmixs
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lusionsthoughts · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
what enhypens hyung line says on their wedding to their s/o .
enhypen!hyung x gn!reader
! warning ! mega fluff (on jays especially)
lmk if i missed anything:), like/note, reblog, live laugh love
" I love you, I’ll start off with that. I knew from the moment that I realized I love you was when I knew I couldn’t fuck it up. There’s so many things you can do to make me fall for you all over and even more believe it or not, but one thing that will always be my favorite of yours is your personality. I know everyone says that, but truly you’re one of a kind my love. How you don’t care what others think and do you makes my heart flutter. As a kid I was always the careless kind, the kind who will just go around and you wonder “whos kid is that?” but as a idol I always thought I needed to keep this clean non chaotic persona up so I had to change a lot about myself. That was until you came along. I always knew I adored something about you but didn’t know what until your personality rubbed on me and I managed to get that childish persona of myself back, the one that was taken at such a young age due to trainings and media but with you. With you, I love myself more than ever. And with that personality, you accepted my weird toystory collection even if it wasn’t normal for a guy in his 20’s you made it seem as if every guy in his 20’s had a toystory collection. I use to hid my toys whenever you came over but whe you were sitting at my desk and saw the forky I forgot to hide I panicked and your smily face assuming you’d laugh but you asked if I had anymore making me hesitant to answer but then admitting you loved toystory. I then went on a 40 minute rant of everything I loved about toystory to which you listened to it all instead of blocking me out. Ive never been happier, With you, I accept myself. With you, I feel it’s worth it to spent all my time with you. With you I know what I want my future to look like. "
“ It’s not a secret I never had a lover and reasoning being that I wanted my first to be my last. You ask me everyday “Why me? Why did you think i’ll be your first and last?” and I never gave you an answer as I knew I would ramble on but today I have everything planned. The reason I knew was because of how you were just like me, but better. From both liking being in the kitchen whether you can cook or not just because you want to be around my presence to empathizing on the same thing and sharing moments. But I also realized you were my first and last when I saw how much you cared about not just me, but strangers too. You never hesitate to help anyone even if it’s just a old person walking down the street or if it’s me just needing a spoon you’re always there to help and never complain. I grew up as a only child only being able to rely on myself, but I realized as we grew together I found myself less harsh on myself and being more open to help when I’m around you due to the fact I feel safe around you and feel as if there is no one to judge me. There so many more reasons but we’ll be here till next year but I want to let you know, you’ll always be my first and last even if I won’t be yours. “
“ You’re so special to me. I tell you that a lot, but now that we’re standing here, i’ve never felt more lucky to be your husband. One thing that made you stick out from everybody was the fact you’d put me before anyone else. I wasn’t doing okay one night and the pressure of being a idol tipped me off. I didn’t know what else to do, who to call, or even how to stop it. So I did the one thing you always told me in the morning, before bed, during the day, basically the whole day. To call if I need help. I didn’t want to bother you or be a burden but as soon as I heard your voice, I felt okay. You kept asking me over the phone if I was okay but I couldn’t even respond. That was when I heard you driving and thought you were busy as I was gonna apologize for distracting you I heard my door bell ring. I knew you drove here quick as we didn’t live too far from each other but not next to each other. As soon as I opened the door you held me in your arms and I never felt more okay. I never wanted to stay somewhere more. The way you valued me and drove out quickly in the middle of the night to comfort me let me know how much I meant to you, and I promise you mean just as much. “
" There’s a lot of times I realized that I would propose and start a future with you but one thing that always stuck out to me was your pureness. I remember till this day and forever will, the day that I knew for sure we would be here ready to start a future. We were just hanging out and talking normally and I was blurred out, but one thing I did hear was “Hoon, your personality is actually my favorite in the whole world” also how you would laugh genuinely at my jokes and made me feel actually funny and not look stupid in a crowd. How you would laugh at my jokes when the table was silent even if the joke wasn’t even funny to me, you didn’t want me to feel embarrassed made me realize how much you cared about the real me and not “enhypens sunghoon” but rather Hoon. But the day that I heard you laugh at my most unfunniest joke make me stop to look at you to make sure you heard me correctly in which you were laughing while repeating the joke letting me know that you did hear it and that you weren’t laughing at me, but my joke. I don’t know if I didn’t get enough sleep that night or I couldn’t process it but the fact that someone I truly loved looked underneath my looks and appreciated my personality that I thought I never had made me realize I was gonna grow old with you. Thank you for noticing my true self even when I didn’t my love. "
Tumblr media
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