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Triumph Scrambler
© Scrambler Brothers
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Night sea, blue.
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Your Son Gets Into A Fight ~ Mason Mount
"He got into a fight! Can you believe it?! Second time this month! Our son! I'm gonna give him the lecture of his life!"
You bite your bottom lip as Mason rambles on and on in the car during your drive to your sons college. Your son had gotten into a pretty heated fight...again...second time this month.
You could never defend that your son was a little angel; he was quite the opposite actually. Good looks, confident, popular and quite intelligent to top it all off so drama tended to find him and he'd never shy away from a fight either.
He seemed to attract problems wherever he went and even though you know he'd try to talk whatever it is out, if he's triggered by any sort of insult then he switches into someone he isn't and a terrible fight can very possibly take place.
Such as today.
Your sons head of year had called and informed you that your son had broken a child's nose and an immediate emergency meeting was necessary.
So here you were, listening to Mason rant on and on angrily while you felt nothing but disappointment, your heart heavy at what your son is starting to become. It's turning into a routine and that really scares you.
You climb out of the car silently while Mason still rambles, a little less louder this time and walks around the car to grab a hold of your hand in support before tugging you after him in the direction of the heads office which you had gotten very used to seeing recently.
Once we're at the office, the Head calls us inside. Your son was sat in a seat across the Head of Year, looking very scruffed up with his hair a mess, shirt wrinkled and slightly torn while his trousers have grass stains and dirt on them. He has a bruise decorating his left under-eye and jaw and a cut lip. You could also see the scratches and scrapes on his knuckles.
His physical appearance added to your concern and disappointment but the look in his eyes showed you clearly that he felt ashamed to be in this state before you.
You resist the urge to run to him and grab him in a hug and instead just sit in one of the seats that the teacher offers you and Mason.
"Welcome Mr and Mrs Mount. I appologise for having to call you into school in such short notice however, this is a very important matter which needed to be spoken about immediately," The Head of Year starts to explain but you unintentionally zone out, knowing where this is going anyway: your son is definitely going to get kicked out. All you can do is stare at him, trying to figure out whether this is normal due to his teenage years and social personality or if this is more serious than that.
He glances up from staring shyly at his hands and you make eye contact, catching the slight gloss in his eyes, making yours almost fill with tears too as he quickly looks back down.
"I understand. If we can be kept notified about the condition of the other child, I'd really appreciate it. In fact I'd like to speak to them. If I can get a contact or something, that would be great," You hear Mason say and blink back to reality.
"I can't disclose information regarding others unfortunately but I'll be sure to keep you updated Mr Mount," The Head says with a small smile. "I'm sorry it had to be like this," He says, finally turning to your son. "Don't make the same mistakes in your next school YSN. Things can get really ugly, really quickly. Please avoid fighting as much as you can," He says with genuine sadness in his tone, probably also surprised that YSN could take it breaking noses and getting kicked out type of far.
Your son nods his head and you all pile out of the room. You all keep silent until you're inside the car which is where Mason decided is a good time to start.
"Never would I think I'd be so disappointed in you YSN. I was angry on our way to school but right now, I'm nothing but disappointed," He says with a set jaw as you chose to just stay silent and stare out the window.
"Dad, I'm sorry. I never meant for it to get this far. I didn't mean to hurt him like that," He says with a sorrowful voice.
"This is the second time this month YSN. I'm beginning to really hate the kind of person you're becoming. If this repeats itself, I promise you, you'll be homeschooled," Mason says with anger starting to seep into his words.
"I didn't start it. What was I meant to do? Just let him beat me?" YSN has the audacity to ask with an attitude.
"You do all you can to avoid shit like this. Don't you dare give attitude right now," You say with a calm tone, not even looking back at him.
You hear him sigh from the back seat and silence takes over till you make it home.
You don't say a word as you hang your jacket up and go straight to your room, wanting nothing more than to just be alone and think how to deal with your child.
You knew Mason would be trying to talk some sense into him, telling him that his anger needs to be settled and that he becomes too violent, too quickly.
Just as after you've had a bath and changed into a fresh set of clothes, Mason steps into the room. He glances at you and instantly knows that you feel like shit from the tired look in your eyes. He sighs and nears you, taking you into his tight embrace without saying a word.
A while later, you pull away and give him a small smile before making your way to the bed and climbing in. You hear Mason make his way out, probably understanding that you just want to be on your own.
It had been half an hour and you still couldn't get some sleep when suddenly, there's a knock at your bedroom door.
"Mum? Can I come in?" YSN calls in with a small voice.
You sigh, knowing you can't run from this, he is your responsibility. Taking a big breath, you sit up as you speak. "Come in."
He steps inside and closes the door behind him, standing awkwardly as he tries to find the words to say.
"Come here," You pat the space beside you on the bed and he sits down.
"Mum, I'm sorry. I'm going to try to avoid fighting but I promise you, he started it. I didn't hit him first. I know you don't believe me because it's always me who starts the fights but I swear-"
"I believe you YSN, you won't lie to us for no reason. I just wish you'd know how to calm the situation down or at least walk away before it gets to this," You say as you stare into his big brown eyes.
"Mum, I hate this too. I don't like it either but I don't get it. I don't even do anything to anyone. It just happens and I'm starting to think it's really just because dad is a top class footballer," He says, his jaw clenching tightly.
"I know you don't like or enjoy this YSN. I know you don't want this. And I know it isn't your fault, you attract these things unintentionally, I understand. But that doesn't mean it can get this far," You try to reason.
He sighs, nodding his head understandingly. "There's a group of idiots at school and they just have something against me. They have a problem when I hang out with some of my girl friends, they have a problem when I'm put in a higher set, they have a problem when I'm better than them in football. There's just always a problem. But today, I swear I didn't start it. He punched me first," He says, eyes starting to fill with tears.
You pull him into a hug, "I believe you YSN. I believe you. Your new school is going to be a new beginning. I want you to promise me something," You say and he nods his head while holding onto you. "You're going to do your best to avoid fighting. Defend yourself, if you can see talking is not getting anywhere, try to walk away. Your last last last option is to fight. Promise?"
"I promise mum. I'm not going to disappoint you guys again," He says.
And he's firm on his words too. After those words, YSN has done everything to always stay in line. When an argument began to get rough, he'd chose to be the bigger person, turning around and walking away. His anger did trouble him so being treated helped him learn to control it much better. Throughout the years, he had grown into such a wise young man which made you and Mason incredibly proud of how far he had come.
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Entrée des Français à Bordeaux repris sur les anglais le 23 juin 1451
by Auguste Vinchon
The Count of Dunois receiving the keys to the city after the siege of Bordeaux in 1451.
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Faraday Building (1959-62) of the University of Southampton, England, by Basil Spence
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Errrrr mason stop getting so attractive!!!!!! 🤰🏼🥺
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still in love
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I don't know which is more beautiful, the mason or this outfit
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London’s punk scene
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🪷Cambridge, summer 2022
🪷photos taken by me
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london trip photo album / summer 2022 🇬🇧 ✈️
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Every time I’m in Liverpool, I have some appreciation for the Beatles decor (especially the Eleanor Rigby statue) and immense appreciation for every single shop and restaurant around the Cavern Quarter that’s just like, “Yeah. We know exactly what this neighborhood is famous for. And we’re blasting ABBA.”
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Downton Abbey + Costumes
Lady Mary Crawley’s greenish brown, white & black riding habit in Season 05, Episode 06.
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lighthouse reds
lighthouse reds by Tony
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I want to smother him with kisses
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