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carlaerosie 10 months
small cultural & Colombia/Latin related details from Encanto 馃嚚馃嚧 (part 3)
alpargatas - the shoes that Mirabel and other women in Encanto wear
Tumblr media
COLOMBIA (obvious one and not that small but I love it, also it鈥檚 in the colors of Colombian flag)
Tumblr media
capibaras - animals native to Colombia
Tumblr media
mochilas - bags that Mirabel and other villagers carry
Tumblr media
D铆a de las velitas (Day of the Little Candles)
Tumblr media
wax palms - the palms that grow in Encanto are national trees of Colombia (they are also the highest palms)
Tumblr media
Agust铆n playing En Barranquilla Me Quedo
Tumblr media
there is so much more cultural and Colombian details in Encanto but I am not able to show them all in gifs unfortunately
the flowers that grow on Isabela鈥檚 balcony are bugambilias - you can see them mostly in Cartagena de Indias. all of the flora and fauna showed in Encanto is typical for Colombia
all of the villagers (Madrigals also) are catholic - you can see the church and the priest - it鈥檚 an important part of our culture and traditions
there is a song called Colombia, Mi Encanto sung by Carlos Vives (I refuse to believe there can be Colombians who don鈥檛 know who he is)
so yeah that would be it
I think I won鈥檛 be doing more of this because it takes a lot of time and phone storage but I鈥檓 really grateful I was able to share those cultural facts about Encanto with more people
thank you for reading! <3
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twilight-zoned-out 11 months
Keep going back and forth between these two headcanons:
Bruno asking Camilo to pretend to be him for some event because Bruno is tired of socializing
Bruno refraining from asking Camilo to pretend to be him because he overheard Camilo鈥檚 verse in We Don鈥檛 Talk About Bruno and has some concerns
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cheetee 18 days
encanto headcanon collection #30493929
Because she's constantly listening to people, Dolores is fluent in every language spoken in the Encanto. she hasn't told anyone except Mariano this (it's not a secret, just nobody else has asked)
Camilo upstages EVERY QUINCEANERA. doesn't matter HOW nice and unique the dress you find is, doesn't matter if you hide it from him, he WILL show up in a dress that's prettier and more ostentatious. nobody knows if he's pulling them from magazines or making them up or what. he has every gender but mainly his mom yells at him for being rude, says if he's going to be a woman he 'needs to be uglier'
Dolores doesn't get sensory overload in crowds. Her favourite hobby is sitting down listening to 18 peoples drama simultaneously. she gets extremely overwhelmed in quiet rooms when there's no other sounds to focus on except the things she's actually supposed to be listening to
Dolores is extremely face blind and can't ready body language at all, she completely relies on listening to people's bodies to recognise people and their feelings. When she loses her gift it becomes extremely obvious she is Very Autistic (she doesn't mind)
Bruno can magically sense how much time has passed, what time of day it is etc with perfect precision. Again nobody knows this until he loses his gift and reveals he has never in his life learned how to read a clock
Mirabel shuts out her parents a lot and isn't very close to them even though they get on fine. there is NO REASON for this she's just 15. they've literally never done anything wrong she's just like 'idk they don't understand me'
(but because she's not going through any kind of supernatural crisis they think she's doing great. smoothest adolescence ever. nailed it)
(when isabela went through puberty she just RUINED the local ecosystem)
Alma is openly socialist, anti-war, Encanto is a refuge of peace etc etc, so gay couples have gotten married in their Encanto. this headcanon exists simultaneously with 'alma sleeps with women because she's homophobic': Alma can never bring herself to sleep with another man since Pedro but sex with women 'doesn't count' so she HAS absolutely gotten down with several other old women in the village. gay love is real but not for her. rip
Bruno sold ONE emerald vision plate in 1951 and that's the sum of the entire family's money, but nobody understands money so all he uses it for is for allowance for the kids
Bruno is actually very good-natured about being mocked or laughed at. Because most people in the village would treat him with terrified politeness he considers it an upgrade
Bruno is making NO effort to counter the rumours about him at this point, he's too old, local children sneak up to him and ask if it's true he eats brains and he's just deadass like 'wouldn't you like to know'
Dolores has perfect recall with sounds/words but she pretends not to. life is easier that way
Antonio can talk to bugs they mainly just sit around saying things like 'Leaves' and 'it's sunny'. Isabela starts keeping bugs with him. sometimes they just sit down and have Bug Conversations. ('Antonio, I like leaves' 'Leaves')
As an aunt Julieta is incredibly fun, but Pepa is just Another Mom But Stricter. rip.
Bruno is just DOGSHIT at giving presents. they still bring up when he gave Julieta a hammer for Christmas
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Whatever you do, don't spend today thinking about how Bruno watched Mirabel go into Isabela's room to save the miracle "with a huuug", went back into the walls, and didn't know anything else about the plot until the house started to break
Don't think about how, as far as Bruno knows (because What Else Can I Do? takes place outside and on Abuela's tower, where Bruno isn't) the cracks never started to heal
Don't think about how, as far as Bruno knows when he Jorge-yeets his way out the house, Mirabel failed, and he still gets on the horse and goes to defend her
Don't think about how no one else would have done that.
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caramellahoney 11 months
You probably won't even see this but- I'd love to see just a CRUMB of something like Camilo rambling to Bruno about how much he adores his darling because he kind of gets the feeling that Bruno won't go running to y/n spilling the tea, but if y/n tries to just "oh hi Bruno!! :)" hE'LL PANIC BECAUSE he doesn't wanna ruin it for his sobrino
Also I love your writing you're very talented
"don't let it slip"
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN! Reader
genre: pure fluff
warning/s: none to note- no proofread
a/n: I had really fun with this! Thank you btw!
Bruno happily sighed as he snuggled into his sofa. It had been a long day and he was eager to get some well deserved rest.
"TIO BRUNO!" And-..there goes his free time. Bruno shrieked, twisting his head around to see who interrupted his relaxation. Camilo had just slammed the door open and stood at the entrance of Bruno's room. A goofy grin spread across his face. Bruno raised a brow, confused as to what the teen possibly wanted from him.
"I want you to read my future!" Camilo shouted, shutting the door of the room. Stomping over to his tio, the shapeshifter plopped on the floor. He sat right in front of Bruno's chair-to make sure Bruno wouldn't try to run away. Dumbfounded, the older man started awkwardly shifting in his seat.
"You know...you know how my visions go Camilo-" Bruno chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his neck. Camilo, threw his head back and groaned dramatically. He clasped his hands together and started pleading.
"Pleaasse? I'll owe you one! I could get you some extra food- or do some of your chores-just one little vision?? Pleaasse? It's been like 10 years!" Bruno squinted his eyes at Camilo. Just one, he says? Biting his lip, he tapped his fingers against his couch before eventually letting out a defeated sigh.
"Alright hijo. Let's go."
"You sure about this hijo?" Bruno muttered, spreading the sand across the ground. Camilo nodded enthusiastically, sending the man a two finger salute. Once Bruno finished his ritual, he squatted down on the ground and stretched.
Reaching his hand out, He clasped Camilo's hands with his own. The man took a deep breath and soon enough- his eyes started to glow a deep green. Camilo ohh'd at the sight as the sand around them started to swirl and create a barrier of some sorts.
Bruno narrowed his eyes as the sand started to materialize into figures. Camilo followed his gaze and saw a figure of himself, confused he turned to his uncle.
"Thats it?" Bruno sent him an exasperated look, shaking his head 'no'.
"Be patient- Oh! Look! There's another figure!" Camilo whipped his head around and saw another figure starting to form beside him. Bruno gasped dramatically and Camilo turned to him.
"What??! What's happening tio?!?"
"It's a person! And-and- they're breaking your neck!"
"They're what?!!" Camilo screamed in alarm, gaping at the sand sculptures.
"Oh wait no! Not breaking your neck! It looks like a dance?" Bruno tilted his head in confusion, trying to make sense of the vision.
"Are they breaking my neck or dancing with me?!?"
"Wait yes! A dance!" Bruno grinned, relieved that the vision wasn't about his sobrino getting his neck snapped in half. The figures started to materialize into Camilo and a person dancing together.
He reached out to grab the green slab, wiping away any remaining sand on it. Camilo quickly rushed to his side and curiously observed the vision.
"Ohh would you look at that, they're quite attractive- wait isn't that your lover Camilo?" Bruno pointed out, making Camilo's eyes widen. He reached out and grabbed the slab from Bruno's hands to examine it closer.
Camilo quickly recognized all of your features, It was you! Suddenly, he felt his breath hitch when he realized you were wearing a wedding outfit. Inspecting the slab further, he realized both of you were in a church.
"I'm going to marry y/n." Camilo breathed out, realizing what the vision was about. He snapped his head back to his uncle, a wide lovesick smile on his face. Bruno just shrugged and uttered a 'meh'.
"I mean I don't need to look into the future to see you two would've worked out but-"
"I'M GOING TO MARRY Y/N!" Camilo shrieked making Bruno jump. Camilo giddily stared at the slab again, turning to his tio- he asked if he could keep it. Bruno just nodded, feeling pretty good about himself after seeing how happy Camilo was about the vision.
"You must really like them huh?" Bruno whispered, glancing at the slab then at Camilo then at the slab again.
"You couldn't imagine. They have a smile that rivals mami's sunny days. I could make a poem with just their name alone and it would still sound breathtaking." Camilo softly gazed down at the slab once more before running to hug Bruno
"Oh! Before I go- mind keeping this a secret tio Bruno? I want them to be surprised in the near future." Camilo grinned and thanked his uncle as he skipped away. Bruno hummed, happy for his sobrino's future.
After that was done, he went downstairs and decided to grab a broom to sweep the leftover sand up. He passed by the kitchen on the way, just in time for you to walk in through the back door.
"Se帽or Bruno?" Jumping, Bruno felt himself tense up as you called out to him. You smiled softly at him, unaware that Bruno was having an internal battle with himself.
"I was just wondering where Camilo was?" Bruno panicked and stared to stutter, avoiding your confused eyes.
'Dont let it slip Bruno, you can't ruin this for Camilo-' Bruno closed his eyes and let out a nervous breath. He smiled at you awkwardly, quickly putting the broom away.
"He ran away! I mean- mierda- he went to go his room." Bruno quickly corrected himself, hoping that you'd ignore his mess up and be convinced. He felt himself relax as you brightened up and thanked him, quickly leaving the room.
"Nice save, tio." In another room, Dolores snickered.
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miss-galaxy-turtle 1 year
Random Encanto Headcanons
I finally got to see it and I鈥檓 hardcore hyperfixating
Mirabel may not have a "gift" but her unofficial one is mending the family. She's the one they feel most comfortable talking about insecurities (Luisa, Isabella, etc) and I think her sewing is a metaphor for mending. She's even the one who suggests rebuilding Casita themselves. SHE鈥橲 EVEN THE ONE THAT OPENS THE DOOR AND RETURNS THE MAGIC??? LIKE???
Isabela is gay. Mariano knows this and it's another reason he feels guilty and wants to back out of the engagement
Side note Mariano is such a himbo and I love him
When Dolores said she associates Bruno 鈥渨ith the sound of falling sand," it made me think that she has a sound association for each of the family members. Mirabel is the sound of her sewing machine, Abuela is the flickering of the candle, Luisa is straining muscles, etc
Pepa and Dolores are both autistic. Their powers give me overstimulation vibes. Also I'm autistic and I say so
Antonio doesn't actually name his animals because they tell him their names themselves
The other family members will have sleepovers with Mirabel so she isn't always stuck to the nursery
Luisa loves animals and she and Antonio bond over this. I don't even have a justification, I just get that vibe
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acewithapaintbrush 8 months
I just thought about something funny.
In the Fandom, it is pretty much universally assumed that Alma saw the doors of her children first and they made a big ceremony out of opening them. The flashback would back that up, but that was Alma telling the story to Mirabel and we all know that she told a very kid friendly version of events.
And I just remembered my brother and me who were ALWAYS up way earlier than our mom on the weekends. Like, we would play wrestling (my favorite was The Undertaker btw) in my brother's bedroom at five in the morning, waiting for mom to wake up and make us breakfast.
Now imagine the triplets getting up before Alma and seeing the doors first, without Alma around. And they are kids, of course they open the glowy doors that appeared on their birthday. Alone!
And then imagine Alma, waking up hours later because something really bright is in her room and she sees her daughter with a freaking little sun over her head.
"Look Mommy! Sunshine indoors!"
And then another "Look Mommy!" and she turns and sees Julieta holding up a bleeding hand and then biting into a wonky sandwich she made and the wound disappears. "Gone! Now I can use the oven myself, can't I?"
And then the third "Mommy" and next to her bed is her son, eyes glowing green and hair whipping in the wind and he is just like "Don't wear your new shoes today. You are gonna trip."
And Alma is losing it because "What the Fu**?"
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red-cinema 11 months
i鈥檓 totally not here again 馃憖
buttt headcanons for camilo x fem!reader who calls his gf 鈥榤i luna鈥 (my moon) and she calls him 鈥榤i sol鈥 (my sun) plus all the madrigals reactions 馃槶鉂わ笍
tysm love u, ur the best 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
like imagine camilo鈥檚 gf being shy or like always making sure camilo doesn鈥檛 get in a lot of trouble and whatnot but camilo tries to help her get out of her shell and tells her to live a little more!
and overtime his gf does get out of her shell and she thanks him and she tells him that they might鈥檝e been made for each other bc no one has like ever managed to get her out of her shell as much as camilo has and she tells him that they just balance each other out and that鈥檚 how they came up with the nicknames for each other!!
they literally tell each other cheesy jokes but they don鈥檛 care bc it鈥檚 just them and their relationship. and when she first called him mi sol he smiled and asked why and she told him that he made her day brighter and she was always happier when he was around.
鈥渉ola mi luna.鈥 Camilo said as he hugged you. 鈥渉ola mi sol. c贸mo est谩s?鈥 you asked as you kissed his cheek. 鈥渋鈥檓 good. cmon they鈥檙e ready to see you! dinners soon.鈥 he smiled as he held your hand.
鈥渟it down luna.鈥 he said. 鈥渓una? why do you call Y/n luna?鈥 Mirabel asked. he smiled at you, 鈥減orque, as she says, we balance each other out and since i鈥檓 her sol it makes sense that she鈥檚 mi luna.鈥 he said as he kissed your head, holding your hand.
鈥渁nd hes mi sol because he makes my days brighter and better. he got me out of my shell and i put sense into him while loving him.鈥 you said smiling as the familia cooed at you two. 鈥渢hat鈥檚 precioso mijo.鈥 Pepa said, smiling at you. 鈥測ou guys are perfect for each other. i couldn鈥檛 see Camilo with anyone else. ay, you guys should get married in the future.鈥 she said.
鈥渢hat鈥檚 what i鈥檓 planning to do.鈥 Camilo mumbled. you blushed. the familia started teasing you two and awing at how cute you two were.
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zzzzzzzzzzoom 10 months
What about a Encanto AU where the grandchildren instead of getting random gifts, they get sub-versions? Example: Camilo gets the gift of shapeshift into natural elements.
Encanto AU: What if the grandkids got gifts related to their parents'?
Thanks for the awesome idea @geluatekurama! Of course, I still kept some aspects of their canon gifts in the movie!
On the day she gets her gift, a variety of medicinal herbs and spices grow at her feet. Her room is a beautiful green garden full of lush grasses and hanging vines, and it reminds Julieta of her own room in a way; she couldn't be prouder.
For the first few months, those are all she can grow, and she uses them to make healing pastes and give the townspeople spices to flavor their food. But soon, she learns how to grow flowers, and not just the normal kind.
Her flowers are special and therapeutic, where just a whiff can relax someone and uplift their mood. So she grows her flowers, pretty and pink, and everyone sings her praises.
As she grows, she forgets how to grow her herbs, because everyone (especially her Abuela) asks for the flowers, nothing else. Her room shifts from a lush jungle to a flower forest, and Julieta worries, but if this is what makes her daughter happy, so be it.
(She's not happy.)
Dolores touches her door and her head fills with everyone's quiet murmurs and excited whispers. And it scares her, but her fear only seems to make the noises louder.
She runs into her room immediately, looking for anything to shut out the noise, and lets out a relieved sigh when the noises don't follow her in.
Her Mama and Papa knock on the door, and she lets only them in, explaining what just happened. When she mentions how the voices got louder when she started to cry, an understanding look passes over Pepa's face. So she requests that the party go on downstairs, and Dolores will join them when she's ready. She's calm when the three decide to come out, and the voices, wonderfully, aren't as overwhelming as before.
She learns how to control her emotions with her mother, because getting upset would only amp up the voices she can't control hearing, and she hates that. By the time she's 10, you can rarely see her be anything but calm. Deathly calm.
(If she locks herself in her room for a week after hearing about Mariano and Isabela's engagement, too scared to face the screams outside, well, that's her business.)
By the time Luisa is 5, the adults already have an inkling of what her gift would be like. They've seen the similarities between Isabela and Dolores' gifts with Julieta and Pepa, and they wonder if Luisa will be the same.
It looks like simple super strength at first, and the parents chalk up the similar gifts as a coincidence. But when Luisa goes out to work for the first time, they instantly see Julieta's healing powers with her.
As she carries carts and donkeys around town, the minor ailments of nearby villagers, like colds or muscle pains, go away. It's about as effective as Isa's healing powers, and nothing like their mother's, but it helps all the same.
And so she's pushed to run all over town, helping and healing her town. The moment she stops moving, her healing powers stop too, and she can't let that happen.
(Sometimes she wishes to slow down, maybe lie down in a hammock and drink some lemonade, but she sees her little sister try her best to move a pot that Luisa was supposed to, and she knows she can't let her carry the burden.)
With the first three grandkids having inherited similar gifts, everyone has their own theories on what Camilo's would be. If you asked Camilo, he would say that since his big sister got an emotion-linked gift, he should get the other half of his Mama's gift: a weather gift.
And he did.
As soon as the magic flows through him, he instinctively transforms himself into a Camilo-shaped blob of water and launches a waterball at his older sister immediately. She retaliates by throwing a shoe at him, which passes through his water-body anyway. So now Dolores is drenched, Camilo is cackling, and Pepa is relieved that her son doesn't have a troublesome gift like them.
He spends a lot of time with his Mama in the first months, trying to emulate her weather clouds. So far, he can turn into water, snow, or wind (he doesn't get how to turn into a rainbow or, you know, the sun, but he's not giving up). He uses the latter the most, breezing through the town and helping out wherever he can.
He can also manipulate the weather to some extent, though not as much as Pepa.
(He stares at the sky sometimes, wondering if he's left a part of himself in the air, never to return, but he can hear his name being called and he slips away, pushing that thought deep, deep down.)
After Mirabel's letdown of a gift ceremony, people worry about Antonio. But Mirabel walks him to his door, and it glows, and magic flows through him, and he's fine.
A cloud appears next to him, and it shapes itself into a toucan, squawking at him. He grins, saying, "I understand you!" and everyone celebrates with the new gift.
He can create animal familiars out of elements of the weather, it seems. With Camilo's guidance, he basically creates an entire forest collection, with birds made of clouds, capybaras made with water, and jaguars made of snow. And he can communicate with real animals through his familiars, so that's a bonus.
He loves his gift. It's all he's ever wanted.
The week before Mirabel's gift ceremony, the town is alight with their own theories. Mirabel loves helping her Mama in the kitchen, so Julieta hopes she gets a cooking-related gift. Her sisters notice how much she likes to sew, so they think she can gift her threads with protection, that'll keep people from getting sick.
It all comes down to nothing when the door disappears before their eyes.
She grows up, she continues to sew and make crafts, she tries to help, but is always pushed aside. She waits on a miracle for 10 years, only to learn she's the harbinger of a curse threatening to break down their entire Encanto.
(Little does she know, she alone has the power to heal the greatest wound their family has. It takes a confrontation with Abuela, a golden butterfly, and a newly constructed Casita for her to realize it.)
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bandshirts-andbooks 11 months
Y/N: Goddamn it, the printer broke while printing out Camilo 's birthday invitations.
Dolores: Well, what are they supposed to say?
Y/N: "Camilo 's birthday".
Dolores: So, what do they say instead?
Y/N: "Camilo 鈥檚 bi".
Dolores: Works out either way.
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azucareraart 5 months
Isabela, 3-6 years old: *playing in mud, eating flowers she grew*
Alma: dear i think it's time you start liking girlier stuff
Isabela: ok
Isabela: *starts liking girls*
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carlaerosie 10 months
Brunito says no to incest
Tumblr media
be like Brunito 馃憤馃徑
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twilight-zoned-out 11 months
Just want to talk about Agust铆n and Bruno because they probably had an epic bro relationship before Bruno left.
The biggest implication for this is the scene when Agust铆n finds Mirabel with the jade square. The way Agust铆n reacts implies that he鈥檚 also clearly familiar with Bruno鈥檚 bad reputation and knows how the rest of the family, especially Abuela, will react to the square. But there鈥檚 no evidence that he ever treated or viewed Bruno according to that bad reputation - instead, when Agust铆n shows up to help set the table in We Don鈥檛 Talk About Bruno, he鈥檚 the only one who doesn鈥檛 join in on the singing. He was probably one of the few people who recognized that Bruno didn鈥檛 cause bad things to happen; Bruno just happened to see a lot of bad things.
Bruno and Agust铆n also share a lot of similar traits. They鈥檙e both somewhat clumsy/uncoordinated, have bad things consistently happen to them (Agust铆n, physically; Bruno, reputation-wise), and are very caring and protective about those they love.
He felt close enough to Bruno to include himself in the triplet hug when Bruno returns. It鈥檚 possible that Bruno and Agust铆n spent a lot of time together, especially if Bruno hung around Julieta when he wasn鈥檛 hidden away in his vision cave and when Julieta was home.
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multi-bookworm 11 months
I want to think Camilo is only, like, a week older than Mirabel so he can do stuff like say 鈥渨hen I was your age-鈥 and then describe things he did last week.
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omgcheez 6 months
Imagine Pepa seeing Dolores, with her gift making her want quiet and getting overwhelmelmed,someone with a gift that made things just too much, and thinking of Bruno.
When she sees Camilo transforming and acting theatrical and thinking of her brother, who also loved theater and dramatic performances.
and her sweet little Antonio, a soft spoken and shy boy, a boy who opens up to animals, and thinks of her brother. She thinks of his little animal friends.
She sees fragments of her lost brother whenever she looks at her children, wondering what happened to her brother.
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caramellahoney 10 months
I loved your connect the freckles fic with Camilo!! (And just all your fics) It was so precious; I especially loved how Camilo didn鈥檛 wipe off the drawings even after he noticed
If you don鈥檛 mind, I鈥檇 like to request a continuation of it? Something like reader is sitting on Camilo鈥檚 lap in his room, connecting his freckles again and someone (whatever family member you want) comes in asking for Camilo鈥檚 help, so reader moves to get off of his lap but Camilo just holds onto her like 鈥渘o, it鈥檚 freckle time. Come again later, thank you鈥
鈥渃onnect-the-freckles.鈥 PT.2
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN! Reader genre: PURE FLUFF! warning/s: none
Masterlist Part one
You swung your leg over Camilo's slim legs, straddling him; the chair underneath you creaking from the added weight. Villagers passed you both, yet no one batted at eye at the public display of affection. After all, it wasn't out of the ordinary for you two to act lovey-dovey in the open. Biting down on the tip of the marker, you popped the cover off and pressed the marker against your boyfriend's face.
"You're warm." Camilo muttered, dropping his arms around your waistline. A chuckle escaped your lips as you clasped his chin with your free hand. Your fingers tapped against his skin, lightly caressing his cheek as you dragged a line to connect two freckles together. Twisting your wrist, you formed a small heart with the freckles on the side of his nose.
"A heart for you." Your finger lightly tapped on the inked shape, a playful smile gracing your features. Camilo brought you closer to his face, a pout playing on his lips. "Where's my kiss?"
You shrugged, smiling as Camilo smoothed his calloused hand over your hair, fixing the few strands that were left astray from the wind. Pressing your hand to his chest, you drew your body back- a smug smirk on your face. "Kiss? What kiss?"
Your boyfriend sends you a displeased look, opening his mouth to complain. Before he could utter a word, you dragged him forward by the collar and pulled him into a deep kiss. A surprised girly squeak came from Camilo, and you held back the urge to laugh. It was only when you pulled away that a giggle escaped your lips. Your shapeshifter stared at you with dazed, bashful eyes, the tips of his ears turning into a bright red. He looked like he was lost in thought, shifting between himself and you on accident.
"Geez- Milo, It's just a kiss! We've kissed hundreds of times before." You spoke, suddenly feeling shy as you shrunk under his stare. Camilo just sighed, a dreamy look in his eyes. Your boyfriend was such a lovesick idiot. Adjusting yourself on his lap, you leaned forward and tried to avoid his gaze by continuing to draw lines on his face. Only for him to whisk your hand away so he could rest his head on your shoulder. Camilo's cheek squished on your shoulder, his lips pressing lazy kisses on your neck.
"Camilo! The freckles!" You whined, trying to push him away, but the shapeshifter only pulled you closer so your body was firmly pressed against his. "Ay, just let me shower you with my love!"
"Camilo! Your chores!" Mirabel appeared, drawing her hand back to slap the back of Camilo's head. The boy yelped, groaning as he hid his face in the crook of your neck. You moved your legs to step off of him, but Camilo just pulled you back in his arms. "Don't go, mi vida."
"You're really not doing those chores?"
"No. Go away. It's freckle-time." He lifted a hand up to show Mirabel his palm, dismissively waving her away. You stiffed a laugh and sent her a sympathetic look. Her jaw went slack, eyebrows furrowed in offense as her hand flew to her chest. "First you steal my best friend away, then you ignore me?"
"Yes. Now shoo. It's freckle time." Camilo raised his head, eagerly tilting his head to show you his cheek. You rolled your eyes but brought your marker up to draw a heart on his features. Mirabel groaned and tapped her alpargatas against the dirt, knocking a fist against Camilo's back. "Dios mio, Camilo! If abuela gets mad at you-"
"Fine- fine!" Camilo huffed. He slid his palms up your thighs to fix your legs around his waist, making sure you were secure. He lay his feet flat on the ground and stood up. The sudden movement made you yelp and you nearly dropped your marker. You sulked and tightened your grip on his ruana, probably looking like a koala.
"You're taking them with you?" Mirabel questioned, adjusting the crooked glasses on her face. Camilo hummed and started walking away, throwing Mirabel a thumbs up.
"They're my lucky charm."
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