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Get it? Cuz he’s old.
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"How many rats can I fit in my hair?"
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*draws vague rat-shape* yeah that looks like a rat
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Dance with me (Bruno Madrigal x Reader)
Tumblr media
Ship: Bruno Madrigal x Reader (She/Her)
Tags: Fluff, shy flustered Bruno, supportive Mirabel, Camilo being Camilo
Warnings: No warnings!:)
Synopsis: The Madrigals throw a party and Mirabel finds out that her Tío might like a certain someone there
Music playing, people chatting, dancing and enjoying the food. Another wonderful party by the Madrigals. It was always a great time to catch up with friends and have a break from work.
Mirabel loved these parties. She could see how close everyone in Encanto was with each other. Well, apart from her Tío Bruno. He always came to the parties, his sister Pepa practically drags him out of his tower, but he’s was always reluctant to talk. Usually sticking to his family and staying away from the spotlight.
She couldn’t blame him. He still wasn’t used to being around so many people and although the townspeople were friendly to him, some were still wary.
Mirabel watched her Uncle sit with her parents in the corner, making conversation. She smiled. At least he looked happy.
‘Hey prima. What’s the hot gossip today?’ Mirabel asked, turning to Dolores who was in front of her at the food tables. The older cousin didn’t look up. Instead she smiled and continued to fill her plate. Mirabel grinned. She knew it was something good.
‘Oh not much. Just…’ She looked over at Mirabel. ‘Have you noticed what’s up with our Tío Bruno?’ Mirabel frowned.
‘No, why?’
‘Hmm. Guess he’s hiding it better than I thought.’
‘What? What is it?’ Dolores looked around then leaned closer to Mirabel.
‘Bruno keeps staring at señorita Y/N.’ Mirabel looked back over to her uncle. He was listening to her Dad talk but every couple seconds, his eyes would dart over to the other side of the room. She hadn’t noticed that before.
Y/N was dancing with Isabela and Luisa. She spun herself as Isabela made flowers fall around her. Bruno smiled a little more at that. Mirabel’s eyes widened and whipped her head back around.
‘Oh my gosh.’
‘Uh huh.’ Dolores nodded. ‘I’ve been hearing his longing sighs since she arrived here. He’s almost gotten up to talk to her a couple times. Saying okay okay you can do this you can do this under his breath. But no luck so far.’ She shrugged.
‘We gotta help him!’
‘You come up with a plan, I’ll follow.’ Dolores smiled.
‘Okay I need you to get Y/N away from the dance floor. I’ll get Bruno.’
‘Hey can you two hurry up?’ Camilo said. ‘Some of us wanna eat.’
‘Camilo! I need your help. Come with me.’ Mirabel dragged him away from the table.
‘What? But I’m hungryyyyy.’ He whined.
‘You can eat later! This is about Bruno’s crush on señorita Y/N!’
‘His what now?’
‘Where’s Antonio? I have a plan.’
‘These arepas are amazing hermana.’ Bruno complimented. Julieta smiled.
‘Thank you Bruno. I can teach you how to make them if you want. They won’t heal you but they’ll taste just the same.’
‘I’d like that very much.’ Bruno went to take another arepa when a toucan flew down and stole it from him. ‘H-Huh? Hey! Where do you think you’re going?’
Bruno got up and followed the bird away from the party. It flew up the stairs to his tower, right into his room. Bruno followed it in to find Mirabel, Camilo and Antonio standing there waiting for him. The toucan landed on Antonio’s arm.
‘Thanks primo. You can go back to the party now.’ Mirabel said. The youngest cousin ran off back downstairs. Bruno was confused.
‘What are you guys doing here?’
‘I’ve seen you staring at Señorita Y/N.’ Bruno’s eyes widened. He saw the grins on his niece and nephew’s faces began to step back.
‘W-What? Mirabel I don’t know what you think you’ve seen but-‘
‘She’s single by the way.’
‘She is??’
‘Ah HA!’ Bruno sighed in defeat. ‘I knew it! I knew it!’
‘Yeah okay whatever I don’t know what you’re so excited about anyway. It’s not like anything’s going to happen.’ Mirabel smiled. Bruno stopped. ‘No. No you’re not going to say anything to her! A-As your uncle I am forbidding you from-‘
‘Oh I’m not going to say anything to her, but you will.’
‘You will, or…’ Mirabel looked to Camilo. The shapeshifter transformed into Bruno. ‘you will.’
‘Why are you doing this?’
‘Because you like her! And I want to see my uncle happy! Now go!’ Mirabel shooed him out. Bruno sighed. There wasn’t any way of getting around this.
He returned to the party to find Y/N no longer on the dance floor. She was standing on the side talking to his other nieces. Dolores spotted him and smiled. Oh right. She definitely knows.
Bruno breathed in then out and walked towards them.
‘Oh Tío Bruno! Enjoying the party?’ Isabela asked with a smile. From her tone Bruno could tell she knew too. Dolores had probably told them both. This was so embarrassing.
‘Ah y-yeah it’s great Isa. How are you all?’
‘We’re good.’ Luisa answered. ‘We were just catching up with señorita Y/N.’
‘Good evening Bruno.’ Y/N greeted with a warm smile. He could’ve melted then and there.
‘H-Hi Y/N. Are you enjoying yourself?’ The nieces walked away, leaving the two alone to talk.
‘Oh yes! Your family always throws the best parties. How are you?’
‘Oh y’know the usual.’ Y/N chuckled. There was a brief moment of silence between the two. Bruno’s nerves were building. He looked over to see his nieces and nephews watching from the food table. Mirabel threw him a thumbs up.
‘Bruno, do you want to dance?’ Y/N held out her hand to him.
‘H-huh? Dance? With you? I-I don’t know Y/N I’m not that coordinated…’
‘Oh come on it’ll be fun! Let’s just hope we don’t fall!’
‘Knock knock knock knock knock. Knock on wood.’
‘Knock knock knock knock knock. Knock on wood.’
‘Ha jinx!’ Y/N laughed. Bruno couldn’t speak. He could barely stand up. He just let Y/N lead him to the middle of the dance floor.
‘Y/N. I don’t know how to dance.’ Bruno looked down at his feet, fidgeting. Everyone moving around him was so loud and vibrant. And there he was, standing in the middle like an idiot. Y/N grabbed his hands. He looked back up to see her beaming at him.
‘Neither do I!’
‘B-But I saw you dancing with Isa and Luisa-‘
‘Oh so you were watching me were you?’ Y/N teased, pulling him closer.
‘Oh uh no well I-‘ She laughed.
‘I’m just messing with you. You don’t need to know how to dance. Just have fun!’ She said, letting go of his hands and spinning around.
‘What are they saying to each other?’ Mirabel asked Dolores.
‘Well our Bruno is being his normal awkward self, but luckily señorita Y/N finds it endearing.’ Mirabel squealed.
‘Yes! I knew they would work well together!’ Mirabel and Bruno made eye contact for a second. Mirabel gave him another encouraging smile.
Bruno held out his hand. Y/N took it. She grabbed his other hand and placed it on her waist before placing hers on his shoulder.
Bruno looked down at their feet and copied Y/N’s steps. Soon enough the two were in rhythm with the music. Y/N giggled and lifted Bruno’s chin. He smiled.
Turns out he could dance after all.
As the party drew to a close and the town began to make their ways back to their own houses, the Madrigals cleaned up. Mirabel collected all of the empty plates and put them in one stack.
‘Psssst Mirabel.’ Luisa whispered. Mirabel looked to her left. ‘Look at Y/N and Bruno.’
It had been hours but the pair were still in the centre of the courtyard swaying back and forth. There was no music, no ambient lights. Just gentle movements and the sound of casual conversation. ‘I don’t have the heart to break them up, but we gotta go to bed at some point.’
‘I’ll do it.’ Mirabel said softly. ‘Hey sorry to break you two up but Antonio’s struggling to stay awake and we all gotta be up early tomorrow.’
‘Oh gosh I’m so sorry! I didn’t realise the time.’ Y/N said. ‘I was having too much fun.’ She smiled at Bruno.
‘Yeah. Me too.’
‘Well I better get home then. Thank you for hosting. I’ve had a wonderful time as always.’
‘But a bit better than usual right señorita Y/N?’ Camilo commented as he passed. Mirabel hit his arm and gave him a glare.
Y/N waved everyone goodbye and stopped at Bruno.
‘Thank you for dancing with me.’ Mirabel gave her Tío a nudge.
‘Ah! The pleasure was all mine.’
‘I’ll see you all soon.’ Y/N turned and began to walk away. Mirabel nudged him again.
‘Go! Say something else!’
‘U-Uh Y/N can I walk you home?’
‘Oh that’s alright. My house is only down the hill.’
‘Ah okay see you soon.’ Mirabel nudged him for a third time. ‘Okay okay I’m going!’
Bruno walked forward and grabbed Y/N’s hand. She turned around, slightly confused.
‘I ah ummm…’ He looked to Mirabel who nodded. ‘Y/N. I had a very nice evening dancing with you. A-And if you are interested in spending time with me again then maybe we could… uh ah meet up and do something…’
Bruno’s words got quieter and quieter as he continued. He stared at the floor trying to find the words. He was shaking, his hands were sweaty. Then Y/N giggled. That’s when his heart really sank. He let go of Y/N’s hand. Why did he think for a second that someone as lovely as her would be interested in him?
‘Uh. Nevermind. It’s okay. I’ll just-‘
‘Oh Bruno.’ Y/N lifted his head up to look at her. ‘You really are charming.’
‘I-I’m what?’
‘There’s the market tomorrow. We could go there together?’
‘The market? Yes. Yes! Yes I-I would like that very much.’ Bruno finally stood up straight again. Y/N put a hand on his shoulder and pressed her lips on his cheek.
‘Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Goodnight Bruno.’ And with that, she left. Leaving Bruno to watch her walk away. Mouth slightly open, unable to speak.
‘Great job Tío.’
‘Thanks Mirabel.’
‘Damn Bruno’s got game.’
‘Camilo shut up! You’re ruining the moment!’
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bruno doodles because he’s living in the walls of my brain 
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I didn’t word this well but you get what I mean
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2 tiny tired old men w/ graying hair and a fear of being known 😫😫
bruno from encanto meets jon from tma! i think theyd be ok acquaintances AAHAAHAHA
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“Hombre y Mujer” Bruno Madrigal x reader
Authors note: I literally have no excuse or control with the direction this went, I also don’t really like it but alas.
Part 2
Tumblr media
“Come again?” His voice trembles, he is unsure of what his mama just said. A thick swallow expands his throat, the room is silent but he can feel the cloud forming over Pepa’s head.
“ I’m not asking you to marry her if you don’t want to Brunito,” there it is, the soft name he knows she knows weakens him, the one she used to use when she was a kinder woman, when he was only a child. “I am only asking you to please meet her, I won’t force anything upon you, those days are long over mijo.”
“Mama no puedes estar hablando en serio. We just got him back.” Julieta intercepts, trying to reason, she knows her brother is reaching his breaking point, any moment now he would flee to his room and stay there for days on end.
“Please, calma, solo pido que la conosca.” She tries once again, “their situation is rather delicate, their mother died at childbirth, their abuela raised them, she is worried they will be left to fend for themselves, and you mijo, you are unmarried, i just want to look out for you, for the family.”
“Mama just promise me you won’t push it.” Julieta says, taking notice of the way Bruno has stilled on his seat.
Night approaches faster than he would have liked, he is sitting at the table, Mirabel to his left, an open chair to his right where you will be seating soon. His niece squeezes his hand briefly, a reassuring touch; all eyes are on him, everyone is aware of the situation thanks to Dolores who is sending him condescending looks. He had debated whether to look into the future for any outcome regarding you, but he is terrified, terrified of what he will see, he prefers to leave it at that, some things are better left in the dark. Dolores squeaks, a signal to everyone that Abuela and you are fast approaching, the room is tense, even Camilo has refrained from doing any kind of snarky remark or shifts in appearance. He is not sure if they all pity him or fear the wrath of their matriarch if they as so much breathe too harsh.
“Welcome, welcome to our home, to our Casita.” She announces, footsteps now obvious to everybody else; he feels sweat trickling down the back of his neck, his knuckles rasping the wood of his chair as he mumbles lowly. “Knock, knock, knock on wood” before standing up, turning around to face you. It’s the first time he has seen you, with being away for 10 years hiding in the walls and no one liking him in the village are more than enough reasons for him to not visit it often. He can’t deny himself how beautiful you are, your face soft, your fractions gentle and still your eyes hold a storm that not even your kind smile can properly hide.
He manages to not mess up the dinner, to control himself from mumbling too much or trowing salt too often over his shoulder, he knows his family wouldn’t mind, but old habits die hard and he still fears the disapproving eyes of his mama. Your abuela looks his way, her eyes expecting, excited almost, did she really not care you would be given off to “the seer”? The bad omen, the evil eye that haunted the town from his tower as the town used to call him.
He clears his throat, he can feel everyone’s eyes watching him, begging him not to, he can feel his mother’s eyes on him, they are pleading but surprisingly gentle, a look he hasn’t seen in decades; and then he looks at you, you don’t look happy, but you don’t look sad, you just look at him as if your life depended on him and in a way it did, he was about to change it, for the better or for the worst.
“I…”he begins, nerves taking a hold on him, his hands itching to touch the wood, to feel the salt under them, his fingers twitch and he can feel the pressure beginning to build on the back of his neck, he knows something is coming, he can feel the pain beginning to roar the longer he tries to hold it.
“Yes Brunito?” His mother pushes a little, he is about to decline politely, to explain he doesn’t want to seal your fate to his, that you could do much better than him, but as his mouth opens the words that leave it startle even him, they take him by surprise, they freeze him in the spot as his mind struggles to catch up to them, but he can hear his family, he can hear the gasps leaving some and the sigh of relief leaving his mother. He blanks out after that, vaguely aware that you have left and he is supposed to be at the church tomorrow at noon.
The wedding is small, private, only his family attend and your abuela. It’s over faster than he would have imagined. There is not a big celebration after either, no party or people dancing to loud music. There is only a dinner, is quieter than usual, everyone eats, talks, a few questions are asked, you smile kindly at his family, you don’t show any resentment or dislike towards them. You still haven’t talked to him, or looked at him, he can feel the crippling anxiety rising within him, his knuckle keep rasping the chair every 5 minutes as he mutters to himself. Dinner wraps up, a small round of congratulations are offered to you both, and before he knows it he is leading the way to his… your shared bedroom in silence.
The first thing you notice about him is his height; 7 feet frame your ass, he is 5.9 on a good day. He doesn’t look creepy, doesn’t look evil or scary for that matter. If anything he looks like a scared child who is too afraid to look too closely at something in fear they may break it. He fidgets with his hands a lot, his fingers trace over wood more times than what you manage to keep count on. He mutters to himself constantly and you can feel him looking at you from the corner of his eye. Is hard to believe this is the same man the town keeps warning you about. His family is kind, they try at least, to make you feel welcome, Mirabel specially, she is kind and talkative, but you can see the way her words are laced with a promise, she protects her tio, she is making sure you know that. In a way it feels ironic, everyone is congratulating you even if they know this wasn’t an union of choice.
Bruno walks you to the room, the one you will both share, is a silent walk, the night has fallen over and as you approach the seer’s tower his imposing doors growls at you. He doesn’t look anything like the man in that portrait, and as he approaches the door his eyes flash green momentarily, the magic burning behind them. You had never seen this part of casita, but the towns people had always complained how many stairs his room had, that everytime you wanted a vision you would have to climb thousands of them, only to come back disappointed; but to your surprise the room barely has any, perhaps in a different time, when he was a different man the room had contained as many as everyone claimed, but now it barely have a few, they lead to a second floor, where a round giant door resided closed.
The floors are wooden, a dark wood that contrasts with the pale sand color adorning the walls, big green curtains cover the windows, and clocks and hourglasses could be seen almost in every corner, accompanied by bookshelves and rugs, and near the big bed you could spot a bowl of salt, and one of sugar, it seemed to always be on reach for him.
“I-I have a hammock to sleep in. You can take the bed.” He says, gesturing to the corner of the room, where a hammock could be seen tucked in. He doesn’t seem to expect anything out of you, at least not tonight and if anything he seems more nervous and fidgety than you would have imagined.
“It’s okay, I appreciate it.” You try to smile at him but he won’t meet your eyes, mumbling lowly and excusing himself with barely audible whispers as he moves away. And so it begins, a routine you have both settle on. He sleeps on the hammock and you on the bed, and besides a few good morning and good nights you two barely actually talk. The same cannot be said about his family, they have warmed up to you and by this point, almost a month in Camilo feels comfortable enough to shift into your appearance to joke around, and Dolores has decided you are to be her new best friend as you both spend a lot of time together, time you wish you could spend knowing the man who refuses to open up to you, he spends most of his days in company on Mirabel, talking or putting on plays with his rats. He seems normal, too normal, nothing creepy happens around him, no glowing lights or glowing eyes, and apart from his usual habits you can’t say you have seen him use his gift at all.
Is during dinner that night that it happens, he seems out of it, more than usual, his family seems to notice, asking him if he is feeling okay, he has his hood drawn, covering his eyes, he has barely touched his food and everytime you try to look at him he avoids your gaze, and only replies with a soft nod and a quiet whisper about having a headache.
“Bruno.” Pepa warns, what is she warning him about you aren’t sure, but he won’t bulge, as you have come to learn not even Julieta’s food can heal all issues when it comes to their gifts.
“Tio do you want me to help you get to your room?” Mirabel offers softly, sitting next to him, and for no particular known reason your blood boils a little when he replies to her with more than one word. You want the trust he has in her. You want him to open up to you, but you understand, you know this is his family and to him you are still an outsider. And perhaps you will be all your life since he doesn’t seem willing to let you in. Everyone goes back to their conversation, no one pushes him any further and once dinner ends you both part ways, he disappearing off to somewhere in the house and Dolores volunteering you to do dishes with her so she can tell you all about her date with Mariano.
You haven’t heard from him at all when bed time arrives, no one seems to mind and the shyness that comes with asking about him stops you from inquiring. A sick feeling on your stomach begins to settle as you slip into the bed, alone, you wish he would share it with you, that he would open up to you, you don’t dislike him, he is kind, at least you have seen him interact with his nephews and sisters, he tries to be quiet, to not take much space. You only wish he would let you in, to know him, how long would a marriage truly last if you are only strangers. It’s hard to conceal sleep but eventually the tiredness of the day wears you down into a slumber.
Noise awakens you, Bruno is not in the room, there’s voices speaking, almost screaming over one another, you can hear Julieta asking for space and cabinets doors opening and closing. Getting up the bed you quickly open the door, from the hallway is clear something has happened and you push your feet to move forward, to walk down the stairs faster, your heart feels as if it will explode out of your chest as you approach the kitchen, you can see the family gathered around someone and your worst fear comes out to surprise you once you manage to make way only to find Bruno siting in the middle, a gasp leaves your lips as you take on his appearance, tears burning behind your eyes.
His eyes are green, so bright green is blinding to look at, the glow is strong, but you can clearly see the shadow of destroyed blood vessels underneath, his face is pale, and blood is running down his nose, his arms are lifted forward, trying to grasp onto Julieta’s dress. He looks so lost, the terrifying realization that when his eyes glow, he is blind, he can only see his visions but he is blinded to the outside. His panicked expression breaks your heart, feet moving forward on their own accord you end up in front of him, hands finding his hair as you run them through it only to hold on to him and move him forward onto your dress, it doesn’t matter if his blood stains it, you push his face onto it, feeling his arms instantly circle your middle.
“Julieta..” he begins trying to speak but you can tell is taking a lot out of him just to form the sentence.
“Shhh is okay, estas bien, estoy aquí.” You call out today him, trying to comfort him. The sound of your voice makes him tense automatically, he tries to move away but you hold your stance, you hold him to you, your hands moving to his jaw, gently moving his face in the direction of yours.
“Bruno.” He tenses, your tone is firm, reprimanding but soft and devoting. It’s the first time you have said his name out loud. The sound rolls like honey out of your lips.
“Let me be here for you. We are one, we are hombre y mujer.” You remind him. ‘The holiness of marriage’, that holds you both together in sickness and health. He feels you crouch down to his level; he can’t see you but he can feel you moving closer to him. Your hands softly caress his cheeks, pushing the hair out of his face, holding him, never once moving away, never scared of the sight before you. He closes his eyes; they burn so bright you can see them from behind his closed eyelids, and he finally relaxes into your touch.
After he feels strong enough to walk you help him to the room, Julieta and Luisa help you move him, and she explains to you how his visions sometimes can pain him immensely, how he looses control of them when he represses them for too long, it anguish your heart to hear this. Once in the room Bruno tries to move from where Luisa has settled him on the bed, and before he can as so much open his mouth your hand is on his shoulder, pushing him back down, it’s been too long of him sleeping on that hammock, he needs a real bed. He tries to complain, to excuse himself and tell you he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable but you won’t have it, shushing him and telling him to relax, que se esté tranquilo. He knows he won’t win this one, settling back down his eyes toning down, returning to their natural hue as he closes them, his hand rubbing his forehead gently.
The bed dips next to him, shooting anxiety all through his body as he starts to mumble once again, crossing his fingers and holding his breath until you are completely laying in it. You move slowly towards him, turning to face him before listing your hand and softly tangling your fingers on his hair, pushing his head to rest against your neck. His breathing quickens momentarily, your fingers run through his hair, a comfortable silence settles over the room and he finally allows himself to relax enough to move his arms around your frame, his fingers caressing lightly the skin of your waist. He is so quiet you think he most have fallen asleep; you are about to close your eyes and relax into his touch when his voice suddenly breaks through the quietness.
“I was alone for a very long time.” He says. The statement taking you by surprise, this is the first time he has willingly opened up to you. “No one would get close to me, I was the bad omen of the town, the seer, only giving terrible visions and unforgiving destinies.” He continues, his fingers faltering for a moment on their movements.
Your fingers move a little faster, reassuring m him that you are here, that you are listening to him. You feel him breath in before continuing.
“I-I didn’t want to tie you down to my misfortune, I didn’t want you to have to sacrifice your life by marrying me, you know, but I froze, and I couldn’t focus on the words, and once I saw I couldn’t take them back i became terrified, terrified to get close only for you to leave, to leave like they all did.” He concludes and you can feel the way his body shakes, the wetness accumulating on your dress from his tears, and so you treasure it, this moment of weakness, of vulnerability he is gifting you.
“Bruno.” You begin, moving his face slightly upwards to look at you, his glazed over eyes staring at you, waiting for a reprimand or a complain at his over sharing, he is ready for you to tell him how you don’t care about any of this, how you are only by his side because he made the mistake of confusing his words. But it never comes, instead he only sees affection in your eyes, he only sees softness and understanding, he holds his breath, closing his eyes when he feels your hand softly caress his face, your nose coming close to his and rubbing it slightly against his own.
“Tú eres mi futuro amor. I’ll be here, ready for you, whenever you want to open up, whenever you need someone.” You whisper to him, taking in the way his eyes widen, and his grip on you hardens. His eyes move to your lips before quickly looking up to meets yours again, his hands softening on you before squeezing again.
“Can I…” he begins unsure of how to proceed before you nod in affirmation, his lips moving softly to graze yours while his eyes close, your hand moves back over his hair, pulling him to you before closing the space completely, crashing your lips with his, feeling his breathing change pace as he moves closer.
His lips are soft, the stubble along his lips tickling your skin. Your hands move across his hair, tangling themselves on his curls, pulling slightly and you can hear him hiss. Your lips parting, allowing him access to explore further. He surprises you, you wouldn’t have thought he would be such a good kisser, his teeth nibbling your lips lightly. Your hand trails down his back, pulling the fabric of his ruana up, trying to get it off him, he doesn’t mind, allowing you to remove it, sitting himself up and allowing you to straddle him, a blush covers his face when he sees your hands moving to the hem of your dress, moving it up and leaving you bare to his eyes.
He gets nervous, shying away and placing his hands on your waist, his eyes focus on your face, he refuse to move them from there.
“You don’t need my permission to look.” You offer him, trying to ease some of the nerves off of him. Hesitantly he complies, trailing his eyes down, you can see the blush spread through his cheeks, his hands trembling as he moves them over the soft skin of your back, burning your skin on their wake. You lean forward, capturing his mouth once again in a kiss, playing with the button of his shirt, giving him enough time to stop you if he doesn’t feel ready, but he doesn’t, he allows you to remove it completely. Your fingers trace his chest, feeling the subtle salt and pepper trail of hair that adorns it before moving up to trace his shoulders, feeling them and moving your hands over his back. The muscles pulling taunt at the attention.
He looks at you, studying your face as you study him in silence, as you trace every fragment of skin you can reach.
“Eres tan hermoso.” You whisper against his lips. His face turns a deeper shade of red and you can feel the reaction your compliment has on him immediately, the bulge in his pants painfully pressing against your center.
You move your hips slightly, experimentally, feeling for a reaction out of him. He whimpers, tightening his hold on you before dipping forward and hiding his face on your neck, planting soft kisses there as he begs for you to do it again. A quiet moan escapes you, the friction building up wetness between your legs and you can feel him becoming more confident as he nips at your neck, his hands moving slowly around you to feel up your chest.
“Y/n” he calls out to you, he sounds broken, desperate, and you remove yourself from him, allowing him space to remove his pants, his eyes are cloudy, a light green hue taking over them, his mind fogged over by the comfort you bring him.
“Bruno” you tease, “ tocame cariño” you moan out for him.
A groan escapes him as his hands move up your leg, feeling the soft skin of your thigh. He feels nervous, unsure, his insecurities prickling at the back of his mind, making him doubt himself; but you take notice of this, moving your own hand over his leg, reaching the pulsing member resting against his stomach. He jumps when your hands touch him, a whine escaping him when your finger wrap themselves around him, giving an experimental stroke, making him throw his head back, his mouth opening slightly as a moan escapes him. Your mouth trails kisses along his jaw, biting softly at the skin of his neck as your hands speeds up its movements, but he quickly stops you, his hand moving to grab your wrist.
“Si sigues así me voy a venir.” He says, face flush red and eyes half lidded.
“We don’t have to do more than this today…” you begin to say before he interrupts you.
“I want to feel you.” He says, his eyes glowing green at the idea, he tries to close them but your reassuring touch distracts him enough to forget about that aspect.
Your hand moves to his arm, pulling him over you to the bed, laying back with him over you, your legs parted, allowing him space to be in the middle. You are aware this won’t last long, you doubt he has had a partner in decades, but the satisfaction of seeing him so undone is more than reward enough.
Grabbing his hand in yours, you guide his fingers up the inside of your thigh, closing your eyes as they get closer to your core. You feel him suck in a breath when they reach your folds, feeling the wetness collected there and you guide his fingers over the area before removing them, your eyes focusing on his face. He dips his face down, looking in the direction of his hand on you, seeing the way his fingers work on you, snapping his head back to yours when a soft moan escapes you, making his cock pulse painfully. He repeats the movement, pressing his finger harder as he moves it slowly over your bundle of nerves, watching you as soft whimpers and moans escape you. You can feel his middle and ring finger gracing your dripping hole, adding to the sensation building up from his attentions in your clit. You can feel your orgasm fast approaching as you dig your nails on his forearm.
“Bruno…” you moan softly his name, feeling him throb against your leg at the mention.
“Vente cariño, dejame sentirte.” You don’t think you have ever heard anything more erotic than his voice in this moment, this surge of confidence he is feeling at the reactions he is managing to get out of you are a treasure you want to hold onto forever.
“No.. amor, quiero venirme alrededor de ti.” The simple phrase sends him in a frenzy, removing his fingers as a groan escapes him, moving himself over you, kissing you before aligning himself with you, he is so painfully hard; a long moan escaping him when the head of his cock pushes past your lips into your fluttering hole, the sensation making you mumble incoherent words as your nails dig into his arms.
He closes his eyes, needing to take a moment to breathe before continuing, groaning as he finally burries himself inside of you.
“Estas tan apretada.” He grunts out against the skin of your neck before kissing it softly.
“Move please, I need you.” You beg him, your voice higher than usual, your forehead sweaty and your cheeks flush, the stretch of him feels delirious and you can’t wait to know what it will feel like having him ramming into you with all he has.
Your wish is his command as he moves his hips back, pushing them forward, his eyes roll to the back of his head as pleasure shoots up on him. He settles into a rythm, deep, fast thrusts that leave you breathless, the building pressure behind in your lower abdomen intensifying with every push of his cock into you, his face is the pure expression of pleasure, his eyes glowing, half lidded and his mouth opens, lewd sounds he wasn’t aware he was capable of making escaping him as he burries is face on your neck.
“No pares amor.” You manage to chock out, feeling your orgasm about to explode.
“I wouldn’t dream of it, dejame sentirte cariño.” He grunts out against your skin and those words are enough to send you over the edge, your walls tightening around him, a high pitch moan escaping you as your legs lock around his back. The feeling of your fluttering walls around him push him further into madness, tangling his hands on your hair he sucks a mark on your neck, before pressing himself impossibly closer into your body and speeding up his thrust, unrelenting his pace as moans and grunts escape him, feeling himself closer and close until the pressure building in his core snaps, making his movements sloppiest as he spills inside of you.
“Are you okay?” He asks once his breathing normalizes, his usual fidgety self is back, the anxiety of his performance now taking over him.
You nod at him, a lazy smile playing on your lips as you pull him closer to you.
“I have never been better mi amor.” You mumble out to him, kissing him softly, tangling your fingers on his before squeezing his hands. Accommodating him on your chest your fingers find his hair, playing with the strands as you lure him to sleep and for the first time in decades he falls asleep faster than he remembers, no thoughts plaguing his mind, only you.
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professordickinson · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
We don’t talk about Mirabel.
Did a quick Encanto fanart!  I actually watched Encanto on new year's eve and yeah it was pretty good. I feel like Mirabel would have gotten along with Bruno seeing as both were out casted in a way, he would try to comfort her or cheer her up. Actually i have a lil au coming up abt that. Her coming to terms with having no powers must have rlly suck
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encantoisawesome · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
anyone else notice the ways bruno stands back up whenever he falls on the floor?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
makes me laugh every time i watch this movie
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doodleferp · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Don’t worry — he’s not scared of anything.”
Sometimes, you gotta turn to your boyfriend for help. Sometimes, your boyfriend has to turn to Hernando for help. It’s what you do.
Edit that this is based on a headcanon that Bruno invented Hernando to help himself feel more confident.
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rightsforbrunomadrigalonly · 9 months ago
I love you’re work!
My idea was maybe a feisty aunt (married to Bruno) that always looks out for Mirabel and her children who had “unwanted gifts”. Reader constantly is arguing with Abuela. Like when Mirabel and Abuebla reader is the one fighting Abuela and pointing fingers and all Bruno can do is watch in awe at his wife standing up for his niece and children.
I’m sorry if you don’t like it. I hope you do though!!
{Word Count: 3349}
{Warnings: Talks of mental anguish and abuse} 
When the name Madrigal circulated through the small tight knit community you called home, pride and respect followed along with it. The esteemed family held a hierarchy within the blessed Encanto, the name alone striking strength and unity into its people.  For years you grew up admiring the household and the unique mystical talents stored within the many walls. Everything about la familia Madrigal seemed to be a flawless fantasy, not a single toe stepped out of line. You never conceived the idea that one day you’d be granted a life merged between yourself and the prestigious family, it being too far-fetched to even formulate in your mind, but as fate decided you fell in love with a gorgeous gentle endearing man. A man beyond your years but still ripe for the idea of marriage and love. Your engagement sparked news around the town. The most eligible bachelorette, next to the Madrigals' own Isabela, promised to marry the last of the family's triplets. Your love sparked debates and rumors around the town about how Abuela Alma must have cuckolded you into the marriage some way or another, or how Bruno’s visions forced your hand into marriage, but none of it was true. You just deeply cared for the flawed broken man, a love that held no boundaries. You’d fallen madly truly and deeply in love with the short hearthrob but he wasn’t where your love stopped. You’d come to appreciate and love each and every member of his family. You gained two sisters, who loved you just as much as they did your husband, a collection of bright and talented nieces and nephews…and when the fates decided to once again bless you, two beautiful babies of your own came into your life. It felt as if you were living in a fairytale, surrounded by the unordinary. That’s what you wanted to tell everyone. It’s what you felt you NEEDED to tell everyone, but the truth of the matter was that la familia Madrigal was flawed, fractured and broken beyond what felt like repair. When you pulled back the beautiful rose-covered curtains and looked beyond the facade the Madrigal’s put on for the people of their Encanto, things weren’t what they seemed. 
Every day was a toxic trainwreck. Whose gift could be utilized for the good of the Encanto? Whose gift was burdensome and taxing?  This question usually found it’s answer buried in your husband’s lap. It sickened you the way Alma treated her family as if they were nothing more than tools for success. It’d been explained to you before by Mirabel herself why Abuela was so driven to run the family so flawlessly, but the logic behind the monarch's power trips didn’t sit right with you. 
“I understand that what your Mama went through was traumatic, I wouldn’t even wish it on an enemy, but it doesn’t excuse the things she says to you mi amor! You can’t just let her talk to you like that, you are worth so much more Bruno.”  
“I-I…She means well, I-I know she does…I think she does. I mean she is my mother, she wouldn’t do anything that wasn’t for the good of the family.” Bruno nervously laughed, his hands messaging the patch of exposed skin at the back of his neck. 
Truthfully speaking, Bruno didn’t know if what he was saying was true anymore. He’d always made excuses for why his mother was the way she was. He tried to justify her behaviors by reflecting on her traumatic past, but some days he didn’t even believe the things he said. 
Eventually as the hands of time ticked forward, the first of the two children you welcomed into this world received their gift. You and Bruno were both beyond proud to see the miracle Casita blessed your tiny family with, but the pride didn’t extend up your mother-in-law’s way. “What do we do with a gift like this? I should have expected such a gift to come from your child. What does this mean for the town? We can do nothing good with this gift! Think about the Encanto, think about our family!” Her tone was rigid and venomous, causing her son to shrink down in both shame and fear. 
You could feel the way your blood boiled, your fingernails digging into the soft flesh of your palm as you did your best to not say anything. It wasn’t working. You could feel the anger at the tip of your tongue. You watched as Bruno touched the tips of his index fingers together, his eyes casting anywhere but his mother’s. The way she made him look so small and weak broke your heart. “Enough! I don’t want to hear another word about this gift situation! What is done is done. Casita has bestowed a blessing to our baby, and the ONLY thing we should be thinking about is how to help them easily transition into life with this gift. I am sorry you didn’t get the perfect power you were hoping for, but they’re five years old, and terrified.” you barked, your typically soft gentle eyes hardening through the anger surfacing. Bruno’s heart twinged with a bit of relief and pride. He didn’t have the nerve to stand up to his mother like that, but he knew you were right. It sat heavy on his soul that he didn’t have the gall to stand up to his mother the way you did, but he was forever thankful you advocated enough for the both of you. You advocated enough for the entire family. There wasn’t one Madrigal in the home you wouldn’t go face Alma’s temper for.  
Pepa was known for her ability to control the weather. The issue? Her emotions tended to get the better of herself and tended to cause problems. It wasn’t her intention, it really wasn’t. But growing up with Abuela it was hard for her to be able to express herself properly. Even at the small age of five years old if Pepa cried, grew angry, or did anything out of line that wasn’t considered “perfect” to Alma all hell would break loose. Pepa wanted to improve. She really wanted to healthily control her emotes so they wouldn’t affect her powers as much, but it was hard. Luckily for her you happened to be great at helping her slowly regain control. Using the tips you used to use whenever you were upset or angry such as deep breathing and counting to ten Pepa found it easier to be less of a walking hurricane. Well that was until Alma stepped into the picture again. Even with everything you taught Pepa to do when her emotions got all crazy, Abuela always had her way to put Pepa in a state of mind that would cause destruction. 
You watched as the middle Madrigal triplet aggressively combed her palms over the copper strands of hair that wigged out of position on her thick braided ponytail. Her shoulders hunched close to her ears as she sat silently taking her verbal lashings, eyes casting down as she repented for the unsatisfactory weather she had been producing. “Do you have any idea what kind of weather you’ve been producing down the mountain? Snow! The Encanto isn’t prepared to deal with weather that extreme! We’ve talked about this before Pepa, you need to control your emotions better, we can’t have snow building up!” 
You gave a scoff, watching as Felix’s hands gently tried to swat the snow filled cloud away from his wife’s head, “She’s trying her best! Chur’ just lucky the snow isn’t 28 inches deep!”
“Well sometimes your best just isn’t good enough. I don’t care how you get this situation to stop, but I want it to stop, immediately!” Alma threatened, her voice crackling like the thunder that formulated in the clouds above Pepa’s head. “Figure it out.” 
You could feel the way your stomach spun as you listened to this argument play out. How could a mother talk this way to her own child? Stepping around the corner you intruded on a conversation that didn’t involve you whatsoever. It was one of the things Alma truly disliked about you. Avoiding the elder’s eye contact you gently situated your body alongside your husband’s sister, hands gently cupping hers. “I think that a little snow is beautiful, and has never hurt anyone before. Sure the cold can be a bit inconvenient and the snowfall does make things a little bit more difficult, but there’s a subtle beauty in the snow storm.” Your eyes casted from Pepa’s, which were damp and stained pink from the tears that were streaming down her cheeks, to Alma’s which boiled with anger and disgust. “I’d tell your precious Encanto to prepare for the inclimate weather because Pepa WILL feel whatever she wants to feel.” 
Felix’s eyes gazed over at you appreciatively, his wife’s index finger rubbing along her water line to clear the tears she had stored. “You’re feelings are important Pepa, don’t push them away. You shouldn’t feel like you have to hide how you feel just to please some people.” You could feel the way your Mother-in-law’s eyes burned into the back of your head, “Express the emotions you need Carina, we'll make sure the village can weather the storm.” Your interference might not have been requested, but it was most certainly appreciated. 
As time progressed the struggle to keep your heated opinions inside your mind felt like a chore. You could feel yourself growing resentful of the elder as you tried to navigate through her mental mindfields. How could you sit on the side and watch this woman tear the love of your life down, piece by piece until there was nothing but a husk left when she was done. It broke you to witness the way Bruno strived for his mothers approval. Typically you could lay dormant and stay out of their affairs, but you couldn’t rest idle any longer. “Another bad prophecy!...I don’t care what it is about, I don’t want to hear it! The Encanto needs good news! News for us to grow and prosper! I don’t know why you hate our familia so much and why you want to see our village suffer, but it needs to stop! Why can you never come to me with good news?”
You watched the way your husband's body shriveled in on itself, his typically bright and fun green eyes liquifying as he did his best to fight back the tears. She was right in his mind, everything said to him were the things he grew up hearing. They were cultivated in his brain, the seeds of self doubt and hatred growing. You could see the way his chest rose and fell with haste as he followed behind the woman trying to explain. You felt a set of tears welding in your own eyes as you watched the travesty unfold. “Mama, please. You have to listen to me, I-I know it’s bad news but I think-” 
“No! I don’t want to hear a single word from your mouth! I don’t care what you have to do with that vision but get rid of it! Go, I don’t want to hear any news from you unless it���s good news! We need good news.”  The woman snapped, her body swiveling on her heels. Her eyes were sharp daggers digging into your husband’s, the sheer anger behind them enough to make the man step back. It was enough. You couldn’t stand by quietly and listen to the argument anymore. “How DARE you say that Bruno doesn’t love this family. He ADORES this family!” you spat through gritted teeth, body moving to step between the two heated parties.
Your husband reached forward, hands trembling slightly as he moved to place a palm against the fabric of your shoulder. “Mi vida…please.” 
“No Bruno, I’ve had enough! I understand the traumas you've been through in your life Alma. Losing the love of your life immediately after giving birth to your children, losing your home the same day, I don’t discredit the strength you’ve had all your life. You’ve been such an amazing leader to our Encanto, but as a mother I can’t say the same.”
Bruno’s eyes begged you to show some mercy as his grip tightened on your body. “Y/N…”
Blinded by the downfall of your pent up anger and frustrations, the flow of truth couldn’t be calmed even by your husband’s pleas. “I want to know…Do you have just an ounce of regret for the things you say to your family? Do you realize the emotional damage you’ve inflicted on each and every member of our home? Isabela is terrified to be who she wants. You’ve been drilling the idea of perfectionism into her brain since she was five. Despite the way you’ve suppressed Pepa’s feelings throughout the years, Julieta doesn’t let herself feel a single thing. She’s too busy running rampant like a robot, functioning only in perfect mode. You expect so much from this family and it isn’t fair! “
Her features all pulled together scrunching the wrinkles on her face, a look of pure anger and disgust consuming her gaze. “You have no right to talk about how I run mi familia! If I had things my way, you wouldn’t be part of this family! All you do is cause problems around this casita! You-you think you’re helping everyone with these big talks and-and these crazy ideas! You are the reason this family is so divided! It started the day Bruno bought you into this house!” 
You could feel your heart chip as your eyes began to sting and water, tears of anger and sadness threatening to bombard your cheeks. You wanted to retort with some witty come back, some snide remark, but before you could another voice was already filling the air. “I don’t care what you think and say about me, but I will NOT let you talk to my wife like that! She has done nothing but try to bring our familia together, how dare you blame her for the problems we have. They’ve been here long before I bought her into this house. You may not want to hear it mama but….S-she’s right.”
Betrayal washed over Alma’s face as her hands clutched to her chest, the sight making you feel just a bit terrible for the approach you had to the situation. Admittedly you let your anger consume your vision and for that you felt shameful. While the woman in front of you had committed her fair share of wrong doings, you knew two wrongs didn’t make the situation right. You moved to step forward in an attempt to soothingly reach out for your mother in law's hand, understanding when her body closed itself away from you. A thick tension filled the room as the floor tiles began to chatter and shake, the house trembling as you returned back to your original stance alongside your lover.  The typical calmness of the house seemed to dissipate, a sense of unease settling in your gut. While the older woman stood, her eyes casted towards the grout as her hands clutched the black shawl draped over her fragile shoulders shut, the house’s discontent grew clearer. The walls began to convulse violently as words of hatred began to fall from Alma’s mouth. “Get out. I want you out of this house and out of my family! You are no longer welcomed in MY home!” 
Casita’s floors began to shuffle and shift, shoving you towards the door against your will. Bruno extended a hand out your way in an attempt to stabilize your body but casita worked tirelessly against him pulling the two of you apart. “Mi Vida! Mi Vida!” 
Panic stricken, your hand flies forward in a desperate attempt to reach out for your husband's palms, you unsure of what was happening. “Bruno!” You called back until finally your body was thrown into the rigid grass of the Madrigal lawn. It wasn’t a gentle toss, the fall leaving your body scuffed and bruised. Tears threatened to riot down your cheeks in a violent display of retaliation as you pushed yourself to your feet staring up at the house that was no longer yours. It was clear the town elder needed a chance to cool off, forcing you to spend the night back in your old family home, just at the edge of the Encanto. Your husband and children joined you just a few hours later, the sting of the family disaster still harboring freely in Bruno’s mind. While you had been reunited with your family, you still couldn’t help the way your heart weighed heavily at the thought of all the problems you’d created that day.
 In a change of pace, your love spent the remaining few hours of the day consoling you through the guilt that held your mind hostage. As your bodies morphed against one another in a bed that felt entirely too small, you let your ear rest against his chest. “Mi Vida, it’s not your fault, okay?….My mama was out of line. You were- I mean you’ve always been right. I let her get away with so much mistreatment. I think when things cool down, maybe we could possibly talk with Mamà…I know I’m not one for confronting problems , but this is a big one mi vida that needs to be handled properly. I think the fate of our family depends on you and Mama making up.” Your body tensed in thought, Bruno’s mind spiraling as he frantically tried to backpedal on his previous statement. “T-that’s not to say if you don’t make up with my mother I-I’m gonna leave or anything like that! I’d never leave you and the kids-I just- I meant to say our fate with my family I guess…” 
Relief flushed over your body as you let the small chuckle that bounced around in your throat pass through your lips. While his delivery might not have been impeccable the message your husband tried to portray was clear, you and the Abuela were in desperate need of a heartfelt conversation. Your body nuzzled closer to your husband, the youngest of your two children nuzzled between the two of you. “You're right mi amor…” your fingers gently brushed through the child's curls, fingertips gently unwinding them as they slept with their face crushed against your stomach. “I know my communication with your mother has been lackluster till this point, but I believe that we’re both capable of fixing the relationship we have,” you murmur. 
A flutter rippled through Bruno’s chest as he watched you interact with the child formed from the bond and devotion you shared. His lips pressed forward to leave a lingering kiss against your forehead. “Get some rest mi Vida. If you plan on talking to my mother tomorrow, you’re gonna need all your energy.” he huffed. 
He was right, talking with Alma would be the challenge, but it was a challenge you were willing to face head on for your family. As promised, as soon as the sun rose and your eyes wicked the sands of slumber from their ducts you were ready to talk. You typically prided yourself on your communication skills, but today you didn’t feel as confident voicing your opinions. Swallowing the breath you unintentionally held, you let your fist rap gently against the wide wooden doors of Casita. You half expected the house to lock it’s doors, but instead you were washed away by surprise as the doors widely opened without hesitation. You took the instant acceptance into the Madrigal home as a sign of good faith. You could tell that this talk would be a positive one. You couldn’t wait to clear the air and build a better relationship with the woman you once used to admire. It would be a long journey, but for your familia you were willing to do it. You’d always stand up for your family and do what was right, no matter what.
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clownmoontoon · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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loveronlineee · 11 months ago
Smooth (Bruno Madrigal x Reader)
Tumblr media
Ship: Bruno Madrigal x Reader (She/Her pronouns)
Tags: Fluff, flustered Bruno, wingman Camilo
Warnings: None:)
Synopsis: Bruno has never had the courage to talk to Y/N but maybe with a little help from his nephew, he’ll be able to do it
‘Ugh did I have to come with you to the market Tío?’ Camilo groaned as they walked into town. Bruno looked over at him
‘Yeah sorry Camilo but I needed a hand carrying everything back and you were the only one not busy so-‘
‘Hey isn’t that señorita Y/N?’ Bruno froze. There she was.
He shouldn’t be so surprised, Y/N always came to the market at this time very week. It was mostly this reason that Bruno decided to go. Of course he couldn’t muster up the courage to actually talk to her once he got there. But seeing her smile was enough to make his day.
‘Let me guess, you’re not going to talk to her like you do every week?’ Camilo huffed. ‘Y’know it was kinda funny to begin with but now it’s just sad Tío.’
‘Ah that’s mean Camilo. You shouldn’t say things like that.’ Bruno was never good at being the disciplinary adult but he still tried. Unfortunately he agreed with his nephew in this instance.
‘You want my advice?’ Camilo offered. ‘You just gotta go over there and smooth talk her.’
‘Smooth talk?’ Bruno didn’t think that was something he was capable off. In his choice of words or the tone he deliver them in, neither would be considered smooth he was sure of it.
‘Come on let’s just go over to her.’ Camilo began to push his uncle in Y/N’s direction. Bruno began to panic.
‘No Camilo I-I don’t think this is a good idea-‘ He tried to push back but Camilo had shapeshifted into Luisa. There was no getting out of this now.
The two stopped at the stall Y/N was at. She hadn’t noticed them just yet.
‘Just be smooth.’ Camilo whispered as he transformed back into himself. Bruno looked at the floor to compose him self.
Be smooth. Be smooth. Okay you can do this.
‘Good morning Bruno! Camilo.’ Y/N greeted cheerily.
‘Morning señorita.’
‘Y-Y/N! Ah good morning.’ Bruno jumped.
‘You’re doing great.’ Camilo commented sarcastically. Bruno tried his best to ignore him.
‘How are you?’
‘Very well thank you. And yourself?’
‘Yeah I’m good.’ Bruno looked down to his feet again. It was difficult to look her in the eyes and stay composed.
Y/N quirked an eyebrow and looked over at Camilo. He just shrugged saying he’s always like this. Y/N chuckled.
Bruno felt a hand on his chin, lifting his head up. Y/N smiled at him and moved his curly hair away from his face.
‘That’s better. I can see your handsome face now.’
‘M-My what?’
‘Have a good day Bruno.’ Y/N said and walked away. Camilo grinned.
‘Looks like señorita Y/N is smooth enough for the both of you.’
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peanutbell · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
So anyways…
Tumblr media
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5footframe · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Watching Telenovelas ✨ what good little actors 🥰🥺
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