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myreygn · 11 months ago
Sometimes Antonio rather talks to animals than to people, because they don't expect anything from him and keep all of his secrets.
Sometimes Camilo transforms into other people when they're alone, because it's one of those days when others have prettier hair, faces, bodies and when they can't stand themself.
Sometimes Dolores blasts her music so loud that it hurts her ears, because the air is whispering again and that last secret was just one too many.
Sometimes Mirabel hides in the walls and sits in the dark for hours, because Casita is always there for her and she has to disappear for just a little bit.
Sometimes Luisa lifts tables and wardrobes until her arms burn, because something has to keep her from thinking and she may or may not be losing control.
Sometimes Isabela dances through her room until she has to lie down, because it's one of those days when she can't afford to falter and doesn't dare to look into the mirror, in fear of seeing something wrong.
Sometimes Bruno looks a few minutes into the future, because maybe he will feel better by then and focusing on right now is exhausting to say the least.
Sometimes Pepa lets it rain on her head the whole day, because feeling cold and wet all alone is better than failing to fake sunshine and having other people suffer from her mood swings.
Sometimes Julieta eats all of the food she makes herself, because she feels like she's allowed to be selfish and maybe, one day, it will cure dark days.
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acewithapaintbrush · 10 months ago
I know it is canon that Pedro died back then.
But even after watching Encanto the first time I found it noticeable that we never really see what ultimately happens to him.
Yes, we see him walking up to those soldiers but then we immediately see Alma do her light show and then the hills grow and cut her off from the river and she looks at that closing gap almost like she hopes to see him.
Now, imagine!
Imagine a Pedro, hurt, almost dead, but surviving, somehow escaping their pursuers through his own kinda miracle.
Imagine his recovery being long and hard, not quite knowing what happened but knowing that the path is gone, and knowing that his Alma would have come looking for him if she was still alive.
So they must be dead.
Imagine him growing old and mourning his family, going to that river every year to pay his respect.
Imagine him 50 years after that fateful night, going back to that river and there is the path again, a gap in the hills.
Imagine him walking into the valley, finding a beautiful little village, a kind of place his Alma and him have always dreamed of finding after their escape.
Imagine him meeting people and them telling him about a magical family that lives there.
Familia Madrigal.
Imagine him hobbling up to that house, his walking stick in his hand, sweat on his brow, heart racing.
Imagine him reach that house and seeing...
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encanto17 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
[ID: A tweet thread that reads:
@DumbBroom2134: @TheJaredBush Hi! If you're still answering Encanto questions, I have one. I've seen a lot of things saying Bruno's powers put him through physical pain to use and I was just wondering if that was true or not?
Jared Bush: I think his powers are very draining and take considerable effort, especially when trying to see something specific. We had versions where he'd pass out or get very very weak afterwards. End ID]
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multificsworld · 11 months ago
Great! Can I have some Isabela x fem! reader where they've been dating in secret and after the engagement with Mariano is called off, they finally open up to the Madrigals? Can be fluff mixed with angst, up to you!
warnings; none really, for now :) you and isabela r utterly in love
likes and reblogs are always appreciated ❤️
PLAYLIST: found on spotify :)
⊱ ───── {.⋅ ۵♡۵ ⋅.} ──── ⊰
IN REALITY (Isabela Madrigal x Fem! Reader)
i. the calm before the storm (you are here)
ii. ??
Tumblr media
⊱ ───── {.⋅ ۵♡۵ ⋅.} ──── ⊰
Isabela Madrigal was a sight to see. The perfect girl, so graceful and beautiful. She was perfection itself, and no one could convince you otherwise. You smiled as you watched her grow flowers around the town, admiring her from afar. You didn’t think she had noticed you, as you were standing quietly. But you couldn’t be more wrong.
She’d noticed you a while ago, in fact, she came into town specifically to see you. The townspeople had stopped her in her path, begging to see her magic. Isabela had looked your way, and seeing you were quiet occupied at the moment, she had decided it wouldn’t hurt to grow some flowers for the people. And when she saw you were watching, she couldn’t help but want to impress you. The long-haired girl looked at you, sending a soft smile your way.
You sent her a fond smile back, mouthing ‘take your time’ as you didn’t want to rush her. You loved watching her powers in action, especially when it was just the two of you alone in her room. It was then that she would drop the act that her abuela had made her put on. You wished she could be like that all the time, but you knew she wanted to please and do as her family says. You also wished she knew how much this was hurting her, and you.
“Y/N? You spaced out.” You found yourself face to face with the girl who was intruding your thoughts.
“Perdón, I was just thinking.” you excused yourself, shifting uncomfortably as you noticed the townspeople watching the two of you. Isabela seemed to notice, and she took hold of your hand to lead you somewhere more private. Not one person questioned her, assuming it was normal for best friends to be touchy and hang out with one another. What they didn’t know was that the two of you were much more than just that. To them, Isabela was with her handsome boyfriend, Mariano.
You tried not to ponder too much on that, knowing you’d just hurt your own feelings. You felt your girlfriend stop walking, so you stopped at her side. It was then that she turned to you, cupping your face in her hands and greeting you properly with a kiss. You melted against her, kissing back as your hands wrapped around her waist. Isabela eventually pulled away, her cheeks clearly red.
“Hola, mi amor.” she spoke gently, hands moving away from your face to play with your hair to distract herself from how warm inside you made her feel. You grinned as you realized she was putting small flowers in your hair. It was always something she did when you flustered her. You took her hands in yours, kissing them.
“Hola, mi vida.” You greeted back, giggling as flowers bloomed up on her head. You planted one last kiss to her nose, before sitting yourself on the ground. She followed in suit, shuffling closer to you. Isabela always enjoyed your touch, your presence, more than anyone else’s. She admired you as you let your eyes close, the cool breeze hitting you gently.
You looked so beautiful, and so at ease. She couldn’t help but stare, smiling at you. Isabela leaned her head on your shoulder. “You know, Antonio’s gift ceremony is tonight.” she spoke, looking up at you. You hummed, nodding your head in acknowledgment.
“So I hear. The whole town will be there.” you added, plucking out the flowers she placed on your head gently.
“Screw the whole town. Will you be there?” she questioned, looking up at you. Your happy demeanor faded a bit at the question. You weren’t going to be there, you simply wanted to pop in for a minute and leave. You knew Mariano would be there, and seeing the two together always took a piece of you.
“I don’t know Isa. I’m not sure if i’d be able to stay long, I have a lot of chores at home-“
She dramatically draped herself across your lap, head now resting on your legs. “Cariño! You have to come.” Isabela frowned. “I mean, you and I both know you’re the only one who gives me any energy nowadays.”
You couldn’t help but giggle at her words, running your fingers through her hair. She always found a way to sway you over, with her charming words and determined attitude.
“I’ll try to be there.”
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xieula · 11 months ago
Bruno and Camilo's reaction after making you cry.
Part Two !
Tumblr media
Chosen Pronouns: Y/N = She/Her | Bruno = He/Him | Camilo = He/They
Summary: You have an arguement with them and ended up making you cry due to the exhaustion eating them up.
Warning: Screaming, Mentions of trauma, spoilers, extreme angst & arguements
Tumblr media
you always hated arguements due to the fact that your parents used to have arguements frequently when you were only seven.
But it just had to happen again, but this time with your boyfriend, huh?
You were at the bakery, just helping out your family.
You liked making donuts there while in the bakery though.
But, Bruno?
He's struggling with a lot of things.
First, someone requested Bruno to see their future, Bruno warned them for what was going to happen next. Either a bad luck or worse.
The person of course, as usual,said that they're not going to get mad at Bruno just to see a stupid vision of their own future.
But alas, they did get mad. They said how they never should've requested a vision in the first place and tried attacking Bruno. Luckily, Bruno had the confidence to push them out.
Bruno has had the worst day. Now, he has to deal with the gossips, he just wants to buy something for his fellow rats. But, people would stay away from him.. especially after that *ahem* goldfish incident.
Bruno was absolutely overwhelmed. He just wanted to be in your.. arms.
He wanted you to comfort him.
To make him feel special.
But he had no time for that right now.
He strolled around Encanto and spotted you, just finished helping around the family at the bakery.
He wanted to just run up to you and hug you tight, like really tight.
But he also still had to help around his family too, (because this was after Abuela and the Madrigal family welcomed him back to the family.)
While he was in the middle of his work, it has been 5 hours now. You want to hug him already! You haven't seen him since morning..
As you caught him just trying to sweep some dust out, you ran up to him and hugged him like it was the last time you'd ever hug someone.
"Bruno!! I missed you dearly."
"Y/N, not now..." Bruno said, with his annoyed tone.
"Wha- Uhh, excuse me? I haven't seen you since morning! What do you mean not now?!" You replied in an instant.
"Y/N, not. now."
"*sigh* whatever bruno. i'll see you after another five hours, I guess." You lowered your head down, if you had the power to control the weather- then some little raining clouds will appear up above your head, and create a thunder storm, that's how sad you are.
After 5 hours, you just took a little nap. There was nothing to do anyway.
When you've realized 5 hours have passed by, your mood brightened up in hopes that Bruno may be done with his chores now.
You ran your way towards there, only to see him with another.. woman.
"eh?" You whispered to yourself.
"Bruno? Is that Bruno?" You thought to yourself.
Seeing him with another girl doesn't make you jealous at all. You know Bruno loves you and you love Bruno.
But thing is, that woman was absolutely stunning. Big chest, her hair styled, dress fancy.. like she came from a modern place.
While you..? You're just.. another ordinary human. White top, some accessories on, and a skirt. That's it, just like any other people.
And you wouldn't be jealous at all.. if he wasn't blushing right now.
Why is there some sort of red in his face? You've never made him blush like that before..
You waited in his home, your feet constantly tapping the floor. In fear that he may have been.. cheating on you.
Bruno opened his door to see you.
"It's you, mi vida." Bruno spoke.
"Yeah, aha. It's me." You replied in a quite cold tone.
"What's with the cold expression?" Bruno stammered.
"Oh nothing.. just that i saw you with another woman and you were blushing.. what was wrong, mi amor? Why were you blushing?" You got to the point right away, also trying to prevent an arguement just by asking a simple question is all.
"You.. saw that? Hey! Were you stalking us..?"
"Of course not. I told you I'd come back to you in five hours, remember..?"
You didn't know what was going through Bruno's mind, but all you know is that you suspect him of cheating.
"Have you been.. cheating, on me Bruno?"
That was when Bruno snapped.
"C- Cheat? Do you seriously think I would cheat? Do you really think I'm THAT type of person?!"
"N- No, Bruno, I didnt mean it that wa-"
Bruno's hand smacked the door to keep it tightly shut.
"If you really think I would cheat, then what type of girlfriend are you?"
"If you really think of me that way.. maybe I should cheat on yo-"
Bruno's voice went quiet.
Only to see your eyes tearing up.
What has he done now?
"W- Why would you? Did you seriously just say that you should just maybe cheat on me?"
"I- I.. y/n, I didnt think before I say, I swear-"
You pushed Bruno out of the way and opened the door.
Bruno watched as you just.. left him like that.. so easily.
All because of him.
Tumblr media
This one might hurt a lot- but Camilo never showed a slight interest in you.
Not even a tiny bit.
Now you were wondering what got you guys together if Camilo never liked you.
Out of pity, perhaps?
He'll think guilt will eat him alive if he rejected you?
Because he doesn't want to see your sad face ?
Whatever it is, you don't know the answer to that.
Camilo has only shown interest of the new girl in town.
Brown hair.. butterfly hair clip... green eyes.. modern dress.. and so on.
She had everything you wanted.
Which made you jealous.
It made you seem selfish, i know, but wouldn't you also be jealous if Camilo showed interest in this new girl ?
Who's a pick-me.
She knows Camilo has a s/o, but she didn't even care at all. That's when Camilo started falling in love with her. He fell right onto that girl's trap.
It was a regular day, as usual. Until there has been a new gossip around town.
Such things as, "Camilo may have a little crush on the new girl, what will his s/o think of this?.." and "the new girl in town said that Camilo is her future husband."
Pfft.. future husband? You got to be kidding me.
You approached the new girl and told her how Camilo is YOUR boyfriend and hes taken already.
"Puh-leeze. I wouldn't even give a single damn if he's taken or not, honey. He'll be the happist man alive when we get married." Was all she replied with, shes rich with money.
"Now who are you to say that? And.. Married?! Camilo would never marry a stubborn, selfish, BRAT like you!"
"Uh- SELFISH? Aren't YOU the one interrupting our little happy relationship together?! And excuse me- my name is Veronica, not stubborn, selfish, brat!"
"Well, Ve-ro-ni-ca, you guys don't have a happy little relationship together, while you guys have this so called, "little" relationship I and Camilo own a big relationship, thank you."
"Ugh. Just accept that me and Camilo are happy in our relationship and Camilo is not happy being in yours."
That's when Camilo jumped into the scene,
"Veronica? ..And Y/N? Just as I was supposed to introduce Veronica to you, Y/N! Haha! Guess I was a little bit late to the party, no?"
"Anyway, my sugar plum honey Camilo- Y/N is a mess. We shall stay away from her for a while.. "
"I'll wait for you at my house, honeyyy!~"
"Y/N.. hah, sorry about that.. she's from another country called America."
"I can tell."
"Camilo.. why is she calling you "honey"? "Sugar plum" ?.."
"Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that-"
"That you guys are together in a relationship?"
"What? That you never even loved me from the start of our relationship? Hm?"
"Y/N, I love you and you know that."
"You never did!"
"Veronica is way more better than you, anyway. Hmph."
"Camilo, what on earth are you talking about?" You felt your blood rush through your veins.
"Goodbye, Y/N. I'm breaking up with you. Thanks anyway, I really needed to let all those out.. hope we can still be friends , though."
"Never. At this point, don't even look me in the eye."
Tumblr media
Hello yall, and yes, this is original. I went, "what?! Cmon, theres barely even angst here on the Encanto fandom!!"
Should I do another part but with a happy ending? I got a bit mad at Camilo's part, so instead of y/n staying silent as the coward she is, she got the courage to be a #girlboss !!!
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camilos-mivida · 8 months ago
Encanto Angst
T.W. Self Gaslighting
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Another new encanto angst from aestrius_ at instagram! Check their account and all credits to them!
Just imagine Dolores gaslighting herself since she can literally hear everyone's problems and sufferings. Just her suffering silently and thinking that her condition is not as worse than the other members of the family. 🥲🥲🥲
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addaxus · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
After her gift ceremony I’m sure both Bruno and Mirabel got some backlash.
And it wasn’t very nice.
Papá Bruno just can’t believe his ears.🥺
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the-little-robyn · 2 months ago
Mamá-Daughter Trouble
What happend here?? 👀
Click for better image quality
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yes. There will be another comic continuing this and explaining what happend. When will it come? Idk. The only thing you have know that Mirabel is distantcing herself from her mother because of someone. Who is it? We'll found out in the next comic.
Hey, can i squeeze this big story in a 10 page comic and have it be done in just 2 days? Yeah apperently.
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solcamilo · 10 months ago
Hi!! I know I already commented on your post but ah I’m so excited to see more from you!!! I have a request if you don’t mind, it’s more angst tho…sorry not sorry it’s us being trapped inside of casita as she’s (I think it’s a she?) crumbling and Camilo shouting our name after either picking himself off the ground or fighting his way back inside? I don’t know it’s up to you but the main part is he sees us trapped against one of the pillars, a dresser or some heavy furniture pinning us against it that we were struggling and failing to push away because the floorboards were all moving in those waves to get everyone outside and the house was so concerned between that and saving mirabel it didnt have enough strength to assist us too. I just want to see him get worried and frantic before helping us out, you know all intense and stuff. THIS IS SO LONG I APOLOGIZE BUT IVE HAD THIS STUCK IN MY HEAD AND AFTER READING YOUR FIC I NEW YOU WERE THE PERSON I NEEDED TO BRING IT TO LIFE
thank you so much for your request! you have no idea how happy your comments on my other story made me!! that was the first time i wrote something so your support means so so much :’) hope you like it <3
i’ve got you
camilo madrigal x gen!reader
word count: 2k
request? yes!
warning(s): angst again!! happy ending tho, reader gets trapped so maybe claustrophobia, mild swearing, makeout? (not rly), angry mirabel and abuela >:(, not beta-d we die like casita
summary: you and camilo happened to return to casita at the worst possible moment and while trying to save mirabel, you get trapped under casita’s ruins.
Tumblr media
You and Camilo had just finished drying yourselves off with your towels after a quick swim out in the river. You had spent the whole day with your beloved boyfriend and were ready to call it a day, especially when the sun had now slowly set below the tall Encanto mountains.
But before you could end your day, you had to end it properly and that meant stealing some of Julieta’s food along with your boyfriend. And that’s exactly what you did.
You two were cracking jokes and laughing all the way to Casita when you heard yells coming from the matriarch of the family. You immediately knew that this meant bad news as you had never seen Abuela yell like that to someone in your entire lifespan. Camilo knew it too by the way he softly, yet firmly held your wrist, slightly pulling you behind him as the two of you cautiously walked into the main clearing of Casita.
Your heart broke at the sight of your good friend Mirabel Madrigal getting relentlessly blamed and yelled at for all the misfortunes that were happening to the familia Madrigal in the last few days. You turned to see who was around, and made eye contact with a colourful, bright - yet guilty looking Isabela standing off to the side.
What you heard next completely shocked both you, Camilo and the entire Madrigal family on the sidelines.
“You’re the one that doesn’t care!” Mirabel shouted at her abuela with tears brimming her eyes. You gasped and felt Camilo’s grasp on your wrist tighten. Abuela looked even more furious than from the beginning of the whole argument as she took a closer step towards Mirabel. 
“You’re the one breaking our home!”
“Don’t you ever..-!”
“The miracle is dying, because of you!” 
And that’s when you all heard it. The terrifying rumble of Casita’s cracks all across the walls and foundation pillars. The rumble was so loud and so forceful that the windowsill that was displaying the miracle candle collapsed and the candle fell backwards, rolling on the broken wood.
Everyone felt the pure panic coursing their veins as the candle was merely rolling, about to fall. The panic induced silence was broken when Félix shouted, “The candle!” with a small gasp.
As soon as Félix had said that, everyone’s legs started to automatically move towards the source of miracle, trying desperately to save what has been already hurt. Your legs, however, were planted on the ground next to your - now long gone - boyfriend Camilo.
“Casita! Get me up there!” you heard Mirabel yell as she ran towards the makeshift ladders that Casita gave her. You had only just rendered the severity of the situation and how it could play out for Mirabel if anything had happened to her and that’s what finally triggered your legs to move.
“Mirabel!” you yelled at the top of your lungs, running towards the girl who was trying to save the essence of the Madrigal family. 
“Mirabel! Please! Get down!” You were almost at the makeshift ladder when Casita’s ceiling pieces had started falling on the ground right where you were. You quickly pushed yourself against a wall with a large plate and cup storing furniture piece, your back tightly against it as you panted heavily from all the running you had done.
You saw Isabela’s vine giving out and her falling on the ground a few feet away from you. You also saw Camilo falling right next to Isabela a few seconds later as his gift too, gave out. 
You were too distracted by the two Madrigals to notice how Casita’s rolling of the floors brought a giant piece of wall directly on you with a loud smack. You fell down against the large furniture piece as the wall was now laying on top of you, giving you practically no room to move.
After a while you stopped hearing yelling and you stopped hearing the house breaking. You didn’t have the strength to try to lift the wall off of you nor did you have the strength to open your mouth and ask for help. You just lay there, hoping for someone to realise that you were gone and help you out.
Camilo looks around and sees the state in which Casita was or what remained of Casita anyways. He saw his family all huddled close together whispering words of encouragement to each other and lightly smiled. Even during these difficult times his family still found a way to reassure each other and always be there for each other.
He reached to his left side to grab your hand and lead you to where everyone else was but he realised you weren’t by his side. He also slowly realised that Mirabel wasn’t there either, by the way his tía, tío and everyone else were frantically searching for her. 
He felt his heart beating in his chest erratically, his palms grew sweaty and shaky and his legs felt impossibly light, ready to give up on him at any moment. Camilo was terrified. Because he not only lost his beloved prima, but he also lost the love of his life, his vida.
He ran towards his immediate family, grabbed his mother by her shoulders and started yelling at her, tears pricking his eyes from fear.
“Mamá where is Y/N? Where are they?!” Pepa’s eyes grew wide and with a quick scan of the area as she too, as well as the rest of his family, realised that you were also gone.
“Y/N!” Camilo had started screaming your name as he ran around the whole perimeter of the area. He screamed and screamed until he felt his throat go dry from the combination of dust and yelling. The others too were calling your name and Mirabel’s as they were trying to locate you. 
Dolores came to sit next to the now hunched and sobbing figure of her little brother, rubbing circles on his back to soothe him. Camilo shrugged her off with force, standing up to walk away from her. She quickly grabbed his forearm and pulled him to face her.
“Dolores stop!” Camilo snapped as he pulled his forearm away from her. He looked up at her, his face covered in dust and tears. “This isn’t doing anything to help! I don’t know where Y/N or Mirabel are and I don’t know what to do! What if something happened to them? What if something happened to Y/N? I was too concerned with the candle to protect Y/N and now look! They are nowhere to be found! My one job as their boyfriend was to protect them and I couldn’t fucking do it! I am a horrible fucking boyfriend! If they’re hurt or dead it’s all my fault..” Camilo broke down once again, violent sobs leaving his body as he kneeled down on the ground, hoisting himself up with elbows as he buried his hands in his - now dusty and grey - hair.
Dolores could only look at him in pity as she kneeled in front of him once more, pulling him into her embrace. Camilo didn’t move away from her this time, he only buried himself deeper into his hermana’s warm and welcoming arms.
“Manito we will find them. Both of them. I promise you we will find them. We already sent a rescue team to find Mira, we will find Y/N too.” Dolores let out softly. 
“Can’t you try to hear them?” Camilo mumbled in her arms.
Dolores sighed and tried to extend her ear as she always does, trying to locate any sound - anything really - that she could identify as you. But nothing.
“No.” she had said for the first time, “I can’t hear them. I’m sorry manito.”
That was until they heard some rustling going on behind them. Luisa turned to look at Dolores who had the same curious look as she did. Dolores left her brother to calm down as she and her prima cautiously walked up to the furniture with their expensive silverware they used for Mariano’s dinner.
They heard the rustling again. Then they heard faint “help”s. Then they grew louder. Dolores immediately recognized your voice and rushed with Luisa to the wall. They hurriedly lifted the wall just enough for you to crawl out of the cramped space and let it go, once again hitting the dresser with a loud bam.
You started coughing the dust that had accumulated in your throat, too busy to realise Luisa’s “there you are!” and “are you ok?”s.
You looked around and saw Camilo and Dolores just a few feet across from you. 
It was as if Camilo could feel your stare because he swiftly turned around and made eye contact with you (after Dolores had told him that they found you of course). He ran up to you and engulfed you in a hug, his arms wrapping tightly and protectively around your dusty and exhausted frame. 
“Mi vida! I’m so glad you’re okay! Dios mio you have no idea how scared I was.. what would I have done if I lost you?”
“Cami,” you pulled away to look at him, noticing how red his eyes were from crying and his teared stained dusty cheeks, “I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me anymore I’m here with you ok? I’m here..” you cupped his face and smiled.
“Y/N I should have been here to protect you! I’m a horrible boyfriend I promised to help you and I didn’t, I’m sorry. I don’t deserve you..” Camilo shifted his eyes to the ground.
“You did what you had to do to save the candle. You’re one of the bravest people I know, Camilo Madrigal. You’ve helped me and protected me all throughout our relationship and I couldn’t be more grateful. You are an amazing boyfriend Cami and you’re an amazing person.”
You contemplated about dropping the big phrase. Should you do it? Isn’t it too early? What if you scare him away or what if he doesn’t feel the same way? You had to, though. After what you went through today you knew that you had to tell him.
“Camilo I love you.”
He lifted his eyes to meet yours in complete shock. His mouth grew wide open as he stared at your eyes, trying to process if what you told him was real or just his imagination. When he realised this was reality, he closed his mouth, stretched his hands to now cup your face and pulled you into a kiss.
You guys had kissed before sure, but never like this. This kiss was pure emotion. Pure desperation, pure love and pure passion. This kiss held all of the emotions that the two of you held from today’s events and from the days leading up to this. You were both irrevocably and unconditionally in love with each other and that translated through this kiss.
He lightly nibbled down on your lower lip, making you open your mouth more. He wasted no time in entering his tongue, exploring your mouth and your own tongue as you fought for dominance. His hands moved from your face to gripping your hips tightly as he pulled you on to his lap and chest to chest with him. Your hands moved from cupping his face to tangling your fingers in his dusty curls and tugging on them every few seconds, earning low groans from him. 
His mouth left yours as he started planting open mouth sloppy kisses starting from your temple all the way down to your neck and the base of your collarbones. You giggled at his touch, leaning your head to the side for more exposure.
With a smile, he pulled back and connected his forehead with your own.
“I love you so much, mi amor. So so so much.” With that he pulled you in for another heated kiss.
Amongst the ruins of the Casita, you two had found some closure and despite the circumstances, the two of you couldn’t be happier.
Tumblr media
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your-girl-mj · 9 months ago
Soulmates [Camilo x gn!reader] pt 1
Summary: Soulmates exist, so why does it feel like you two aren't meant to be?
Warning: injury, swear words. angsty??
Note: this fic was inspired by the peter parker x reader "ugh" in the wattpad, that fic was years ago, but I still remembered it 'cause it's one of my favorite stories. He/him for camilo, they/them for reader.
Created: January 26, 2022
Published: February 28, 2022
Part 1 part 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Soulmates exist, and you can find them in so many different ways.
First, we have the red string. Just like his cousin had: Mirabel and her best friend, this also goes with his cousin: Luisa and their friend who works in the library. Second, in your body, the first words you say to each other are marked, just like his cousin Isabela and the farmer's daughter.
Thirdly is the last words you say to each other are marked on your body, just like his Abuela Alma and Abuelo Pedro. Fourth is feeling each other's feelings, like his Mamá and Papá.
Fifth is a tattoo marked in a part of your body like his sister: Dolores and Mariano, same ones like his tía Julieta and tío Agustin.
Unfortunately to Camilo, he doesn't experience any of those. He can't see any red string at his pinky like it is supposed to be, He can't see any words marked on any part of his body, he doesn't feel any emotions that are not from him.
Any sign from them, anything. His heartache at the thought of it, he has a soulmate, he knows it. The boy is determined for the past few days after his 16th birthday.
The shape-shifter looked for other signs like his friends have, like: feeling the same pain, or the time and date is marked when you will meet them.
Maybe his soulmate's still haven't on the right age so that's why he still doesn't have a mark? Or any string? Maybe it's another sign, something that's not taken by his family? Maybe... but after years of waiting, still nothing.
He was almost certain, that he doesn't have a soulmate. He'll be all alone for the rest of his life. Just like his Tìo Bruno.
It felt like they were doing it on purpose, not a day goes by without you feeling a single pain from them. You can feel your ribs ache yet no bone cracked, you clench your chest as pain roam all over.
Gasping for air, gripping tightly at the side of the table as your cousin rushes over to you, distress written on his face, doing his best to help you, to his dismay all he can do is comfort you.
It was nothing new, you'll never get used to something like this. It's embarrassing how you just suddenly crouch down in public, as you try to endure the torture.
Oh, how you despise your soulmate.
Do they even think about how much pain you are in right now? Or every time they decided to jump from the second floor??
The agony stopped like it was never there in the first place. Your breath, as relief washed over you, "Mierda, you gotta find that huevón, [name]!" Your cousin: Manuel, exclaimed. Frustrated that he can't do anything about your situation. "They can't keep being reckless, you're also getting hurt!"
"I'm fine, it's gone now." You breathe out, finally standing from your spot at the side. Rubbing your chest, as you lightly pant.
"For now," the boy runs a hand through his hair. He can't help but be furious, he hates seeing his close family suffering, "you can't live like this for forever, it's been 2 years..."
2 years. You've been suffering for two years.
The sudden pain arrived unexpectedly. It was the day after your 16th birthday, thinking about your father's words once again for the nth time for the day. Your family has always been against soulmates, they can't tell you who to love and who you can't.
As you were walking alongside Manuel by the bridge, the sunshine above you as he assist you with the supplies you need to the house, you instantly felt your leg numb by a second before you feel the most painful thing happen to your leg, you can barely stand. Manuel is so worried about you that he carried you to Juieta as fast as he could, but before you two could make it to her stall, the pain stopped.
It's been like that ever since, random pain kept appearing, here and there. You don't know why they're doing this, you never knew.
You're scared, terrified even. No warnings, no signs, nothing. It just happens unexpectedly, even in the middle of the night, you can feel someone hit you from the back of the head.
What are they even doing? Are they part of some sort of circus? Why are they getting hurt all of the sudden?
Yesterday was a bummer, your cousin is more determined than ever to find the person who's causing you so much pain. You consider him lucky for having a mark on his back instead of feeling the torture you're having.
The morning sky is beautiful, goofy cloud shapes here and there as the rays of the sun hits the crown of your head, reading peacefully by the porch of your house as you sip on your Avena Colombiana, as a good start of the day.
Turning the page, careful not to give yourself a papercut, you felt a scrape on your left knee, but no wound is seen. Your other toe hurts, so you assume they tripped while running.
They're ruining my day already. You had enough of waiting, and want to take action yourself. You did nothing to deserve the pain. Taking revenge, you purposely burn your tongue, with your hot beverage, wincing at the feeling of it, but give you slight contentment at the thought of hurting them as well. They deserve it.
Not a moment later, the side of your face burns so bad, that you yelp at it and almost drop your cup. It feels as if their face is being scraped on the ground, both of your palms are next, then your right elbow, they hurt so bad you can't help but feel tears flooding your eyes as you rub the ones that sore the most.
Are they serious, right now!? Just after your little revenge, they will give you a much painful one?? How cruel.
You massage your hands together, trying to ease the prickle of it you were feeling. You continued to read, frown plastered on your face, as your eyes trailed along with the words. Angry thoughts cloud your head. You can't even fight back, so how can they be your soulmate when they don't care about you!
In the streets of Encanto, a boy around your age is running at the speed of volt. Camilo is trying to do his cousin a favor by taking care of the little kids in town, now they all teamed up and chase him for "cheating" when he's just good at the games they played, as they announced they are it while Camilo is the only one they have to tag, to win.
A pant is heard as a certain shape-shifter hid by the corner of your house, his curls stick to his forehead from the sweat. His body is straight as a pole, like a chameleon in camouflage, moving his side to the side, glancing if the kids are there. He let out a big sigh of relief when the kids chasing him pass, leaning at the wall him, finally relaxing from the chase he just had.
"What a lovely morning, isn't it?" Camilo greeted, smiling warmly once he noticed you, fixing his posture and appearance quickly, despite his bruised face, and red-stained sleeve, you guess his bleeding elbow, he's oddly happy. His words are pronounced funny in some way, it's like he's avoiding using his tongue.
"Aye, Santa rosa! Are you alright? Señora Julieta is kinda far from my house, here have some rest!" Taken aback by his appearance, you quickly lead him to one of the seats by your porch, worried about the Madrigal's wound, but he swiftly assured you.
"Oh it's okay, I'm fine! More than fine, that is!" His grin never left his face, still breathing heavily, you giggled at how he spoke.
"Funny how you talk like that." You stated, the shape-shifter mimicking your smile, also laughing lightly, shaking his head. "You're all bruised up too! I'll be back, I'm just gonna get the kit, then I'll help to Señora."
Not waiting for his reply, you dash inside for the kit, just to disinfect his injuries, leaving Camilo by himself. What a caring person, how come he never met you before?
The boy examined his cuts, whimpering a bit when he moved his arm. He's more worried about his Soulmate though, they got hurt too because of him. How will they react when they met him?
"Sorry for waiting. Let's clean that before you go." You exit to your door, putting a little bucket full of water, as well as a small basket made of pure wheat straws, as you turn your chair in front of him, before sitting. Inside is a bunch of bandages, a small piece of clothing, and a little bottle of an unknown substance. "Early in the morning, you're already beaten up," Gesturing to bring his bruised face forward, which he gladly does.
Groaning a bit at you pat the now wet clothing to his face, closing his eyes as he does so. Your gaze fell on his cheeks dusted with freckles as you clean the injury before you catch a glimpse of his emerald-like eyes, smiling in appreciation at you. "Thank you, by the way." Mirroring his smile, you ignore the little sting on the side of your face.
It's quite peculiar.
"Don't mention it," you carefully move to his elbow, gently lifting it before folding the helms of it, revealing a huge scratch on it. "Aye, that's a big one. Do you mind telling me, how did this happen?"
"It's a funny story really, my Soulmate accidentally burn their tongue." His words cause you to halt, heart pounding, but recovered quickly and get back to work.
His Soulmate did what?
Camilo continued, strangely animated by the actions of the person he's betrothed to. "it caught me off guard, and tripped! That's why I hurt my face and elbow. My hands got hurt too, but I think it's fine," looking at his palms, seeing a few scratches. 
Is he being serious, right now?
You started to connect the dots about what's happening. You analyze his body, from the top of his head to the bottom of his foot.
The boy's face has a huge scratch on his cheek, his curly hair covering up the rest. His right elbow, the one you're treating right now, you can feel how painful it is as you clean it. You experimentally press the clothing hard, your eyes expand as you put things together. Glancing at his left knee, his pants (that has a bit of dirty over them) is shielding the wound, but you can feel the pain it's causing.
He can't be...
You're only hafted sure about it, but how can you prove that's he's your soulmate? Your eyes trailed back to the hot beverage of Avena Colombiana that is still chilling beside your book.
"I'm alright!" He exclaimed once he noticed you were observing at his wounds. "I just hope my soulmate-"
What caused him to stop talking is how you suddenly grabbed your hot beverage and dumped them in your hand.
"Ugh!" You both winced in pain, your hand burns so bad, but you were more focused on his reaction. As he held his untouched hand in agony, waving it to soothe the pain. Finally, click on what just happened. The shape-shifter's gaze fell on you, his eyes filled with hope and admiration.
He's my soulmate.
They're my soulmate.
You, on the other hand, are furious.
"you're my—"
"So you're the one who's behind all of this?!?" Your sudden rise of voice caught him off guard, as you stood up. The motion causes the chair to scrape when it slides. Why are you angry?
"Behind what? What do you mean?" Following your actions, he also stood up, approaching you.
"Behind all of the torturing!" Camilo fell silent for a bit, not knowing how to respond. "Of all the pain, you've been causing me for the past 2 years!"
"2 years...? You've been- you've been feeling the same pain as I am for the past 2 years??" So you've been here, all this time... he has a soulmate. He has a soulmate!!
You scoff at him, grabbing your things running past him, before storming inside the house. "I can't believe this!" You mumbled to yourself, the boy heard it loud and clear.
"Wait! Can I at least know your name?" The curly-haired called out, trying to stop you from taking another step by grabbing your arm but failing to grasp it.
"Tsk, why do you even care?? You've been going around hurting yourself, I feel the pain too!" Your glare pierces through his skin, as you repeatedly point at your chest. "Do you even know how scary it is to suddenly feel your ribs stab your lungs, without even warning!? Not a day goes by without worrying if you're free from it!"
Camilo stood, frozen from his spot. He just met you, at least give him a chance. The heart in his chest-beating rapidly, as he stared back at your scowl. "Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't-"
"Damn right you're sorry, I don't want to see your face, ever again!"
With that, you slammed your doors closed, the structure shook at the impact. Leaving a stun Madrigal by your porch, mouth agape at the events that happen unfold.
Camilo lay on his bed, staring at his ceiling, deep in thought. Arms support the back of his head, as he rethinks what had happened. His mind trailed back to you, he can't believe it. He has a soulmate all this time.
You're here all this time...
After years of thinking that he doesn't have a soulmate, there you are. He doesn't want to lose you, never again.
How did he not know you? Not even your name. You're a very nice person, he knows it! Offering him a seat, cleaning his wounds, you have the gentleness touch he ever receive from a girl outside his family, You're worried about him, and still are! When he passes by your house again at noon attempting to see you at least. All that he saw is a drink of Chicha, with a small note. "I feel bad for pushing you, but I'm still mad. here's a drink, mi tia likes to drink it whenever she's stressed." He doesn't need a name for it, he knows it's from you. He'll keep the note forever.
You're sweet and kind, you only change once you realize he's your soulmate.
Your angered face flashed back, as his heartache. He hurt you, and he can't forgive himself. He needs to be more careful, and not hurt you.
Hehe, they look like an angry chihuahua, and an adorable one too!
Note to himself: not get hurt, and befriend you. It's the least he can do.
The boy is beyond happy when he finally felt the pain that's not caused by him. But sadden knowing you're annoyed with him, so much that he doesn't want to see his face.
Unless it doesn't have to be his face!
Tomorrow came, as you work by the wheat fields. The sun is mocking you with your hardships, as you swing your sickle, wanting to finish the chore as much as possible. Wiping your sweat with the back of your hand, cursing yourself when you feel more of your hair stick on your skin, cheeks flushed from exhaustion. A familiar hand offers you a towel, as the face of your cousin beamed when you greeted him. "Manuel! Good to see you, didn't think you'll be here. I thought you hated the heat?"
The boy listened as you folded the towel with a careful hand, before wiping your forehead as well as your neck, he looked away at your action, red dusting his cheeks. "Heh, I'm not Manuel..." the shape-shifter stated, still looking down.
You throw him a confused expression, before realizing what he meant. Frowning at him, "what do you want Madrigal." You inquired, though it's more like a statement, swinging your tool to cut the wheat, ignoring the boy.
"I just want to get to know you! That's all!" Flinching when you professionally sliced the plant. Gulping when meeting your glare, but he won't give up.
"Did my sentence 'i don't want to see your face, ever again' not enough for you?" You pointed your tool at him, the blade barely touching his skin which made his breath hitch. The boy's hands are up, showing you that he wants no harm. 
"It's not my face though, it's your cousin's!" Camilo smiled sheepishly, but look away when your glare hardens. "Come on, let's start over..." He slowly lowered the tool, gently touching the slides that are not sharpened, you can see the uneasy expression he's giving to the tool. Thankful that you didn't slice his throat. He introduced himself, "I am Camilo Madrigal, son of Pepa and Félix Madrigal! Nice to meet you!" The shape-shifter offers you his hand.
You had your eyes narrowed at his offer but took it. Giving it a rough shake, that you can feel your other hand tingle. "[Name] [lastname]." You utter sternly before you went back to work, not wanting to feel his existence anymore.
"[Name], huh? It suits you!"
"Piss off, Madrigal."
"No need to be formal, Camilo is fine."
"Ugh, has anyone ever told you, how annoying you are!?"
"Yes actually, you and Dolores!"
You two talk for the whole day, it's more like one-sided conversations. Where ever you go, he goes as well. He still does choirs but, he will find a way to speak to you again, much to your dismay. He's still in your cousin's form, as he talks to you, which is kinda weird.
Not gonna lie, Camilo is enjoying himself. He's finally talking to his soulmate! The one he's been waiting for in his entire life. You're insulting him though, with every chance you get. He doesn't mind, of course, your voice sounds lovely, even when they're full of threats.
"Great talking to you!"
"Can't say the same!"
The shape-shifter waved at you for the last time before taking his leave when he was sure you got to your porch safely. You wave back at him, not wanting to be rude considering he did escort you home.
You rub your face in exhaustion, watching his figure retreat for the night. He's not as bad as you thought he is, not as bad as any of your family said about your soulmate. Growing up with a family that does not believe in soulmates, made you think that these things are just something for others to have hope for when there isn't.
"The universe doesn't tell you who you need to be with, you do." your father's word rang in your head, as Camilo's silhouette faded into the distance, rethinking what he said to you when your mother left for another man. "but if you want to be with them, then go for it, I won't stop you. I just don't want you to make the same mistake as I am."
All soulmates do is bring you pain and distraction with the important things you need to take care of. Ignoring the slight pain in your chest, you got inside the house.
The shape-shifter went home grinning like a Cheshire cat, everyone noticed of course. He's never been this cheerful ever since he found out he doesn't have a soulmate. No one knows the reason for the sudden joyful attitude, except his sister: Dolores, who can't help but smile at his state.
"How is your day, mijo?" Félix inquired, all ears for the news as he sweep on the floor. He wants to know what happens and why his son is all love-struck.
"Wow, Cami'. Who made you all smiley-smiley, eh?" Isabela teased as she pass by, holding a bunch of colored bombs.
"Guess who I met today!" The shape-shifter exclaimed, trying to contain his excitement.
"Santa??" Antonio asked jumping into his brother's arms who caught him, as he imitated his grin. He can see the stars in his eyes.
"No, but it will be cool if it's Santa though! Hehe," he lightly chuckles, tickling the little one by the neck. "I met my soulmate!"
"Wooah, I wanna meet them too!"
"Soulmate?" His father throws his questioning look, but the smile is still there. stopping his sweep for a moment.
Years ago the teen admitted with tearful eyes to his family that he can't feel nor see any signs of having a connection with his soulmate. Félix can't help but feel sorrow for his eldest son, but now seeing him this happy makes him feel the same joy.
"Yea, I talked to them all day! They're a lovely person, Papá!" He strolled forward while putting his little brother up to his shoulders. The grin never left his face. "They told me that they feel the same pain as me for the past 2 years!"
"Aye, look at that! Pepita, our son finally found his one and only!" The man said to his wife, who happen to be reading a sad story in a book. The rain above her stopped and look at her family, heart-melting at the news she just heard.
"Aww, that's so wonderful mijo!" She showered him with cheek kisses as her sons both giggled at their mother.
"Amor, you still haven't changed." Her lovable husband reminded, giving her a soft look.
"How did this happen? When are we gonna me-", pepa's words stopped when she realized something. "hold on, how are you sure that they're your soulmate?" She questioned, slightly pulling away from her son.
She will be furious if someone took advantage of his son's desperateness of having a soulmate and break his heart. She would have any of it.
"Uh, hehe... they hurt themselves and I got hurt too, so that's how I met them." Camilo played it off, leaving out the parts where you yelled at him and blame him, which is something he's technically responsible with. The boy didn't want you to have a bad first impression with his parents.
A rainbow glows brighter, above them. Good thing it's night, or the sun with shine brightly and cause some heat.
"Buenos Dias, [name]!" The shape-shifter greeted you, from across the street. Waving his arm up, with a radiant smile.
Flinching at the sudden voice, gripping at the basket tightly in your hands, you looked back immediately at the boy. Glaring at his beaming face, you gestured your hand to shut up, and signaling him that your Father, who was with you the entire time and witness the whole thing.
Did he give a damn? No.
His actions cause many people to look at you, questioning if you're the one Camilo's talking to. As a result, you tried to hide with the basket you've been carrying.
"A friend of yours?" Your father asked, lightly grinning at your embarrassed expression.
"More like an acquaintance, I hate that guy." You mutter under your breath at the last part of your sentence, grimacing as the boy approaches you both.
"Ah, señor [last name]! Buenos días to you too!" The curly-haired playfully salute the man, erupting a chuckle from him. "I'm here to assist your child, señor!"
"Are you sure, you two aren't friends?" The older [last name], giving you a side glance. A little suspicious about your guy's relationship.
"I'm sure, papá." Nodding your head, you secretly pinch your sides, knowing that Camilo can feel it too. "A Hundred percent."
"Ack-!" The said boy yelps, moving his body as if he's avoiding something when nothing is touching him. "Hey, that's hurts..." he whined at you, pouting as he gently rubbed his side.
Your breath hitch at the shape-shifter's choice of words, glancing at your father who has narrowed his eyes at the both of you. You wince at yourself for forgetting to tell him since you're too busy complaining to your cousin about your soulmate.
"Hurts? What hurts?" The older man's eyes shifted between the two of you making you panic.
"Oh, they didn't tell you?" You'll find it adorable how Camilo tilts his head in confusion if you aren't in a situation like this. "I'm [name]'s so-"
Swift as a light, you cover his mouth with your hand, blocking his words, "nothing, pá! I need to- we need to go now, bye-bye!"
The [last name] watched you as you, dragged the boy away, pinching his ear and whispering things at him. Making him assume you two are more than just an acquaintance.
"What do you think you're doing?! Are you insane??" You harshly whispered, your ear tingling at the pain you're giving to the green-eyed.
"Your dad doesn't know we're soulmates, why didn't you tell him?"
"I couldn't! He will kill you!"
"What?? I didn't do anything!"
"If he knows you're the one who's behind all my pain, you'll be dead by the end of the day!" making sure you leave a few parts. Letting go of his ear, slightly rubbing it to ease a bit of soreness from it. "Now go do your own thing, and leave me alone."
"Nah, I'm good. I'll help you again like I did yesterday! Let's go!" He dragged you to do your chores for the day, with you groaning, not wanting to go with him.
As weeks go by, his constant bugging you is getting on your nerves. He'll pop out of nowhere, he's trying to befriend you badly, and even try to explain his situation why he always got hurt.
Why do kids like it when someone face planted? He doesn't know, but still, does it, because not only he get to make the children laugh, he also got an excuse to eat as much food as he wants. He's trying not to get hurt again for you, he doesn't want you to hate him even more than you do, right now.
You hate to admit it, but you enjoy it. You enjoyed his company, his jokes, his caring attitude, his joyful personality, all of it.
But there's something that's always been at the back of your head. You're his soulmate.
You two are meant to be.
But what if this soulmate thing didn't exist, would he still like you? Would he still be your friend?
He didn't care about you until he learned you were his.
You hate it. You hate your overthinking brain for coming up with something like that, but what if soulmates don't exist. Would he still like you?
No, of course not.
You hate how he made you feel butterflies, you hate how much love spending time with him. You hate his dazzling smile he flashes you every time you're with him.
You're not sure anymore. If you hate him for hurting you before you met, or the thought of him not caring about if you two aren't soulmates.
He is a Madrigal, he can have all he wanted!
Maybe your father is right. it's the universe's fault for making you believe that you're meant to be.
Camilo trailed behind you around once again, humming a little tune he made up. "So, when are we going to the river?"
"We? No, me."
"[Nickname] we all know you have-"
"[Name]." You emphasize every syllable of your name.
"Oh right, [name]..." glancing at you for approval, and grinning when you nodded, he continued. "We all know you have a big family, like mine. So, I'm helping."
His heart warms up with your little laugh, rolling your eyes at his attempts, "okay, fine. Later at 3, don't be late, molesto."
The shape-shifter watches your back as you leave, breathing out a lovesick sigh. Hearing a familiar grunt at his back, he turned around meeting his cousin: Luisa's curious look with a hint of amusement, as she carried a bunch of shovels.
"I didn't know you were friends with the [last name]s." Lightly chuckling, like she's in disbelief, "no one has ever befriended a member of their family, they're good people though." She announced, before walking away.
"Wait, no one?? As in, never?" Camilo followed right after her, wanting to know the reason behind it. "Why? [Name] seems likable, her cousin too!"
"Wait, you haven't heard?" The big Woman stopped her steps, turning around with a baffled expression, the skirt of her dress swaying side to side. "Their family is against soulmates."
Tumblr media
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Part 2
Storyline explanation: here
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𝑯𝒆𝒓 𝑷𝒖𝒍𝒔𝒆.
𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 : 𝐽𝑢𝑙𝑖𝑒𝑡𝑎 didn't know that her precious 𝒅𝒂𝒖𝒈𝒉𝒕𝒆𝒓 would hide a big secret from her since she was little, until the day she turned nineteen.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
There she is,
Standing alone in cold while holding a basket of fruits. Trying to remember what is she supposed to do in this life.
Her eyes kept staring into the lake as if she's having her own scenario in her own little world. (Y/N) shakes her head as she shift her gaze to where the casita is.
It's been eighteen years, she haven't told her biggest secret to her mother. She doesn't have any confidence to do so, her heart was beating so slow as if it could stop at any moment.
Her face was always pale since she was born in this cruel world, of course she tried her best to keep healthy, Some days, much like this one, (Y/N) felt slipping away from herself. Hallucinating almost everyday. She also barely eat, sleep, and almost never talk to any of her family.
She could hear the distant noise of her sister calling her name multiple times, so she turned fully to the source is. “Oh, Mirabel.” she mutters quitely making the youngest one cross her arms.
“You're daydreaming again, (Y/N).” the older sister raises her eyebrows as she soften her gaze to the younger one, “I am? I think i'm just tired.”
Mirabel frowns, clearly suspicious towards (Y/N). “Say, why don't you go take some rest and i'll do your chores.” the latter widen her eyes, “What? No, i still need to carry these fruits and those ingredients for Mamá—”
She immediately cut off when the youngest Madrigal snatch the basket of fruits from her, it surprises her that she can carry the heaviest basket of hers. “Nope! You're going to get some rest, Mi Hermana. You look very tired, so please.” Mirabel begged making the older one sighs in defeat.
“Okay, but don't overdo it, Mirabel. And thank you so much.” (Y/N) pats her younger sister head as she give her a small smile. How unfortunate, she's not going to see her growing up to a beautiful young lady.
She watches her youngest sister walked away while trying her best not to fall along with the fruits she just picked from the garden. (Y/N)'s smile falters as she put her hand on her chest to make sure that she still can feel the weak heart.
Not many people liked (Y/N) in the town, due to her cluelessness always bringing about misfortune, which she was very unaware of.
About her condition, as well, meant that they would have to take care of her more. People stayed away from (Y/N), except children, but even then the parents would hastily call them away.
(Y/N) never thought much about it, unaware of the scary rumours that revolved around her. People just didn’t like her. That’s it.
She's far different compared to Isabela who is loved by the people in town. Isabela was the opposite of her, as if she's the source light of life and (Y/N) is just a dark cold shadow who keeps hiding in their place.
But like i said, (Y/N) tried her best. She really did. For her Abuela, for the family, for the Encanto. Her thoughts were immediately interrupted when she remembered something, (Y/N) immediately returned to Casita and immediately took the teddy bear she had just sewn.
Surprisingly, she will give the doll to her mother, Julieta. A soft smile slowly crept on her pale face as she look at the stuffed teddy bear with crude stitching she had done to the teddy bear's chest.
(Y/N) held the teddy close to her chest and began to search for her mother presence. When she's about to enter the kitchen, she saw Isabela being healed by their mother.
“You hurt your ankle again?” “Sí, Mamá.” Julieta sighs as she hold her daughter's beautiful— perfect face carefully. For some reason, (Y/N)'s weak heart ache at the sight.
“Remember, Be careful next time.” Julieta smiles at Isabela who nodded her head. “I will, Thank you for the arepa, Mamá.” the perfect Madrigal giggles as she embrace her mother.
Until they heard something fall from the counter as they shift their gaze and only found a cute handmade teddy bear on the floor. Julieta slowly walked to the stuffed bear and pick it up while admiring it by flipping it over her palms.
“Do you know who made this?” Julieta asked her eldest daughter, “I don't know, i think it's Mirabel since she loved to sew.” Julieta smiles at the thought about her youngest daughter wanted to surprise her but failed.
“I'll be going now, don't want to leave the chores alone by itself!” Isabela quickly excuse herself as she flashed her mother a grateful smile and then leave the older woman alone in the kitchen with a stuffed teddy bear.
(Y/N) can only shut her mouth, almost having a heart attack by her own action after tripping herself. She internally scremed at herself, (Y/N) can only ducked her head in shame.
Not long after, She gasp as she've weathered another round of suffering, taking a moment to catch her breath and allow her heart to regain its ability to pump blood through her body.
“I have to take my meds, or else ... I won't be seeing her tomorrow on my birthday.” she mumbles while rub her backhead bashfully.
There is no doubt that (Y/N) is going to die. Soon.
The young Madrigal keeps trying to find a courage to tell her mother that she is the one who sewed the stuffed teddy bear. Sadly, she doesn't have any.
Her weak heart keep beating and beating slowly as if begging for her to stop moving and rest for a while. But she keeps forcing herself to hit the limits, she keeps trying her best.
Not long after, she gave in, expecting for the worst as she enters the kitchen and see her mother is busy cooking for breakfast.
“Uh— Mamá?” (Y/N) called, Julieta stop her work and then turned to see her daughter, “Oh, (Y/N)! G'morning Corazón, Also— Happy birthday!” Julieta greeted her daughter as if she's still baby then hugged her tightly.
(Y/N) didn't hugged her back, making Julieta's smile falter. “Mi vida, are you okay?” The mother asks, (Y/N) raises her eyebrows as she soften her gaze.
“Yes, everything is okay but— i just want to let you know that the stuffed teddy bear you found yesterday, was sewed by me.” the daughter replies as she shift her gaze to the teddy bear where Julieta put it on the counter.
Julieta gasps, “You sewed? Since when? It's wonderful!” Julieta take the teddy bear and began to inspect it again. “I uh— two months ago, and i wanted to give it to you but i failed.” The second eldest daughter of hers ducked her head in embarassement.
“That is so sweet of you, Mi Amor, thank you— i love it. He looks very cute,” (Y/N) notices that Julieta's gaze was stop at the stitching chest on the teddy bear. “He got a heart transplant,” (Y/N) explains making the healer raises her eyebrows in question, tracing the stitching with her hand. “His heart was sick so he got a new one.”
Julieta soften her gaze and then kiss the teddy bear's chest. “Then, i'm glad you're the one who healed him.” the healer laughed at her daughter's priceless expression.
“Yes, i am glad.” she mutters, looking at her mother sadly. The grief inside her began to build up and swell in her chest, and it hurt her so badly.
She was so alone, so sad. She felt as if someone was stabbing at her weak heart with a knife, and it hurts do badly. She never thought that she's going to die and never see the loving mother and Family.
(Y/N) doesn't know why either she hides this weak heart of hers. The way she born different from her sisters and cousins. It made her heart drop. The meaning of a presence will be felt when the loss has taken it, if that happens, then only regret will be created.
She knew that if she dies, Julieta would blame herself for giving her a weak body, a weak heart. Weak lungs to breathe. A part of her didn't want that to happen.
“I haven't eat Mamá's arepa since i was little ... What will happen if i eat them again? Will this weak heart of mine would be stronger and healed?” (Y/N) mumbles making the older woman tilt her head in confusion.
“What did you just say?” the young Madrigal gulped, “Nothing, just some chores. Abuela wants me to deliver those packages again.” (Y/N) reasoned and then give her mother a warm smile.
“Alright then, be careful. If anything happens, find me at my stand like always, okay?” Julieta tiptoes to kiss her daughter's forehead and then her nose, making (Y/N) giggles.
“See you later, Ma!” little did Julieta know, (Y/N) take one of her arepa to test herself out before she's too late to try. The latter sprinted to their garden and then stare at the arepa for a moment.
“Okay then, you only live once. The moment of truth—”
(Y/N) immediately shoves the arepa into her mouth in a second and then let her favor the taste.
But she doesn't know that her hope betrayed her.
Two minutes later, she felt something inside her started to build up making her coughs so hard, (Y/N) close her mouth her both pf her hands as she tried her best to ease her coughing.
Her breath hitched, her throat constricted as if it didn't want to let her breathe through her mouth. Tears started to pool in her eyes as if they were ready to flow at any moment. However, she was in so much pain that she ignored the tears that started to roll down her cheeks.
It didn't kill her, but something inside her died that day.
When she stops coughing, she gasps when she saw the blood on her hands. (Y/N) falls on the ground, staring at the red liquid on her pale hands with shocked. She let a soft sob escape her lips as her tears mixed up with her blood.
“Dios ... Why me?” she sobbed quitely as possible, not wanting to let her cousin hear this sickness of hers. She bloody screamed internally. Debating with herself, should she tell her mother and the family or not. She doesn't had any idea either.
(Y/N) slowly gave in, accepting her fate that she's going to die. Forgetting about her chores as she wipes her bloody hands and mouth. The effect of the arepa is like forcing her weak heart to beat a lot stronger than before.
But that only made her heart pump the blood inside her body a lot faster, almost making herself explode at any moment.
(Y/N) couldn't do anything except stare at the blue sky she admire most since it remembered her to her mother's favorite color. Her smile, her laugh, her hugs, her kisses. She adores them all.
(Y/N) wipe her tears away and let herself to control her breathe.
She is going to die. Tonight.
“Where is (Y/N)?” Isabela asks her sisters who doesn't have any idea either where their sister is.
“She's supposed to be here early!” Mirabel exclaimed as she keeps trying to search her sister from the crowds. “I think she's with Mom.” Luisa add in.
“Then what are we waiting for? Let's go find her.” Isabela grab her sister's wrist and lead them to the kitchen. “Woah! Okay slow down—” Mirabel almost tripped but Luisa immediately catch her.
“Careful.” “Isa, slow down!—”
When they entered the kitchen, the three siblings saw their mother staring at a bloody ruana. And that ruana is (Y/N)'s. “Mirabel, Luisa. Can you two please go check your sister at her room? And Isabela,” the mother turned her gaze to where her daughter is.
“Let's see what she's been hiding from us.” with that, Julieta give the bloody ruana to Luisa and then the two of them quickly left the kitchen in order to find their sister. Isabela was stunned was she sees her mother's tears are gliding on her cheeks but still expressing her worried face without sobbing.
When they finally reach to (Y/N)'s room, her door was completely not shining at all. As if giving them a sign that she's no longer using her gift or she's not in this world already. Julieta wipes her tears away as she grab the knob and open the door immediately.
She saw her two daughters and (Y/N) stood up from her bed while taking the bloody ruana from Luisa's big hand.
“Luisa, i'm fine. There is nothing wrong with me— i'm not sick, no, let's just get ready to party.” the second eldest daughter pondered as she turned her head.
Finally looked at her mother in the eyes. (Y/N) gasped, seeing her worried expression. Julieta held her hands together, worriedly, as if she was waiting for an explanation from her sick daughter.
Isabela's eyebrows were raised, her eyes open wide, and her mouth was slightly agape. She was so worried and (Y/N) felt bad for putting her in this situation. (Y/N) felt bad for everything.
“Mira Mi amor - yo sigo aqui, yo sigo estando para ti.” Julieta walked closely to where (Y/N) is. The daughter can only sobbed as she helplessly hug her mother in tight embrace.
She just couldn't believe that she's going to die.
What a horrible fact indeed, The town's healer can feel that (Y/N)'s body is deadly cold like a corpse. She knew that this is going to happen, but she thought (Y/N) would survive since she didn't do any heavy things - no, she never did.
All she did was reading her books at her room, watching people work, helping her mother prepared for the breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Nothing more, no, nothing more.
“I— ... Mamí, i don't want to die. I-i'm scared, i don't want to— leave... No, i never wanted to leave you, all of you!”
Julieta's heart break at the sight, she couldn't believe it either. Isabela can only watch them in worried, Luisa couldn't help but felt uneasy inside herself, and Mirabel - she's very silent while fiddling her fingers nervously.
“Mi amor— ... Tell us, tell us what do you want to do, what do you want to eat, now.” Julieta whispers in her motherly tone as always, trying her best to calm her soon-she's-going-to-die daughter, even though she could screams at the top of her lungs.
“I don't know— i just ... I just want to be with you, that's all.” (Y/N) replied as she put her head on the mother's neck. Julieta glance at her daughters who are still standing behind her, doesn't know whar to do.
Isabela, being the oldest and responsible one, she understood the sign of her mother's eye gave to her. She quickly assure her sisters to go out from (Y/N)'s room, though she felt hopeless because she's going to lose her secretly favorite sister.
The oh so fragile one.
When they heard the door is finally closed, (Y/N) still wrapped her arms around Julieta's body. Not going to let her go, until the death do them apart. “Mamí,” (Y/N) called in softest way, couraging to stay alive in pathetic way.
“Yes, mi dulce?” Julieta quickly respond as she doesn't want to let her daughter down at her last moment. A comfort silence was filled in the cold room, Julieta's heart began to race too since she saw the bloody ruana of her daughter.
“—Te amo, Mamí. Ugh— ... Por favor, te amo mucho.” she mumbles as her body violently shaking.
It's been so long for her to say those words. Oh so long.
“Me too, mi preciosa, me too. Since the day you're in my tummy, i never felt that i don't love you.” She hushed in gentle tone, as she rubs (Y/N)'s back in circles.
(Y/N) couldn't help but felt relief, so relief that she can finally let the words fall from her mouth ever since she was little. Nothing making her worried now, she's finally relief and in peace. No more burden, no more mockery, no more hate.
Just some peace, love, and her mother.
Julieta help her daughter to lay herself on her bed then hold her hand, she smiled warmly for the first time ever and her eyes war reflecting an eternal happiness. Julieta can feel her tears started to fall again, but she keep her best to stay calm.
It's unbelieveable to stay calm when your dearest person is going to day, well, not to Julieta Madrigal. If this is what her daughter's want, then she'll take any risk to support her. Even though they had to be apart forever.
“Thank you for everything, Mamá ... I'm so lucky to be your— daughter.” and that broke Julieta down in any seconds, (Y/N) still manage to squeeze her hand to comfort her for the last time.
“Tell the others... i love them so much, okay? Please— i... I don't want to leave if my family didn't know that i— i love them dearly...” she sobs, her weak heart beats started to slow more and more. Julieta nods her head, no words to let out.
With that, (Y/N) smiled at her mother then breathed for her one last time. Julieta can feel her daughter's hand no longer holding hers as kept holding it and put it on her forehead.
Though, one day, (Y/N) hope that the necklace that she brought and put it inside the teddy bear can be notice by her mother. A beautiful golden necklace that engraved a special name for the town's healer.
‘ Mi Mama - Julieta. ’
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encanto-hcs · 9 months ago
I like to think that post-movie Alma changed her approach to the rest of the family a lot. Of course it was hard for her, and it took her a lot of time and help from Mirabel, but she tries and that’s a huge step already.
For example, one day she sees Pepa thundering in the backyard. Alma heard Pepa talking to Julieta before, Felix was distant, avoiding Pepa and spending most of the day out, getting on his wife's nerves.
Usually Alma would just tell her to control herself and see if something else was out of line. But now, things are different. She could even hear Mirabel’s voice in her head reminding her that her family needed her too, not only the townspeople.
So, she goes out with her daughter and before Pepa starts yelling that yes, she will stop thundering, she just need to be alone, Alma starts speaking:
“You know, when I was pregnant with you three, there was a point where your father was very distant, I would barely see him all day. I was mad and scared, thinking that he was going to leave me for another woman, someone prettier, wealthier and without babies to take care of. So, I confronted him, and your father's reaction was to laugh while bringing into the room a cradle. We couldn’t afford much at that time, but he started working two more jobs without telling me so he could pay for a bigger cradle.”
Pepa had stopped thundering out of pure shock. Why wasn’t her mother yelling at her? Why was she telling her that story? Alma saw the disbelief in her daughter’s eyes and pressed her lips with guilt before holding Pepa’s hand. “My point here is, that sometimes things are different from what we might think, try to talk to Felix. And if your suspicions are correct, I won’t be the one who stops you from kicking his ass out of this house” she squeaks her daughter’s hands one more time before leaving the yard
“Mamá” says Pepa, still processing what just happened “thank you”
Alma hugs her a tight as she can “I’m sorry hija, this is what I was supposed to do from the beginning”
A couple of days later, the weather in the encanto gets weird: first there’s sun and rainbows, then there’s rain, a lot of rain. Pepa just saw the surprise Felix and their kids organized for their wedding anniversary. Inside the house, Alma smiles at Bruno and Julieta “lovely weather isn’t it?”
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gloww0rms · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
comic using (slightly adjusted) lyrics from coming back to me by leith ross!! i just have a lot of feelings abt bruno madrigal
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multificsworld · 11 months ago
right where you left me
(camilo madrigal x fem! reader)
a/n: I was listening to taylor swift and this idea hit me like a truck i had to write it. let me know if anyone wants a part two, perhaps a fluff to make up for this one <3
warnings: short fic (IT TURNED INTO 1K WORDS WHAT) , fluff fluff fluff fluff ANGST hits u harder than a brick could, break ups, moving away, sad camilo, takes place after movie events
Tumblr media
You’d known Camilo Madrigal for as long as you could remember. You’d met at a young age, your family being close friends to the Madrigals. You could vividly recall attending Camilo’s gift ceremony, so excited for your best friend. You were one of the first people he ran to after receiving his gift, so excited to show off and impress you. Every passing day of your lives, you only grew more fond of one another.
Pepa and your own mother found it endearing, often joking about the two of you getting married when you were older. You were both attached at the hip, there was no doubt about it. Wherever Camilo was, you were right there next to him. If the Madrigals couldn’t find the mischievous boy, they would 100% find him with you all the time. It was almost as if the universe intended for the two of you to be together always.
Or, at least that’s what you used to enjoy thinking. Years had passed, you were both now 15. Camilo had mustered up the courage to tell you about his feelings a while back, at Antonio’s gift ceremony. You were there for him when casita fell, and all throughout it being rebuilt. Not only as his best friend, but also as his girlfriend.
The news was a pleasant surprise to your families, and you remember a rainbow beaming over Pepa’s head, cooing at how cute the two of you were. How she always knew you were meant to be. Camilo had whined, blushing at the intense teasing he received from his family. But he could take whatever teasing was thrown at him, because he finally had you. It was a fairytale ending, for the both of you.
oh, how you wished it would’ve ended like that.
Except, it couldn’t anymore. Your parents had informed you a few days (maybe weeks) ago about their desire to move at breakfast. You’d frozen as soon as it left your mother’s mouth, almost dropping your cutlery. 
“What do you mean move? How far?” you blurted out, eyebrows furrowed in worry. Your parents both looked at you sympathetically. 
“Cariño, I know you’ve grown up here most of your life. But the truth is, we were never planning on staying here forever.”
Your heart had shattered into a million pieces at those words. You’d have to leave the town you were so used to. Leave the love of your life here. Camilo was all you could think about. What he would say, what he would do, how you would hurt him. 
So when you saw him that very day, you didn’t say a word. You put on a fake smile, which turned real quite easily whenever your curly-headed boyfriend was around. You wanted to spend the rest of your time with him being happy, not sulking. So you kept that oh so important information to yourself. Looking back, maybe you shouldn’t have. It would have been a lot easier for you if you’d spoken then instead of now.
Now, as your dorky, loveable, usually cheerful Camilo looked at you concerned, you couldn’t help but want to burst into tears. “Mi vida, que paso?’ he attempted to take your face in his hands, like he always does to calm you down. Instead, you flinched away, tears now freely falling. Camilo’s heart sunk at your action. You didn’t even want his touch, something you so often used to tell him soothed you. You observed your boyfriend’s crestfallen face, and quickly spoke.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Cami.” you mumbled, reaching to intertwine your hands. He allowed you, knowing that you meant no harm. You were just upset. He didn’t yet know the reason, but it must be a good one to get this reaction out of you. 
“Are you gonna tell me what’s the matter? I’m not a mind reader, mi amor.” He spoke to you gently, as if you would run away from him if he spoke any louder. You sniffled as one of Camilo’s hands escaped your grasp to wipe a tear off your face. 
“Please don’t be mad.” your voice cracked a bit as you spoke, avoiding all eye contact with him. 
“What is it?” his voice sounded panicked as the realization of how serious you were being settled in. The room was quiet for a moment, the tension so thick you could cut it. The only thing that could be heard was the soft wind from outside, and your shaky breaths. 
“Camilo, I’m moving.”
The boy blinked, dread filling his entire being. You suddenly looked up at him when you felt his hands fall from yours. You were met with his freckled face, his eyes staring into yours, slightly widened as tears brimmed them. He looked like he’d just been told the worst news of his like, and frankly, he had been. 
“When?” he questioned in a whisper, too afraid that he would falter if he spoke normally. Now, it was him who didn’t want to meet your gaze. You pursed your lips, debating if you should comfort him somehow or let him be. But how would you comfort him? You were leaving. He wouldn’t see you again. He was going to lose you.
“The day after tomorrow. Early in the morning.”
“What?” he snapped his head towards you, trying desperately to find some sort of insincerity in your eyes. Trying to catch you in a lie. He wouldn’t even be mad if it was just some dumb prank. Except, you were serious.
“How long did you know about this?”
You flinched again at his increased volume level. His voice was clear with frustration, with hurt. 
“I knew since last week.”
Camilo let out a disbelieved laugh. “and you didn’t think to tell me then, y/n?!”
“I didn’t want to spend my last full week with you upset and depressed Camilo! I wanted us to be happy, you to be happy!”
“How could you think I’d be happy with this at all? Your leaving in two days, you’re leaving me here after everything?” guilt gnawed at your stomach at his words.
“This isn’t my choice, could you listen to me?” you pleaded with him, never having seen the normally happy boy so close to breaking down. 
“I don’t know if I want to hear more.” He turned away from you, his emotions getting the better of him. You didn’t want the conversation to end like this, but it was evident Camilo needed a breather. So, you simply nodded. You deserved this. Your Camilo had always been so loving, so patient and adoring you, and you repaid him with this.
He deserved the same amount of love back, love that you wouldn’t be around to give him anymore. You stood from your place on his bed, trying to stop any sobs from coming out. Just before you left, you opened your mouth for a final time to him.
“I’ll forever hold you in my heart, Camilo Madrigal.”
bonus feature ;)
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xieula · 11 months ago
How they would comfort you if you were insecure
Encanto characters x Female Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: alright, this is a new account.. which is a new start. So I hope I'm welcomed on tumblr in this .. account. First thing I'd like to post a writing of is Encanto. Since it's such a good movie, how can I resist myself? Enjoy.
Also, I do have insecurities of my own. But in this chapter, I'll place SOME insecurities I do not own, because it can't just all be about me.
Tumblr media
Your looks.
Now, don't get me wrong- looks aren't everything. But you fear that Camilo may lose all interest for you.
It's scary to think, "Camilo only goes for looks." But that's what you often think to yourself, which isn't very unusual for people to see you pacing back and forth, thinking ways on how to gain much more beauty.
The people from the village, Encanto started to aware Camilo by telling him all the things you've been doing recently, and has been going on for quite a while now.
Which makes Camilo upset.
Not upset at you, but at himself. He's been so busy with chores recently that he didn't even notice himself any sooner.
"Y/N, can we talk?.."
Now you were trembling, is he planning to break up? What have you done now..? Have you done something upsetting?
"Mi amor.. I fear that you have a.. huge insecurity about.. your looks?"
Oh, this?
How did he catch up ? How did he take notice ? WHO TOLD HIM?!
"waaaaat, me? Insecurity? About my , pfft, looks?! Funny , Camilo."
Now you know he was being dead serious.
"Mi vida , you are perfect in every way, and I want you to never forget that. Alright? No matter how much insecurities you have, my love will never fade for you."
Those words touched your heart fully.
Now, you don't know if your insecurity is going to fade, but all you know is that it will die down for a bit.
C'mon. This guy literally looks at you for 1 second and he has hearts in his eyes already!! He's in love😔‼‼
Tumblr media
Your smile.
Being a good girlfriend as she already is, she caught up to that pretty quickly.
She's always noticed how you'd always look away from her, like turning from the side whenever you'd smile.
From your whole 3 months of dating, I dont think shes ever seen you smile before.
It's either that you cover your mouth when laughing
Or looking away to which she can't completely see your face!
She knows it's just out of habit but she is very sure your smile is as bright as the sun.
"Uhhh, s/o?" Mirabel lightly spoke
"Yes, Mirabel? Need anything?"
"I've been wondering.." Mirabel stops mid-sentence to gather up her words, "why haven't I ever seen you smile before?"
"Huh..?" You asked, knowing full well what she was saying. You just needed to double check if your ears werent fooling you
"I-I mean, it's either th-that or you're always hiding your smile because you're ... insecure?" Mirabel replied rather quickly, in panic of thought that she offended you.
"Oh.. insecure, seems like you've catched up rather quickly than I expected," you spoke.
Mirabel walks up to you and smudges your face in order for you to make a smiley face.
You thought it was adorable and ended up smiling, which you did NOT want.
Mirabel's cheeks started turning red, probably flustered.
"See?! You're so adorable, awhh!~"
Tumblr media
Your teeth gap.
You've always been so insecure about your stupid teeth gap, why does it have to look so stupid?
Due to your insecurity, whenever Bruno made you smile or laugh, it shows your teeth gap- making you cover your mouth.
Bruno's been quite concerned about it for a while
He decided not to make a scene and just ignore it for a while, though.
But that won't help anything, he wants to see your smile, your wonderful smile..
It may seem selfish of him, but he wants to see you laugh without your hand in the way.
He's decided to approach about your certain habit, which he is aware it may seem offensive- which he prevents on making it sound like it.
"Uh.. i-is it just me or you're always covering your hand whenever you smile or laugh.."
"Oh, uh, yeah, just out of habit. Heh, nothing to worry about, Bruno."
Yeah, easy for you to say that.. he just wants to see you smile for once!
"I just wanted to say that.. I wanna see you smile without covering your hand.."
"Uhm." You spoke- not liking the idea of doing so.
"I-I'm so sorry, if it made you uncomfortable then it's alright , again, I am so so sorry-"
You couldn't help but smile, I mean, that was adorable. And you know he's going to apologize for the next few hours if you don't, so you just had to.
Bruno suddenly stopped talking to gaze at you, with love hearts in his eyes. It just like in one of his dreams.
He's indeed lucky to have you, and he sincerely hopes you continue doing this often.
Tumblr media
Alright, that's the end of it. If you want a part two, well I'll try decided that for now.
If you actually want one, do suggest me some characters!
Hope this one was good enough for you, thank you and goodbye!
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camilos-mivida · 8 months ago
You really are the jerk cousin Camilo
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Encanto angst from aestrius_ in Instagram
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