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josru · 3 months
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Today I got a bunch of errands done in preparation of the upcoming semester. Starbucks finally brought back their Pumpkin Spice Latte, and I bought some autumnal themed makeup to really get back into the fall season. Hope everyone has a good start to school <3
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lovekeebuu · 1 year
Doing a full face of new e.l.f. Cosmetics​ makeup! Trying new elf cosmetics makeup that has recently launched in 2021.These Elf products include the putty bronzer, big mood mascara, bite-size brow and more! Let me know which elf product you want to try most!
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e.l.f. Bite Size Eyeshadow Mini Palette 'Pumpkin Pie' Review + Demo
e.l.f. Bite Size Eyeshadow Mini Palette ‘Pumpkin Pie’ Review + Demo
100 Beauty Recipes for Hair, Face and Body – My DIY Beauty Book Vol. I! – – Hey, pretty people!       The Bite Size Eyeshadow Mini Palettes by e.l.f. Cosmetics got massive attention on TikTok a while back, and everybody seemed to be more than eager to get their hands on them. The palettes come in a total of 8 different styles (10 including the new Mint ones), and only feature a total of four…
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lookingjoligood · 2 years
The Best Eye Shadow Palette And It Is Shockingly Only $3!
Can You Guess What Is The Best Eye Shadow Palette That Only Costs $3!
Bite Sized Eyeshadow Rose Water The little Bite Size 4 pan quad palettes from @elfcosmetics are not only amazing but they’re also only $3 USD! They’re available in 8 different quad combos with the cutest food related names such as Cream and Sugar, Pumpkin Pie, Carnival Candy, and Açaí You. Out of the eight available quads I have three: Rose Water, Berry Bad, and Cream and Sugar. They are all…
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berrygrrl777 · 2 months
coquette on a budget
a lot of people have been associating the coquette community with an upscale lifestyle (Dior perfumes, Chanel dresses, etc.). there aren’t any required products to be a coquette, especially if it’s an expensive item not everyone can afford. however, if you still want to purchase clothes/products that you align with the coquette aesthetic, here’s some stores/brands that I recommend.
makeup and skin care
drugstores and 5 below contain a lot of products at affordable prices!
makeup brands you can find include elf, maybelline, revlon, covergirl, nyx, and wet n wild
some products I’d recommend are maybelline’s fit me face powder and lasting fix spray, wet n wild’s high-shine lipstick, and elf’s bite size eyeshadows
for makeup removal, it’s best to use micellar water, but it’s okay to use wipes if you have to. buy a pack with micellar water in it
burt’s bees, cerave, and cetaphil are good brands for skincare, but you can also find store-brand products at a lower price
unless you have any specific skin concerns, use a facial cleanser, a moisturizer, and an spf. as long as you use a small, yet effective, amount twice a day, these can last you months
body care and fragrance
like makeup and skin care, you can find body products at the drugstore
I’d recommend using Dove’s soap bars and body washes since the bars come in multi-packs and the washes last longer
Dove also has body washes for acne, which I’d also recommend
a good fragrance brand that is a dupe for Bath and Body Works is Bodycology! they’re sold at stores like walmart, meijer, and kmart
stores like 5 below also carry nice fragrances for $5 or less
if you want to have a signature scent, align your body wash, body moisturizer, and fragrance mist’s scents (ex: Dove’s blue fig/orange blossom wash and Bodycology’s picnic breeze)
thrift stores are definitely a good option. make sure what stores are around you, what they sell, and if they have any sales
keep an eye out for any garage sale signs in your neighborhood! you never know what you could find
don’t obsess over having your entire wardrobe looking coquette. it’s okay to have a pair of sweatpants and graphic tees
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tomb-of-ligeia · 9 months
favourite drugstore makeup?
ELF ‘Power Grip’ Primer.
L.A. Girl Pro Colour Corrector.
Maybelline ‘Fit Me’ Matte Foundation.
Maybelline ‘Instant Age Rewind’ Concealer.
ELF 16HR ‘Camo’ Concealer.
ELF ‘Halo Glow’ Setting Powder.
Rimmel London Natural Bronzer.
Milani Cosmetics Baked Blush.
Wet ‘n’ Wild ‘Mega Glo’ Highlighting Powder.
NYX Cosmetics Micro Brow Pencil.
NYX Cosmetics ‘Proof It!’ Eyeshadow Primer.
Elf Cosmetics ‘Bite Size’ Eyeshadow Palette.
Elf Cosmetics ‘Expert’ Liquid Liner.
Essence ‘Lash Princess’ False Lash Mascara.
Shop Miss A ‘Mila’ False Lashes.
Shop Miss A ‘Super’ Lash Glue.
Maybelline ‘Colour Sensational’ Clear Lip Liner.
Maybelline ‘Lifter’ Hyaluronic Acid Lip Gloss.
Rimmel London Stay Matte Fix & Go Primer & Spray.
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aderial83 · 1 month
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Makeup for my photos for @sorebelish always has to be top notch, I always try to find a creative way to incorporate the colors of her earrings into my makeup look, even if it's in the most subtle ways. Like for this set of earrings I used a blue eyeliner to go with the touch of blue on the posts, and in the earrings. When you love what you do, it shows. ❤️ Foundation: @covergirl Simply Ageless Foundation in Ivory Bronzer: @lorealusa 24HR Fresh Wear Bronzer in 200 Contour: @kvdbeauty Light and Shade Mini Palette in Light Concealer: @revlon Colorstay Skin Awaken 5-in-1 Concealer in Cool Ivory Blush: @trysugar Peach Peak Eyeshadow @elf Bite-sized Eyeshadow Quad in Hot Jalapeño (only the gold color) @tartecosmetics Tartiest Pro Palette colors Bold and Edgy Eyeshadow Primer: @thecremeshop It's About Prime Brows: @nyxcosmetics Micro Brow Pencil in Alburn and @profusion Good Brow Day in Soft Brown Eyeliner: @lagirlcosmetics Shockwave Eyeliner in Ocean Mascara: @maybelline Falsies Lash Lift Mascara Lipstick: @anastasiabeverlyhills Velvet Lipstick in American Doll Hair Products: @haskhair Curl Care Curl Shaping Jelly @ogx_beauty Locking + Coconut Curls Air Dry Cream and OGX Smoothing + Shea Sleek Humidity Blocking Hairspray #naturallighting #redhead #makeup #beauty #selfie #beautyunaltered #nodigitaldistortion #curls #naturalcurls #myrtlebeachmodel #southcarolinamodel #redhair #bodypositive #loveyourself #scmodel #beautyunfiltered #photoshoot #photography #motd #photoshootmakeup #redlips #motd #makeupoftheday #shootmakeup #makeupoftheday #boldemotionalcolorful (at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina) https://www.instagram.com/p/CkNC_W-tvHO/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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youarejesting · 2 years
Mall Santa
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[Full Masterlist]
Beta: @juniethebug��� Dedicated: To my Secret Santa @wishesunderthestars​ I hope you enjoy this. Rating: All Pairing: Namjoon x Reader x Jimin Genre: Soft boy Joon, Fluff, mistletoe kiss, cute baby bangtan visits Santa, Santa Joon, Elf Jimin. Words: 2.7k
Summary: Being a mall Santa was hard so each Santa had two assistant elves, checking the schedule Namjoon saw he was working with two of the kindest and cutest elves that all the Santas wished they were paired with Y/n and Jimin. He is scared of tripping over his boots, knocking off his wig and beard and confessing his huge crush on the two of you.
Tumblr media
Namjoon grimaced, looking at the timesheet in the staff room. His name was written in that stupid lobster size twelve font beside the old Jolly man’s name. Yes, that’s right. Namjoon was going to be dressing as the man in red and he was nervous. 
It was a big role and he was so clumsy he might accidentally say the wrong thing, or heaven forbid that he trips on those obnoxiously big boots. He had only experienced the joys of old saint Nick's character a grand total of three times and once it was for ten minutes as a baby vomited in his beard.
His finger ran along the timesheet to see who would be his elf assistants. Each Santa had two personal assistants to help them through the shift. To deal with overly curious children, impatient parents, or misguided teens who wished nothing more than to ruin the Christmas spirit for children.
Jimin. Well, as far as assistants go he was a kind young man and worked really hard. Among the Santa’s he was referred to as an angel, he knew whatever Santa needed sometimes before they knew themselves. Always fetching drinks to keep Santa hydrated and making sure they stayed at the perfect temperature. Not too hot or cold.
Y/n. Now she was a sight for sore and withered eyes, the enthusiastic young woman made the whole scene come to life. She would laugh and sing, encouraging the children and parents to join, the crowds were never awkward or unhappy when she was on shift. 
It seemed like he was in good hands, and the shift was going to be great, he could just feel it. Unable to wipe the smile from his face, did he mention he had the biggest, fattest crush on both of you. Yeah, like he said today was going to be good.
“Hey, how are we feeling?” Jimin called dancing into the locker room, he was happily singing some indie music in his soft tones. Namjoon’s heart was a flutter. “We got a good crowd out there, who is working today?”
Before Namjoon could even muster the courage to open his mouth, Jimin was reading the board, “Ah, Namjoon-hyung, we are working together,” Jimin gave him that sweet eye smile and sauntered over. 
“How are you, let me know if you need anything today, I don’t want you to get overheated, I know the heaters in this place coupled with the suit and beard are hell but I will try to keep you cool.”
“Thanks, I am just a little nervous, I have only been Santa a few times, and well, one of those times I was vomited on, and another time I accidentally used my satoori, and well it was almost a disaster.” Namjoon was dressed only in baggy red suit pants and slumped on the bench trying to calm his nerves.
“You will be fine,” Jimin smiled, taking Namjoon by the shoulders and lifted him to his feet. He removed Namjoon’s shirt and raised a perfect eyebrow in reaction to Namjoon’s broad chest. He then took the red jacket and helped Namjoon's arms into the sleeves.  
Namjoon was in a daze at how the young man just took action helping him dress the part. Once dressed he sat watching Jimin dress using spirit gum to glue his elf ears to his own. His striped stockings drew more attention to his shapely legs.
“Are you ready to go?” Jimin asked, catching Namjoon staring and biting back a smirk. He packed up his locker and walked over taking Namjoon’s hand and wrapping it around his, leading him down the corridor. 
Ahead of them was a female elf, the red striped stockings looked almost like candy cane swirls that disappeared tantalizingly under the green hem of the skirt. 
It was Y/n. You were singing, making a dramatic spin the skirt lifting into a full circle of rippling fabric. 
You were singing something soft and sweet, that Namjoon couldn’t quite recognize. Jimin however had no trouble joining in, his sweet voice matching with yours and it was like an angels choir. 
Honestly, how could two of the purest humans bless his life today? He saw you turn and skip over the bells on your elf shoes jingling the whole way. Namjoon felt his body heat up as you got closer, your sparkly green eyeshadow but he thought it couldn’t compare to the twinkle in your eyes. 
He saw the gold shimmer on your cheekbones mingling with the beautiful faint pink stain that drifted across your cheeks and nose. Namjoon thought you and Jimin were the cutest elves he had ever seen. 
“Hello Namjoon, Hello Jimin,” you smiled, taking Namjoon’s other arm in yours. “Are we ready?”
After getting ready in the locker rooms you all arrived at the staff room dropping off your lunch boxes. “Wait, Y/n can you do my make up like that?”
“Sure sit down, Jimin,” you smiled sweetly and began making the young man over with a small compact case of makeup she would keep for after lunch. 
Standing in front of Jimin one leg on either side of his thigh and holding his chin while you worked. “You look so cute,” Namjoon nodded not expecting you to notice “Namjoon doesn’t he look cute?”
“Yeah really cute, you both look like elves,” Namjoon’s heart ached for the two of you, in your costumes and makeup. 
“There is a lineup of children but we don’t start for another ten minutes so I will get them singing and set up with the camera crew.” Y/n smiled softly nodding to the camera crew and leading the way. 
“So how long have you liked her?” Jimin asked with a cheeky grin, “you can’t seem to take your eyes off of her,” 
“It’s not like that,” Namjoon stuttered, unable to form words. 
“Hey, cool off for a moment,” Jimin smiled, stepping out to help hype the children for Santa, letting Namjoon have a moment of solace.
The sweet voices of Jimin and Y/n mingled with the children in a chorus of jingle bells gave Namjoon at least a few verses of peace to calm his beating heart. He was unable to hold the smile when his two elf assistants called out for Santa to come see the children. 
He walked out, waving to the children with a big smile and a deep ‘HOHOHO’ that made the children beam back. He took a seat in the large throne-like armchair and got comfortable as the children stepped in with their parents and he smiled for photos. 
Within the first few families and children was a young boy and a baby with chubby cheeks, a stylish outfit and a cap, he was placed into Namjoon’s arms and he was quick to react as the young boy was tugging his beard down.
“Ah what a rambunctious little tyke what is his name?” Namjoon used his Santa Claus deep voice.
“His name is Min Yoongi, he is my little brother Santa, can you make sure to get him presents too, Mumma says he likes soft things,” the young boy smiled a gap-tooth grin looking down at his brother.
“Alright, I think I can find something,” Santa grinned at the young boy who scurried off. 
Half an hour later saw a child dragging his parents by the hands and practically running through the gate and running full pelt into Namjoon’s lap. “Santa!”
“Careful, you don’t want to hurt Santa,” Jimin smiled as Y/n handed the young boy a small sweets bag making him grin.
“Hello, what is your name young man?” Namjoon looked at him amused. The boy took a breath practically shaking with anticipation.
“Hello, My name is Jeon Jungkook and I am seven and in second grade. This year for Christmas I wanted to ask for some Ninja gear, the real stuff with sharp edges. I am old enough to use them, I won’t hurt myself.”
“You are a big boy aren’t you, but not even adults start with the real things, maybe you could practice with the safe stuff and every year you can get closer to the real stuff.” He smiled but Jungkook was pouting.
“Every Ninja must first learn how to fight without weapons, you could learn taekwondo,” Jimin smiled doing a flip and some kicks, that made the child gasp, “Ninja’s know how to move quietly unseen you have a lot to practice.”
“Santa, I want to learn to fight,” the parents hummed curiously whispering to one another about signing him up for classes and Namjoon gave a soft ‘HOHOHO’ belly laugh that made the boy giggle.
“Santa will see what he can do,” He waved the boy off and soon it was time for lunch, Namjoon took off his beard and jacket in the staff room and listened to the two of you talking. He enjoyed watching the two of you giggle and tell funny stories about your weekends and plans for Christmas.
The three of you seemed to all be alone over Christmas and Jimin opened an invitation over the table that anyone could join him for dinner. You agreed enthusiastically asking Namjoon if he was able to join and he gave a noncommittal answer saying he would have to check. 
He definitely didn’t have to check to know that he wasn’t busy, it was more about whether he could stand having a cute dinner with the two of you and not combust. The camera crew headed out first ready to set up for a new onslaught of children. 
It didn’t take long to get back in the groove when Jimin called next opening the gate, two adults stepped in and a tiny figure stepped in. He was wearing a dark green Christmas sweater and he was nervously playing with the hem.
He must have been about eight and he looked like he wanted to cry, Y/n knelt on the ground sitting on her heels and looked at the young boy speaking softly. The two spoke for a while quietly about something Namjoon couldn’t hear, but he watched the little boy accept the small pouch of lollies and she stood up taking his hand and walking over.
“Hello Santa,” His voice was soft and breathy, “the pretty elf said you get nervous around lots of people. That's why you have a fence and give people sweets so they like you.”
“I do get nervous, I sometimes trip and I think people might laugh at me,” Namjoon explained and patted the seat beside him, “what is your name?”
“Kim Seokjin, sir,” Seokjin sat his ankles resting on the edge of the couch where Namjoon’s knees bent. The boy was polite and small for his age and yet appeared even smaller by personality. “You can make wishes come true right?”
“I can try, what can I help you with?” Jimin and Y/n were looking endearingly at the two and talking with the parents as some photos were taken.
“Can you help me make friends?” Seokjin whispered sadly, the declaration seemed to shock all the adults in the area. Namjoon blinked confused and then gave a chuckle.
“My dear boy, am I not your friend?” Namjoon teased “Santa is friends with everyone and that includes you, and his elves are your friends too”
“What about friends my age that I can play with at school?” He smiled, “I want to see them every day.”
“Well, That’s up to you, the key to finding a best friend is being yourself. There is always someone who would want to be your friend. Santa likes to laugh so he always says funny jokes to make friends. Do you know any funny jokes?”
Seokjin nodded eagerly, sitting up and looking at Santa, “What do you get when you cross a sheep with a kangaroo?” 
“What do you get?” Namjoon ran his hand over his fake curly beard and gave a small smile.
“A wooly jumper!” Seokjin smiled, Namjoon gave a deep ‘HOHOHO’ laugh and patted the boy on the head, it seemed the boy was more confident and smiling brightly, capturing the perfect photo.
“Bye Santa,” He waved to Namjoon who waved back with a gloved hand. 
Not all experiences with children are easy. Namjoon was smiling as gently as he could at a young boy who was hiding behind his mother’s leg. Jimin and Y/n were both crouched down talking to the boy and giggling while playing with him. His name was Hoseok and he had let a few nervous tears slip when Namjoon wiggled his fingers in a playful wave.
Eventually, Hoseok sat beside Namjoon but the tears started pouring and the photo would be one they remembered for years.
The line diminished and the final hour was almost up, everyone was packing up when they heard a tiny voice shouting. “Wait, Santa!” Namjoon turned and looked at the small boy running, his long fringe had been pulled into a fountain on his head with a Christmas scrunchie. 
“Wait, I have a wish!” He frowned and Namjoon walked over to the gate and opened it for the boy, smiling down he held out his hand and walked him to the seat.
“What is your name son?” Namjoon asked while Jimin looked around for his parents. Y/n found a small pouch of sweets tied with a ribbon, from the leftover box and handed it to the little boy.
“My name is Kim Taehyung and I wanted to wish for something Santa,” He said before cupping Namjoon’s ear and whispering, “I want to wish for a puppy, the fluffy one at the pound, his name is Yeontan and he doesn’t have a home Santa.”
“Hmm, A puppy is a lot of work,” Namjoon saw his mother arrive looking relieved that he was okay and apologizing to them. Namjoon also saw his father who had similar features sneak up with a carry case with a fluffy something inside. “Santa doesn’t give out puppies to anyone, you would have to feed him and water him and love him every day. Do you think you could do it?” 
“I can. I can. I promise,” He cheered, they placed the dog carrier inside the fence and Jimin opened it letting the dog step out and scooping it up.
“Close your eyes and wish really hard, okay?” Namjoon smiled, as the boy closed his eyes and Jimin handed him the puppy, which he held out letting it lick the boy's face. The boy startled eyes opening to see the fluffy puppy. “Merry Christmas, Taehyung”
“Thank you Santa, Thank you so much,” He giggled and ran over to his parents, the dog running circles around his feet. The group got up to leave once more when the boy gasped. Turning back he saw them pointing under the arch. “You are all under the mistletoe, you have to kiss!”
Jimin and Y/n leaned and placed a peck on Namjoon’s cheeks making him blush underneath his fake beard and glasses. The three of you scurried off to the locker rooms and Namjoon placed the things in the laundry basket to be cleaned for the next Santa. You and Jimin had changed as well into your regular clothes and the three of you grinned awkwardly in the hallway.
“I guess we will see each other at Jimin’s for Christmas dinner?” You said but it came out more as a question. Walking ahead Namjoon watched the two of you leaving talking about what to bring and your plans for the afternoon and Namjoon frowned. It was Christmas and he thought now was as good a time as any to tell you both.
“I am in love with you both?” Namjoon said the words echoing louder than he planned and the two of you turned, making him shrink at the thought of rejection. “I just wanted to be honest, I am in love with both of you.”
“That’s funny, I am in love with you both as well,” Y/n giggled her body falling against Jimin’s who was giggling back and nodding, before toppling over onto his butt.
“Same,” He wiped his eyes, “Why did you think I invited you to have Christmas at my place.”
Tumblr media
If you enjoyed this story don’t forget to Like | Share so others can enjoy it too during christmas. Please see my [Masterlist] for more of my work.
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rarebritney · 2 years
Tbh I love your taste in makeup so much and I'm going to Ulta, Sephora, and Target tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any recs (ps I'm pale too, though not the some undertone, but color recs would also work for me). I also love trying out new products and formulas (I even take notes sometimes...)Thank you!!!! 🥰❤
Ooh fun! I love makeup from elf, nyx and wetnwild- I recently got a few things from the elf mint collection ( a bite size eyeshadow palette, a mint color eyeshadow stick, and minty lipgloss) and really love them all. Also elf's workout ready cheek/lip palette is amazing, it's a tiny little cream cheek palette with shockingly high end feeling formulas. I also just love the vibe of a workout cheek palette idk what it is it's like athleisure skincare? It's like a highlighter and three neutral blush/bronzer shades that range from peach to reddish brown. I also wanna try the elf putty blush! I have too many blushes tho!.. Nyx has the best colored eyeliners, the liquid and pencils are good but I prefer the pencils bc the applicators on the liquid brights always drip eyeliner onto my eyelashes and clumps them up😰 pigment is great though, I just have to use them with a brush. I love their blue, teal, white and lavender eyeliners. They're really good and so much cheaper than colored eyeliners from fancier brands. I love drugstore mascara, haven't gone wrong just grabbing whatever one has the cutest name lol I love maybelline the falsies lash lift, l'oreal voluminous mascara in cobalt, and bambi eye. They're all great! I want to try the maybelline lifter gloss- I've heard they are a dupe for fenty glossbombs. I love wetnwild eyeshadow primer, palettes, powder blushes and highlighters a lot. Idk if they still make them but the hello halo liquid highlighter is so good and a bottle will last a lifetime- I think it's a dupe for glossier niteshine. I have the holographic one and it has a really pretty subtle lavender shift! At sephora, I adore everything from tower28, especially the lip jellies. I am obsessed with them. Also love their tinted balm blush! Super expensive but another brand I love is Kosas, their tinted face oil is hg for me and their lip oils are also sooo good, like actually with the $30 imo. Hope this helps, have fun and be safe💖
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oliverandmoose · 2 years
Hi Felicity, can you share some affordable but good quality eyeshadow palettes? Thanks!
For sure! These are all under $25!
Natasha Denona mini glam eyeshadow palette
Natasha Denona mini nude eyeshadow palette
tarte Tarteist pro to go amazonian clay palette
colourpop boudoir noir palette
colourpop blush crush palette
elf cosmetics bite sized eyeshadow palette - rosewater (these are only $3!)
elf cosmetics bite sized eyeshadow palette - truffles
elf cosmetics everyday smoky eyeshadow palette
essence bonjour montreal eyeshadow palette (i love the colours in this palette & it’s only $10!)
Makeup Revolution forever flawless midnight rose palette
NYX gloomy days perfect filter shadow palette
Milani guilded eyeshadow palette in gold
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glitterglamuy · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mel-addams · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Image Description: the first image is the cover of the TTRPG Wyrd Street. A pale woman wearing a hooded robe is seated in the center of a candlelit room, looking with shock at her bloody hands. She’s sitting on a torn and bloody rug, a broken chair in front of her. Behind her is Ji Wensdottir, one of the Iconic Characters, casting a protective spell while she looks down at the seated woman. Surrounding them are glowing runes from the spell, a few floating, jellyfish-like critters made from possessed junk, and a large, menacing ghostly figure, floating in front of a broken window. At the top is the Wyrd Street text logo, and at the bottom is the text “Core Rulebook.”
The second image is an illustration of Blue Rose, a woman holding a sword wreathed in blue flames in her left hand, with a serious look on her face. She has pale skin, pointed elf-like ears, and is wearing close-fitting grey pants and vest, with a poet-style long sleeve shirt. There is a blue rose embroidered on her vest, thin blue streaks in her blonde hair, and she has blue lipstick and eyeshadow. Handwritten beside her is her name, and her RPG class, Vigilante.]
Blue Rose the Vigilante
Wyrd Street TTRPG IndieGoGo, funding now!
Wyrd Street cover illustrated by Dana, whose portfolio you can find here: https://www.danabraga.com/
Blue Rose runs the Rose Garden, a bordello and local neutral meeting place for Wyrd Street’s community.
Zero tolerance for harm to her workers—she will break your arm before you can blink to defend them.
Her class is like a not-necessarily-religious paladin—at first level, pick between justice or vengeance paths for support- or damage-focused abilities as you level!
At level 6, you can become a Grappling Hook Expert! What if your paladin was a classic superhero or pirate? SWING YOUR BAD ASS INTO COMBAT plus a different bonus based on whether you picked justice or vengeance!
A deep dive post from Tyler, with more info on Blue Rose and her class design:
Also, check out this podcast episode for a half-hour interview with Tyler! They went over Wyrd Street’s mechanics, the setting, and “how the heroes of Wyrd Street are more like Daredevil than the Avengers”—being on-the-streets vs larger-than-life.
And that’s all the Iconics revealed! Wyrd Street’s IndieGoGo ends on the 26th, so go give it a gander, and take a peek at the primer to check out the gameplay!
- Wyrd Street Masterpost - Ji Wensdottir the Street Preacher - Lo Karlsson the Drifter - Blue Rose the Vigilante - Five Snow Blossom the Dreamer - Osiron the Fortune Teller - Burning Grin the Scoundrel - Bing Li the Heretic - Na Wen the Brawler - Dr. Zuberi Mbogo the Quack
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coffeeandmakeup · 1 year
Elf Bite Size Eyeshadow + Fenty Diamond Bomb Highlighter Look
Elf Bite Size Eyeshadow + Fenty Diamond Bomb Highlighter Look Elf Bite Size Eyeshadow + Fenty Diamond Bomb Highlighter Look This was a look I did based on a rare moment of inspiration. Typically when I do manage to find inspiration, it’s usually from nature. This time it was after a walk early in the morning near a river. The time of day and weather were perfect conditions for the sunlight to…
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redesign16 · 2 years
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Whet a crazy Monday morning! Check out my new review on Elf Makeup eyeshadow Bite size palette! Click the new link on my Instagram page where it says website you will find the link below! #happymonday #mondaymotivation #mondaymakeup #mondaymakeover #prettyeyes #elfmakeup #elfcosmetics #beforeandafter #beauty #eyeshadowlooks #eyeshadowtutorial #targetfinds #mondaymorning #mondaymonday #drugstoremakeup (at Pasadena, California) https://www.instagram.com/p/CNSxQ2SFHat/?igshid=1lzri4df94o92
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Playing with New Elf Products | First Impressions
Playing with New Elf Products | First Impressions
Playing with New Elf Products | First Impressions Hey Ghouls, A little out of order here as I have already posted my review of the CC Camo Cream but in this video, we have a first impression and playing with some other newer things from elf. Also, I throw in so tips and tricks on how to wear green eyeshadow. elf bite sized eyeshadow palette in Hot Jalapenoelf bite-sized eyeshadow palette in Hot…
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