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carsthatnevermadeitetc · 4 days ago
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Citroën Oli Concept, 2022. A prototype for a compact electric utility vehicle that is made from recycled and recyclable materials. The concept is the first Citroën to use the company’s new logo and is described by them as a “laboratory on wheels”
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hope-for-the-planet · 2 months ago
Hi! Thanks for what you're doing; it's greatly appreciated!
Not sure if you've shared this yet, or if this is the kind of thing you'd like to share, but there are still a few weeks left for American school districts (particularly lower income, rural, tribal, etc. ones) to apply for money to get new electric school buses! https://www.epa.gov/cleanschoolbus
And if anyone's worried that they live too far north and electric school buses won't do well, there's one in Alaska that's doing just fine in even 40 below weather: https://alaskapublic.org/2021/11/16/alaskas-first-electric-powered-school-bus-is-performing-well-even-at-40-below/
So if anyone wants to write to some of their local school districts, and suggest they apply to get electric school buses, this would be a really great moment to do so - the deadline is August 19th.
Hi there! Thank you so much for the kind words!
And thank you for sharing this--it seems like an amazing program. Though they still have their downsides and limitations, it is overwhelming how far electric vehicles have come even in just the last decade.
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ireton · a month ago
Fighting electric vehicle fires - FOX 7 Austin
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gentlemanmotorslifestyle · 5 months ago
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atouchofcool · 19 days ago
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Ducati MotoE V21L electric prototype | ATOC
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blackrider70 · a month ago
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Harley Life Wire from JvB-Moto
In the Rain from Café Racer Meeting in
Glemseck 101
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mensfactory · a month ago
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DeLorean Motor Company’s ‘040 Omega’
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demoralised · 4 months ago
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Sean Wotherspoon-designed Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo
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emeraldeyeball · 3 months ago
Hyundai N 2025 VGT
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The truck can optionally provide up to 9.6kW worth of power through ten 120v outlets and one 240v outlet (base model has 8 120v outlets capable of 2.4kW). With the base 98kWh battery, that power could last 10 hours at full draw – but much much longer than that in practical use, since crews won’t max out the draw of the vehicle for hours straight(..) This allows crews to run power tools, lights and fans to help clear debris from roads and conduct “muck outs” of flooded homes. The truck platform is easier to set up than a generator, which reduces downtime for crew. Plus it eliminates the additional noise, smell, and emissions of portable gasoline generators(..)
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rjzimmerman · 3 months ago
Excerpt from this story from New Atlas:
Dutch company Lightyear has unveiled what it claims is the world's first production-ready solar car. The Lightyear 0 is a family sedan with 5 sq m (53.8 sq ft) of solar panels built in, capable of generating up to 70 km (44 miles) of charge-free driving a day.
Having scaled its workforce up to 500 people and hooked up deals with more than 100 suppliers, Lightyear is deadly serious about this venture and ready to start manufacturing. Its first car is this four-door fastback electric sedan, with enough onboard battery to deliver a very solid 560 km (348 miles) of freeway driving at 110 km/h (68 mph), even without the sun shining.
That's a pretty impressive number; in WLTP testing, the Lightyear 0 delivers 625 km (388 miles) of range, or nearly 4 percent more than Tesla's Model 3 Long Range AWD. Lightyear says it's developed the most efficient electric drivetrain ever, and that these range figures come from a battery pack holding just 60 kWh. For comparison, the Model 3 Long Range AWD is reported to run an 82-kWh pack.
It'll spend far less time on a charger. Solar panels can't give you a full battery charge on a sunny day, but they can certainly make a contribution – and here's where Lightyear's efficiency-first approach pays off. Under ideal conditions, the solar panels covering the hood and the fastback roof can chip in up to 1.05 kW of constant trickle charging.
Over the course of a full summer's day, Lightyear says that can power up to 70 km of driving. That's twice as far as the lightning-quick Roman legions could march in a day. Add in a fully topped-up battery, and Lightyear says that if your daily commute's less than 50 km (31 miles), you can run this thing for months, and thousands of kilometers, before needing to plug it in.
The solar charging can contribute up to 10 km (6.2 miles) of range per hour. On a household plug, it'll charge at 32 km/h (20 mph), and it'll fast-charge at up to 520 km/h (323 mph) where the infrastructure's available.
The Lightyear 0 is also ludicrously, unforgivably expensive. Only 946 will be built, with deliveries to start in November, and each one's asking a ridiculous €250,000 (US$266,000). Should they sell, the company says it'll be set up and ready to move forward with a solar car for the people, with a starting price point of €30,000 (US$32,000) and a target production date around the start of 2025. We feel like we've heard this one before. Ah well, I guess there's always the little Squad solar car for US$6,500, or the Sono Sion solar hatch for US$31,000.
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carsthatnevermadeitetc · 11 days ago
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Volkswagen Gen.Travel Concept, 2022. A prototype for an autonomous electric long distance travel vehicle.  VW claim that the car's modular interior concept makes it a flexible, sustainable, alternative to short-haul flights. The Gen.Travel has the active suspension eABC (electric Active Body Control) that calculates vertical and lateral movements such as acceleration, braking, or cornering ahead of time, and optimizes the driving style and trajectory accordingly. Artificial intelligence (AI) and platooning - fully autonomous driving in convoys - are used to further increase the range for long-distance journeys.
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dddribbble · 18 days ago
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Electric Scooter Promo Landing Page Animation Concept bike charging concept design electric electric bike electric scooter electric vehicle ev interface mobility moving rechargeable scooter ride scooter scooty ui ux vehicle website
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gentlemanmotorslifestyle · a month ago
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atouchofcool · a month ago
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Rivian R1S | ATOC
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renaultlove · 7 months ago
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Renault just released a teaser for a hydrogen concept demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.
The design seems to be teasing the upcoming R5 as well.
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mensfactory · 9 months ago
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Mercedes Vision EQXX EV Concept
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