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mashkwi · a month ago
My mother has a new job working as a cleaner in an elderly care home. She said she was shocked at how poorly those old ladies and men are treated. As an example she told me a nurse took a lady in a wheelchair for her shower, but didn't take the time to tell her what was happening or anything and just left her there under the water. Came back to pick her up she hadn't cleaned herself and was just confused so she pinched the caretaker who responded by saying "oh, if you want to be like that your hair can air-dry" and just walked away. Like my mom said, for me and her air-drying our hair is just what we always do but those older ladies who had curlers in their hair every morning were accustomed to having their hair dried after bathing, not just limp on their skull wet as they slump confused in a corner of the nursing home. But, on the flip side as my mother was too busy cleaning to dry the lady's hair, the caretaker was probably also under the impression of "I have too much to do and I don't get paid enough to deal with this". There's an obvious party to blame but no one wants to say it out loud: the government.
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mindnumbing-brain-candy · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Well, he loves her.)
Huh. I guess love means showing up?
Well look at you! All the way up to lesson number one million and two.
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werewolfmack · 4 months ago
Besides coffee, which might just be a habit/addiction, most elders I care for have a super keen interest in sweets above all else. Candies, ice creams, cookies, etc. The WWII veteran I knew would literally eat the bowl of granulated sugar if you left it on the counter. So what is y'alls one thing that at age 90 your caretakers will have to hide from you or spirit it away otherwise you will eat the whole box/tube/bag? Mine is cake frosting.
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honeysucklepink · 8 months ago
Sigh, and a little *phew*
This weekend, after a year of sitters, temporary skilled nursing/rehab stays, hospitalizations, and two-week rotations between me and my sister to care for Mom during chemo (which was really more about taking care of an incontinent father with moderate dementia), my dad is finally in an assisted living home. He's on a Level Four care plan, his meds are being administered and monitored, and the dining room serves three meals a day plus an ala carte menu. He has a studio apartment with a little kitchenette, big walk-in closet, and accessible bathroom. He has his duck prints, his huge hat collection, a couple of his mounted duck trophies (he was an avid duck hunter back in the day), his TV, and a shelf full of Patrick McManus, Dave Barry, and Lewis Grizzard books. He has old friends from church, Rotary, and his old job.
The one thing he doesn't have is Mom.
Last night was his first night there, and she spent the night. The plan is for her to visit every day, but y'all, these two are BONDED. We thought that maybe without the stress of caring for him 24/7 Mom would be able to do okay on her own. Now I give it less than a month before we're moving her in with him.
Anyway, at least I have fic writing, and reading. The one thing this experience has given me...I know what my prompt for the 3-2-1 challenge will be.
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pavlovadiplomacy · 7 months ago
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healthy-freaky · 20 days ago
Tonight was decent.
Watched a movie called Rogue Hostage while biking.
Then went on to The Edge of the World.
Here are 2 meals.
I want dessert but I am at my calorie limit.
I haven't heard from my gf this whole evening. She said she was going to charge her phone. And walk her dogs. She must be in a mood?
I am trying not to increase my anxiety about it.
Close to the end of the first movie, I started microwaving our meals. Mom got a Chicken bowl and I got a low carb Tahini bowl, with some added Kung pao cauliflower.
Oh, she just texted now. 10:36 pm.
Focus on yourself, focus on yourself.
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I bet when I drop 100 pounds and am smoking fucking hot they will take me seriously then.
I am guessing it won't even take that long.
50 pounds! Bet!
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words-of-holly · 24 days ago
I just had to buy my first pair of compression socks after three years of working on the floor in healthcare facilities.
Does this mean I am officially a member of the health service industry?
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theredhairing40 · a month ago
I got an odd job lined up to help me, and another family... they’re wanting me to stay with the grandmother for a certain period of time per day. Which days is unknown to me at this time... I’ll help out the best way that I can, see what happens after that.
Wish me luck ^_^
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dafan7711 · a month ago
Watch "How “dementia villages” work" on YouTube
Cool vid (7 minutes) on dementia villages and universal design - https://youtu.be/LN_--egst3s
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raedusoleil · 2 months ago
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My sibling found a recipe for egg muffins which fit the bill for Dad’s need for protein and can be adapted to meet dialysis diet needs too, so once a week I crank out a big batch of these things.   Dad gets them mostly as a snack, with some unsalted rice “crunch rollers” and a fruit cup.
We have to store them in the fridge in an opaque and unlabeled container, because if Dad realizes they are there, he will eat them like they are cupcakes, and suddenly five them of them will be gone.  An unmarked container, especially one not in the front row of the fridge, doesn’t seem to register on his snacking radar.  
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firstpersonnarrator · 2 months ago
“I am a grown man. You’re my child. I don’t need your help.” He’s 85. Had children late in life. I’m sitting here at his house today, instead of work, specifically so that I can help him. I love him. I want to be here for him. I am here for him. But I’m a girl. I’m his child. He doesn’t need my help. Grrrr.
I swear to god and the entire concept of pinky swearing that he actually looks at me and sees, My Child + Girl = “I’ll wait til your brother is here.”
One day we were out to breakfast at his favorite restaurant, where the main clientele are always his generation, people facing aging just like him. He looked at some of the other diners who needed help standing or seeing the menu, etc. This put him in an introspective, sharing mood. Rare, but happens every once in a great while. Looking melancholy, he told me that it’s hard for him when a female offers him help. It makes him feel like less of a man. I swear to god, I am embellishing nothing.
He’s 85. He can’t bear help from a female. It makes him feel like less of a man.
This kinda makes me want to post something on tumblr for the whole world to see that this shit actually happens in real life. Not just Feminist Studies courses.
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mashkwi · 10 days ago
It is one of the painful consequences of extreme old age that it ceases to excite interest, and is apt to be left solitary and neglected...
Chancellor Kent, Van Alst v. Hunter 5 Johnson N. Y. Ch. Rep. at p. 159
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caresmartz-inc · 3 months ago
Honoring and Protecting Seniors On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
Tumblr media
1 in 10 people over the age of 60 experience elder abuse in one form or another. - National Council on Aging (NCOA) 
Family members, a spouse, or an adult child carry more than half of these abusecases. Since much about elder abuse is secretive, accurate research on correct statistics may be complex.  
The NCOA estimated that 1 in 14 senior abuse cases aren't reported to authorities.
This unawareness makes it essential to gain information about the realities of  elder abuse and encourage more seniors to speak up. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is on June 15 every year and is a reminder to everyone about raising awareness on this topic to help keep seniors safe. 
On this day, it's always a good time to take notes and start the conversation to  end elder abuse.  
What is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day? 
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day or WEAAD is celebrated on June 15 globally. The world recognizes this day to highlight different types of abuse and neglect of older people, helping authorities take action against it.  
The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) established WEAAD in June 2006. The United Nations officially recognized this day in 2011.  
What is Elder Abuse? 
Elder abuse may be defined as a single or repeated act or lack of appropriate  action in a relationship. Abuse usually occurs where there's the expectation of trust, causing harm or distress to an elderly. 
1 in 5 elder people have personal experience of abuse, affecting almost 2.7 million victims across the country.  - Hourglass's 2020 Research 
Despite the high number of people affected, media reports hardly acknowledge  the cases. Therefore, many older people facing abuse find their voices go unheard.  
What are the Warning Signs of Elder Abuse? 
The older adult and close acquaintances must know of some warning signs to  report elder abuse. These signs may differ depending on the type of abuse  perpetrated.  
The NCOA has broken abuse into five categories: 
● Physical Abuse: 
When the elderly are physically abused, they will have physical signs on their  bodies. Look for signs like pressure marks, bruises, burn marks, abrasions, and broken bones.  
● Emotional Abuse: 
Emotional abuse signs may seem hard to spot but aren't impossible. Family members and caregivers have to notice their behavior and accompanying changes closely.  
You may see the eldery withdrawing from regular activities they once enjoyed  without any explanation. Or, they may become quiet, which may point toward  depression or strain in their relationships.  
● Financial Abuse: 
Unfortunately, one of the most common forms of abuse is financial abuse, which costs older Americans $36.5 billion per year. 
In most cases, financial abuse is very personal because those closest to the older adult are the ones stealing money from them. Even worse is that close family members indulge in different types of fraud, including Medicare and Social Security scams.  
● Neglect: 
If older adults feel neglected, they miss the desired quality of life and care they  need to lead a healthy life. This may include the older adult not getting the required physical or medical care, leading to heart-wrenching consequences.  
For example, not eating enough may result in malnourishment, inadequate medical care may lead to bedsores, and missing daily care services may result in  poor hygiene.  
● Verbal Abuse: 
It's a form of psychological abuse that makes a person feel unworthy and  diminished. The abuser may use belittling threats and comments to establish power and control over the older adult. Even worse is that the senior may not even realize the amount of damage done to them.  
Older adults who experience abuse have a 300 percent higher risk of dying than their peers who are not abused.  - National Council on Aging (NCOA) 
If you suspect an elderly person is being abused or mistreated, report it. Know  that it may mean the difference between life and death for somebody. 
 How to Reduce Elder Abuse? 
Elder abuse may happen for many reasons. For example, senior communities  might not have enough members to care for the residents. However, you can stilltake measures to reduce the abuse.  
● Have your Seniors Stay Nearby: 
Lonely people tend to be depressed or wallow in loneliness and sadness. They may feel like a burden. By keeping your elderly close by, you have the opportunity of assisting them, especially when you, as a responsible caregiver, notice they need it the most. With this, the chances of neglect and abuse reduce.  
● Keep in Close Contact with them: 
Regular contact enables you to keep tabs on your loved one's daily chores and habits, so you can offer help when they need it the most. Consider a medical  alert system so that seniors can contact you with the press of a button. Additionally, you'll be able to look out for changes that signal abuse.  
● Encourage Seniors to Attend Community Events: 
As people age, they naturally start feeling isolated. Attending community events allows them to keep up an active social life and stay in touch with a variety of activities.  
● Initiate Conversations about Scams: 
Older people are the most vulnerable to scams, so make it a point to talk to your loved ones about some common scams. For instance, impersonator scams are common. The elderly also need to watch out for scammers pretending to be a  charity, Medicare, or lottery reps. Make seniors be weary of relatives who call and ask for money.  
● Be Selective with Caregivers: 
Strive for balance when choosing caregivers from your family and friends. Stressed caregivers aren't a good choice for anyone; instead, they add to the already difficult job of caring for an elderly person. 
It is worth creating a system that doesn't burden a few people with all the caregiving. If you hire paid professionals, reach out to agencies that indulge in  thorough screenings  and match patients with skilled caregivers. 
Keep note of any behavioral changes or changes in their appearance or mood After all, these can be signs of abuse.  
 The Conclusion 
Hopefully, this guide has helped enlighten you about the significance of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Whether you're a senior or have loved ones who are seniors, you need to be aware of these warning signs to keep your elderly loved one safe. 
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weirdcultstuff · a year ago
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goingtiny · 5 months ago
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About nine months after this really nice cutting board went AWOL in my folks house, it has been found!
When my sibling was visiting, she changed the sheets on mom's bed, and found it under the mattress.
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sewneo · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Here's a piece of art I made, whilst sitting in honor with our "pops" whilst he drew closer to death and was having trouble thinking straight.
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healthy-freaky · 2 months ago
Long fucking day! Worked 10+ . Many fires.
Talked to my work BFF on the phone and she was talking some serious anti gay shit. Talking about grooming kids, and "it's an agenda," pro FL governor, and anti CRT.
What the actual fuck??
This person, who knows all about my gay and is bisexuality herself is spouting this shit like it is the gods honest truth. 🙌 It was almost like she was quoting from some mail my mom got.
Are you fucking kidding me?
So.... I am about to check into my diversity class and talk about it.
But people. When you hear this shit, see where it is sourced. These super right wing groups are saying all sorts of stuff. It is all propaganda. They have an infinite ♾️ budget for mailing stuff for their "grassroots" campaigns.
Also- don't know who needs to hear this, but being LGBT does not make people pedophiles. Pedophiles are predators, obviously. Is that bad? Yes! But stereotyping a whole group of people that have legitimately been victimized their whole lives for being gay as yet another dangerous thing is irrational and hateful.
Most pedophiles are male predators. Statistically, most of their crime is hetero. So MF stop it! ✋️
We are gay, we live in the midwest. We know that our chances of finding a long term mate are slim to none. Stop persecuting us for this stuff that is made up by a propaganda machine.
What is the gay agenda?
To live our lives in peace! Find someone we like and have some dates. Maybe laugh a out how lonely we have been. Talk about how our parents threw us out if the house when they first found out.
We live in the midwest. We know we are going to die alone.
We know that many of us with be caring for our aging republican parents, who will still introduce us to the opposite sex in the hopes the gay has phased away. Our siblings, awash in hoards of kids, will love their lives as we try to turn away from the hateful shit our parents still do, even as we care for them in their later years.
We are already MF sad. It never goes away.
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