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incorrectbuddie · 1 day
Buck, to his parents: What took you guys so long? I thought you were gonna be here an hour ago!
Phillip: Well, we were making good time in traffic until I got cut off by some crazed motorcycle hoodlum in black leather
Eddie, entering the room: Sorry I'm late, I got stuck behind some walnut driving six miles an hour
Phillip, pointing at Eddie: That's the hoodlum!
Eddie, pointing at Phillip: That's the walnut!
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eddiebuckley-diaz · 22 hours
The fact that Eddie questioned whether they should be congratulating Buck in this and not having anything else to say is so so loud.
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moonlightsunlight1 · 12 days
Buckley-Diaz family in brief:
Eddie's phone Buck's phone
background background
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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incorrect118buddie · 2 months
Eddie: My future partner must be brave, strong, intelligent, successful and organized.
Buck: *steps on a caterpillar and proceeds to drop to their knees and sob while apologizing profusely*
Eddie: That one. I want that one.
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valenschmidt · 3 months
Buck fell first but Eddie fell harder
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You can't change my mind
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bellabrady · 3 months
911 characters + text posts (part 13)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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winterchrisp · 6 months
Eddie: What are you doing?
Buck: *snuggling into Eddie’s arms* Hiding
Eddie: ........ do you mean hugging?
Buck: *pauses and looks up* Did I mumble?
Eddie: No....?
Buck: *snuggling back into Eddie’s arms* This is my safe space.
Eddie: I’m your.....? 🥺
Buck: Yes. Now shut up and put your arms around me
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Ok but realistically…..there isn’t any reason that Buddie CAN’T become a thing. Like this show is obviously not shy of queer couples so it’s not like it’ll be anything new, plus the fact that’s it’s these two and a lot of (vocal) people seem to be for it.
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buckleysboutin · 8 months
Tumblr media
forever wondering if this was scripted or if it was just Ryan and Kenneth being Ryan and Kenneth and getting caught in the act
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ragsweas · 22 days
Okay is it just me or are they purposefully removing Buck from Eddie's conversations? Like the distance, it's glaring! One of it is because ofc Buck was trying hide the whole "No nut November" reason, but also??? The tsunami mention??? Like, what is happening???
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buck: i bet you couldn't fit the whole popsicle in your mouth
eddie, without thinking: oh please, i had bigger things in my mouth
buck and eddie: *staring at each other, realizing what he said*
hen, putting down her book: oh boy, this day just got a whole lot better
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incorrectbuddie · 5 hours
Buck: Eddie taught me to think before I act...
Buck: ...So if I smack the shit out of you, rest assured that I thought about it and am confident in my decision
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eddiebuckley-diaz · 23 hours
Going insane over how many times eddie and buck are next to each other this episode
I’m absolutely feral
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hannigramislife · 2 months
Me: *starts 911 season 6*
*Buck and Eddie kitchen scene*
Me: Why are you gae?
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incorrect118buddie · 2 months
Bobby: Ooh, somebody has a crush
Eddie: Pfft, I don’t have a crush on Buck I just think he’s cool, it’s not like I stay up at night thinking about him.
*Later that night*
Eddie, very much awake: Uh oh.
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oh-i-ship-that · 1 year
Chimney seeing scratches on Buck’s back while they’re changing: Damn, you and Eddie must’ve gotten a little kinky last night.
Buck hurriedly putting on his shirt and turning red: Uh, yeah. Sure. Ha.
Eddie smirking while fastening his belt: Oh yes, helping a raccoon down off the roof at 3am because “I don’t want him to fall and get hurt, Eddie” is very kinky.
Chim laughing: Okay, but that doesn’t explain the scratches.
Buck: Fine! The raccoon got on my shoulder and slipped which caused him to scratch my back.
*Eddie and Chim hysterically laughing as Buck storms out of the locker room pouting*
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