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Everything okay?
If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, you are not alone.  
If you are in the United States, please try:
National Eating Disorders Association (support, resources, treatment options)
If you are outside the United States, visit IASP to find help lines related to eating disorders for your country. 
For self-help courses on body image and general peer support, please try Koko. 
If you need some inspiration and comfort on your dashboard, follow Post It Forward on Tumblr.
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scalematters · 6 months
Tumblr media
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mscherrycola · 11 months
the feminine urge to completely destroy your health for beauty standards
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xxbeexx-exe · 10 months
r8 the best ed/ triggering media i have seen (with links)
hiya lovely's here is my triggering media list with links of were to watch them (WARNING some of there links are illegal sooo not on me if u get a vires) i will be giving my personal rating on the gen plot, how triggering it was and my personal thoughts, also will be giving a synopses and critic rating. skip to the end to get the list without all my extra thoughts. plz feel free to add more media/ thoughts in comments and retweets. every interaction helps.
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧to the bone (2014) - MOVIE-*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
personal rating
trigger rating
critic rating
70%Rotten Tomatoes
personal thoughts
ahh the iconic love that is to the bone, this is a go too triggering movie and shows very triggering thinspo and ed tips, the main character can get annoying tho. Ellen is very relatable and the way the people around her react to her sickness is very triggering and very realistic. this movie is on netflix in aus but u can watch an illegal version here
To The Bone follows a 20 year old anorexıc Ellen. Ellen has been through multiple programs to help with her disorder, but all have resulted in more weight loss. Her new doctor might have an answer.
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧skins (2007-2010) -- TV --*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
personal rating
trigger rating
critic rating
8.2/10 · IMDb
personal thoughts
cant get enough of this show, not so much triggering in a ed sense but it talks about basically any struggle a teen can have. i guarantee you will kin someone from this show it is so freaking cool. you can watch it here
Skins was a British TV program running 7 seasons, featuring a highschool cast. Skins was noted for its approach to complex subjects such as eating disorders, sexuality, mental disorders, teen pregancy, and so on.
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧Mean Girls (2004) -- movie --*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
personal rating
trigger rating
critic rating
84%Rotten Tomatoes 4/5Common Sense Media
personal thoughts
this movie is not very triggering but dose feature a character gaining weight with a food they think is very low cal, anas worse fear. the movie is a classic and worth a watch anyway. this movie is on netflix in Australia but u can also watch it here
Mean Girls followed main charachter Cady Herôn through her new highschool life, where she joined an unlikely group: The Plastics. The Plastics made up the prettiest girls in the school, however, everything about them isnt all shiny.
✧*:・゚✧Supersize vs. Superskinny (2008-2014) -- TV --*:・゚✧*:・゚
personal rating
trigger rating
critic rating
6.8/10 · IMDb
personal thoughts
idk how tf British people make the most triggering shit but oh my geez this show is a super skinny (normally anorexic) person swap diets with a obese person and its fucking crazy to watch, you can watch this in the background of doing anything which is a huggge plus. you can watch it here
SvS was a British TV Program spanning 7 seasons, from 2008 onwards. Comparing the TOO skinny with the TOO fat, the complexities were brought to the participants attention by the eccentric and charming Dr. Jessen
-to the bone (link here)
-skins (link here)
-Mean Girls (link here)
-Supersize vs. Superskinny (link here)
other media
∞༺♥༻✧Thin (2006)
∞༺♥༻✧America's NextTopMõdel
∞༺♥༻✧Gılmore Girls
∞༺♥༻✧The Runaways
∞༺♥༻✧Girl Interrupted
∞༺♥༻✧Starving In Suburbia
∞༺♥༻✧Perfect Body (1997)
∞༺♥༻✧For The Love Of Nancy
∞༺♥༻✧Red Band Society
∞༺♥༻✧Little Miss Perfect
∞༺♥༻✧Sharing The Secret
∞༺♥༻✧When Friendship Kills
∞༺♥༻✧Men, Women, And Children
∞༺♥༻✧Dying To Dance
∞༺♥༻✧I Am Maris: Portrait Of A Young Yogi
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m-mortality-rate · 11 months
It’s hard to starve yourself when someone’s constantly shoving food in ur face and watching you eat
Tumblr media
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c1gar3tt3-daydr3am · 11 months
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yourskinnygf · 10 months
I want to go of the rails. Do hard drugs, get skinnier and skinnier. Have more friends even if they are just fake. Do molly or whatever the fuck else with my friends. Drink and party all night. Smoke cigs and build fires. Stumble home and do it all over again the next day
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s4t4nsmon4rchy · 10 months
Just a reminder don't wait til your in the hospital dying it get help
Around every 90 minutes someone does from a eating disorder, more than 40% of those people are overweight! You may wonder how? With anorexia you can die even if your bmi says your overweight because of the fact malnutrition can happen at any weight for example on the show my 600lb life a man at 430 was hospitalized for starving himself and getting malnourished he almost died! With bullimia it's not necessarily you die from being underweight it's from your body giving out all that acid you throw up messes with your kidneys your liver etc your body starts shutting down so does your stomach because it's not meant to throw up that much as someone who's been hospitalized due to bullimia.
Don't wait Til your "skinny enough" to get help when only 20% of people with eds are underweight.
Please reblog this it could save someone's life
Edit: don't forget about BED normally when people think of EDs they think bone skinny people when in reality many countries like American and England BED is becoming more of a issue as well
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arcticlunacy · 10 months
Ana tip 4:
Wear a rubber band around you wrist and when you think about eating snap it so you stop. You can also pinch your fat when you think if food so you stop. Remember, if you can pinch it, you can lose it.
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vics-ed-blog · 1 year
Why do we need food why cant we just run on batteries or something
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itzpradababy · 8 months
𝙑𝙎 𝘼𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙡 𝙁𝙪𝙡𝙡 𝘽𝙤𝙙𝙮 𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙠𝙤𝙪𝙩
Tumblr media
Hey babes! Here’s the full VS angel body workout <3
Part One (Outer Thighs):
* 60 dumbell side lunges (alternating)
* 30 dumbell standing outer thigh lifts (each side)
* 50 lying outer thigh lifts
* 50 half bridge side abductions
* 50 walking lunges
Part Two (Booty):
* 50 squats
* 2-minute wall sit
* 50 donkey kicks (each side)
* 50 donkey leg raises (each side)
* 30 single leg half bridge circles (each side)
* 100 swim kicks
Part Three (Calves):
* 100 calf raise pulses
* 100 plié calf raise pulses
* 100 toes-in calf raise pulses
* 50-step farmer's walk
Part Four (Inner Thighs):
* 30 inner-thigh criss crosses (alternating)
* 15 inner-thigh circles (each side)
* 50 sumo squats
Part Five (Waist/Obliques):
* 30 side hip raises (each side)
* 100 side heel-touch crunches
* 50 butterfly twists
* 200 criss-crosses
* 60-second vacuum
Part Six (Stomach/Abs):
* 20 lying double leg lifts
* 20 reverse crunches
* 10 single-leg ball rolls
* 1-minute plank
* 10 roll ups
* 10 1-2-3 pulses
* 11 dig and drags
Part Seven (Arms):
* 40 dumbbell bicep curls (alternating)
* 10 push ups
* 10 diamond push ups
* 1-minute golf ball arms (each direction)
* 1 1/2-minute chest pres pulse
* 10 single-leg tricep dips (each side)
Follow for more 💋
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loser-number785 · 10 months
I need to actually be successful this time I can't be a failure anymore
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scalematters · 9 months
when normal eating feels like binging
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mscherrycola · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
these brandy matching pj set are the only thing i will b wearing when i get skinny
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whats-eating-again · 10 months
Tumblr media
I'm so bored tho
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skalet0nb0y · 10 months
relatable af
Tumblr media
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