dduane · 2 days ago
Well, thank F***! And the Authors’ Guild. :)
Spread the news far and wide, friends.
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girl-please-study · 2 days ago
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Today has been a productive day, I read about 100 pages, reviewed bio notes, took a practice test and studied a bit organic.
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mysharona1987 · 2 months ago
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uncle-jingo · 6 months ago
The shit is in progress of hitting the fan.
Your time is a resource. Use your time to gain knowledge and skills. This translates to power and survival for you and yours.
Speaking of resources, you should take the time to explore
Going to show you an example of why you want to spend some time on this site. There are six sections on farming. These are just the first section
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some may note the Book of the Farm and the Book of the Garden.
The list of categories is awfully impressive. You should spend some time on this site.
Are you prepping?
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paolasecondin · a month ago
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crimson-flamez · 11 months ago
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Tor’s Free Book of the Month is Gideon the Ninth. I highly recommend it! I had to post this so more people can find out about this.
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bookwormingparty · a year ago
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aceinthetrap · 2 months ago
Revenge by Tom Bower in epub, mobi, and pdf formats. Will be available in google drive until July 31st only.
NOTE: Google restricted the files again. Done sending format via email. Support the author!
@scorpiotwentythree @mysteriouslytransparentwitch @anonymoushouseplantfan @the-cat-with-the-emerald-tiara-1
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usnatarchives · a month ago
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NARA gif from "Your National Archives" NARA ID 12065.
Happy #National BOOK Lovers Day! By Miriam Kleiman, Public Affairs
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Happy #NationalBookLoversDay to our many literary fans ! Of course, here at the Archives we're all HUGE fans of the written word! Here are some of our favorite literary holdings.
Tumblr media
Mary Poppins of books? ALA WWI Campaign for Books, NY Public Library, NARA ID 17342827.
Tumblr media
#ErnestHemingway’s 1923 passport photo!
Kids and books - a perfect match! See also: National School Librarian Day!
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NARA gif online here, from NARA ID 52738.
Tumblr media
Children check out books at the Benjamin Franklin Library, NARA ID 23932426.
Tumblr media
Books in SPACE! Astronaut Janice Voss reads “A Man on the Moon” while exercising on an ergometer on the middeck of Endeavour, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 105.
Tumblr media
#JamesBaldwin and #MarlonBrando at the March on Washington.
Tumblr media
NARA gif from "Your National Archives" NARA ID 12065.
Edgar Allan Poe's enlistment document! Poe joined the Army at the age of 18 using a false name, Edgar Perry, and a false age (22)!
Tumblr media
Cautionary Tale: “The Day the Books Went Blank” If books are banned will the pages go blank?  That’s the outcome dramatized in this 1961 USIA film of a mythical day when all printed pages go blank and libraries vanish.
Tumblr media
NARA gif, NARA ID 52738.
More online:
7 Photos for People Who Love Books, Pieces of History post by former NARA intern extraordinaire Brooke Engerman.
Books, Boots & Bridles: The Packhorse Librarians
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previouslyafangirl · 5 months ago
Banned Book news, 4/15/22! Can we spread the word about this program for those who need it?
@bibliophilicwitch @northernreads
@thequeerlibrarian @allenbyseyes @northernbookworm @midwestinkdrinker @howdywrites @neil-gaiman @vaveyard
Just listing a few people coming up in my tagged and that I could think of right away off the top of my head
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dark-aurorae · 2 months ago
🍁🌧️¦¦Some classic e-books ¦¦☁️🍂
1. Pride And Prejudice Jane Austen 2. Little Women Louisa May Alcott 3. War and Peace Leo Tolstoy 4. The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald 5. The Iliad Homer, Caroline Alexander 6. The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas & Redhouse 7. Les Miserables Victor Hugo 8. Dracula Bram Stoker 9. The Last Man Mary Wollstonecraft 10. The Italian Ann Radcliffe
‧₊˚✧ all the links are from zlibrary, I hope you will have a good summertime ‹𝟹 
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its-not-a-pen · a month ago
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friendly reminder that your local library has a wide range of FREE ebooks and audiobooks and a mobile app that lets you download and take them anywhere
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paolasecondin · 2 months ago
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Raccolta di 3 romanzi di genere romance contemporaneo e 8 racconti brevi: La Stagione dell'Amore - La scelta giusta - Cuore di Busker - Operazione Prestige - Transition - La bottega dei desideri - Il prescelto - Morirò per te - L'erede dei Blackstone - La ragazza del faro - La promessa.
Link: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Paola_Secondin_Romanzi?id=pYVsEAAAQBAJ
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albertabound · 3 months ago
“Books are too expensive” -> GET A LIBRARY CARD!!!
“E-books are too expensive” -> GET A LIBRARY CARD!!!
“Audiobooks are too expensive” -> GET A LIBRARY CARD!!!
“Video games are too expensive” -> GET A LIBRARY CARD!!!
“Subscriptions to magazines/newspapers are too expensive” -> GET A LIBRARY CARD!!!
For real, get a library card for your local public library and you will have almost unlimited access to all kinds of media for free. Libraries also often have many different kinds of classes you can take, often for free or very cheap. Oh, and don’t forget the computers and internet access you can also use for free.
In conclusion, yet a library card.
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litcream · 9 months ago
He realized he hadn’t had a sense of humor in days.
Leave Society – Tao Lin, Vintage Books, 2021
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tanda-soal · a year ago
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throughout my two-week quarantine, i had a lovely routine of late afternoon naps followed by reading sessions in bed. really missing those hotel duvets now...
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daltongraham · 2 months ago
So I did a little reading about the lawsuit issue, and I decided to donate to the cause, because 1) EFF is backing IA, and 2)
"Additionally, Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle told Vox in 2020 that “when nonprofit libraries have been sued in the past for helping their patrons access their collections, courts have ruled that they were engaging in fair use, as in the HathiTrust case.” A similar ruling was issued for a lawsuit against Google Books. "
and 3)
"For copyrighted books, Internet Archive owns the physical books that they created the digital copies from and limits their circulation by allowing only one person to borrow a title at a time.   "
That was good enough for me, for this debate.
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