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daily-deliciousness · 24 hours
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Easy sheet pan salmon with green beans and potatoes
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Tuscan baked gnocchi recipe
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mustlovegarlic · 5 months
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Honey Whipped Goat Cheese on Butter-Fried Toast
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shoku-and-awe · 25 days
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Coming back to this extremely cheap and easy meal: crispy fried tofu and stir-fried mushrooms over rice. For an even lazier version, I skipped the sauce and just used mentsuyu, which is a great shortcut for achieving decent Japanese food when you don’t have the energy or brainpower.
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diycraftsnmore · 1 month
Tortilla Egg Cups by Nicole Keshishian Modic
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tastesoftamriel · 7 months
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Talviel's Redguard "Fire Salt" spice blend
I'm asked on the regular to relinquish my personal recipes for seasonings and spices, so here is one of my favourite blends for meats and vegetables alike. Inspired by alchemical fire salts (but nowhere near as dangerous as the real thing), this spice mix is ideal for when you need to add some oomph and colour to your meals. This recipe will produce a small jar of spice; simply store well and use as needed.
You will need:
2 tbsp pink Himalayan salt, finely ground
2 tsp brown sugar
1 tbsp cayenne powder
1/2 tbsp smoked paprika powder
3 tsp finely ground pepper
2 tsp cumin
2 tsp sumac
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ginger powder
2 tsp garlic powder
Combine all the ingredients in a bowl or mortar, and gently crush together until well combined. Transfer to an airtight jar, give it a good shake, and store in a cool, dark, and dry place.
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pressurecookrecipes · 1 month
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Get Recipe: Instant Pot Lemon Chicken
Easy to make Instant Pot Lemon Chicken with few healthy pantry ingredients. Tender juicy chicken with zesty honey lemon garlic glaze. Quick, easy, kid-friendly dinner!
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inthewayoutthere · 2 months
Good morning! If you have trouble getting the spoons to cook filling healthy meals (or wash the dishes that come with them) let me teach you my favorite breakfast! It’s sweet and delicious and is made of entirely prepackaged foods that you can buy in large quantities!
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Yogurt - can be plain, greek, or almond. I use the Walmart brand vanilla yogurt as it’s cheap and mild flavored, and it has a really smooth texture that’s good for my autism.
Granola - my favorite is Bear Naked cacao & cashew butter granola, which can be found at most stores, including Walmart and Target. It’s sweet and healthy :)
Almond slices (optional) - I use toasted but untoasted is fine too depending on the textures you like. These add a nice mild crunch. They can be substituted for other nuts but I believe the flavor of almonds specifically compliments the other ingredients.
Sweetened dried cranberries - I use the Walmart brand reduced sugar ones because they taste just as good and are for some reason really high in dietary fiber in comparison to the fully sweetened ones! The chewy texture really balances out the granola crunch.
And whatever kind of honey you like best :)
And you just mix ‘em together however you like! I use about 3-5 heaped spoons of yogurt, two fistfuls of granola (I have tiny hands tho), sprinkle of almonds, sprinkle of cranberries, and a generous drizzle of honey on top. You can add ground cinnamon too, if you like! Just be careful if you get overwhelmed by or feel sick from too much sugar.
This recipe is especially good because only the yogurt is semi-rapidly perishable and refrigerated. Almonds and cranberries and honey come in huge bulk amounts that’ll last you months pretty much, and the granola keeps a long time if stored properly. If time & energy & access to grocery store isn’t a problem, you can add grapes, sliced strawberries, and blueberries!
Nutritional breakdown for your convenience :)
Yogurt - the kind I use is low-fat, so it’s medium sugar content and some protein. As well as good vitamin A and calcium.
Granola - high unsaturated fat, which is really super good for you and necessary in your diet because your body can’t synthesize it! Also dietary fiber, low added sugar, and contains several minerals.
Almonds - also high unsaturated fat and dietary fiber! As well as good protein!
Cranberries - REALLY high dietary fiber, making this an excellent breakfast food. Definitely something you want to start your day with.
And honey’s kind of self explanatory, lol. IMO, it’s better to start the day with a dose of fructose than sucrose.
Important to note that if you’re a spoonie it’s best to rinse the bowl (if it’s a real dish and not paper) as soon as youre done eating, if possible, because the yogurt and honey can kinda dry on there and it’ll make dishes more work later. But if you rinse it while it’s still wet it comes right off, no hassle :)
I hope you enjoy ^-^
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spikyseasponge · 4 months
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chicken and rice (one pot!) via the cozy cook
the cozy cook Instagram
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useless-catalanfacts · 3 months
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A simple and delicious very common food in Catalonia: toasted bread with tomato rubbed on it, a drizzle of olive oil, a pinch of salt, and topped with a charcuterie meat or cheese of your choosing. In this case, a piece of botifarra (a Catalan pork sausage).
Photo by aliments_doserres on Instagram.
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fritesandfries · 11 months
Fruit Sandwich
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Milk bread is sometimes known as milk toast. I prefer calling it this even though I only really toast it for a dish called Coffin Bread. And because I don’t really enjoy making bread, the bakery that I buy my milk bread from calls it milk toast too.
One of my milk toast guilty pleasures is the fruit sandwich. You can sometimes find it in East Asian convenience stories like 7-Eleven. It’s subtlety sweet and so easy to make yourself.
All you need is:
2 slices milk toast (I like to call it Asian Wonderbread)
Lightly sweetened whipped cream (decrease the amount you’d regularly use for whipped cream by 25-50%)
Your favorite sliced fruit
Plastic wrap
All you need to do is spread a layer of whipped cream on both pieces of toast; add sliced fruit on one piece of toast. (The trick here is to make sure your fruit has the same thickness.) Repeat if you’d like. Top with the other piece of toast, whipped cream facing down. Tightly wrap the sandwich in plastic wrap. Let it sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes before unwrapping and eating -- you want the bread to soften slightly.
Some fruit pairing ideas:
Mango and strawberry
Strawberry and orange
Strawberry and kiwi
Cantaloupe and orange
Green grape and orange
Peach and kiwi
Cantaloupe and grape
No bananas though...the texture blends in too much with the whipped cream.
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daily-deliciousness · 22 hours
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Crock pot bourbon meatballs
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saltandlavenderblog · 8 months
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Easy white wine cream sauce for ravioli recipe
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mustlovegarlic · 4 months
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Creamy Shrimp & Corn Chowder
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food-and-photography · 2 months
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Cinnamon Fig Latte
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mayadawn · 5 months
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Juicy Oven Baked Chicken Breast
Recipe by Cafe Delites
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