destinyoftheyoutubes · 19 hours ago
I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any writing. I’ve taken a break from fanfiction to publish my first novella, Wires Crossed. It’s a very loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast set in space following a human-AI hybrid.
It’s only 2.99, so I’d really appreciate anyone checking it out.
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the-modern-typewriter · 9 days ago
So, some of you lovely people may know I have a tradition of posting something new on my birthday each year. I am delighted to officially confirm that this year it will in fact be my book ^^
THE GOD KEY will be out on the 13.10.2022.
I can't write 'I am so excited!' without feeling like a cliché but...!!!
Pre-order links:
Amazon pre-order: (Amazon UK) (Amazon US) - you can pick your country! It's not just US/UK.
Barnes and Noble pre-order here
Kobo for the ebook: (UK) (US) (Canada) (Australia) (India) (Worldwide store) - you can pick your country!
It will be available all around the world, along with Google play.
You have the power to make everyone in the world a good person. All it costs is the love of your life. Which do you choose?
At university they were best friends and boyfriends – Gabriel, a charming telepath obsessed with saving the world; Isaac, a lonely magnifier who quadruples the superpowers of anyone he touches.
It’s happily ever after until Isaac fakes his death.
Five years later, a villain is bringing everyone’s worst nightmares to life and Gabriel learns that Isaac is still alive. Isaac, who he never stopped loving. Isaac, with his secrets and strange connection with their dreamweaver enemy. Isaac, who might yet be the key to everything that Gabriel ever wanted…
Whether he wants to be or not.
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balkanradfem · a year ago
I saw a book on living from nature recommended on youtube, so I dug around to see if I could find a pdf. And I did! The book is called 'Back to Basics'.
I've been gobbling it up and it's incredible. I'm only at the start, but it tells you in detail, all about buying the land, how to tell if the land is what you need, how to build a home from scratch, even to know to cut your own lumber by hand! It's incredibly encouraging, reminding you that people did this for thousands of years, these are timeless skills, and you can do it too. I've only read 60 pages and I already know more about construction than I ever did.
The book also covers getting energy from Wood, Water, Wind and Sun, Growing your own food, Food Preservation, Skills and Crafts for Homestead, Recreation at home and in the Wild. You will likely see me gush about new info I try out from it because I can already tell this will be crazy useful.
Oh and did I mention? It's written by a woman. Here's a pdf and be blessed.
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vodka-con-amor · 2 months ago
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lackadaisycats · 7 months ago
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Hey, Kickstarter backers, you should be receiving emails at this time from Iron Circus Comics about claiming your Lackadaisy Essentials art ebook in BackerKit! Just claim it and download links will be sent to you! I worked really hard on it, and I very much hope you’ll enjoy it.
---------------------------------- Note: The physical volume is in queue for printing. The realms of book printing and shipping have been and continue to be in relative chaos because of pandemic related disrupt. Thank you for your patience as we work through that! The Lackadaisy Volumes 1 and 2 ebooks are claimable in the BackerKit at this time too. They will be along shortly and download links will be sent when they’re ready!
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journeytothewestresearch · 11 months ago
Free PDFs of The Journey to the West
I have updated my blog with better PDFs of the 2012 revised edition of The Journey to the West. The four volume series was translated and heavily annotated by Prof. Anthony C. Yu (1938–2015). This is considered THE most accurate English translation of the tale to date.
Tumblr media
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atlafan · 7 months ago
✨ I’m a published author! ✨
Thanks to so many of you over the last couple of years, I’ve finally decided to legitimately publish some of my works. I ended up going the self-publishing route, and my first book is now available on Kindle!
Kindle is a free app! If you have an Amazon account, you can sign into Kindle easily. For right now, the books I’ll be publishing will only be available on Kindle. 
It would mean the world to me if yall could help me boost this info so more people can read the works that so many of you have told me you love. There’s no pressure to buy my books, I know many of you come to Tumblr to read for free, and that’s totally fine! All I’m asking for is a little help on social media. 
pen name - Rose Thissell White
insta - @ rosethissellwhite
twitter - @ RThissellWhite
amazon - amazon.com/author/rosethissellwhite 
Thanks in advance! Love yall!
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lukecoalman · a month ago
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A couple of Ranma drawings
I treated myself and got a new Kobo Electronic Reader.My new Kobo, a Kobo Sage, has an 8" screen. Which is big enough to read manga. You can buy e-book versions of most manga, but also... The company that owns Kobo (Rakuten) also owns Overdrive, which is the service most public libraries use to lend E-Books.
I've been having a great time reading through Ranma 1/2. Some of the humour is definitely a little dated. But it's funny and light. Where there's a silly weird martial arts competition every volume. The cartooning and physical comedy are top notch.
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anastasiasyah · a year ago
You’ll ask what’s wrong with me. But you see, I know everything’s wrong with me. And I can’t tell you that without tearing myself apart.
Excerpt of “Catastrophe” from Repressed Feelings by anastasiasyah
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airic-fenn · 10 months ago
Know what's great? Books. Know what's even better? Free books. I meant to put together this list ages ago and was just reminded of it yesterday, so here's just about every method I know of to (legally) obtain free ebooks and audiobooks. I'll add to this list if I come across any more.
Free Ebooks:
*Librivox - Provides access to audiobooks in the public domain, run by volunteers. Mostly classics.
*Project Gutenberg - Provides access to ebooks in the public domain. Mostly classics.
Digital Public Library of America - Provides access to books in the public domain.
hoopla - Free app that lets you access ebooks and audiobooks available through your library. Requires your library card info.
*Libby - Same concept as hoopla. Run by Overdrive.
Sora - Similar concept as hoopla and Libby but instead it's for schools (requires your school info). Also by Overdrive.
The Palace Project - Another app like Libby and hoopla that provides access to library books. This one also allows you to download books from DPLA right from the app if you don't have a library card/your library is not yet signed up with them. The downside is they don't seem to yet have access to as many libraries as Libby or hoopla.
*Riveted by Simon Teen - Provides access to full ebooks and extended excerpts of popular YA books. The books available switch out monthly so you'll have to read in the given time frame.
*Tor.com Newsletter - Weekly emails highlighting their blog, scifi/fantasy news, and short fiction. Occasionally they pop in a freebie that you can download from book depository (I got Gideon the Ninth this way). Just make sure you download the book before the deadline.
*Bookbub - Newsletter that emails you daily ebook deals curated to your tastes, often includes 1-2 free ebooks in most of its daily recs. Also a great way to discover lesser known books.
*Chirp - Newsletter that emails daily audiobook deals. I've never seen a free audiobook here but I figured they'd still be worthwhile to mention. Prices usually range from .99c to ~$4.99. Must download the Chirp app to listen, but it's a great alternative to Audible.
*currently using these ones myself
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echidna-nlpc · 2 months ago
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4rd artbook
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probablyasocialecologist · a month ago
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eldritchcircus · a month ago
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vodka-con-amor · 3 months ago
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cosmopoliturtle · 9 months ago
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Cold Light
“While the minds of mortal schemers can be dissected and postulated upon, the Emissaries are akin to a force of nature. Any sudden interest in us unnerves me to my core.”
From my ebook “Omens of Spring”
The thoughts of a wanderer witnessing the end times, and all the strange things stirring in the wilds. A perpetual Spring with no end in sight riles beasts to rage across the land, awakening old horrors and ancient beings.
This dossier provides a look at 35 unique entities, fully illustrated and mused upon, as well as 8 additional side entries on the nature of the unraveling world.
The journey is a macabre one, but also surreal and whimsical in its own strange way.
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litcream · 10 months ago
He realized he hadn’t had a sense of humor in days.
Leave Society – Tao Lin, Vintage Books, 2021
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books--and-cleverness · 2 months ago
hardcover or paperback, romantic story or thriller, fantasy or science fiction, audiobook or ebook, slow burn or crush at first sight, happy ending or open ending, childhood friends to lovers or enemies to lovers, exes to lovers or fake dating, forbidden love or soul mate, au or crossover?
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