cha-c-san · 1 day
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Gender thoughts with no satisfying conclusion :l 
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incendavery · 1 day
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look at this photograph... wait, on second thought, don't
(image description in alt text)
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housegoblin · 2 days
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let’s get burgers 13 “fitting room”
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genderpunks · 1 day
I'm a transmasc person and for a while when I was getting my name changed, getting a new wardrobe and getting on T I was like barely dysphoric at all. But now as the holidays approach I feel dysphoria over things I never felt dysphoria about before such as my height or voice. Would you happen to have any idea why this may be?
hey i actually kinda feel you there, i'm not sure what causes this, but i had a similar experience where for a while my dysphoria was basically gone while i was tackling those issues, but then afterwards i got New dysphoria that i couldn't quite explain or figure out why
i'm weirdly dysphoric over my height as well, and a lot of transmascs get mad at me for it- i'm 5' 8" but what i wish folks would understand is that's still considered "Short" by guy standards and all of my guy friends who were near 6' would still call me tiny, short, etc. despite me being the "national average" height, so to speak
i think sometimes the little things you didn't realize that were bothering you will creep up when you have other things addressed, or, maybe now that you have those other things addressed you're noting the things that 'stick out' and don't quite fit the image of yourself you're wanting to strive for
it's okay that this is happening like, pretty suddenly, i didn't get weirdly sensitive about my height until after I started T, for whatever reason, i was just really uncomfortable with the fact that I would never get taller and that I'm kinda stuck at this middling height forever. I'm not upset that i'm 5' 8" i could certainly be shorter, but i feel you on wanting to be taller
i hope you're able to address these things as they come, hopefully it's temporary and you're able to alleviate those in some way or another. a lot of transmascs feel very fucked up over their height so i just wanted you to know you're not alone, even us tall trans guys get fucked up over it. take care, stay safe, and feel free to come back any time, you are appreciated
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transenbyconfessions · 14 hours
I wish i had a dick. And actual testosterone. Why is the worst dysphoria i feel caused by not being horny? Or not being horny in the way that i want? I want to actually be hard, and jerk off, but I'm stuck with the stupid body i was fucking born with
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Hey Sophie, any advice for systems who want to get into VRchat? I feel like it would help a lot with dysphoria. I'm not sure how we'd go about getting avatars that would represent us.
We still haven't used it ourselves since we're figuring out the voice stuff. But you could start by looking for video tutorials on Youtube like this one explaining the mechanics:
And she's done another one on converting Vroid avatars to VR Chat.
Here's a link to Vroid if you want to use it to create your avatar.
But keep in mind that Vroid only does humanoid avatars so I don't know where you would want to go for nonhumans.
I hope these can prove useful!
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mist-sterious · 20 days
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every month there seems to be a person admitting a hyperspecific thing that makes them dysphoric and people attacking them over it because they dont feel the same so.. let me break this down for people that dont understand.
excessive and rigorous hygiene routines, doing housekeeping related tasks like cooking or cleaning, etc. those things can make a transmasculine person dysphoric. you know why? gender roles. these things have been constantly portrayed as "a womans duty" and have been pushed onto them their whole lives. of course theyre going to have complicated feelings when doing them even if they enjoy them.
theyre not reinforcing gender roles, theyre victims of it. theyre doing their best to be vigilant of when patriarchal thinking seeps into their minds and mingles with thier insecurities. theyre making jokes and pushing the thoughts away. leave them be.
if your reaction to somebody else's dysphoria that you dont understand is to claim youre embarrassed of your transness then simply become cis :]
or fuck off.
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jinxedbrain · 4 months
Not to be a cunt, but second hand dysphoria is a you problem. It is not the problem of whoever is "giving" you second hand dysphoria.
Femme trans men, transmascs, and enbies existing and loving themselves and their bodies not harmful.
Masc trans women, transfemmes, and enbies existing and loving themselves and their bodies is not harmful.
If you are triggered by a transmasc who fits the soft eboy look, or a transfemme who fits the butch lesbian vibe, that is your responsibility to deal with it. Not theirs.
Secondhand Dysphoria is not the other person's fault.
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butchinleather · 2 months
Do the dykes et al. of Tumblr know about lorals and if yes why didn't they tell me about them? A dental dam you can just slip on like underwear are you serious? You don't have to mess around snipping up condoms or holding it carefully in place (good luck scissoring without direct contact)? Butches with bottom dysphoria do you see how good this could be for us?
The amount of cool fun safe trans sex that can be had alone is amazing
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If a cis woman wants breast augmentation to correct uneven or underdeveloped breasts she can present to her GP with “significant psychological distress” and be referred to a plastic surgeon, but only a specialist in a Gender Identity Clinic can diagnose “gender dysphoria.” So a cis woman who wants breast augmentation can be referred to a surgeon by her GP but a trans woman who wants the same procedure from the same surgeon has to go to a segregated clinic to be diagnosed with this extra thing, “dysphoria,” first.
It’s the same across the board: a cis woman going through menopause can get HRT from her GP but a trans woman who wants the same drugs to transition has to go to the segregated clinic. A cis woman who wants breast reduction for back pain can get a referral from her GP; a trans man has to go to the segregated clinic.
(I am aware of course that cis women seeking these interventions often find the NHS to be recalcitrant – GPs may misdiagnose, and Trusts may arbitrarily refuse to fund surgeries. This is consistent with the fact that trans people have to contend both with doctors not following the rules and the system being transphobic.)
The waiting list for Gender Identity Clinics are years long and many of us kill ourselves before being seen. (How’s that for “significant psychological distress!”) However I don’t think the waiting times are the root of the problem. If I’m right that “dysphoria” is a category error then a separate clinical pathway for trans patients is pointless: doctors who look for dysphoria are like the man in Oxford looking for the university.
Even if the waiting time for Gender Identity Clinics was measured in minutes, why do we have to go there when cis people don’t? If the NHS required pregnant people to get a diagnosis of “Pregnancy Aversion Syndrome” from two psychiatrists before they could get an abortion this would be widely understood as an unacceptable violation of their bodily autonomy. “Pregnancy Aversion Syndrome” is an inherently belittling and pathologising idea: it suggests that people who want abortions need a reason outside their will. It denies them the status of human beings who make their own decisions and subtly suggests that remaining pregnant is a moral norm from which abortion is deviant. In the same way, “dysphoria” preserves the power of cis gatekeepers. The root of the problem is that the NHS is segregated.
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sparklemaia · 17 days
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got some good news this weekend, babes 
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collidercore · 2 months
Trans men who have boobs are allowed to feel good about their appearance!! Trans men who can't or don't want to get top surgery are allowed to have gender euphoria even if they have boobs!! Lots of trans men feel gender euphoria from not having boobs which is totally valid, but if you're one of the people who doesn't mind yours or even gets gender euphoria from yours, you're totally valid too, and expressing that happiness isn't diminishing the experiences of other trans men who have chest dysphoria!
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catboyrightsmeow · 5 months
I feel like it’s entirely understandable that there’s some disconnect within the trans community. I actually cannot comprehend wanting to or actively trying to be a woman. It made me want to kill myself and almost did kill me. I also understand that the opposite is true for a lot of trans feminine people.
Which is why it’s so frustrating to see things supposedly meant for trans people in general that joke about forced feminization. That testosterone is poison and estrogen is magic. “She can be saved”. Or “Everyone is transitioning!! Being a girl is just better!!”
I understand where these jokes come from. I would love to shout from the rooftops about how being a woman was FUCKING ASS. How the thought of lipstick makes me want to vomit. How maybe not like other girls girlies should consider that they’re actually trans. I want to wax poetically about how beautiful men and manhood is. But I understand that some of that stuff has a time and place? That I shouldn’t shove my personal disgust for femininity in other peoples faces??
The idea of not making your dysphoria other people’s problem just seems to be so lost on people if they’re shitting on men or trying to uplift women. Being a man is not inherently good, being a woman is not inherently good. Being assigned the wrong one kills people, I just hope we can remember that.
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genderpunks · 9 hours
Tbh I also have extreme height dysphoria, I’m 5’5 which for AFAB standards is tall/above average but obviously for guys not so much and it’s hard to use the “it’s just Asian genes” excuse when my younger brother is over 6 ft. Tbh I don’t know if it’s gender dysphoria or dysmorphia at this point but whatever the cause I’m planning to get limb lengthening surgery as soon as I can afford it (I have researched it extensively and am prepared for worst case scenarios and even though it will get me to 5’11 at most that’s better than nothing) and I’ve considered getting boots with discreet height boosters and just telling people I’m that height instead (I have a pair of boots that make me 5’7 but I would like higher ones but I refuse to wear heels because I’m masc as fuck and they’re too obvious). Anyway idk how to cope with shit other than asking (forcefully) that people never refer to my height as anything but tall
oh my goodness, I don't blame you for feeling dysphoric, especially if you have a brother who's over 6 ft, my dad was over 6 ft and i think that's where a lot of my dysphoria comes from, tbh. whenever you have a guy in your life who's super tall it's frustrating, no matter how many other guys you see at varying heights, you're still like. what the fuck why am i not taller. i know sooooo many trans guys who are just so uncomfortable at their current heights and like i said, other transmascs give me shit for it, but even 5' 8" feels short when you're used to being around cis guys who are over 6'. one of the transmascs i met irl recently went "you want to be TALLER?? you're already HUGE" and i was just like. You Don't Understand I Need To Be Taller
i haven't heard much about limb lengthening surgery, it sounds like you've done your research, i just hope you're able to stay safe. if anyone else knows about this feel free to chime in, like i said i haven't heard anything about it.
i hope you're able to get some boots that help, if you're alternative, platform boots are a bit more androgynous than straight up heels. there are also a lot of men's boots with surprisingly tall heels, i hope you're able to find something that helps for the time being, i literally cherish any and all height advantages i can get from shoes, lol. i'm glad that you understand as well, i just hope you can ease the dysphoria. feel free to come back at any point, we're here for you, take care
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thefrogginbullfish · 4 months
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lorencethecat · 1 year
Hyperpop music originates from a trans woman with vocal dysphoria and nobody was going to tell me??? The classic artificial high pitched vocals of hyperpop started because a trans fem artist had gender dysphoria and NOBODY WAS GOING TO SAY ANYTHING?! Hyperpop is trans culture and I was just gonna be left in the dark??? Hello??? Do the cis people even know??? Oh my gosh.... I love women. I love women.
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