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Text: Cautious selkies bring me their pelts to protect, for a fee. I have stabbed more fishermen than I can count, in the dead of night, at the foot of the safe. *
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shadedevi · 2 months ago
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The chance of being eaten by Miranda Priestly is never zero --- I hope this won't get banned)
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sadsempai · 6 months ago
Down With Patreon
I am deeply saddened to announce the owner and creator of Down With Patreon has passed away, I ask at this time regardless of your opinion to please respect the family.  If anyone remembers this website, and the great efforts put into it despite the constant attacks, both personal and to the website i also ask that if you have the time to share the GoFundMe for Miriah’s family please do so, If you can donate that would help them alot in this hard time.  I do not know how to reach Miriah’s other sim friends, but if you see this.. Please contact me.  Miriah was a wonderful woman, I know some people really cherished DWP and i know she had made friends along the way. I know she really enjoyed the sims, and being apart of the community.  https://www.gofundme.com/f/annette-final-arrangements?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_cp%20share-sheet&fbclid=IwAR3DRdu19CXHwhq_-KGdSCXjHZvzCPIYImcIiU6XBOZeBw4pQo58xxd-vtQ
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fryologyy · 4 months ago
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late nite dwp crossover sketches
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hattersarts · a year ago
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Mirandy x YuGiOh PART TWO!!!!!!!!!
commission for @theofficeghey a continuation of last month's comic after andy soundly beats miranda
(PART 1)
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generalelectionmusings · 13 days ago
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reginasbread · 5 months ago
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miranda felt a little pang in her coochie here
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anikasoren · 3 months ago
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meryl icons x
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ctitan98 · 2 months ago
Can you please do Miranda Priestly and Y/N when they first met. Y/N is a new fashion designer and they came to Runway to shoot their shot to be feature in the magazine.
If you can't, I understand. Hope you have a nice day!!
Yes! I love it! (I can also imagine a Devil Wears Prada AU for RE8 with Alcina as Miranda Priestly... Has that been done??) Let's get into it!
You were running late and trying not to freak out. This was your big moment to showcase yourself as a designer and you had encountered nothing but trouble since you woke up.
First, your car wouldn't start. You were fine, though. You'd catch a ride from a friend or something. However, when you went to grab your phone, you realized you couldn't find it. Where the hell was it?! You were too broke to afford a landline, so you had no way to contact anybody outside of email... You decided you would have to ride your bike and hope that someone at the shoot would let you borrow their phone if you needed to.
You headed off, with three overstuffed garment bags draped over you, when some jerk almost ran you over! You crashed into the back of a parked dump track. Luckily, you weren't severely hurt, just a gash on your forehead and arm... Your bike, unfortunately, was not so lucky. The front wheel was completely bent. You couldn't ride it anymore.
As you started walking up the street, trying desperately to get to the Elias Clarke building, you spotted somebody skateboarding in your direction. You flagged them down, and probably looked crazy with your giant garment bags and scraped up face. You held out your wallet and told the person that you had exactly fourty-four dollars inside. You begged them to take it so you could buy their skateboard off of them. They must have felt bad because they immediately said yes. You cheered and jumped on the board to try and make up some time. You had been a bit of a skater since high school, so it looked like things might be turning in your favor.
You finally made it to Elias Clarke and hopped off the board to check-in with security. They gave you a day badge and you made your way to the elevators. When you got there, you saw a frantic little red head looking all around.
She spotted you and rolled her eyes, quickly walking over. "You must be Y/N L/N. You're late." She said in a disdained British accent.
"Sorry, I just-" You tried to say but she held up a hand, not interested.
"Miranda's already dismissed three models today because she's so angry. You'd better hope you're a decent designer."
She waved you into the elevator and you clenched your jaw. You didn't want anybody getting in trouble because of you.
"I'm really sorry about the models. If you give me their information, I'll be happy to pay their fees for the day... If I can afford it." You offered and grimaced.
Emily looked at you in disbelief. Most of the designers she ran across were arrogant and rude. She soon recovered, though and cleared her throat before she shook her head.
"Don't be ridiculous. They're managed by huge agencies. They'll just get another gig. You're not important enough to put anybody out of a job." She crossed her arms. “Besides, they were horrible divas anyway.” She added with a sneer.
You start laughing. This woman seemed more like a caricature than a real person, but you liked her style.
Emily groans and as the elevator dings, she is immediately speed-walking out of it. For such a tiny person, she can haul ass. You readjust your bags, and your new skateboard, and Emily leads you into a large studio.
She's met by a middle-aged man in black spectacles. He looks you up and down, seemingly bemused.
"This is the newest hot thing in fashion?" He asks the redhead, clearly unimpressed.
"Hi, I'm Y/N." You go to shake the man's hand and he just looks at it like you are contagious.
"I'm Nigel, the art director." He says, now looking you over more closely. He points to your injuries. "You're going to want to wrap those up, Roadhouse. Miranda can smell blood from her office."
You nervously scratch the back of your neck and remember your arm and head are still bleeding. "Could I get a bandaid?" you ask, embarrassed.
"Ten minutes late and you are making demands?" A cool voice says from behind you. "Thrilling."
Everyone around you looks petrified, even Nigel and Emily. You turn around to see a beautiful woman with strikingly coifed snow-white hair. You involuntarily swallow and stand straighter.
The woman regards you for a moment but says nothing. She then turns to Nigel and the two of them walk over to a more secluded corner to discuss the photoshoot.
The startled look you shoot Emily has her once again rolling her eyes at you. "That is Miranda Priestly. You will only speak to her when spoken to and whatever you do, do not ask her questions. You are in no way to call her Mrs. Priestly. It's Miranda, got it?"
You nod your head. "She's the editor?" You ask.
Emily smirks. "She is your chance at a career. Do not disappoint her." The redhead briskly walks off then.
You clear your throat and look over to the quietly intimidating editor. She had already been staring at you but when your eyes meet she looks away, disinterested.
You winced.
You had made a perfectly disastrous first impression... Things could only go up from here, right?
Note: Ahh, I loved writing this so much! I might write a part 2 (More from Miranda's perspective), what do you think?
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probablyasocialecologist · a month ago
Screen cultures have depersonalised encounters with state power, stripping away the opportunity to explain personal circumstances and impending catastrophe, and displacing respectability as a useful element in dealing with bureaucracies. The online portal does not care about your manners, or the cleanliness of your children, or whether you are signalling an aspirant attitude. It is open only to hear if there is any reason to bar you from access or to delay your punishment – upload documents here (‘Computer says No’). The increased punitiveness and conditionality at the heart of the benefit system has seen hundreds of thousands of people sanctioned and their benefits removed each year, while the number of rough sleepers has doubled. It bears repeating that such policies of cruelty and neglect led to an estimated 130,000 excess deaths in the years 2010–17.
Empire's Endgame: Racism and the British State
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Text: My familiar is a sleek black cat that still won’t choose a name. It hunts the wild wishes I can never catch by myself, leaving them barely alive on the doorstep.
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house-of-fandoms-and-ships · 8 months ago
Rewatching "Devil Wears Prada" and and having to come to the realisation that 'Truth and Measure' is in fact not canon, is a weird experience.
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fryologyy · 4 months ago
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rewatching devil wears prada for this
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hattersarts · a year ago
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a rare smile
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itswickedheadache · a year ago
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Mirandy + Deleted Scenes
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alexa-marie-sims · 4 months ago
TS4 Rebels Site Update (Free patreon/paywall content)
It’s come to my attention that some people believe that TS4 Rebels has been shut down. This is not the truth. A few weeks ago the patreon/paywall leachers reported the TS4 Rebels subreddit, resulting in a DMCA ban. Due to this, the creators resulted in utilizing an inefficient update method via twitter. Because twitter became so annoying to update through, the creators decided to retire the google forms method of posting content. Instead, they archived the sheets, and decided to post the new content via their new website. You may still utilize the original link on my post here. Now, you may access both files through their new website coined ts4rebels.cc
Tumblr media
As for my opinion on the matter: I feel this is a more secure way for the owners to post content, making it more beneficial to us as a community. And on a final note, I have no affiliation with TS4 Rebels, or any custom content site;  I simply find it useful especially when creators don’t abide by EA’s terms of service in the first place.
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