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raviollies · a month ago
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Wardrobe expansion for Blythe!
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hollytree33 · a month ago
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@criticalrolo @actionsurges I would let Willow fuck my brain up
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caemidraws · 11 months ago
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- - -
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harveylikestoart · a month ago
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Little idea where Margarita and Hermie used to be best friends, they’d go to theatre stuff together, hang out, etc.
However when they entered high school Margarita’s popularity and Hermie’s… Hermieness, caused their friendship to be broken into pathetic memories of the past! Damn you high school hierarchy and status quo…
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drawinruner-boyo · 4 months ago
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Lincoln deserves some fashion ✨✨
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fluffyquill · 20 days ago
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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Delloso de la Rue the owlbear stands facing the viewer. They are wearing a long sleeve, floor length gown of rosy velvet that darkens to a deep wine color. Attached to the dress collar is a green velvet capelet in the shape of Luna Moth wings, studded with rhinestones. A blooming pink peony sits over their heart, and a crown of pink peony buds sits on their head, draped with glittering crystals. END DESCRIPTION]
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lazylittledragon · 11 months ago
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just a terrible dad and his cool kid
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artsekey · 26 days ago
Pretty Lil’Halfling Lady
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ghoulgeists · a month ago
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could not fall asleep last night, doodled my ocs being fancy on my ipad instead :^)
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awhellstothejoe · a month ago
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Found a gorgeous photo of someone making a chalco dress (I think a chalco) on here earlier this week and decided to sketch Frisk! I ended up really liking the sketch so I decided to post it!
(I think I saved the photo but forgot to reblog the post because I can’t find it, but I’ll post the image I used as reference below the cut and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction so I can credit them)
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harveytxt · a month ago
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designed elaine a new outfit again!
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st-froy · 10 months ago
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Obligatory Ron in skirt/ dress fanart
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magentameows · a month ago
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she's going to steal your spoons!!
trying out a different way of completing digital things that's more reminiscent of the way I did it as a teen because i miss it, feat. my roguelock honesty :p
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fatalwa · 2 months ago
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Fearnot, @rennybu’s character
A half-body digital illustration of a tiefling D&D character with lavender skin, wavy light cream hair and orange eyes. She wears a charcoal grey late Victorian day dress with mutton sleeves. Her horns are shaved short. It is a scene of Fearnot bending forward, screaming and crying, tears and hair in the wind in front of her. Her hands are clutching the chest. There is a simple nature background, blurry from the motion, flying leaves in the foreground. The sky is cool grey with muted orange overlay near the horizon.
End ID.]
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harveylikestoart · 4 months ago
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Taylor in a maid fit from an ig doodle request heh
I liked drawing the boots n pose 🤘
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drawinruner-boyo · 2 months ago
Y’all really need to consider “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Stealers Wheel for a second—
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Translations below :)
[Translation, top right: (Hermie) Wait— How… are you carrying me so easily?? I’m nearly 6”- (Normal) OH! Cheer practice! duh. I’m usually at the bottom of the pyramids so you’re pretty light compared to uhh h— four people? and my uncle installed bullet vests in the mascot suit, so that too— (Hermie) ah.]
[Translation, bottom right: (Normal) WOW. I didn’t think theater would be so competitive— (Hermie) Yup, some people are just a-holes (Normal) No kidding.]
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fluffyquill · 18 days ago
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Sketches of Rue's "hottest outfit."
OSCAR MONTOYA, STILL NO DESCRIPTION, HOW COULD YOUUUUUUUUU?? Just that it's a gown, and possibly green and gold??
A lot of it was figuring out the proportions of an owlbear body, which is loosely based on a polar bear or penguin silhouette. Long torso, short legs, and short arms. Or like the Zora from Legend of Zelda-Breath of the Wild. I didn't want to make it too similar to a human, because the challenge was fun. Especially since the bust, waist, and hip lines were in different places.
Luna moth, to emulate Binx, since they were there to support her. Also Luna Moth colors were very similar to their fur color and they also seem to like pink! Just make a little darker so they don't stand out COMPLETELY in the darkness on the way to this secret meeting.
Stretch velvet, because their glamoured form tended to favor very tight and constricting clothes, so something a little more relaxed this time. Also OPULENCE.
A little less elaborate detailing, increased comfort. But don't sacrifice high quality.
ALSO - Rue showed up to their meeting with the Seafoam Court IN THEIR HOTTEST OUTFIT. I'd have been "OMG Mistrex did you come from a hot date - what is this?? DEETS."
I realllllllly wanna draw Rue and Wuvvy at the ball. But I'll also be doing a colored version of the back of this dress too.
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