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itsnocturna a day ago
Just a quick research here pls answer 馃ズ
On a "x reader" fanfic... do you guys prefer the use of "you" or "y/n" ???
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collapsedatlantis 21 hours ago
reader gets some unwanted attention and dream gets really protective? smut afterwards?
protective | dreamwastaken
requests are open! I write everything (smut, fluff, angst, you name it) and for anyone:), just let me know if you want it to have smut or not!
warnings: protective/possessive dream, smut, unwanted attention,
,,Oh wow such a pretty girl and she's all alone? Such a shame`` You heard a stranger's voice behind, so you turned to him. As expected, you've never seen this person, but you noticed he had the organizer/staff card around his neck. He was way older than you, and his eyes were traveling along your body, making you shiver.
,,I am not alone though``You smiled at him and turned back to the bar. You were at a YouTube related event with your boyfriend, and he was just answering some questions about his career to the interviewers. That meant you had an hour all for yourself at the all you can drink bar. So far you've only drank soft alcohol drinks, not wanting to get waster.
You felt a hand wrap around your waist, and you tried to move away from him. His hand was tightly wrapped around you. You felt his fingers painfully digging into your skin.
,,Let me buy you a drink``He whispered with a disgusting smirk. You tried to push him away, but that was no good. You desperately looked around, but there was currently no one behind the bar and only a few people in the big room, all busy with something.
,,I told you I am not here alone and now let me go`` You said through your teeth, still trying to push him away. His other hand reached to your cheek, but was quickly stopped by Clays hand. You looked at him with fear in your eyes. He wasn't looking at you. He was killing the man in his head, knowing that he couldn't actually hurt him. Not here at least.
,,I think you heard her``He said with calm voice, still painfully holding his hand, almost braking it. The man looked super scared. Clay let go off his hand and the man started to rub it. You knew that would leave a bruise.
,,I will make sure to ruin your life`` Clay said after he took a step closer to him, looking down at him, since he was so much taller than the stranger. The man apologized and rushed away. Clay was looking after him for a few seconds, before turning to you, cupping your cheeks.
,,Did he hurt you?`` He asked you, worryingly scanning your face. The situation was scary, but not cry, worthy. However, when Clay asked if you were okay, tears appeared in your eyes. You hated crying, only because he showed he cared. You sniffed and nodded your head. Clay dried your tears and looked around the room.
,,Let's go home, hm?``He put a loose strand of hair behind your ear, and you quickly shook your head. You didn't want to ruin his night like that.
,,The event barely started and-``Clays lips stopped you from continuing, and you closed your eyes, enjoying his lips. He placed his hands on your hips, which made you jump a bit. You still saw the man's face.
,,Sorry``He whispered.
,,Wait let me help you`` You've been struggling with untying the strings of your dress for a hot minute now, you started to be frustrated, but thankfully Clay came to the room, now wearing only his jeans and white shirt. He removed your hair from the back and started untying the dress that he tied few hours ago. His fingers were hot against your skin, and you closed your eyes. Once he was done, he kissed your neck and then turned you at him. He helped you out of the dress, leaving you only in your panties. Clay has obviously seen your boobs many times, but he acted like his eyes were glued to them. You grabbed his hand and walked him to the bed with a smirk on. You got on the bed, playfully opening your legs. His eyes immediately fell to your pussy. He took off his shirt and unzipped his pants. You bit your lower lip when he roved his boxers and got on the bed as well. He got in between your legs, kissing you hungrily. You put your fingers in his hair, tugging on it gently. He removed your panties and teasingly put his cock against your pussy. You moaned into his lips, and he bit your lower lip. You were watching his face as he guided his cock to your entrance and slowly pushed himself in. His cock always felt so good, you closed your eyes and whined. Suddenly he felt very possessive over you. He imagined you moaning under someone else. He wasn't blaming you for what happened, but he absolutely hated the idea that other men even remotely thought about you. He started fucking you hard and fast, making your mind go foggy.
,,You're mine`` He said through his teeth, and you quickly nodded, unable to answer him. Clay didn't know where to look first. He wanted to watch your moaning face, your boobs that were on full display and his cock quickly sliding in and out of your tight pussy.
,,Clay...``You moaned his name, once you felt your orgasm coming.
,,Be a good girl and cum for me``He said, and you let the feeling consume you, quickly grabbing his biceps, for some support. Your pussy clenched around him, pushing him over the edge soon after you. He groaned and gave you a few more thrusts, filling you up with his cum.
When you felt him pull out and got out of the bed, you smiled at him. He put his boxers and brought you some new clothes. You needed to rest in the bed for a bit, so he filled the tub and went downstairs to make you your favorite meal.
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drmsbluntrotation a day ago
Ughh but just imagine you on your knees looking up to him with doe eyes while sucking him off
fine i caved
*this is not proofread i made it at 3 in the morning but take it as u please*
nsfw! also this is my 鈥渇irst鈥 fanfic written where it鈥檚 actually being published so sorry for any mistakes please feel free to give thoughts or ideas for more!
word count; 284
he felt such euphoria after seeing you take all of him. you took your hands and starting stroking the parts that your mouth couldn鈥檛 fill. you looked up only to be met by his eyes slightly glistening like he wanted to cry, his mouth agape with the most loveliest moans coming directly from him. dream almost lost it just by making eye contact with you. god you were hopeless. you needed him so bad but you wanted to make sure he was taken care of first. the way his hands held your hair up not wanting to stop your pace. you kept prolong eye contact with him, wanting to see him up close which drove dream nuts. his desperate groans and grunts indicated he was close. you stopped and swiped the spit lingering around your lips back into your mouth. dream whimpered from the lack of contact and you noticed his desperation the second his eyebrows scrunched up when you stopped. 鈥渨ait please don鈥檛鈥 you cut him off because you knew if he begged for any longer you would鈥檝e came then and there. he quickly melted onto the kiss in desperate need to be engulfed by you. sharing sloppy kisses with one another as well as soft moans coming from the both of you. his hands stroking every piece of you, slightly lifting your shirt up and going over your back. you took your own hands and put them over his, guiding them to his clothed dick, him gasping at the contact. 鈥渓et鈥檚 take care of this yeah?鈥 his pupils grew every time you talked him through. he loved the way you demanded him although he doesn鈥檛 show it he鈥檒l do anything for you.
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i can imagine Dream, with his hand on your thigh as you two sat together. eventually you pushed your thighs together slowing pulling Dream鈥檚 hand away in the process. He wasn鈥檛 having it though, he puts his hand right back onto your thigh and forcibly pulls your thighs back apart. 馃き
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imaginemcyt a month ago
living with the dream team headcanons
Tumblr media
dream is super helpful. need help setting up a new pc?? he's on it. you're washing the dishes? he's drying them :)
you and george watch tv or movies together and judge tf out of them. y'all are petty bitches (we love him tho). 10/10 it's so much fun
dream and sapnap will walk in and y'all are throwing popcorn at the tv and trash talking wendy williams and they're just like "馃榾"
sapnap tries to get you to watch anime with him and you probably aren't nearly as engaged as he wants you to be but he's glad you'll watch it with him at least
sometimes you guys have movie nights but usually they end in arguing over movies or george on his phone 馃槓
george has the WORST sleep schedule so he'll wake up at 11pm or finally get to sleep at 9am
sometimes you'll be awake at ungodly hours when he is, which leads to conversations at the kitchen table at 5am about literally anything at all
going on breakfast/lunch/dinner dates with them for literally no reason <3
"hey y/n, wanna go get lunch?" sure thing sap
"hey y/n, since it's just us here do you wanna go out for breakfast?" yes i do dream
"wanna order some pizza, y/n?" absolutely george
playing minecraft with them in your free time
doing stupid challenges and fucking around on new worlds
showing up on stream or in the backgrounds of videos sometimes
chat loves it. sometimes on george's streams they'll ask for you, or on sapnap's they'll ask how you are. you've been heard yelling britney spears lyrics in the background of dream's stream before
chat loves you omg
modelling their merch for the website !!!!!!!
being their literal best friend omfg
dream 100% sends you songs at like 1:31am and a text that says "idk why but this song gives me you vibes"
and they're always bangers
listening to music in sapnap's car with him and dream
going to the skate park with sapnap, even if you don't skate, just to hang out
late night convenience store runs with him, too
patches loves you
and you obviously adore her
once dream came home and found you and patches cuddled up on the couch fast asleep and mans almost combusted on the spot
he took pictures and sent them for you to wake up to
you and george make tiktoks together and they're always really dumb but you love them
if you're a cc, they're your biggest support and hype squad
or at anything you do, really
your lockscreen is a picture of the four of you doing something dumb
they all love you so so much!!! /p
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gaytoadwithapopsicle a month ago
how aboutttt dream hyping you up in your twitch/instagram chat/comments?
Anon, you understand me.
He looks like such a sweet darling baby puppy honey bunny schnookems
Dream x Reader
Tumblr media
It would be so funny
He would straight up use his main accounts/well known alts
Like you post a pic and he is immediately like
Dream鉁旓笍:you鈥檙e so fucking hot
The fans find it hilarious
Also, he hyped up pics he鈥檚 already seen
Like you send him a pic and ask 鈥渟hould I post it鈥 and he hyped it up
Then you post it and he hyped it up again
If you鈥檙e on twitch:
He鈥檚 once again on his main
Dreamwastaken donated 15$: you鈥檙e hot
鈥淭hank you clay鈥
Dreamwastaken donated 30$: you鈥檙e welcome ;)
鈥淪top sending me money baby鈥
Dreamwastaken donated 60$: No thanks
鈥淥h my gooooood鈥
Dreamwastaken donated 120$: Love youuuu
鈥淚 love you to hun鈥
Or he hides in chat and breaks the rules
Dreamwastaken: nice ass
GabbyIsntFound[MOD]: you鈥檙e on thin ice Clayton
Overall he鈥檚 super sweet and hyped you up so so so much
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basilly 4 months ago
candids || mcyts x reader
Tumblr media
summary: pictures the dsmp have taken of you two :)
includes: dream, george, sapnap, karl, quackity, & wilbur
gender: fem presenting
Tumblr media
dream: "you look so good in my sweater :)"
Tumblr media
sapnap: "dream caught me distracted"
Tumblr media
george: "sapnap was following us on our walk."
Tumblr media
wilbur: "unfortunately i can't be mad at tommy for taking this"
Tumblr media
karl: "fine dining with my fine lady"
Tumblr media
quackity: "we were tired, okay?"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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casperscawz a month ago
Little Moments
small, barely intimate moments with the dteam :) separate of course, no warnings really. all established relationships.
Tumblr media
鈥淗ey, pretty boy.鈥 You greet, cursing under your breath when the pancake you flipped turned up burnt.
Sapnap stills at the name, heat rushing to his cheeks while he thanks whatever god there was that you weren鈥檛 looking at him.
鈥淗ey,鈥 he says, clearing his throat when his voice cracks. 鈥淕ood morning.鈥 He makes his way beside you, freezing again when he notices you鈥檙e wearing his sweater.
鈥淪leep well?鈥 He nods, looping an arm around your waist and resting his chin on your shoulder. He mumbles, 鈥榶ou?鈥 Waiting for your response. 鈥淐ourse,鈥 you smile, turning your head to kiss his cheek. 鈥淲as beside you.鈥
He lets out a breathy chuckle, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so dumb.鈥
Tumblr media
鈥淒ream.鈥 He mumbled a quiet 鈥榟mm,鈥 slowly turning his head away from his screen. His eyes catch yours from across the room, softening when he sees your dejected smile as you hold a necklace in your hands.
Wordlessly, he steps behind you. Taking the necklace from your hold and clipping it in place. Dream thinks for a moment before letting the chain go, smoothing his hands down your shoulders before placing a kiss to the nape of your neck.
鈥淟ove you.鈥 He whispers, smiling softly when your eyes meet his.
Tumblr media
George moves the second your hand reaches up to his hair, giving you a confused grin when you look at him.
鈥淵ou have something in your hair, George.鈥 You tell him, resting your hand gently on his shoulder to keep him in place.
He frowns as you pick at his hair, grumbling under his breath as you continue to ruffle through his hair. Another restless thirty seconds and George鈥檚 hands fall to your waist, loosely holding you.
鈥淚鈥檓 starting to think you were lying.鈥 He says, face growing hot when you look at him. He鈥檇 only just realized how close you two really were. 鈥淚f you wanted a hug, you could鈥檝e asked.鈥
When you show him the feather pinched between your fingers, he turns to the side with a huff. 鈥淐an I have a hug either way?鈥
鈥淚diot.鈥 He scoffs but obliges anyway. Tugging you closer, burying his head into your neck, and kissing the skin he had access to.
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ghostslittleslut a month ago
Tumblr media
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dreamholic 7 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing(s): dreamwastaken x gender neutral reader, georgenotfound x gender neutral reader, sapnap x gender neutral reader, karl jacobs x gender neutral reader, quackity x gender neutral reader
summary: you call them by their real name instead of a nickname.
warning(s): use of dream and quackity鈥檚 real names. the use of sapnap鈥檚 name once. use of the nickname bubs on karl鈥檚 since people don鈥檛 like that one for some reason ?
Tumblr media
DREAM: has the shock of his life when you call him clay. like karl, he thinks you鈥檙e mad at him for something he did. he tries to figure out what he did as he walks to the kitchen to you. 鈥測eah?鈥 he asks when he鈥檚 unable to come up with anything he did wrong, watching you clean the dishes. it couldn鈥檛 be the dishes, right? today is thursday, your day to clean the dishes. 鈥渃lay, can you get patches some more food while i finish here?鈥 he winces, having hoped you just decided to call him clay for once but nope. 鈥渙kay,鈥 he mutters, doing as you told him to but can鈥檛 help himself and asks, 鈥渄id i do something wrong, baby?鈥 he watches your expression carefully as he sets patches鈥 bowl on the floor. your brows furrow, looking over your shoulder at him. 鈥渋 don鈥檛 know, did you?鈥 you鈥檙e immediately suspicious of him after that but he shakes his head, 鈥渘o, no i mean like鈥 you鈥檙e calling me clay instead of babe or even dream. you only call me clay when you鈥檙e mad at me or being serious.鈥 鈥渙h,鈥 you shrug, turning back to the sink. when you don鈥檛 say anything, he grows more concerned. 鈥渂aby,鈥 he whines slightly, 鈥渋鈥檓 sorry for whatever i did.鈥 your lips twitch up, listening as he continues to whine and make promises that he鈥檒l make it up to you. when he says, 鈥渋 promise i鈥檒l do all the house chores for a week!鈥 you brighten up and turn to him, 鈥渞eally? great, thanks, babe. you can start now, i鈥檒l go tell sapnap that you鈥檒l do everything.鈥 he watches in shock as you walk away to the living room, slowly registering that you tricked him. 鈥淵/N!鈥
GEORGE: you have to stifle your giggles before starting with, 鈥済eorge, pass me my laptop charger.鈥 he goes to grab it but halts halfway, brows furrowing. he concludes it was just a one time thing so he grabs your charger and hands it to you, expecting a kiss on the cheek or lips along with a sweet, 鈥渢hanks, love!鈥 as you always do. but he gets nothing except for 鈥渢hanks, george.鈥 and you dismiss him without another thought. he stares at you in silence and you look up at him, 鈥渨hat?鈥 鈥渄on鈥檛 call me that.鈥 鈥渃all you what? your name?鈥 your eyebrows raise. 鈥測ou don鈥檛 call me george, you鈥 you call me love or, or gogy,鈥 he explains hastily, cheeks turning pink at his words. you have to force your lips into a straight line, 鈥渙h? i thought you didn鈥檛 like me calling you those names since you whine all the time about it.鈥 he huffs, cheeks turning even more pink, 鈥測/n! don鈥檛 pretend you didn鈥檛 know.鈥 鈥渄idn鈥檛 know what, exactly?鈥 you can鈥檛 hide your smile this time. 鈥渢hat鈥 that i like you calling me love!鈥 you simply stare at him in silence, a satisfied smile on your lips as he soon realized, 鈥測ou just wanted me to admit that, didn鈥檛 you?鈥 鈥測up,鈥 you chirp, leaning in for a kiss which he quickly dodges, 鈥渘o! no kisses since you like to trick your boyfriend.鈥
SAPNAP: he鈥檚 busy playing valorant when you decide to do it, eyes focused on his computer screen. 鈥渉ey, sapnap, what do you want for dinner?鈥 you lean on the door frame, knowing he鈥檚 only in call with punz as he plays and neither are streaming. he doesn鈥檛 answer, making you furrow your brows. you鈥檙e sure that he can hear you, his volume is never loud enough just in case something happens, but you step forward and tap him on the shoulder anyways, 鈥渟apnap. what do you want for dinner?鈥 he still doesn鈥檛 answer, making you huff only to hear punz ask through his headphones, 鈥渄ude, y/n鈥檚 asking you a question.鈥 sapnap still doesn鈥檛 answer. you roll your eyes, crossing your arms over your chest, 鈥渙h really? that鈥檚 how it鈥檚 going to be? nick!鈥 he keeps silent. 鈥渏esus, fine! what do you want for dinner, baby?鈥 you emphasize the pet-name and he finally turns around, sending you a sweet smile, completely different than his blank look from earlier. 鈥渉ow about some sushi?鈥 鈥渄ude,鈥 you hear punz laugh as you roll your eyes and start to leave the room, 鈥測ou鈥檙e unbelievable.鈥 鈥渄on鈥檛 call me sapnap again! love you.鈥
KARL: freezes the moment you say 鈥渒arl鈥, trying to think of something he did to upset you. can鈥檛 think of anything so he decides to play it safe and tentatively asks, 鈥測eah?鈥 he鈥檚 confused when all you do is ask him to do something simple and not at all torturous. stays quiet, deciding to just forget about it but it doesn鈥檛 leave his mind for the rest of the day, not to mention he also notices the other times you continue to call him by his real name. he ends up not being able to take it close to dinner time, 鈥渙kay, what did i do wrong? 鈥榗ause you鈥檝e been calling me karl all day and a hundred percent of the time, you call me bubs. so鈥斺 he鈥檚 confused at how you start giggling, cutting him off. 鈥渋 was just waiting to see how long it鈥檇 take you to confront me,鈥 you explain through your laughter. he stares at you before giggling in amusement and a huge amount of relief, 鈥渢hank god. can you call me bubs now? because hearing you say karl directly to me makes me want to be asleep forever.鈥
QUACKITY: 鈥渁lex, do you think i should buy this?鈥 you tug him closer to you so he can look at your phone but all he does is stare at you. 鈥渁lex? 鈥 alexis?鈥 he simply blinks at you with a blank face. you stare back at him in confusion, 鈥渄ude. quackity. do you even hear me?鈥 he then decides to open his mouth, 鈥渨ho is alex?鈥 you give him a bitchy stare, 鈥渦m, you?鈥 he shakes his head, turning back to his computer and staring at it with his jaw clenched slightly. your lips twitch at the sight, knowing he鈥檚 not really mad but just being dramatic and salty. 鈥渜uackity.鈥 鈥渘ope, don鈥檛 know who that is. why are you talking about another guy?鈥 you scoff, 鈥渙h, sorry, honey. happy now, cutie? oh, or how about handsome? or鈥斺 鈥渏eez, okay i get it!鈥 his cheeks flush lightly, avoiding your stare with how quick you seemed to turn the situation on him instead of the other way. 鈥 鈥 i like honey.鈥
Tumblr media
tiktok series. library.
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disturbed-and-depressed a month ago
Sapnap: Y/n! I can't do this stupid math!
Y/n: What鈥檚 the math problem?
Sapnap: Well, we have to add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and hope we don鈥檛 multiply.
Dream, covering George鈥檚 ears, while Y/n smacks Sapnap upside the head: Not going to lie that was hella smooth.
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ruminationnn 7 months ago
mcyt sleeping headcanons.
how mcyt鈥檚 fall asleep with you.
includes: cc!wilbur soot, cc!ted nivison, cc!jschlatt, cc!dream, cc!quackity, cc!tommy (p), cc!ranboo (p), cc!tubbo (p).
Tumblr media
wilbur 鈥 the octopus.
he鈥檚 got them long ass limbs, how could he not be?
but yes. whenever the two of you fall asleep together he naturally does the thing where his legs will tangle with yours
his arms are everywhere wrapped around your torso.
he craves the physical contact, so when you take a nap on the couch he just鈥 easily wraps himself around you
will also sometimes hold your hand/play with your fingers
ted 鈥 the blanket.
i鈥檝e mentioned this before in the fluff alphabet posts but he鈥檚 definitely the type to put his weight on you and just become the blanket
not to the point where it鈥檚 suffocating
but just enough to be comforting
also snores.
not too loud, but he definitely does quietly
schlatt 鈥 the furnace.
don鈥檛 know why, but his body just naturally runs really warm when he鈥檚 asleep
which means he usually doesn鈥檛 need a blanket. if he does, it鈥檚 a thin one
fret not, because it means you can just cling on to him and that鈥檚 more than enough heat for the night
he鈥檚 also not much of a cuddler. only in that he won鈥檛 really hold you much during the night
but he lets you lie on top of him and just kinda鈥 nuzzle up to him for warmth
clay 鈥 the spoon.
definitely the big spoon
has an arm around your waist the whole night
usually your head is tucked just under his chin
he鈥檚 also a night owl, though, so if your sleep schedules don鈥檛 match and he finds you asleep he鈥檒l just scooch in and hold you softly
otherwise, the two of you are cuddling, sharing quiet conversations until you fall asleep
alex 鈥 the cuddler.
doesn鈥檛 share a lot of physical affection normally, but when you鈥檙e asleep he鈥檚 all over you
sleeps facing you, so you鈥檙e just softly breathing against each other
he generally has a hard time falling asleep so he really appreciates your touch since it calms him so much
in bed is also one of the few times he鈥檚 not wearing a beanie so his hair gets everywhere
but he really appreciates it when you run your fingers through the soft strands and just kinda鈥 scratch his scalp a little while he sleeps
tommy 鈥 the reluctant sleeper
will try his damned hardest to not fall asleep
it鈥檚 only when his energy finally crashes and his head just drops on your shoulder that he starts to snooze
also will not admit to liking cuddles
but if you play with his hair a bit while he rests on you, you can see him just comfortably lean a bit more into you
has a habit of moving around when he sleeps though, so prepare to have to adjust yourself based on him lol
ranboo 鈥 the quiet snoozer
there鈥檚 a very thin line between when ranboo is just being quiet and when he鈥檚 asleep
you can barely tell when he鈥檚 fallen asleep because for a while before he鈥檒l just drop in volume
until you look over and find his eyes are closed
another one who doesn鈥檛 intentionally cuddle but he鈥檒l subconsciously shift himself closer if he falls asleep next to you on the couch or something
otherwise a very calm sleeper. will probably mutter a little bit.
toby 鈥 the teddy bear.
i call him the teddy bear because he is. the bear.
you literally hold him as if he鈥檚 your personal stuffed animal and he lives for it
he likes to sleep facing you as well, and will definitely nuzzle his face either into your chest or your neck
even when you鈥檙e pretty sure he can鈥檛 breathe. he鈥檚 stubborn.
takes a while for him to fall asleep but that time is spent whispering and giggling until he passes out with a smile on his face <3
. . .
like, comment & reblog if you enjoyed!
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happyteapots a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: what the mcyt鈥檚 prefer out of bbt
pairings: dreamwastaken, georgenotfound, sapnap, karl jacobs, punzo, foolishgamers
rating: 鈽嗏槄
requested?: N
cw: use of real names
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dream is 100% an ass guy.
He absolutely adored your butt. Some days he'd literally have to fight himself to not give you a good slap on the ass whenever you walked by. (most of the time the intrusive thoughts won, followed by a laugh on his part)
His favorite position would be doggy style. He was able to freely hold your ass in both his hands while pounding into you. Some days you'd wake up with bruises on your butt from how hard he was grabbing you the night before. Definitely liked to spank you too but that's another story
Most nights he'd fall asleep with his hand on it. He quote 鈥榣iked how soft you felt in his hands鈥 (fuckin weirdo)
Would grope you in public tbh. He鈥檇 stop when you told him off but couldn't help but let out a little giggle after.
This motherfucker absolutely loves your tits. Like obsession level of love. Doesn't matter if they're small or big he's in a trace whenever he sees them.
After a long stream, he can't help but find you and cuddle up, relaxing his head on your chest like a baby. You'd get so used to it that if you saw that his face was even slightly down turned your arms would open up so he could take his place.
Purposefully keeps the house cold so he can see your nipples poking through your shirt. That shit can get him throbbing in his pants in seconds.
He HATES it when you wear bras. He likes the 鈥榥atural look鈥 if you will. Nothing made him happier than being able to turn and see you in a shirt that hugged your tits without a stupid bra in the way. If he could he鈥檇 throw them out.
Would ask for a boobjob
Sapnap is a little tricky
He wouldn't be able to tell you if he liked your ass or your thighs more. Anything made this man horny. And I mean anything. You could take that man out in one swoop just by wearing a pair of thigh-highs.
His shirt, no pants and thigh-highs would be the ultimate combo for making this man stutter over every word. Would not be able to take his eyes off of you the entire day.
Also an ass grabber. He liked being able to reach over and give you booty rubs just for fun. He had that devilish grin on his face whenever you let him get away with it.
Whenever you'd sit on his lap he'd feel the like he was on cloud nine. Even if it was just so you could watch whatever he was going on his PC or for his company, he'd get all giddy. No matter what that man tells you, he loves affection/attention. The closer you were to him the better.
Boobs! Karl was a simple man with simple wants. He'd see you in a V-neck that perfectly showed off your cleavage and would be aching for more.
If you think he doesn't make a 鈥榟onk honk鈥 noise when he squeezes them you're absolutely wrong. He鈥檇 always get so giggly afterwards too. His eyes would light up like a kid in a candy shop when you told him he was allowed to play with your boobs. They were like his little stress balls.
Really enjoys sucking on your tits as well. And I mean really enjoys it. A bit... Odd but he was your baby boy after all. (as he called himself.)
Whenever he was sleepy he liked to lay on your chest too. Both his arms would be wrapped tightly around your waist to make sure that you weren't going anywhere. He liked watching whatever cartoon he was fixated on that month while cuddled up to you like that. It just made him so happy.
Punz loves your thighs. Genuinely could not get enough of them. He thought that they were the best things on your body without hesitation. The bigger the better as well.
He always preferred to be the big spoon n whatnot while cuddling but if you offered to let him lay in between his thighs while he was gaming or something he'd take the opportunity so fast. Preferably on the couch with the controller in hand. Playing with his hair while he was like that was the ultimate kicker too. He鈥檇 think there was nothing better than that.
Covers your thighs in bite marks and hickeys. He liked teasing you so whenever he was about to eat you out he'd help himself to feel you squirm and whine. Would totally make eye contact with you while he did it too. You could even see that shit-eating smirk while he had your skin in his cheek.
Whenever he was driving his hand on your thigh was a must btw. If you were gonna be his passenger princess (which you definitely were) you had to follow his rules.
Foolish enjoyed the classic ass grab. Easy. He liked your butt. Whenever you had sex, 90% of the time he was dominant, but he'd love to see you go reverse cowgirl on him so he had that lovely view he wanted. Definitely got him louder in bed.
If you were sucking him off and you arched your back a bit more so your ass was more displayed he wouldn't be able to take his eyes off of you. Between that and seeing you go down on him? Don't expect him to last long.
Will lay his head on your ass if you were laying on your stomach and see no issue with it. Even scrolling on his phone to prove that he was not moving.
Keeping up with the shark bit he was, without a doubt he'd roll over while he was like that to bite your butt. Of course, instinctively you'd smack him away/push him but the damage would have already been done. If he left a mark he'd apologize but.. Was he really sorry?
Probably not.
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lvyu 8 months ago
and we鈥檙e live!;聽dreamwastaken x reader, georgenotfound x reader, wilbur soot x reader
鈥 synopsis: just some moments from their streams revolving around your relationship鈥 honestly, chat loves the two of you.
Tumblr media
dream reads a dono asking about you鈥 just a general question, if you鈥檙e doing alright.聽
鈥渢hey鈥檙e good, tired from all their work they gotta finish, but they鈥檙e doing alright.鈥 he pondered for a moment, sifting through your recent memories to find anything interesting to feed chat鈥檚 curiosity.聽
鈥渁ctually they鈥檙e in bed with patches, asleep, or they should be asleep鈥 they told me they were going to bed an hour ago,鈥 he chuckles.聽鈥渒nowing them, they鈥檙e probably still awake just stalking me on their phone.鈥
aww鈥檚 flood the chat, though he wasn鈥檛 quite sure they were warranted for what he said. regardless, he smiled鈥 he loved that his audience loved and accepted you.
(though really, it鈥檚 not like it mattered anyways, he鈥檇 love you no matter what.)
鈰喡匪 嗉 *
鈥済eorge is complete shit at the game, chat, he鈥檚 so baaa-aaad...鈥 george聽turned to you, throwing the pillow he was resting against, which you had actually thrown at him an hour earlier, at you in retaliation.
you screamed and pretended to fall, making sure you made a loud thump! noise to scare the viewers, considering you were completely out of view from the stream.聽鈥渃hat, help! unfollow, unsub, stop donating!鈥
he rolled his eyes.聽鈥渢hey鈥檙e not gonna listen to you鈥 you鈥檙e so dramatic, i swear.鈥 thankfully, chat (at least a majority, there鈥檚 always a few outliers) could tell the two of you were joking from the way george was smiling, as well as your faint laughter in the back.
鈥渋鈥檓 being bullied, on my own stream!鈥 you threw the pillow back at him (lovingly, of course).
鈰喡匪 嗉 *
鈥渁ny new movies you watched?鈥 wilbur hummed, thinking over the question.聽鈥測ou know, chat, i got a fun story to tell you.鈥澛
he sat up, getting comfortable, fiddling with a toy he鈥檇 brought to his office.聽鈥渕y partner鈥斺 flashes of your name popped up on his screen, chat clearly getting hyped at the rare mention of your relationship.聽鈥測es chat, them鈥 who else?鈥
although his question was rhetorical, people still replied with various jokes, but will ignored them and continued.聽鈥渢hey really love... just summarizing things, like their day or a movie they watched, and acting them out and just going wild while they narrate, and it鈥檚 just... the best thing ever, i think.鈥
鈥渁s聽expressive as ranboo?鈥 he read out.聽鈥渘ot sure about that one, ranboo鈥檚 a pretty, pretty expressive guy... but definitely up there on the expressive scale.鈥 he sighed, looking up at the camera and smiling.聽鈥渋t鈥檚 great chat, it really is.鈥
needless to say, chat was having a field day with the small share from his more private life.
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dreamsdarlin a month ago
(鈥.b-bunny!reader-) *gunshots*
- roni
anything for you roni do you need your shoes shined? do you need me to cook a 4 course meal for you? do you need a massage?? I love you @boobberries
okay so bunny reader with literally any of the people i write for would be so yummy
Punz: the most degrading of the bunch tbh, teasing you and degrading you over it
鈥渁ww is my little bunny sensitive there? do you want me to keep going baby?鈥 YES PLEASE
鈥渒eep bouncing on my cock bunny, you鈥檙e making me feel so good. maybe i should tie you up and make you cum just from touching your ears, i think i can do it sweetie鈥︹
Sam: would just dote on you 24/7 i swear to god
鈥渙h baby, you look so beautiful underneath me.鈥
鈥淚 would kill for you, my little angel鈥︹
Just the sweetest person ever I swear like he would worship every part of you (esp your ears and or tail bc he thinks they鈥檙e so fucking CUTE)
Sapnap: I feel like he could go either way, like thinking you鈥檙e the most adorable thing ever and worshiping the ground you walk on or just absolutely filthy to you BUT I know he would be at your side 24/7, very very protective
鈥淏aby, how do you think I鈥檒l let you go without me while you鈥檙e wearing that?鈥
Legit could just be comfy clothes (sap goes wild for leggings, change my mind) or you could be dressed to the nines and he would still try and convince you that the outfit should be for his eyes only
鈥淚鈥檓 gonna fuck your little body so hard when we get home鈥︹
Mf would whisper the nastiest shit in your ear just to see how you react, to see your ears twitch or your pretty bunny tail flicker
Schlatt: easily the one who would chain you up and try to get you to cum just from stimulation on your ears or tail or smth
He鈥檇 run a vibrator all over your body, lingering on your sensitive spots just a bit longer than the others to see you twitch and wiggle
鈥淒oes that feel good? My bunny is so sensitive, maybe I should figure out a way to leave you here with a toy inside you and a vibrator somewhere else鈥︹
Eventually he鈥檇 give in and fuck the daylights out of you but only while scratching behind your ears and telling you what a good little slut you are for him <3
Dream: is def the most over all dominant, kinda mean but more just straight up in control. Training you to be the most obedient little bunny bc he loves feeling like the predator and you鈥檙e the pray
鈥淥n your knees bunny, and don鈥檛 move until I say.鈥
He鈥檇 walk away, just leaving you in like the middle of the living room and coming back with a perfect collar for you
鈥淭his is for you, angel. This reminds everyone who鈥檚 really in charge, okay? Everyone needs to see how good my bunny is for me.鈥
And you鈥檇 get the POUNDING of your lifetime while wearing your brand new collar
George: tbh I feel like he could be a mixture of mean dom and soft dom, just depending on his mood and how good you鈥檝e been.
Most of the time tho he would be so sweet to you, giving you all the pleasure (and orgasms) you could ask for until your legs are shaking and your eyes are rolled back in your head
Literally bending you over any surface and shoving his fingers in your tight hole just so he can see your adorable little tail
鈥淭hat鈥檚 it, love. Wiggle your tail for me while I make you cum, show me what I want to see.鈥
Mean dom tho would be like a mixture of schlatt and punz
Just ruining your body and degrading you at the same time
After all he gets turned on by making you cum
鈥淲hy do you have to be such a dumb bunny, huh? You can鈥檛 use that pretty head of yours for once? Answer me, bunny.鈥
And you swear you try to but your head is so cloudy and empty from the many many overstimulation orgasms you鈥檝e had in the past hour that all you can do is nod and hope he takes that as an answer
鈥淪o fucking stupid you can鈥檛 even answer me, all your good at is sitting and looking pretty while use your body, isn鈥檛 that right?鈥
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clitsuckerer 10 months ago
apple of my eye
dilf!dreamwastaken x fem!reader
WARNINGS-聽 dilf!neighbour!dreamwastaken cheats on his wife with you, mostly dreams pov, infidelity, no specific age mentioned for the reader but the reader is 18+ and younger than dream!!, light yandere themes, pervy dream, age gap, innocence kink, voyeurism, size kink, sir kink, dream is not the best dad or husband in this uhh, but he's good to you so, no mention of readers dad because daddy issues ig, dream n glasses is a warning in itself
SUMMARY-聽 dream hates his life but he loves you, his new sweet little neighbour.
WORDS- 7.7k+
Tumblr media
鈰嫰鈰嫰鈰嫰鈰嫰鈬⑩渿 锛缉锛集锛诧汲 锛わ籍锛 鉁団嚑鈰嫰鈰嫰鈰嫰鈰嫰
Tumblr media
the sound of the doorbell broke through the chaos of the house, boxes strewn about and kids screaming down the spacious hallways.
dream and his family had just moved into this posh new house that his wife had whined and begged for, saying that they just had to upgrade from their humble old home to this more than pretentious house now that they were making more money than they ever had, always whining his ear off about how she wanted the kids to live nice and how she deserved it.
deserved it my ass, she did fucking nothing all day except whine his ear off and drink wine.
letting out a big sigh when the doorbell rang again and it had yet to be answered, dream removed his reading glasses and reluctantly hauled up off of his office chair and down the stairs, passing boxes and clutter with unhappy grumbles and annoyed grunts until he finally reached the front door.
opening it he was greeted with the sight of a middle aged woman smiling all too brightly for his grumpy mood, it was almost headache inducingly bright but the little glimpse he got of a young girl standing next to the lady made all his annoyances go away in a heartbeat.
the woman was talking but everything sounded muffled to dream, gorgeous eyes peaked up at him from behind thick eyelashes, looking at him with curious but shy eyes and his heart melted right there when you shuffled your feet and gave him a charming little smile.
you were such a sweet little thing, all dolled up in your cute dress and mary janes, lighting up his doorstep with your infectious smile as you stood with your mother holding a plate of delicious looking homemade cookies. your adorable beauty had dream absolutely awestruck.
鈥渆xcuse me, hello?鈥 dream was snapped back to reality when your mother waved a hand in front of his face, slowly dragging his green eyes away from the cute girl on his doorstep and back to her.
鈥渙h uh- sorry, what did you say?鈥 dream managed to stutter out in his dumbstruck state that you had unknowingly knocked him into, his eyes immediately sneaking back to you after a second of looking away.
鈥渋 said hi there, we're your neighbours! we live right next door, we just wanted to welcome you to the neighbourhood and bring you some cookies.鈥 the woman in front of him spoke, she was very warm and welcoming though he still couldn鈥檛 tear his eyes off the beautiful young girl he could see patiently standing next to her.
鈥渦h hello, nice to meet you,鈥 clearing his throat, dream tried his best to tear his eyes away from you, the glint lighting up his green eyes like a teenager discovering a new all consuming crush and he damn near felt like that too. 鈥渁nd who are you?鈥 the question just came blurting out, he had to know who the angel gracing him with her presence was.
鈥渙h! this is my daughter, introduce yourself dear.鈥 your mother nudged you toward the handsome man, looking up at him with a shy smile when you stumbled to a stop in front of his towering figure. his grumpy attitude was instantly lifted the moment your free hand connected with his outstretched one, the feel of your soft skin against his sending shock waves all throughout his body the moment your hands connected. your hand was so small and delicate in his he felt that if he squeezed even a little bit too hard you would break, he wanted to break you but not in that way so he was sure to be careful with your precious hand.
鈥渋t鈥檚 nice to meet you sir!鈥 your voice was so pure, a happy little chirp in it despite the shyness obviously creeping up on you. it made the corner of his plump lips pull upwards into a rare smile, your softness rubbing off on him and making him forget that your mother was still present. all he could focus on was your pretty face looking up at him and your small hand being encased by his much larger one, feeling as if it were made to be held in his.
and the way you called him sir, god did it have him swooning. he had been called it many times by many different people but none had uttered it like you had, none had made him want to hear it endlessly like you.
his fond smile instantly dropped into a cold frown though when the sound of a throat clearing broke him out of his bubble, reluctantly dropping your hand when his wife stepped up beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder.
鈥渙h how nice! you brought cookies.鈥 the plate was snatched right out of your hand, taken off of you by his wife without so much as a thank you or even an introduction. dream had to resist the urge to roll his eyes, she鈥檚 such a fucking bitch sometimes.
his wife and your mother stood there for a bit, getting to know each other while all he could do was admire you standing in front of him, itching for everyone else to disappear so he could be alone with you. he had never felt this kind of instant attraction before, had never felt his heart skip so many beats when you would catch his eye and smile shyly at him.
apparently your mom had invited them around for dinner later that night which he only learned once his wife had started scolding him for not being ready to leave when it got to the time they had arranged to be there, he had been way too busy sneaking glances at you to listen to their conversation so to say he was in a bad mood when they arrived was an understatement. it was instantly replaced with a warm feeling though when you answered the door in your prettiest dress and a breath-taking smile that he could have sworn was directed solely towards him.
for some reason, just seeing you made him forget about his bitching wife and rowdy kids, just the brush of your dainty fingers against his when you took his coat from him had him yearning to hold your hand in his once again.
your mother had insisted that you give dream a little tour around your house while her and his wife finished up dinner and cared for the kids, which he was very thankful for as it meant he got to be alone with you for a while, he would take any time he could get with you at this point. it also happened to be a plus that he got to be away from his headache inducing family.
"and this is my room!" dream looked around your cutely decorated room, memorising everything as you jumped on your stuffed animal covered bed, landing on your stomach and bouncing lightly on the soft mattress causing your dress to ride up and expose your plush thighs and a peek of your ass to dream鈥檚 perverted eyes.
the picture of fucking you dumb in all different kinds of positions flashed through his mind, he wanted to defile you on this very bed when you turned around to rest on your back, hugging a stuffed walrus to your chest and looking up at him with sparkling eyes.
he could do so much to you right now, you were just staring into his eyes like you were asking him to make a move and he was so close to doing something, so close to ruining you while both of your families were just downstairs. he was so absorbed in the moment that he didn鈥檛 even hear his wife calling his name from downstairs until her footsteps thudding up the stairs snapped him out of his stupor.
his cock was hard for the rest of the night, he had to sit through dinner with your parents and his wife and kids with a hard on that you had unknowingly caused and the most lewd and dirty thoughts of you running through his mind, all while you sat across from him, looking so utterly oblivious to the newly formed infatuation engulfing him.
after they had eaten dinner and dessert they had gotten ready to leave, while dream鈥檚 wife and your mother were discussing more dinner plans and cooing over the sleepy children dream was saying goodbye to you, embracing you for a suspiciously long time and smelling your sweet scented hair before he went home and waited until his wife was sleeping soundly next to him to jerk his aching cock, the thought of you the only thing on his mind when he came the hardest he had in years.
it just so happened that his office window faced directly across from your bedroom window, only a few feet of space between the side of the two houses which allowed him to see almost every inch of your small room perfectly.
the first time that he saw you through your window, it was mid-morning and he was sitting at his desk half invested in the paperwork in front of him when he had looked up for a brief second, quickly doing a double-take when he noticed you through his window, laid out on your stomach and feet crossed together in the air as you read a book on your bed. as if on instinct his eyes slowly ran down the deep arch of your back, coming down to admire the plump curve of your ass through your pretty sundress. he caught himself after a second, scolding himself for checking out your ass again but he couldn鈥檛 stop himself from looking back at you, nor could he help the way his dick jumped up the second he laid his eyes on you.
his paperwork was long forgotten, instead of completing it he sat for hours watching you get lost in the pages you were turning, admiring your relaxed figure as the day passed by way too quickly.
he was finally snapped out of his trance when his office door flew open, his screaming son tumbling in quickly followed by his daughter running behind him, he didn鈥檛 even realise that they were home he was that entranced by you. dream sighed deeply when they immediately started rambling on about what the other had done, taking off his glasses and exasperatedly rubbing his tired eyes as if to get rid of the thoughts that were still plaguing his mind before he gave your oblivious figure one last lingering glance and got up to deal with his rowdy children.
you had seemed to either like letting the sunlight in or you forgot to close them because ever since that day your curtains were always open, night and day he could always see every inch of your bedroom that you spent a lot of time in. and at first it was somewhat innocent, instead of doing his work he would find himself admiring you while you did random things in your room, everything you did intrigued him to no end, he even moved his desk in front of the window so he could see you better. eventually he had started to neglect his family, spending all day every day locked away in his study under the guise of work but really he was watching you study or paint your nails or watching you dance around to your favourite songs.
you never noticed him, remaining completely oblivious to the middle-aged man watching you flutter about your bedroom all too innocently and he took advantage of that, closing his curtains until nothing but a gap remained so he could watch you without getting caught when he thought that it was too risky.
he tried not to let the guilt of watching you creep up on him, he tried to justify it, really he tried to convince himself that he wasn鈥檛 doing anything that wrong, that he wasn鈥檛 a dirty old man who was way too infatuated with watching his pretty young neighbour for it to be innocent.
when he would see you outside of his house he couldn鈥檛 help but avert his gaze, cheeks a flaming red when you would call out a greeting and send him a cute little wave. he couldn鈥檛 look you in the eye knowing the thoughts that he had about you, all the dreams and daydreams of you bouncing on his cock or of bending you over in his marital bed and making you cover the sheets in your juices. he couldn鈥檛 look at you properly knowing how many times he had fucked his hand while thinking of you, he felt too dirty.
all of the innocence of the situation, if there was any to begin with, disappeared one sunny tuesday. he had been actually getting some work done for once when he heard a faint girlish humming come from your bedroom, his head snapping up at light speed when he noticed it was you.
blood rushed to his cheeks when the first thing he was greeted by was you sliding off your dress, quickly realising that you were getting undressed right in front of him and he was just watching like a creep.
he knew it was wrong, it was so beyond wrong to watch a girl half his age get undressed without her knowledge but how could he not. you were literally right there, showing him your perfect body covered in a cute little bra and panties. his dick jumped to life when you unclipped your bra, sliding it off of your chest and revealing the side view of your perky tits to him.
how the fuck was he supposed to look away from such a tempting sight?
he couldn鈥檛 look away if he tried, utterly fascinated as you wiggled your hips and danced adorably to the tune you were humming. he ached to touch your smooth looking skin, his hand twitching towards his crotch to rub the bulge stirring underneath his sweatpants as he watched you dance around your room, tits bouncing deliciously and he swore it was just for him.
unknowingly he had let his hand slip into his pants and pull his dick out, starting to rub his cock to the sight of you naked and dancing. he was already as hard as a rock and only getting harder as he jerked his leaking cock, his hand moving at light speed to relieve himself quickly.
dream imagined it was your hand jerking him off instead of his own, he knew it would feel like heaven to have your hands wrapped around him, playing with him until your heart's content. he would let you do anything to him. his thumb rubbed at his tip gathering the pre come and spreading it down his pulsating cock, causing a squelching sound to fill his study that sounded so fucking good to dream although he wished it was your juices causing the sound instead of his.
a loud moan helplessly fell from his lips when you faced the window and revealed your perfect tits and pretty pussy to him, your eyes closed and your hands running down your body. ribbons of cum spurted from his cock and covered his shirt within seconds, his high hitting him out of nowhere and hitting him strong.
he didn鈥檛 even get a second to really feel his orgasm before he had to quickly slide to the floor when you looked out of your window with curious eyes and your cute nose all scrunched up, seemingly searching for the reason of the strange loud noise and dream could feel his heart pounding in his chest, his orgasm seconds before partly to blame though if he was being honest, being that close to you catching him jerking off not only scared the absolute shit out of him but ashamedly made his cock rise again all too quickly.
after a minute of waiting just to be safe, dream poked his head up to peek at your window only to see it empty. heaving out a sigh, he looked away from the window that your gorgeous naked body had just been gracing, trying to get back to his important work despite his still hard cock making him lose his train of thought every five seconds. even when he wasn't longingly staring at your window he was thinking of you, consumed by the thought of your perfect body that you didn't even know he had seen. it was quite literally driving him crazy, you were driving him crazy.
one day it all changed though. as per usual dream had been hauled up in his office, alone for the day as his kids were at school and his wife was out god knows where when he once again spotted you from his desk, the only thing covering your body a cute pink towel it was obvious you had just gotten out of the shower. of course dream just had to slip a hand in his pants, who wouldn鈥檛 in this situation. you look so good with your wet hair and smooth wet skin, fuck if he got his hands on you he would treat you聽 so good.
he froze as he all of a sudden made eye contact with you, basically malfunctioning when you waved at him as if you weren鈥檛 only covered by a tiny towel. he didn鈥檛 know what to do, he was silently panicking on the inside so when he didn鈥檛 wave back like he usually would your eyes travelled down the length of his arm, stopping at his hand that was buried inside of his unzipped pants. he didn't know what you were thinking when you stared at him for a while, once again making eye contact with the frozen man after a minute of looking intently at his still hand.
a mischievous smile grew on your tempting lips, the towel hiding you from him suddenly dropping to the floor and revealing your still wet body to his shocked self. he didn鈥檛 know if this was real or not, if he was just dreaming the most realistic dream he鈥檚 ever had or if this was a nightmare meant to torture him and any second he would wake up desperately hard and still next to his sleeping wife, still living his boring life that he had grown to despise.
you stared at each other for a while, both waiting for the other to do something first and dream finally said fuck it once he got over the shock of you revealing yourself to him, whether it was a dream or not he would not miss this opportunity. his hand slowly started to rub his dick once again to the sight of you, it felt completely different this time though maybe it was because you were willingly showing him your perfect body or maybe it was the way you started playing with your beautiful tits, either way it got his dick harder than it had ever been.
you bit your lip as you caressed your perky tits, wide eyes watching his hand pump his large dick. knowing that your eyes were glued to his dick made him let out a low moan and move his hand so fast it was just a blur to you both. the guys your age would have no shot if he was already feeling like this, like he could cum from just the sight of you playing with your perfect tits. you weren鈥檛 even in the same house for god鈥檚 sake and yet you were driving him insane. dream knew you were the prettiest fucking person alive and he knew for sure he was the luckiest man alive to be able to see you like this.
still pumping his dick, he watched you turn around and make your way to your bed, giving him an eyeful of your gorgeous ass which was enough to distract him from wondering what you were doing until you got on your hands and knees on your spacious bed and started crawling up towards the headboard.
something in him snapped when you turned back around with a little grin, leaned back on your headboard and spread your legs, your small fingers reaching down to rub at your swollen clit. it was like something took over his mind, putting him in a trance and making him get up out of his seat, his feet taking him through his empty house, out the front door and straight to your house. he didn鈥檛 even bother knocking, he was far beyond courtesies at this point. all he wanted was to finally be buried in your sweet little cunt and absolutely nothing would get in his way of achieving that.
dream stomped straight up to your bedroom, almost kicking down your door in his frenzied rush to get to you and making a beeline right to your frozen figure. he grabbed you by your ankles, dragging you towards the end of your bed earning a squeal from you before standing over you with his large imposing body, panting heavily as he stared down at you with a wild look in his dark eyes.
鈥渄o you know how fucking crazy you鈥檙e driving me,鈥 his voice was dark and scary when he spoke, sending shivers down your spine. you quickly shook your head from side to side, looking at him like a deer caught in headlights, or more fittingly like a deer that鈥檚 been lured into a hunters trap.
his thumb ran tenderly over your plush lips, a manic grin tugging at his own, 鈥渉mm, of course you don鈥檛. you鈥檙e just an obvious little kitten aren鈥檛 you.鈥 the wedding ring on his finger sparkled against the smooth skin of your neck, his hand curling around your throat and dragging you into a feverish first kiss. you were noticeably much more inexperienced than dream but he could care less, just having your soft lips against his was almost making him cream his pants.
you were trying to keep up with his rushed movements the best you could and he applauded you for it, not even he could keep up with himself right now but then again he didn鈥檛 really mind it, and you didn鈥檛 seem too either judging by the way you whined needily into his mouth.
it was incredibly hard to pull away from your sweet lips, the taste of you was so addicting he couldn鈥檛 control himself from kissing you over and over again until the urge for air became too much to ignore for the both of you, reluctantly pulling away from you and resting his head against yours, his hot breaths hitting your kiss swollen lips.
鈥渉ave you ever had your pussy eaten before, kitten?鈥
鈥渦-uhm, no.鈥 your bashfulness made his cock twitch in his pants, knowing he was going to be the first person to eat your sweet pussy satisfied him to no end. he was going to make sure that he remained the only person to ever put their mouth on any part of your body.
鈥渄o you want me to make you feel good?鈥 his question was immediately answered with a frantic nod and an eager 鈥榶es please!鈥 so he got straight to work, his mouth was watering with the need to taste your juices.
he started at your ankle, leaving wet, lingering kisses up your smooth legs as his eyes stayed locked with yours in a sensual gaze. the light kisses tickled you apparently because you let out the sweetest giggles as he did this, which of course made him smile and chuckle against you. fuck his cock was the hardest it had ever been and he was dying to be inside of you but no matter the situation, no matter where you were or what you were doing, you never failed to make him melt inside.
finally he got to your soft thighs, laying loving pecks on the inside of both of them before he pulled back a bit to admire you layed out underneath him. you looked so tiny under him, looking up at him with a flustered face and wide doe eyes. you were just waiting for him to make his move, so eager for him to show you all that you had been missing out on, all that he had been missing out on.
holding your legs spread out for him, dream ran a slim finger through your puffy wet folds, collecting your sticky juices on his finger and rubbing your clit with the shining digits. he watched your hips buck up in utter fascination, appreciating you for a long second before he dived right into your awaiting pussy.
his eyes almost rolled to the back of his head when the taste of your sweet juices hit his tongue for the first time but he wanted to see you while he devoured you, he wanted to see your cute face scrunch up in pleasure and your gorgeous tits push up toward the ceiling when your back arched. he didn鈥檛 want to miss a second of it.
dream sucked your clit as harshly as he could before he stuck his tongue out and shook his head from side to side, his warm wet tongue bumping into your sensitive nub over and over again making you cry out and tangle your hands in his hair. you were so reactive to anything he did, even when he pushed his tongue into your tight hole you reacted like it was his dick fucking you and he loved it.
your plush thighs encircled his head despite his best efforts to hold them open, he was way too weak right now to even bother trying to keep them open so he just let you do as you please. his hips started humping against your bed as he ate your pussy like a man starved, trying to get the ache in his cock to go away. his deep groans were vibrating against your wet pussy, his long fingers coming to tease around your entrance before one pushed inside of you and started slowly pumping in sync with the thrusts against your bed.
with a loud cry of his name and a pull of his hair, your juices flooded into his eager mouth, desperately collecting every bit of your sweetness that he could as you came undone under him. dream had never seen anything as beautiful as you in all his years of living, your eyes squeezed shut, mouth wide open and your back arched beautifully.
eventually he had to pull away, not only for air but because he was on the verge of cumming from his rutting against the mattress and he really didn鈥檛 want to cum anywhere else but on or inside of you. giving your pussy one last long lick dream pulled away with dilated eyes and swollen wet lips, you didn鈥檛 look any better underneath him with your darkened face and heavy breaths. it caused a great pride spread through him knowing that he had destroyed you with just his mouth, if you were like this just because of him eating you out he could only imagine the way you would react to his cock.
he leaned back against your headboard with you kneeling between his legs, guiding both of your cute little hands to wrap around his thick length. seeing your pink painted nails contrasting against his leaking red cock made his head fall back and his hips buck up into you, your small hand jerking him off felt amazing, so much better than anything he had ever felt in his life and it was only your hand causing him this much pleasure.
鈥渁m i doing it right sir?鈥 your voice was breathy as you seeked his approval, still breathless from your intense orgasm.
鈥渇uck yes- you鈥檙e doing so good kitten,鈥 his hips started moving in time with your strokes, bucking up into your hands and almost cumming on the spot when he felt your wet mouth lick at the pre come leaking from his cock. 鈥渁h s-shit!鈥
his hips bucked up without his control when you tried to take as much of him into your mouth as you could, accidentally shoving himself down your throat and causing you to sputter around his cock.
鈥渇uck, sorry kitten,鈥 despite his apology it was very obvious he liked the sensation of your throat around him, so with a giggle you kept trying to shove his cock down your small throat as far as you could. 鈥渇uck look at you, so beautiful baby girl.鈥
one of his large hands reached down to move some hair from your face so he could gaze into your sparkling eyes looking up at him from between his legs, your hands tugging his shaft and playing with his full balls while you choke yourself on his cock.
as much as he wanted you to keep sucking his cock, he knew that he wouldn鈥檛 last if you did. it had been so long since he鈥檚 had sex and even longer since he last had his dick sucked, plus the view of you on your knees before him, looking up at him as you licked at his dick like you were desperate for his cum- he knew he had no chance in hell of lasting more than five minutes, especially when you started moaning against him.
enjoying the feeling of you mouthing at him for a bit longer, he reluctantly pulled you off of his cock and towards his face to connect your lips in a sloppy kiss, spit gathering between you.
your body was suddenly flipped over onto your back and your legs tossed over his strong shoulders, dream coming to hover over you with one hand resting next to your head and the other guiding his cock to run through your soaking folds.
鈥渟o wet for me kitten, does it feel good?鈥 you nodded desperately, a whimpered 鈥榰h huh!鈥 falling from your swollen lips had him leaning his forehead against yours, the sensation of his dick parting your soft folds and covering it in your slick made him feel more weak than he had ever felt, it was like you just knocked the breath right out of him but also made him breath easy as you looked into his eyes with an endless amount of trust and hazy lust. it was a weird mix but one he was more than accepting of, he had never felt this way and that's how he knew this was something unique, something to be treasured and taken care of.
you both watched as his cock entered your virgin pussy for the first time, the long and thick shaft splitting you open inch by inch as he stuffed you full of him. your tight walls wrapped around him felt so heavenly, he swore he had never had pussy that felt this good. he briefly wondered if he had been with all the wrong people or if it was just you, just your pussy that was made to be filled by him. stopping himself from jamming his cock all the way into you was incredibly hard, it took everything in him to ease in slowly. you had never taken a dick before let alone one as big as his and it showed with the way you squirmed uncomfortably under him, your hands gripping onto the back of his head tightly and your eyes squeezing shut, he knew he had to take it slow for you.
鈥渋t鈥檚 ok, you鈥檙e fine i鈥檝e got you,鈥 dream comforted you softly, trying to get you to be less tense around his achingly hard cock. it was weird, he had no idea where this softness came from, where this urge to protect and take care of you had appeared from because he had never been like this with any of his past lovers before, not even his wife of more than a decade had seen much of his softer side. 鈥渄o you want me to stop?鈥
鈥渘o! no, keep going please.鈥 a pained little whimper cut you off, pulling at his heart strings but he kept going until he bottomed out, your pussy hugging him in a vice-like grip when he was buried balls deep inside you.
nuzzling his face into your neck, dream started pumping his cock into your tight walls slowly, just enjoying the feeling of your pussy gripping him for the first time. your moans were getting louder the harder he started fucking you and he couldn鈥檛 hold his back either, there was no need to anyway so he let out all the words and moans that slipped past his lips聽
he was fucking you so good, knocking the breath out of you each time he shoved his fat dick into you, and probably the sense too judging by the way drool was leaking from your open mouth, not even able to make a sound. he could barely make sense of the words that were falling from your lips among the moans sounding in the room but he could discern sir and a very slurred sogoodsogood mixed in there.
鈥測our pussy is so fucking good kitten fuck, made to be fucked by me weren鈥檛 you?鈥 dream grunted out, pulling away from your clinging body and leaning back on his knees so he could see your perky tits bounce with every hard thrust he gave. 鈥渉uh? tell me you were made to be fucked by me baby.鈥
鈥測es sir, i-i was made to be f-fucked by you!鈥 your voice was wavering with every word, you were barely coherent but right now you would say or do absolutely anything that dream asked you.
鈥済ood fucking girl, you鈥檙e such a good girl,鈥 he gave a few more hard thrusts before pulling out of you with a grunt, leaving you spread out under him, your pussy empty and hands trying to grab at him. the sight of you all fucked out underneath him was enough to make his mouth salivate. he couldn鈥檛 help leaning down to give your swollen clit a harsh suck, groaning at the taste of his and your juices mixing on his tongue.
he continued to jerk his cock while he moved to rest on his back, watching with half lidded eyes as you seemed to get what he wanted you to do, placing your hands on his chest and straddling his large frame between your cute legs, one of your small hands reaching down to position his cock at your entrance and sinking yourself down onto him.
a hand came to cradle the back of your head, pulling you down so your foreheads were resting against each other and your eyes locked in an unbreakable gaze while dream propped his feet onto the bed, his hands grabbing your hips for leverage as he started ploughing his cock into your soaked pussy from underneath you.
an all consuming urge to have you scream had him fucking up into you more relentlessly, wanting to hear your screams of pleasure ring through the whole damn neighbourhood. he could care less about anything else right now, all he could focus on was your tight little cunt squeezing the life out of him each time he filled you to the brim, the obscene squelching noises caused by the good fucking you were getting being drowned out by your loud moans that were getting louder each passing second he continued to bury his cock deep inside of you.
his dick pulled almost all the way out suddenly, only his tip remaining hugged by your velvety walls making you whine pathetically and try to bounce yourself on his cock, wanting to feel him in you once again but dream鈥檚 strong hands stopped him from filling you completely despite your best efforts.
鈥渓ook at you, such a desperate little kitten aren鈥檛 you,鈥 his pupils were blown out and his cheeks were flushed as he stared up at you with a dark look glinting in his eyes, wanting to hear your innocent self beg for him to keep fucking you like a whore. 鈥渨hat do you want pretty girl? you want me to keep fucking your pussy, huh?鈥
鈥測-yes! please sir, pleasepleaseplease fuck me i need it so bad please.鈥 your voice sobbed out to him, words rushed and jumbled in your fucked out state. you were so ruined for him, so desperate for him to keep fucking you that you didn鈥檛 care about how pathetic you were in that moment, you had gotten a taste of him and you didn鈥檛 ever want to let go. luckily he felt the same but tenfold, so addicted to being buried in your tight pussy that he couldn鈥檛 not give into your pleas, immediately filling you with his thick cock again and continuing his frantic pace.
he hadn鈥檛 known this kind of pleasure for a long time, he had never even looked at other women while with his wife, being way too work addicted and somewhat content in his mediocre marriage to notice or care about anything else but now that he had seen you, now that he had gotten to know your cute little self he felt like a completely different man.
you were so wrapped up in each other that you remained completely oblivious to the world around you, not caring in the haze of pleasure and infatuation that the world was still moving outside of you two.
鈥渉ello?鈥 dream鈥檚 wife called out, setting down her keys and taking off her jacket. 鈥渉oney, we鈥檙e home! where are you?鈥
waiting for a response for a moment and hearing none she ventured around the house in search for him, after checking all of the downstairs area and most of upstairs she came across his office, the door wide open which was very unusual. he was always so adamant about it always being closed and no one was to ever go in there. she found it incredibly odd when he would get so territorial about it, but she summed it up to not wanting her or the kids interrupting him while he worked.
she cautiously walked in, looking around the dark empty room and discovering that dream was in fact not in there. her brows furrowed as she didn鈥檛 see him but she did see a very weirdly placed desk, pushed up right underneath the cracked open window.
what a weird place for him to put his desk.
walking towards it she noticed the scattered paperwork, all of the pages incomplete which was weird for dream as it was almost dinner time and he always used to have his work finished by then. a sinking feeling grew in her stomach when she saw the photo frames containing multiple family pictures turned face down on the unusually messy desk like he couldn鈥檛 stand the sight of them, that feeling was worsened when she heard distant sounds coming from outside of the window his desk was residing in front of, the sounds unmistakable despite being muffled.
looking out of his window, she almost didn鈥檛 see it at first. from here she could see perfectly into the pretty young girl who lived next door鈥檚 bedroom window. she could see everything, she could see the small desk covered with papers and textbooks, she could see the open closet full of pretty coloured clothes and she could see your bed, the bed in which her husband of 10 years and the father of her children was currently fucking said young girl on.
she couldn鈥檛 look away, her hands getting clammy and shaky and the tears that were building in her eyes slowly rolled down her cheeks and yet she could not look away from the sight of her husband fucking you more passionately, more loving than he had ever fucked her.
the way he cradled you as you rode him killed her inside, he held you as if you were his whole world and he looked at you like he would give you the universe if you so much as even glanced at it. even when he was carelessly bouncing you on his cock he gazed into your eyes with the utmost love and admiration, he was using your body like you meant nothing to him but it was obvious you meant everything to him.
his wife had found it suspicious when he had a lock installed on his office door, even more so when he would be hauled up in there from the time he woke up to the time he went to bed, sometimes he didn鈥檛 even make it to bed, choosing to sleep on the small couch in his study or falling asleep at his desk instead of next to her.
she supposes that was the first of many signs that she should have noticed yet somehow didn鈥檛.
now realising that this was why he spent so much time in this damned room, this was why he hardly spent any time with his family anymore, with her anymore. really she should have known, it was only instinct for men to want to taint the innocent and innocent you were, with your cute little mannerisms and sweet aura. maybe this is all he needed, maybe if he got it out of his system he would come back to her.
the tears eventually blocked her vision, the sounds of your girlish moans mixed with dream鈥檚 deep ones echoing in his now cold study, and her head.
deciding not to torture herself any further, she tried to collect herself before opening the door and picking up her children from school, she wiped the never-ending tears falling down her blotchy cheeks, took a deep breath and plastered a fake smile across her face so she didn鈥檛 alert the kids.
later when dream would come home, she would act like she saw nothing, like he didn鈥檛 look dishevelled and like he didn鈥檛 even try to hide it. she would welcome him with a kiss on the cheek as she always does, except now he leaned away from her, barely looking at her though when he did it was with a newfound disgusted and disinterested look.
had he always looked at her like that?
she would notice the little things that have changed, like how he didn鈥檛 have dinner with his family anymore and even on the rare occasions when he did he wasn鈥檛 really there, always so detached and lost in thought, or how he would lock himself in his office with you now, 鈥榯o help her with school work鈥 he would tell her, god knows how your mom didn鈥檛 catch on though she guesses that's the reason you鈥檙e so oblivious, the apple doesn鈥檛 fall far from the tree as some would say but she does wonder if she hadn鈥檛 of seen what she had seen, if she would have even known what was happening behind her back.
everything was suddenly always about you you you, about how well you鈥檙e doing in school and how proud dream is of his little muse, he had taken you under his wing to 鈥榩repare you for the business side of life鈥. it almost insulted her that he thought she was that dumb.
she wanted to hate you, she wanted to think of you as just a stupid little girl with a school girl crush on the taken older man, but how could she when really she was the stupid one, vying for the attention of her cheating husband who had obviously fallen out of love with her. it was pathetic, but she loved him and in her defence, she really thought that she stood a chance against you.
she would continue to go out places, the thought of what dream was doing at home haunting her throughout the day and when your family would come over for dinner she would continue to be the ever so foolish wife of dream, greeting you with a welcoming smile that hid so many emotions. she would watch insecurely as you interacted with her and dream鈥檚 kids like you weren鈥檛 tearing their family apart, like you weren't tearing her apart. she felt like an outsider in her own home now, hell she felt like an outsider in her own marriage.
now she noticed the looks that you shared, the infatuated and longing looks that a married man should not be giving a girl your age, like you guys were having your own conversation through your eyes and nobody else could understand it. there were so many words she could use to describe the looks you shared but she tried not to think about it too much, because dream had never looked at her like that and she didn鈥檛 know if he ever would though she knew she would kill for him to look at her like that.
she would start comparing herself to you, to your lovely smile and alluring body. she would adjust her clothes and change her hair but nothing would get his attention. she thought if she changed these little things about herself to be more like you, to be something that dream would like, that he would love her again. except she would never be you, she would never taste like you or react like you, she would never suck his cock like you do or call him sir like you do. you were the complete opposite of his wife, all wide eyed and bright smiles whereas his wife was all bitter attitude and boring personality. she could never be on the same level as you, it made dream laugh to think that she thought any part of him could still want her after having you, after filling your sweet pussy with his seed over and over again and claiming every inch of you as his.
admittedly at first dream was mostly attracted to your gorgeous body, to your infectious smile and innocent eyes but over time he found himself obsessed with you, with the way you rambled on one minute and then the next you could barely look him in the eyes for more than two seconds. he knew he couldn鈥檛 live without you and he was more than willing to give up everything to live his life right by your side.
no, he could never belong to her again because now he was completely and utterly yours.
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