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'I dream. Sometimes I think that's the only right thing to do.'
Quotes: Maggie Stiefvater, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Haruki Murakami, V.E. Schwab, Fernando Pessoa, Clarice Lispector, N.M. Sanchez |  Artwork by Holly Warburton
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the stars are filled with dreams
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― Anaïs Nin, From "A Journal of Love": The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin, 1932-1934
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the feminine urge to keep inventing fake scenarios to be with my comfort characters as i make up yet another story line with thought out dynamics and plot twists
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Mountain on my mind
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If I wished hard enough, do you think the fae would steal me away?
Call Down the Hawk, Maggie Stiefvater // C. S. Lewis // St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves, Karen Russell // vintage print, Cicely Mary Barker // “Plea” by me // the Cottingly Fairy hoax picture // “Plea” // vintage postcard // Anne of Avonlea, L.M. Montgomery // “Plea”
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Anya dreaming about her parents marriage
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— Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet
[text ID: I never tried to be anything other than a dreamer. I never paid any attention to people who told me to go out and live. I belonged always to whatever was far from me and to whatever I could never be. Anything that was not mine, however base, always seemed to be full of poetry. The only thing I ever loved was pure nothingness.]
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— Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet
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Mysterious Light | Dream (Morpheus, Sandman) x Reader
Tumblr media
What happens when the Dreaming gets a new soul. One in which she does not remember how she got there. She just...appeared. Hopefully she becomes just what Dream needs in his new found beginnings.
Note: Takes place after Dream's imprisonment and the show's plot. (Season 1), this is also super long because...I just really wanted to make this good.
Warning: Blood warning, only briefly.
"Ah, what, where?!" Everything is gray and darkened around me. The sand, the water, even the cliffs behind. I just woke up here on a desolate coast with no idea who or what I am. The breeze on the coast makes me cold and with no sort of clothes to protect me. I know I have to figure something out quick. But...what are clothes? How am I conscious? What is consciousness?
"What the-! Hey you! Down on the beach!" I hear a voice cawing at me from above. As I look up, some flying creature soars down and lands in front of me. I scoot back out of fear, yet I feel so intrigued by this talking creature. "Who are you?" It cawed.
"I-I don't know. Who are you?"
"What do you mean you don't know!?"
"I just woke up here! That's all I know. I have no recollection of anything else! I swear." I could feel myself panic as if I've done something wrong for just existing. Yet the creature seemed to see this and started to calm down and waddled closer.
"Oh, alright, look I see you're scared and I'm sorry for making it worse. My name is Matthew, I'm the raven of the King of Dreaming. You are in the Dreaming. Do you know what that is?"
"Well its where everybody's dreams go. Do you know what a dream is?"
"Well what do you know?" He waddled closer, enough she could see the gleam off his body. He seemed so calm now than before and its helping her feel at ease. "Well, all I know is that there was some sort of Light and Dark moving together in sync and equal with one another and then I woke up here. Scared, cold, and alone. Until now of course."
"Some trip you've had. But are you human?"
"What's a human?"
"Then you must be something else. I'm still new to this whole thing. But I bet I know who would have some answers. Follow me, but uh. We should get you some clothes first. Not good being naked and all."
"What are clothes?"
"Stuff you put over yourself. Garments, outfits, whatever ya call it, covers ya body to help keep you warm or cool. Since it's cold we'll grab some warmer clothes. Jacket, pants, sweater. Anything to keep the chill off your bones." When Matthew began to describe such things, some familiarity began to wash over me as if knowledge was being poured into my mind and an image formed. When it did, I was no longer cold and instead had strange things hanging off my body.
"Whoa! How'd ya do that!" Matthew's wings flapped rapidly at the surprise and he flew up onto my shoulder.
"I'm not sure. After you started to describing the garments to me, it suddenly began to pour into my mind. Should I not have done that? Have I committed some trespass?"
"If trespassing means you got clothes on then everyone's a criminal. We'll figure it out later, but try not to do it again until we find Lucienne and his Majesty."
"Who is Lucienne?"
"Someone you're going to love. Now walk straight forwards and I'll show ya to the palace." This raven named Matthew began guiding me to through this realm he called the Dreaming. When we reached the kingdom's gates I thought the air would leave my body at its beauty. It was both stunning and absolutely terrifying with how large these gates were. When they opened I was prepared to turn and run away had Matthew not calmed me down. I'm an unknown in an unknown world. Yet somehow it feels like its welcoming me despite my unease.
"The palace isn't hard to miss, its directly in front of us there. Head straight towards it and we'll look for Lucienne first. I believe his Majesty is doing some creating at the moment so we'll stay with her until he's finished. I think you'll really like the library."
"What is a library?"
"Its a place where all books are kept. Here in the Dreaming we have all book written or unwritten. Stories told or untold. Everything that could have been or has been. Lucienne is the royal librarian and advisor to the King."
"They sound very important."
"Oh, you darn right! If it wasn't for Lucienne and a few others. I don't think ole Dream could have made it after his imprisonment."
"Someone trapped him against his will. It not an issue now, but the Dreaming has suffered because of it."
"He is the the Dreaming and without him the Dreaming would crumble."
"Yes! Exactly! You sure are catching on quick. I like that." His wing seemed to pat me on the head as encouragement and I couldn't help but giggle at the aspect. Matthew truly is a character and I'm glad he's helping me. When we entered the palace, I felt elated at its structure. Every detail in it was so beautiful and magical. When I blinked something new appeared and brought more curiosity. When Matthew guided me to the library, I knew I never wanted to leave. Something about all the books as far as the eye could see made me want to wonder and never be found.
"Matthew? Is that you?" A voice called out from behind a nearby shelf that when it's owner stepped out she took a step back at seeing me. I did the same as she startled me.
"You have a guest." She spoke, suddenly more poised.
"Found on the beach naked! Naked, Lucienne! The poor girl has no idea how she got here or who she even is! Yet she's not human, I can tell that much. I can sense Dreaming in her, yet I don't think his Majesty created her." Matthew said hopping off my shoulder and onto the nearby table. His hopping around made me giggle because he seemed so cute.
"Hey! Why you laughing!" He cawed up at me. Flapping his wings to only add to the affect.
"I'm sorry, you're just very cute when you hop around." This took both Lucienne and Matthew by surprise but Lucienne laughed too and Matthew just sighed heavily.
"Don't you join her, Lucienne! It's not funny."
"What's not funny?" A cool raspy voice made its way across the hall as suddenly the air grew colder. I gripped my jacket tighter at this and turned to where the voice came from. The dark figure only stepped slowly towards them, every step seemed calculated yet commanding on the surroundings. The figure stunned me, his skin was so pale yet somehow it invited affection with the eyes that were attached to the man before me. Those eyes were like the light she saw before waking up on that beach.
"Your majesty!" Both Lucienne and Matthew gave a subtle bow and left only me to stumble and follow suit clumsily. This must be the King Matthew had mentioned before.
"Who are you?" His voice called out to me this time.
"That's what I'm here to find out. I just awoke on the beach outside of your kingdom, sir and with no memory of who or what I am." I couldn't help but plead with this man. I have the same fear building up again inside me that made me feel as if existing here was trespassing or some type of sin I've committed.
"You awoke with no memory here?" Even if his voice was even and unnerving, it didn't feel as if he was judging me.
"Yes. I apologize. I wish I had more answers, but Matthew found me and led me here in search of Lucienne or you, sir, in the hope you might be able to help."
"Of course. Good work, Matthew. And indeed you do look...cute as you waddle." He gave Matthew a soft pat on his head as he walked past her to Lucienne.
"You heard that! I'll never hear the end of it!" Matthew sighed and landed on the King's shoulder after this. "Lucienne, if she is here her book she be somewhere within the library. It will be hard without a name, but together we may prove results."
"Yes, sir. We'll get started right away." Lucienne nodded her head and began to walk away before I felt I needed to say something.
"Wait! You're looking for a book? Matthew told me all book written or unwritten are kept here, maybe I can-"
Thump! Agh!
Thump! The booming sound of rhythm slammed against my head. Clutching seemed to help only little as it kept coming. I could only fall to my knees as it kept blasting against me. Causing my whole body to go in on itself.
"Hey, hey, hey! What's the matter?" I could somehow hear Matthew next to me, but the noise was too much for me to respond. Someone grabbed hold of me and held me against their chest. Trying to see who it was, Lucienne was trying to calm me down. The King seemed to follow Matthew and got down to my level trying to examine what was wrong.
"You...don't hear...that?! AGH!" It hurt to do anything but focus on tuning out the pounding.
The King and everyone was confused as they continued to look at me. I knew I must have been crazy with this, but I know what I heard. It's literally hurting me. The King reach his hand out to her and grabbed one of her hand and suddenly the booming was quieter but still there.
"Does that help?" His voice was brought to the forefront and now I could focus better. Despite the booming calming down, it still scared me and I brought my hand around his own. Despite it being cold, it started to feel warm and familiar. He drew closer taking me from Lucienne and holding both sides of my face as if covering my head from the booming yet cradling me as if I was fragile. Which it felt as if I was.
"Where is it coming from? Can you tell us?"
"I'm not sure. I think I would have to have some of it come in and as it gets worse the closer I am."
"Could you do that?"
"Would you help me?" He paused for a bit only to nod and help me to my feet, not letting me go to keep most of the pain away. As I started to focus more on the direction it headed deeper into the library, with the King's hand never leaving my person. It stayed right on my back. Allowing more of the booming in, but only enough for me to tell what the direction was. If this weren't happening, I'd be examining every shelf in this place for the collection they had.
But as time passed, slowly as it did trying to trace the noise. Continually as we got closer, the booming got more powerful until eventually I found the source being within a mirror. Seeing my reflection, I could see I was such a mess, but finally the booming stopped.
"The booming has stopped. Thank you for kinda easing the pain, sire."
"Anything to help you find out why you're here." The more I thought his kindness extended, he continued to surprise me. Looking back at the mirror something about my reflection did not sit right. As I moved it stuttered. Stepping closer, my reflection only snapped its head towards me and gave me a chilling smile.
"My my, what do we have here?" It began to speak and I retraced my steps away from it immediately as the hissing voice began to speak again.
"A new creation seeking knowledge? Sire, you have got to stop creating competition."
"I create as I please, Fector, but she is not one of mine." His majesty spoke more stern yet unfazed by this reflection in the mirror.
"Of course, but how my I greet thee? Have you come searching for a book that's made its way into my control?"
"Yes." Simple answer uttered from his lips and that's all it took for this, Fector, to obey.
"Well, boo. I was hoping for a little more excitement." The reflection reached behind itself and a book came out and her arm reached through the mirror only to come out black and morphic like a shadow. The leather book was bound in black and etched with gold. A scale was place on its cover with a small pouch on one side and an orb of light on the other. As he took the book from them, they retreated back to the reflection and disappeared leaving only normal reflections behind.
"Who was that?" I looked to the King who still eyed his reflection.
"Fector is a nightmare that feasts off human anxiety. Every little prickle of doubt she festers until it becomes something much more painful for them to fight through and overcome."
"They are types of dreams who are meant to not be so...nice."
"Oh. I see." He handed the book to me now, I gently took it from him and nervously looked up at him. I don't understand why I felt so sheepish around him, but every time I feel his eyes on me, I cannot help but feel anxious and nervous.
Adjusting the book in my hands, I finally opened it and a brightness lit up against my face and it felt warm. I could barely open my eyes at it, but when they finally adjusted I could see my name.
"My name...I go by (Y/n). But I also go by, Light. Strange, but they sound like they really suit me." I can only smile a little as the brightness dims enough for everyone to see the pages now. It only lists from when I awoke on the beach up until this point where I'm reading it and nothing else.
"Strange, nothing else is listed. Normally there would be much more, but this only shows what has already happened and nothing from past or future. Only the present." Lucienne chimes.
"You sure are some mystery, (Y/n). But you seem like one of the nice ones." Matthew cawed flapping over and nuzzled into my cheek. Not the answer I wanted, but its a start.
"Well, I guess I should say sorry then. Seems like though I can't provide you any answers beyond this book and what I know myself." Saying only made me more useless than before. I'm an unknown in an unknown world and I can't even provide proper answers. This guilt seemed to cause my eyes to become wet and my breathing stutter a bit. I'm only making myself become more a of mess, I should stop this, but it just keeps coming from within me.
"There is no need for tears. You have done all you can." A cold hand wipes the tears from my eyes and a soft smile makes me return the gesture. "In time we will discover your identity and what makes you, Light in this world. For now, rest. Lucienne, please have a room made up for our guest. We have much work ahead of us."
Before he turned to walk away, he gestured for my book and I gave it to him. I see no use of me having it. "You may call me, Dream or Morpheus. Or by any one other names that I possess. Lucienne will tell all." With that he began to walk away and as he did I called out, "Thank you, Dream. For your kindness and understanding." He only turned to give a nod and continued on his way, my book in hand.
"Come, I'll let you choose which room you'll be staying in. We have many that may suit your needs." Lucienne reached her hand out to me and I took it in hand. I feel her friendship will be so enlightening.
"Can I have one close to the library. Closest one as possible if that's even possible?" Her expression shifted to pondering until she gave me an answer.
"I'm not sure that is available. But I'll see what we can do or how close we can get."
"Hey, (Y/n). Can I stay in your room? Dream's room is super cold."
"Of course, Matthew. I would never turn your company down. You are the first friend I made here." He fell over my shoulder and into my arms and he seemed to just tuck himself in.
"How come you've gone all soft, Matthew. You're never this compliant with his majesty or I." Lucienne pipped up.
"Well, (Y/n) is just super duper nice! I've never met anyone who I felt super comfortable with like this in all my life, previous and present." After this, Lucienne and I shared in laughter at his antics as we exited the library. It was but a few steps when we exited that a door appeared out of no where near the library's entrance.
"I'm not crazy in thinking that just appeared...right?" I pointed towards the door.
“No you would not. It appears that the king heard you’re request.” Lucienne smiled at me, but it made me quite confused.
“How was he able to do that?”
“Through me. I’m his eyes and ears. But don’t worry, you won’t have to worry about it being twenty-four seven. He’s a man of honor when it comes to privacy.” Matthew interjected as he hops down and pushes the door open.
“Oh alright. So you’re kinda his eyes and ears?”
“In a sense. But don’t worry, if you tell me anything in private. It will stay that way. I think I have that much control.” His form disappeared past the door and now showed a well decorated room. It’s style not too far from the library, but less books and more comfort it seemed.
“The king truly wants to make sure you are comfortable. He brought out silk.” Lucienne wondered around the room. Everything was lightly colored compared to some of the darker parts I saw around the castle, but it still had that sense of thought behind it. The closeness to the library, the softness of colors situated in the room and many little trinkets to mess with.
“Then I must be honored, though I have not earned any of this. It still feels like I’m overstepping.”
“If you had appeared any early I might just agree with you. But much has happened and those events has changed our king for the better. I think this might be the first of many steps to a new era in the Dreaming.”
“We’ll I hope I don’t make him take two steps back. I hope to meet expectations, and have some sense of decorum to those who have invited me into their home.”
“You’re speech is refining nicely.”
“Really? I think the longer I’m here the more knowledge that seeps into my mind. It’s still jumbled but slowly I think I’ll have more to add.”
“Don’t rush, may only smack ya right in the tail feather and knock ya down.” Matthew chimes in once again only slightly muffle as he rolled around on the bed, some feathers coming off.
“I’ll keep that in mind.” I thanked him while sitting down beside him.
“I’ll leave you for this evening, (Y/n). It is late and you must be tired. Much has happened in a short while. When you wake I’ll give you a tour of the palace.” Lucienne bids her farewells and shuts the door behind her and leave Matthew and I to ourselves.
“Do you think I found a home here?”
“If Dream can stand me, oh yeah. You’ll fit right in.” The statement gave me hope in that he was right. Whether or not I like it, though I do truly enjoy it, this place is now my home. I hope I can give as much as it’s given me so far. I change into something more comfortable for this ‘rest’ thing after Matthew described pajamas to me and I found an unconsciousness settle over me peacefully.
What I didn’t expect was to dream. Though I am in the Dreaming, why would dreams stop here. I find myself back in the library by the mirror where we saw Fector and she was hovering in the reflection.
“Hello there, dove? Come to have a chat?” Her hissing still unnerved me, but not as much as before.
“Not sure, really. I think this is what they call a dream.”
“Or it could become a nightmare!” Suddenly she charges me and laughs hysterically as I fall backward into the floor. Her form peering over me, pining me down.
“Why are you doing this?!”
“I’m a nightmare sweetheart. It’s what I do. I’m the heaviness in you’re chest when your failures come to haunt you and prove that your existence is meaningless!” A sharp object forms in her hand and she comes down and swipes across my neck, blood gushing from my throat.
“Having trouble breathing, love? It probably has something to do with all that blood.”
I could finally feel what it felt to be terrified beyond recognition of anything around me. But my body only shook as I felt this warm liquid coming out of me and my vision seemed to darken every second that passed which only felt agonizingly slow. The weight of this nightmare taking the rest of my breath and causing my brain to spasm unable to think of anything to do to save myself. Is this how I die?
Or is this how I am made?
When the blood stops pouring from my wound, I could feel it close across as if it never happened. My vision coming back and my body pumping blood back in with something following close behind. “How are you not freaking and shaking with fear right now? How is that wound closed?” Somehow I’ve reversed the fear on myself back to the source as I push Fector off of me and slowly get back on my feet.
“You should be terrified right now?! How are you able to fight against me?” They sounded terribly angry, but for some reason that didn’t worry me. When I turned to face them again, they suddenly shrunk in upon themselves as a light was shine on them.
“How do you have power here only the king-“
“I don’t know. But I do know this is over now. I am asking nicely, leave this dream and leave me alone.”
“No! Now I just need answers!”
“I wish I could provide.” Fector rushed again at me only for me to misdirect and grip their arm tightly and then gripping the back of their slippery neck. I somehow found a firm grip on them and I could see that light was emanating from my hands and it was burning them.
“Stop! Please! I’ll stop! Just quit hurting me!” They began to beg as I gripped harder in my confusion. I immediately let go and felt regret form over me and the light went out from my hands. “I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean to-“
“You’re apologizing? To a nightmare?”
“Yes? You’re still a being that deserves respect even if you did attack me. You came after my fear right. You were only doing your duty. Though I did ask nicely I guess.” They didn’t respond to this. Only a look of bewilderment stretched across their morphic features.
“I’m going to be honest for once in my life and say, yes sort of, that partially I was doing my job and the other part I was doing out of sheer curiosity to find your limit. Though I never will be doing that again.”
“Oh well. Thank you? And also, shame on you. If you had asked nicely I would’ve played your game after an explanation.”
“You really are something else. I cannot get a read on you at all. You’re that type that looks like a sweetheart yet could kill a b- without a second thought. I respect that. Here.” Within my palm a small dagger appeared in my hand and it was the one she sliced me with.
“Why are you giving me this?”
“A reminder. That dagger is perfectly balanced and it reminds me of you in a weird and terrifying way. Keep it. It’s yours, just take care of it.”
“I will. Thank you, though I have not given you anything.”
“Some wounds, but I’ll heal in time. Light is one of weakness so that’s why I was so terrified to seeing you literally glow like the sun a moment ago.”
“I was glowing? Is that what my hands were doing?”
“Your eyes too, bloody terrifying! I liked it yet I think I was gunna crumble in on myself.” They began to touch the burn I left on their neck and winced at the touch. The tender shadow area was harden now, part of their body tried to cover it as a protective layer but it didn’t seem to do much.
“I’m so sorry for hurting you.”
“I literally tried to kill you in your dream, I think it was warranted.” I still could not shake the regret and I reach out to lay my fingers against it and my hand glowed again close to it. But it was not out of self defense but a compassion and the burn area started to heal over quicker as if time sped up and only a lighter shadow of a scar remained.
“You…you healed me?”
“Is that what I did?”
“You know I think it’s time you wake up.”
“Is it difficult?”
“Not really. You will it and it’ll happen. Sometimes though it may take longer depending on how deep you are in your sleep.”
“Alright. I’ll give it a try.” I did as Fector stated and tried to wake up. When I did I booted upright in my bed throwing Matthew out of the bed and onto the cold tile.
“WHAT THE ACTUAL- that hurt!”
“I’m sorry!” I quickly got out of bed and picked him up under his wings and he was shaking his head gaining some consciousness back.
“Little warning next time!”
“I don’t think I can give a warning.”
“Maybe we should stick a label on you then.” A knock came on the door and Lucienne entered giving a questioning glance between us.
“Am I interrupting something?” Lucienne voice made its way through the opening of the door as she entered seeing our predicament. “Lucienne! Morning!” I return a slight wiggle of Matthew and I don’t think he liked that after he cawed at me. 
“Sorry.” I put him down quickly.
“No, Lucienne. Nothing other than, (Y/n) flinging me right off the bed from a dream she had.” Matthew flew up to Lucienne’s shoulder this time as I went behind a changing screen to change out of my pajamas. 
“Did you have a nightmare, (Y/n)?” I could worry laced through her voice as her steps came closer to the screen. 
“Only for a brief moment. Fector visited me and I actually fought back. I left a burn mark on her, I felt bad and somehow healed it back. I should probably let Dream know about this. When it happened I felt terrible yet so invigorated. Yet I don’t understand exactly what I did. It felt the same as when I created my clothes on the beach but this felt more powerful than that.” 
“Indeed. After the tour we will inform his majesty, but for now. Finish getting ready and we’ll have breakfast before we start.” Her steps retraced back to the door and I could hear the door shut after her. When I stepped out, I looked around and clean a few things or places them back where they belonged before heading to the door. When I stepped out I could hear a voice speaking lowly around the corner and two others trying their best to do the same yet failing. When I peeked around I saw Dream and two other men that looked exactly the same. The two were amusing because they bickered like an old married couple almost but I could sense a sort of sibling bond between them. Stepping away to leave them to their privacy, I found Lucienne and Matthew waiting for me in the Library. Before leaving that hiding corner I felt eyes on me and I could feel a chill go down my spine. Seems I was found out.
“Please, choose whatever you like.” Lucienne showed me all different kinds of delicious looking foods as I sat beside her. “I’m not quite sure what to try first. All of it seems very good.” Matthew started to fill his plate and mine saying that I had to try everything at least once. I only thanked him for the gesture especially after I threw him practically this morning. When biting into some of the items my mouth lit up in delight. All of it tasted so good that I felt as if I could stay here and eat forever. That was until I felt too full to continue.
“You have an appetite it seems. Granted, you awoke yesterday and didn’t eat anything I believe,” Lucienne stated.
“You’d be right about that. Though I didn’t know food was a thing until right now.” 
“We’ll, don’t worry about cleaning up, this will go away on its own soon after we leave. Let start with the Library for our tour.” Lucienne started to show me everything the palace had to offer. The palace had many wonders to it but none of them compared to the library or the throne room area. The grand glass windows showing some of Dream’s creations were on there and I got a closer insight to what Dream does as his responsibility. Speaking of Dream, he was there when we entered the throne room. Sitting on the steps that led up to the chair I imagined he’s sat on more times than the world could count. 
“How was your tour?” He stood and approached us. His hands clasped behind his back and his eyes looking fully at me. “O-oh, it was fine. Wonderful even, but I think my favorite is most likely still the library.” I fidgeted with the clothes I picked out this morning when I tried to make eye contacts shut I broke it off when I got to embarrassed.
“I do not blame you. The library is magnificent. It is lucky to have a librarian that cares for it so much as I do.” He praises Lucienne and she only returns a humble nod in his direction. 
“There is something we must discuss with you, sir. About a dream she had,” Lucienne had stated. Now I definitely did not want to turn to look at him, but I felt as if I needed to him and I could only sigh and sit right on the bottom step of the one he got up from. 
“I know.” This time my eyes were no stranger to his as he was already looking at me. “Fector told me this morning after I spoke with Cain and Abel. She told me what happened, but I would like to hear from your perspective.” His voice was so luring that I felt as if I could sleep in his presence and be in the safest spot in the entire realm. So I told him. Everything that had happened in the dream the moment when I fell unconscious to waking up and flinging Matthew off of me this morning. 
“I see. This is interesting. No one but I should be able to alter or use any magic here in this realm, yet you use it as if it has been with you all this time. How?”
“Again. I wish I could tell you. If it helps, it sort of feels instinctual. And that I felt sort of this grainy feeling in my palms but not all the time I did it.” 
“A grainy substance…” He looked to Lucienne at this and she shared his same worried glance. 
“Why, have I done something I should not have?” 
“No, you have done nothing wrong. You just keep adding to questions we have.”
“Seems like I’m just a walking question then aren’t I.” I could only laugh at myself in pity and fidgeted even more so with my hands. A feeling of chill separated them as another hand made it’s way between them and gave the subtle squeeze. 
“Walking questions are what dreams are made of. Something unknown yet always intriguing enough to take the risk to achieve.” 
His words felt heavy on my chest as if it’s exactly what I needed to hear yet somewhat eye-opening. Despite my comings, I’m still welcomed in the Dreaming. When I slowly looked to him he was crouching to my level now where he had to slightly look up at me. I could get lost in eyes filled with twilight and space. Despite its void, it’s warmth radiated into my soul. Again I could not stop the tears that fell from my eye yet they were not ones of sadness or pain, but of joy and happiness. I pulled him into a hug, feeling as if I took him by surprise, I whispered, “Thank you. I believe that’s what I needed to hear despite the hard truth of it all. Thank you.” 
Time Passes
Some time has passed since my arrival to the Dreaming. My first two days passed away long ago as I’ve learned Time passes much quicker here than in the waking world. Sometimes it can be aligned and other times quite slow. But I’ve been here long enough to truly see all of the Dreaming. I became Lucienne’s helper in the Library. Dream has allowed me to stay in his palace and keep my room. I’ve been placed as official palace staff. He’s helped me explore my abilities outside of my dreams. Many of our days together started with breakfast and ended in the library trying to search for more answers. 
My abilities grew stronger each day, the grainy feeling always settling in my palms as I now know was sand. Which Dream uses for much of his creations and abilities so he had much to teach. Yet beside that I had my own in which took him by surprise numerous times. Lucienne called it some sort of Light manipulation where I could control that of light to my desire in any shape or form. So now those who can manipulate that of the Dreaming is Dream and I. I try not to use it though. It still feels as if I shouldn’t despite his protests. It is still his realm and I am but a humble dweller. 
 “Matthew have you seen Dream? I wanted to show him Rose Walkers new additions to her story she’s writing. She describes him quite beautifully in it.” 
 “Throne room, pondering. The poor loser. Think he thinks too much.” 
 “Thank you, and he has much to think about. He is king after all.” 
“He makes the rules, should give himself a day off.” 
Walking out of the library, I make my way to the throne room where Matthews assumption was correct. He’s sitting with his head down and one hand cradles his forehead in a thinker position. I can see the wrinkles of stress adding to his features yet they will always remain gracefully stoic. 
“Should I come back a little later?” I whisper to him making my way up the steps to him. When he raises his head to me, his hair is a bit messier than usual and his eyes were but a void of darkness. Truly his thoughts were vast if his eyes began to blacken. I continue my way to him but kneel beside him, laying the book down taking one of his hands in my own. 
“You went too far again, your eyes are pure black like Matthew’s feathers.” 
“I am fine, (Y/n). There is still so much to repair since my absence.” 
“And yet it will remain until you get to it. I think Matthew is right that you must take a day to yourself. Allow yourself rest.” 
“I wish it were that simple.” His hand clasped mine, and I could feel his power was slowly draining from him while focusing on repairs. In short, he’s exhausted. 
“I believe it can be. So much has happened since you’re return. You’ve made enough repairs that the rest can wait for a day. Dreams are self-sustaining while just your presence is here. There’s a big celebration Cain and Abel have put together…it was meant to be a surprise for you, a welcome home sort. But seeing you this exhausted I believe you should know and dress your best.”
“How do you know I will go?”
“Because I will make you.” I get off my feet and I feel his eyes follow me as I grip both of his hands and pull him up and along with me. Pulling him down the stairs I remember I left the book, “Oh, shoot! Hold on.” 
“Looking for this?” The book appears in his hand which holds it in front of my face. “Yes!” I take it from him and thank him only to grab hold of him again and drag him with me to the library. I could here a subtle sigh come from his lips. 
“No being a pouter today! Cain and Abel worked very hard getting this ready for you. And knowing those two, Abel probably got killed 20 times before they settled on a finalizations.” 
I forced him to sit down where Lucienne normally would be but she’s out helping get last minute details up. 
“I’ll come grab you when everything is finished so no leaving this room. I mean it!” 
“Are you ordering a king?” I could feel the gentleness come from him as he jested. 
“Yes. Because today you are not a King. You are Morpheus. A fellow being of the Dreaming and one who was sorely missed in his absence." At this I finally leave him behind, with Rose’s book, and make my way to my room to get ready for the party. Lucienne helped me design a wonderful outfit for the event. Took me several days to finally get it just right. It was beautiful to me and i felt proud of my little creation. After putting it on and checking on a few more things, I went to where the party was gunna be. When I went in, the sudden commotion stopped and I felt everyone's eyes on me.
"What? I'm just checking on you guys! I got him stowed away in the Library. I'm about to go grab him-"
"No!" Fiddler's Green spoke up. Now everyone looked at him, taking the attention he cleared his throat and stuttered a bit before saying,
"Lucienne will fetch him. I have something I must speak with you, privately about, (Y/n)." He waved me over to the balcony and I slowly walked over. He reached his hand to me, like the gentleman he was, and walked me outside, closing the doors behind him leaving us in a nighttime setting of the Dreaming.
"My dear, firstly, you look stunning! Secondly, there is something I must tell you."
"Green? Is something wrong?"
"Oh, no no no no no. Everything is wonderful. I wanted to tell you, that Dream has been pushing himself to his limit, but he will not listen to us. Well sort of. He trying to, but his mind races back to taking care of us and the Dreaming with its damages. You are the only person he seems to truly listen to. I have an inkling on why, but that will be up to him to bring forth, not I."
"Well, Green, do not worry. I will have him enjoying everyone's presence here and not thinking about that tonight. I want him at ease as much as anyone."
"I would wager more so."
"Green, I've told you before. He would never, besides I don't think he’d even turn his head to me. I’m surprised he listens to me.”
"You truly are dense despite being very knowledgable."
"Green, are you insulting me?" I laughed at him, but he only laughed with me.
"Never, just pointing out that when it comes to Morpheus, you both seem to have a blind spot."
"Green whatever it is you're-" Before I could finish I could hear cheers coming from inside. Morpheus must have arrived and the queasy feeling began to build up again. I've always fought through it when with him, but it seemed to only worsen over the time I've been around him.
"May I escort you in?" Green held out his arm to me and I slowly smiled and took his offer as I opened the doors for us with a small wave. I could see everyone surrounding Dream, hugging him and laughing around him. I could see the rare smile on his face as he looks around the room until he found Green and I in the back. I give a small wave, but his face loses its smile and seems to only look towards us in awe. Everyone follows his gaze sees Green and I arm in arm. I start to back away a bit, but Green keeps me standing and walks me over. Its not until they start to part away for us that I see Morpheus dressed up, more than I've ever seen him in. He's in an all black suit, of course, but yet it always suited him and he looks so beautiful.
"Morpheus, so glad you could finally join us!" Green piped up. I let go of his arm and started to fiddle with my hands. Listening in on the their conversation, but when I went to look at Morpheus, I found him already looking at me.
"Well it wasn't easy, but Lucienne and others can be persuasive." His hand goes out to me, not saying anything but only reaching for me, I take his hand and he leads me to the middle of the floor. The music starts to play and its a slow one at first and it begins to pick up speed. He leads me through a waltz, I barely manage before tripping over my own two feet yet he keeps me upright and swaying as if the mistake never happened.
"I never knew you could dance. Though you've had plenty of time to learn."
"I have. You are doing fine, despite never doing it."
"I feel just as surprised as you are." He twirls me away from him and back again. These steps almost felt as if they've happened thousands of times before. My eyes begin to fall close as the music takes us away and all I feel was him under my touch and I under his. I could feel his heartbeat under my hand. In this, it only felt like us. Yet it felt like it went by too quickly. The song ended and we bowed to the other as everyone joined in on the floor when a joyful tune picked up. We both got pulled in opposite direction as the band went full joyride with the music. I danced around with everyone there, all of us swapping partners while hopping and skipping to the beat.
Fiddler's Green was a joyous dance partner, as expected. He treated me as if I was royalty. Lucienne danced with me as well, poised and ready and fluid to avoid any crashes with other partners. Dancing with Cain and Abel was interested as they both wanted a dance until I told them we can all dance together and that settled them down. I even danced with Matthew who flew around and we flowed together and shook our 'tail-feathers'.
Partners changed again and I ended up with Dream again, but instead of a slower tempo, we had a faster beat in which he still was on point with and I've never seen him smile so big than this. Even though we were suppose to swap again, I never wanted to let him go. I daresay, he never wanted to let go either.
The song finally finished and I was about to bow and step away again, but he gripped my hand and led me onto the balcony Green had me on at the beginning of the evening. When the doors shut, he let go and leaned against the balcony. Yet, I didn't feel as if we were alone.
"Morpheus...Someone's here." I whispered out.
"You are perspective." The voice was all-surrounding, all-encompassing, a voice you could never escape from no matter where you went.
"Destiny." Morpheus spoke and looked out over the balcony. Looking with him, I see a robed figure who's face is hidden and I see only space and time within it.
"What are you doing in my realm? You would not come unless it is important and never without an invitation."
"I only came to bring you a message, little brother. A message for, (Y/n), as well." The figure came closer and I could see it was holding a book open, but with no words.
"Firstly, Dream. You have much ahead of you, and I give you this warning. Be careful and keep those you care for close for they will help you in your most dire moments." When the figure turned to me, I felt as if the universe itself was looking into me.
"(Y/n), Light. The balance to that of the Dark. Stay strong for the Dreaming needs you, my dear. You are a gift in wish I hope helps my brother here. I've been watching you since you got here. We are the Endless and I am the eldest of my siblings yet...not even I can tell you all you need to know of where you come from. When you appeared in my book, do you know, what it said?" The voice was hard yet easy to focus on. I could only stare at the figure and I felt its smile on me.
"You are the Light in which help the Dark grow. One without the other, they would never be whole. Now that both are together, I can see great things, etherial creations on the edge of greatness. This is my message, goodbye Lady Light." As quick as they came, they dispersed in stars.
"That was one of your siblings...right?"
"Yes." Morpheus looked at me in awe yet also never as he has before. Like some revelation was finally shown to him. "I knew you were etherial when I met you and yet this only feels more right to say this now," He continued. He stepped closer to me.
"Say what?"
"More of a confession. A confession that since I laid eyes on you, I have not been able to find a moment's peace unless I was at your side. I had always felt that something was missing from my soul, and when you showed up. It filled. I was no longer only half a soul. Half of a being. All throughout time I felt even though there were moments I thought it would fill but didn't."
"All this time, I thought I could push it down because it seemed like some cruel joke that you have been here and would soon be ripped away from me like many of tragedies I have endured. Yet somehow you're still here and I have actually prayed to my eldest brother to not have you taken away from me." Every word he stepped closer and closer and I did not move from my spot, I only moved closer to him as he spoke.
"He's answered that prayer. He does not do that lightly, so it must mean that you are truly here to stay if you wish to."
"I will always want to be here, Morpheus. With you, with Lucienne, Matthew, and everyone else in this wonderful beautiful world you have created. Especially you."
"Thank you." His eyes started to tear up, the first time I have ever seen him near tears while he has seen many of mine. I cradle his face in my hands and begin to wipe them away as he has done for me many times before. "There will never be a time you thank me, Morpheus. I do no need it, all I ever needed since I stepped foot here is your warmth and your well-being. I will forever thank you for your kindness. I will always care for you...I will always love you Morpheus. From here until the end of our time."
"And I you, (Y/n). I will love you as long as you let me." I began to cry with him and I pulled him close to me. His hands found their way to my waist with his lips found my own. I never tasted as sweet as his lips when that I felt dreams drip out. He was cold to the touch but I only ever wanted more. I begged for more until we parted. Once more I looked in those eyes that always saw me.
"Become the Lady of the Dreaming. Become my Queen."
"You sure I'd make a good fit?" I joked.
"There has never been a better fit in all its time. The Dreaming is I and it will also be you. Will you become my wife?"
"With all my being, Dream. With all my heart I am yours."
Light and Dark were now together once more.
A Dream with its Nightmare.
(Y/n) and Morpheus.
King and Queen of the Dreaming.
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