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morphoeggman · 1 year
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Sketch art
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peterkothe · 3 months
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"So nice when diabolical evil lives up to the hype!”
Some manic Jim Carrey Robotnik to kick off the weekend!
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extremelyslappy · 5 months
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i had a vision where IDW made a spinoff comic starring Amy with magical girl tropes and Agent Stone as her nemesis and I blacked out and this appeared on my tablet 🧍‍♂️
(close ups of the tarot cards under the cut!)
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spaacedusty · 2 years
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robotnik flying and looking fabulous ✨ based on Sonic 2 set photos lol. I couldn’t decide if I should make it day or night, so I drew both! :D
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candypopchaos-art · 1 year
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my son's gonna beat up your son
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herocentral · 6 months
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#31dayssonic Day 15: Madness: By Hero Central: 6/6/2022:
“My grasp on sanity remains absolute.”
Originally I was going to do Metal Madness from Sonic Heroes but after seeing a deleted scene from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 I took it in a different direction. With a little Arcane League of Legends inspiration. 
Painted in Procreate
Sonic the Hedgehog (c) Sega
Artwork (c) A.Montgomery,2022-2026
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jelly-belly-fish · 2 years
People both here and on the Pocket Hog discord love Wachowski and Unleash’s dynamic, so I made a small, rough animatic featuring the two. Just fluffy boy with his pseudo nephew.
Original audio belongs to ProZD on YouTube.
Do NOT tag as ship.
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jasminerobotnik · 1 year
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A screen shot edit. Featuring Eggman and Princess Jasmine. They appear to have found somthing? Or maybe he brought her along just to see her. 
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I promise I have artwork, just been to lazy to put it here.
My 12:30 AM brain just thought of something super cool if the Sonic the Hedgehog 2(movie) did.
What if the Knuckles clan went extinct for unknown reasons after Sonic left. So Dr. Eggman, upon figuring out the timeline of events, tells Knuckles it's Sonic's fault and that Knuckles has to help Dr. Eggman out to get revenge. It becomes this loop of he-said-she-said while giving Knuckles a good motive for the teamup. I highly doubt that it'll be done but the mid-fight banter if this is the case would be immaculate!
Also, on an almost totally different note; I'm so tired of the IG algorithm. I want to do Sonic stuff since I'm all hyped for the new movie but it could really kill what I do have going for me. It feels terrible having to chose growth or something new. Tbh I'll probably put all of my Sonic fanart here. At least it will be seen here. XD
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morphoeggman · 1 year
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peterkothe · 2 months
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Video game’s most famous (or infamous) mad scientist! As if using his genius and inventions to try to take over the world isn’t bad enough, turning innocent animal characters into mindless robots is! Fortunately, his schemes have a habit of being thwarted by a certain super powered, speedy blue hedgehog named: SONIC!!
This years theme: MAD DOCTORS!
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blackjackhope · 1 year
Honey wake up I finally posted
Happy 30th Anniversary to these funky guys here
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I know it's late and I know the trees and flowers are wrong. Be blind
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bugendude · 1 year
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Official Scorpion Ref Sheet
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artstridsokolov · 2 years
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Tried Sonic style art
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herocentral · 8 months
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Team Sonic in action!: By Hero Central: 27/3/2022:
7 days to go till Sonic 2! I’m so excited I’ve already booked my ticket! I hope it’s as good as the first one!!
Painted in #procreate
Artwork (c) A.Montgomery,2022-2025
Sonic the Hedgehog (c) Sega
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Sonic the Hedgehog Movie 2: POTENTIAL TEST SCREENING
 A couple weeks ago, a Reddit User under the name “Madethis4Sonicmovie2” created a post discussing their test screening experiences on the second Sonic the Hedgehog film. Throughout the discussion post, the Reddit user explains that they are not a Sonic fan. Most of what the user writes was how they’ve interpreted the scene and their understanding of the lore through some games that they’ve played. That, and they also try to compare some of the scenes to DBZ, a franchise that they’re much more familiar with. The user also make it a point to state that they view themselves as a “harsh critic,” though do apologize for it. They’re also not used to critiquing children’s media, which they also state a few times in their post. If they’re not clear on what they saw in their test screening, they ask for the reference meaning to the Sonic Community. The Reddit user also says that they did see the first film and greatly enjoyed the second one better.
Even though they believed for the film to be a generic kid’s film, they believe that this film will appeal to fans and non-fans more than the first one did. 
There wasn’t much of a summary to go other than reading about the emotions and some of the trivia that they’ve seen. Most of the film was still in its post-production stage. Some scenes were not complete while others needed tweaking on lighting and shading on the CGI characters. The overall impression that they’ve received from the film was that it was very enjoyable with much more world building. Because it’s done a good job with explaining certain scenarios to the audience, the Reddit user believes that it wouldn’t be hard for outsiders of the fandom to understand. The only thing that some audience members would struggle with in the film were the inside jokes that long-term fans would understand.
With this in mind, this is what the Reddit post detailed. Keep in mind that these are spoilers.
Key Notes:
The moral of the movie is “if you believe in yourself, then anything is possible!” On a side note, the Reddit user believes that this theme applied more to Tails rather than Sonic, stating that Tails has a moment where he gains enough courage to help Sonic fight.
Though the Reddit user does debate that Sonic has more confidence in himself than he did in the first film. He’s still the “Sonic” seen in the first film, him being a kid, but he’s learning to understand the role of being a superhero.
There is placeholder music and licensed music in the film as well. No mention so far of Crush 40 appearing in the film.
Tumblr media
The Reddit user explains that Jim Carrey nailed the role! They also explain that Dr. Robotnik is a complete maniac.
(This is an open definition to viewers. It could range from comical to something darker).
Dr. Robotnik invents a teleportation device.
Dr. Robotnik also dresses in black clothing like he did in the first film.
The Reddit user supports this remark by detailing a scene where Dr. Robotnik loses his cool a bit when returning to Earth and complains about how he was outsmarted by a “rejected Dr. Seuss character.”
Dr. Robotnik does create Badniks and references them as “Badniks.”
The Reddit user gave the example of the motorbug looking like a motorcycle with a ladybug exterior. Buzzbombers look more like wasps.
There is a “robot version of Eggman.” 
Metal Sonic does not make an appearance. The Reddit user does believe that G.U.N. may have hinted that they’re building Metal Sonic.
It’s also important to note that there were no mentions of Silver and AmyRose in their screening.
There are heavy nods to Sonic Lore, specifically with the echidna tribes. Most of the lore is explained in either flashbacks and/or with echidna lore.
Most of the time is spent on Earth, but we do see other planets. Sonic and Tails do travel all around the world.
The Reddit user also says that we see more of Sonic’s world when Dr. Robotnik tries to teleport back to Earth.
There are heavy nods to both inside and outside references of the Sonic Franchise. Due to their experiences with the franchise, they inform other Reddit users that they couldn’t share and explains all of the references.
However, they were very happy with Sonic fans when hearing their feedback and learning what some references are.
Tumblr media
At this time, the voice actor/actress for Tails is still undetermined. The Reddit user said “it was like Tom Holland, but with a higher-pitched voice.”
Sonic makes a remark saying, “You’re too slow!”
Sonic makes a remark saying, “I’m not a rat! I’m a hedgehog!”
Knuckles makes a remark saying, “Knock, knock scrambled egg.”
(The Reddit user explains that this scene in the movie was also very enjoyable).
Sonic and Tails bond over how they know Longclaw in the film. The Reddit user explains that this is their favorite scene in the movie.
Knuckles has an American-like accent, not a British one.
Sonic encounters Tails on a run, but “freaks out” when he sees another alien creature like him. Sonic also freaks out when he sees that Tails can almost match his speed while running.
There is a funny scene of Sonic enjoying his alone time at home, even showing a montage of all the things that he shouldn’t do when Tom and Maddie are at home.
(Think of the montage scene from Home Alone (1990′s).
The Reddit user explains that Knuckles was exiled from the clan for freeing Longclaw as a prank with friends.
There is an artist in the movie that tries to draw Sonic. To Sonic’s discovery, he sees that the artist drew his 2019 design and plays “Gangster’s Paradise” on the radio.
The Reddit user states that they believe that this is the crew’s nod to the original design.
The Reddit user says that there were scenes in the movie that they felt like were more of a placeholder in the film. The reference to Gremlin Sonic being one of these scenes.
Tom and Maddie do go to Rachel and Randall’s wedding.
There are several action scenes, but the Reddit user explains that the most enjoyable ones are when Sonic and Tails fight Knuckles a couple of times.
And with the action scenes, there are many Quicksilver references that Sonic does as well.
On top of that, the Reddit user explains that each character has their own unique abilities. (For example, Sonic is associated with having powers cater to the element of lightning).
Tumblr media
Longclaw is alive in the film, but she’s aged and weak.
Longclaw sends Tails to Earth to retrieve Sonic due to her wanting him to safe.
Sonic stays at home on planet Earth, but is supplied with many rings to travel back and forth to visit Knuckles Tails, and Longclaw.
Sonic being a living chaos emerald could be true, but the Reddit user explains that an emerald was sealed inside of Sonic after being born.
Chaos emeralds are not referenced as “Chaos Emeralds” in the film, they were referenced as just “emeralds.”
However, the Reddit user does recap that there might be a name and they didn’t catch it.
Super Sonic is not referenced as “Super Sonic” in the film, but as something else.
Super Sonic can fly in the film and doesn’t need all seven Chaos Emeralds to go “super.”
Sonic references Tails as “Miles” a few times that they meet, but later gives him the nickname “Tails.”
Tumblr media
There is a post-credit scene. The Reddit user believes that it’s a heavy nod to Shadow the Hedgehog due to the there being multiple clones modeled like Sonic that G.U.N. has made.
Due to this post-credit scene, the Reddit user holds hopes that there will be a third movie soon.
As of now, the Reddit post is still available for you to read. The Reddit user is mindful of the NDA and purposely phrased some of their spoilers to be vague, but knows that their thread may be removed soon. I know that these may sound fake, however, there have been individuals in the past who have viewed the first film and proved to be right. Like many of you, I hope that this is a real but I will remain cautious. If these facts resurface as being false, let’s not attack the individual. The only that should matter is that we’re excited for the second film. Be mindful that they’re a human being as well. Treat others the way that you would like to be treated.
What are all of your thoughts so far of the film? Share your thoughts and opinions! And if you’ve spotted something that I’ve missed, please share with me! I’m very excited to know!
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