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scarfac3 · a day ago
Welcome to Scar’s Sanity
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ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ Call me Scar or Sav, black, bisexual, 8teen, any pronouns, gender fluid, Libra
THIS BLOG WILL CONTAIN (N)SFW & DARK CONTENT (horror, gore and angst)
NOTE :: I ONLY write for black & poc readers
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satorins · 2 months ago
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≡ psalm/ae - 20s, she/her, ⊍⊍ - interacts/follows from @sunagis
MESSAGE FROM @.thegojosatoru : baby don’t worry, I’m the strongest.
nsfw, multifandom, non-spoiler free blog. no requests !!
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dearmanjiro · 3 months ago
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💗Maxwell. 20. They/Them. Italian. Manjiro’s better half.
💗My writing blog contains nsfw content, characters are 18+
💗Currently thinking of Izana’s very beautiful eyes <3
💗This is a TR Fandom Only Blog
💗Masterlist below the cut
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❅ Angsty ♡Fluffy ☋ Smutty
Bravery ☋ ♡
The Way I Love You ❅
Inside Where He Belongs ☋ ♡
Would You Let Me? ☋
Morning After ♡
Drapetomania ☋
Everything Feels Better After a Haircut ☋ ♡
The Way I Love You ❅
Needs ☋ ♡
Onto the Couch ☋ ♡
Pizza Minute ☋
Taste of You ♡
Practice Makes Perfect ☋
Be My First ☋
Just Having a Discussion ☋
To Stardust ☋
I Licked It So It’s Mine ☋
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Lovers of Pleasure ☋ ♡
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midiport · 5 months ago
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its not coming off help
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adampage · 2 months ago
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okay everyone!!! this weekend was probably the best weekend ever!!! I finally met my favorite wrestler in the whole world. he was so sweet!! and im really happy with the way these turned out!!! however I must say that while im sharing these with my friends here on tumblr, I DO NOT CONSENT to anyone using these or keeping them, cropping or editing in any way. i would love to show y’all the original color version but. I would like to keep those for myself because these pictures are really special to me. Please do not reblog these!!
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lovelyycouple · 4 months ago
Enjoying sunny days 💕
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hermosa444 · 27 days ago
Face reveal 😒
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thequarryfan · 4 days ago
He Starts To Crush: Leonardo
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[Leo's Masterlist]
Leonardo x FEMALE!Reader
🗡️He Starts To Crush🗡️
You noticed him staring at you frequently as well as being a lot more fidgety and nervous. The first ones who notice was his brothers and Splinter. With Mikey and Raph teasing and mocking him about it. Of course, Leo denies it, embarrassed that his younger siblings would pretend to give him wiggliy eyebrows every time you were around. Leo was in denial for a few days (to a week even) until he, himself realized that he was forming a crush.
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iamtheaceofspadesvol2 · a month ago
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My spit feat your mouth
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polkadotmotmot · 24 days ago
I haven’t mentioned this here yet for many reasons, mostly because I still can’t believe it’s true, but a friend of mine was shot and killed in Birmingham, AL on Monday morning. I’m heartbroken. He was an innocent bystander during an incident at a gay club where another person was shot, but my boy did not survive. Indescribably sad. It should never happen to anyone, let alone someone as peaceful and lovely as my homie Dave. I will miss him forever.
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I call this ✨ I got roasted for my look today but I'm being normal about✨
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lustarkey · 25 days ago
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. .✢➿⛪🪶ꫤ៸៸★ 𝙽ǝ𝘄 ᰍ૭ᩚ᥍𝘁✧🧄᪥⃔᪥ ଛ🍓⃝🪣🤍섃 ხ𝗅𝗈ᩨ❛𝗴 ᨒ˖࣪ ∗ 𝗅𝗂𝗄ꫬᦸᩚ ᘠle⃔α᥉ᧉꫬ ㌔ ❁͜𓍌୫🔌ꥃꥃ 𝙸𝖼𝗼ꪧᩚ𝘀 ხ𝗒 ꩅᧉꫬᴥ︎︎︎ᩖິ ♻️ඹ*
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crazycatsiren · 4 months ago
*Do Not Reblog*
The disabled experience... I don't think anybody can fully understand unless they've gone through it themselves.
We are going to a store, where I know there will be a lot of walking, and it's a Saturday, so there will be a lot of people and it's going to be loud. I pack my noise cancelling headphones, along with the usual water bottle and sunglasses. I put on my compression socks and knee braces. I walk out the door with my rollator, put on my sunglasses, then put my rollator into the trunk of my husband's car. We drive off.
We get to the store. I take the rollator out of the trunk and unfold her. We walk into the store, I take off the sunglasses. We go to the food court for lunch first. I stand in line for a while before I have to sit down on my rollator seat while waiting for my order. I get my food and take it to a disabled friendly table. There's bacon and sour cream in my food. I take my histamine enzyme supplement and lactaid pills. I put on my headphones and turn on my music, something to focus on to reset my already garbled senses as I try to tune out the hustle and bustle all around me, ignoring the usual stares being that weird person over there with the rollator and the headphones as I eat.
We walk through the store. I walk in a steady beat to the music to pace myself. It's hot, and I have to stop for water breaks. I ignore more stares, keep my head high, mindful of my posture while trying to avoid the usual amount of children everywhere who are running around and not watching where they're going, who also stop and stare at me, directly in my path, too.
My husband stands in line at checkout, I find a spot out of the way, sit down on my rollator, and wait for him to pay. We exit the store. I take off my headphones and put them away. The clouds have rolled in so I decided to skip the sunglasses. I fold up the rollator and put her into the trunk. We drive off again.
I forgot my chew toy, so I gnaw on an empty soda bottle to keep myself from chewing my fingers. I get a little car sick from the heat and sensory overload. We arrive at the next store, where I go to the bathroom first thing after having drunk a good deal of water. We look for a new couch. After a dozen times of sitting down and standing up again, a dizziness spell hits. Luckily, we are in a furniture store, where I can actually lie down. And thankfully, there aren't too many people in the store, so it's relatively quiet. I wait for my husband to arrange delivery for the new couch and coffee table we just bought, as well as for my heart rate to return to normal.
As much as I can feel safer from a world that is not at all designed for people like me in this little bubble that I am able to create for myself, it can be a very lonely existence. And sometimes, it alone makes me want to weep.
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midiport · 5 months ago
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im turning it in like this i do not care
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beehindblueeyes · a month ago
Vance Hopper (1963-1977 colorized)
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horrorstiel · 8 months ago
Hi friends. I need to share something.
I don't know where to start. For the last 7 years, my mom has been battling breast cancer. And unfortunately, last Friday at 1am she passed away. But I can't say she lost the fight, because she was herself and so strong up until her last day. It was a shock because even her doctor expected 3 months, news which she was going to share with my mom on Monday. It hadn't hit me that this could be the end until that last day, but I never properly saw her again after that.
Even though she was my best friend, I wasn't out to my mom. I wasn't really afraid of her not being accepting, at least of the bisexual part, but just needed time and space. That time never came though. She was in a coma for the last 9 hours of her life but the doctor said she could hear us. So, I told her that I'm bi, nonbinary with all pronouns and that some people call me Elliot. But that I'm still Ellie, her daughter, her child. I saw her shed a few tears and felt her grab my hand. So she was telling me she loved me in what way she could. I'll never accept another interpretation. She loves me. In being a Christian, my faith has made it easier by knowing she's still with me spiritually and that I'll see her again in heaven.
Anyway... it's a lot of info but I've really come to feel like I've made friends on here. My mom knew about a lot of my tumblr shenanigans and thought it was really cool that I was connecting with people around the world with this fandom. People liking my art, buying from me on Redbubble, making creations for my celebration. She was so proud, of something that I sometimes feel embarrassed about cuz it's spn.
This last week has been difficult. May continue to be a bit less active for a time, but I honestly will not leave this fandom. It's brought me so much joy and support in ways I never imagined. I just... felt strange coming on here and people not really knowing about such a monumental thing in my life, so I wanted to share. I have a big family to support me and 3 cousins I'm out to. My dad and I are really trying the most to be there for each other. I've started showing him spn as our kind of new routine. We're gonna get through this life. For her. Thanks for reading. Love you all 💛
No pressure to respond. If you want to respond somehow but don't know what to say just reply with a 💐 and I'll know
Tagging some mutuals. Even some who already know. And all mutuals on my tag list.
@floral-cas @texandean @homeroad @cas-natural @emeraldcas @thenightwemetnatural @undeadcas @alltoowellcas @iheardyourprayer @ultimatekiller @gardenforcas @beeradgirlfriend @jactingjoices @ghostmary @billiewena @chapeldean @caskarass @supernatural-jaeger @pointyearedelvishprincling @jacobglaser @theedeangirl @faithlesshunter @dojacas @mybelovedcas @garthedgirl @loverboydean @lengthofropes @endvverse @sundryvillains @deanskitchen @castielsbeebong @but-theres-wolves @casless-chaps @deanncastiel @seraphcastiel @mjulmjul @starrynightdeancas @you-cant-spell-subtext-without @thunderstruck-owl-gal @muggs8787
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kynimdraws · 2 months ago
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Name: Kylee (they/them, she/her). 30+
A simple Korean American who does research and medical school things. I am mostly known for my drawings, specifically my Pokemon nuzlocke comics. But I will talk about other things on occasion because I do have periods of being fixated on certain topics.
Interests: Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Mother series, Korean history/culture, character design
General FYIs: 
I will not follow NSFW accounts but I am fine talking/interacting with them. There may be suggestive shitposting but I like keeping my content on the SFW side
I am VERY picky about who I follow/interact with online. Fandom content in particular is a minefield for me, so I will unfollow/block/mute liberally here. If you want me to unblock you, you can send me an ask or email me at kynimdraws [at] gmail [dot] com
I am very open about what I like and dislike, and none of those things are a direct attack on your sensibilities. I have never gone out of my way to directly send hate or whatever have you if I end up seeing shit I don’t like. My complaints in my little online space ain't a personal attack on you.
My ask box/submission box/DMs  are open for criticisms if you have any issues you want to resolve in private. No one is perfect and I may have done ignorant shit that needs to be pointed out. I have deleted or edited posts in the past if people tell me what I did wrong. PS I get that some of my stuff may upset you, but try to act civil when pointing shit out please.
I try to tag all my things whenever I can. Again, send me a message if anything bothers you.
If you wish to use any of my hcs, please credit me. And if you are comfortable with it, send me the works so I can check them out! Or @ me if that is easier.
FIRE EMBLEM FYI: Specifically for 3Houses/3Hopes because I need a separate one for this franchise specifically given the amount of dumb shit I get from this fanbase
DO NOT try to convince me to like or tolerate Byleth ships, ESPECIALLY the ones with the lords (aka CIaude, Dimitri, EdeIgard). I already summarized why I don’t like FE3H Byleth ships with student chars here. While the spinoff game FEW3H has now removed that teacher/student problematic situation, the fandom keeps putting the FE3H elements into the FEW3H fanworks (i.e. remembering Byleth from “another life” trope)...so no thanks.
I do not care whom you ingame S-support. 3Houses limits the otome part of the game to that character, so I cannot care less about how you play the game. The main issue I have is when people treat that “character” as a legit ship material when I personally think they are a cool character ruined by fans who are too obsessed with badly executed self insert otome tropes bc they self-project super hard onto them. Just to be clear, any FE3H or FEW3H OC/Canon >>>>>>Byleth ships personally. Even Bylethsonas that remove the teacher/student aspects are better than canon FE3H!Byleth
I am all for good debate but if you send me excessive hate or threats bc I have different FE opinions, I will block/delete them.
Please don't drag FE VA statements as some sort of “gotcha” on my opinions like this post here. IDC what other people prefer with ship shit, that’s their problem and not mine. I am not gonna bother them about it. So don’t bother ME about it.
Links to check out:
Myths of Unova + Episode Grey (Pkmn White/White2 Comic)
Tales of Sinnoh (Pkmn Diamond Comic)
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