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artandstarstuff · 1 year
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Some fun ideas for warlock pacts. You can see the rest of this series on my Kofi! I appreciate all tips.
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tolkien-fantasy · 6 months
As someone who's father is a Deacon in a Greek Orthodox church, I offer this wisdom: If you're running low on ideas for Necromancer characters, just use Orthodox Christian monks as reference
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(This is not meant to be offensive or disrespectful in any way, I grew up in this culture and this is just me joking about it. Please don't get upset ;-; )
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I’ve just always been disappointed that the only distinct physical trait of kalashtars is being thin and symmetrical, so now you can use this handy chart to roll your own sleep paralysis demon.
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dndcharacterideas · 3 months
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Class: Cleric of Ilmater (Life domain)
Race: Tiefling
Alignment: Neutral Good
Sunshine was born to a peasant woman. In fear of being accused of witchcraft, she abandoned the infant on the steps of a temple of Ilmater.
Many other temples might have put the child out of her misery the moment they saw her bright yellow skin or purple hair but when Brother Basson held the child for the first time, he saw not a monster but bright, beautiful baby.
As she grew, Sunshine was a ray of hope and happiness for all she met. The temple found great joy in her presence and taught her from a young age the teachings of the Broken God, as well as stories of heroes from a time long passed.
Starry-eyed, she sat and listened and dreamed of a world where she too could do good.
Time passed and the people of the temple found that their little ray of sun had come of age, though it felt far too soon. They knew they couldn't stop her from going out into the world, instead choosing to ready her as best as they could.
They sent her out into the world fitted with fine armor, weapons, and all their love.
Young, naive, and heart full of wonder; Sunshine set out to see the world and to change the world for the better.
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dungeonsndamnation · 4 months
Another pc idea for you that I wanna play:
Momma is an aasimar, papa is a tiefling, but it cancels out and makes a human. Or "Human" if your dm decides to mess with you
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A bard with who can speak with the dead. Instead of helping spirits find peace, they listen to their stories and turn them into songs to further their career. The songs absolutely crush though.
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thealyssa4life · 1 year
Idea for how to destroy the fourth wall in a D&D Campaign:
The Warlock's Patron is you, the player.
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yarn-dragon · 10 months
Dnd character Idea
a pair of oathbreaker paladins. What was the oath they broke you ask? Marriage vows
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dreamingdeerlie · 4 months
Imagine if there was a wizard/sorcerer who gets overstimulated by too much magic. Sure, this could be kind of avoided by only using nonmagical weapons and never using magic, but what if they're scared of sharp objects/have very bad physical skills? But at the same time they don't want to be useless to their friends so they keep on using magic, knowing for a fact that they're going to get overstimulated.
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adragoncat · 5 months
since I want to spice up elf design
make elves more sensitive to the magic around them and therefore have their appearance change as they age into adulthood depending on what their life is like in childhood, the degree of change depends on the elf
like the average wood elf would have like, flowers naturally grow in their hair, their skin might have a hint of green, etc...
high elves are more varied on the family but like, glowing lights following them etc
kids that live near warzones or live with evocation wizards might have elemental patterns, glowing fiery hair tips, etc
the only standard "human with pointy ear" look you would find are elves that have not interacted with magic ever throughout their childhood or some half elves depending on how much elf and human they are
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baboon-87 · 6 months
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literally everyone who plays dnd, dm or player character, should go check out openai's playground. this thing is amazing
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artandstarstuff · 1 year
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Ideas for the druid!
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tolkien-fantasy · 10 months
DnD Character Idea: Robot werewolf who turns into one of these bad boys under ultraviolet light
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sonic255656 · 1 year
kenku alchemist who uses a plague doctor mask to hide the fact that they're a kenku and just sold you wine instead of a potion of healing
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dndcharacterideas · 1 month
I'm taking part in a campaign set in a modern-ish rest stop where the cast has to complete its employee training module as the plot, and a loose idea I had for a character is an aasimar linked to capitalism whose only job is being a motorcyclist and spokesperson for a corporation before crashing mid-race and being laid off and starting out in the campaign.
Ah yes, one of my favorite character motivations, getting fired and adventuring being the only option left.
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merchantziro · 1 year
Probably bad D&D character concept.
A futuristic android, who can think, act, and feel like a human can, that thought they were finally returning to Earth after being gone for a millennium or two on a mission, only to find themself in a fantasy (or whatever genre the DM was planning for besides Sci-Fi) world.
Any magic or spells they use can be written off as them using technology or weapons built into their systems but they run on a fuel system with limited uses before needing to recharge over time in place of their spell slots.
Examples: A flamethrower from their palm for most fire spells with a lighter in their finger for creating bonfires, Mending is them their lighter finger for welding a metal object back together or using an appropriate device like a sewing machine for cloaks, Gust is used via an above average leaf blower, you get the idea.
However nobody believes them and they're seen as a knight and/or wizard in strange armor, maybe the party could somewhat believe them but even they could be somewhat skeptical. The android themself also doesn't believe in magic and believes all magic users are secretly cyborgs and all magical creatures like dragons are mutated lizards, and they could secretly be right if the DM wants.
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