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oooo i wanna ask if i could get some karl headcanons since they aren't too popular here
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𝐤𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐳 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬
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his favorite candidate for the adam and eve plan (karl’s convoluted way of saying ‘son’) is ruki because out of all the sakamakis and mukamis who are only interested in the title, power and authority he commands, ruki is the closest karl’s ever had to feeling a human emotion (father and son) since he actually needed to put in effort to guide ruki as a parental guardian.
karl’s ascension to the throne had its own unique issues. with the previous vampire king dead and a young karl about to be announced as king in a few hours, the viboras began to colonize small territories.
there was no way karl was able to travel to the outskirts where the territories were located in the timespan the attack was carried out. this was the beginning of the uneasy tension between the viboras and the vampires. 
bath and body works (the company) is his favorite human creation
he has particular disguises and shape-shifting forms he likes to fool around in. right now, it’s a tie between being a squirrel and an owl
in a similar regard, karl’s real appearance is a contrast from how he usually appears. his usual dewy skin looks dull, apricot-moisturized lips have faded in color, his scarred areas looking more grizzly, and his fingers appear bonier. it’s as if all resemblance of life was hollowed out from within. 
he keeps a track of the survival percentages between the sacrificial brides and his sons. in short, for each son, they’re assigned an average lethal percentage and the brides are assigned a survival percentage that is based on estimations on whether or not they’ll survive one full month. 
karl won’t use his omniscience for the percentages so it’s his own cruel game on how likely things are gonna follow a pattern and how often things deviate from said pattern. 
he’s into those aesthetically-pleasing desk organization tiktoks. but, on that same ending note, he’s not into making aesthetically-pleasing planners because he thinks they’re a waste of time and resources.
when subaru was born, karl was wondering when the side effects of inbreeding were gonna reveal itself. he was on baited breath for the duration of subaru’s childhood not because he cared, but because it would’ve caused issues for subaru’s emotional development for the adam and eve plan (the irony is unmatched)
karl can time travel, but not in the conventional way like a time portal or a time device. for him, time travelling is rewinding the past to a specific point or as he likes to call them, “major and minor checkpoints”
it’s like when you rewind a movie to go to a certain scene or just click the watch bar to go back to a certain timestamp. his memories are the only ones intact during this and the others? they don’t have the faintest clue.
dislikes rain water with a passion but loves rain
he’s incapable of laughing because he never learned how
karl’s weirdly fond of ducks. there’s no good explanation for this, he just likes ducks
it is physically impossible for this man to giggle. whether his brain can’t process the muscles or his lungs just don’t know how to cooperate, it sounds so mechanical and forced because it is (if you don't know how to mentally picture it, just imagine freddy fazbear giggling)
one day, out of nowhere, an idea to conquer earth using the kingdom’s army came into mind. it’s not like anyone could stop him, much less his own sons.
however, since it’s an idea he never executed before, he used future foresight to give him a quick five-second look of the ending result. he ultimately decided against it because what he saw was nothing short of disastrous.
richter makes his blood boil because he unintentionally ruins karl’s plans. so what does karl do? every night when richter sleeps, if he’s seething with jealousy that entire day, he’ll dream of karl massacring his body or unusual punishments fit for a medieval peasant.
karl makes sure the dreams vary in how severe they are so richter doesn’t catch on. 
when EDM music plays, he immediately feels nauseous and teleports to a building two blocks away
one way to repel karl and make him despise you is to throw soggy bread at him. He’ll physically recoil because the texture is so “outrageously disgusting”
loathes mustard. it doesn’t even matter if it’s honey mustard, he hates it
he actually more adrodygenous than you’d assume. If there's one thing he’s keen on, it’s looking timeless. 
has a love-hate relationship with how bananas smell
despite being his biological sons, karl can’t deny that the family most deserving of his powers are the mukamis. they inherently have human compassion and characteristics that the sakamakis had to develop through trauma. 
won’t admit it but the sound of crocs squeaking is both entertaining and funny to him
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I was supposed to draw something else but ended up drawing this guy 🤔
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The new patreon update gives creators the option to charge new patrons by the date they joined not the first of every month.
So with that info, how many early access creators decided to abide by patreon’s new subscription billing update? I wanna know for my own sake..
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Friendship ended with that last updo this is now my best friend
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A note on Dravol.
I want it said right now that Dravol will face punishment for her crimes. 
The reason I’m saying this now is because I highly dislike the concept of forgiveness without atonement. Dravol, just like Lucky, had to redeem himself and earn forgiveness from the people around him, AND you, the readers of this blog. Dravol will need to do the same thing.
You WILL get the chance to talk to her, and she WILL receive punishment in time.
I ask only that you allow the story to be told at its own pace. :) Her backstory is not to paint her actions in a sympathetic light, rather her circumstances ONLY.
I hope that clears this up now before I continue further :) 
Thank you everyone for the wonderful asks! They have been very inciteful and detailed, and I appreciate all of you for it <3
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Still in my PJs 😊🙈👶
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This diaper is soooo thick!
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uhhhhhh very self indulgent ygo charms because nostalgia -- don't mind me 🧍‍♂️
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i have so many ideas for horror themed edits im going to combust. last one counts btw
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