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starriwonderland · 19 hours ago
Hihi! I wanted to request a headcanon of Idia and Azul of how they would take a male s/o out on a date :D thanks!
Hi! I love this idea so much! I tried my best to make the reader male! I got stuck on what to write so I added crack because this is the twst-verse I hope that's okay!
Genre(s): Romance, Fluff, Crack if you squint.
Warning(s): mushrooms, slight ooc on Azul's part sorry I'm still learning about him, mentions of social anxiety on Idia's part.
Reader: Male
Character(s): Idia and Azul
Tumblr media
I'm joking💀
Azul will take you on a date AWAY from Mostro Lounge because he doesn't want the Tweels interfering
They still did anyway
Got the right from Headmaster to leave the campus don't ask how. All you need to know is Crowley is graciously giving his full permission.
A gentleman, he bought you flowers and wanted to take you to dinner!
Wanted everything to go perfectly but Tweels intervined :,)
Took you to a fancy restaurant and you guys sat down
You both ordered pasta as the waiter respectfully wrote down what you wanted.
A band was playing music to fit the romantic atmosphere
Everything was perfect...too perfect (Leech twins cue to come try to mess everything up for funsies)
His glasses went askewed when he finds out Jade is the 'new waiter' when there food is delivered.
"Unfortunately I will be serving you now as the last waiter has finished his shift" obviously it was a lie. Since when did jade work here?
Azul was kinda nervous about eating now as Jade expectantly waited for you both to try your food.
One bite and it was evident that the recipe had been modified with mushrooms
Jade looks every bit pleased by you guys reactions to the fungi and notes everything down.
Well if that wasn't embarrassing enough Floyd is now trying to take over the music band because "their taste in music was too sappy and boring" the guests are just bewildered at the scene.
"If you two are here, who's watch The dorm and Mostro Lounge?" He asked in a serious tone.
Azul looked very upset until he heard joyous giggles coming from you. He loved your laugh and now he's laughing too.
You were having a great time regardless of the twins shenanigans.
Of course he'd take you out again on a proper date though (or at least try to. </3)
Tumblr media
Idia loves you to bits he really does!
But he REALLY hates social interaction
Ortho has to drag him out of his room kicking and screaming just in order for him to go to class.
Usually your dates would be watching anime or gaming sessions or just chilling in his room
Honestly, you didn't really expect Idia to want to go on a date with you anywhere outside his room, because...well he's Idia.
Well time for the surprise of your life
This introverted otaku somehow gathered himself together to ask his boyfriend to go to a movie with him.
Idk what the Twst equivalent of a studio Ghibli movie is but that's where he wanted to go.
Got permission from Crowley a while back in a slightly more civil way than Azul, with the help of Ortho. (Ortho almost blew up the school again💀)
Actually Ortho had convinced Idia to ask you. "I want Nii-san to go make good memories with Y/n-san!"
Before he could have second thoughts and cancel, Ortho shoved him out of his room.
*Locks Idia out of his own room cutely* /hj
Oh well no turning back now.
"Y-y/n I heard that they were releasing this new anime movie that would be in theaters only and I r-really would love it if you go with me." He muttered almost inaudibly while averting his gaze.
Of course you said yes this was a rare opportunity!
He actually hadn't freaked out about social interaction for about a good thirty minutes but to be safe, you decided to do the talking at the ticket counter
Idia links his pinky with yours while you stood in line, since he was still a little shy when it came to PDA
On the other hand, literally clung to your arm like a life line when you were trying to pass people to get to your seats, he's internally screaming. Idia sweetie you'll make it harder to get to our seats in time—
Once you and the blue-haired male sat down he visibly relaxed.
He enjoyed it more than he thought he would, and knows ALL the lore on whichever movie was showing at the theater.
"This actually wasn't that bad..." Idia noted to himself while starting to blush
He was gonna ask to do it again until—
"OooOoo pwetty!" A little kid attempted to grab at his long flaming blue hair.
*screeches and uses you as a human body shield*
The whole thing was hilarious and you had to restrain your self from bursting out in laughter.
You calmed him down and returned back to the campus after getting something to eat.
Regardless of what happened earlier he would definitely want to go out with you again.
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hanafubukki · 4 months ago
Life Changing Field Trip
~*After Book 6*~
Malleus: Child of Man?
YN/MC/Yuu: Yes, Tsunotarou?
Malleus: *Pouts* When is our life changing field trip? Everyone else went on one with you.
YN/MC/Yuu: *Feels tired to the bone* Give me a week to sleep everything off and then we can go on one Tsunotarou. 
Malleus: *Happy dragon fae noises*
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dizplicity-draws · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A concept
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fullbloomsupremacy · 8 months ago
Twst EN translations is causing too much chaos 🤣🤣🤣
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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miraclebeliver · 3 months ago
Hi, I luv yr writings. Just wondering if you could write for Vil, Rook and Silver when their s/o is taking care of them when they are turn into a child? Thanks😉
Tumblr media
These two requests are similar so I thought that I'll just do them together. @unicornwithachainsaw83
Request: vil, rook and silver have turned into children, now their s/o has to take care of them.
A/n: first part with leona, azul and kalim here and second part with idia, malleus and riddle here
Warnings: rook typical stalking, gn!reader
Tumblr media
Vil schoenheit
You were going to see your boyfriend at pomefiore when epel and rook arrived, looking panicked.
They explained that vil had gotten into an alchemy incident after trying to make some new skin care for himself.
Vil is not very different as a kid except he's even more beautiful now and is very willing to use that as an advantage.
You would have no problem dealing with him, but I can't say the same for the others.
In your company vil will be a complete gentleman, would not mess up anything. But everybody else? They will have the worst time with him.
He is demanding, strict and extremely bratty. He just refuses to play with people he doesn't like and demands for you to come back too when your doing something or, are busy. The only person he gets along with is rook.
So you how he's very blunt and criticises everybody? Yeah but it's ten times worst.
He will be going around like 'I don't like your shirt' and 'a giraffe has better make up skills than you'.
Also kinda feral?? I can see him kicking leona in the shins after leona made fun of him (crouching down in front of him and all).
Very good at stranger danger thing. If anyone he doesn't recognise tries to talk to him, he will immediately punch them and would run away.
Loves to play tea party, especially with you.
"Well, I was still as beautiful as I am now wasn't I, my sweet potato?
Tumblr media
Rook hunt
Rook is the complete opposite of vil, he is very shy as a child.
He doesn't say much but when he does it's usually to compliment something or someone.
Rook loves archery, so he'll usually ask you to take him outside so he can play around.
Even though he's shy, he loves to go out, like in nature. Also would love if you take him to the forests outside of school for a walk or a picnic.
Rook still loves to hunt, so instead of beast men, he chases around actual animals like rabbits or butterflies when you two go out in the forest, he also loves to take the pictures of them.
Also gets along with grim. I don't think grim likes him much but rook loves grim that's how he gets roped into babysitting duty alongside you.
Rook is a very clean child. When he plays with toys (his bow and arrow) he diligently cleans up his space and puts them back in their places.
Rook also eats his veggies, he loves carrots but for some reason, he hates green bell peppers and green bell peppers only.
He loves it when you two watch movies together.
He'll snuggle up to you with blankets to his chin. As he watches the movie with fascination.
"Ah, mon amour, thank you for looking after me."
Tumblr media
He's just a sleepy boi. He just likes to sleep.
He was probably sleeping when he turned into a child. He woke up as a toddler.
So silver is a verrryy good boy. He doesn't bother anyone, eats his food and sleeps. That's basically the only things he does.
He loves his new pillow though, which is you.
Lilia was over the moon when you turned up to diasomnia with child silver. He started lamenting about how he missed his little boy and somehow y'all ended up going through lilia's old album of his children.
Lilia tries to feed him but you somehow come up with a lame-ass excuse and bolt out of the diasomnia to your own dorm
Malleus is glad to be free of his retainers for once. Since silver is a baby, lilia is trying to feed his child and sebek is busy pulling lilia back and failing miserably.
Grim gets along with sliver very well, they both just curl up together and nap on your lap all day long.
Sliver does like napping in the garden though, where all of his animal friends can snuggle up to him.
He also lives playing knight with you, where he is the knight, grim the big bad monster and you are prince(ss) stuck in the castle. You had to coax grim with tuna to let silver win
"...so I turned into a child? Bet old ma- lilia-sama had a blast with that."
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it-happened-one-fic · 3 months ago
I Just Missed You - Riddle
Author Notes: This one is a touch indulgent. As soon as I thought about Riddle having to go home and face his mom after overblotting I wanted him to have some sort of escape. So I gave him one. An easy chat with the Prefect. This one is female-reader simply because I felt like it and it was written to "Far Away" by Nickelback
Type: Angst/Comfort/Fluff/ Platonic or Romantic you choose.
Warning: Riddle's Mom... that's it.
Word Count: 928
Tumblr media
Riddle inhaled deeply, resting his head back against the door of his room and letting his hand lay limply in his lap, cradling his phone. He’d known visiting home was going to be a test worse than anything he’d ever faced before.
He’d come quite a ways since his overblot. Y/n, the Prefect, had helped him to better himself. To change his ways and not become a tyrant fit to overtake his mother. But it was still hard. Returning home to the place where it had all started. 
Everyone had told him he shouldn’t have been treated that way. Even Ace, who’d held Riddle accountable for his oppressive actions, agreed that his mother had been in the wrong. And yet Riddle wasn’t comfortable blaming her.
 It was true, she’d been tyrannical about her rules and had, in many ways, treated him horribly. But she’d also raised him. Without her there was no telling who he’d be now.
He looked down at his phone, already feeling drained. It hadn’t taken his mother long at all to discover the changes in him.
“I thought you were in Heartslabyul? What about the rules?!” Her astonished and evident agitation had made him cringe and want to burst into apologies. But he knew he shouldn’t. He couldn’t really help the overblot nor the Heartslabyul rules. The worst part was he didn’t know what she was upset about.
“Having cake each day at the Unbirthday Parties is a rule Mother.” She’d pursed her lips at his surprisingly calm statement. But rules were reliable. They were a way he and his mother could communicate.
“And your grades?” Riddle had offered a sheet on which he’d carefully monitored his progress, doing his best not to tense as she scanned the neat line of top-notch scores.
“Perfect as always Mother.” She’d hummed as she scanned her way down the sheet of perfect attendance and grades. When she’d given an approving nod and returned the sheet to him, Riddle had almost beamed. It had felt like a pressure had been lifted from his chest and could breathe again. From now on this visit would be smooth sailing.
Or so he had thought.
“And you aren’t making any… unsuitable friends? The sort that would lead you astray? I heard that Clover boy was going there and when you were young-”
“Of course not Mother.” The lie had fallen from his lips like a defense mechanism. Too fast and desperate. A condemnation.
Her eyes had narrowed at his irretrievable reply. It had sounded too urgent even to his ears. She hadn’t said anything but Riddle knew it was coming. That was why he’d sealed himself in his room with the excuse of studying.
The moment she’d questioned his choice in friends, Y/n had come to mind. A wonderful person and a loyal friend, but definitely not what his mother would deem suitable. Not with their light-hearted teasing and easy going nature. Y/n wasn't strict enough about rules and didn’t have high enough grades.
Mother didn’t even view Trey as trustworthy and only barely accepted that he was the vice-housewarden when Riddle had explained how well he knew and obeyed the rules. There was no way she’d accept Y/n… Much less Ace or Cater.
Riddle’s fingers itched to tap in the number that the Prefect had given him just before he’d left on break. She’d donned such a bright smile as she’d handed him a tiny slip of paper, “I haven't ever given you my number so, here! If you get bored or… need anything, I’m just a call away and I’m not going to be doing anything anyway.”
It was like she’d known he would need someone to get him through this ordeal. Sure, he could leave the house and go visit Trey but….
Trey would doubtless be busy with customers and catching up with his family. After all, his siblings and parents adored him and their bakery was always busy.
If Riddle were to be totally honest, he missed the Prefect who’d turned his life upside down. She’d done far more than just save him from overblotting and then work with him to figure out the Spelldrive situation. She’d worked with him and helped him to overcome his obsession with rules. She’d shown him he didn’t have to punish every single slight infraction and could relax at times. And he missed her.
His fingers hovered tentatively over the screen. She was a single tap away and even though it’d only been a few days it already felt like it had been far too long since he’d heard her calm but friendly voice.
What would she say? Probably something along the lines of knowing he could face this and that everything would turn out alright in the end. And then she would ask him mundane questions about his home and he would humor her. Calming down at the sound of her quiet voice that always ensured he relaxed. That ensured he didn’t melt into a ball of stress and frustration.
Riddle had hardly realized what he was doing until he heard the beep at the end of the line and her familiar voice sounded from far away, “Hello?”
He exhaled, strangely relieved to hear her voice, “Hey, It’s me.” He could hear the smile in her voice when she responded, immediately chipper.
“Riddle! What’s up?” He smiled despite himself at her casual words. No, Mother definitely wouldn’t like them. But he did.
“I just…” He hesitated and she waited, ever patient with his hesitations and unsureness. “I just missed you.”
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serena-1221 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Married Leona and MC with their son
⚠️Art by @panko_14, I'm just a translator
This is so so sweet... I love all this future Twst x MC stuff
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tjjjrsj · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Okay so I can't see Azul being into degradation kink of all things. I just feel that it would trigger so much for him. He could clearly go through a panic attack or something, might even lead to an overblot but who really knows.(taking into account that this man overthinks alot)
Now Praise Kink is something that's something he'd be into. Praise the man, clearly he's not been praised enough in his life and deserves to be.
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cheesecake-ch1ld · 2 months ago
Rook Hunt in a relationship would be similar to Morticia and Gomèz’s relationship. Big, Aventgarde, Sexual compliments.
”I would die for her. I would kill for her. Either way, what bliss.”
“To live without you, only that would be torture.”
“To mirth, to merriment, to manslaughter.”
“You were so beautiful. Pale and mysterious. No one even looked at the corpse.”
“How long has it been since we’ve waltzed?
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acey-wacey · 2 months ago
Diasomnia Masterlist
💚 - headcanon
🖤 - fic
🐲 Malleus Draconia 🐲
Favorite Taylor Swift Songs 💚
Affection HCs 💚
Taking Care of You as a Baby 💚
You Come Out as Bisexual - Romantic 💚
True Love’s Kiss 💚
You Get Hurt 🖤
Who Does The Prefect Like? - dulcesiabits event 🖤
Pet Names 💚
Hearing You Sing 💚
🦇 Lilia Vanrouge 🦇
Favorite Taylor Swift Songs 💚
Shiny Things 🖤
Affection HCs 💚
Taking Care of You as a Baby 💚
On Your Period 💚
Pet Names
Hearing You Sing 💚
⚡ Sebek Zigvolt ⚡
You Get Hurt 💚
Favorite Taylor Swift Songs 💚
Wearing Their Clothes 💚
Age Reversion Spell 💚
Taking Care of You as a Baby 💚
Good Enough 🖤
Pet Names
Confessing to an Oblivious Reader 💚
Meeting Your Future Children 💚
🗡️ Silver 🗡️
Favorite Taylor Swift Songs 💚
Wearing Their Clothes 💚
Age Reversion Spell 💚
Taking Care of You as a Baby 💚
Pet Names
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bunnwich · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Art is mine. Reblogs appreciated!
Follow me on Instagram if you like it! (x)
𝑱𝒂𝒄𝒌 𝑯𝒐𝒘𝒍 is next! 
𝑺𝒍𝒖𝒎𝒃𝒆𝒓 𝑷𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒚 𝑺𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒔: 𝑹𝒖𝒈𝒈𝒊𝒆 𝑩𝒖𝒄𝒄𝒉𝒊
𝑳𝒂𝒕𝒆 𝑵𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 𝑫𝒆𝒍𝒊𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒚
Another strange dream and Yuu couldn’t sleep. Without much consideration, they decided to sneak into the cafeteria after hours, though this time without Grim, who had unceremoniously fallen out after eating dinner.  But before heading back to their chilly and rickety Ramshackle, Yuu decided to make one last late-night stop...
Right off the bat, they had always liked Ruggie. Yuu couldn’t remember much about their own past, but despite the boy’s mischievous opportunistic nature, they could find a kindred spirit. Someone who did what they needed to do to survive.  It was something Yuu had done since they arrived in this strange place. 
Plus, the hyena could stand to gain a few pounds…
They knocked on the door lightly standing in the drafty stairwell of the Savanaclaw dorm, clutching the small brown paper bag behind them with one hand. They knew Ruggie would wake up first, as he was such a light sleeper. In fact, this wasn’t the first time they would have a midnight conversation with the boy.
After a few minutes, the skinny boy opened the door, stumbling a bit, “Oi, it’s late whaddya want?” His confused voice was heavy with sleep as he stretched up the yellow sleeping mask from his eyes, rubbing one eye with a fist. 
He looked like he had been expecting someone else, squinted his other eye over at you suspiciously.
Odd. Yuu had never seen the boy in his nightclothes. They were oversized, hanging off his slim frame much like his dorm uniform, probably more of Leona’s hand-me-downs. A brown shirt that was weirdly too big, causing it to fall off his shoulder but also too short, barely covering his belly button. And around his waist sagged a pair of tightly cinched blue gym shorts.
Yuu, tapped their chin thinking of what to say.
> “I'm here to see you!”
> “The water stopped working in the Ramshackle again.”
“Eh?” Ruggie’s back straightened, and he blinked the sleep from his large aqua eyes before they went wide.  He looked away suddenly and scratched at his dirty blonde hair. “Hey, Uh-” He stuttered, shifting his eyes around the hall. “Keep it down, will ya? Don’t wanna wake his majesty.” He scoffed before moving aside to let you pass, his sandy brown ears flicking in annoyance. 
He shut the door softly behind you and flipped on the light on his side of the room, his roommate snoring away carelessly.
They weren’t expecting to be let inside but Yuu headed in anyway, tucking the bag behind them, careful not to rustle it anymore.
 It was too late it seemed, Ruggie was already behind their back, poking at it, causing them to jump.
“What's that?” His ears perked back up.
How had he been so quick? You didn’t wanna assume things but...could he smell it?
>”Nothing, it’s mine!”
>”Just a thank you...”
There was no use hiding anymore. Yuu laughed softly and brought the bag to the front of them, lifting it to the boy before them. “I just wanted to say thanks….for showing me how to rewire a light, and fix the leak under the sink, and- ” Yuu shook their head, realizing they were gonna be here all night if they named everything the boy had helped them with.
With all the odd jobs Ruggie had during his life he was a treasure trove of knowledge for domestic stuff that, knowledge that Yuu’s beloved dorm desperately required to function at minimal capacity.
It started with Yuu bribing him with food or by cooking for him at the Ramschakle but eventually, Ruggie had just started coming over randomly. “Anyway-” They started sentence over. “I… know these are your favorite.”
Ruggie snatched the bag, and skittered over to his bed, which was still made. Maybe, he couldn’t sleep either, or he had passed out on it before crawling under thd covers.
He sat down on the mattress with a squeak, the glow of the dim light above him painted his skin in a warm golden glow.
The bag crunched as he opened it, his usual crooked grin taking over his whole face. He laughed into his hand and grabbed one of the doughnuts immediately, making a little sound as he took a huge bite out of the side. He wiped his mouth and set the bag down next to him on the bed, then tilted his head. “Okay, whaddya want? Your toilet break again, Yuu?”
>“You’re my friend…! Do I need an excuse?”
>“Nothing, it’s a gift!”
“Ha! Sooo,” He grabbed a large spotted-orange pillow by the head of the bed, hugging it to his chest. “You’re telling me you actually want…nothing in return?” He considered this monument, before snickering and hugging the cushion tightly to his chest, “You're weird.” One of his ears flicked as his eyes shifted around the room, before flashing another mischievous grin.
Though they wouldn’t consider Ruggie’s  friendship: ‘nothing’ Yuu kept quiet and instead just shrugged at his statement.
Ruggie cleared his throat. “Hey, uh- Did you...eat any of these yet, Yuu? You should finish these with me, you know?” His lids lowered and his eyes went somewhere far away. “When my granny used to cook… She would always share it with all any of the other kids in our neighborhood who needed it, after all.”
Yuu smiled and nodded, moving over to sit on the corner of the bed to face him. Ruggie talked about her often and through his stories sometimes they felt as if they were really there with him in his grandmother’s kitchen, the pictures of the hyena’s memories crisp in their head like a film.
>“I can do that.”
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starriwonderland · 10 days ago
Hello! Hope youre doing well :) can i request for a very melancholy s/o with Vil? Generally a very nostalgic and introverted person but very warm, heartfelt, wise and understanding? A mature infp if you may LWNSKQ
Thank you ! Have a nice day :D
Hi anon I hope you have a nice day too! I've been doing better these few days and first I'd like to say that I apologize for taking so long on this, it was worded rather confusing to me and I lack knowledge on mbti personality types. Please request again if I didn't write it the way you liked. I did see the words melancholy, introvert, and heartfelt, and nostalgic so I wrote this as:
Vil with a shy introverted s/o
(Sorry it's kinda short </3 I hope that's ok)
Characters: Vil Schoenheit
Reader: gn
Genres: Fluff, headcanons
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
Usually despite your shy introverted disposition, you were rather sweet around those who you were close to.
Vil liked that about you. You were someone who he could share his feelings with. You could do the same with him.
Vil doesn't really try to change the fact that sometimes you're shy because he found it rather cute
Everyone at school is kinda shocked by the fact that the Vil Schoenheit who is the image of confidence would date Y/n who was probably the second biggest introvert (next to the elder Shroud)
I imagine that Vil REALLY adores your maturity, something a lot of the NRC students lacked at times. Vil considers himself to be a rather mature person.
Vil loved it most the quiet times you'd spend together, just having your presence was enough for him to feel calm.
He's not going to force you to be really social with others if it makes you uncomfortable.
You don't have to worry about people poking fun at you because you were shy, because no one wants to make Vil angry. (And if they did they must be very stupid and better get someone to plan their funeral /hj)
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hanafubukki · 6 months ago
Happy Bean’s Day
*Sounds of bean shooters could be heard*
YN/MC/Yuu: *Shooting at Pomefiore and Savanaclaw students* Why are you running now?! Is it because we are on an even ground now? Come back here you limp noodle!
Cater: *Recording for Magicam*
*Meanwhile on the sidelines*
Trey: You should discipline your students better if the Prefect, of all people, are going after them like this.
Vil and Leona: ...  
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dizplicity-draws · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Azul: Reanalyzing his entire childhood and all his relationships
Floyd: mmmmmmmm takoyaki
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koirion · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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miraclebeliver · 4 months ago
I'm in love with your Crewel as MC/Reader's dad content! This request is a wee bit strange but here it goes: May I have reader bringing Crewel and Malleus to her world for vacation but they end up bumping into her biological family (father, aunt and older sister, her mother's passed away). Reader's father and aunt just start insulting her while her sister does nothing, but Papa Crewel and Mal stand up for her.
Thank you for requesting and I am glad you like my dad crewel content. I love crewel but like platonically and there is very little content for him so I created my own!
Better than ever
Request: reader takes malleus and papa crewel for a vacation in their world but bumping into their biological family is never fun
A/n: your relationship with malleus in this is platonic but can be read otherwise :)
Pairings: divus crewel x reader (platonic), malleus x reader (platonic)
Warnings: the moms dead, the readers family said some nasty things. Other than that it's just fluff.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You have had the best time of your life in NRC for as long as you can remember. Meeting all these amazing people, meeting your best friends, your family, was nothing short of amazing.
You met ace and deuce (dumb and dumber, but who's who is yet not clear), your partner in crime (literally) grim, and all these incredibly ambitious people.
But none of them stood out more than your horned friend, Tsunotaro. Your first meeting itself with him was magical. He burst out of these gorgeously bright green lights and asked if you were scared of him. You didn't know who he was back then, but you do now and it changed absolutely nothing. He was still a gargoyle nerd who also happens to be one of your closest and dearest friends.
Another was the one who you looked up to a lot. Divus crewel, your alchemy professor who has taken up the father figure role in your life. You remember how you used to be even scared to approach him, his elegance gave him this unapproachable intimidating aura.
But your grade in alchemy was rapidly deteriorating, so you had no choice but to ask for extra help. Divus was quite surprised when you approached him, not expecting that of you, but being the responsible teacher he is (unlike someone) he agreed that how the two of you got to know each other.
He was livid when he heard about your living conditions though, and muttered something about having chicken for dinner that night.
So that is how you ended up with two of your favourite people in all worlds, in your world.
You, crewel and malleus were just at the mall, browsing shops, buying things you liked and just having fun.
Crewel was having time of his life criticising all of the designer clothes, sometimes complementing a piece or two. Malleus was just looking around, a bit new to the concept of a mall, you had taken his hand in your own a while later so he doesn't get left behind, which earned a small smile of gratitude in return.
After a while, you decide to sit down and eat at a cafe. Malleus decided to order ice cream, letting you choose a flavour. Divus, of course, ordered black coffee with no sugar.
"Next time ill bring ace and deuce with me but I'm not really sure how they would react to everything here. I don't want them to get arrested on their first time." You mumbled between chews. Divus crinkled his nose in disgust.
"Don't speak while eating, pup!" He said, glaring at you. Malleus looks between you two amused at how you got scolded by your teacher.
"Yes, sir!" Was your response, causing everybody but divus to laugh, but even he can't keep the smile creeping up on his face. He really was glad that you are happy, you deserve it after all you've done for everybody at school. Divus was also aware of your family...situation to put it mildly and you definitely deserve happiness for putting up those pieces of shit, they were the reason you didn't back home, even after Crowley found a way.
"...y/n?" A voice called out in disbelief, causing you to freeze. You slowly turned around to look at the person the voice belonged to. It was your father together with your aunt and sister.
You let out a whimper, turning back around to hide behind the person you feel most safe beside, Divis Crewel.
"Who is this, pup?" Divus asked warily as the man and women came over with furious expressions.
"My father and aunt, professor please-" "of course, I wouldn't let anything happen to you, go to Mr. Draconia, he'll keep you safe." He soothingly patted your head and motioned to malleus who was also watching all three of them approach your table.
You went to malleus. You've never told about this to anyone except for your professor and even he knew only because he had found you crying in ramshackle one day. The staff were aware, yes, they didn't know the details as divus did.
"Tsunotaro they are, uh, my father and aunt. Not good people, please I'll tell you later." You were very, very uncomfortable at this point. You...have had problems with your family that weren't the best for your self-esteem, especially since your mother died. You were finally, finally getting better at NRC, but seeing the people you hate most brings out those memories.
Thankfully malleus seems to understand and hides you behind him, the task was not difficult for him, he is literally 6'7.
Divus went to your father and aunt whose face was growing red rapidly as they talk to your professor, who was trying to resolve the matter civilly. You could only watch as their voice rose to yells when they suddenly turn to you.
"You...! It's all because of you! You understand?! It's because of you that our family turned out like this. If only you would actually listen to us." Your father scoffed.
"And this girl has the audacity to show her face in front of us after all that she did. How shameful can you be." Your aunt exclaimed. You didn't have to look at your sister to defend you because you knew she wouldn't, she never has.
You close your eyes accepting your fate of hearing these kinds of things from your family again when malleus visibly growled from the front of you.
"How...how dare you? To say such thing about my child of man in front of me, you have some guts mortal." Malleus's eyes were ice-cold as he glared at your aunt and father, it was a wonder that they didn't get frozen to death.
"And w-who you might be?" Your father mustered, clearly intimidated by this man who was radiating such a powerful aura that it was suffocating just by being near him.
"I am Malleus Draconia, crown prince of Valley of Thorns. I don't think you need further clarification. If you are seen in fifty feat radius of them I will obliterate you on spot." As if to prove his point he held up a hand in which his green fire danced as if mocking them.
"I do hope you've taken Mr. Draconia's warning to heart because as his guardian in this world, I will do nothing to stop him," Divus smirked, watching the horrified look on your family's face before they scrambled off to lick their wounds somewhere else.
"Are you okay?" "Are you hurt, pup?" Both of them bombarded you at the same time but you could only give them a watery smile.
"I'm better than I've ever been. Thank you, both of you."
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it-happened-one-fic · 3 months ago
A Lifelong Love
Author Notes: I wanted to write Idia but wow, is he hard. I actually wrote this while listening to Kenny Rogers "Lady" but it really doesn't fit the song very well and is also gender-neutral. This fic takes place briefly after the Ghost Marriage event.
Type: Comfort/fluff/romance hinted
Word Count: 1663
Tumblr media
I blinked up at the Idia who was standing in the middle of the cafeteria dressed to the nines. Of course, he was supposed to have filled the role of groom in the ghostly wedding that had just taken place, but still. I didn’t think I’d ever seen him look like this.
He twitched, looking up at me from where he stood beside the now abandoned altar that had been made especially for the wedding, “Wh- What are you staring at?”
I blinked in quiet surprise at his stuttered question before vaguely gesturing to his current clothes. I could only wonder as to how the ghosts had gotten him into his outfit. He looked down and made a rather moody expression “Is my outfit that strange?”
His question was rhetorical, logically I realized that. But I found myself answering him nonetheless and drawing his attention back to me, “Well… Yeah. It’s not everyday I see someone dressed up as a groom.” Much less one quite so pretty….
I don’t know how I’d missed it till now but Idia was quite attractive. One of the prettier boys at this school of handsome young men even. 
My explanation for my stare did little to calm him though. In fact it just caused him to make a desperate shooing motion, “I’m not on exhibition y’know! Shoo, leave!” 
I did not go ‘shoo’ though. Instead I stood and stared some more as his hair changed from a pale glowing blue to a radiant pink color. A pink that matched the flushed color of his face quite well.
I felt myself slowly starting to grin at his embarrassment, but rather than teasing him I merely shook my head, “Actually I need to clean this place up. Crowley’ll bug me endlessly if I don't and tomorrow it’ll be needed.” 
His hands, that had already been tangled in his long hair, seemed to clench the glowing strands tighter at the revelation that I was not, in fact, leaving. He was mumbling something incomprehensible to himself as I started moving about the room. Ignoring him as I collected the pale flowers that had been thrown upon Eliza’s appearance in the room.
 It was almost a shame. If one had merely been watching and hadn’t known about how she’d kidnapped her groom it would have been a lovely wedding. Sure, she’d gotten married anyway and Chubby and her were a cute couple but….
 Well, to be perfectly blunt Idia was the better looking groom. He looked like he’d stepped out of some period romance. Were I bit more of a romantic I might have been able to imagine a touching but sad story about a ghost and human romance that could never be.
Such daydreaming would have to be left to Rook though. After all, I’d been so focused on the mission to save Idia I’d only thought of such things now. 
To be fair, Chubby and Eliza getting their happy ending was rather nice. Romantic even, if I really wanted to think about it. Eliza had finally got her happily-ever-after. Even if it had been a long road to get there.
I glanced over to see Idia staring, almost forlornly, at the altar. He’d been so excited moments ago when his unsolicited wedding had been canceled that it was odd to see him quite so down now. Rook had said earlier that Idia usually exuded a lonely beauty but right now…. 
Right now he looked far lonelier than I’d ever seen him. Perhaps the botched wedding had more of an effect on him than he’d let on.
I drifted closer to him, cautiously getting closer while staying silent so I wouldn’t startle him. But my approach didn’t go unnoticed as he soon revealed by looking up at me, “What?”
 His flat tone startled me. It didn’t tremble like it did when he was anxious nor was it the speedy talking that outed him when he got excited. Additionally, it was completely at odds with his previously flustered state. Gone was the Idia I knew. Replaced by someone who seemed distinctly apathetic to the point he’d never be embarrassed to the point of trying to shoo someone away.
 I shifted slightly, setting the flowers on a nearby table before turning to look at him, “Are you okay?”
He scoffed slightly, causing me to raise my eyebrows, but he didn’t answer. He just looked away, back towards the pale wedding decorations. I frowned at his uncharacteristic behavior, “Idia, I thought you were going to head back to your room. Why are you still here?”
Instead of answering my question he responded with a dry sounding question of his own, “Aren’t people with strong beliefs scary?”
I waited for him to continue but he never did, so I responded with no small amount of confusion, “Are you saying you don’t have any strong beliefs?” 
He let out something that sounded distinctly like a snort before he turned with a grin that I could best describe as villainous, “I can’t swear to something that doesn’t exist like eternal love.”
I stilled, not entirely sure what was going on but feeling like I’d stumbled across an unmarked landmine. He continued though, explaining his previous statement nonchalantly with a mocking grin, “Because I’m a sincere person.” 
What did that even mean? Was he trying to imply that I, Eliza, or everyone in the school outside of him wasn’t sincere? 
I leaned back, propping myself against the table as I puzzled about his words. They didn’t seem quite accurate. After all, I could think of one person whom I was pretty sure Idia would love for eternity.
“What about Ortho?” He froze at my question and I let it hang in the air, challenging him to deny it. 
Seconds ticked past like the ticking of a bomb as he stared at me before at last responding, “What?”
“Don’t you love Ortho and think that you’ll continue to love him for eternity?” To my surprise he relaxed at my words and his smile returned. 
This time it wasn’t as mocking of a grin, but rather halfway amused as he answered me, “That’s different though isn’t it?”
I straightened from my propped position and started to walk towards him determinedly, “How? It’s still love. You love Ortho and you will continue to love him, right?” He looked down at me, not backing away despite the fact I now stood directly in front of him.
In fact, he met my gaze unflinchingly, something that was also out of character for him. “That’s Storge. Familial love. She wasn’t talking about that kind of love.” 
I frowned at his explanation, distantly recalling the Greek types of love. A different name for each different type of love. That was certainly one way to view it. 
As for who the ‘she’ he was talking about was, well, I could only assume he meant Eliza. After all, she had been the one talking all but incessantly of love.
I tilted my head at him, “I don’t think eternal love was what Eliza was talking about either. She wanted something more like….” I fumbled briefly, fighting to recall the name to mind before I could continue, “More like Eros. A passionate, romantic love.”
He nodded, acquiescing to and confirming my statement with the simple motion. I frowned again, still confused by his odd behavior but not sure how to question it or him. 
Because I understood to a degree. Eternal love was something that was hard to believe in. How could you ever love someone all of the time? Even if they were someone like Ace described…. Someone you could laugh and cry with while also relying on them. You still wouldn’t love them all of the time. 
Would you? 
There would surely be times where you would disagree, argue, and fight with one another. But you could love someone even in the midst of a disagreement. So what did Idia mean?
I looked back up at him, “Then what do you think does exist? Since you’re a sincere person, what kind of love do you think would exist in the marriage you would want?” He had the good graces to look taken aback by my question.
And it was an odd question for me to ask but I genuinely wanted to know his answer. After all, he was the one who brought this up.
“I would want…” He trailed off, looking down at me silently as if I somehow held the answer to the very question I’d asked him. After a brief moment he continued, seemingly finding an answer by holding eye contact with me, “Someone who I would always want near me... That I would want to be next to me.” 
He tilted his head, amber colored eyes still holding mine in a way that made me feel vaguely captive, like I couldn’t look away. I suppose it was how a creature  that was encased in amber felt. He continued, unconcerned or unknowing of the strange trapped feeling he caused, “Someone I would be willing to wait for. Someone who is real and not some person I made up in my dreams.”
He looked down, at last breaking eye contact and I let out a breath that I hadn’t realized I’d been holding. But then I heard him, his tone as solemn as ever, “I’d want to marry the love of my life.” I found myself looking back towards him, surprised at his honest-sounding words.
He shook his head slightly, “I can’t vow to love someone for eternity but…” He looked back up, eyes meeting mine once more but when he spoke his voice was softer, as was his gaze.
 It didn’t feel as intense this time, I wasn’t being forced to maintain eye contact and I wasn’t captive. But there was something different in his expression now. Something I hadn’t ever seen before, “But I can vow to love someone for my entire life.”
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