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Paco Rabanne: Chrome Disk & Steel Linked Dress, Spring/Summer 1969
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最終兵器彼女 BD-Box RAW画像
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Silent Hill 3 (2003) Playstation 2 north america / japan / europe
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Ok, because your favorite character is Jack, soooo maybe a request from me is... Headcanons of savannaclaw dorm with GN!MC (separately) where MC likes to scratch their ears, pat them, etc (spoiling them). Is this ok for you? I hope so, thank you!
Pat pat!!!! Pat pat nice,I can confirm!!!!! Very soft very cute boys!!!!
Savanaclaw boys with darling who likes to spoil him.
He’s a little… shocked when you reach over for the first time,scratching the back of his ears. It might have been a unconscious action on your part,but he’s fully aware of it. All his fight or flight instincts have turned on, he is ready he is-
His tail will flick at your hand in annoyance,looking away. If you stop,he’ll grab your wrist and forcefully bring them to his face.
What? You had the guts to do pat him like some house-cat, and now you’re squirming and blushing? How… cute, herbivore.
He’ll lick your hand,smirking at the way you flush.
He has a deep,throaty purr that rumbles like thunder when you pet him. He won’t let you do it in public though. He has a reputation to maintain. But behind closed door,he’s leaning into your touch,sprawled out on your lap.
He likes you massaging his ears.
Once you’ve finished touching,it’s only right he returns the favour.
Be prepared,little herbivore,for whatever you give him,he’ll return in hundredfold.
He’s rather alert most of the time,and it’s hard to actually pat him. Once you do,it’s a fleeting touch. A simple head rub,tousling his hair. Your fingertips brushing against his ears. He does turn bright red, but tries to play it off. Leans back on something and ends up falling.
You’ll have to slowly spoil him. Ruggie isn’t exactly used to people treating him so tenderly. He grew up with tough love,where knuckles were affectionally scrubbed into his scalp and back slaps were congratulations. You need to take it step by step. Maybe cupping his face in your hand,scratching his ears,stroking his hair.
Sooner or later he’ll grow accustomed to your touch,and he craves it,some days. When life gets hard,he just wants to feel your hands running through his hair y’know.
He’ll whine and complain until you oblige him,a smirk dangling from his lips. He’s been spoiled by your touch,so you should take responsibility,y’know?
Why not make him yours? He’ll serve you well.
He’s a wolf. A lone wolf. He shall not be swayed by human emotions for he is simply more-
Hey,what are you doing? Where is your hand going? …. Hm~
Jack will be rather stubborn about receiving your affection. He’ll dart and dodge it like nobody’s business.
Unlike Ruggie,if you want to pet Jack,you’ll have to hit him full on. Rub his head,massage his scalp. Straight up give him so much love that he’s unable to do anything but accept it.
Being rather fit,you can hug-tackle him. Trap him in your arms and pat away! He’ll squirm,at first,but he’ll melt into your touch at a shockingly quick pace.
He’s not opposed to touch,having younger siblings at home.. he’s just concerned about his image. He prided himself on being a big,strong defender, and he’s worried that this soft side of him will make you lose confidence in him.
Please do reassure him. Whisper comforting words and praise him. He’ll deny it,but his tail will tell all. The wagging thumps against the bed,happiness beating out a steady rhythm .
W.. well if you want to pet him that much… he won’t stop you.
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hello kitty pink edition dreamcast (1999)
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Star Trek Discovery
4x13 | Coming Home
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Japanese Jet Set Radio Official Soundtrack Discs JSR (2000) - JSRF (2002)
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Silent Hill 2 (Special 2 Disc Set) PAL Exclusive Came with special DVD that contained The Making of Silent Hill, art gallery, developer biographies, trailers and credits. Also came with 1 of 4 stickers. 
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mariah carey - rainbow (1999)
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one of the most important things in human relationships is a shared set of values. and if you're vegan there is a pretty good chance that many/most of the people in your life do not share a fundamental ethical belief with you. and that can be very difficult to deal with
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The Sims 2: Holiday Party Pack (2005)
Fun Fact: This was distributed (In the US at least) in a cardboard sleeve rather than the large DVD cases or jewel cases that were used for other Sims releases around this time.
Scanned from my personal copy at 600 DPI
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it’s been too long since I’ve drawn Saru I love him
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