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Digimon Tamers Episode 9 | Revert to Guilmon! The Growmon Incident
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ockitten · 18 hours ago
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Terriermon Lopmon ... Uh?
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uncommoncritter · 22 hours ago
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Commission for RyanSheebs on Twitter!
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loafbud · 15 hours ago
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"Yuu, let me digivolve! I wanna show that DarkTyrannomon that if he messes with Ramshackle Dorm, he's gonna hafta go thru me first. [after Yuu says OK] Heh! I better get a world's worth of tuna after I pummel this guy!"
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ꙮ 𝐴𝑛𝑔𝑒𝑤𝑜𝑚𝑜𝑛 𝑠𝑒𝑟𝑣𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑑𝑖𝑔𝑖-𝑐𝑢𝑛𝑡 ꙮ
click on it for transparent fun lol
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orangelemonart · 12 hours ago
ok lets go
Naruto’s: This was very hard to decide. I thought about a funny little frog it none were intimidating enough; i was surprised by the dearth of fox-themed digimon that capture the trickster vibe; so yeah, with no other appropriate options its gotta be Kyuubimon for Naruto’s partner.
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Sasuke’s: This was also very difficult, but between Hawkmon/Halsemon and any snake digimon, this was the greatest compromise. Quetzalmon.
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Sakura’s: Cherrymon is a little on the nose name-wise, and I’m saving Numemon for Tsunade lmao. Kabukimon it is!
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Oh wait shit, Sasuke and Sakura are both armor-digivolutions, Naruto’s left out. ok maybe Naruto has to be Frogmon to fit the theme. If only Gabumon’s fantasy of KitaKitsunemon from the drama CD had official art.......
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BTW Jiraiya has ShogunGekomon, Tsunade has PlatinumNumemon, and Orochimaru has Orochimon (natch). Kakashi has one of every dog digimon. He collects them like this is fucking Xros Wars or somethin.
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soothedcerberus · 2 days ago
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Lil Dracmon
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duskvortex · a day ago
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patamon · 2 days ago
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Digimon Tamers Episode 9 | Revert to Guilmon! The Growmon Incident
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indominusart · a day ago
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Has been adopted, thanks
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daikeruday · 2 days ago
Daikeru Day 2023
I’ve never run an event before, but I’m going to be making an interest check survey once I figure out how to do that! I’ll ask for suggested dates, prompts, general interest, so on. But in the meantime, I’m just letting you all know this URL exists and that I will be running a Daikeru Day event sometime in 2023.
Thanks for your patience everyone! - Zuzu/ @reliablejoukido
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piedrpiper · a day ago
[Or, Taichi pulls a prank; Mimi pulls it back] This week, we're following along in the years-long saga of Mimi and Taichi trying, and failing, to go to karaoke together. Will they ever make it? Spoiler alert: no. [#michi karaoke #prompt 3 #repeat] Note: I believe canonically Mimi doesn't go to college (or at least hasn't during/previous to Kizuna) so that's a plot point here.
“Well, I guess it’s good to keep yourself busy.”
Nods, twirling a lock of curled hair between her fingers, answering in a pleasant tone, “And I am. Just last week, I was—,”
His hand’s on her elbow. “Come help me with the next round.” She does, looks back over her shoulder at the group that's already turning away, sniggering between them, her brow furrowing with even more confusion when he doesn’t let go until they’re outside the bar. Shrugs when she frowns at him. “He was making fun of you, Mimi.”
��Oh, I don’t think so,” and seems to believe this.
Taichi shifts on his feet on the sidewalk, uncomfortable. Or, more honestly, ashamed. His friends, after all. His invitation. “He wasn’t asking about your start-up to be nice.”
Folds her arms over her chest, bracelets pressing into the thin skin of her wrists. “But what if he was? Don’t I deserve someone nice?”
“Mimi.” Sighs her name, stretching out the simple syllables, because that’s not the point. “I know these guys, okay? They’re not—they care about having certain stuff, you know?”
She considers her outfit, her shoes, the tasteful care put into each accessory. How she held herself, the way she walked. Her open-hearted speech and spirited tone. Can’t see a thing out of place, but not conceited about it. “What don’t I have?”
Grits his teeth, glancing back at the bar entrance. “A college degree.”
“Oh.” For the first time in a while, unable to find better words. “Oh.”
He’s looking at her carefully. “But fuck ‘em, okay?”
“Mm,” and nods slowly again. When she smiles at last, after a minute, it’s still honest, still accepting, brushing past their mistaken assumptions, unwilling to hold a misplaced thought against someone. “Once they get to know me, they’ll think differently.”
His sigh hitches, staring at her. Shakes his head instead of saying anything more, a palm run across the back of his head, flattening unkempt curls. “Come on, let’s go.”
She pauses again when he continues walking in the opposite direction from the bar. “We’re not staying for karaoke?”
“Definite no.” Flashes her a cheeky grin, “Can’t, anyway. When he kept talking shit to you like I wouldn’t notice, I spit in his drink when he wasn’t looking, but he’s probably figured it out by now.”
Mimi’s lips part, the scandal. “You what?”
“He deserved it.” Chest puffed, even if he still can’t shake the guilt of having let it get that far, let her near people like that. Let himself near people like that. He’s supposed to be a better judge of character than this, and failure’s never been easy to swallow. He’d make up for it, though. Maybe call up some of their actual friends, Daisuke, Jou, or Takeru, keep the night young. She’s not following, just gawking at him where she’s frozen on the curb, horrified by such a breach of social etiquette. “If he doesn’t want people spitting in his drink, he shouldn’t be an asshole who drinks vodka martinis. You can make it look like a bit of an ice cube in a drink like that.”
Her face has turned green. When she speaks at last, it’s between heavy gasps. “That was my drink.”
His stomach drops. “What?”
“I had the vodka martini.” She’s whimpering, massaging her pale cheeks.
Stares at her, dumb. “You—no, you drink things with, like, pretty colors and fruit and all that sugary shit in them—,”
“I wanted—,” claws at her throat, “—I wanted to be friendly, because they’re your college alums, and I—so I said I’d have he was—but then he changed his mind after I ordered, and—,”
“Why would you—oh, no,” because she’s stumbling around the sidewalk now, whole body shuddering. He grabs her wrist, palm open flat before her chin. “Just spit it out, spit it out in my hand, come on—,”
“Spit what out?” She wails, something close to hysteric despair, “I already swallowed it!”
“Why would you swallow it?” He’s yelling to match her own frantic energy, has the distant understanding that they’re causing a public scene, the sidewalk heavy with afterwork foot traffic. Shakes her arm anyway, holding her around the waist when she starts dry heaving.
“Why would you spit in my drink?”
“I didn’t know it was your drink!”
“That’s not the point!” and smacks his arm off her, finger jabbing at his face. “Don’t pull pranks like that again!”
Ducks another jab, bewildered. “I wasn’t planning on—,”
“What if someone saw you?” Shoves him again, has him stumbling backwards as she rolls forward, “Don’t you know how important you are?”
“What’re you—all right!” Manages to get a hold of both wrists, startled that her small hands have formed quite formidable fists already, “What does that matter?”
“Because you matter!” Her arms locked as they are from sudden movement, she kicks out a foot instead, no momentum behind it. Face pulled into a hundred different emotions, looking up at him when she finally catches her breath. “The things you do, and say, and the people you’re around now—that’s going to matter more and more, Taichi.”
He understands that part. Had heard this almost exactly from Koushiro, Yamato, Sora. Ever since choosing his graduation thesis, after Tokyo Tower, starting up at the embassy, sitting in on press—“I’m not trying to matter to people like him.”
She stops, arms hanging down now. He’s still holding onto her wrists, but she twists them around, slips her fingers through his. Squeezes tight, just once. “You bring people together, Taichi. All people,” because he’s already tried to interrupt, fierce in only certain convictions. “And when they see you do that, they might change.”
Lowers his gaze, mostly because it’s hard still, sometimes. Being seen for the potential you aren’t sure of yourself. Swings her hands in his a little. “You really think that.” It’s not a question.
“You do, too.” Squeezes again, playful, but firm enough to make him flinch a bit, smiling when he catches her grin. “Or you would, if you’d stop to think first.”
“All right,” he groans, rolling his eyes. “I’ll take the high road, since you asked so nicely.”
Beams at him, happy to have made her message stick. “That’s all it takes then? A little ask, and you see sense?”
“Don’t go repeating it anywhere.” He knocks his shoulder into hers, a friendly shove, arm slipping around her lower back to walk her forward, falling into step beside her. One of his favorite places to be. He doesn’t know how else to tell her this, so he just laughs, quieter than he means, “But when it’s you asking. Yeah.”
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karontte · 2 months ago
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dash-n-step · 2 months ago
While it's on my mind, here's the scene from the English dub of the Digimon Movie that, for whatever reason, someone made the decision to use One Week by Barenaked Ladies for the opening
and were absolute geniuses for it
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nostrem · 3 months ago
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thinking about service digimon
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dilfosaur · a month ago
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digimon, but make it fashion
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