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comickergirl · 3 days
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Detective Conan x Detective Comics (or, DC Squared, if you will.) Shout-out to @quite-a-character​ for sending the ask that inspired this crazy brainstorming session, as well as @jettidaughter​ for helping out with some of these choices!
(A few additional notes: these aren’t perfect one-to-one match-ups; some canon relationships/roles align well while others...do not. XD Also I did my best to get as many characters in here as possible but alas! I couldn’t get everyone...But please know that I imagine Subaru as Condiment Curry King.)
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galaxymolecule · 3 days
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my piece from the Gotham City Unmasked Fanbook!
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Danny is on the run from Batman and is looking for a safe place to go, and travels dimensions until he lands in yet another new world.
Hoping not to get noticed by anymore bad guys he stays invisible as he explores this new world...that is until a blond guy with wierd hair and a large sword casts freaking fireball on him and startles him back into the visable spectrum.
After a scuffle in which Phantom discovered he couldn't phase through the blond guy and got thrown to the ground the blond guy suddenly stopped, "You're a kid."
"Please don't adopt me. I got like two other creepy rich dudes trying and they're not gonna succeed either."
The man just stared at him for a few moments before shething his sword into the wierd mess of harnesses on his back, "Thats fair. Are you hungry?"
Phantom was taken aback, "I-yeah? I guess."
The blond guy then started walking off, prompting the ghost to follow him. Blond guy lead them to a bar and restaurant called "Seventh Heaven" and had him sit down at a table while he went to chat with the pretty lady cleaning glasses behind the counter. She asked about Phantom, appearently not realizing he could hear her. Turns out blondie thinks he's some kind of byproduct of mad scientists and he's partially right. He didn't know who 'Shinra' was though.
They eventually gang up on him and force him to spill that he was on the run from wierd feds in two separate dimensions and two wierd billionaires, each from the two dimensions and they both want to adopt him. Danny doesn't wanna be adopted by them though.
The man, Cloud, offered to adopt him in stead. He would allow Phantom to come and go as he pleased so long as he showed up and allowed Cloud to mentor him and teach him how to fight properly. Phantom would be able to use Cloud, Tifa and thier kids as a cover if anyone asked.
Danny saw this as an absolute win.
Aka Cloud Strife says "Yeah, i'll lie to the feds for you"
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the-witchhunter · 12 hours
Phantom Punk x DC crossover: Lovebirds in Gotham
Inspired by another post that I can’t seem to find/link at the moment, and I had to make it my Punk au for Danny Phantom for reasons. Basic gist was Johnny and Kitty originally being from Gotham and having a date night
So, imagine it you will:      Punk Danny doing his thing and not playing somewhere that immediately draws the attention of one of the Bats for once (or so he thinks)
Enter Kitty and Johnny. They’re enjoying a night on the town and end up at the show Danny is playing. Considering that the two of them are teenage rebellion incarnate, they get along just fine with Punk Danny.
Danny just sees them between songs, stares right at them and says  “I’m not playing it” “Aw come on!” “... okay fine but you owe me a drink.” and proceeds to play what Johnny and Kitty refer to as “their song” some romantic ballad from when they were alive that’s more than a bit out of place for his setlist. 
Meanwhile Tim is in the crowd after Tim saw a flier for the show posted in a coffee shop. Trying to get a lead on Danny, he pretty easily figures out the three know each other and takes a picture of Johnny and Kitty. He figures that if he can follow the two’s trail back he can find out more about the mysterious musician that has yet to be Identified beyond “Danny”
Cue to the mass confusion at the Batcave when the two are Identified as Katherine “Kitty” Falcone, and Johnathan “Johnny” Sullivan, who happen to be a well known love story between a common thug from Park Row and one of the Falcone crime family’s daughters. 
Who also happened to be dead for the better part of 40 years
The chaos as now they’re trying to figure out where these two came from because they can’t be the same people. And with date night still not over, the two lead the Bats on a merry chase before disappearing 
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endless-comix · 2 days
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J.H. Williams III
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“Or do I have to MESS YOU UP”
Yes, that’s perfect writing for a young Jason Todd.
Detective Comics #571 || Scanned at 300dpi
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batmanonthecover · 2 days
Tumblr media
Detective Comics #365 - July 1967
Cover Art: Carmine Infantino
Script:  John Broome
Art:  Sheldon Moldoff as “Bob Kane” (Pencils), Joe Giella (Inks), Gaspar Saladino (Letters)
Batman story #1,202
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krisiart · 21 hours
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“Cowardly lot”
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arianna-creates · 15 hours
I had a mostly blank page w just robin Leslie and alfred on it so I opted to fill it with more dumb teens and sexual tension lol
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I wanted smth more comic style and this is what I came up with sorry it's blurry but that's just tumblr babeyyy
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herochan · 1 day
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Batman (Detective Comics)
Art by Carter Wisniewski || IG
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byeongify · 1 day
In the same way you can't be anti capital punishment and be a Jason Todd stan, you can't think acab and be a Dick Grayson stan.
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oifaaa · 4 months
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Speaking of evil Jason I'm still of the belief that he just was fucking with Dick with the whole ginger bullshit it was his special way of coping with Bruce's death
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tamberrio · 2 months
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New little guy just dropped have you seen him
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mattelektraz · 3 months
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dc comics || jodi picoult
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kettlefire · 23 days
The Batfam spent days waiting for Danny's first Tabloid. Each and every member of the family, official or unoffical, has had one made for them.
It was like a initiation at this point. You were finally seen as a part of the Wayne family when a tabloid is made. Especially if it mentions the Wayne name.
Everyone's excitement for it died the moment they read the title. All cheers and celebrations for the newfound member withered away into dust.
"New Wayne Family Friend, Danny Fenton Secretly Ghostly Hero Phantom!?"
It was go time after that. Everyone pulling every idea and possible favor they could cash in, to figure out how to spin this. Spin it in a way that the citizens of Gotham wouldn't give this reporter a second thought.
They hadn't expected for Danny to just lazily glance over it, laugh, and pretend it wasn't a problem. They definitely didn't expect the reason and excuse that the teen gave.
"Wes Weston? Of course, no one's gonna believe him, not with the stalking chargers and restraining orders."
The concern just left them for a moment, because thankfully this can all be brushed away by exposing the reporter's criminal history against Danny.
But then, it all comes flooding back because....
Restraining order???
Danny has a Stalker???
Had or has???
Is this a problem?
Do they need to pay someone a visit?
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Danny: All billionaires are evil
Red Robin: Not all of them :(
Red Robin: Bruce Wayne donates a lot of money to charity and actively tries to fight against crime in the ways civilian can
Danny: I will bet you $20 here and now that he has a secret lair under his rich guy mansion
Red Robin:
Red Robin: wtf
Danny: Its a thing! The mayor in my hometown is a billionaire rich guy who's secretly a supervillian and he has one! I bet Brucie has a hidden passageway or two that leads to his. There's so many metas in this dimension, who's to say he's not one of them.
Red Robin: This dimension??? Are you not from here
Danny: *running away* You'll never take me alive!!!
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