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artistastudios · 2 days ago
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*waving through a window from dear evan hansen plays eerily in the background*
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agileo-101 · a day ago
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For the first time....Entity had to revive a killer.....
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ask-albertwesker-dbd · 21 hours ago
Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?
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"Officer Kennedy seems to have consumed the Murky Reagent thinking it was alcohol. Moron."
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hana-blogs · a day ago
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I've used this skin on Kate for so long it's become my trademark skin that I just can't change off anymore. KATE ILY - but your tattoos... bish your tattoos i cannot draw
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lambinarmor · 13 hours ago
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itsweskintime · a day ago
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my finger slipped
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kangyaku · a day ago
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idol-trickster · 2 days ago
Hot sexy body and cute nice babyface.
Will you make some breakfast in the morning?
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Well, if you're calling me a 베이글, then all you need is some Coffee to go with it, right?
Good morning.
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nex-has-gender-envy · 2 days ago
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He's the cat-iest man to ever cat
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fandom-go-round · 2 days ago
Can you do a one shot of a shy reader and Leon having a quickie with some grinding? Maybe in a dangerous area.
Warnings: Sex, Sexual Situations, Grinding, Penetrative Sex, Implied Canon Typical Violence, Implied Character Death, Semi Public Sex, Rough Sex, Sex with Implied Feelings, Mild Thigh Kink
            You have no idea whose idea it was. Leon had grabbed you from the hallway, slamming you into an alcove and almost scaring you half to death. Ghostface swore behind you, both of you freezing and praying that he lost you. Your heartbeat thunders in your ears before it slowly disappears, your body going limp as you exhale.
            Leon tenses underneath you, pulling back a little to look down at you. Your fingers are wrapped in his coat so he can’t go far and it’s only as he begins to pull away that you notice his leg is between yours. Your eyes go wide, glancing at him and then down, very aware of the thick muscle pushing against you. His thighs are so warm and the wall behind you in cold, encouraging you to push closer.
            You don’t remember who moves first but your lips meet somewhere in the middle, Leon nipping at your lower lip and pushing his tongue into your mouth. He swallows all of your whimpers, pushing you against the wall and you can’t stop yourself from grinding against his thigh. The sound he makes is halfway between a curse and a groan, his own crotch rubbing against your leg.
            There isn’t a lot of finesse as the two of you struggle out of your clothing, pants and underwear only pushed down as far as it’s needed. The two of you bonk heads and you can’t stop your giggle, Leon flashing you a smile before kissing down your neck. Finally, both of you are as ready as you can be and you bite back a groan as he pushes into you. Lube isn’t common so you have to endure the burn; whatever Leon is using it better than nothing at least.
            Heartbeats begin to ring throughout the hallway again and you both tense, pushing closer and resisting the urge to move. Both of you can’t resist the urge to grind, Leon staying deep as you push against him. He’s pushing right against your sweet spot and you lean in closer, clenching around him and making Leon grit his teeth.
            The two of you rock together slowly, looking around and trying to stay hidden. Ghostface runs down the hall and you freeze before starting to move again. Better move fast; no need to press your luck. Leon must agree because he pins you to the wall and begins to pound. You bite your hand, your other fingers digging into his shoulder. Hopefully you both cum soon; no need to tempt fate. 
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echomimus · 10 hours ago
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mr ghostface
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divinemanicstate · a day ago
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diversion plays
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bogor-o · 2 days ago
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survivors done!!! wish me luck on the killer side!
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ask-albertwesker-dbd · 2 days ago
When do we get a shirtless skin of you
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"The Entity would have to rip my clothes from me."
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ask-rebeccachambers-dbd · 21 hours ago
How do you feel about potential differences in time between your disappearance and Chris's/Jill's? You all were in S.T.A.R.S. together, right?
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tdopro-cosplay · 13 hours ago
🎃🍂🍁 Happy October 1st 🍁🍂🎃
📸 @heyitsquiet
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maveras-posts · 2 days ago
DBD Ghostface Headcanons:
Tumblr media
Ghostface (Danny) HC-CRACKED:
The man loves his Weed (I SAID IT)
“ Mavera look! It’s the good kush—”
This is the entities realm, how good can it be? (Just sayin)
Blunts aren’t really his thing (Too chaotic for that—) more of a Bong type of guy
Has a DOPE collection of bongs he’s bought (or ✨StOlEn✨) 
Danny also has ADHD (It makes too much sense)
Also ego is 📈
Danny also grows bored with the other survivors, putting up a fight gives him ✨EnTerTainMeNt✨
He also finds most of the Killers boring (BUT he SIMPS for The Shape~)
A handful of scars as well (Some from “work” some self inflicted)
Leaves selfies at crime scenes for the police (He be posing in them and everything😭)
If he was in modern times Def would be an influencer (The amount of selfies, charisma cmon)
Danny also loves Slurpees (Will kill anyone who touches his Coke & Cherry ✨SlUrPEeS✨)
He just mixes them for fun too 💀
Mostly eats out (Can’t cook for SHIT)
Can burn water💀🥲
Do not leave him unattended—DO.NOT.LEAVE HIM.UNATTENDED.
Well, I made my Headcanons for DBD Ghostface a thing...after many requests and many asking if I'm still alive lol. Hope this feeds the simps, come get y'all juice!
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