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wastelesscrafts · 1 year
so I've noticed that you and the tutorials you recommend for darning use an embroidery hoop. which frankly I've never heard of. I've only ever seen darning done with one of those wooden "eggs" and I'm curious as to why an embroidery hoop over the more traditional method? or is the egg only for socks?
Interesting question! Let's take a look at darning and darning tools.
Darning eggs or embroidery hoops?
What is darning:
Darning is a sewing technique used to repair holes or worn areas in fabric, using a needle and thread.
Woven fabric consists threads crisscrossing each other. These threads are called a warp and a weft: the warp threads are the vertical base of the fabric, while the weft threads are the threads that are drawn through these warp threads during the weaving process.
When we're darning woven fabrics, we first create new warp threads across our hole, then weave new weft threads through them.
(There's also Swiss darning which is a technique used on knits, but let's leave that for another day.)
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: a diagram of woven fabric, showing the vertical warp threads and horizontal weft threads.]
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: Vintage instructions on how to darn a hole.]
Darning tools:
Darning is a whole lot easier when the fabric you're trying to repair is pulled taut, similar to how weaving is usually done on a loom. This helps to keep the tension on your fabric even, avoiding loose or uneven stitching.
Both darning mushrooms/eggs and embroidery hoops can be used to pull your fabric taut.
For example, if you're fixing something that's difficult to handle (e.g. small cylinders like socks or gloves), you can employ a darning egg to pull the fabric taut while darning so you don't need to put your hand inside of your garment. Situations like these won't work with a hoop because those cylindrical items are too small for most hoops.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: seven different darning egg sizes and types: chicken, small goose, large goose, classic handle, curved handle, mushroom, and mini.]
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: a red sock with a hole in it in progress of being darned with blue thread over a wooden darning egg.]
If you're fixing up bigger holes, or holes in fabric of which you can easily reach the back, an embroidery hoop might be more convenient depending on your personal habits.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: a piece of denim fabric in progress of being darned with the use of an embroidery hoop and yellow, orange, and red thread.]
You could also use something else to pull your fabric over, like a jam jar, a light bulb, or a tennis ball. I personally don't own a darning egg, so I tend to use glass bottles when darning items that can't be put into an embroidery hoop.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: a gray knit sleeve in progress of being darned with blue and green thread. The sleeve is pulled over an empty jam jar.]
You can use both a darning egg/mushroom and an embroidery hoop to darn your clothes. Which one to choose depends on your personal preferences and the type and size of garment you're trying to mend.
EDIT: someone commented not to use light bulbs as they may shatter and hurt you, which is a good point. The ones I've got around aren't made from glass, but I didn't consider that might not be the case for all types of bulbs.
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cottonkhaleesi · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
More darning whilst the light is still good.
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veincava · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Continued mending on this sock with an old-ass darning mushroom
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sheepyhollows · 2 years
Tumblr media
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zeawesomebirdie · 4 months
Being an adult means impulse buying a speedweve darning loom and pastel embroidery floss so that you can mend your boyfriend's shirt that you've worn every night as pajamas for almost 9 months
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cornflower-art · 9 months
A #set of #fungi for #pixel_dailies.
Fly Amanita, Morel, Chanterelle, Honey, Russula, and Button, all 30x30 and done in the #nannerpancakes palette
@Pixel_Dailies #pixelart https://t.co/Cxm67xK0bK
Tumblr media
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anotherlavendergay · 1 year
Me, knowing full well that the wooden mushroom-shaped objects in my local sewing shop are for darning: mm. support mueshroom. makes crafts less loenely
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christianstepdads · 2 years
Tumblr media
The Rhodotus Palmatus!
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robinsnest2111 · 2 months
Tumblr media
fleamarket haul ✨
lace gloves for when I feel like copying Misa Amane's style, sun and moon earrings because I'm hopelessly enamoured with the whimsigoth aesthetic, a darning mushroom so I can do better repairs on my clothes, and finally an entire album full of genuine 90s techno ❤️‍🔥
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tamlhead · 3 months
going back through a pokemon hyperfixiation and
i went through the bulbapedia pokedex and now i want to make a team for hat pokemon
like look at this
Tumblr media
i like deino too much to not put it here but aside from it, this whole team has hats
whoever this trainer is, they're either completely edgy or completely based (or both)
and then they have idk a gym leader sibling or something
and it's kind of obvious that they want to kick their gym leader ass because look at this team
Tumblr media
it's all headgear(technically trevenant isn't but i think it'd be interesting to have lampent go against a pokemon who specifically detests fire)
and grass
and hat trainer has a decent amount of grass coverage specifically for the purpose of beating grass leader
yes......yessss...... thinking about stuff like this makes me very happy
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cottonkhaleesi · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
One of the problems with darning for support is that the very nature of the fabric that needs reinforcement means you may end up making the holes in the process….
The whole area here (one of many…) has been saltwater damaged and is paperthin. I started with just one hole to cover…… I still have one hole (that materialised when I was nowhere near it!! Grrr) to cover before I move on to the next section. There went my afternoon!
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conjobbed · 6 months
Lurking, kinda feeling meeeeh cos I think I really don’t like the plant based chicken that’s supposed to invoke grilled chicken strips agrees with me. Thought it was because I was being lazy and nuking it before tossing it into my veggie stir fry but heated them over stove top this time and...nope. They’re still pretty gross. Maybe I should just switch to mostly tofu, learn how to prepare it with more varieties, and maybe just eat veggie burgers or nuggies from time to time. Or whatever idek.
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ramshacklehousewarden · 7 months
Tag Drop
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twigs-sprigs · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
an au in which.. well different outfits that the ninja have had are actually just who they are
okay so i have much to explain so STRAP IN
so i came up with this idea really suddenly like ten million thoughts just hit me in the head, but the main concept is that
the world is actually a post apocalyptic style scenario, there's an "above" new ninjago city, that was built on top of the old overgrown and kind of abandoned old ninjago city (i imagine it having like glowy mushrooms and stuff and having some sort of a pretty factor to it)
i also see this whole world being full of like a multitude of different species with all sorts of wacky features (this is all kinda like years and years after the disaster that destroyed the og ninjago, so it has very cyberpunk-y and modern elements)
let's call it the (PA au. just post apocalyptic for short)
(this has been compared to that one show called arcane before. i. ive never watched arcane. /gen.. so yeah. i know its similar. its a coincidence. i promise. )
now, our characters consist of
kai - aka. the red shogun. (the outfit is prime empire kai, kind of combined with the red shogun outfit from season 4) a villain turned superhero vigilante, who's just doing his gosh darn best, and has a whole team who keeps his back safe! lloyd - aka. GB (prime empire lloyd) a trained mercenary and the leader of a gang that does everything from trading substances, weapons and machines in the black market, to simply bounty hunting. he's an untrustworthy, quiet but sly and feared leader, whos really just a sad and lost kid at heart. people say he takes after his father, but he wouldnt admit that. jay - aka. superstar rockin' jay!! (prime empire jay, ofc) he's a celebrity rockstar both in the above world AND in the undercity. though he mostly spends his time up above. he's still part of kai's vigilante team! nya- aka. THE FREAKIN SEA (seabound nya) she's a part of the sea that decided "fuck it!! we ball!!" and left to see what life on land is all about! she met kai and quickly became really close with him and they became siblings! shes the first member of his team! and she's kind of confused but she's DEFINITELY got the spirit! zane- aka. snake jaguar (the outfit from sons of garmadon) just like kai he's a vigilante, a wielder of ice. he goes undercover in lloyds gang and becomes his right hand man, but gives crucial information to his team, so they can take down lloyd's operation. cole- ROCKY FREAKIN DANGERBUFF, yet ANOTHER member of kai's team, he's from the dangerbuff clan! one of the groups of people who live their lives in the undercity. he's a dancer and a beast hunter, but also a kick ass hero just like the rest of the team! pixal- samurai x!! she's also a hero, that kind of rivals red shogun and kind of doesnt like him at all, but she does get kind of close to one of his team members... if you know what i mean
i will say that ALL the members of the squad still have their elemental powers, i havent yet properly fully thought that part out but i know for sure that they do.
SO YEAH. lloyd is actually kind of the villian for a large part of this au. i tried my best to not change his personality in a way that wouldnt be natural for his character to progress. in my head he grew up kind of sheltered from the outside world entirely. he's not really a... person? he's his role and thats that. he was never really loved by anyone therefore doesnt really know...emotion. all that well. he may act like a bratty teenager from time to time when he's taunting his enemies, but that's just... a character that he's playing up. he really just has no clue what hes doing.
(everything im not saying here is in the little notes i left on the drawings, though they may not be canon since i wrote down concepts and ideas there too)
his dad, garmadon, also is a little different in this au. basically "good" garmadon isnt really a thing (hes basically JUST the version from the oni trillogy). he was the previous gang leader BEFORE lloyd but he vanished and supposedly died. so lloyd had to take his place.
the ACTUAL. REAL VILLAIN of this au is harumi. who, fr. is still just herself. she's also kind of the second in command to lloyd. and she betrays him. and kind of takes the gang all to herself. leaving lloyd to help out the heroes...and finally find a family in the process.
its very emotional in my head and i am so scrambled right now these are the only semi-coherent thoughts.
i would LOVE to talk more about this au. if you have any questions or ideas or ANYTHING really.. do send asks about it... im in such deep brainrot for it and rambling on tumblr is apparently a thing that i do! (who wouldve thunk!)
this au was also made with the help of @shadesofvermillionvoid as USUAL.. so you can send asks there too!!! give kai all the love ever ash deserve it!!
... and to whoever bothered to read all this. wow. thank you! :D i feel very seen
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is so cute! Justin posted this little cob mushroom house that is for rent in Portland, Oregon for $600 mo. (Bathroom & kitchen are in the main house.) You can have a pet but it has to get alone with his dog. 
Tumblr media
So, it’s a tiny place and you have to use the kitchen & bath in the main house, but it’s so darn cute.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Look at the octopus with the googly eyes. How cute is that? 
Tumblr media
Two window seats.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And, a sleeping loft.
Tumblr media
Bike parking?
Tumblr media
The cob house is behind the main house.
Tumblr media
There were so many comments on it! Some said it was too much, one person said he rented a room in Portland for more than $600. Some said the bath in the house would be a hard sell, and some said you could get a camp stove to cook on. I guess it depends on how you look at it.
via fairy witch cottagecore vibes
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avatarmerida · 5 months
Mushrooms & Manuals
Wholesome huntlow movie night. Don’t tell me you hate the title unless you have a better idea. I would also like a better idea. Blame any issues on me being on mobile k thanks.
“Oh, before I forget, is it okay if I use the living room tonight?” Willow asked as she sat down at the breakfast table.
“Yeah, sounds fine to me,” replied Luz as she added more sugar on her cereal. “Whatcha got planned Will?”
“There’s a new documentary on rare fungi premiering tonight,” beamed Willow. “And, not to spoil it, but I hear it has some great shots of Laccaria amethystina.”
“That sounds... perfect for you,” said Amity fondly, happy her friend had found something to be excited about. As tense and stressful as things were, they had all fond little things to enjoy and distract themselves with. During the day, all their energy went into finding a way back home but Mrs. Noceda has insisted they allow breaks for hobbies and fun, lest their burn themselves out.
Willow nodded enthusiastically. “It starts at seven,” she went on. “If anyone wants to join me!”
“Seven? Oh darn, that’s when Luz and I were gonna go try frozen beverages at the gasoline market,” said Amity, not really too heartbroken about not watching a mushroom documentary.
“That’s fine, what about you Hunter?” Willow asked the boy beside her who was currently focused on finding the perfect milk to cereal ratio.
“Hm? Oh, yeah uh a documentary?” He snapped back into the conversation. “It’s educational right? Sounds like a good time!”
“Awesome! What about you Gus?”
Gus’ eyes darted between his oldest friend and the boy who was so fixated on her at this moment that he didn’t realize or care that he was absolutely drowning his cereal. “Ya know, I think I’m gonna pass,” said Gus. “Vee was gonna take me to see one of those human stores that only sells shoes. What a weird business model!”
Willow giggled. “Okay, you have fun,” she smiled and got up from the table to take her bowl to the sink. “Hunter, I’ll see you at seven then?”
“S-seven it is!” He confirmed, a little too enthusiastically for his liking.
“Alright then; it’s a date!” Willow said, leaving to begin her part of the day’s research.
Hunter watched her with heavy eyes until she had completely left the room, resting his hand on his cheek fondly as if watching the sunset. He didn’t realize it, but he always did this. Little did he know, everyone was watching him watch her and when Willow was safely out of earshot, the rest of the table said in unison:
Hunter leapt back at that, forced back into reality. He cleared his throat, trying to save face. “What?”
“Yooooou’ve got a date with Willooooow,” sang Luz with a mouthful of cereal.
“So?” Hunter sputtered. “It’s not my first date with Willow; we’ve all had dates with Willow. We see each other nearly everyday. So what?”
They all stared at him like he was on fire. “Uh, what?” Said Amity, confused.
“Dude, you do know what a date is, don’t you?” Gus asked.
“Yes, Gus I have seen a calendar you know,” scoffed Hunter smugly. “Today is the 13th, it’s also a Thursday.”
He was met with blank stares.
“What?” Amity repeated.
“¿Cómo es tan inteligente pero también el más tonto?” mumbled Luz.
“No, Hunter,” Gus started to explain. “Going on a date with someone is different than seeing them on a day of the week.”
“You literally just said the same thing twice,” said Hunter.
“Hmmm maybe an example would help,” thought Gus. “You know how Amity and Luz spend a lot of time together?”
“When they do something together, just the two of them, that’s a date,” said Gus.
“Gus, you’re not making sense,” said Hunter. “Everything has to be done on a date, it’s how we track time and events. What, is today like a holiday?”
“No, no,” Gus sighed. “But when Luz and Amity are alone on one of their dates, do you want to be around them?”
“Ew, no,” replied Hunter, sticking out his tongue. “They’re always holding hands and publicly displaying affection.”
“Hey! We’re adorable!” Insisted Luz, putting her arm around Amity.
“Debatable,” said Hunter with a small chuckle. “So what, your definition of a date is two people being obnoxious together?”
“No, it’s two people spending time together,” said Gus, hoping he was making progress. “Alone. Who like each other... romantically.”
Hunter’s eyes widened when it suddenly clicked for him. “What? No! The Captain asking m-me? Pfff!” Hunter panicked. “There’s nothing romantic about fungi!”
Before anyone could interject, he remembered exactly who he was taking about.
“No this is Willow we’re talking about, of course there is!” He was starting to spiral. “Especially if it’s Laccaria amethystina, even I know how romantic that species is!”
“I can’t tell if he understands or not,” whispered Amity to Luz. “Are we sure he also knows what ‘romance’ means?”
“Of course I do!” Hunter said loudly, hearing her. “I just never... never...oh!” He buried his face in his hands and groaned.
“Aw, hey man I never meant to stress you out,” said Gus sympathetically. “I was only teasing. You’ve got nothing to worry about; trust me. Tonight it’s just gonna be you and Willow spending time together. You’ve done that before!”
“Yeah I guess,” Hunter grumbled, still hiding his face. “But before it just... happened. We’d split up or stray from the group. But now having something planned in advance seems... scary.”
“Well you don’t have to go if you don’t want-.”
“Shut up! Of course I wanna go!” Hunter sat up and explained, his face red. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell, it’s just that... I do like spending time with the Captain. I’m just worried I’ll embarrass myself. Like, what if I identify a fungi species incorrectly? She’ll think I’m an idiot!”
“Or, she’ll just correct you and appreciate you taking an interest in her interests,” said Luz. “The only mushroom I know is the kind that goes on pizza.”
“Besides, Willow would never think you’re an idiot,” assured Gus. “She likes spending time with you too. There’s nothing to worry about, pretend we didn’t say anything.”
“Then why did you have to say so much?” Hunter sighed.
Hunter could barely focus on the tasks he had to finish that day, his mind kept jumping to tonight. He didn’t want to ask the others what people did on dates, so he incorporated it into his reading. He went to the library and along with his usual books on magic, he sought out books about romance.
A lot of the books proved unhelpful, consisting of stories rather than instructions. He skimmed and sped through pile until he found one covered in dust that seemed to be the perfect fit.
“‘Dating for Dummies,’” read Hunter aloud to himself. “It’s perfect!”
The book said that first impressions were everything, something Hunter already firmly believed, and it instructed him to look his best (rule#2) and arrive early (rule #6). At six, he put in what he considered his best outfit: a golden collar shirt and a pair of brown dress pants he had found at a thrift store. It was more of what Mrs. Noceda had called a “going out” outfit so he had been saving it for a special occasion. He couldn’t think of anything more special than Willow.
At 630, once he had brushed his teeth and fixed his hair the best he could, he went downstairs and got to work in the kitchen. He gathered all of Willow’s favorite snacks and placed them on the coffee table in the living room. He made sure the TV volume was just right and that there was no glare on the screen. He made sure there was the perfect amount of pillows on the couch and debated on which side he should sit on until a little before seven, Willow strolled into the living room.
“C-Captain!” Hunter stuttered, startled and delighted by her presence (as usual). “I’ve got everything set up for the viewing!”
“Oh wow,” murmured Willow, looking at his presentation, then back at him. “It all looks so nice, you look so nice...”
He beamed at her noticing, and then saw the expression on her face.
“Oh titan, I think I’m underdressed,” she said with a forced chuckle. Hunter then noticed she was wearing her gardening clothes, old clothes Mrs. Noceda never got around to donating and didn’t mind being covered in dirt and grass stains. Her hair was frizzy, as though trying to escape her braids and her face and legs were decorated with traces of dirt. She looked radiant.
“I was just gonna go wash my hands and get the dirt out from under my nails,” she said. “But maybe I should go change-.”
“No!” said Hunter, stopping her as she turned to leave. “I mean, yes wash your hands, hygiene is important ,but if you change you’ll miss the beginning of the documentary. I think you look fine. Great. Perfect.” No word seemed to fit and yet they all did.
Willow smiled. “Thanks, I’ll be right back!”
Once she left, Hunter felt like he was going to suffocate. “Nice going Hunter!” He grumbled to himself, flinging himself down onto the couch. “You’re overdressed and you made her doubt herself. The date hasn’t even started and you’ve already blown it! You’ve broken rule #7!”
“Did you say something, Hunter?” Willow asked as she reentered the room.
He stood up and straightened his spine to properly greet her (rule #10). “No, just trying to remember what channel it was on,” he lied, he had already memorized and preset the TV.
“Oh, that’s okay I’m pretty sure I remember,” said Willow as she took a seat on the couch. Hunter suddenly couldn’t remember how close they normally sat on the couch and panicked at how close he should sit now. He swung his arms and held his breath, mentally debating whether or not sitting on the same cushion as her was too forward or preferred. He felt he was taking too much time and closed his eyes and sat down. There was a small pillow separating them, it felt appropriate.
“Oh, before I forget,” he said, reaching over to grab a bowl on the table. “I made something special for us.”
He smiled and showed her his gift (rule #3)
“Oh wow- wait, is this what I think it is?” Willow asked looking at what he held.
“Yes!” He confirmed, delighted she instantly knew what it was. “Local edible fungi! I thought it would be a fun themed treat.”
“Hunter, that’s so sweet,” gushed Willow. “This must’ve taken all day to find!”
“This? No!” He lied. It had.
Willow took a piece before turning on the TV and squealed as the intro began to play. From there, Willow’s eyes were glued to the screen and Hunter’s alternated between the show and her reaction.
They would talk during commercial breaks, with Willow giving commentary on what they’d seen and overtime Hunter summoned the courage to chime in. Then he’d progress to asking her about herself (rule #4), not anticipating she’d ask him in return. It was just small talk (rule #4.5) but he got more comfortable.
But it was during the show where’d he let his nerves get the back of him. Trying to pay attention while also be hyper aware of how close she was to him proved to be a challenge. He wondered how he was doing, what she was thinking, and then also worrying about not paying attention in case she quizzed him. He also felt they were too far apart. She had taken the pillow between them held it against her chest, resting her chin on it. Surely that was sign?
He didn’t want to risk making a noise with the couch springs by shifting his weight or scooting closer to her. But then he remembered a tip the book had recommend for this exact situation.
He summoned his courage and raised his arm in the air, pretending to yawn. And it came back down, he lowered it at an angle so that when it went back sow , it would gently land across her shoulders. It was so smooth, he-
“Are you bored?” Willow asked in response to his yawn, turning to him causing him to awkwardly stop his arm at a 45 degree angle.
“Uh, what? No, I-.”
“Because it’s okay if you are,” she said sincerely. “I know it’s pretty long and it’s not for everyone, I appreciate you watching as much as you have-.”
“Captain, I’m having a great time,” he said softly, returning his arm to his side, noticing the concerned look on her face. Was it possible she was just as nervous as he was? “I-I guess I’m just tired, not bored at all! Not sleepy either, more like comfortable. I promise!”
“No problem,” she said, playing with her hair. “I’m tired too, this is really nice after a long day.” She sighed contently and pulled her legs onto the couch, leaning over as she did. Her head lenses back and titled as it landed on Hunter’s shoulder. The motion was so flawless and natural, Hunter couldn’t tell if she had done it on purpose. He tried to relax his shoulder to make it more comfortable for her, but he wasn’t very skilled at relaxing. He had to remind himself to breath, feeling as though he was melting... but in a good way.
“-because he was a fungi!” Hunter finished telling a joke he had read on the stick of what Luz called a ‘popsicle.’ “Haha! Get it? Like fun guy? As if the mushroom possessed person like qualities similar to a humorous man and therefore fun to spend time with?”
Willow laughed, she had heard this joke before but the passionate way Hunter told it made her genuinely enjoy it, and he could tell her laugh was genuine. It was the last commercial break before the end and for some reason Willow hoped it would last forever.
Hunter smiled at her reaction, feeling as though he was winning. He knew there was no competition, but his heart was racing the way he had only done once before when they had won the flyer derby game.
“Do all dates involve this much fungus discussion?” Hunter asked, chuckling with her.
“I don’t know,” Willow said, removing her glasses to wipe tears from her eyes, she had been laughing so hard. “I’ve never been on one.”
Hunter found that hard to believe. Wait-never? He heart suddenly bear so fast it froze. Did she mean “never” as in before now or “never” including now... which implied that this actually wasn’t a date? He gulped and frantically tried to remember what rule covered this.
“Really? Wow,” he somehow managed to say. “I mean, I don’t know what they talk about on dates either. So if we ever went on a date I guess we wouldn’t say anything then, Huh? Be-because we don’t know what to say, right? Heh.”
“I think we’d find something to talk about,” said Willow with a flip of her hair. “I like talking to you, I’m sure it would be hard to stay quiet.”
“Oh, well same,” he said. “But about you.”
“So I think both of us would do just fine on a date,” she said confidently. Did she mean on a date together or a date in general?
They finished the documentary and sat on the couch for awhile longer discussing their thoughts. A promo aired for the documentary premiering the following night about molds.
“Does that look like something you’d wanna see?” Hunter asked. “We could do this again tomorrow! I don’t think I’ll be able to do another themed snack for that though...”
“Let me try and think of something,” Willow smiled, the kind that reached her eyes and scrunched her nose. “Maybe we can watch a movie after. Your pick.”
“Sounds fun,” said Hunter with a nod. “It’s a date?”
“It’s a date.”
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