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aew as text posts/memes, part 4
part 1 here | part 2 here | part 3 here
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Silver: Hangman, I just wanted to - say something to you, I’m gonna get a little closer.
Hangman: [softly] Okay.
[Silver walks over to Hangman and puts his arms on one of Hangman’s shoulders.]
Silver: Hangman - a little lower.
Hangman: [softly] Yep, okay.
[Hangman kneels down a bit so that John can whisper into his ear.]
Silver: [in a nasally voice because his nose is literally at Hangman’s jawline, as well as a small pause after nearly every word] I really appreciate you not being their tag partner because I would never wanna fight you, you’re one of my best friends -
Hangman: Mhm.
Silver, continued: [Silver puts one hand on Hangman’s other arm so as to wrap him in a partial embrace] - and this journey has been amazing and uh, it’s just, to have you as our friend has been fantastic -
Hangman: [nods] Mhm.
Silver: - and I love every second of it -
Hangman: Mhm.
Silver: I cherish you, I cherish our friendship -
[Hangman cannot help but to smile and struggles to hold back laughter]
Silver: - and I don’t wanna harm you. Okay?
Hangman: [slightly chuckling] Okay. Okay. It means a lot, yeah. Thank you.
Evil Uno: [palming his eyes] That was beautiful.
Silver: I don’t wanna see you get hurt, and I don’t wanna see you hurt my friends.
Hangman: [softly with a hint of a laugh] Okay.
Silver: So I love you and I appreciate you. Okay?
Hangman: [gently] Thank you very much, John Silver.
[Silver gives Hangman a wonderfully chaste and sweet kiss on the cheek.]
Hangman: Thank you.
[John walks back over to Alex’s side.]
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…professional wrestling.
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@incorrectaew quotes as gifs: 1/?  ⇢ Hangman Page edition
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A Comprehensive Guide to the sad Hung Bucks music on Being the Elite
Apart from being a silly little travel vlog, BTE has been used as a very unconventional but creative storytelling tool for Elite-adjacent characters for about as long as the show itself has existed. The story of Hangman and the Bucks goes back to Bullet Club and ROH (where they even won the trios titles together in 2017) but its AEW part started around All Out 2019.
The sad Hung Bucks music is used as an auditory cue for the audience. It starts playing and we know what and who the characters are thinking about. While it's not their whole story, this is about regret and longing.
Episode 220 - All Out Fall Out
The music was first used after All Out 2020, shortly after Hangman is kicked out of the Elite for good and Kenny and he lose the tag belts. Brandon, ever the mediator, tries to get the Bucks to talk about their feelings.
"Can we finally talk about the Hangman stuff guys? - No, not on camera. I don't wanna talk about it. - What about Kenny, and how he ran off in his car, you guys didn't get in... that whole thing? Nothing? You guys don't wanna talk at all? - It's time that.. we start worrying more about ourselves. [pointing at Nick's Elite shirt] Maybe you don't need that shirt anymore."
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It's always their group above everything else in the Bucks heads, especially individual feelings, whether it be their own, or Hangman's; and it's come to bite them in the ass. Again. Maybe it is time to move on.
A series of clips starts playing as the music swells. It's the one of two times Kenny is a part of it. All of them on their separate paths, hopeless, heartbroken, and furious. The Elite is not fine.
Episode 225 - I Love You Dude
This is the episode where Brandon makes the Bucks aware of how much them seconding others means to their friends. That it is a big deal to them. Emboldened by Brandon's words and a peaceful resolution of conflict (for once), they decide to text Adam.
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Nick takes the leap first (like at Full Gear a year later) and tells Matt to do it. This was the text:
"Hey man, I think it's time we talk. Can we just forget about this entire year? You're one of our best friends and I feel like we just need to have one conversation. It can fix all of this. I love you dude."
Matt Hardy finds the phone and texts back Fuck off Matt. Our Friendship is over. Never speak to me again. Matt (aka serenity incarnated) thinks it was Adam and does not take it well.
Episode 229 - Full Gear Fall Out
After almost walking out to the ring after their title win at Full Gear (and unaware of the drama his missing phone has caused) Adam decides to reach out too. He saved them from FTR the week before, maybe he should talk to them. He goes to their locker room after the show.
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But he stops. Maybe it's because he gets cold feet. Maybe it's because he hears Kenny being there. Maybe it's because they're happy and successful without him. Something he can't seem to be by himself, no matter how bad he wanted to leave the group. Adam leaves.
Episode 248 - Better Off Without Me
This is the episode where Matt finds out the text never came from Adam at all. Hardy gloats about how gullible they are, how he put the nail in the coffin of their friendship. Matt puts the belt down and staggers away, leaving the belt behind. He goes looking for Adam, thinking about the times everything went wrong.
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In a direct mirror to the last time, he doesn't find Adam alone. Adam's fine without them, so he leaves. He'd probably just ruin Adam's happiness again. A couple of weeks later the Bucks turn heel for Kenny.
Episode 263 - Mustache
The Bucks lose themselves in their heel personas and we don't hear the song for a while. But during Mustache Gate™, they seek out Dark Order to antagonize them. Right after, Adam and the Bucks meet face to face for the first time in months.
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Adam sees them, sees what they've become. He looks shaken, a little panicked. The Bucks say nothing, their boisterous personalities absent. After a moment Adam takes off towards the lair, perhaps to check on his new friends. He knows how the Bucks are.
Episode 282 - Hangman's Tale
This time it is used as background music on BTE for Hangman's coronation and the culmination of a three year story between all of them. It starts playing as Kenny comes into view. The Bucks are in Adam's corner. Adam took the first step and apologized to them the week before, so Matt nods.
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The Bucks leave with Kenny, carrying him out of the arena. Hangman celebrates with Dark Order. They're on separate paths, but it seems like they're still thinking about each other.
Episode 313: Just Hit Send
The Bucks are all by themselves, except...
Matt writes the same exact text he wrote to Hangman almost 90 episodes prior, the only minor change being the time frame; going from "entire year" to "the last couple of years".
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Matt stares at his phone. Maybe he's thinking about not being able to choose Cole over Hangman. Maybe he remembers Hangman's jacket looking like one of theirs. ...Maybe it's too late anyway? He deletes the message.
Episode 314 - You Gotta Keep Going
The following week Hangman meets up with Dark Order, who are reminiscing about old times, feeling lost about their uncertain future together. Adam has a few choice words for them:
"You can't be down. You can't let it eat at you, because those guys are Dark Order, those guys are your friends, right? And that lasts forever. You're standing here, you're thinking about them and I'm sure where ever they are they're doing the same thing. They're thinking of you too. And if it ever comes to it, if you ever need them, they will always have your back, the same way I will always have your back. The same way you guys have had my back before. Look, it doesn't matter, how many different paths all of you go down, right? What's important is you keep going, you gotta keep going! That's what it's about, that's what they would want for you. And never forget it's not too far to... to um... fix those friendships."
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The music starts playing and when Hangman realizes what he's saying, who he's talking about, it abruptly cuts off. This is the first time this happens.
"I don't know, maybe that's dumb. It's bad advice…" he says.
Adam flees.
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i am scared of (1) child
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AEW: DYNAMITE 02.19.20 / AEW: RAMPAGE 09.02.22
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A cowboy 🤠 is no match for a bull 🐂 I'm gonna beat you up, dog!
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prove me wrong i dare u
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