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magical-mooni · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Idk what to caption this but I’ll say it took me years to cut out the imposter, WHY ISNT THERE A TRANSPARENT IMAGE OF HIM… Anyways I will include another silly thing I did here
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bjorksgf · 3 months ago
@jeffament tagged me to name songs that match the vibes of my sun, moon, and rising signs! thank u 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
cancer sun
special - garbage
aries moon
beauty lies in the eye - sonic youth
sagittarius rising
be my baby - vanessa paradis
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the-uncanny-dag · 8 months ago
Damon Albarn/Taylor Swift beef wasn't something I'd expect, but I'll watch it unfold just for the laffs
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louehvolution · a year ago
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aesthetiicly · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
mmmm yes finally got my hard signed copy of you will get through this night by the queen herself “DuA” (Lipa)!!! 😩😩
in all seriousness i can’t wait to read it!! endlessly proud of u @danielhowell 🤍
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summeronsaturn · a month ago
the names in the m.o.r. music video are normal now i am DEVASTATED
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gamegrumpsindex · a year ago
Fake Sponsors... but make them ANIMATED! A Game Grumps Collab
Rage Scale: 1
Starring: Arin & Dan
Animation by: MissRiah, DragonBeak, Captain Fintan, Abnormal Chaos, Bingo
Classic Moments:
Snickers are great unless they refuse to sponsor
Subway hatin'
"Last time I went to Olive Garden, I got a hernia."
Chili's Baby Back Ribs ("I want my babybackbabyback ribs")
Bing is better at porn (or for finding tits and ass)
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leisurecd · 3 months ago
got tagged by @kafkabutagirl to answer n tag 10 people I'd like to get to know better thank you for the tag juniper!! <3
relationship status: single... (and on the verge of kms)
favorite color: green and pink
favorite food: ooh... PASTA PESTO <3, chicken gyoza, fried rice, sushi,... i probably forgot some shit but i cant think of any more LOL
song stuck in my head: dan abnormal by blur
last thing I googled: the line-up for a festival in my country lmao
time: it's 9:46 pm!
dream trip: hawaii !
i tag: @the-replacemints @ameliepoulain @streetspirit1996 @missfinalgirl @lovertitsmp3 @radiohost @heart-shaped-tambourine @brobecking @fiisheyes and @whatohgirlieplease @loureedswampconcert (actually every single one of my mutuals !!!) (also sorry if you've been tagged in this before)
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askrtexe · 5 months ago
dan, you're the smart one here. is there anything the average lad can do for kevin while sean's driving you all to the hospital?
Health wise, unfortunately not. I have been keeping this rag on his forehead for the time being.
you're a big help for that, dan. i appreciate you coming with me.
Of course.
Uh, not to alarm anyone, but am I supposed to be seeing these black dots everywhere?
Seán, his pupils look abnormal... what is the ETA?
the hospital is literally in my sights, kevin, hold on just a little longer!
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stxrshxpxd · 7 months ago
blur b-sides/rarities show set list that i want and deserve
I know (sick long anticipative intro before they finally come on stage the first time) (also the line “and it would amuse me just to see how, how you feel about me and this crowd” would be such a fun and hot kind of meta introductory moment with the audience)
Top Man
Uncle Love
Dan Abnormal
Colin Zeal
No Monsters In Me
Oily Water (nice chill slow portion)
Sing (nice chill slow portion continued)
Turn It Up
I’m Fine
Entertain Me
Yuko and Hiro (i would absolutely never stop crying if i saw them play this live fuck off)
Villa Rosie (i just omg the god damn villa rosie riff)
Fade Away
Globe Alone
Swamp Song (yes hot crackhead damon moment)
Pressure On Julian
Young And Lovely
Clover Over Dover
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songtwo · 6 months ago
starting a petition so Damon Albarn legally changes his name to either a) demon albarn or b) Dan abnormal
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cassie-isms · 12 months ago
in honor of venom 2 coming out I gotta share my dad’s absolutely stellar hot take on Dan when he watched the first movie
“they called that guy a surgeon, but surgeons don’t know shit about how to do an MRI! they can barely read a lab report. they‘ll ask the technician “hey does this guy have enough blood for surgery? yes? then we’re good” because that’s all that matters to them. this guy is not only doing the scan, but he’s reading and interpreting the results and understanding what’s abnormal about them, no surgeon could do that. Plus, he’s nowhere near arrogant enough to be a surgeon. That guy is an internal medicine doc if I’ve ever seen one”
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louehvolution · 25 days ago
You and I do not agree on a pretty big aspect of Louis’ life but goddamn if some people from my neck of the woods don’t bury their heads in the sand about this situation. Maybe he should give up music and start a parenting podcast because that seems to be the real priority 🙃
No, but a point that I have been trying to make for years now is that whether you believe it’s real or not, the situation is still abnormal—and detrimental—and has been from the start.
Let’s not get into 2016, but a birthday cake was brought out for Freddie during JHO promo, that’s how far back this goes in being indivisible from how Louis is “promoted” in his solo career. BTY was launched with an exclusive in The Sun—this was the headline: Louis Tomlinson pictured smiling and laughing with girlfriend Eleanor Calder on break from filming his new music video in Doncaster; followed by a round of press about Freddie on his IG, and then an interview with Dan Wootton. Soon after there was an actual round of press about the E tattoo too after an “interview” with Andy Cohen that had four questions: about Zayn, 1D, Eleanor, and fatherhood. For his first ever UK festival performance debuting MY, the host radio station’s article was headlined: Louis Tomlinson talks about hs similarities to baby Freddie. One random verse about his non-famous girlfriend in WMI was highlighted for promo. For Walls album there were exclusive interviews with Telegraph, Metro, Sun, Independent—with content focused on his personal life and 1D reunion(!)—instead of features in relevant magazines. When fans made Walls chart again months after release there was immediately a new round of mini-me press—after the round about the picture shared by Briana on Father’s Day. In a year in which he released his first album, started and postponed his tour, and organized a record winning livestream concert, his main press was still about fatherhood. The latest Dutch interview is representative of too much of Louis’ promo: In Milan I spoke to Louis Tomlinson about his new album ‘Faith in the future’, his world tour, his son Freddie and of course about One Direction, and the article reads [loosely] ’the name Louis Tomlinson might not tell you anything, until I say 1D’ and then in a video of two minutes over half is about 1D and Freddie. Look at what TODAY Show has to say about Louis, August 2022: Tomlinson, known for his pranks and overall great vibes he brought to the band, also went solo after 1D stopped making music together. The singer released his first solo single, "Just Like You" in 2017, and followed it in 2020 with his first full studio album, “Walls." He also has a 5-year-old son, Freddie, who he co-parents with his ex, Briana Jungwirth. A line about his solo career with the wrong single. And fatherhood—and it will never make any sense why the non-famous mother should get name dropped all over the place.
You can find Louis in an article like Dad Admits He ‘Cannot Stand’ His 5-Year-Old Daughter, Hates Being a Parent under 'Stars Who Had Kids Young,' but not in a ranking of best solo singles from 1D members on Entertainment Weekly.
Louis has said he wants to be known as an artist, literally told an interviewer he was there to talk about his music—and she agreed, only to end the interview asking him about Freddie. And while there are artists whose parenthood is part of their image and included in promo, they are always known first and foremost as artists. That is not the case with Louis.
It’s not exaggeration to say almost every single interview and article over the years has made sure to mention that Freddie lives in LA with his mother, Briana Jungwirth. How is that interesting, how is that relevant, how is it something that bears continuous repeating? Same with the insistence on Freddie being identical to him—especially when for four years they were not even seen together. Article upon article—seriously, so many articles—about Freddie, and where they had to use pics he hadn’t shared himself and in which they weren’t together. How does that make sense?
Now he goes on Lorraine and not a breath between: as somebody who writes songs, somebody who performs, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it. I can’t believe your little boy is six. Though that makes sense for the show’s audience, I guess. Note BTM has only kept going down in the charts after the interview aired. Were there even performances booked in the UK?
Whatever you believe, the disproportion is abnormal, strategically unsound, and at odds with the goals and views Louis has expressed regarding his career and his privacy.
The focus on his personal life—and 1D—has made it so that it defines him to the public—we know interviewers were encouraged to ask for BTY promo, and what for? It’s done nothing to make people interested in his music. And it’s been years, why would people be any more interested now? In 2019 too you had interviewers asking about fatherhood as though it were something that had just happened to him, three years later, a novel talking point.
And how does promoting him as a tabloid personality fit in with an artist intent on building his artistic credibility, reintroducing himself as an artist defined by his music? Does it not undermine the artistic credibility he might gather with, like, that NME feature on his festival?
Won’t let this get any longer, but the situation has never and continues not to be normal and certainly not beneficial to Louis. And I would think any fan as a fan of his music, whatever they believe, would want better for him.
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03patrickstar · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fanfiction / Series
Moments Faye Evans Profile Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
- This is a fanfic done with a-glimpse-of-fantasy 
- Genre & Warnings: Blood, Violence, Physical and Mental Abuse, Child Abuse, Kidnapping, Death, ! This story takes after the final episode of Duskwood. So if you haven't finished the game first, this story contains heavy spoilers. ! - Summary: It has been almost three years since Jake disappeared without a trace. Everyone went back to their normal lives, and so did Faye. She did her best to forget about him, forget her love for him. But it all changes when Jake comes back. How was he suddenly able to come back to her? What secrets were he keeping from her?
The Heist (Preface) Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
This is a fanfiction idea that is quite different from others. One chapter would be written by one person, the next - another person. The idea and first chapter were given by geocait0815 This is a collaboration with many writers!
Tumblr media
Oneshots / Imagines/ Headcanons
Slow Dancing (Jake x GN!MC)
Cheesy (Phil x GN!MC)
Duskwood and Karaoke (Duskwood Characters) 
"Who do ya think I am?"
- Genre & Warnings: crack, accidental drug usage - Summary: In which Dan makes a mistake
Watching You Break
- Genre & Warnings: angst, !ep 10 spoliers!, kidnapping, blood, fire, implied death - Summary: you head to the mines in hopes of helping Jake, Hannah and Richy
"Death of Me..."
- Genre & Warnings: fluff, crack - Summary: you were surprised when things actually started going your way. that surprise and excitement resulted in a small fire….and an angry jake
Tumblr media
Incorrect Quotes
Anywhere (MC, Jake)
Sinners (Phil, MC)
Really Cute (MWAF, Dr. Crow)
Snacc (Jessy, MC)
Cured? (Hannah)
Wait?? (Phil, Duskwood Fandom)
"wtf" (Phil, MC)
Abnormally Nice (MC, Lilly)
K - Potassium (MC, Jake)
Fight Over (Dan, MC)
Sacrifice (MC)
Cat Speed (Jake and his cat) 
Baby Shark (Jessy, Dan)
Tumblr media
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desyilmi · 3 months ago
Aku Punya Teman
Saya punya teman, yang indah tata dan tutur bahasanya. Saat berbagi sajak atau nada bersama, kami akan menjelma pujangga. Mencari senja di pelataran Jabal Mubarak, sembari memandangi para pencari nafkah pulang ke kandangnya. Kemudian melanjutkan bercerita sambil menatap Kota Semarang dari atas bukit.
Kata orang, hidup saya selalu terlihat bahagia. Namun teman saya ini, mungkin adalah saksi betapa mudahnya saya menjatuhkan air mata. Alasannya pun terkadang remeh, mulai dari: kajian Ustadz, video, tulisan, atau saat mencoba mengulum makna hidup bersama :’D. Tak jarang saya mendengar label “iil gembeng (cengeng)” hanya dari dia seorang. Padahal terkadang nangisnya berdua, tuh wkwk.
Saya punya teman. Teman paling tenang yang pernah saya temui selama ini. Bahkan saat saya mencoba mengingat momen paniknya, sulit. Atau mungkin tak ada? Teman saya ini, jarang sekali mengekspresikan isi hati, entah kapan dia bahagia, entah kapan dia bersedih. Saya tak pernah tahu pasti. Mukanya datar mendekati galak *lol wkwk. Yang saya tahu, moodnya anjlok saat sedang lapar, jadi ajaklah dia makan :D
Terkadang, saya merasakan hadirnya beban dalam diri teman saya ini. Tentu dia akan tetap diam. Saat ditanya apakah ada yang perlu dibantu, dia hanya akan berkata, tak ada yang perlu dikhawatirkan dan akan meminta bantuan ketika butuh. Baiklah, saya harus lebih menahan diri sambil terkadang gemas sendiri ehe.
Saya sangat menyukai tulisannya, bernyawa. 15 November 2021 karena tulisannya, saya bertanya, “hei, are you doin good?”. Keesokan harinya, untuk pertama kalinya setelah kami tak lagi di perantauan, dia mengirimkan pesan panjang sekali. Mengalirkan rasa dan segala beban, yang mungkin selama ini, sajadah saja yang menjadi saksinya. Saya menangis saat itu, rasanya seperti MOMEN YANG KUTUNGGU AKHIRNYA DATANG JUGA: ceritanya. 
Kemarin tanpa ditanya dulu, dia mengirim chat panjang. Ceritanya dalam chat itu, benar-benar datang di saat yang tepat, tepat saat saya sedang kesal terhadap sesuatu. Kemudian tersadarkan, bagaimana bisa saya tidak sabar, sedangkan teman saya yang membawa cerita berat itu, datang dengan kesabaran yang sangat luas. Balasan dia setelah saya menjawab pesannya, shed my tears, a lot. Saking terharunya, saya menangis sampai tertidur, dan meninggalkan pesannya tak terbalas sampai saat menulis ini. 
Tumblr media
I really did nothing, but she always appreciates little message of mine with that abnormal sincerity. Does she know? I often need time to cry after reading her deep messages. I'm very grateful to have her as a friend. I really learned a lot <3
Saya juga ingin dia tahu, untuk segala pengorbananan dalam hidup dia, yang tak memenangkan ego di atas keputusannya, adalah sesuatu yang saangaat luar biasa. Semoga Allah selalu menjaganya dalam kekuatan dan ketenangan. Aamiin.
Bersama air mata,
Tuban, 08 Juni 2022
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autisticsupervillain · 5 months ago
Fictional Throwdown Friday: Season 2 Finale
This Week's Fighters...
Tumblr media
Pariah Dark vs Dan Phantom
Pariah Dark does not have access to Crown of Fire, only the Ring of Rage. Fight takes place in Pariah's Keep.
Dan manages to escape from Clockwork's Keep and begins planning his vengeance on Danny. Worried that Danny may have gotten more powerful while he was gone, Dan goes to Pariah's Keep to steal the Ring of Rage from him. Pariah has no intention of surrendering his power or kingdom to Dan and attacks him when Phantom accidentally wakes him up.
Analysis: Dan
Danny Phantom, real name Danny Fenton, was always destined to have an abnormal life. When his ghost hunting parents created a portal to the Ghost Zone, yound Danny Fenton was caught inside it when it started up, accidentally turning him into the half-ghost hero Danny Phantom. Unfortunately for him, in this timeline, his tenure as a hero was destined to end in tragedy.
After an accident at the Nasty Burger restaurant killed his family, Danny was forced to live with his Arch-Enemy Vlad Masters. In a rare moment of humanity, Vlad sympathized with Danny’s pain and offered to remove it for him. By separating his ghost and human halves, Vlad hoped to remove Danny’s painful human emotions.
It worked… too well.
Now free from his humanity, Phantom ripped Vlad’s ghost half from him and fused with it, transforming into the monsterous Dan Phantom. Destroying Vlad’s home and murdering his human half, Dan ventured out around the globe to begin massacring humanity in relish.
In terms of raw power, Dan is difficult to place, as he lacks any proper feats of his own from which he can be properly scaled. As such, I’ll need to make some assumptions.
As of Season 2, Danny’s most impressive calculated feat is the crater he created in the first episode while fighting the Lunch Lady, a sizable 533 tons of tnt.
Since Vlad Plasmius is shown to be far stronger than Danny at this point, even capable of beating him one handed, I’ll assume he’s at least twice as strong at 1066 tons of tnt. Seeing how Dan is both their ghost forms combined, his power should be at the bare minimum 1599 tons of tnt. Keep in mind, this does not account for Danny’s demonstrated ability to get stronger over time or the ten years that Dan has to develop his powers, so he’s likely much stronger than that, but this is the best number I can give him as those things aren’t really quantifiable.
Dan has demonstrated to have all the powers of his individual counterparts (as of Season 2 anyways). This includes his basic Intangibility, invisibility, flight, body manipulation, ectoplasm manipulation, body possession, and regeneration. Dan should be capable of regenerating from luiquification and being turned to dust, something that other weaker ghosts have shown to do and something Danny himself has done, and, unlike his halfa counterpart, Dan’s regeneration cannot be nullified by beating him back into human form. Dan can create holes in his body and swivel his neck around, has shown to generate storms with his presence (see the swirling sky during his fight with Danny at the Nasty Burger, which was not present before Dan revealed himself), and he can duplicate himself at least up to four times, splitting his energy between each duplicate. It is unknown if Dan can duplicate as many times as Vlad can in Season 3, but it is likely, meaning he can create enough duplicates to possess an entire town. He even retains Danny’s ability to sense nearby ghosts, although, it’s unknown if he has Danny’s later developed ice powers.
As far as powers unique to Dan goes, he can shapeshift to disguise as his younger self, can create portals to the ghost zone by himself, can forcibly fuse objects inside of people’s bodies, and can nullify the natural regeneration of most ghosts, such as when he broke Johnny 13’s spine or destroyed Ember’s vocal cords. What’s worse, is that as a result of his timeline eventually being erased, Dan now exists outside of time entirely so long as he has the Time Medallion on him, meaning he’s immune to time manipulation entirely and can freely time travel. However, taking this medallion away from him will likely erase him from existence entirely, as it’ll bind him to the rules of regular time again.
None of this is even counting his most powerful ability, his Ghostly Wail. This massive soundwave generated from his vocal cords is capable of descimating entire armies with ease.
As you can see, Dan is a hax machine with superpowers galore, but what makes him truly deadly is his knowledge of how to use them. While it’s shown that he does not retain Vlad’s memories (as he doesn’t know where Vlad’s ghost portal is) he does retain Danny’s, and thus has all the experience of fighting off the most powerful ghosts Amity Park has ever seen. Dan Phantom is most evil being to exist in both the human world and the ghost zone. A one man apocalypse who single handedly wiped out the human race, Dan Phantom is the most vile and powerful ghost young Danny Phantom ever had to face.
Analysis: Pariah
Countless centuries ago, long before most ghosts came into being, a terrible power came into being within the land of the dead. No one knew where it came from and no one knew who he was before he died, but they all feared his name. This twisted and barbaric Ghost King dominated all that stood in his way, forcing all to kneel before the wrath of Pariah Dark.
In desperation, a group of powerful and ancient ghosts banded together to otherthrow the tyrannical king, locking him away inside the sarcophagus of forever sleep. However, thanks to the shortsighted meddling of the villain Vlad Plasmius, Pariah Dark was awakened once more. And this time, he didn't intend to simply rule the dead. Both the Ghost and the human world would bow to him if he had his way.
Standing tall as one of the strongest ghosts on history, Pariah has all the powers of a typical ghost amplified tenfold. Intangibility, Body Manipulation, Ectoplasm Manipulation, and many more powers lie at his finger tips to be used at a moment's notice, but he rarely needs to step onto the field of battle himself. He can summon a horde of loyal skeleton warriors to fight by his side, invading and subjugating entire worlds at his command. Although, when Pariah does need to get his hands dirty, he has a variety of awesome abilities at his command to dominate his enemies.
Pariah is a giant on the battlefield, capable of gripping both Danny Phantom and Vlad Plasmius in a single hand. He can manifest storms with his face on them into existence, even in areas that nullify ghost powers and leave even beings as power as Vlad Plasmius incapable of using their powers. He can summon a mace to his hand and manipulate mid air to hit opponents from a distance. He can even warp space itself to teleport entire towns into the Ghost Zone.
But, the true reason Pariah is so feared has to do with his unrelenting power. Pariah Dark stands alone as the sole being in existence strong enough to command before the Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire. Upon his reawakening, the entire Ghost Zone fled in fear of him, completely powerless to stop him from destroying their homes. But most impressively of all, Pariah could, with a single blast, knock out both Vlad Plasmius and Danny Phantom simultaneously.
What's more, Pariah could struggle evenly against an ecto-skeleton equipped Danny Phantom who had only 10% power remaining, making him a solid ten times stronger than the halfa. That means, with every blow, Pariah is throwing around 5330 tons of power.
Pariah Dark stands as one of the most powerful ghosts in the history of the Ghost Zone, an apocalyptic threat which even the combined efforts of Danny Phantom and Vlad Plasmius barely overcame.
Fight Theme:
Throwdown Breakdown:
Much like Dan's last foray into the Throwdown arena, this fight is very much a hax vs strength fight, though not to the same extent. Since both fighters are ghosts, neither character has any inherent physiological advantages over the other. However, Dan still has a greater range of powers to help him contend with Pariah's superior strength.
Both are immensely stronger than Season 2 Danny, with Dan being 3x stronger than Danny while Dark is 10x. However, comparing the numbers that actually gives us, 1599 vs 3500, Pariah is only 3x stronger than Dan. That's a large gap, sure, but not an insurmountable one. Think of Danny's own fights with Vlad as a good comparison.
Then there's both characters familiarity with the other to consider. I feel Pariah is likely smart enough to recognize that that Dan used to be Danny, whereas Dan would have Danny's memories of fighting Pariah. Knowing just how much a threat the other fighter is would likely encourage each to fighter more cautiously than they do typically. Dan wouldn't me smugly mocking Pariah like he would Danny or Valerie, as they were comparatively helpless against him, whereas Pariah wouldn't be quite as much of an aggressive onslaught as he was when Danny fought him.
What makes this such a genuine head scratcher is that both characters have such good answers for what the other brings to the table. Pariah's skeleton army and Dan's ghostly wail counter each other out quite well. Not only do I not think Dan's ghostly wail could obliterate his entire army in one go, as even full power Ecto-skeleton Danny was briefly overwhelmed by their sheer numbers, but the Ghostly Wail is also liable to leave him open to attacks from Pariah or his telekinesis. Duplication solves that issue, but at the cost of making duplicate less powerful, worsening the already considerable strength gap.
Having said that, I think Dan is smarter and more skilled. Pariah has been conquering for longer, yes, but Dan has better fighting experience. During his time as Danny, Dan frequently had to outwit enemies far stronger than he was, taking down foes with countless years of experience over him with cunning and quick thinking, Pariah himself included. Secondly, he most consistently demonstrates clever and creative use of his powers, using his basic ghost skills in ways Pariah has never shown to do.
And finally, Dan's ability to nullify ghost regeneration is canceled out by Parish's resistance to ghost nullifying weapons, like when he created a storm inside the ghost shield.
The thing that just barely makes this Dan's fight however, is two major factors.
1. Dan's ability to get stronger the longer he fights, as demonstrated during Danny's first fight with the Fright Knight, going from harmlessly bouncing off the Knight to hurting him on equal footing. The longer this fight goes, the less useful Pariah's greatest advantage will be.
2. How both characters are viewed by Clockwork. We are never given any canonical proof that Clockwork is one of the Ancients that sealed Pariah away. That's fan speculation. As such, we don't know exactly how big a threat he considered Pariah. However, of the two of them, Dan is the one that he and the Observers deemed a big enough threat to retcon out of existence. Dan, not Pariah, is the foe considered important enough to alter the timeline for, even with all the chaos Pariah caused. The all seeing master of time considers Dan a much bigger threat than Pariah.
Having said that, Dan is going to come out if this fight battered and bleeding. The fight will be long and his victory would be hard earned and painful. It is entirely possible that Dan gets pounded into the ground before he can pull all his tricks. But, six times out of ten, the odds still favor Dan Phantom.
This Throwdown's Winner is...
Tumblr media
Dan Phantom!
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hacked-by-jake · 4 months ago
I was playing the game again and I noticed something while dam was telling us about his accidnet not being his fault. When we ask him if he has any enemies richy chimes in with a questioning/yhinking emoji and then proceeds to stay quiet when dan questions him.
It feels as if he knows something about dan and dan may be hiding it or being dan he forgot about it. It makes sense if he was the enemy to keep quiet and lie to the mc about his car being okay while dan was driving. Maybe he wanted to let out some steam as he hated dan by doing this and it was the perfect opportunity as the group was focused on mwaf.
Also, we have the opportunity to tell jessy that bad weeds grow tall and the next moment richy says the exact same thing. He is sus to me but in making it obvious he becomes the least likely person to be the mwaf.
Well, first of all, I think it’s not so abnormal that Dan has "enemies". I mean, it’s hard to say because we don’t know exactly what Dan’s been doing. But we see very well in the game that Dan is often the one everyone is mad at because Dan doesn’t mince his words and doesn’t have the "polite way" that society considers normal. I think you know what I mean, Dan doesn’t act over-friendly and he says what he thinks. Whether he is actually right or not, of course, this does not always meet with friendly reactions. So, that Dan maybe has enemys, I simply would refer it to the fact that not everyone will get along with Dan. But maybe there is more to it. Well, and there are many ways to make someone an enemy. After all, Dan is also a rather impulsive person. Maybe it’s just that Dan had a fight with someone in the Aurora or something.😅
Let’s say Richy’s not MWAF and just a friend of Dan’s. But Dan once did something that might have hurt Richy somehow so that Richy wants to get back at him.
Of course, one can always be mistaken in people, but I very much doubt that Richy would resort to such means, and then in the hope that we suspect the MWAF. Above all, it would actually make more sense if Richy said that someone was definitely at Dan’s car to manipulate the brakes. That would make it even less likely that we would suspect Richy for it. After all, we don’t believe him now and think that Richy lied about it. (I hope I have understood this part correctly, if not, I'm sorry😅)
That Richy says exactly the same sentence, I also find very strange. But I think that Everbyte did this on purpose to confuse us, I mean, those sayings are things that a lot of people use. And since Richy and Jessy are best friends, it’s possible that Jessy just told him about it. After all, they talk a lot with each other, but it’s really strange.🤔
So yeah, I still think Dan’s car was really tampered with by someone and Richy lied to us for some reason. This whole situation with Dan and his car is really just very strange and I’m curious what will come out in the end. In general, Richy makes himself rather absolutely suspicious with his behavior. If he’s actually trying to hide that he’s the MWAF, then he’s really not doing a good job, in my eyes.🧐
But thank you a lot for sharing your thoughts with us! I hope you will have a fantastic day/evening/night!💜
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