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if they get along, they’re unstoppable
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It just seems to self-evident to me that a lot of the Batboys had/have/will eventually develop a homoerotic fixation with their older heroes/comrades. Fifteen year old Jay casting sideways glances at Discowing and Batman undressing in the locker room. Tim having photos of the older robins pinned up next to his bed - ostensibly because they’re his heroes but really as a spank bank. No, Jason dying didn’t make Tim any less likely to think about him, only occasionally cry while jerking off. Damian once he gets to a certain age will also start ogling Jason or Cass in the locker room when no one’s looking.
Like it just makes sense.
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Al Ghul's bride
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I'm going to be offline for a few days, soooo
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Jason takes a drag of his cigarette as he senses someone approach. The scent of a familiar alpha mixes with the smoke, and some of the tension seeps out of him as Damian leans against the balcony railings next to him.
“Didn’t know you were coming to this thing,” Jason says. “Bruce said you wouldn’t be coming home from college until next week.”
“I wouldn’t miss Richard’s birthday. Even the stupid formal affair that father insisted on hosting tonight.”
Jason stubs out his cigarette and gives the alpha a smile. Damian is so tall now. He’s towered over Dick and Tim for a while now, but it seems he now equals Jason in height.
“Is there a reason you’re out here alone?” Damian asks, even though he most likely knows exactly why Jason is out here.
“Oh, you know,” Jason laughs bitterly. “All Bruce’s friends seem to be interested in is when I’m going to settle down and mate like a good little omega.”
Stuff like this normally doesn’t bother Jason. Or at least, it never used to. He never used to give a shit about being mated or doing anything else that society expects from him. But he’s in his thirties now and he’s the only unmated omega in the pack. Bruce always tells him it doesn’t matter and Jason is free to do as he wishes, but Jason knows he is a source of embarrassment for the pack, whether they admit it or not.
And maybe Jason is just a little bit sad that he’s still alone. Dick and Tim already have their own pups, and Jason loves them, but lately he’s been thinking about how he might like some of his own. And he only has so many fertile years left.
It’s hard though. It’s not as if he fits the stereotype of a beautiful omega. The kind of omega who is desired and wanted. Like Dick or Tim.
“They’re all such bores,” Damian replies. “You’re far more interesting than them.”
“Not as interesting as Dick or Tim,” Jason says, trying to keep the bitterness from his voice.
“You are to me.”
Jason is almost taken aback at the softness in Damian’s voice.
“You’re my favorite omega in the pack,” Damian continues. “You always have been.”
“You’re kidding, right? You’re telling me Dick isn’t your favorite?”
Damian rolls his eyes. “Richard is the pack omega. My step-mother. I favor him in a different way.” He blushes a little. “I favor you the way father favors Richard.”
The kid’s getting smoother with his moves. Although he’s not really a kid anymore.
“I’ll be in Gotham for a few weeks,” Damian says softly. “Should you need an alpha for your heat.”
Real smooth.
Jason has no idea why a young alpha like Damian would take an interest in an older omega who’s getting near his sell by date and isn’t a pretty little obedient thing, but the kid seems genuine.
Jason smiles. “I’m glad you’re here, Dami.”
He lets it show in his scent; the comfort he feels from being with an alpha he trusts.
He’d only have to lean forward a few inches to kiss Damian.
But then Damian says he should get back to the party and the moment is over, and Jason’s shoulders sink.
Just before he goes though, Damian places a hand on the small of Jason’s back, rubbing gently.
“You look beautiful, Jason.”
And then he’s gone, and Jason practically melts right there on the balcony.
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Fast drawing for mi one shot. I’m absolutely unsatisfied with this, but unwilling to work more on it. So there it is.
Vampire Damian and Jason.
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Jason: One of the remarkable things about love is that, despite very irritating people writing poems and songs about how pleasant it is, it really is quite pleasant.
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Big Damian/Little Jason
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Author: Ultimate
Title: Songbird
Chapter 3: The Sound of Metal on Flesh
Rating: Mature (18+)
*Damian is 21 years old. Damian is top.*
AU when Batman remains dead after the events in Final Crisis. Damian seeks his mother, Talia al Ghul, for comfort, but is instead met with a bloodthirsty tyrant. He is forced to kill his grandfather, Ra’s al Ghul, to take over the league of assassins. Eight years pass and Damian, currently an anti-hero, is still rogue and inducing chaos in Gotham. Everyone has given up hope on Damian, everyone except Jason. Believing in second chances, Jason attempts to reach out to Damian and interferes with his assassins to find Damian's whereabouts. Damian intends to personally stop Jason from interfering with his plans of eliminating Gotham’s criminals.
PTSD episode and violence in this chapter.
*Sneak Peak*
“I'm just wrapping your arm, okay?” Damian says and gets no response. Jason nodded consenting to Damian, ‘keep calm, Dami’ Damian tells himself. After stopping the bleed and bandaging his wound, he gets up again and puts on Batman’s cowl to scan the room. He notices Duke standing by the door listening in, he also notices the cameras and wires in Jason’s room. ‘Leave it to the Batfamily to be paranoid’ he smacks his teeth.
“I don’t get why you’re here.” Jason finally breaks the silence.
“Can we talk somewhere else, Todd?” Damian asked as he offered Jason a hand.
“Todd? Wait a minute, I’m not going anywhere with—” Jason took his hand and rose from the ground. He was angry, and rightfully so, but Damian hushed him mid-sentence.
“The bats are eavesdropping.” Damian whispered softly, but loud enough for Jason to hear. Jason understood Damian very well, privacy doesn't exist in this family, especially when your overprotective brothers acquired one of Bruce's worst traits. He considered Damian’s request and sighed.
“What’s your plan? I can’t really walk out or grapple, kinda injured.” Damian gazed at Jason’s current state and was filled with anger, angry at himself. ‘I had to do this, otherwise mother…’ he thought. Talia wanted him dead, she wants all members of the batfamily dead. She would have killed Jason if Damian hadn’t intervened with a better idea.
“I’ll carry you.” Damian says while closing in on Jason.
“I’d rather die again.” Jason puts up a hand in protest.
“Sorry, but I’m going to carry you, hold on to me.” With no warning, Damian grabs Jason by the waist and shoots his grapple out the window.
Read the full chapter here.
Start from the beginning here.
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jason and damian bonding over murder and terrorizing bruce >>>>>>>>
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emoji requests
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They. Possibly very drunk. It's an AU
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This was tags on this post by @luminarychaos
In all honesty, this is everything I’ve ever wanted to say, but didn’t. Especially the ‘ignoring abusive Bruce but not other parts’ snippet.
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