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maple-cloak · 14 hours ago
more OSP dracula! yay!
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+ bonus red quote
"See, the good thing about Dracula-era vampires is that their operatic levels of theatrical BS make it really easy to prove to skeptics that there's something legit spooky going on" -Overly Sarcastic Productions' Red
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0 days since we last heard from our good friend Jonathan Harker, tracking Dracula’s packages.
0 days since Arthur valiantly drove a stake into Lucy’s heart, finally bringing her soul peace.
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duskodair · 17 hours ago
today on daily dracula we will be experiencing the terrifying nature of visible female sexuality, that's why we've partnered with tumblr as our spons-
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puzzledemigod · 22 hours ago
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And y'all complain about fanfiction writers calling eyes orbs
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paperheartsarts · 2 days ago
Today’s Dracula Daily Entry:
Van Helsing, proving that vampires exist by listing the Bloofer Lady, Methuselah, vampire bats, and toads that have slept in rocks for thousands of years since the beginning of time as proof:
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bitimdrake · 15 hours ago
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everyone say thank you quincey morris
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dovesandmagpies · 15 hours ago
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Now they can be best friends :)
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creativepup · a day ago
How validated are the "Seward would put Van Helsing in an asylum over the truth" folks feeling today?
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metaphysicaltelephone · 21 hours ago
If it weren't for all the death and mayhem, Jack and Mina trading diaries would be kind of cute
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aalkuipers · 11 hours ago
I am loving that, all jokes aside, Lucy was right that Mina and Dr. Seward would have suited each other very well! Mina would have been so good for Jack, but of course Johnathan is far better for Mina
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whatyou-know · 2 days ago
Van helsing's note be giving-
is this the end of Dr MD, D.Ph., D.Litt., etc. Abraham Van Helsing??
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cryptidjeepers · 2 days ago
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"Lucy Westenra," digital composite, 2018
Back in 2018, I had to make an artwork based on a book/movie and having just read Dracula (and quickly becoming obsessed), naturally I had to portray Lucy. I used krita as I didn't know how to use photoshop. I'd love to redo this in photoshop one day if I can find the raw files.
(Shoutout to my sister for being the model and letting me put cheap foundation, smeared lipstick, and itchy value village clothing on her. And sitting in it for 3 hours)
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captaindibbzy · 15 hours ago
How good and thoughtful he is; the world seems full of good men—even if there are monsters in it.
That's another one for a cross stitch i think.
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silvermuffins · 2 days ago
Seward Summary!
Might be a bit sloppy because I'm doing this as I go today woop woop
Off Seward goes with Van Helsing for an afternoon adventure of sneaking into the graveyard, breaking into Lucy's tomb, and opening her coffin.
Seward thought last night was absurd, checking if a dead woman was still dead after a week, but thinks this is even sillier when they already saw last night that she's not there.
Van Helsing opens the coffin up. Lucy is in it.
She's even prettier than before, and Van Helsing points out her long, sharp teeth for biting children.
Seward already senses he's wrong but argues anyway that someone must simply have put her back.
Van Helsing points out that week-old dead bodies don't look like this. He' s right.
He then discusses about how she's different from all other vampires, because she was bitten while sleepwalking, and fed from, and even died while in a trance. This makes it harder for him to kill her, because there's more of the goodness they knew from her life left.
Seward is finally pushed to be willing to accept this explanation by his own horror at the thought of killing a woman who is already dead. He asks how to do it, and Van Helsing explains - decapitation and garlic.
He does not do it now. He thinks about how to proceed, and says they won't do it tonight. Lucy hasn't killed anyone yet, though that's only a matter of time, but there's more to consider than just getting the job done as efficiently as possible.
Mostly, this is for Arthur's sake. Seward, who has seen so much more of the events surrounding Lucy's death, still doubted Van Helsing. Surely Arthur couldn't be expected to believe him.
Van Helsing is most worried that Arthur will wallow in doubt about the truth forever. That he'd be tormented by the thought of Lucy being buried alive, and what she'd go through in that case, only to be killed by their efforts to stop a vampire...but that he'd also never be completely sure they weren't right.
Instead, Van Helsing determines Arthur will need to know the truth too, and he'll suffer a lot but rest better for it after. He sends Seward home, and says he'll be spending the night in the graveyard himself. They'll come back here with Arthur and Quincey tomorrow.
After that there is an additional note from Van Helsing. Happy reading!
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nekoprankster218 · 2 days ago
So if I’m getting this right…
Van Helsing pulled Seward away for a sidebar to share his sus on Lucy; and while Seward tried desperately to hard clear Lucy, the story just wasn’t adding up. So now Van Helsing’s gonna call a meeting to vote out Lucy with all the other guys and then they can focus on the other guy that they know for sure is imposter.
Well, let’s see how the strategy plays out for ‘em.
Sept. 28th Update: Alright, Seward’s third impostering now :/
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syaoranlover · 2 days ago
years prior to the Jack the Ripper murders : something went wrong with a back-allay abortionist. The woman was caught and went to trial for murder of the patent. The thing was she was also a member of the local women's suffrage movement, so a lot of Victorian authors in their own subtitle way made reference to it. It is way Lucy in Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula" turns into a baby murderer - the Victorian thought that "if we give women the vote, they will start eating children" nonsense. Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of Sherlock Holmes) referenced the local abortionist as the likely suspect for Jack the Ripper.
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penases · 4 months ago
I thought it was like a modern take on the book but no yall are just collectively reading actual Dracula and liveblogging it like Jonathan Harker is an influencer or some shit. Never change
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