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beanniesims · 3 months ago
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Full body picture of The Sims 3 Roomies, remade in The Sims 4!
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kinzthesim · a year ago
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Updated the Family Tree. Check out a fuller tree here
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violetxrain-sims · a year ago
Sunset Valley Makeovers: Cycl0n3 Sw0rd
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Sunset Valley's resident Epic Gamer™. I kept his glasses cause they're iconic, just recolored them. The shirt is from @simsimi-only-mine and I can't remember where I got the pants from. Pretty sure they're from a creator who isn't active anymore.
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bearsimz · a year ago
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pay up you fecker
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auroraskiessimmer · a year ago
sBecause being A Journalist requires a Steller set of writing skills (that I do not have) Lucy Headed to the Library to start writing a small novel.
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She then ran into a woman Erin Kennedy, who dose not share the same appreciation of the arts.
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And we ran into our boss cycl0n3 sw0rd
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plumbobble-head · a year ago
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Isadora: Don’t ask me how I know this, but Simis Bachelor is a dirty cheater. I hear Jocasta is pissed!
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jackiespecrencu · 2 days ago
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kaleidoscopesandstars · a year ago
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then, we made it official!
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egberts · 3 months ago
in this house we hate and disrespect cycl0n3 sw0rd
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lunaestrix · 6 months ago
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Can five young adults from five different backgrounds stand living together in a single house? Just about every personality is represented in this wacky household... But who is the exceedingly generic guy who barely socializes with the others? And how did he manage to get his own room?
A makeover of the Roomies household from Sunset Valley because I’ve been getting back into Sims 3 something hard recently, but the 2010 pudding is a little crusty. Also I want some more townies I can just toss into custom worlds.
I was really torn on that pose for Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, but I figure anyone who unironically goes by Cycl0n3 Sw0rd in their daily life is probably a bit of a walking meme.
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rainymoodlet · 4 months ago
Ngata, Ember and Goth for the TS4 Ask Meme!
thank you lovely!! 💛 i hope you’re doing well!!
ngata: favorite gameplay challenge?
answered here!
ember: favorite aspiration?
oooo this is a good one 🤔 honestly, playin thru the vampire family aspiration has always been one i’ve wanted to try. i made a master vamp complete w a house full of thralls and fledglings that i never ended up finishing… i might have to revisit that sometime 🤔
goth: favorite townie?
i do love a lot of them, hmmm. i am guilty of never really playing the townies themselves: yknow what?? i know its not ts4, but i love cycl0n3 sw0rd from ts3!!! i was obsessed with romancing him when i was younger and i just thought his name was so funny 😂
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1. Mortimer Goth= uncircumcised
2. Alexander Goth= uncircumcised
3. Gunther Goth= uncircumcised
4. Bob Newbie= circumcised
5. Robert Newbie Sr= circumcised
6. Jeff Pleasant= circumcised
7. Daniel Pleasant= circumcised
8. Michael Bachelor= circumcised
9. Simis Bachelor= circumcised
10. Frankie Mashuga= circumcised
11. Brad Burb= circumcised
12. John Burb= circumcised
13. Tucker Burb= circumcised
14. Elden Hick= uncircumcised
15. Darren Dreamer= uncircumcised
16. Dirk Dreamer= uncircumcised
17. Skip Broke= uncircumcised
18. Dustin Broke= uncircumcised
19. Beau Broke= uncircumcised
20. Flat Broke= uncircumcised
21. Buck= uncircumcised
22. Trigger= uncircumcised
23. Don Lothario= uncircumcised
24. Nicolo Lothario= uncircumcised
25. Herb Oldie= circumcised
26. Vidcund Curious= uncircumcised
27. Pascal Curious= uncircumcised
28. Laszlo Curious= uncircumcised
29. Glarn Curious= circumcised
30. Notzo Curious= circumcised
31. Marshall Curious= circumcised
32.  Pollination Technician#9 Smith= uncircumcised
33. Johnny Smith= circumcised
34. Loki Beaker= uncircumcised
35. Nervous Subject= uncircumcised
36. Ajay Loner= circumcised
37. Consort Capp= circumcised
38. Tybalt Capp= uncircumcised
39. Caliban Capp= uncircumcised
40. Albany Capp= circumcised
41. Hal Capp= uncircumcised
42. Cornwall Capp= uncircumcised
43. Kent Capp= uncircumcised
44. Patrizio Monty= uncircumcised
45. Mercutio Monty= uncircumcised
46. Romeo Monty= uncircumcised
47. Claudio Monty= uncircumcised
48. Antonio Monty= uncircumcised
49. Benedict Monty= uncircumcised
50. Oberon Summerdream= uncircumcised
51. Puck Summerdream= uncircumcised
52. Castor Nova= uncircumcised
53. Joshua Ruben= circumcised
54. Ashley Pitts= circumcised
55. Kevin Beare= circumcised
56. Martin Ruben= circumcised
57. Matthew Hart= circumcised
58. Guy Wrightley= uncircumcised
59. Micky Dosser= circumcised
60. Gunnar Roque= uncircumcised
61. Jonah Powers= circumcised
62. Edwin Sharpe= circumcised
63. Mitch Indie= circumcised
64. Max Flexor= circumcised
65. Gilbert Jacquet= uncircumcised
66. Malcolm Landgraab IV= uncircumcised
67. Checo Ramirez= uncircumcised
68. Stephen Tinker= circumcised
69. Jason Greenman= circumcised
70. Andrew Martin= circumcised
71. Jacob Martin= circumcised
72. Leod McGreggor= uncircumcised
73. Morty Roth= circumcised
74. Xander Roth= circumcised
75. Gabe O'Mackey= uncircumcised
76. Victor Aspir= circumcised
77. Luis Aspir= circumcised
78. Isaac Bell= circumcised
79. Daniel Bell= circumcised
80. John Mole= circumcised
81. Edward Contrary= uncircumcised
82. Rick Contrary= uncircumcised
83. Chester Gieke= circumcised
84. Jason Larson= circumcised
85. Cyd Roseland= circumcised
86. Peter Ottomas= uncircumcised
87. Sanjay Ramaswami= uncircumcised
88. Trent Traveller= uncircumcised
89. Mathew Picaso= uncircumcised
90. Julien Cooke= uncircumcised
91. Herbert Goodie= circumcised
92. Nathan Gavigan= circumcised
93. Isaiah Gavigan= uncircumcised
94. Garrett Newson= circumcised
95. Robert Kim= uncircumcised
96. Justin Kim= uncircumcised
97. Dustin Langerak= circumcised
98. Parker Langerak= circumcised
99. Nick Alto= uncircumcised
100. Geoffrey Landgraab= circumcised
101. Iqbal Alvi= uncircumcised
102. VJ Alvi= uncircumcised
103. Miraj Alvi= uncircumcised
104. Beau Andrews= uncircumcised
105. Jack Bunch= circumcised
106. Ethan Bunch= circumcised
107. Arlo Bunch= circumcised
108. Buster Clavell= circumcised
109. Xander Clavell= uncircumcised
110. Jared Frio= uncircumcised
111. Connor Frio= uncircumcised
112. Gus Hart= circumcised
113. Marty Keaton= circumcised
114. Stiles Mcgraw= circumcised
115. Cycl0n3 Sw0rd= circumcised
116. Leighton Sekemoto= uncircumcised
117. Sam Sekemoto= uncircumcised
118. Christopher Steel= uncircumcised
119. Boyd Wainright= uncircumcised
120. Hank Wan-Goddard= circumcised
121. Thornton Wolff= uncircumcised
122. Vadim Simovitch= uncircumcised
123. Cody Jones= circumcised
124. Hunter Cottoneye= circumcised
125. Skeet Bayless= circumcised
126. Tay Bayless= circumcised
127. Bill Racket= uncircumcised
128. Shark Racket= uncircumcised
129. Dennis Racket= uncircumcised
130. Max Racket= uncircumcised
131. Dudley Racket= uncircumcised
132. Bob Pancakes= circumcised
133. Dennis Kim= uncircumcised
134. Eric Lewis= uncircumcised
135. Travis BFF= uncircumcised
136. Johnny Zest= uncircumcised
137. Mitchell Roomie= circumcised
138. J Huntington III= uncircumcised
139. Gavin Roomie= circumcised
140. Jaques Villareal= uncircumcised
141. Hugo Villareal= uncircumcised
142. Max Villareal= uncircumcised
143. Wolfgang Munch= uncircumcised
144. Lucas Munch= uncircumcised
145. Gunther Munch= uncircumcised
146. Dominic Fyres= uncircumcised
147. Paolo Rocca= uncircumcised
148. Marcus Flex= circumcised
149. Sergio Romeo= uncircumcised
150. Joaquin La Quien= uncircumcised
151. Arun Bheeda= uncircumcised
152. Victor Feng= uncircumcised
153. Raj Rasoya= uncircumcised
154. Salim Benali= uncircumcised
155. Diego Lobo= uncircumcised
156. Count Vladislaus Straud IV= uncircumcised
157. Caleb Vatore= uncircumcised
158. Justin Delgato= uncircumcised
159. Brent Hecking= circumcised
160. Brant Hecking= circumcised
161. Orange Bailey-Moon= uncircumcised
162. Thorne Bailey= uncircumcised
163. Mark Eggleston= uncircumcised
164. Dylan Sigworth= uncircumcised
165. George Cahill= circumcised
166. Ted Roswell= circumcised
167. Erwin Pries= circumcised
168. Tane Ngata= uncircumcised
169. Duane Talla= uncircumcised
170. Makoa Kealoha= uncircumcised
171. Mele Kahanui= uncircumcised
172. Darrel Charm= circumcised
173. Tomax Collette= circumcised
174. Morgyn Ember= uncircumcised
175. Simeon Silversweater= circumcised
176. Cletus Harris= circumcised
177. Jeb Harris= circumcised
178. Gideon Harris= circumcised
179. Jules Sterling-Rico= uncircumcised
180. Naoki Ito= uncircumcised
181. Kiyoshi Ito= uncircumcised
182. Kado Akiyama= uncircumcised
Score: 40.7% circumcised vs 59.3% uncircumcised
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kinzthesim · a year ago
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Oh Cycl0n3 decided to pay us a visit.
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vampishsim · a month ago
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Cycl0n3 Sw0rd you are so real
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bearsimz · a year ago
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nice uniform Cycl0n3
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belt-critic · 4 months ago
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pictured here is ramlethal valentine talking to a man whose legal name is apparently "cycl0n3 sw0rd"
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fairyprank · 11 months ago
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Rosanna met the famous Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, and there was instant beef
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