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until-he-rots · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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wannabesk8r · 9 months ago
my favorite hobbies:
- dressing up to school and hoping to run into my tc
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tryoutstc · 7 months ago
march tc challenge 🌤
hey my lovely tc-ers! most of us seem to have done a tc challenge for both january and february this year, so i thought, why not march? i tried to come up with questions that haven't been asked before, so lmk what you think :))
if you could change one thing about your tc, physical or personality-wise, what would it be?
are they "your type", or was falling for a person like them completely unexpected?
if they were an ice cream flavor, what would it be?
imagine you have a whole weekend to spend with your tc. what would you guys do?
what's their biggest talent?
be honest: would you guys be a power couple or not?
if they knew about your feelings, would they confront you about it or ignore it?
are they a good singer?
if you could choose an outfit that your tc had to wear every single day, what would it look like?
are they more academic, artistic, or athletic? what about you?
do they inspire you as a person?
are they an early riser or a night owl?
have you ever made each other angry or upset? if so, how did you reconcile?
do you ever find yourself imitating them, either consciously or unconsciously?
what do you think their love language is? what's yours?
have they taught you anything that isn't school related? valuable life lessons, insights on how you feel about yourself, etc?
what would they have to do to make you lose feelings for them?
are they introverted or extroverted? what about you?
who's more likely to start rambling about their interests while the other listens?
do you feel guilty about having feelings for your tc?
are you insecure about them liking another student more than you?
what kind of hairstyle would you love to see them in?
do you think they trust you?
what's the most comedic moment that's occurred between you two?
have you ever drawn them or written about them to vent your feelings?
how do you feel when you're around them? are you so nervous that you can't concentrate, or do you just feel happy that you get to spend time with them?
do you guys have any inside jokes?
do their morals, principles, or political views align with yours?
have you ever tried to get over them?
if someone nice your age showed up in your life and you caught feelings for them, would you move on from your tc?
have you ever said or done something that, in hindsight, might have been hurtful to them? have they ever done the same to you?
happy march <33
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tcc-ella · a year ago
what do people without teacher crushes even think about while falling asleep???
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betweenthebarsmp3 · 6 months ago
i haven't spoken a word to Him since december and i will be doing so in less than 19 hours !!!!! and very close !!!!! like !!!!! sat on the same coffee table !!!!! probably facing Him !!!!! or right next to Him !!!!! for over 10min !!!!! while He eats breakfast !!!!! ... !!!!! wait !!!!! i am going to see Him up close without a mask !!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!! i haven't seen this man's face since our zoom classes one year ago !!!!! i need to touch some grass !!!!! right !!!!! now !!!!!
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chanology325 · 11 months ago
Hey random people
Don't you feel at times that life's playing games with you... Like I've had a crush on my English teacher for a while now. (He's not that old, we have a 6 year age gap) But obviously, I thought it wasn't quite right so I tried to ignore it. Now.... On Wattpad, I started to read this fucking amazing ff called 'Secret'. It's a Bangchan ff, on the exact same theme, and it makes this ignoring my crush thing so hard now, but I kind of love it too. WHY IS MY LIFE SO FUCKED UP!!
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angelicblossombabe · a year ago
okay so I’m new to the tc community, so I thought I’d introduce myself.
I’m Madds, I use she/her pronouns
My tc is D, he’s an american history, government, and political thought teacher. he uses he/him pronouns
I’m 17, he’s 32
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tc-daily · a year ago
“You’re the best don’t you ever forget it... I know I won’t.” - tc
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dawnxblade · 11 months ago
Teacher: Tells me more about him and always honest when answering my questions
Me: Happy but sad that he knows nothing about me
Also me: *Asking my friends to help me Message him when It's forbidden*
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wizardcattcc · a year ago
I had a 💫spicy💫 dream about him tonight 👀
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until-he-rots · 5 months ago
the tc-er urge to do subtly flirty yet seemingly innocent things to your tc..
- like dropping something in front of them and slowly bending down to pick it up, apologizing and making full eye contact.
- or rubbing your foot against their ankle while you’re sitting next to them and just asking if they like your socks.
- or telling them they have something in their hair and pretending to pull it out.
hHgagahg gettin’ a lil’ scandalous with this one but the urge is strong-
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wannabesk8r · 11 months ago
my love language is seeing her in the school hallway
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teachersp3t · 4 months ago
[ warnings: nsfw, cockwarming, degradation, teacher x student, gn reader, age gap, etc . . . ]
who knew that signing up for being a teacher’s assistant for your professor would end up like this? you wanted to help him grade papers, hoping he’d loosen up a little and stop being so stressed. and he was extremely attractive, so of course you had to sign up to be his TA. he always bought you snacks and brought you coffee, he was so grateful for his little assistant. he was so grateful that he invited you to his home to help you grade papers in a quiet, less distracting setting. his house smelt like cedar and pine, a beautiful setting that almost felt romantic.
“ come sit on my lap, dear, “ he suggested as he sat in his office chair while you attempted to grade papers on the couch. your cheeks grew hot as you walked over to him slowly. “ don’t be shy, it’s alright, “ he cooed as he patted his thighs, symbolically begging you to press yourself against him.
and so you did. you sat on his lap, your back to his chest, your core shamelessly throbbing as you felt his crotch against yours. you couldn’t help but squirm a little, there wasn’t much room on the chair for the both of you anyways. your little movements were driving your professor absolutely mad. he gripped your waist as you gasped quietly, turning to face him.
“ why couldn’t you just sit still? “ he questioned angrily as he sighed, hand reaching down to his pants. he fumbled with his belt buckle, unbuttoning himself and freeing his painfully erect cock. he practically tore your clothes off, wrestling to expose the fruit of your young body. he spit on his hand, rubbing his saliva against your exposed hole. you couldn’t help but moan at the eroticism of his actions, how eager he was to bury his cock inside you.
and so he did. he was so big, stretching your virgin hole to it’s limit. you let out a wanton moan as he stretched you, molding your insides to fit his length. but he never thrusted. he sat there, you sat on his cock impatiently, wriggling your hips, trying to provoke him to move. he nearly growled, grabbing your face with one hand. “ sit. still. you’re such a slut, you know that right? “ he questioned bitterly, causing tears to prick at the corners of your eyes. “ answer me, “ he demanded, his grip tightening around your soft skin. you nodded, rambling words and phrases of agreement. “ good, what a whore of an assistant you are, “ he sighed, returning his hands to your hips. “ now finish grading these papers and don’t fucking move. maybe i’ll reward you, doll. “
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tcc-ella · 5 months ago
on my last day of school we sat together (having our legs touch the whole time again) and spent the last class we would ever have just talking, he hinted he would like to stay in contact with me after my finals (coming up next week) <3
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betweenthebarsmp3 · 6 months ago
i yearn for someone to hear about my personal struggles; i yearn for someone to reassure me that the effort i am putting in is enough for me to reach my goals and remarkable for someone like me; i yearn for someone to ground me when i fall apart; i yearn for someone to be willing to hear and console me without any burden every time my condition improves or worsens or another obstacle emerges in my life; and that someone is Him. He's the one my brain places in this scenario. those reading this might say that the person i am yearning for is a therapist. and i am aware that i need to schedule an appointment with one. but in the meantime, and in between appointments, i need someone and that someone for me is Him. now more than ever i yearn for someone who offers me comfort with all the meanings the word carries. and He carries the word wherever he goes. my mind and heart have established Him as my safe space. and the fact that we haven't interacted in three months is upsetting me on an unberable level. with that i have come to the conclusion that without His stimulating classes and His affable personality my weeks have been rougher both for my adhd and my happiness. hopefully i will get to enter that safe space again.
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hypnotically-kinetic · a month ago
random scenarios you can use to imagine yourself w/your crush, or whoever you want
• them placing their jacket around your small body when you're cold.
• playfully fighting with/being mean to each other
• slapping their ass/getting your ass slapped playfully
• matching onesies! especially when you're about to have a movie night together
• getting married with a ring pop
• stealing each other's hoodies & clothes
• them comforting you from a nightmare by whispering sweet nothings in your ear and playing with a strand of your hair
• them resting their head on your shoulder while you're cooking, or vice versa
• after a while of not seeing each other, them casually lifting you from the floor and spinning you around, causing you to giggle
• them staring at you absolutely lovestruck, as if you were the only pretty thing they've ever seen on their entire life
• pillow fightingggg
• having your fingers & hands gently kissed by them
• also, lots of kisses on the corner of your lips & cheeks
• reading your favourite book to you so you can have a nice & relaxing sleep
• them making you hot chocolate with marshmellows when you're stressed/sad/angry/nervous/worried as hell + a warm bath
• hand holding in public, no matter the situation & place
• cooking/baking random recipes you found on the internet, only to fail
• them braiding your hair, doing your makeup, and painting your nails
• them leaving random love notes/poems at your work office, or next to your bed side table
• star gazing together <33
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angelicblossombabe · a year ago
i walked into d’s class at the end of the day to ask my friend about her ACT scores and she asked about mine. d came over and stood by me and when i said that my scores wouldn’t load and that i’d just text my friend when i got out to my car, he whined and said he wanted to know. so i emailed him as soon as my scores loaded and he answered within five minutes so i felt pretty special. it’s small, but it made my heart swell.
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