color-head a day ago
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IG: @bluexastrid
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cosmiconix 2 days ago
I see Onix Call Hades and Maleficent Dad/Mom, does onix has other Disney villains that are parent figures for her??
Onix: Absolutely! Besides my dragon mom (Maleficent) & father candle (Hades) I've got a few other parents & even some grandparents to cherish in the household! I'll introduce you to them!
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Onix: I've also got a few aunts & uncles within the house as well as some siblings (very few though) but these guys are the rest of my parental figures. 馃榿
*Sorry it took so long to answer your question, I would've sent you a message that I was working on it but I guess it doesn't work with anonymous. 馃槄*
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appendingfic a month ago
I think we may be a little unfair. We don't know the whole story. Mario might have pushed Chris Pratt's mother off a cliff.
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queensboro a year ago
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supermusicallee a year ago
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waaargbrasham a year ago
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Sorry for reposting a popular tweet but this. A thousand times this. A million times. Disney is the worst thing to ever happen to art.
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gownegirl a year ago
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CRUELLA 2021 | dir. Craig Gillespie
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itsjuliak5 a year ago
I can鈥檛 wait to get a live action movie where Disney delves into the backstory of Gaston and they reveal that his mom got crushed by a bookshelf to explain why he hates educated women that read.聽
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thistornadolovesyouu a year ago
*Dr Doofenshmirtz voice* you see, Perry the Platypus, when I was a child, my mother was pushed off a cliff by a pack of dalmatians
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bebemoon a year ago
you鈥檙e laughing. dalmations pushed cruella de vil鈥檚 mother over a cliff.. and you鈥檙e laughing
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snek-snacc a year ago
Gonna pitch a movie to Disney that explains the only reason the hunter shot Bambi's mom is because he raised a lost baby deer when he was younger, but the deer grew up and stole his family's fortune before skewering his parents on his antlers and running off, and now he has to live off the land hunting deer because he's broke.
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punbeam a year ago
101 Dalmatians: The Reckoning (2022)
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infinitesnow a year ago
cruella鈥檚 mom getting knocked off a fucking cliff by dalmatians has the same energy as that bit from mrs. doubtfire where robin williams says 鈥渋t was the drink that killed [my husband]鈥 and when sally field asks if he was an alcoholic robin williams replies, without missing a beat, 鈥渘o he was hit by a guinness truck鈥
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mwagneto a year ago
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surprisearson a year ago
Okay, it makes perfect sense that Disney thought Cruella could be an character to give a sympathetic backstory. Cruella's original story is very much one of capitalism-personal desire out weighing the lives of people deemed insignificant. She doesn't see the puppies as living things but a product. So, yes, I get why Disney execs related to her
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