I really really hate talking about this or asking for help but I am short on rent due in a few days. I moved out of an abusive situation a little over a year ago and I’ve been working to not have to go back. But now if I do not pay rent I will be evicted and have nowhere to go.
I have a place I can go in November so this is truly the last time I will need help BUT I still have to come up with rent for the month of October
It would mean everything to me if you could help out by donating and/or reblogging! Please please please anything helps!!
V*nmo: addiec1
Ca$h*pp: $ascgrl
P*yPal: @ascgrl
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clarascottage · a day ago
Hey everyone, I don't really know how to make a post like this but my family and I could really use some help.
I'm unable to work, and can barely pay for my medication, medical fees and therapy. My mother can't work due to chronic illness. We're barely scraping by. On top of this we've just lost 3 of our 4 beloved bunnies, Toast, Loki and Augustus, to a terrible sudden illness. The vet bills are enormous, we simply dont have enough to pay for them. Our vet is a saint and is giving us a few weeks to pay them off but my dad just doesn't make enough. We've had to borrow money from family for rent. We're at a loss, please help if you can ❤
This is my ko-fi, anything helps.
(If you would like proof of vet bills please DM me)
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ariyogames · 25 days ago
Patreon has laid off their security team
I know this isn't an update on my interactive fiction game but I just wanted interactive fiction creators and other people who have Patreons to be aware about this issue.
Whitney Merrill on Twitter: "Whoa @Patreon laid off their ENTIRE security team. Wouldn’t trust my data there. Also there’s some amazing talent to scoop up." / Twitter
Tumblr media Tumblr media
For creators with a Patreon, I would recommend using a password manager to generate a randomly generated password so that when Patreon has (another) security breach, your password will be unique.
For creators that are uncomfortable with using Patreon and do not want to lose their Patreon content, you can import your Patreon content to a WordPress website with a WordPress plugin that can be used with a WordPress membership plugin like Paid Memberships Pro that lets patrons subscribe to your content like on Patreon. However, please keep in mind that WordPress plugins are also very vulnerable to attack so it is very important that you update the plugins frequently if you choose to go this route.
Ko-fi is also a good alternative that I know a lot of interactive fiction creators use for their work. SubscribeStar is a good option for NSFW artists.
Hopefully there won't be any serious security breaches with Patreon but who knows what will happen...
UPDATE (10th September 2022 - 11:30AM BST):
Patreon has confirmed to reporters that they are hiring an external security team to handle Patreon's security.
Kevin Collier on Twitter: "Wild. Patreon confirms the layoffs in emailed statement to me, says it's ok, they're using third-party security. https://t.co/zV9zw9yOlh" / Twitter
Tumblr media
What this means is that Patreon has decided to go for the cheaper option by outsourcing their security to a team abroad instead of spending more money and resources on an in-house security team. This is what is known to infosec/cyber security experts as MSSP/MSP.
However, a lot of cyber security professionals have criticised this decision by Patreon because historically, organisations that have outsourced their security to a team abroad have usually had a lot of security issues/security breaches later on down the line because they do not check/scan the security of the company as frequently as an in-house security team would.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This also conflicts with what a laid-off security employee has said about the situation where they disputed Patreon's claims of this decision not impacting their security by alleging that Patreon has cut down of its use of external security vendors in the past four months.
Tumblr media
So what does this mean for Patreon's future and how am I affected?
What this means is that there are things going on behind the scenes at Patreon that we do not know about yet, all we know is that the leadership over there is making incredibly unwise business decisions by firing their entire internal security team and what this usually means is there will either be a huge security breach down the line or an announcement of a merger or acquisition.
Another potential risk is supporter deanonymisation, where attackers with malicious intent could blackmail subscribers that pledge to NSFW artists and kink content creators and threaten to reveal their Patreon pledges to an employer.
Your payment information (credit/debit card information) should be safe because Patreon do not process payment information themselves, they outsource it to Stripe and PayPal.
This blogpost by a cyber security professional is worth reading to know more on what to do about this situation.
Should I delete my Patreon account?
If you have no other option, then I would not delete my Patreon account especially if it is your only active source of income. What I would do is what I have listed above: by turning on two factor authentication through an app like Google Authenticator or Authy and changing your password to a randomly generated password so that you are not too much at risk when a security breach inevitably happens.
If you do have other options and are not as financially dependent on Patreon alone, then I would think about switching to other crowdfunding services like Ko-fi, SubscribeStar (I hear SubscribeStar is a good option for NSFW artists) and Comradery
I was originally going to create a Patreon for my interactive fiction/narrative game studio after I release the demo/first chapter of the interactive fiction game I'm currently working on (Mutants of Mayprice) but Patreon's lack of communication about this situation and their unwise decision of firing their entire internal security team (which wasn't many people to begin with, five people) does not leave me with a lot of confidence about the future of the platform.
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dayaneedshelp · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
i don’t even know if anyone will see this but please don’t ignore me, if you see this please reblog and if you’re classed and/or non black please extend some funds. i don’t want to live like this anymore.
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mostlysignssomeportents · a month ago
Kickstarting the "Chokepoint Capitalism" audiobook
Tumblr media
My next book is Chokepoint Capitalism, co-written with the brilliant copyright expert Rebecca Giblin: it’s an action-oriented investigation into how tech and entertainment monopolies have destroyed creators’ livelihoods, with detailed, shovel-ready plans to unrig creative labor markets and get artists paid.
Tumblr media
Ironically, the very phenomenon this book describes — “chokepoint capitalism” — is endemic to book publishing, and in audiobook publishing, it’s in its terminal phase. There’s no way to market an audiobook to a mass audience without getting trapped in a chokepoint, which is why we’re kickstarting a direct-to-listener edition:
What is “chokepoint capitalism?” It’s when a multinational monopolist (or cartel) locks up audiences inside a system that they control, and uses that control to gouge artists, creating toll booths between creators and their audiences.
For example, take Audible: the Amazon division controls the vast majority of audiobook sales in the world — in some genres, they have a 90%+ market-share. Audible requires every seller — big publishers and self-publishers alike — to use their proprietary DRM as a condition of selling on the platform.
Tumblr media
That’s a huge deal. DRM is useless at preventing copyright infringement (all of Audible’s titles can be downloaded for free from various shady corners of the internet), but it is wildly effective at locking in audiences and seizing power over creators. Under laws like the USA’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act, giving someone a tool to remove DRM is a felony, punishable by 5 years in prison and a $500k fine.
This means that when you sell your audiobooks on Audible, you lock them to Audible’s platform…forever. If another company offers you a better deal for your creative work and you switch, your audience can’t follow you to the new company without giving up all the audiobooks they’ve bought to date. That’s a lot to ask of listeners!
Tumblr media
Amazon knows this: as their power over creators and publishers has grown, the company has turned the screw on them, starting with the most powerless group, the independent creators who rely on Amazon’s self-serve ACX system to publish their work.
In late 2020, a group of ACX authors discovered that Amazon had been systematically stealing their wages, to the tune of an estimated $100,000,000. The resulting Audiblegate scandal has only gotten worse since, and while the affected authors are fighting back, they’re hamstrung by Amazon’s other unfair practices, like forcing creators to accept binding arbitration waivers on their way through the chokepoint:
Tumblr media
I have always had a no-DRM policy for my ebooks and audiobooks. Amazon’s Kindle store — another wildly dominant part of the books ecosystem — has always allowed authors to choose whether or not to apply DRM, but in Audible — where Amazon had a commanding lead from the start, thanks to their anti-competitive acquisition of the formerly independent Audible company — it is mandatory.
Because Audible won’t carry my DRM-free audiobooks, audiobook publishers won’t pay for them. I don’t blame them — being locked out of the market where 90%+ of audiobooks are sold is a pretty severe limitation. For a decade now, I’ve produced my own audiobooks, using amazing narrators like @wilwheaton​, Amber Benson and @neil-gaiman​.
Tumblr media
These had sold modestly-but-well, recouping my cash outlays to fairly compensate the readers, directors and engineers involved, but they were still niche products, sold at independent outlets like Libro.fm, Downpour, and my own online storefront:
Tumblr media
But that all changed in 2020, with the publication of Attack Surface, an adult standalone novel set in the world of my bestselling YA series Little Brother. That time, I decided to use Kickstarter to pre-sell the audio- and ebooks and see if my readers would help me show other creators that we could stand up to Audible’s bullying.
Tumblr media
Holy shit, did it ever work. The Kickstarter for the Attack Surface audiobook turned into the most successful audiobook crowdfunding campaign in world history, grossing over $267,000:
Tumblr media
Which brings me to today, and our new Kickstarter for Chokepoint Capitalism. We produced an independent audiobook, tapping the incomparable Stefan Rudnicki (winner of uncountable awards, narrator of 1000+ books, including Ender’s Game) to read it.
We’re preselling the audiobook ($20), ebook ($15), hardcover ($27), and bundles mixing and matching all three (there’s also bulk discounts). There’s also the option to buy copies that we’ll donate to libraries on your behalf. We’ve got pins and stickers — and, for five lucky high-rollers, we’ve got a very special artwork called: “The Annotated Robert Bork.”
Tumblr media
Robert Bork was the far-right extremist who convinced Ronald Reagan to dismantle antitrust protection in America, and then exported the idea to the rest of the world (Reagan tried to reward him with a Supreme Court seat, but Bork’s had been Nixon’s Solicitor General and his complicity in Nixon’s crimes cost him the confirmation).
Tumblr media
Bork’s dangerous antitrust nonsense destroyed the world as we knew it, giving us the monopolies that have wrecked the climate, labor protections and political integrity. These monopolies have captured every sector of the economy — from beer and pro-wrestling to health insurance and finance:
Tumblr media
“The Annotated Robert Bork” is a series of five shadow-boxes containing two-page spreads excised from Bork’s 1978 pro-monopoly manifesto
The Antitrust Paradox
, which we have mounted on stiff card and hand-annotated with our red pens. The resulting package is a marvel of museum glass and snark.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Image ID: A prototype of ‘The Annotated Robert Bork]
Bork’s legacy is monopolistic markets in every sector of the world’s economy, including the creative industries. Chokepoint Capitalism systematically explores how tech and entertainment giants have rigged music streaming, newspapers, book publishing, the film industry, TV, video streaming, and others, steadily eroding creators’ wages even as their work generated more money for the monopolists’ shareholders.
Tumblr media
But just as importantly, our book proposes things we can do right now to unrig creative labor markets. Drawing on both existing, successful projects and promising new experiments, we set out shovel-ready ideas for creators, artists’ groups, fans, technologists, startups, and local, regional and national governments.
Tumblr media
Artists aren’t in this struggle alone. As we write in the book, chokepoint capitalism is the final stage of high-tech capitalism, which atomizes workers and locks in customers and then fleeces workers as a condition of reaching their audiences. It’s a form of exploitation that is practiced wherever industries concentrate, which is why creators can’t succeed by rooting for Big Tech against Big Content or vice-versa.
It’s also why creative workers should be in solidarity with all workers — squint a little at Audible’s chokepoint shakedown and you’ll recognize the silhouette of the gig economy, from Uber to Doordash to the poultry and meat-packing industries.
Tumblr media
40 years of official pro-monopoly policy has brought the world to the brink of collapse, as monopoly profits and concentrated power allowed an ever-decreasing minority of the ultra-rich to extract ever-increasing fortunes from ever-more-precarious workers. It’s a flywheel: more monopoly creates more profits creates more power creates more monopoly.
The solutions we propose in Chokepoint Capitalism are specific to creative labor, but they’re also examples of the kinds of tactics that we can use in every industry, to brake the monopolists’ flywheel and start a new world.
Tumblr media
I hope you’ll consider backing the Kickstarter if you can afford to — and if you can’t, I hope you’ll check out one of the copies our backers have donated to libraries around the world:
[Image ID: An image of a mobile phone playing the Chokepoint Capitalism audiobook, along with the title and subtitle of the book: 'Chokepoint Capitalism: How Big Tech and Big Content Captured Creative Labor Markets and How We'll Win Them Back.']
[Image ID: Are you a writer, a musician, an artist? Is Big Tech eating your brain and sucking your financial blood? Cory Doctorow and Rebecca Giblin’s new book, Chokepoint Capitalism’, tells us how the vampires crashed the party and provides protective garlic. Your brain must remain your own concern, however.’ — Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale]
[Image ID: I loved this book. It brings a clear and rigorous vision of the chokepoint controls that are breaking our spirit and an equally clear path forward. It speaks directly to creators, would-be artists, writers, and musicians, and all who want a free society alive with culture, dissent, creativity. It helps us all see the locks and chains, and the ways to chisel through them.’ — Zephyr Teachout, law professor and author of Corruption in America and Break ’Em Up]
[Image ID: Creators are being ground up by the modern culture industries, with little choice but to participate in markets that weaken their power and economic return. In this brilliant and wide-ranging work, Giblin and Doctorow show why, and offer a range of powerful strategies for fighting back.’ — Lawrence Lessig, Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership, Harvard Law School]
[Image ID: This compellingly readable indictment shows how ‘consumer welfare’ regulatory theory has allowed Big Tech to choke creators and diminish choice. Giblin and Doctorow demonstrate that the goal to lower consumer costs means ‘you get what you pay for’: paying less for cultural goods leads to getting fewer creative outputs and enterprises. Chokepoint Capitalism couples its legal-economic critique with provocative, sometimes utopian, prescriptions for fairly remunerating authors and performers.’ — Jane C. Ginsburg, Morton L. Janklow Professor of Literary and Artistic Property Law, Columbia University School of Law]
[Image ID: The great myth of the American economy is that it rewards creators and producers. But Chokepoint Capitalism dares to tell the real story of how it actually rewards the all-powerful middlemen fleecing both workers and consumers. This book is an absolute must-read for anyone who senses that the predominant economic mythology is a lie, who wants to know what’s really happening in this economy — and who is ready to finally start fixing the problem.’ — David Sirota, writer of Don’t Look Up and founder of The Lever]
[Image ID: We all know something is wrong about every click, stream, and purchase we make — unfairly depriving value creators of their worth, while enriching the wealthiest and most extractive entities in human history. Instead of just complaining about the corporate stranglehold over production and exchange, Giblin and Doctorow show us why this happened, how it works, and what we can do about it. An infuriating yet inspiring call to collective action.’  — Douglas Rushkoff, author of Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus and Survival of the Richest]
[Image ID: Twenty years of internet copyright wars got us nowhere — creators are still getting the shaft. Giblin and Doctorow persuasively argue that copyright can’t unrig a rigged market — for that you need worker power, antitrust, and solidarity.’ — Jimmy Wales, cofounder of Wikipedia]
[Image ID: Capitalism doesn’t work without competition. Giblin and Doctorow impressively show the extent to which that’s been lost throughout the creative industries, and how this pattern threatens every other worker. There’s still time to do something about it, but the time to act is now.’ — Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist]
[Image ID: Chokepoint Capitalism really is a tome for the times. It’s comforting to feel validated and terrifying to realize I was right all along! And now, to action! The revolution will not be spotified!’ — Christopher Coe, artist and cofounder of Awesome Soundwave]
[Image ID: If you have ever wondered why the web feels increasingly stale, Chokepoint Capitalism outlines in great detail how it is being denied fresh air. Over the past two decades, we have seen an immense consolidation of power, depriving us of fresh visions for what the web could be and contorting art and culture to flatter the objectives of a few platforms. This book does a remarkable job of identifying the blockages and surfacing ideas on the margins that could reroute us. I’m grateful it exists!’ — Mat Dryhurst, artist and researcher, NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music]
[Image ID: Chokepoint Capitalism is more than a clarion call for a new, necessary form of trustbusting. It’s a grand unified theory of a decades-long, corporate-led hollowing out of creative culture. It will make you angry, and it should.’ — Andy Greenberg, writer for WIRED and author of Sandworm and Tracers in the Dark]
[Image ID: If you’re halfway through this book and aren’t boiling mad over the way contemporary capitalism has deformed and crippled culture, get your head checked. Chokepoint Capitalism is a Why We Fight for a long-overdue uprising. Rebecca Giblin and Cory Doctorow lay out their case in plain and powerful prose, offering a grand tour of the blighted cultural landscape and how our arts and artists have been chickenized, choked, and cheated. But it’s more than just a call to arms; it also provides a plan of battle with inspired strategy and actual tactics — ways that we can all channel that anger and make real change.’ — Kaiser Kuo, host and cofounder of The Sinica Podcast]
[Image ID: The story of how a few giant corporations are strangling the life out of our media ecosystem is one of the most important of the decade, and Giblin and Doctorow tell it better than anyone. Searing, essential, and incredibly readable.’ — Adam Conover, comedian and host of The G-Word]
[Image ID: Chokepoint Capitalism is not just a fascinating tour of the hidden mechanics of the platform era, from Spotify playlists to Prince’s name change, but a compelling agenda to break Big Tech’s hold. It presents a clear new way to think about corporate power — and a path to taking that power back for cultural creators and all of us.’ — Eli Pariser, author of The Filter Bubble and cofounder of Avaaz]
[Image ID: Chokepoint Capitalism is a masterwork. Rebecca Giblin and Cory Doctorow lay out in chilling detail how the deck is stacked against artists, the relentless corporate drives to control production and distribution through technology and deregulation, and how oligopolies deprive gifted artists of fair compensation by eliminating true competition. But they don’t stop there: this is also a useful handbook to take on that power structure. Giblin and Doctorow remind us that when individuals understand the value of their work, they can create the necessary leverage to challenge the status quo and retake what is rightfully theirs. Both frightening and uplifting, it’s a necessary read for any artist in the entertainment industry.’ — David A. Goodman, writer, executive producer of The Orville, and former president of the WGA Wes]
[Image ID: Anyone who cares about culture can see that something is deeply amiss in the ‘creator economy’ that today’s artists are obligated to participate in. Rather than simply lamenting the problem or falling back on clichés about starving artists, what Rebecca Giblin and Cory Doctorow do in Chokepoint Capitalism is to make clear the overall pattern that drives the exploitation of artists, from music to gaming to film to books. And they lay out a credible, actionable vision for a better, more collaborative future where artists get their fair due. Every creator will find inspiration here.’ — Anil Dash, CEO of Glitch]
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prokopetz · 3 months ago
Basically the problem with including a “put your character in the game!” tier in a video game crowdfunding project is that you will get one of those weirdos who thinks it’s completely reasonable to expect you to reconfigure the game’s entire plot to revolve around their OC because they contributed $200 to a $200 000 budget, and they will write a trending callout post about it when you tell them no.
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thunderxthighs · a year ago
Tumblr media
Our names are Crystal, Joe, and Jesse. This is where we've been sleeping when we can't afford a room. It's quiet, well-lit, off the beaten path, not visible from the road with a little bit of protection from the wind and rain, and that almost makes it worth sleeping on concrete.
As you can see, we're not equipped for the elements and as we're finding ourselves having to sleep outside more and more often it's also getting colder and wetter outside. It's expensive to stay in motels, in our area we're still paying around $150/ night, though that's been trending downwards since labor day. Two of us are willing and able to work, but there's no way to hold down a job when you don't know where or if you're going to have a place to sleep from day to day.
On top of that, Joe is sick with a persistent bladder infection and sleeping outside in the cold without access to a bathroom isn't doing him any good at all.
In short, we're really struggling and we need help, anything is appreciated!
Feel free to contact me with any questions, boosts are appreciated!
Venmo: @ jesse-eugene16
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gwyoi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My little trip this morning. Anyways they don’t know what’s wrong with me and I had to miss work again today so please help out if you can:
venmo/cashapp/paypal: gwyoi
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suturez · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
hey my mom stole money from me and I need to get like 600$ Canadian so I can get my internet turned back on, I thought I was giving her money to pay it but she was pocketing it and my brother can only loan me so much, I will be offering my writing services for anyone who helps me out
my paypal is @garfiend
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ndnhawks · 3 months ago
Sighs. If my posts could stop dying I'd really like that.
Long story short I'm Ko, a disabled native artist, who wants to go to college. I raised enough to get my driver's license so I can take my test in order to, yknow, be able to drive to the campus.
I don't qualify for any scholarships or bursaries because I'm a 2 time high school drop out. My parents deeply don't want me to take out a loan, because the course I plan on taking is only $2.5k and I also don't... qualify for loans for no less than 5 reasons I don't wanna get into.
Im trying to raise the amount I need for tuition, which I need to somehow raise before December so I can register for February, which is when the winter term starts.
I take digital art commissions, sliding scale or payment plans available via discussion, and also will accept donations. Only through below links bc I'm canadian and we dont have the apps like c*shapp or v*nmo.
Interac e-transfer dm for email.
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oshunsambience · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Please help 😊 🙏🏾
Reblogs help a lot 🙏🏾 💚
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jonnywaistcoat · 4 months ago
Hi all, it’s Jonny. You remember, from The Magnus Archives? So, we’re in the last three days of the crowdfunder for my latest project, PITCRAWLER, and I really, really want it to do well, so I thought I’d do another plug post to try and nudge anyone on the fence about it to back (or to remind folks who were like “oh yeah, maybe I’ll back that later” - now’s the time!).
I’m not going to post a link ‘cause I know that means Tumblr hides posts, but if you google “pitcrawler” then the IndieGoGo campaign should be the first result.
Tumblr media
So what is PITCRAWLER?
It’s a tabletop roleplaying game that I’ve been designing with my partner Sasha Sienna (Georgie from Magnus). It’s an over-the-top fantasy game inspired by old adventure gamebooks like Fighting Fantasy or Lone Wolf, with “wizard airbrushed onto the side of a van” vibes (though much less racist/misogynist/colonialist than a lot of the fantasy of that era, and much more queer-friendly).
It’s designed to be played with two players, one adventurer and one gamesmaster, and has a simple system intended to be accessible to new players who might be curious about roleplaying but find the prospect of big games like Dungeons & Dragons a bit intimidating, or who might not be able to get a half dozen friends together, but can probably convince one other person to play.
In it, you play an adventurer trying to make their way in a world ruled by hyper-powerful wizards who have carved reality up into their own weird domain. Thematically, it’s unsurprisingly anti-capitalist, with the wizards very much standing in for weird, out-of-touch billionaires and oligarchs.
Will I like it?
I think so! It’s a fun, light-hearted adventure romp that requires no preparation or experience to play, with loads of random tables and guidance to help new players find their feet. Plus, it’s got fantastically cool old-gamebook art like this!
Tumblr media
Look at that boney fellow! He’s having a great time!
How much is it?
The basic PDF version is only £13, with physical copies starting from £26, though there are obviously higher tiers that get you cooler stuff, like journals to record your adventures and tear-off character sheet notebooks!
Can I try it out first?
Yes! There’s a Quickstart Guide available for download on the IndieGoGo page, which gives you the full basic rules and a small selection of backgrounds, expertises, companions etc, as well as four sample adventures!
How long do I have to think about it?
The IndieGoGo campaign finished on Wednesday 25th May, and while there will be opportunities to pre-order it afterwards, backing it now will mean there’ll be more good stuff in the book itself. Our next stretch goal (which we are tantalisingly close to) will add a whole bunch of extra random tables to the book! So if you’re curious or interested, please consider backing it now!
Can I play an adventurer who used to be a Mayor?
Weird question, but yes! You even get a special mayor’s hat as a starting item!
Tumblr media
Can my best friend be a goblin who plays the bagpipes?
Uh, again, yes. That would probably be the Musician companion in the full game, and absolutely they can be a goblin if you’d like.
Look, I’m going to stop you there, if these are the sort of questions that amuse or excite you, I really think you’re going to love PITCRAWLER, so check out the campaign and back it if you can.
Where did you say I could find it?
Just google “pitcrawler” and it should be the first result.
Right. Cool. Wait, why did you post this in “The Magnus Archives” tag?
Well, uh... You see... Um... Look out! Behind you! A wizard!
Tumblr media
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borinquenaqueer · a month ago
The amount of money I need in order to breathe freely for the next month is rising quick as late fees and due dates arrive + leave unpaid, and I'm just trying to breathe and get through it.
I'm being flown out to Texas on the 21st to help one of my best friends and their partner move out here to Florida (I am Very Excited about this) but it does mean that I'm going to be out of town for something like 3 weeks.
Tumblr media
I have $30 to my name right now between paypal and venmo, and if I want to be caught up on everything while I'm out of town, then I need $1500 -- that's just paying all the bills & re-upping my meds for another month before I leave. That's not groceries, or having anything for the trip itself. That's bare bones shit right there.
With recent issues in the house and our resulting heat exhaustion, A & I haven't been able to do much in the way of gig work to make even the tiniest dent, so I'm Stressed and Not Doing Great!
Tumblr media
so if you've seen (or been boosting, bless <3) my last donation post around, here's the update ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯
paypal (mireyahwolfe @ gmail)
venmo (borinquenaqueer)
cashapp ($reyahwolfe)
30/1500 T_T
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angelsaxis · a month ago
Hey y'all, my friend is a Black transfemme who currently needs funds for survival + food. They've already faced violence once and I know they're likely to face it again. If you can donate or boost this, I'd really appreciate it! She asked me to gather the funds for her since her gfm is slowing down, so here's ways you can send funds:
Kofi: lesbianisms
Any amount helps!
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southeastsappho · 8 months ago
Happy Lesbian Visibility Week, be a real ally by giving gals money and not just by writing hashtags in ya social media profiles 🖤
Tumblr media
Help a black lesbian and her Trans lesbian partner pay for car repairs, make up for days of work lost to illness and in general, just survive!:
Cashapp: $sailorsylvie
Paypal: [email protected]l.com
Venmo: Serena-Manning
Thank yall!
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iz-bee · 4 days ago
hi everyone. my grandpa is dying and we need to pay for his medical bills/hospice/potential funerary costs. here is a link to d0nate < 3 pls pls pls reblog to spread
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