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lappuncheung · 19 hours
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Critical Role C2 Fanart (Part V)
The adventures on Rumblecusp come to an end and Yasha gets a new tatoo, joining the other girls in their magical glowing tats. The Nein hang out in a bierhaus as well as have dinner together in Widogast's Nascent Nine-sided Tower (though not on the same night)
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ailustrarte · 2 days
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Old and New Heroes! I had the honor of making this piece for Critical Role's Exandria: An Intimate History narrated by Matt Mercer. It was a dream come true to paint official art of both Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein characters.
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darkdisrepair · 1 day
missing imogen/laudna hours meta
you know what's interesting about imogen and laudna where they sit in canon right now?
i think they're the ones who know the least about how they feel about each other.
and hear me out: you may be saying "no, there's no way that they don't know- they're the characters we're focusing on" but you see, i don't think that's true.
i think the other members of bell's hells have had separate experiences where they see how much imogen and laudna care about each other:
laudna, after breaking imogen's rock: sobbing her heart out to anyone who would listen, stressing about how to make it up to her, "let her step on me," how everything was about fixing her relationship with imogen, how it consumed so much of her thoughts that she was blindsided by yu's betrayal/romance
imogen, after laudna's death: inconsolable, devastated, in denial, isolated, lonely, withdrawn, "you know you saved my life, right?" "know that I love you," sundering delilah briarwood
but here's the thing: for both of these, the other girl didn't witness most of what the other was going through.
obviously laudna was dead.
and imogen, though she and laudna made up and talked about how preoccupied they were separately when they were fighting, there's a difference between talking about it and seeing it.
they both have been through hell for each other. laudna, killed by otohan- imogen's adversary.
imogen, killing delilah- laudna's adversary.
but it's so strange, because they're so intertwined in each other's lives but they're also so separated from each other, in such different headspaces?
i think, in the bell's hells minds, the two of them are far closer to some kind of revelation in their dynamic - romantic or otherwise- than they actually are.
but in practice- they're still stuck. on paper, they're moving forward. laudna conquering her trauma, imogen being pushed toward her destiny- but when they're together, there's this block in their friendship that is the other person.
they love and care so deeply that they forget to love themselves. laudna, brushing away her trauma of waking up in whitestone when imogen messages her mom. in some ways, holding herself back from healing because she wants to help imogen so badly.
imogen, pushing away her feelings about her mom (that situation is so fucking sad to me, by the way) because how could she be sad if laudna is alive but she should be sad.
not that they're toxic to each other. that's not what i'm saying. but i think they try so hard to make the other better that they forget to take care of themselves, and they're trying so hard for each other that i think it's going to come back and hurt them, one way or another.
my prediction: i think imogen is going to break first. i think there's so, so much that she hasn't processed yet and i think her mother's lack of contact has started a chain reaction that we're going to have to deal with, eventually.
i, for one, love the idea of laudna having an early-on healing arc. i don't think that's a disservice to her character at all, to have that as early as episode 40. her story doesn't end just because she's finally processed her delilah storyline.
she still has so much to learn about independence, self-confidence, and love. she has so much to receive from the world. i think it would be beautiful, actually, to have the yin-yang dynamic of one character rising from the ashes of her past while the other falls from grace, pulled down by the weight of her future.
i think that's a beautiful theme, for the two of them: the push and pull, of how to lift someone up while trying to do the same for yourself. i think in the end, that's what i love about them, and why, again, the romance will they, won't they isn't as important to me.
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I just…I miss the bells hells…I need my comfort time bomb psychos that just love each other so much
I’m happy everyone’s enjoying the mighty nein but it’s just been too long for me
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definitelynotrhi · 3 days
[cw // bl00d] happy monday ! here's more fcg to start your morning 💗
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based off of that one hamtaro meme:
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sandstormcz · 2 days
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I'm not going to disagree with Laura Bailey but
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peaceowatermeln · 1 day
i’m rewatching 3x33-4 cos i’m a masochist apparently and thinking about fearne using revivify, i saw a fair amount of discussion about whether she fibbed that coin flip or not at the time but i can’t help but think that either way its super in character.
the two options are:
she didn’t fib the flip and kept true to the chaos of a coin flip, which makes sense with her nature and especially since she just found out delilah was fucked and couldn’t help (“she’s too weak” “that fuckin’ bitch”) so fuck delilah and fuck this, she’s not making this decision.
she did fib the flip and chose orym on her own instinct, which also makes sense since orym is the only constant family fearne currently has with the reveal of her parents and dorian and the crown keepers being away, with the addition that laudna had died and come back before. also the idea of fibbing supposedly random chance seems very up her alley too.
this was all to say the discussion i remember after those episodes felt odd to me considering both options felt very in-character regardless of which actually happened
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agarthanguide · 2 months
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Quick, before the moment has passed- is this anything?
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flowersforvax · 5 months
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moonymauk · 13 days
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I’m still processing hot housewife yasha I’m obsessed with her
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violetsyrenart · 2 months
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I miss Percy’s one liners. They hit different.
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lappuncheung · 3 days
Fjord's Stand (2020)
The moment when Fjord got ambushed on the ship was such a cool moment in the show, but later on when he was actually fighting the scions was a cooler visual for me to animate.
At this time, I wasn't playing with audio yet, which later animations would include as I feel like it's an important part of the atmosphere of the video.
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sansssins · 27 days
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otterlyart · 2 months
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*Cue collective screaming*
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quietsphere · 1 month
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"True bravery inspires others to fall in line behind you and defy their illusions"
- Ariks Eshteross
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