#cozy autumn moodboard <3
happyheidi · 12 days ago
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bitchybeesx · a year ago
Tumblr media
Cozy autumns with Bucky ♡︎
Warnings; light smut.
Moodboard made by me, all pics from Pinterest.
Do not copy or steal my work.
Autumns with Bucky were your favourite time (or at least, a close second to Christmas), they included:
▫︎Picking out matching costumes that were the most outrageous you could think of and Bucky wearing it to see that wide smile on your face.
▫︎Going to haunted houses and having a death grip on Buckys arm and him keeping a tight grip onto your waist, wondering why you wanted to come to these things if they scared you so much. Then when a man jumped out from a spot with a chainsaw and Bucky jumped higher than you and he heard your giggle come to life, then he realized. “Yes! You got scared!” Then immediately after you had gotten scared and hid into his chest. “Yeah doll, i’m the scared one” A breathy laugh escaping his lips. “C’mon, ill make you shake myself”
▫︎Curling up on the couch watching a variety of your favourite Halloween movies that Bucky “just had to see”
▫︎Lighting fires, but also getting to watch Bucky cut the wood for the fire.
▫︎Decorating the house in skeletons, bats and ghosts.
▫︎Matching wool socks that he used to slide around the house dramatically.
▫︎Halloween baking. Bucky loved when you made ghost shape cookies. “Doll, these are amazing.”
▫︎Corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and spiced drinks.
▫︎Not to mention taking the little one trick or treating in a coordinated family costume. Bucky holding their hand and taking them up to each door, carrying the candy bag when it started to get too heavy and carrying your child when they were too tired to walk anymore.
▫︎After putting the baby to sleep, Bucky grabbing your favorite cozy blanket, making snacks and sitting up in front of the fire. Staying cuddled for hours, mindlessly reading your own books until his warm hands started sliding up and down your thighs, eventually making you both incredibly horny -
“So good for me doll, fit so well” Rough hands travelling your body as he pounded up into you, keeping you held in place in his lap.
▫︎Fall walks through the park, 3 of you holding hands, while he sneaks glances at you from the other side of your baby.
▫︎Bucky loving you through every season, but loving seeing you in front of trees of every colour, seeing the leaves fall down around your feet as you step through them. Never watching where you’re walking, just enthralled in the sights of the trees (which did end up in Bucky having to catch you more times then he can count.)
“Head out of the clouds there sweets”
“Hm, what about this pumpkin?” You had held up a decent size pumpkin in front of you, examining in.
“Should we get a few?” Carefully moving a few pumpkins around to look for more of the same size.
“Mom! Dad! Look!” A little girl with dark brunette locks came running up to you both.
“Whatcha got there hun?” Bucky smiled sweetly down at her, looking at the 2 pumpkins no bigger then the size of her hands, holding them up for you both to share her excitement for.
“They’re my size! Can we get them?” Her eyes were exactly like Buckys, watching the 2 of them made your knees buckle.
Looking back to a few years ago, you never thought you’d be here at a pumpkin patch, with your husband and a small copy of you both. A perfect little family.
“Sure sweetheart” With that, he lifted her up into his arms, making her look even smaller. Giggling away with her tiny pumpkins, he grabbed another bigger one in his other hand and went to the checkout, you following suit with a few more in your arms.
You couldn’t wait to put on a marathon of Halloween movies in the background, cups of hot cocoa and set up a station on the floor for carving the pumpkins.
Watching Bucky struggle to figure out how to carve a badass face into the small surface, while also helping the kiddo to clean out her own, you heart swelled. Cross legged with bits of pumpkin covering his black worn jeans. Smiles from ear to ear on everyone’s face.
You were the happiest you had ever been, and yet, you were about to be even happier.
You sneakily rubbed your hand across your belly, smiling at the family you created.
Haven’t wrote in awhile, been struggling with feeling embarrassed with my writing lolz, oh well.
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soft4hardthings · 20 days ago
🚫currently closed🚫 🍂MOODTOBER🎃: send me a pair+seasonal au and i will create a moodboardt for you! 🚫currently closed🚫
PART 2 COMING SOON! thank you to EVERYONE who sent me requests! <3
inspired by @staalsmarc 's sept/oct prompt event with reverence to @frostbeees swiftember moodboards
Tumblr media
Seasonal AUs: +Witches +Castle/Mansion +Haunted House +Ghost Hunters +Apple Picking +Halloween Party +Pumpkin Patch +Seance +Carving Jack-O-Lanterns +Ghosts (Haunting/Haunted) +Rainy Day +Being Cozy Together +Cabin +Snowed In +Teacher/Kids + Arts & Crafts +Hayride +Attending a Fair +Going to a Psychic/Tarot Reader +Going to a Graveyard +By the Fire +Hot Cocoa and Smores +Bonfire +Warm Weather Autumn (Beach/Hot) +As Kids Trick or Treating +Dia de los Muertos +Vampires +Zombies +Aliens +Serial Killers/Horror Movie +Suggest your own!
Please feel free to add additional requests such as family friendly vs explicit, sad, happy, or scary vibes, and anything else you want your board to feel like + if there's any lyrics you want added
you can send whichever pairs you'd like, but understand this is fiction, and i do not condone any actions of any players irl, and will use my own digression to proceed. 🚫please do not send het-ships, inserts, y/n🚫
Example 1 - Trevor/Jamie (Child-like/Cute N Cozy Aesthetic) Example 2 - Brandon Tanev (Haunted/Dark Aesthetic)
i'd love to build a board for you!
feel free to request on or off anon <3 timeline: i'd love to think i can get these done same day, but they do take a bit of time, and as of posting this, i still have covid! so bare with me! :}
hashtags: Moodtober, Hockeys&Halloween
🧹🍫🍬🍂Happy Halloween!🎃✨🔮👻💀
Masterlist of Moodboardts:
Trevor&Jamie: SoCaloween Brandon Tanev: Haunted Trevor&Jamie: Serial Killers/Horror Movie Teddy Blueger&Tristian Jarry: Pumpkin Patch Trevor&Jamie: Witches Seattle Kraken: Mythical Creatures Roman Josi&Shea Weber: Cozy Together Shea Weber&Cole Caufield: Carnival Gibson&Stolarz: Cemetery Nick Suzuki&Cole Caufield: Wolf x Vampire in love Briss&Bords: Witches (Sex Magic/Chaos Magicians) Blank&Bords: Haunted Mansion (Gothic) Ryan Graves&Dougie Hamilton: Vampire Sonny Milano&Troy Terry: Aliens Brandon Tanev&Kasperi Kapanen: Serial Killers Philipp Grubauer&Chris Driedger: Apple Picking Devon Levi, Jack Hughes& Ty Smith: Cozy, Carving, & Cats! Owen Power&Kent Johnson: Tarot Readings Nick Blankenburg&Thomas Bordeleau: By the Fireside Roman Josi&Tanner Jeannot: Autumn Walks Juuse Saros&Ryan Johansen: Carving Pumpkins Trevor Zegras&Mason McTavish: Halloween Party Josh Mahura&Anthony Stolarz: Baking & Cuddling Troy Terry&Max Jones: Bonfire/Camping Leon Draisaitl&Matthew Tkachuk: Snowed In Trevor Zegras&John Gibson: House Party+Sneaking Off Together Jake Oettinger&Jacob Peterson: Team Halloween Party Adam Henrique&Derek Greant: Haunted Chris Kreider&Mika Zibanejad: The Salem Witch Trials Auston Matthews&Mitch Marner: Trick or Treating Matthew Tkachuk&Clayton Keller: By The Fireside Auston Matthews&Mitch Marner: Dark Academia
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thestral-queen-rules · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hello!!! Thank you all for supporting me!! Thank you for being here with me all these days. my moodboard challenge has ended successfully a few days ago. A very big thanks to everyone who stayed with me throughout the challenge. It was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. I really wanna celebrate this milestone but I've got school. but I'm not gonna give y'all up too. this celebration is too simple. once again, thank y'all very much. Lots of love, take care♡  
Tumblr media
Send me a:
👻 - tell me about yourself (like, your favorite things to do, personality,character, etc) , and I'll give you a inspiration for Halloween costume .(specify the gender and also if you want it as a couple costume or friends gang costume or both) <3
🎃 - and tell me about the activities that you've planned for this Halloween, and I'll make a "what your snapchat story would look like" thingy with 9 pictures (also specify the gender if you want)
🕯-tell me about yourself (like, your favorite things to do, personality,character, etc) , and I'll give you a inspiration for Diwali outfit .( also specify the gender)
🍁- and tell me about the activities that you've planned for this Diwali , and I'll make a "what your snapchat story would look like" thingy with 9 pictures (also specify the gender if you want)
🥧 - (to the foodies out there) tell me about your food preference, (sweet or spicy, tangy or juicy) and I'll make a moodboard of Halloween treats that'll make you drool just by seeing it (or maybe not)
🥘 - (to the foodies out there) tell me about your food preference, (sweet or spicy, tangy or juicy) and I'll make a moodboard of Diwali treats that'll make you drool just by seeing it (or maybe not)
☕- for a cozy autumn or fall playlist
Tumblr media
Remember that you can ask for more than one of any of these. I'm really excited !!! Eekk
Tumblr media
@elentiyathemoonelf @the-poet-who-bleed-her-agony @ya-boi-leto @silky-moon @samalaingik @i-wanna-b-yours @thebengalurubisexual @chandanbala @leenkiyakepapahihihi @telugumeow @asperargus @adoginthemanger @sabrxnaa-blog @paranoidnihilist @storm-of-ruination @sarcasm-caffeine-and-chaos @wolfstarrysky @carmen-riddle @rainbowsnowflake @crazy-beautiful @book-dragon-not-worm @guerrera-3010 @slytherinicequeen @wornoutconversegirl @wowyoufeelorphic @cupids-crystals @kajukatliontop @shirothestrangewolf @edeneko @lemonphrog @metalvenomludens7 @jugn00 @tonicaballos @nacho08 @starviki @stolen-kisses-pretty-lies @seekerbrave @the-stars-love-us @smr-the-tired-crackhead @crystal-the-carrot @maccharfucker @blndbandt @simpingforwillsolace @cipher-dorito @romanian-longhorn @charme-de-malchan @justalonelywriter @curious-fruitcake @suvarnarekha @justalonelywriter
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Tumblr media
Qincy ‘Quinn’ Bloomfield *Supporting character
Voice Claim:(Justin Bartha) https://youtu.be/mf3K1AUX7Tc?t=68
Partner(s): Single Parents: Edna Bloomfield (alive) and Noam Bloomfield (no longer living) Kids: None. Siblings: Deborah, Samina, Leora, Miriam, Rachel and Abigail. Age: 25 (2021) Birthday: 6th of June Height: 177cm (5.8ft) Body type: Slim Eye color: Olive green/almond. About: Mellow, Reserved, Quiet, Considerate, Amiable, Caring, Decisive, Fair, Aspiring, Emotional, Adaptable, Earnest, Noncompetitive, Dutiful, Gentle, Helpful, Articulate, Compassionate, Forgiving, Dedicated, Intelligent, Humble, Cooperative, Efficient, Faithful, Good-natured, Kind, Practical, Supportive, Organized, Patient, Observant, Neat and Punctual. ~ Studies to become a children’s doctor. ~ Sexuality: Assumed straight. Is actually bi. ~ Has silky brown hair. ~ Virgin. ~ Has never dated anyone. ~ Comes from a big family. ~ Quincy is the youngest of his siblings, and was kinda the runt. So his parents were quite old when they got him. ~ Grew up as the only boy among all his sisters, father worked a lot, so he was often alone in a house full of women for days. ~ Lost his father in 2018, he died from illness at the age of 78. Which took very hard on Quinn. ~ Was very close to his father, and misses him a lot. ~ Does a lot of charity work, when he can get his head out of his books. ~ Pretty reserved, but is quite talkative when he feels secure in someones company. ~ Spends a lot of time in his room, writing poetry or getting lost in his own thoughts. ~ Has an elderly neighbor whom he grocery shops for every Wednesday and Saturday, in return he teaches Quinn to play the piano. ~ Extremely good at braiding hair. ~ Good cook. ~ Smells like: Bergamot and Amber. ~ Still lives at home with his mother and his 6 year older sister, Abigail. ~ Takes his 70 year old mother to the cemetery every Sunday to visit his father. ~ Jewish, but only practicing because of his parents. ~ Doesn’t consider himself religious. ~ 12/10 good boi. ~ Always helps elderly people. ~ Is very much an Autumn person. ~ Would like to start dating, just haven’t had time to get himself involved with someone. ~ Not very confident when it comes to finding a partner, just the thought makes him fiddle and become nervous, wondering if he’d be good enough for anyone to love? ~ Is very good at baking. ~ Have wanted to become a doctor since he was a kid, eager to follow his dad’s footsteps. ~ But his most secret dream job would be teacher, but his dad would never have agreed to that. ~ Makes his own candles as a past time hobby. ~ Very close to his 93 year old grandmother, Noya, he considers her his best friend, and visits her every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. ~ Is often seen around parks in town, or by the beach, sitting on a bench, or leaned against a tree, reading for hours. ~ Cares more than what is good for him. ~ Knits if he needs to clear his head. ~ Might just be an old lady trapped inside him.  ~ Prefers to be called Quinn, only his grandmother, mom and father calls/called him Quincy. ~ Loves: His family, cherry pie, camping, reading, learning, helping, nature, sunrise and sundown, ducks, deer, badgers, baking/cooking, Nutmeg, Anise, Cinnamon, Saffron, elderly people, hand massage, pumpkin soup, candles, warm blankets, Autumn, crispy leaves, snuggling up by the fire, Apricot marmalade, rice pudding, goat cheese, daydreaming, writing poetry, reading poetry, dogs, carrot cake, brisket, Mandel bread, Shakshuka, Rugelach, his moms potato Latke and his grandmas Matzoh ball soup. ~ His style is casual, cozy and earthy. ~ Hides at a local coffee shop when the weather is too bad to sit outside and read.
Quinn’s tag Quinn’s house/home Quinn’s moodboard Handwriting/ask answer pic:
Tumblr media
One song to describe him: Hollow Coves - Hello Personal Playlist: 1. William Lawrence - Back From Where I've Been (Live at Dewey Hall) 2. Roni Bar Hadas - Everything 3. Jenny Yim - Crozier 4. The Sweeplings - In between 5. Joel Porter - Hymn 6. The Lumineers - Sleep On The Floor 7. Jordan Soulman - Waiting for the Stars 8. Will Cookson - I'm All at Sea 9. The Paper Kites - Featherstone 10. Joel Porter - Amaranthine 11. Jesse Blake Rundle - Radishes and Flowers 12. Anatu - Mother 14. Graeme James - A Sea of Infinite Possibilities 15. Twins of June - Breathe On
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hoesoflamentation · 11 months ago
Hiya! Congrats on the follower milestone, it really is amazing <3 I’m sending in for a moodboard, please!
My favourite aesthetic is either Gothic Victorian or the Detective aesthetic; my favourite colour is green
My perfect autumn day would be a romantic walk in a pretty park (preferably on a slightly rainy day), followed by a cozy evening at home together eating good food and relaxing
I’d probably wear a loose tee shirt with some sort of animal image on it, a simple pair of black trousers, a hat of some sort, and my favourite trench coat
Thank you!
i match you with satan.
Tumblr media
satan holds the umbrella over you both as walk arm-in-arm through the park. you inhale deeply, the scent of rain on the pavement filling your nostrils. satan turns to you with a soft smile. "it really is the perfect day, isn't it?" he remarks. "mm, i can think of one thing that would make it better," you reply teasingly. satan stops in his tracks and pulls you in by the lapels of your favorite trench coat. his lips taste faintly of strong coffee as he gives you a gentle, lingering kiss. you smile as he pulls away. "now it's been the perfect day," you declare. taking your hand with a grin, satan continues to lead you down the winding path. "what would you say to some takeout by the fireplace?" he proposes. your eyes light up as you exclaim, "even better!"
Tumblr media
hii sorry this took so long, hope you love it darling~
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venawks · 5 months ago
🌻 !
Ahh I somehow didn’t realize you made a new side blog?! It looks great!! ☺️
you're my: sweet and talented moot who i heavily associate with everything warm neutral toned and cafe themed !! anytime i see a moodboard that's filled with warm browns or a little book cafe i'm like "luna"
why i follow you: your writing is adorable and you're such a sweet person !!! i'm always excited to find more fluff writers and all of your hq + bnha fics are so cute and fluffy !! plus you're an amazing person to boot <3
your blog is: like i said !! so themed and beautiful! i barely have my main all figured out to be cohesive and i'm so indecisive i admire the blogs who keep one good theme !! and your little cafe theme is so cute and cozy!! very pretty i love it
your URL is: very cute and very on brand !! it fits the cafe theme and also fluff is my weakness !! i've always envied peoples who urls + themes + navigation all fit together and look really good and yours definitely does
your icon is: cute tiny bby :)) i still heavily associate you with the suga icon in my head ajskdjk i think it's because that's the one you had when i first started interacting with you but !! cute nonetheless
general opinion: sweet and amazing and very very talented fluff writer whose fics are always so good !! i still think about the shouto fic from your milestone event and there's quite a few pieces that you've written that i've read way more than once !
a random thought I have: you have big autumn vibes! like i associate the colours of the trees changing, warm drinks, and really big chunky knit sweaters with you !!
mutuals send me a 🌻 and i'll answer these!
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werecreature-daydreams · a year ago
Hello do you mind doing a punkish black shuck moodboard with cozy autumn, fiery themes? I love your boards btw ;;
Tumblr media
🍂🔥Black Shuck🔥🍂
Feel free to use with credit <3
Requested by Anon
Requests open!!
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ladyniniane · 11 months ago
how about 1, 19, 25, and 29? <3
Thank you Nyusa :D
1)What song makes you feel better?
I like The berry by Cécile Corbel, it's a very sweet and soothing song.
19)Most important thing in your life?
My cat. She's the light of my life, she's so tender and cuddly. Her presence is very important.
25)what’s the best personal gift someone could give you (playlist, homemade card, etc.)
A moodboard? A drawing (ok that's a bit too much hahaha)? Honestly, any gift is fine. I would say that that's the intention that counts.
29) morning, afternoon or night?
Morning, especially on weekends, I love how peaceful and silent the city is. Especially while basking in autumn light.
Night, also. I love the feeling of peace, the starry sky and the moon. I love that cozy feeling that the day is other and that I'm now at home to relax.
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wayhavenots · a year ago
List of My OCs
Writing is sometimes cross-posted to AO3 at plasticdodecagon
The Wayhaven Chronicles
Are all vampires good-looking? - Avery has a question about vampires.
Crosswords - Nate and Avery do crossword puzzles. (Nate x Avery) (Very minor book 3 references.)
Series: Needles - Each detective develops a fear of needles following the incident with Murphy, so it’s up to their RO to make sure they are properly (or improperly) distracted. Takes place between Book 2 and Book 3, roughly.
Contagious (Nate x Avery)
Master Distractor (Farah x Jenny)
For Her Own Good (Adam x Bianca)
Who is Distracting Whom Here? (Morgan x Dove)
An Important Lesson About Trust -  Unit Bravo has questions about Bobby. Namely: why? (Nate x Avery)
Untitled (”Your babysitter’s a werewolf.”) - Dove and Morgan pick up Cara after school. (Morgan x Dove)
Ambush - Ava does not like surprises. (Ava x Rider)
What Do You Want? - Rider sneaks away at an Agency retreat, and Ava finds him cozying up with a member of Unit Alpha. (Ava x Rider, pre-relationship)
Series: Stupid Cupid -  A mysterious supernatural baby appears in Wayhaven. As Unit Bravo tries to return the child to its parents, Avery is forced to confront her views about love. (Nate x Avery)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Smiling into a kiss - Nate x Avery
Beautiful - Morgan x Dove
Microstory: dust mote & nightfall - Nate x Avery
Mind Blind 
So don’t you fret for your baby sister now - Nick opts to be taken off of life support when it looks like he will not recover. He needs Daphne’s help to say goodbye. (TW: Death of a major character (Nick)) (Button x Gray but that’s not really the focus) (literally the saddest thing I’ve ever written)
Loud - Daphne sleeps at Gray’s for the first time. (Mature-ish, 16+) (Gray x Daphne)
Flower Language - Daphne gets Gray some flowers. (Gray x Daphne)
Bursting With Love - At Nick’s wedding, Daphne attempts to rescues Gray from the clutches of her (mostly harmless) aunt. (Gray x Daphne)
How the Cookie Crumbles - Traumatized Nick takes care of Traumatized Daphne.
Another Brother - Daphne asks Kent an important question. (Glitch x Daphne)
Thirst Tweets - Daphne prepares Gray for Justice and Fortitude Read Thirst Tweets. (Gray x Daphne) 18+, minors DNI please
No Worries - Gray and Daphne get married. (Gray x Daphne)
Untitled - Teddy invites Kenna to celebrate New Year’s Eve. (Kenna x Teddy)
Tugging on the bottom of someone’s shirt - (Glitch x Daphne)
Hide - (Wiseman sibling shenanigans)
Untitled (”Write a 300 word love scene”) - (Glitch x Daphne)
Spotify prompt: Know the Enemy (Gray x Daphne)
Spotify prompt: ICU (Glitch x Daphne)
Hushed conversation in between kisses (Gray x Daphne)
Kisses in the rain (Gray x Daphne)
Kisses on the corner of the mouth (Gray x Daphne)
Blood Moon
murmur of the moon - Diana wrestles with her guilt and the call of the moon.
Moon Festival - Diana thinks of mid-autumn festivals of past and present.
Body Count
Spotify prompt: More Like You (Adegoke x Luz)
OC Kiss Week
If Looks Could Kill (Rider and Naya @/griffin-wood)
Sweetness, you got a tap on your heart (Luz and Emma @/amlovelies)
TBD (Rachel and Lisa @/eatingyarn)
Other Content
Commissioned Art
(gift from @/moonrisedreams) Nate Sewell by @/pocparks
Avery Lin by @/pyreios
Rider McQueen by @/pyreios
Daphne Wiseman’s graduation photo by @/nerdferatum
Nick Wiseman and Kermit by @/rickety-goose
Jenny Yang by @/possumgeist
Dove Shepherd by @/possumgeist
Color Moodboards
Rachel (Blood Moon)
Rider (The Wayhaven Chronicles)
Amazing Moodboards (Daphne, Daphne x Gray, Daphne x Glitch) By Alya
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felonsparty · a year ago
hear me out...get me the holden caulfield stimboard or moodboard...your choice...with like...cozy fireplace and flannel and blankets and stuff...woods and fog sort of feel...desaturated autumn colors if that makes sense
posted! i hope i got the right vibes you were looking for :3
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eiirlys · a year ago
I finished her on Monday, but had no time to post in the last few days.
My 3rd in the Fall into Autumn Moodboard challenge! I had another pose in mind, but I wasn't feeling it, so I went into my poses folder and was inspired for this one as well as one of the pictures from the moodboard.
The Prompts:
▪︎ Week 1 'Spicy Pumpkin' by @bugdrawstuff
▪︎ Week 2 'Autumn Breeze' by @sublavia
☆ Week 3 'Coffee & Crumbs' by @aliciedraws
▪︎Week 4 'Fireside Storytelling' by @julie_drawsstuff
▪︎Week 5 'Cozy Sweater' by @art.lees
~ Tags ~
#fallingintoautumnmoodboard #spicypumpkin #autumnbreeze #coffeecrumbs #autumn #brunette #brown #blue #coffeebeans #coffee #tan #browndress #whitesleeves #collar #bluebook #blueeyes #crumbs #cookies #donut #scroll #aliciedraws #moodboardchallenge #moodboard #challenge #traditionalartwork #traditionalchallenge #traditionalmoodboardchallenge
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lemonbars-and-fingerguns · a year ago
sweater weather/autumn moodboard☺️🍂🍁☀️ ghfjg just a cute/funny thing and they are all sleepy cozy and warm, stay warm n cozy & hydrated too!🍵🌻💪
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
AWWWWWWW 🥺 So cute!!!!!! I will stay cozy and hydrated <3 You too!!!! fsdkljdskljdfsklsdfkfds so cute <3 <3
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starscelestialspells · 8 days ago
Autumn Emoji Asks ✨
🍂: Make a simple autumn moodboard to show us your vibes this season! (or simply name the things you would put on such a moodboard)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
👻: What is something in an animated movie or cartoon that scared you as a kid? 
Woody the Woodpecker lol
🎃: What are some good memories you have of celebrating Halloween? And do you have any plans for this year?  
Last year I spent Halloween at a rave, that was pretty spectacular. Halloween as a kid was always awesome also :) I don't have any plans this year yet but I think I just want to make spooky baskets with my partner and have a spooky movie night
🥧: Regardless of skill, if you could bake anything right now (pie, cake, muffin, brownie etc.) what would you like to make? 
Pumpkin Bread
🌧️: Time for a movie marathon on a rainy day. Pick your top 5 movies to watch!
Practical Magic
Any of the Twilight movies
Pan's Labyrinth
Queen of the Damned
🍊: What is your favorite scent? 
Rainy Cedar or Pumpkin Vanilla Campfire
📺: Do you watch horror movies? If yes, which are your favorite? 
Not really, but Midsommer was very visually stunning
🍄: Write a short essay about your thoughts and opinions on mushrooms.
Mushrooms are wonderful wonderful things, I love them. They're cute in art, they're great in food, they're the beauties of nature, they expand the mind, they HEAL! And when I say they heal I mean in more than just the psychotropic ways. They can communicate under the earth. There's so many of them and they can thrive through so much that other plants cannot. I love mushrooms, I wish I could be a mushroom. Mushrooms have taught me about myself and others. Mushrooms changed my life.
🤖: If you were a video game NPC, what would be your catchphrase? 
"Sweet strawberries, oh my!"
🍪: Favorite kind of cookie? 
Turtle Pecan
📢: Shout any random thing that your followers really need to know.
@zepheriasimmer is my sims 4 cc account :)
💁‍♀️: What are items you definitely don’t need but tend to keep and collect anyway?
cool tags from clothes/other products
tiny boxes
���: Which 3 songs remind you instantly of autumn and why? 
the obvious sweater weather, im not explaining lol
Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - it just gives me big singing to your love drunk by a bonfire vibes, coziness
Boy with a Coin by Iron and Wine - this one gives me witchy tambourine around a bonfire vibes
📆: Is there any event or upcoming activity you look forward to? 
🎲: Which kind of board games do you like to play? 
I haven't played a board game in a very long time, maybe I should change that. I like dnd though :)
🛏️: Describe 3 specific items that are in your room.
I have a fabric rainbow woven basket full of incense and I just adore it so much
My partner built me a desk shelf and its just absolutely perfect, if I was at home I'd share a photo of it but its just a lil mini table thing with two shelves on it. I put all kinds of cute little figures and plushes on it, figures from naruto, avatar (aang and toph), a lil cubone dude and other desky things haha
My dnd dice are purple with a pink to gold shift sparkle and they have witchy looking numbers that are gold
👹: Favorite fictional monster or villain?
Beetlejuice obviously
😿: Describe any scene in a movie/series/book that never fails to make you cry.
Really any Studio Ghibli movies, rewatching them as an adult you just see all these themes you never understood before and it just really touches me.
📚: What are your favorite book? 
Circe by Madeline Miller
💀: Do you have any fears/phobias? 
🎪: If you could go see any broadway show or theater play right now, what would you like to see?
Oh I have no idea I'll be honest, I don't know much about theatre.
🤡: What is the dumbest way you have been hurt or injured? 
Pulling something slipping and giving myself a black eye haha
🍵: Top 3 favorite tea flavors?
Sweet (I'm from Texas lol)
💻: To feel nostalgic; what are some old games/websites you spent lots of time on when you were young?
The Sims, Animal Crossing, Online Dress Up Games
🧛: Did you ever dress up for a costume party, or maybe cosplay for a convention? If yes, which character? 
I did Velma for Halloween at Six Flags one year
🍯: If you could choose any three-course menu, what would be your ideal starter, main and dessert? 
Crab Ragoons, Some kind of spicy crunchy sushi, Ice Cream Cake
🍬: All-time favorite candy? 
Sour Belt Candy
🏡: You can make it as crazy and silly as possible; what would be some must-have features of your ideal dream house?
Oh an art studio/craft room with all the organization things installed but also a free wall to put tons of inspiration, an indoor heated pool in a glass room, a glass sunroom period, plants growing all over the outside (stone house), fruit garden, pole room with also room to just dance and be about, trip/mediation/spiritual/witchy room with big ass windows, just lots of windows, lots of natural light, canopy bed, butterflies come and visit, in the wood lots of wildlife, a pond, big full trees you can sit under, gaming room :)
🎮: Whether you’re waiting for its release or just until you can buy and/or play it; are there any video games you are looking forward to? 
The Hogwarts game!!
🍁: A new website, fandom, video, song, fun fact or anything, name a recent discovery you would like to share with your followers.
Trees with Human Skin by Head Empty - I promise you it's beautiful and angelic you will not regret giving it a listen!!
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Paul Shaw *Supporting character
Voice Claim: (Donald Sutherland) https://youtu.be/Lo64OHWtpyA?t=173
Partner(s): Widowed.  (Norah Willow Shaw) Parents: Bernadette and John Shaw (no longer living) Kids: Congo Shaw. Age: 80 (2021) Birthday: 18th of September. Height: 184cm (6ft) Body type: Slim but with a belly. Eye color: Dark blue. About: Loyal, Patient, Kind, Considerate, Warm, Calm, Friendly, Helpful, Compassionate, Neat, Forgiving, Genuine, Hearty, Logical, Perceptive, Modest, Responsible, Tolerant, Optimistic and Rational. ~ Retired carpenter. ~ Sexuality: Straight. ~ Lost his wife when their son was just a teen. ~ Is a very loyal man, so never re-married or even dated after her passing. ~ Still loves his wife, still misses her, but it’s with a loving warmth. No sadness. ~ Used to live on a mountain majority of his life, being down from that mountain, has been quite a life change, but a welcomed one, as he’s now closer to friends/family and most importantly his son. ~ Is a very warm and nurturing person, always looking out for people around him. ~ Always ready with a helping hand. ~ Likes to do as much gardening as his body can keep up with. ~ Very good cook. ~ Great at baking as well. ~ Smells like: Warm earthy tones. ~ Still carves a bit of wood here and there when he wants to relax in his garden. ~ Plays a lot of chess and is pretty good at it. ~ Enjoys board games in general. ~ Doesn’t watch much tv beside a black and white movie here and there. ~ Reads a lot of news paper and books on the other hand. ~ Enjoys fishing with his son. ~ Was always extremely accepting and supportive of his gay son, and loves him dearly. ~ His favorite holiday is Christmas, and he always does his best for everyone to have a cozy time. ~ Is actually pretty good at sewing by hand. ~ Considers adopting a dog. ~ Has a very calming and uplifting nature. ~ Is such a nature person, he always prefers to be outside instead of in. ~ Absolutely adores his grandchildren, and would like more. ~ Also adores his sons husbands/partners, although his favorite is Andy. ~ Plays mouth harmonica really well. ~ Loves: His son, his family/friends, cooking, baking, hiking - specially in forests, Autumn, wood work/carpentry, board games, coffee, Cognac, Whiskey, smoked meat, bonfires, sunrise, dogs, home baked pies, kids, turtles, forest animals, horses, mountains, camping (although he’s getting too old for it), roast duck, celery, blackberry marmalade, his fireplace, cinnamon, Bay leaf, warm blankets, family time and warm hugs. ~ His style is: As casual as possible while still looking stylish (for his own term) ~ Always up for reading a book/story loud, to listening ears.
Paul’s tag Paul’s house/home Paul’s moodboard Handwriting/ask answer pic:
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One song to describe him: Nat King Cole - Unforgettable Personal Playlist: 1. Billie Holiday - All of Me 2. Dean Martin - Everybody Loves Somebody 3. Ella Fitzgerald - How High The Moon 4. Frank Sinatra - My Funny Valentine 5. Andy Williams - Moon River 6. Bing Crosby - Swinging On A Star 7. Doris Day - Que Sera, Sera 8. Nat King Cole -  The Very Thought Of You 9. Mildred Bailey - Thanks for the Memory 10. Miles Davis - So What 11. Peggy Lee - It's A Good Day 12. Nat King Cole - Nature Boy 13. Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight 14. Kay Kyser (Harry Babbitt & Ginny Simms, vocal) - Chatterbox 15. Etta James - At Last
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unbrokenxmess · 9 months ago
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I posted 253 times in 2021
236 posts created (93%)
17 posts reblogged (7%)
For every post I created, I reblogged 0.1 posts.
I added 431 tags in 2021
#task - 152 posts
#drabble - 46 posts
#drabblethon - 41 posts
#character study - 36 posts
#halloween21 - 33 posts
#moodboard - 32 posts
#countdown to halloween - 32 posts
#thanksgiving recipes - 20 posts
#recipes - 20 posts
#char study month - 19 posts
Longest Tag: 43 characters
#she could feel the darkness inside her stir
My Top Posts in 2021
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Halloween Tree.
Most people only put up a tree for Christmas. And for most of her life, Avery was no different. However this year, she’s going all out. So of course she had to make a Halloween tree. Complete with all the spooks and signs, and of course skelly heads. It might be a bit too much for some people, but she had a blast putting it together while listening to Nightmare Before Christmas playing on tv behind her. Not to mention, it brings her endless joy each time she looks at it.
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One-Skillet Mushroom Cornbread Stuffing
¼ cup (or more) extra-virgin olive oil
12 oz. mixed mushrooms (such a maitake, shiitake, and/or oyster), torn into 1"–2" pieces
2 medium red onions, sliced into 1" wedges
4 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
2 Tbsp. finely chopped rosemary, sage, and/or thyme
1 Tbsp. honey
1 bunch of Tuscan kale (about 6 oz.), center ribs and stems removed, leaves torn
2 tsp. Diamond Crystal or 1 tsp. Morton kosher salt, plus more
2 cups yellow cornmeal (not polenta)
1 tsp. baking soda
1 large egg, lightly beaten
2 cups low-fat buttermilk
½ cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, melted, plus 1 Tbsp. for greasing
Step 1
Preheat oven to 450°. Heat oil in a large ovenproof skillet, preferably cast iron, over medium-high. Add mushrooms and cook, undisturbed, until golden brown and crisp underneath, 3–5 minutes. Toss and continue to cook, tossing occasionally, until mushrooms are deeply browned all over, 4–6 minutes longer. Transfer to a medium bowl, leaving any leftover oil in skillet.
Step 2
Return skillet to medium-high heat. Add onions and cook, stirring occasionally and adding 1–2 Tbsp. oil if pan looks dry, until lightly charred all over and softened, 8–10 minutes. Add garlic and cook, stirring often, until softened but not browned, about 5 minutes. Stir in herbs and drizzle honey over, then add kale and cook, stirring occasionally, until kale has wilted and is tender, 6–8 minutes.
Step 3
Return mushrooms to skillet, season with salt, and toss to combine. Transfer mushroom mixture back to medium bowl. Wipe out skillet and place in oven to preheat.
Step 4
Combine cornmeal, baking soda, and 2 tsp. Diamond Crystal or 1 tsp. Morton salt in a large bowl. Whisk egg, buttermilk, and ½ cup melted butter in another medium bowl. Add egg mixture to dry ingredients and stir to combine. Fold in three-quarters of mushroom mixture.
Step 5
Carefully remove preheated skillet from oven and pour in remaining 1 Tbsp. butter, swirling skillet to distribute. Scrape batter into skillet. Top with remaining one-quarter of mushroom mixture. Bake stuffing until golden brown, 25–30 minutes. Serve in skillet or break into craggy pieces and transfer to a platter.
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Fall This or That!
1.) October or November 2.) Pumpkin spice or Salted caramel 3.) Cardigans or Scarves 4.) Corn maze or Hayride 5.) Pumpkin pie or Apple pie 6.) Duck boots or Ugg boots 7.) Halloween or Thanksgiving 8.) Pumpkin reeses or Candy corn 9.) Carve pumpkin or Leaf pile 10.) Caramel apples or S'mores 11.) Outside or Inside 12.) Breakfast date or Dinner date 13.) Bonfires & books or Candles & Warm bath 14.) Spooky mood or Cozy mood 15.) Sweaters or Blankets 16.) Cold days or Rainy days 17.) Coffee or Hot chocolate 18.) Walk through the woods or Explore the city 19.) Autumn or Winter 20.) Daydreamer or Night thinker 21.) Jumping on crispy leaves or Jumping on rain puddles 22.) Scary movie or Haunted house 23.) Soup or Chili 24.) Pumpkin patch or Apple orchard 25.) Bake pie or Bake cookies 26.) Red leaves or Orange Leaves 27.) Indoor decor or Outdoor decor 28.) Sit by the fire or Take a scenic drive 29.) Hocus Pocus or Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown 30.) Sweet or Salty 31.) Fuzzy socks or Slippers 32.) NFL or College football 33.) Turkey or Ham 34.) Fireplace or Campfire 35.) Bake cookies or Make bread
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Coconut Creamed Greens
1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
3 lb. mixed hardy greens (such as Tuscan kale, curly kale, Swiss chard, and/or mustard greens; about 4 bunches)
¼ cup virgin coconut oil
6 garlic cloves, lightly crushed
1 large onion, finely chopped
1 red Thai or Fresno chile, thinly sliced
1 2" piece ginger, peeled, thinly slicedKosher salt
2 Tbsp. mustard seeds
2 tsp. ground coriander
½ tsp. ground turmeric
2 cups unsweetened coconut milk
½ cup coarsely chopped cilantro
Step 1
Preheat oven to 350°. Spread out coconut flakes on a parchment-lined rimmed baking sheet and toast, undisturbed, until some are golden brown (some will remain white), 5–7 minutes. Let cool.
Step 2
Meanwhile, remove ribs and stems from greens and discard. Cut leaves into 1"-thick strips; set aside.
Step 3
Heat oil in a large skillet over medium. Add garlic and cook, stirring often, until golden brown, about 3 minutes. Add onion, chile, and ginger; season with salt. Cook, stirring often, until onion is softened, about 5 minutes. Add mustard seeds, coriander, and turmeric and cook, stirring to evenly distribute, until fragrant, about 1 minute.
Step 4
Add coconut milk to skillet and bring to a simmer. Add reserved greens a handful at a time, letting each batch wilt slightly before adding more. Cook, tossing occasionally, until greens are tender and mixture looks creamy, 15–18 minutes. Taste and season with more salt if needed.
Step 5
Transfer greens to a platter or large shallow bowl and top with coconut flakes and cilantro.
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Thanksgiving Margarita
4 oz apple cider
1½ oz gold tequila
1 oz pumpkin liqueur
½ lime squeezed
1 tbsp brown sugar
½ tsp cinnamon
Lime wedge
Cinnamon sticks for garnish
Mix brown sugar and cinnamon together on a small flat plate. Run the lime wedge along the rim of a cocktail glass. Press the rim into the brown sugar mixture and coat.
Add ice to the cocktail glass.
Pour apple cider, tequila, liqueur, and lime juice over the ice and carefully stir.
Add cinnamon stick for garnish.
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dracossweetprincess · 10 months ago
hi helena :) sending in another ask to participate in your celebration! congrats again :)
may i have a 🤍 - send me your hp crush, a few things about yourself and i’ll make a moodboard with pics that i think would be your relationship’s aesthetic <3
my hp crush: remus lupin;
a bit about me: i really like to joke around and laugh, i looove winter and autumn and cozy blankets and warm hot chocolate, i enjoy drawing, painting, writing, playing videogames, playing electric guitar and i love cats! my fav aesthetics are cottage core and light/dark academia.
hope this is enough, thank you so much bestie!<3
i’m hoping you like this!!
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