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Meet GenSLMs, A Genome-Level AI Model That Helps Track COVID Variants’ Evolution
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A research team has created GenSLMs, a model that learns the evolutionary landscape of the SARS-CoV2 genome using large language models (LLMs) resources. GenSLMs has been awarded "The Gordon Bell Special Prize" for High Performance Computing-Based COVID-19 Research in 2022.
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have repeatedly shown the potential to revolutionize pandemic surveillance in real time. Instead of looking out for variants to occur before identifying Variants of concern (VOC), AI/ML approaches can use deep sequencing data to detect mutations in viral proteins and characterize the evolutionary patterns that can help describe future VOCs.
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zuko-always-lies · 3 months
If you live in the U.S. and you’re 12+, you’re eligible for the updated bivalent anti-omicron booster shot, and it should be available in your  local pharmacy. 
Please reblog this post, as there’s been very little news coverage and shockingly little propagation of information about the availability of updated boosters.
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quixoticanarchy · 5 months
what’s really ironic about the “just let everyone get infected w covid!! herd immunity!!” arguments now is that letting the virus run rampant through the world has actually achieved the opposite: everyone may get infected, but then they’ll just keep getting infected. delta infections didn’t protect against the original omicron variant. omicron BA.1 doesn’t protect you against BA.2.12.1. none of them really protect you against BA.4 and BA.5. mass infection is not going to create mass immunity, it just means that with every infection you’re rolling the dice on what this unpredictable and very creative virus is going to do to you
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mysharona1987 · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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poet-by-heart · 1 year
As someone who studies history I often wondered how ordinary people thought about living through such huge historical events. Now I know they were sick and tired of that shit.
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officialstarscream · 11 months
the CDC recommends to carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain
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revginapond · 1 year
Take it from the biochemist who used to work with vaccines:
1. Some vaccines will keep you from getting sick: measles, mumps, rubella, etc.
2. Some vaccines won't keep you from getting sick, but it will keep you from dying: COVID, flu, etc.
3. Some people can't get vaccines, or vaccines don't work for them. They are a tiny percentage of the population.
4. Side effects from vaccines are normal.
5. mRNA vaccine technology has been around for 20 years. It's not *that* new. ETA: For those of you who insist that the technology hasn't been around for 20+ years, or that the people who created are saying that it's bad, I would say that Nature, a reputable source for scientific information, would disagree with you. Try again.
6. Vaccine cards have been around for a very long time. You'd know that if you traveled to certain countries, or looked it up on Google.
7. I'm getting tired of saying all this stuff to people. At this point, I don't give a flying fuck what you believe, grow the fuck up and just get your fucking vaccine and/or booster shot. But if you insist on being a selfish asshole, stay the fuck away from me.
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antidrumpfs · 1 year
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Cartoon by Steve Sack
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le-sansnom · 7 months
gentle reminder sick and disabled people still cant go outside and havent had a normal life in over 2 years now and seemingly wont be able to go outside do their groceries, go to events and meet w friends in any foreseeable future. like at all. like not "if we're all vaxxed its fine". like not "if im masked up w an ffp2 its fine". idk think about it
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funnytwittertweets · 10 months
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“The Swedish response to this pandemic,” the researchers report, “was unique and characterized by a morally, ethically, and scientifically questionable laissez-faire approach.”
The lead author of the report, epidemiologist Nele Brusselaers, is associated with the prestigious Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm; her collaborators are affiliated with research institutes in Sweden, Norway and Belgium.
The details of Swedish policies as described by Brusselaers and her co-authors are horrifying. The Swedish government, they report, deliberately tried to use children to spread COVID-19 and denied care to seniors and those suffering from other conditions.
The government’s goal appeared geared to produce herd immunity — a level of infection that would create a natural barrier to the pandemic’s spread without inconveniencing middle- and upper-class citizens; the government never set forth that goal publicly, but internal government emails unearthed by the Swedish press revealed that herd immunity was the strategy behind closed doors.
“Many elderly people were administered morphine instead of oxygen despite available supplies, effectively ending their lives,” the researchers wrote. “Potentially life-saving treatment was withheld without medical examination, and without informing the patient or his/her family or asking permission.”
What may be especially damaged by the experience is Sweden’s image as a liberal society. The pandemic exposed numerous fault lines within its society — notably young versus old, natives versus immigrants.
The Nature authors underscore the irony of that outcome: “There was more emphasis on the protection of the ‘Swedish image’ than on saving and protecting lives or on an evidence-based approach.”
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mysharona1987 · 2 years
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catchymemes · 2 years
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fullhalalalchemist · 11 months
CDC cutting time of isolation from 10 days to 5 days to keep businesses open
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Capitalism will kill us all
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