nina-rosa · a day ago
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yo…. I made a cool jojo cosplay… and had some really cool photos taken at a convention…
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one-time-i-dreamt · 10 days ago
There was a Tumblr day, except it was a convention, and that convention had absolutely nothing to do with Tumblr and everything to do with growing a monarch garden.
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sparkles-and-trash · 2 months ago
The Barbie panel is over and… that was insane???
There were so many people, people were turned away because it was full, and the two people doing the presentation barley expected anyone to come lmao
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They were so funny tho, and had done very impressive research, and the whole audience agreed on the gay subtext 😌
They really had the whole lecture hall chant «all hail Bibble» really loudly by the end, so that was… certainly something!
All in all, truly a religious experience
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suru-ide · 5 months ago
i was just scrolling through a discord chat and
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section-69 · 10 months ago
"and of course, Sid is one of the most beautiful men I've ever met in my life. And I didn't meet him until about two minutes before the scene, and I just went... fuck... this guy is hot"
- Andy Robinson, who says this unprompted whenever he can
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ikimaru · 6 months ago
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thanks to everyone that showed up at the booth, it was so lovely seeing you all in person! 💖
hadn’t been to a convention since 2019 and DCC turned out to be crazy busy this year, I wasn’t fully prepared lmao things got intense
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cat-cosplay · 6 months ago
We've all been there...
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catboysalmon · 26 days ago
I'm at dragoncon with the love of my life @feraldogdeer as adora and obviously we had to offend the preachers and our friend Luca ended up taking the photo of ALL TIME
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isnyr · 15 days ago
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preparing for a convention ✨ I'll open my shop again in October! ✨
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actuallysara · 2 months ago
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#DINAH Masterpost: Rafael & Ronen's M&Gs
This is all from memory, lots of quick notes taken after the meetings and other fans’ contributions so I apologize in advance if some things/dialogues are not 100% accurate. Photo credits to xkeelyx1
Ronen's Saturday M&G: • He just recently hung out with Liv Tyler. He misses her a lot on set and he hopes she will be back for the tarlos wedding considering both Carlos and Nancy are very close to her.
• His favourite Harry Styles songs right now are "Cinema" and "Boyfriends". • He thinks TK got into his addiction the same way he did. Just being around wrong people and bad influences in high school especially considering how New York is the biggest place for opioids. He said TK was probably a bad boy. TK and him are so similar it's weird. After reading his first script he thought playing the character would be kind of therapeutic for him. • The first two things that are on his bucket list are: teach the same theatre program in his high school that he started in and work with the students and be one of the coaches; and start an opioid program in Staten Island because that's the worst borough in New York for drugs. • He owes his life to one of his high school teachers who was like a mum for him in high school. • He would love to do theatre and Broadway at some point. He wants to do "Streetcar named Desire". That's one of his biggest dreams. • He thinks TK and Andrea’s relationship has got to bloom at some point. TK doesn't have a mother figure anymore. Tommy is his captain so Andrea would be perfect for that role. He would love to get more TK and Gabriel stuff too.   • Roxana is hilarious and amazing to work with. • Someone suggested TK could sing to Carlos at their wedding and he said that the perfect song would be "Heroes" by Enrique Iglesias. • He thinks a crossover in season 4 is pretty much given. They couldn't do one in season 3 because Covid killed their budget but he thinks their budget is gonna get back to normal soon. • The plan for season 3 was to have a two episodes crossover. • Team Buck or team Eddie? Probably team Buck since they had some scenes together in the crossover. • He would like to shoot a scene with Angela Bassett. • He really hopes we're gonna see Jonah. If he's not mistaken Tim has said we're probably gonna see Enzo at some point too. Enzo is a massive father figure for TK cause he was there when Owen wasn't. He wants Alexander Skarsgard to play the part. "TK is gonna have a crush on his step daddy, or well, step zaddy". Timothy Olyphant or Josh Duhamel would be cool too. • We're getting a big tarlos wedding. Tim wants to make sure they earn that. Rafael and him want to see them being engaged and not rushed into it. Things are probably not gonna go smooth all the time for them. • He really wants to get more Carlos backstory. "I need to see more, I don't know anything about Carlos as Ronen." A fan was like "where do you come from?" referring to Carlos and Ronen went "heaven". • He thinks TK would be a hot mess if Carlos were to get hurt. He wouldn't handle it stoically as Carlos and he would definitely try to kill the person who hurt him. That could also potentially put his sobriety at risk. He would love to do another fight scene. • He thinks a 911 Lone Star convention with the whole cast is feasible. 
Rafael's Saturday M&G: • He thinks Carlos has sisters, he can't be an only child. He definitely grew up with a lot of women in the house. • He thinks they're still playing it very safe with tarlos and that they're still being generic with their storylines. • In the 3x08 promo we see Carlos on the phone while the plane was going down. Carlos was trying to reach TK and he left him a voicemail. He remembered what the message was but he wouldn't tell us. • The cut dinner scene from season 1 was Carlos making dinner and him and TK were talking about Iris. But production changed the storyline so that scene didn't really make any sense anymore so that's why it got cut. TK was also feeling guilty about something "as always". He finds it so ridiculous that they keep using the still from that cut scene to promote the show everywhere. • He wants to see Carlos get hurt too but he's starting to take it personally that so many people want him to be in pain. • He thinks there's a huge difference in Carlos getting hurt and in police officer Reyes getting hurt. Because if it's Carlos getting hurt then that's more exclusive to TK and his family and potentially the 126; while if it's police officer Reyes getting hurt then that involves the department and literally everybody else. • He wants TK to think he got stood up at the wedding so bad. It could go that Carlos is on his way to the wedding and maybe an accident happens and there's traffic and he could get hurt there.  • He really wants a Carlos begins episode. He wants to see what kind of mistakes he makes cause that man's not perfect. • He brought up fanfiction out of nowhere. He hasn't read any and he was shocked to hear there are graphic ones. "Are there some orgies happening? Is that why it's so hot in here?" He asked for titles but we all refused. • Shooting the tarlos proposal was the most fun he had shooting a scene. That was the last shoot of the second to last day. • He finds it funny that people focused on the "fucking lizard" line during the proposal. • He might write a script rather than a book. • He wants to get Ronen back for always posting videos of him sleeping. A fan called Ronen "a little shit" for doing that and he absolutely lost it. About him reacting with his famous "Ronen": "I love Ronen, I really do. I understand him and I see him so that's why I react that way".
Tarlos Saturday M&G: • Ronen: "you guys made us the highest selling couple of the convention. I mean it's not a competition but..." Rafael laughing: "It's not a competition but fuck them all" • They got asked if they have any lgbtq+ couples or tv shows/movies they look up to. For Rafael it's "Weekend" and "God’s Own Country"; for Ronen it's "Moonlight". • A fan asked them about tarlos wearing shoes in bed during 2x12. They tried shooting the scene with them taking off their shoes but it didn't flow and it was mostly a security/technical matter since they literally had to walk through real fire. That would have just been an impediment to get the scene out. • Carlos having longer hair in season 3 was all Rafael. • They got asked who breaks character more often between the two and it's Rafael. Cause he doesn't shoot often with Julian, Natacha and Brian and shooting with them is both the best and worst time ever. They're all funny and always make him histerically laugh. During the scene when he goes into the firehouse in 3x07, Julian, Natacha and Brian wouldn't stop making him laugh and they had to adlib during that scene so they would just keep saying the dumbest stuff. In that scene Ronen adlibs "I'm not even a firefighter anymore". Jim says some crazy stuff too and at times it's really hard to keep going during scenes. • They got asked if they could choose another actor to play Carlos/TK who would they choose and Ronen didn't miss a beat and said that nobody else could ever play Carlos Reyes. Ronen: "This is the guy and I can't even begin to imagine somebody else in the part."  Rafael: "I've never encountered myself wishing that another actor would play his role" Ronen: "Except when I annoy him and take videos in secret and he's just "Ronen". There are so many videos that you've never seen". Rafael: "I like this guy and I'm not just saying that cause he said it." • Regarding the audition tapes. Rafael said he never wants to see them but those would probably explain why they're here right now. Their connection was right from the beginning. They barely spoke and the chemistry was just there. Ronen said he doesn't want to be mean but once Rafael auditioned he went to the producers and said "Do we even have to see the other guy?" cause there was just another actor auditioning for the part. • Rafael talked again about how they're playing it safe with tarlos and Ronen went "in Station 19 you have Danielle flashing Stefania and I'm like "why aren't we doing that???" Rafael: "Are you gonna wear a sock?" Ronen: "No" Rafael: "No?! No sock?! Lord" Ronen: "I'll wear underwear, the camera just won't see it." Rafael: "Are we still talking about it?!" • The scenes in 3x15 with the lizard were added two days before shooting the episode. Rafael didn't know the lizard was real at first and just shaked the box it was in. It didn't move at all so he thought it was fake and he ended up traumatizing the poor animal. • Rafael said he can actually picture Ronen doing something like that too, just picking up a random lizard and bringing it home and Rafael would just have the same reaction as Carlos and go "Ronen NO" • A fan mentioned how they would love to see them both doing theatre and Ronen went "Tarlos: a Broadway show. Or Tarlos: the musical" Rafael: "It would be the gayest thing ever". • Lighting has been a problem for the past 3 seasons. The scenes are shot beautifully but the filter they use just make them all look grey and it gets frustrating for them too because irl they don't look anything like that. But it definitely improved from season 1. • They would love to have Liv back for the tarlos wedding. • They didn't notice that the time the proposal happened at (3:18am) was also the number of the episode. • During Carlos' hospital monologue Rafael improvised the "Believe people when they tell you who they are". They shot the dream sequence first so in order to add something for Carlos to appear really mad, he got mad too and added that line. The dream sequence was a crazy day of shooting cause they had to keep putting Rafael in and out of the scene while Ronen was walking around the living room. • They both want the wedding to happen at the right time and for it to not be rushed.
Tarlos Sunday Breakfast: • Ronen mentioned how he was waiting for Rafael to do the tarlos photos the day before and that he stood in line with fans. Ronen: "You were late and I was in line waiting for you." Rafael: "Ronen, do you know the joy I get in having YOU wait for me" Ronen: "I'm pretty punctual" Rafael: "Yeah, we're not talking about that" Ronen: "on SET. Not the make up trailer" • Ronen is an iced coffee guy and he didn't know what Rafael drinks, which is hot black coffee. When he suggested he likes tea Rafael was so affronted. He judged Ronen for liking iced coffee because it's such an American thing. • A fan brought them a gift and they joked that it's for both of them. Rafael: "You give Ronen something and then I meet all of you and you go "I gave Ronen something for you" and I go??? Where is it???" We learned Ronen doesn't share alcohol. • Someone was talking about the heat and went "where's a paramedic when you need one" and Rafael pointed at Ronen and went "She's right here" • Rafael loves the dinner scene in 1x03 cause that's the scene that made him fall in love with tarlos. • Ronen's favourite scene always changes. The engagement is number 1 and then he loves the scenes where they talk about TK's sponsor in 3x13. • Rafael really got mad at the "You know he's straight, right?" line in that scene cause that’s such a stereotypical line among queer couples. For Ronen that just made it more real.
Rafael's Sunday M&G: • Not many questions were asked during this M&G cause it was mostly a conversation about the convention, Paris, the videos he recorded for fans and the show in general and what it means to people and how it helped lots of fans during the pandemic. • He talked a bit about his trip to Ireland and how he risked his life there by driving too close to the edge of a cliff. • "Eveyone's a child. Everyone goes to bed having ice cream and watching Pocahontas" • He has watched Heartstopper.
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serenitycrystal · a month ago
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one-time-i-dreamt · a month ago
I was going to some convention and when I got there I met Elon Musk, but he was a chair.
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spuffy-destiel · a month ago
This is gonna be the first JIB after the confession AND they've always been freer here AND -no offense meant but- no jared to interrupt AND a longer panel????
Plus, 3 Jensen's solo panels AND 3 Misha's solo panels??
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gracelesstars · 10 months ago
Complete 101 guide list: What to ask at a Supernatural Con?
(Click here for new updates)
*cracks knuckles* well, I guess it’s time to become that person WHO DOES ALL OF THE GROUP’S PROJECT BY THEMSELVES bc no one else seems to give a sh*t anymore. 
I mean, the gates were open, the ban-lists were lifted, vaccines distributed, gay marriage legalised and y’all still dared to stand on the holy ground of the con microphone (where fellow brave 2012-2019 Destiel comrades have laid their bodies beforehand - may their souls r.i.p.), and ask “do yo got allergies?”, “what’s your favourite candy”, “where’d you go if you stole impala”or some crap like that. And now we got thee “homo Qs scary” ban reinstated (thanks, jpeg!)...
Do not despair though, it's not to late - we can fix it! Copy these questions word for word, I don’t care about the credit, but if I hear you ask ONE MORE DAMN TIME “What was your favourite type of Cas to play? :)” - you’ll be finding a “lovely” surprise under your bed that night. :)
You said numerous times before that you’re happy with Cas’ ending. Is it because of the homophobic environment you had to work in, which for so many years denied any sort of acknowledgement of Destiel? So getting something feels better than nothing? Or do you really think this is the best ending that Cas could’ve gotten and that Cas deserved? 
What happened that made network (and Jensen) finally approve of Destiel and let it go canon after years of denial, gaslighting, and homophobia?
You mentioned before that if Jensen did not agree, the confession scene would not have happened? Why is that so given that his character didn’t react much during it and was impacted very minimally by it afterwards?
What do you think Dean & Cas’ first kiss was like? Where and when did it happen?
How often do you check tumblr? (Not “if” - “how often”) (source)
Jensen said that he thinks Dean and Cas fuck all the time, your thoughts, Misha? (source: i think we should just lie for the drama and just to see what happens)
(PARTIALLY ANSWERED)You’ve always been a big ally of the LGBTQ+ community, so could you reiterate that Cas’ confession was romantic, Cas is gay, and that we’re still not crazy, for those, who have not heard it before or who want to strip Cas away from him homosexuality/queerness?
Follow up question: For many queer people allowing Cas’ confession to be left for interpretation is a form queer identity erasure, invalidation, and gaslighting. Now, you’ve dubbed it at first as a “homosexual declaration of love”, do you still think that? Or do you think that, because it is a form of art, it is valid to interpret it however one wants?
(ANSWERED)  You have said that you started playing Cas as canonically in love with Dean in s15 after you knew about the confession scene. Could you tell us more about what different acting choices have you decided to make in order to portray Cas’ feelings for Dean?
Questions about Dean/finale
You said that s15 was made with Dean’s death as a given. Why then have the whole season showing us Dean trying to heal his trauma, understand his anger issues, be better and less self-depreciating - all to revert to his early seasons’ suicidal ideation and wipe off 15 years of character development in the last 2 episodes, by portraying him as nothing more but a 15 year interruption to his brother’s life?
If Dean’s last season aspirations have been about getting free out of the maze, knowing what’s real, and having a choice, why kill him right after he supposedly have achieved them at last? Why not let him reap the rewards of his battles and sacrifices? Why not have him live and experience something good for all the times he bled and died for the world? Do you think Dean deserved to die then and like that?
The top ten men that Dean Winchester would like to fuck? (source: “if he refuses to answer i want “jomophobe” trending on every social media by noon”)
Questions about spin-off
When and why did you decided you wanted to get the rights to Supernatural and make a spin off? 
In the prequel is John going to be portrayed as the abusive parent and terrible person that he was? Or is it going to be another apologist show justifying, redeeming and validating the abusers (especially abusive parents’) wrongdoings? As that seems to be popular trope in Hollywood movies right now?
Questions about Dean & Cas' relationship
When did you start playing Dean as in love with Cas? (and watch his brain go ERROR404 trying not to answer this homophobic-ly)
If Dean had enough time to process and respond to Cas’ romantic love declaration, would he have reciprocated or would he have turned Cas down, because he’s straight (and/or homophobic)?
Why did you veto Dean saying “I love you” to Cas back in 8x17?
Do (did?) questions about Destiel make you uncomfortable?
In the past, you’ve said that “Destiel is not real” and that “Dean is not bisexual”, do you still hold these opinion?
Why Dean didn’t ask for Jack to bring Cas back in 15x19, especially, when he literally begged Chuck for it, even offering his or Sam’s lives earlier at the same episode?
Why Dean didn’t look for Cas in Heaven after he was told that he was alive?
In original ending Dean was supposed to come upon Jimmy in heaven? Could you tell more about that? Like, how Dean reacted? What did he say to Jimmy and what did he feel like when Jimmy said he’s not Cas?
Why do you think that Dean and we as humans cannot be sure if angels can experience romantic and/or sexual love, when we and Dean have seen archangel Gabriel who has had lots of sex in porn, seen Adam - the first man - have a long lasting relationship with an angel, knew about angels having sex with humans and creating nephilim, Lily Sunder and her angel romantic partner, and lastly Dean - having sex and brief romantic relationship with angel Anna himself?
In 15x09 after reuniting with Cas in purgatory Dean told him that he had “something to say” and after Cas cut him off and told him he didn’t need to say it, he didn’t look pleased about it. Was there something else that Dean wanted to tell that he didn’t in his prayer?
Another Dean actor - Guillermo Rojas - has said that his Dean’s reciprocation was indented and that “everybody says if you want to be a real man, you have to be like Dean Winchester, and Dean Winchester is in love with Castiel.” What are you thoughts on that? Do you agree? (insp.)
Given that Dean was shown to favour various fashionable attires throughout the seasons. What do you think he wore to his and Cas’ wedding?
Jared said that Dean wouldn’t want for Sam to end up with Eileen. What are you thoughts on that?
You’ve been a big advocate for mental health and had many themes about it incorporated into the show. This has attracted a lot of fans who could relate to it because of their personal experience. What are your thoughts about it given that, in the end, Supernatural decided to show that the only to get away from the trauma and suffering is through death? Do you agree with this message?
You have said that your tweets regarding not knowing about Jensen’s prequel have been misunderstood. So, could you tell what tone and message did you want to convey with “Et tu, Brute, what a truly awful thing you’ve done. #Bravo you coward” to Robbie Thompson then?
Have you apologised to Robbie Thompson for calling him a Shakespearean traitor and a coward for choosing to work with Jensen of the SPN prequel?
Why did you say that angels, and especially Cas, are “junkless” when we have seen many examples on the show of not only angels, and Cas, having sex but being in romantic relationships, too?
Is the reason you define Sam and Eileen as a pseudo romance because you can’t imagine a disabled person being in a romantic relationship? (source)
Do you wish you had more opportunities to explore and build upon Sam and Ruby's platonic relationship? I really liked how you portayed them like siblings!
How do you respond to the fact that so many people use your words, actions, & your show & characters as justification for their bigotry? (source)
You gave this show 15 years of your life, given that Supernatural (especially in its last few episodes) promoted suicidal ideation - portraying dying as a best way to deal with trauma, villainized or killed its POC characters, failed to give any positive lgbtq+ representation, destroyed the “found family” trope by saying that only the blood relatives matter and so on... what do you think and hope it and Dean and Sam’s legacy is?
Why do you feel it’s okay to keep trying to make Cas’ canon romantic confession open to interpretation? Considering you say you’re allies & doing so is erasure of queer narratives, I’m curious as to why you made that choice. (source)
What was the point of quote “family don’t end in blood” and calling fandom a SPN “family”, when the show ended up saying that it’s always been about two blood-related codependent brothers only?
We know that the CW netwrok conducted a market research back in 2016 on whether or not they should go full, on-screen, reciprocated Destiel. If they had decided to move forward with that story line, how do you think it would have been done? How do you think the story would have played out? (source)
Who would be the big and little spoon? (source)
Ignore Jensen and ask Misha “Since Dean didn’t even look for Cas in heaven and didn’t reciprocate anyways. Do you think there’s a chance Cas will move on with Mick Davies?” (source)
Ignore Jensen again lol and just spend a few minutes telling Misha how grateful you are for his LGBTQ+ support throughout the years and for fighting for LGBTQ+ representation.
Give Jared a fanart picture of a Destiel sex/kissing scene to sign.
Wear a t-shirt with “Et tu, Brute, what a truly awful thing you’ve done. #Bravo you coward” tweet on it to jpad photo ops. Or have him sign a photocopy of that tweet.
Wear this costume to jpad panel.
Wear this t-shirt to a Jensen and/or Misha photo-op or get it signed.
Have J2/Jpad sign this picture.
Ask OP/artist’s permission to use their posts/art !!
If you ask Jensen a destiel question and he’s rude about it?
Just start crying, like full on blubbering (credit)
Straight out ask him if he doesn’t like Destiel because he’s homophobic?
Some of the Supernatural fans get mad me and some of the actors get uncomfortable or annoyed at my questions? :((
Well, first of all who cares what they think? You are paying to be there, so you have a right to be there just like anyone else. You are paying the actors!! If they get uncomfy with some questions - that’s a they problem. If worse comes to worse - what they can do? Fire you? You don’t work for them. Ban you from further cons - would you even want to go? I mean the shows over and idk why some people still pay hundreds of $$$ to go there and hear FOR THE 35th TIME what some actor’s fav episode was. 
They’re screening the questions/Destiel questions aren’t allowed?
Write down some stupid question like “What’s you fav type of pie?”
Give it the staff who’s screening the questions.
When it’s your turn to ask, just ask your real question.
Preferably pick as short question, so you can say it quickly before they try to stop you.
OR if they try to stop you ask into the mircophone “Are LGBTQ+ questions not allowed?”, so that everyone can hear it (just like this lady here did it in the previous con). They are less likely to stop you if you all out their homophobia publicly. 
If they try to harass you about it afterwards pretend that you don’t understand English very well and/or that you just changed your mind about the question and didn’t know it was not allowed. Speak with the fake accent the whole time to make it more believable (works like a charm every time).
Jared decides to interrupt a question that’s not for him/about him/his character?
Tell him or shout (if they don’t let you use the mic) “Jared, please, this question is not for or about you.”
J2/bibro/w*nc*sties keep hogging the question line?
Pretend to be one of them. Befriend them. Come up with some really good j2 questions and tell them that’s what you want to ask so they let you in line and then when you get the mic you just ask the real questions. (source)
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belarusiprojectcosplay · 4 months ago
Beauyasha week 2022 day 6: Pining
Yasha didn't know that I was going to surprise her with a gift, and of course it took a whole scene to deliver it to her! I think she was very surprised and I know it was special to her. All the photos of that day were with her flower!
I hope our little nonsense can also brighten your day! Happy beauyasha week, fellas!
Beau Lionett by me
Yasha Nydoorin by @koresbizarreadventure
Camera by yuzuki.cosplay
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dingodoodles · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
At A-Kon this weekend in Texas! Come and watch Zee bashew, Puffin Forest, Felix and I try to keep it together and be entertaining at the 3 panels we got going on :D
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section-69 · 10 months ago
"I'm a freak. I'm a loud freak, and I'm proud of it, and I don't often feel like I belong. Then I think yeah of course you do, idiot, you're an old white guy"
- Andy Robinson, 2021
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