suzukibeanes · a year ago
one of my favorite and most accurate things in media is when set designers go absolutely bananas designing the bedrooms of teenage girls. 
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i feel seen every time. 
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wannabeeze · a month ago
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Listen! Even though the card is stained in his blood, bend and torn, all might needs to sign it and put in on his grave. This was so important to him that he thought of it in his final moments…give it to him, please
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eschergirls · 6 months ago
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Originally published at: https://www.eschergirls.com/photo/2022/03/15/so-explains-it
dictatorkelly submitted:
Don't know who OP is but thought you'd like a laugh. Thank you for many years of entertaining posts!
The OP of the tweet in the link is @leonard_ritter on Twitter! And oddly, it's the second post of this type I've seen recently. Another by @HiraoRyo has original art which illustrates the same joke (I love the art, it's both funny and cute). The joke is great, and for those that don't get the reference, it's referencing the famous plane illustration of survivorship bias, and the counter-intuitive notion that one shouldn't armor the areas where planes get shot up the most because the planes that return with that damage are the ones that survived, and the areas where they weren't shot indicate that planes that were shot there didn't come back at all (and therefore those areas are the ones that should be armored!)
On a serious note, the concept of survivorship bias is important to consider in a lot of situations where you have to think about what you're not observing and why as much as what you are observing. And on a not serious note, the survivorship bias explanation for some of the bikini armor and other ridiculous armors we see in a lot of visual fiction and advertising is an extremely funny joke.
Also thank you for reading and enjoying the blog!
(First image screenshot of tweet and art by @HiraoRyo on Twitter, second image screenshot of tweet by @leonard_ritter on Twitter, third image from Wikipedia article on survivorship bias)
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harriyanna · 27 days ago
commentary channels on youtube to watch by black creators who aren’t men:
princess weekes (fandom and film criticism, along with black and lgbtq commentary)  
jouelzy (commentary on the black community, pop culture, and social media)
fab socialism ( commentary relating to money, capitalism, and pop culture)
wine n' chill  (commentary on the black community, pop culture, and social media)
artiecetb (animation commentary)
khadija mbowe (commentary on the black community, lgbtq community, pop culture, and social media)
bellamy rhea (commentary on the black and lgbtq community)
tee noir (commentary on the black community, lgbtq community, pop culture, and social media)
itsJODONNA (film and social media criticism)
ms vixen/msvixentv (commentary on the black community, lgbtq community, pop culture)
black femininity tv (black pop culture commentary)
ella pastoral (commentary on film, animation, books, and social media)
yhara zayd (film criticism) 
thecartoonhotspot (animation, fandom and tv commentary)
shanspeare  (commentary on the black community, pop culture, film, and social media)
kat blaque  (commentary on the black community, lgbtq community, pop culture, film, and social media)
the blush bunny (film and tv criticism) 
asmara (video games)
imani versus (music commentary and criticism)
intelexual media (history, crime, sexuality, black and lgbtq commentary, and pop culture)
queen chioma (black pop culture)
zhariya smith (pop culture and social media commentary)
most of miree (black pop culture)
thumin (art commentary)
julia boateng (pop culture, and social media commentary)
oh! stephco (dating and life commentary)
nappyheadajojoba (pop culture, black community and social media commentary)
kimberly nicole foster (pop culture, black community and social media commentary)
ada on demand (pop culture, tv and film criticism)
madisyn brown (music commentary)
ash tanya (social media and pop culture commentary)
aishyo (film and tv criticism)
too much mouth (makeup and fashion commentary)
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spyyzzz · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
When he’s just by himself he’s in a dark isolated place, knowing the outside is so much brighter
Tumblr media
He can, and regularly will step into the light because he needs to
Tumblr media Tumblr media
But it’s so bright when he’s with them
Tumblr media
They are his true light
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mousathe14 · 8 months ago
In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, your special skill as an isekai protagonist that essentially makes you a god in comparison to all these people in the past is that you are capable of basic Pokémon handling, a task so mundane and nondescript that “preschooler��� is a trainer class.
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vulvatar · 3 months ago
Why Mike Isn't Eleven's Endgame: Volume 2 Analysis— And Why My Confidence in Byler has Grown
Mike and El did not kiss during their reunion. They had a forehead touch, which paralleled Hopper's forehead touch with her at the end of the episode.
He still couldn't tell her he loved her until she was dying and Max's life was on the line— as well as his friends' lives and then potentially the fate of the world— until Will prompted him to say something as profound as he could manage.
His words during the monologue were blatant lies El seemed to see through, and they contradicted events earlier in the story line, including the words he spoke to Will in the previous episode (that it was just dumb luck that he met her, not fate, assumably not love at first sight).
He was told by Will that El thought he was the heart, but those words and beliefs were Will's. The painting he was so touched by was imagined and drawn by Will. It was his belief in the kind of love and worldview Will had depicted that he projected onto El in his monologue.
El looked upset and like she didn't believe him during the monologue scene. She looked more upset and disappointed than faithful and restored when he said she was his superhero. It was only after a shot showing Max on the brink of death that she started to actually gain the strength to fight back, despite the fact that Mike had already been speaking only apparently positive and loving words to her for several moments. If she could hear him, she could likely hear Will's necessary words of encouragement making all the difference in whether or not he said anything of the sort at all.
Mike's "love," likely because El no longer truly wants or believes in it, wasn't enough. It was either only enough in conjunction with her love for Max (his instructions to fight mattered more to her), or it was her love for Max that gave her the strength ultimately. A shot later, El uses memories of her time with Max to gain the strength to heal her.
All of these memories, the ones that inspired love in Eleven for Max (love, which Episode 7 cements as being instrumental to her strength, the emotion being stronger for her than hatred) were showcasing what Max— the friend she hasn't seen in months, since she's lost everything and everyone and has been incredibly alone and unsupported without her (the reason for her dependency on the only person she seemingly has left, Mike)— did to make Eleven a stronger, happier, and more independent girl.
Memories of Max telling her she can and should be her own independent person, with a style of her own and a personhood developed independent of Mike and Hopper— two male figures she has "lost" since her move. Memories of how carefree she was when she didn't settle for Mike's poor behavior toward her, believing she deserved better, with Max's friendship with her as a guiding force. An allusion to Wonder Woman as a symbol of— feminist— strength, a memory of Max supporting her stand against bullies (something Mike didn't understand when she experienced literal abuse at the hands of her bullies in 4x02) and demonstrating empathy with even the more "wicked" parts of her self— this is about her realizing she's neither a monster nor a superhero. A shot of Max cheerfully telling her there is more to life than stupid boys, and the montage ending with a statement from Max that they "make their own rules."
The story purposefully picks up two days later, from the scene in which Mike screams for El to wake up and metaphorically "come back" to him. It can ultimately symbolize his loss of her in that moment. We don't see her respond to his "love confession." The episode ends without them kissing or her saying she loves him back.
In a scene toward the end of 4x09, we discover that El has hardly spoken to Mike since this event. There is no firm closure for them or evidence that their relationship is not in turmoil. She waves the door closed (albeit a few inches) to metaphorically shut him out. He doesn't chase after her, and instead proceeds to have an intimate conversation with his best friend, the person who more aptly inspired his monologue and was evidently the reason their (Mike and El's) relationship was at-all salvageable up to this point.
El then tearfully reunites with Hopper in a scene that platonically and familially parallels her relationship with Mike. She is now gaining her strength back with a support system that can help her move beyond her codependency on Mike, should she wish it.
In the final shot, El has distanced herself from the duos of Joyce/Hopper, Jonathan/Nancy, and Mike/Will, who could reasonably be inferred to have a romantic tinge to their relationship, by the viewer, based on where they are standing. The shirt Mike wears and has worn in numerous episodes where El was not present, with a triangle on his pocket that is emblazoned over his heart (the same heart that is heavily referenced in respect to his and Will's relationship dynamic throughout this episode)— is pointed to the left of him. It is pointed at Will in a close-to-final shot in this scene. It has been pointed at him in numerous shots preceding this one, but it is deliberately not once pointed at El with this "heart" connotation. (*Please correct me if I am mistaken.) We only see the reverse of this when she and Will both sit or stand to his left, and she rests in between them. They face each other in numerous scenes. It even points in Will's direction during the infamous pizza scene. This shirt was made specifically for his character, from what I recall the costume designer revealing, and it would be hard to believe the showrunners paid no mind to the heart symbolism so blatantly exacerbated throughout the episode.
In our final scene, El is no longer wearing Will's blue plaid shirt, and is coming back into her own style, ditching conformity and what she might represent to Mike and to the viewer by wearing it.
She plucks a molten flower from the ground, the same kind Mike gifted her in the airport, moments before she grimaced at his note on the bouquet signed "From Mike," and the flowers in the same colours that were apparently her favorite (purple and yellow) are scorched and dead. The colours in the cinematography of this scene are the same ones emphasized by Mike and Will's relationship to each other in previous shots littered throughout the season (they wear blue and yellow, as the sun meets the sky in the west).
Based on the literal context, subtext, and symbolism of season 4, Volume 2 specifically, Mike/El are not set up for an endgame. Their relationship is at its weakest. On the contrary, Will's love for Mike is unbearably strong, and Mike's love for Will is left ambiguous (though hinted at in loving looks he gives him throughout the painting scene and through his motivation to tell El he loved her despite his resistance for more than a full season and his numerous doubts). The rockiness in the Mike/El relationship has been cemented on both sides.
The plot is well set up for a Mike/El relationship dissolution, and there is a solid foundation for Mike/Will to develop their relationship romantically.
All of this is intentional, and the showrunners are not blind to it. They are the reason it exists. If continuity, compelling story-telling, and the relational logic of the Stranger Things story world mean anything, Mike and Will are our likely and most narratively convincing endgame. Or it was an intentional bait from the start.
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Sound on Please
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wolfnanaki · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Diane has gone through the same transformation as Wolf. She knows exactly what he’s feeling. She becomes his mentor, probably to make amends for who she used to be, because I think deep down, she has a little bit of guilt for never having really taken responsibility for what she did as the Crimson Paw. And I think by helping Wolf, she sees an opportunity for redemption. “I’m gonna teach you. I’m gonna show you. You have to let go all of those burdens that you are carrying with you: you’re not a bad guy because everybody says you’re a bad guy. Deep down you are a good guy; you’re a good person. Just accept that. Embrace it. It’s okay. Your pride should not get in the way of this.” And so she’s holding his hand throughout that journey, and I think that’s something that she wished somebody had done for her.
Director Pierre Perifel, The Art of The Bad Guys
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bluedaddysgirl · 10 months ago
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An emotional first reaction to Arcane's finale
With an accent on Silco's arc...
*Wipes tears away*
Anyway. When was the last time you sat down to a tv show that punched this hard and respected its villain this deeply? Silco is by far the most interesting character, and he carries the show on his scrawny shoulders.
Compelling if mysterious backstory, overcomes his demons and his traitorous brother in one fell swoop as he gains power. Silco's a zealot who dreams big for everyone. And yet in the end he finally understands why Vander did what he did. Finally has an emotional tie on a personal level that means more to him than the Nation Of Zaun, that big all consuming project that's been driving him from the start.
And yet in a completely masterful twist, Vander chosing his daughters over Zaun means the Status Quo, while Silco choosing his daughter over Zaun means War.
He gets everything he ever wanted. He's a villain who uses all ends to reach his goals and actually gets there, and the creative minds behind Arcane had the guts to make it absolutely irrelevant to his death. That is so wild, honestly. His love is his personal downfall (or more likely, the lack of mental health care in the Lanes is his downfall...) but he's never more human and more like Vander than when he dies...
For the creators to chose to NEVER redeem him, and instead just... humanize him to the very end... To let him say his piece and clear out misunderstandings and also to go knowing all his *fucked up* efforts fucking paid off...
*Silco style slow clap*
Fucking bravo.
Tumblr media
Turns out Silco wasn't lying, not anymore than any of us do from time to time, even to our loved ones. Turns out that he was really worrying, really caring, and that it was really "just the two of them".
There's plenty wrong with Jinx's arc as a villain in the becoming, the whole "hearing voices makes me unhinged and violent" really isn't palatable.. it's an easy cop-out that puts people with IRL mental illnesses in another toxic limelight.
But there's incredible beauty in her being truly embraced by the villain, for the most wholesome family to really be with him. To be fought for as hard by him, as much as Vander did. Vi doesn't want Jinx. She truly wants "Powder", and even if she probably loves her and probably needs the mental help Vi would desire for her "to change" and "become stable", Jinx's toxic, zealot, asshole second dad loves her exactly as she is. Why the fuck would you not chose that side, being in Jinx's boots?
*chokes up for a minute*
Tumblr media
I can't clap my hands hard enough to applaud the team behind Arcane (so I'll use them to write fanfic instead)
How did they manage to break the curse of video game adaptation?
Well, I think it helps that the studio itself retained absolute creative control. For once it's not a film industry giant buying rights and trying to do it's usual "adaptation" cash grab wringer. It's a studio getting another studio to work their (insane) magic and produce the best 9 episodes cinematic we've ever seen.
The vision was theirs, the story was uncompromising and unflinching.
I am not surprised the writing punches this hard. Video game writers know what the fuck they're doing, because they create immersive worlds and storyline in which the players/viewer is directly active. I mean look at other hard gut punches out there like God of War, Wticher 3 or even Jackie's arc in Cyberpunk.
But for them to stick to their guns to the very end... To give us characters this compelling instead of following the cliche route... For them not to betray us, the way so many other storylines do by trying something bold for a hot minute before falling back on tried and true cliches like deflating souflés...
Guys, I'm sorry but even Disney doesn't clap this hard. Arcane came on to the scene and swatted everyone aside. The visuals, the animation style, the music, the cast of character all painted in deep shades of grey, the riveting plot with its series of mirrored pairs going through the same divisive process... Arcane is the show we've all been begging for, but we were asking for it to the wrong people.
Bravo team. None of y'all will ever see this post, but know you're appreciated. You made me scream and choke up and built a whole new condominium in my skull for Silco to live in rent free. Fuck you and bless you, I love you guys.
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dozydawn · 6 months ago
vintage bridal fashion: short wedding dresses!
it seems like short wedding dresses had their real heyday in the 1950s-1960s, and to a lesser extent the 1970s.
on the long end of short, you have tea-length dresses (an incredibly flattering and underrated length, imo) very popular in the 1950s.
Tumblr media
on the short end, mini dresses of the 1960s, 70s, and everything in between those lengths. below are some favorite examples.
1955. the full photos do this dress justice, very pretty and sparkly.
Tumblr media
1959. short dresses are often paired with short veils, to great success (another great thing is that they don’t hide the shoes!)
Tumblr media
1960. the dress is amazing obviously, but she also has a very cute pixie haircut. short everything.
Tumblr media
1962. i go nuts for t-shirt style sleeves and necklines on a dress. and her flower headpiece is adorable. also gloves.
Tumblr media
1962. i love this simple wedding look with all my heart. the sparkly veil added a touch of magic for the ceremony and i love that she’s wearing her glasses afterwards :’)
Tumblr media
1966. the rare but beloved coat wedding dress!
Tumblr media
1968. love this water lily/lotus headpiece. and the hairdo!
Tumblr media
1969. a color choice! I’m weak for baby blue and brown so this one has me by the throat.
Tumblr media
1970. adorable babydoll dress. ribbon in her hair and everything.
Tumblr media
some words that come to mind with these looks are sweet, simple, chic, playful, easy, relaxed, fun, and i think that’s part of the appeal of short dresses for many brides (it’s why i like them so much anyways)
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kateknowsdramas · 7 days ago
It absolutely boggles my mind that in the year 2022, people still choose to be critical of fully realized and flawed female characters.
Yes, this is about Little Women.
The most impactful aspect of this amazingly written (by a woman) and strikingly directed show (by a woman) is that we have characters with distinct personalities and flaws.
In Joo- great with numbers but gullible and easily swayed by others
In Kyung- a black and white sense of justice paired with a brilliant, intuitive mind
In Hye- the most realistic of the three sisters who uses the situation to her advantage
What’s so great about these characters is that we are watching their journeys and character growth and that gives much more tension and realism than them being caricatures of women. 
Will In Joo finally develop confidence and flip the script to be the orchestrator of plans rather than being used? 
Will In Kyung realize that there’s much more grey in life and that she may have to compromise to get justice? 
Will In Hye turn into a manipulative, jaded person after her immersion in a corrupt, rich family?
This makes for great storytelling. Complex female characters who you root for but also curse out because of their choices. The suspense is present in who these characters are and it grips the audience to see where their journeys will take them. 
As  side note, not only are the three main characters fully realized, but so are the rest of the characters. There are bad people, but even they have a backstory and are much more than one dimensional, mustache twirling baddies. That’s what makes this show so impactful. 
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untamedmetablogiguess · 2 months ago
something something, yanli being repeatedly denied agency over her own life, and acquiescing again and again and again to what other people decide for her
something something, the only thing yanli is able to have agency over is her own death
something something, yanli and qin su and denying women agency over anything but their death
something something, the worst thing wei wuxian and jiang cheng ever did to their sister was decide unilaterally that it was wwx’s fault she died, something something, fucking acknowledge your sister as a human person who made choices please
(something something, also the worst thing nie huaisang did was to objectify meng shi, to make meng shi into literally nothing but an object, a tool to hurt jgy with, something something she doesn’t even get agency in death she is literally considered relevant only in relation to how she makes men feel)
(something something, consistently, the only way this society acknowledges women is in relation to how they make men feel)
(something something, using your death to make men feel a certain way is the only fucking agency some of these women ever have)
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muppet-facts · 8 months ago
Muppet Fact #255
Once filming had concluded for Muppet Treasure Island, Tim Curry, who played Long John Silver, was gifted a Muppet caricature of himself as a gift.
Tumblr media
Muppet Treasure Island. 1996. 2002 DVD release special features. "Hidden Treasure" video clip commentary. "Tim and Him."
"Tim & Him - Tim Curry & His Muppet Likeness Discuss Muppet Treasure Island." Tim Curry News. Facebook. September 4, 2020.
"Tim Curry Muppet." Muppet Wiki.
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spyyzzz · 2 months ago
Franky: Loid you are a cruel father, you won’t even rent a castle and bend your will to your adorable little baby girl! Look at her cry! See her tears! Do better
Also Franky: don’t get emotionally attached
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mousathe14 · 5 months ago
So… Volo wanted to destroy the world and rebuild it in his image with the power of Arceus.
So he beseeched Giratina to tear open holes in reality in an attempt to agitate the gods and access Arceus.
And Arceus looked at the scenario and declared:
“Human problems often require human solutions”
And then Arceus yeeted us, a child, to the distant past to deal with this grown-ass man who has been spending countless years on this quest.
A man so ambitious that he convinced the god of anti-matter or gravity to do him a solid.
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ricemilkie · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Murdoc, about Ace in his commentary about the Humility video
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