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joannasjourney · 3 days
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befemininenow · 2 days
Tumblr media
It’s more than just the red wig, makeup, and clothes. You act, talk, and move so feminine now, people think you’re a gay guy when you’re in boy mode, much your unawareness. You may not feel dysphoria, but you definitely feel more uncomfortable being called those unflattering names than you do presenting as a male. Perhaps it’s time you start transitioning beyond the wardrobe, with the proper help of course.
-Note: Trans women/girls and sissies are not the same! I understand everyone has their own kink and guilty pleasure. But unless noted by their own will, do not call a trans girl/woman a sissy! Please respect their identity!
-Women like Katherine McNamara are examples of how modern femininity can be presented as something beautiful and hypnotic. In this case, you probably saw captioned pics with this image and how persuading they were in picturing yourself as a woman. But as someone who is likely trans, it’s more than taking hormones and surgeries, or experiencing gender dysphoria. It’s connecting with your inner gender and being more comfortable presenting as yourself than it is being your assigned gender. Trans people are valid, and you should feel that way too if you’re trans as well.
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I’ve called myself ace since learning about sea sponges in 7th grade science class. I came out to my parents immediately, then my sister, friends, relatives, anyone who would listen I didn’t care. At this point everyone’s given up on trying to change me, my parents gave up once I finished high school probably thinking I was gonna find someone but I’m 26 and a total virgin lol it’s great. I’m like the pride twinks of asexuality.
I also still constantly worry I’m not actually asexual. I’ve got a uh, pretty good personal drive but directing it towards other people is a hard no. I relate so hard to baby aces still going through the “am I really ace?” but like 15 years of this I thought I would have it all figured out by now. Idk if it’s the anxiety disorder or the imposter syndrome or maybe I really am just a repressed bisexual like my best friend jokes. It’s really hard trying to figure out something I’ve never experienced before. Idk if other long time aces feel like this too.
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i came out to my counselor at bible camp and hen she came out to me in return. honestly one of the best moments of my life
thats the best. i go to a catholic school and i'm one of the few nonconforming people there, let alone queer, but theres a bi chemistry teacher that has always made sure ids like me aren't completely alone. trust me when i say i would do anything for her.
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transgirlbath · 3 days
I find myself making another account. After purging, thinking it would all go away. But it does not. It is now clear, it won’t disappear. I am transgender.
I need to come out. I need to tell someone my identity. Message me and ask me, help/make me take that first step.
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dis-a-ppointment · 1 month
Anyways, this is fucking disgusting.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
^ Becky Albertalli author of Simon vs. the Homosapien Agenda
Tumblr media
^ Dove Cameron
Listen, I understand being curious about celebrities' lives. If you see a celebrity doing a bunch of gay things you might think "hey, maybe that artist is queer" but that's as far as it should go. You should never harass, or threaten, or force anyone to come out. That is fucking disrespectful and wrong. Queerness is about including anyone who feels that they do not fit into normal society, there is no one way of being queer. It's not a box, it's free and open and that's the beauty of it, so how about we fucking stop forcing queer people to come out, or label themselves, it's none of your business.
This has become a pattern and it needs to STOP
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pseudonomicons · 5 months
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Congrats to Nate Stevenson (creator of Lumberjanes, Nimona, and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) on the gender!
His full comic and statement can be read here.
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sparklemaia · 2 months
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Happy World Coming Out Day! As usual, my workaround for vulnerable, personal conversations is "I'll just make a comic about it and give it to everyone all at once," would recommend 👍
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 months
In celebration of Pride Month, PewDiePie uploaded a video called “I’m coming out”.
In the video, he “came out” as being Irish and revealed that he was lying about being Swedish his whole career. He stopped talking with a Swedish accent and began talking with an Irish accent and showed how much Irish DNA he has on Ancestry on the video.
He got massive backlash because people were pissed that he was using Pride Month to brag about being Irish.
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braindamaged007 · 2 months
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joannasjourney · 3 days
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befemininenow · 3 days
Tumblr media
You tried to compensate your outer male identity by lifting weights, growing a beard, drinking like no tomorrow, working at a “man’s” job, and even getting married to a hot girl and becoming a breadwinner, all before you turned 30. But you weren’t happy; your inner identity didn’t match to what you were trying to be. Now, you’re trying to learn how to be a woman and catch up with women your age. Secretly, you like how women envy your younger looks while gaining interest in the guys paying attention to you. Sure, you may have lost all of your previous accomplishments, relationships, and interests, and struggle to perfect even the basic womanly things, but you are happier than ever being as the woman you always were inside.
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aroaceconfessions · 2 days
my mom found out that im aroace. it wasnt my choice because i wasnt really ready but oh well. the thing that bothers me the most though is a comment she made.
i already told her about aspec as an orientation, and i had a little rant about how most people assume that aspecs are romance/sex repulsed, and while some are, others arent so dont assume anything.
but then i was rewatching a series and i kinda commented along for her because i was exited. so i was introducing some of the characters and i said something like ‘thats her boyfriend and thats her future boyfriend’ and my mom said ‘why do you care/why does it interest you’
and that comment kinda hurt. because im romance favorable/ambivalent. i like romance. and yes there are aros who dont but that she just assumed what i like and what i dont. idk, it icks me.
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ayviedoesthings · 12 days
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I should probably start uploading old stuff just in case :00
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nicxxx5 · 21 days
mike coming out to dustin while off on a mission in s5
they’ve been walking around for about an hour now, making casual conversation and commentary on the invalding aspects of the upside down into their world when dustin decides to ask.
“so i’ve been meaning to ask, what’s up with you and el?” dustin asks as he carefully steps over a vine. 
“huh?” mike turns around to look at him, a confused expression on his face in response to the question that to him came out of no where. “what are you talking about?”
“well you guys are barley talking to each other let alone in the same room anymore. honestly it’s been nice to not turn around to you guys making out every five seconds but likewise it’s a little off putting the space between the two of you” dustin comments as they continue on. 
“oh,” mike says “i mean that’s probably because we broke up.” 
dustin stops and looks up at him with a clear expression of shock on his face “what?!? when!?!” “uh, since a little after the rest of us got back from lenora?” mike offers, getting a little uncomfortable by how surprised dustin is. 
dustin looks at him with utmost sympathy “aw man dude that sucks, i’m so sorry.” mike shakes his head “nah it’s fine. it’s for the best i think actually.” dustin sputters “”for the best”?! man what are you talking about? you guys were completely wrapped up in each other just last summer, how could you even say that?”
dustin continues rambling “i mean you guys were so focused on each other that you ended up ditching us constantly! which was just as annoying as it was sweet by the way.”
“i mean! hell i thought you guys would be together forever considering when you yelled at us that you loved her that one time-”
mike turns around and snaps “well you’re wrong dustin!”
dustin stops short and looks at mike, eyes wide in shock and taken aback from his outburst. mike deflates a bit after seeing the reaction from one of his bestfriends. he sighs looking down at the ground. “you’re wrong. el and i aren’t gonna be together forever. and i don’t love her like that. hell i’m not even sure i ever actually liked her like that.”
“what? but you guys were together like all the time. and kissing all the time. will even said that you told her you loved her when she was fighting vecna?” dustin replies even more confused
mike sighs again “yeah, i did do all those things, because i thought that’s what i was supposed to do. what all guys are supposed to do with their girlfriends. and especially in that moment in the pizza cooler, i was so afraid that if i didn’t say what el wanted me to say, that she would have died. but...” mike pauses and looks up at the sky, almost like he’s contemplating something. “none of those things i did were because i liked her romantically.”
the two of them keep walking but dustin keeps staring at mike, occasionally looking down at his feet to watch where he steps, because some things still aren’t making sense to him. “okay, but like dude, i don’t get it? when she left with the byers, you were so mopey and miserable. i mean we could hardly get you to leave you basement, like, ever. and other times all you would do is complain about joyce’s telemarketer job because you couldn’t get through the phonelines every time you tired to call them. i thought that was all from you missing your girlfriend?”
mike sighs again, but this time it’s shaky. he looks nervous as he turns a concerning combination of both pale and flushed. without turning to look at dustin he replies. “yeah, i mean i was miserable. but...el...she wasn’t the only one who left hawkins. i mean, she left with the byers remember?”
dustin’s face still looks confused, even as he’s looking down to watch where he steps. “yeah i remember but what does that have to do with- oh, oh right will. i mean we all missed will dude, you’re not the only one.”
“dustin.” “what?” mike still hasn’t turned around to look at him, his head’s hanging low. finally he does turn around and his face is pale and eyes glassy, dustin’s never seen him look this nervous and scared before. he looks at dustin and his voice is shaky “please don’t make me say it.”
with the same puzzled look on his face dustin goes “say what? mike, i really don’t get...” suddenly every thing in dustin’s brain clicks. his eyes go wide as he finally, finally puts the pieces together. he whispers “holy shit”
mike looks away and that’s pretty much all dustin needs to confirm what he was thinking. “holy shit”
“oh my god dude. holy shit”
mike sighs, trying to keep his breath as even as he can “look if you want to head back now i can finish this on my own, but please-”
dustin looks at him like he just said he was gonna go and put one of the demodogs on a leash “what?! dude no! are you insane? i just can’t believe i never fucking noticed!”
mike now looks confused “huh?”
“dude it makes so much sense now!” dustin looks at him like he just gave him the simplest answer to the word’s most complicated question “i mean it explains everything! ever since we were kids! how you were so protective of him, how you always spoke to him in that voice-”
“i mean you were so defensive when it came to him, i mean you wouldn’t even let us within five feet of him that one night on halloween-”
“oh my god! it also explains why you never shut up about him during hellfire- EDDIE! HOLY SHIT YOU HAD A CRUSH ON EDDIE TOO DIDN’T YOU!”
“DUSTIN!” mike has now turned beat red from all the revelations his friend is now deciding to share out into the open. dustin calms down from all his sudden realizations “sorry, man i really just can’t believe i never noticed.” and mike looks at him a little shyly “and you don’t care?” 
dustin once again looks at him like he just offered to invite the next Demogorgon them come across over for tea “what? no man” he becomes serious “you’re still one of my best friends. and besides we’ve been through way too much shit for me to care about your obvious crush on will, WHICH I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED-”
“dustin!” mike’s laughing now, relieved that he’s finally admitted this to one of his bestfriends and he doesn’t hate him or find him gross or disgusting, although still somewhat embarrassed by his friend’s comment towards his crush
dustin chuckles too “sorry. man, i can’t believe how oblivious i was. steve would be so disappointed in me. don’t tell him about this too by the way. i don’t need him giving me shit about not picking up on people’s feelings when he still won’t tell me why him and robin wouldn’t work out! i was so sure about those two!”
mike gives dustin a knowing look and shakes his head as he laughs and pats him on the shoulder “don’t worry dustin, i’m sure you’ll figure it out sooner or later.” and continues off in the direct they were headed. dustin stays rooted in his spot as he stares after him slightly confused. after a minute he runs after him.
“hey wait what do you mean by that? mike? MIKE?”
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prime-tiktoks · 2 years
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