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please-dont-pet-the-okapi · 18 hours ago
A serious recommendation to younger English majors in need of help determining what foreign language to take: If your college offers it, take German.
Yes, we borrow a lot of words from Latin and French and Greek. Definitely learn some basic roots from those languages. But English is ultimately a Germanic language, and the older the stuff that you’re reading, the more that linguistic history is going to be more noticeable.
Middle English texts like The Canterbury Tales and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight are infinitely easier to read in the original language when you're already familiar with German. Same with figuring out the meanings of different Old English words in Beowulf.
People are going to tell you German is not a useful language unless you plan on going to Germany, but 1) usefulness is not the only thing that makes language-learning worthwhile and 2) that’s flat out not true because I use my German constantly.
So, if your college offers it, take German.
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aesthetic-solar-space · 9 months ago
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lighttaps · 6 months ago
A story for the “college uniformed classmates” anon. If you enjoy this story, please consider buying me a coffee. 💝
My first semester in college was rough. I had moved two states away from my family and was desperately lonely. Luckily an acquaintance from my hometown had also come to the private college, and he had become my new best friend. Handsome in a non-intimidating way, especially in his uniform tie & jacket, and comforting in his confidence. At the end of classes that first semester I sat with him in his dorm room, and told him I was worried about the upcoming party season. The boys had been grabby and mean to me already, and I was worried about trying to date when I was so shy and inexperienced. He stroked my arm reassuringly and said, “A lot of us boys get nervous too. We act like assholes to mask the fact that we don't know how to treat girls.” I admitted that I didn't really know what I wanted out of a boy. I'd only had one boyfriend in high school, and our sex didn't go well. I didn't even really know what I liked. His hand on my arm became still, and I felt him lean closer. “Would you like me to help you find out?”  Something inside me awoke, sending needy tingles into my pussy, while I told myself what a risky idea it was. After a moment I did ask for his help, and he reached over to caress my breast through my uniform shirt, and softly asked, “Does this feel good?” Blushing but not moving away from his touch, I said yes. He groped again, harder, and I heard myself whimper in pleasure. “And this, is this nice too?” He pinched my nipple hard enough to make me gasp. Heart racing, I nodded, too aroused to stop him. He unbuttoned my shirt, putting his mouth on me. "How's this feel, baby? Do you like when I suck on your nipples?" I closed my eyes, nodding. "You have nice big nipples. So easy to suck. And bite. And twist." I cried out as he pulled on them. Felt my pussy start to throb. Nervous but excited, I let him lay me down on the sofa. "Now let's see what your little pussy likes." Blushing, I giggled as he pushed my plaid skirt up, then pulled my panties down. "Fuck, your pussy is beautiful. Look how pink and soft you are." Felt his fingers spread me open and I moaned. "Oh, you like it when I open you up? Does it feel good to have your little cunt spread and inspected?" Panting, I nodded and said yes. He moved in and began licking, moaning as he did. I groaned as he ate me. My legs shook as his hot tongue fondled my folds and circled my sensitive clit. My hands grabbed and pulled at my skirt, ruining the pleats as I tried to watch him. "That's a good girl. You like it when I suck your little clit?" No one had ever given me oral attention before, and in a shaking voice I told him so. He scoffed. "Unacceptable. A boyfriend should eat your pretty little pussy every chance he gets. Listen to the sounds you make," he pushed two fingers inside me, licking my clit at the same time. I groaned, I cried out, and my pussy started to throb around him. He moaned as I came in his mouth, fingering me until I dripped. Shaking, almost crying, legs weak, I calmed slowly as he whispered, "Good, shh, that's it. Good girl. So nice and wet." I felt a new pressure on my pussy, and I peered down nervously. My friend had flipped his tie over his shoulder and unzipped his slacks - his cock lay throbbing on my exposed cunt. I whimpered. He stroked the length up and down my slippery lips. Uncircumcised, thick, and deep pink with restraint, oozing precum that he rubbed into my wetness with his strokes. "Do you like my cock?" I nodded, suddenly needy again. I knew my pussy was small, and sex with my boyfriend had hurt, and I told him so. He fit the head of his cock into my soaking wet opening. I covered my mouth as a whimper escaped. "Don't be scared. You're so wet for me… you're so ready for my cock to slide inside you. It's okay." He pushed forward, stretching my little hole little by little until he suddenly slid a few inches inside me. He felt completely different than my boyfriend had- he was thicker, hotter. "How does that feel? Do you like the way my cock feels inside you?" I whimpered about how big he was, how it felt he wouldn't fit. He pumped in and out of me slowly, groaning as he did. I felt him pushing a little deeper every time, almost reaching my limit. I whined that this wasn't a safe time. He nodded, but didn't pull out. "You feel so nice and wet. Doesn't my big, bare cock feel so good inside you?" I nodded, moaning that I'd never felt anything so deep. He rolled my clit under his thumb, making me tremble as another orgasm pulsed through my body. "Good girl, that's right… cum on my cock… fuck, you feel so good shaking like that." He thrust in and out of my pussy in long and smooth motions, both of us panting. "God, your little cunt feels so good. Look at how well you take my cock… so deep into your pussy… Fuck yes, baby, you like getting fucked while you cum?" I nodded as I groaned, achingly full of his cock, shaking with aftershocks. I felt so special, so warm from his attention. "You like my raw dick inside you? Feeling it fill you up? You like fucking me instead of a high school idiot?" I whimpered yes as he pounded deep. Whimpered yes as he pulled me into his lap. Whimpered yes as he sat me up to ride him. No more thrusting, just rocking my wet pussy on his cock. Skirt bunched up over my hips, my tie swinging between my breasts. He swore, feeling my cervix grind open on his dick, while I leaned onto his shoulders for stability. "God, you're gonna make me cum soon, baby, do you want that? You want to make me cum with your tight pussy? Fuck, yes… yes, that's it…" I rolled my hips into him, moaning yes, pressing my womb against him, desperate to feel him cum. "Don't stop, baby. Just like that… fuck me just like that, yes…" I sank down one more time, cervix spread over his cockhead, and he held me there. "Fuck, oh fuck, I'm cumming inside you… Fuck… I can't stop. I can't stop, baby, I'm gonna get you pregnant… fuck…" His cock throbbed hard, and I groaned in surprise as waves of cum filled me. I whimpered, rocking against him, feeling him inside my uterus. "Oh God, yes… fuck… do you like that? Do you like getting filled with my cum? You like taking it deep… all the way into your womb?" He held me down to him and pushed his load as deep as he could, lost in pleasure. I felt lightheaded. I felt wanted. My cervix closed, keeping his cum inside, and he continued to fill my pussy with his cum for another minute. I laid still on him until he leaned me back down on the bed, pulling his soft cock out and inspecting me. His cum slid slowly out, staining my uniform skirt, and he stroked it through my folds, making me gasp again. "That was risky, baby. I was so deep inside you, and you made me cum so damn much… but you liked it, didn't you? You liked feeling a man cum inside you, filling your little cunt, making it his. Now you know what to ask your dates to do for you." I nodded, reassured. I thanked him for helping me discover what I liked.
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jskusdk · a year ago
not to be communist on the main but there is no reason education needs to be that expensive
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ladytrist · 7 months ago
I’m a boring bitch. i admit it, but…something in my mentally ill brain convinces me that I can be one of those pretty and mysterious academia bitches.
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lk-direct · 13 days ago
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sofia2412 · 2 months ago
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terfelinas · 3 months ago
Girls and women educate yourselves, knowledge is the most powerful tool to destroy the patriarchy. Males fear a smart and a successful woman, choose STEM,politics,humanities, technology, construction... Create groups with women colleagues, don't see them as your rivals but help each other to the bigger threat. Don't gatekeep information, even online try sharing links, books,videos,materials that will help women. It has been less than 20 years that a part of girls and women have had access to higher education and we are already seeing how much power we can have. Around the world not every woman has this access you have to be grateful, if you have the opportunity to learn. It sometimes can be hard I know but you can only go up, don't joke or say ironically or unironically i'll marry a wealthy male or i will start an onlyfans or a stay at home mom. But strive to create independence and dominance in the work place. Never doubt your abilities and help one another.
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a-dazzling-wallflower · 3 months ago
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Anxious People assemble 🤝
also fuck negativity in any (human) forms!🥂
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pagestoread · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
april | first week of the semester done. this semester, i decided to take spanish 🎉 it’s been good so far. pretty similar to my first language which has been very helpful. so happy to see the sun shining this week as well, we’ve been having cloudy, and i am over that. but here’s to more learning and more of the sun shining ☀️
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college-hacks · 3 months ago
Ok guys I know some of us are commuters to college and some travel fairly long distances so here's some tips!!
First things first is that you need a good backpack that has lots of room and is sturdy to last you a few years
You are an hour or two away from home so carry some medications like ibuprofen, pepto pills, allergy pills, etc I personally use a round pill organizer with compartments that screw together so it doesn't take up much room
Also a small first aid kit with some bandaids of different sizes, triple antibiotic ointment, the pill thing, pads/tampons if u have periods, a brace for any joint u have issues with (if applicable), etc
I try to bring my own snacks so I'm not stuck paying vending machine or fast food prices for a bag of chips
Carry everything you could need for class. I have my laptop, charger, a 5 subject notebook so I don't accidentally bring the wrong notebook on the wrong day, a pencil case with black pens, colored pens, highlighters (love the erasable ones), 1 or 2 sharpies, etc
I also carry ear buds, a phone charger + brick, mini stapler, tape, and anything else I might need for the classes I am taking
Give yourself about 15-30 extra minutes to get there, especially during construction season because u never know what construction could pop up
Buy the parking pass, I know it's expensive but good luck finding parking outside campus parking lots
Or don't, one of my friends said if she gets caught once a week and pays for the ticket it's still less than the parking pass but that's ur own risk
Make sure your textbooks are in your backpack before you leave. You do NOT want to be an hour away from home and find out your reading your textbook in class and it's sitting on your desk
Bring a mask even if your campus doesn't require one. When the person next to you is coughing all class you will probably want one and you can't just slip out for 10 minutes to walk to your dorm
That's all I have for now but I'm sure I'll think of more because I'm writing this on my lunch break :) have fun at college this summer/fall
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thefinaljohnson · 9 months ago
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aesthetic-solar-space · 9 months ago
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Merry Christmas Eve 🎄
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mycatsaidwhat · 5 months ago
things i’ve heard college professors say pt. 12
-go home and enjoy your second nap of the day, because you just took your first one in my class 
-i would just like to point out that I went a whole hour and 15 minutes talking about a piece where a girl castrates her father and didn’t mention Freud once 
-genre is such a pretentious word. Probably because it’s French.
-the thing that intrigued me the most about the alien erotica,,, 
-(student) I’d say that the Constitution is an institution 
(professor) uh oh  
-god, I think I have a fever 
-today we’re going to be talking about *eerie noises* critical race theory 
-(professor) When was the California gold rush? 
(professor) San Francisco… 
(everyone) 49ers!
(professor, muttering) Jesus 
-I wasn’t as concerned with the age gap discourse as I was with the god gap discourse 
-the problem that is called Mitch McConnell, 
-we’re going to talk about food. Because I like food. 
-eighth time is the fucking charm 
-*is reading aloud and gets to the word “peculiarities”* shit shit shit 
-adjusting to the realities of real circumstances sucks 
-doesn’t it feel good to blame people? 
-(student) what was your research process like for writing this book? 
(professor) I don’t know man, I was drunk, I can’t remember 
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coffeeandcomplaints · 2 months ago
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this needs to come quicker -_-
From “I Have to Tell You Something” By Zara Bas
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studywithtara · a month ago
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aug. 18, 2022 // 🗝🥀
sorry for not posting; went through a lot of change on my own. i started dressing how i wanted to and cut off some bad friends, and i finally admitted to myself that i’m non-binary! i feel a lot more free now that i say it. i was nervous because i was scared of what people thought but i mean this is me and everyone will just have to deal with it.
anyway, i took cute pics in the library :D
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lovelypisces222 · 20 days ago
school tips
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
you need to rest as much time as the one you spend working, in the end everything is about balance
never leave any task to the last moment. start doing a task when it’s assigned and start studying the same day the teacher explains you a topic. this will avoid stress in the long term
don’t get involved in any drama, just focus on your studies and if something bad happens keep it private
organisation is key, so have a planner always with you and find your own organisation method
active recall methods are extremely useful if you want to memorise something easily and keep it in your long term memory. my favourites are explaining a topic in your own words and testing yourself
for being productive you don’t need to do six hours-long study sessions, it’s much better to work little by little
reading can help you to improve your reading comprehension, creativity, writing skills and concentration, so always have a book with you
keep your space cleaned and organised, it will help you to focus
have a sleep schedule, rest is key for being able to do your homework correctly
try to romanticise everything a little bit: have cute stationery and a pretty work space, study at a library or a cafe, wear your favourite outfits and accessories, etc. it will make everything much more fun
good grades don’t make you a good student, but perseverance does
make sure you have a hobby so you can relax yet continue learning and developing skills
be curious about everything, that will help you make your least favourite classes more pleasant
don’t stress yourself out because of an exam. it’s important to have good grades, but one bad grade won’t have a big impact on your future
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