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65°11'52.9"S 63°46'47.3"W
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It’s that magical time of year! ❄️❄️❄️
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It's starting to look a lot like christmas
Everywhere I go...
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My heart's an Autumn forest
My mind's a Winter lake
My soul consists of Northern lights
Morning mist's my spirit's wake
𝑬𝒎𝒊𝒍𝒚 𝒀𝒗𝒐𝒏𝒏𝒆
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I’d love to see 9. “Please go away. I don’t want you to see me like this.” for Jonah!
Did anyone request.... tooth rotting fluff?
"...Did Jon... Not come?" Leo asked, feeling a pang to his chest as he glanced around the team's Christmas get together. Things had been bad between them recently... Ever since that kiss and since Leo had run for the hills. He knew he should apologize for how he acted when the other man had kissed him, but he also knew he'd much rather die of consumption before seeking out Jon and facing rejection.
Vince had a beer in hand and a huge smile stretched across his lips. He seemed to me more lit up than the bloody Christmas lights, his cheeks red from alcohol and his curls had overgrown and were a mess, squeezed under a cheap Santa hood.
"Nu-uh" he said, not seeming to care and Leo quickly realized why as Wendy crossed the room to him, holding a plate of finger food and a glass of wine in her other hand.
"Could not find the sushi, I think Lucas is lying to-" then she squinted at Leo, "you."
Leo already didn't like Wendy by principle, but ever since the kiss it seemed like all Jonah ever did was hang out with her, so she was now firmly on his shit list.
He glared at her, "yes me" then he looked around the room, "what are you doing here since Jonah didn't come?"
"Oh she's with me, man!" Vince all but gloated, wrapping an arm around Wendy's waist. She seemed to momentarily forget about her hatred for Leo, to shoot Vince a bashful smile, before she turned to glare at the blonde in front of her once more.
"Nice of you to get out of whatever hole you were hiding, honey"
Leo's cheeks burnt with anger. God he hated this woman. He glared at Vince, "you're gonna let her speak to me like that?" he hissed and then, before Vin could even answer, he scoffed, "I don't need this. I don't need to hear your insults and much less to be in this party"
As he barged off, he passed by Luke, holding three new bottles of wine and looking very confused as he said in a small voice "the fuck just happened?"
Indeed, the fuck just happened? Leo thought, chest heaving with anger as he sat inside his car. Anger, embarrassment and... Guilt. Regret.
He knew Wendy had only managed to get under his skin because she had voiced what he was already thinking. That he was a scare little mouse, hiding after his crush had kissed him and admitted having feelings for him.
He felt so dumb.
Now Jonah hadn't even bothered to show to the Christmas party, no doubt because he knew Leo would be there.
He had to fix this situation and dying of consumption was not a possibility. Instead he drove to Jonah's fancy building, across town.
Once there, he was faced with the fact this was not a romcom and he couldn't just get past the front desk and up in the guy's apartment. He'd need to actually ring.
Leo wrung his hands together as he approached the front desk. The receptionist was an old man, who recognized Leo and smiled, "Hello, Mr. Wagner. Happy holidays!"
"Happy holidays..." Leo mumbled back, with none of the excitement, forcing out a smile, "I was wondering if Jonah is home...? I wanted to surprise him."
"Mr. Banks doesn't allow people up, sir" the receptionist sighed, "I'm so sorry. Want me to phone him?"
Fuck no.
"Yeah..." Leo rubbed at his neck, already feeling the urge to leave. This had been a stupid idea.
The receptionist dialed up Jon's apartment number and waited as it rang and rang and rang... He sighed and dialed again.
Leo was growing antsy, picking at his nails as he waited. Then Jonah picked up. Even through the phone he could hear the gruff "Matthew, what is so urgent you're calling me at Christmas Eve?"
"I'm sorry sir," Matthew winced, "Mr. Wagner is here and would like to be let up, sir."
Well shit.
"No" he heard Jonah scoffing, then coughing, "I don't want him to see me like this."
Like what?
Matthew seemed amused, "Sir, I know you didn't ask my opinion, but I think you'd benefit from a kind soul right now."
"No," Jonah groaned again, "tell him to go home."
And then he hung up.
Leo's eyes stung, "Uhm- Yeah, I heard it" he said before Matthew could tell him the polite Mr. Banks is not taking visits right now.
"Son" Matthew sighed, "it would be a pity if you got in the elevator while I'm not looking, wouldn't it?" he said slowly, before glancing at his watch, "and would you look at that, it's my break! Have a nice day, Mr. Wagner, please see yourself out."
It took Leo a second to understand what was happening as the receptionist stepped away from the front desk, no doubt in order to send in his substitute... Leo made a mad dash for the elevator.
Bless senior queers, he thought with a hysterical smile.
Jonah's apartment was a duplex and it took up the penultimate floor entirely. There was only his door.
Leo rolled his eyes as he found the front door was unlocked, obviously because no one could make their way up to his floor without his aid.
"Jon...?" he called softly and was answered by a series of coughs coming from the kitchen.
He frowned and entered the kitchen, then paused at the doorway, arms crossed to his chest. Jonah was a sight to behold.
He was wearing lose fitting boxers, a fluffy robe loosely tied around his middle, fluffy slippers and nothing else as he braced against the sink and coughed and coughed.
He glanced up in time to see Leo at his doorway, then gasped and choked in his own cough, making a horrid noise as he leaned over the kitchen sink with a sudden heave.
"What-" he choked and wheezed for air, "whAT ARe you-"
Leo crossed the room to pat his back and Jonah shoved him off, wiping at his mouth the little droplets of drool, "What the fuck are you doing in my house, Leo?"
"Uhm..." he pouted, "you didn't show up for the Christmas party..."
"So?" Jonah rolled his eyes and winced as it seemed to trigger a headache. He was looking peaky from a fever, "since when do you give a fuck?"
"Jon..." Leo sighed, "you know I give a fuck. C'mon."
Jonah sniffled, taking the kettle out of the oven and pouring hot water inside his mug, to reignite his tea, "Well, you can go give a fuck outside my apartment. Go away."
It would be a lot more intimidating if he was not adorably sniffling, all bundled up a fluffy robe.
"Since when you've been sick?" Leo asked, instead of saying all of the things he desperately needed to say.
"None of your business."
"It's my business if you get sick and die," Leo groaned, following him out of the kitchen. Jonah let out a nasty snort as Leo completed, "being sick all alone is a bit irresponsible."
"I'm not alone, Wendy is coming to check on me every day, thanks" Jonah said bitterly and Leo's heart plummet straight to his stomach, burning with jealousy.
"I hope you know she's straight as an arrow and fucking Vince" he said, "would it kill you to look at me?"
Jonah whipped around like a snake, half of his tea spilling over his rug, "You've got some fucking nerve breaking into my house at Christmas eve, demanding any type of answer from me and then saying I'm the one who won't even look at you."
Leo winced at Jonah's harsh tone. With a hoarse throat, his deep voice was more intimidating than the normal.
"Jon, I didn't-"
"Get out of my fucking house, Leo."
He swallowed in the tears prickling at his eyes, "no."
Jonah's hazel eyes widened with disdain and disbelief "No!? No?! I'm going to call the fucking police on you, don't think for a second I w-"
Leo rolled his eyes and grabbed the collar of the other man's fluffy robe, pulling him in for a kiss. It tasted like peppermint tea and anger. Jonah fought him for a second, before kissing him back...
Then pulling away so he could breathe, all but glaring at Leo, "what..." he wheezed, clutching his ribs "the fuck?"
"I'm sorry I pretended I didn't remember the kiss" Leo said softly, "It was... I am so stupid. I was just scared you'd change your mind, because I really... Really like you. And it was easier if I sabotaged it, than if you broke my heart."
Jon coughed, squeezing his eyes shut, "that's some nonsense. Why would I... No, you can't just barge in here and- and."
"I know" Leo bit his lip, waiting until the coughing fit stopped, "I know, I know I can't just ignore you for two months and then come here and ask us to get together and I know I acted like a major asshole and I know- I know Wendy is a better friend than me and that she hates me for a reason and I know I can't be jealous of her, but I... But I am. I'm asking you to give me another chance."
There was a long moment of silence, Jon still wheezing ever so slightly, staring at his face. It went on for so long, that Leo felt like he had already been rejected.
Jonah then sighed, "you'll get sick too" he mumbled, before closing the space between them with another kiss.
"Serves me right" Leo beamed, planting a hand on the other man's nape and pulling him in. Jonah chuckled against his mouth.
"You get one chance. That's it, don't mess it up."
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via autumn_and_winter_collection_
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We have entered the season of cold temperatures. This is a friendly reminder to tap tap tap on your hoods & wheels and blow your horn.
The numbers of cats being injured or killed are far higher than people are aware of 😓😓.
PLEASE PLEASE take that extra minute before starting your cars. SAVE A LIFE.
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~ mignonettetakespictures on ig
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by Lucas Ludwig
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It's very rainy and foggy in my hometown today. It gives so much halloweenvibes..🎃
Nevertheless, I have to translate a text for my latin- seminar📚
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Somewhere far away, South Iceland
© Ilya Ivanov, July 2022
📷 Photo by: @ilyaivan0v — instagram
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