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Heart in hand, 1840s
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Kazakh girls clothing, XIX c.
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Bronze Lucia G4 My Little Pony shirt
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hi! what kind of clothing styles do the ppl in world wear? asking for a friend :)
The Pinterest Board has a section dedicated to the clothing of Vrithka, Plaithus, and Vygrand. I'll probably make detailed clothing codex's in the Twine version of the game for those that want the cultural explanation behind things!
Plaithian nobility dresses a lot differently than the average Plaithian, and Plaithian commoners dislike the way nobility dress a lot as they find it excessive and overall just stupid. Plaithian nobility wear masks a lot, even if not necessary, and wear clothing that resembles costumes more than anything. This is because the nobility plays into the idea of playing a "character" when you're out in the world. It help separate who they are as a politician, business man, etc from who they are "at heart," as they claim. Meanwhile he average Plaithian wears very simple clothing with little decoration other than embroidery that's thick and warm to withstand the winters. Fur is pretty common. The most unique thing about Plaithus is that it's clothing is very militia-inspired all throughout. For example, intricate armor is very common to wear as jewelry even if you've never fought a day in your life. They tend to like to wear few statement pieces as opposed to many more subtle pieces of jewelry. There's little tattoos or piercings. They tend to wear jewel toned or dark colors.
Vygrandian clothing is all about power. Every single thing from the way they wear their hair to the makeup they wear to the jewelry on their hands and the shoes they wear indicates something about their family, social class, marital status, and magical prowess. The idea behind the way they dress is that you can glance at someone head-to-toe and essentially know everything there is to know about them as a person. It's essentially the opposite of Plaithus-- they want you to know who they are. To Vygranders, there's no such thing as your work life and your regular life-- they're one in the same. Tattoos are very common, but they always mean something and are never just there for aesthetics. Piercings, however, are not common at all. In general they wear very flashy and bright fabrics that are light and breathable, but there's always exceptions. In general, Vygranders don't wear anything on their hands as jewelry. To wear jewelry on your hands is indicative of something very important socially, as is wearing arm bracers. Daggers are also a very important part of Vygrandian culture.
Vrithkan clothing is very simple and usually in colors that are match their environments-- so green, deep dark red, gray, brown, etc. Tattoos + piercings are common, but their meaning varies by region + society. For example Jost + Nikke's tattoos tell a lot about their role in their clan as a fighter and contributor. Most Vrithkans wear loose clothing that isn't actually sewn. Usually they wear multiple sheets of fabric that are then held together with clasps, rope, belts, etc. This way the clothing can grow with them as they age and be flexible for shifting as a mythosi without having magical fabrics. However, Nikke + Jost both wear embroidered vests with a lot of ornamental details, both of which are made with fabrics made by the textiles of their clan. There's a lot of variations + exceptions in Vrithka, mainly because they're not a singular society. It's an island filled with many different groups of people with many different cultures and customs that influence what they wear and why.
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GCS - September's CC 2022
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🔹42 swatches 🔹base game compatible 🔹new mesh 🔹all LOD's
download: patreon (public release 18.10.2022)
@simbfinds @emilyccfinds @wcifsareclosed @faaeish @sssvitlanz 📸 CC-simstagram 💌 SimsFinds 🎴 Pinterest
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Jan Kupecký (1667-1740) "Young Man with a Violin" (1710) Oil on canvas Baroque Located in the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary
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Godbody black hellraiser super mini
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Feelin’ Groovy: Fascinating vintage color pictures of high school fashion across America in 1969.
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Instagram: _Alexzander
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Ancient clothing
Southern Italy (Apulia?)
British Museum
London, July 2022
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so how come all the clothes in ads or fashion mags or whatever are all designer?? why not thrifted instead? you cannot tell me you can't find art at a thrift store ..... you cannot tell me you can't find a better outfit at a thrift store .... ive found god in a goodwill once, why can't you?
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