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suck-a-egg · 9 months ago
Fives: Hey, wanna help me commit arson? Echo: What the hell!? Fives: Oh, sorry, my bad. Fives, whispering: Wanna help me commit arson? Echo, whispering: Of course. What do you need?
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papanowo · a month ago
Tumblr media
sometimes when the 501st/212th have downtime they turn down the artifical gravity on the ship for funsies. yes this is canon actually mr filoni told me himself
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715thattackbattalion · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I’ve lost everything.
Everything but you.
(Reblogs are appreciated!)
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din-djarins-riduur · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
When they have to fix the ship 🔧🖤💦
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runekirikjartan · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
made some art for @voices-of-my-brothers look at these memey lil men!!
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muguathepapaya · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
From this post https://amourshipper393.tumblr.com/post/670675712471154688/rex-holding-bread-on-either-side-of-echos-face
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zoeykallus · a month ago
Clone 99 x Jedi Fem!Reader - One Moment In Time
Tumblr media
Warnings: Fluff/Implied Romance/Hurt/Angst/Major Character Death
As requested by @greaser-wolf I hope I was able to write this one-shot the way you wanted it to be. Thanks for always supporting me!
You are not a fan of Kamino and the whole machinery of cloning. But there is one of them you really like, 99. His kind heart and wise mind have drawn you in. But it's a Connection that's never supposed to happen.
Tumblr media
One Moment In Time
Your visits to Kamino are always accompanied by a certain uneasiness. You hate the machinery of clone production. You like the clones as individuals, but the whole principle contradicts your moral concept. Living beings, thinking sentient beings, bred to go to war. There are many aspects of this cloning process that are repugnant to you.
But there is one thing about Kamino that you look forward to every time you visit. 99. He's different from the rest, doesn't fit in. He falls through the cracks and isn't fit to be a soldier, so he's kind of like a janitor in Tipoca City. 99 doesn't have the perfect, attractive appearance of his brothers. He looks much older than he is, an old man, far older than he should be. 99 is deformed and weaker than his clone brothers. But what attracts you to him has nothing to do with his appearance, it is his bright, surprisingly wise mind, his good heart, his alert eyes.
The little smile he always gives you when you meet him warms your heart. You look forward to seeing him again as you leave your shuttle in the hangar on Tipoca City. Unfortunately, it is not a courtesy visit, you are here on behalf of the Order, to assist Shaak Ti and supervise the training of the clones. A task you don't like to take over.
But at least you will surely meet 99 again. The thought makes you think more positively about your tasks here.
On a tour, you finally meet 99. As he faces you, you can't help it, a broad smile gracing your lips.
"Oh," 99 says with a smile, "there she is again, the most beautiful of all the Jedi. If I am allowed to say this so bluntly".
You nod at him and say with amusement, "Probably my colleagues within the Order would disapprove, but I won't tell anyone."
He laughs softly and looks out over the endless water that surrounds the city. There is a quiet longing in his gaze, in the Force you can feel it, but you can't name it.
"What are you thinking about, 99?" you ask cautiously.
"Probably nothing I should be talking to a Jedi about," he says with a small chuckle.
You shrug your shoulders and say, "Try me."
He sighs softly and finally says, "I've been wandering these halls for a while. Seen a lot of brothers come and go. You hear the wildest stories of some clones and their conquests, the experiences they have outside Kamino. I have never left this planet, this city, alone. I never will. I will never have all those experiences. Most of the time, I'm content with that. But sometimes, I feel a longing, a wanderlust, and a thirst for things I will never experience."
You blink in surprise.
"Like what?"
He smiles shyly.
"A kiss, for example, I'll never know what that feels like. But even if I could leave this planet, let's face it, I'm not the kind of man women are interested in."
You shake your head.
"That's not true,99"
"Oh no?" he asks, surprised, "Last time I heard otherwise."
Patiently you tell him, "You're smart, wise, have a good heart, what more could a woman want?"
"An intact body for example" he notes with a small humorless smile.
You sigh softly and lean against the railing.
"Well I admit, the majority of all living things, are subject to the principle of physical attraction. But by far not all"
"What about you?" he asks with a curious sideways glance.
With another soft sigh, you say, "I'm a Jedi."
"And that precludes you from being attracted to someone?", 99 wants to know.
"No. No, not in general. We're just encouraged not to give in to that desire."
"Don't you miss that. Something like love?"
"No. I can't miss what I've never had. But I do feel a certain curiosity, I admit"
He laughed softly, "I suppose the same is true for me."
On impulse, you look around. You are alone and out of the view of the outside cameras. You lean over to him and gently slip a hand under his chin to turn his face in your direction. 99 looks at you out of wide eyes.
It's only fleeting, gentle, but you feel your heart flutter as your lips touch. When you lean back again, his eyes are still closed, opening ever so slowly. His gaze is transfigured.
You say, "It's probably not what you long for. But you could call it a taste."
99 takes a few seconds to collect himself, then he too looks around. You know what he's going to do, and you shouldn't let him do it, in fact you shouldn't have gotten his hopes up. But you let him take your face in his calloused hands and kiss you, this time longer and more demanding than before. When he lets go of you again, he shyly lowers his eyes and retreats two steps.
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. You gave me something and I wanted to take more that you didn't even offer me. That was gratuitous."
You say more calmly than you felt, "It's okay."
Actually, you want to say more, but you don't know what. You really like him, his pure soul. You have rarely met beings in your life who are as honest and kind as he is, even among the Jedi. He has a good and brave soul, but fate has beaten him with a body that restricts him even for a clone. You wish you could get him out of here, but even though he longs for more, 99 wouldn't want that at all. You know how dutiful he is.
"Hey 99!" a clone comes out onto the patio from one of the side exits.
When he sees you, he hastily salutes, "General!"
"At ease," you say calmly.
You know the clone, Fives.
"99, we need you in the barracks, Echo is stuck in one of the snack machines again".
"Again?" asked 99.
You raised your eyebrows in surprise.
"Echo is so stubborn, when he spends one of his hard-earned tokens on a snack, he wants it. The machine is acting up again, so he stuck his hand in," Fives explains with a shrug.
You laugh softly and say, "Looks like you're needed."
99 nods at you, the goodbye is different from the last few times. You look into each other's eyes longer, there is more in your gaze than before. But finally, with a heavy heart, 99 turns away and limps after Fives, who waits for him at the door, holding it open.
Tumblr media
For two months you were stationed on Kamino. 99 and you met for dinner from time to time, sometimes secretly on the outdoor terrace, if the weather permitted it. You couldn't get more than a fleeting kiss or two, but that was enough for you. You moved on a thin line anyway. When you were pulled off Kamino, though, it was hard to say goodbye. You would visit him again, of course, but far less often than in the two months before.
Tumblr media
You're on a mission on Tatooine when you hear about the attack on Kamino. You can't just abandon this mission, you have to finish it before you can leave. Worrying about 99 weighs heavy on your stomach, like a stone. Once you're done, your next shuttle won't go back to the Order, but to Kamino first. That would not please the Order, but right now you don't care, you need certainty.
On Kamino, the repair work is already in full swing when you arrive there. The damage looks bad, but the corridors are already bustling again. You almost feel rushed as you look around. All these familiar faces, all the same and yet not. But where is 99?
You stand in one of the corridors, very still, trying to collect yourself inside. Asking for him is too conspicuous, you have to find him somehow on your own. Suddenly, someone taps you on the shoulder. You turn around and see that it is Fives. He looks downcast, he must have lost some of his brothers, you fear.
"Fives," you say softly, and you feel a wave of sadness in the Force emanate from him.
You take a deep breath, shielding yourself against it.
"General. I have something for you here."
You look in surprise at his closed hand he holds out to you. When he opens it, there is a piece of cloth on his palm with an emblem, a number sewn on it, 99. Your breath catches in your throat for a moment, and you stare at it as if it were dangerous.
Fives takes your hand and puts the piece of cloth in it.
"I don't know why, but 99 wanted you to have this, General. I think he admired you."
You blink, swallow, try to find inner peace, but the turmoil inside you is powerful and almost takes over. Still, you manage to say quietly, "It was mutual. I valued 99... very much."
Fives nods and says, "He was incredibly brave, defending Kamino alongside us. He fell as a soldier of the Republic"
"I should have been here," comes a whisper from your lips.
Fives listens up and sees the pain in your eyes, he can't quite place it, but he guesses what it's about.
"Fate is a cruel villain sometimes, General," Fives says just as quietly, "99's last thoughts were of you."
You clasp both hands around the emblem and sigh with a heavy heart, "I will not forget him."
Tumblr media
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clonehub · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
shorts season
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rai-jauru · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Domino twins collab between @captainpheonix and @mercurii.arts 💜I am open for Commissions, if you would like to get some artwork done for yourself, please fill out the form in my bio💜 About the collab @captainpheonix did sketch and lineart. @mercurii.arts did the color and shading work. #clonewars #clonewarsart #clonewarsfives #clonetrooper #clonetrooperfives #CT-5555 #ct5555 #fives #arctrooperfives #arctrooper #starwars #starwarsart #starwarsclonewars #sketch #traditionalart #clonetrooperecho #ct1409 #arctrooperecho #echo https://www.instagram.com/p/Cbaddo1Jp_5/?utm_medium=tumblr
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zalixco · 3 months ago
#BOBAFETT as a young bounty hunter
#starwars #fanart #clonewars #jangofett #themandalorian #babyyoda #grogu #clonetrooper #troopers #captainrex #commandercody #fives #echo #hevy
Tumblr media
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gatorbites-imagines · 8 months ago
Would you consider writing a Rex or Wolffe x a transmasc or male reader, possibly something hurt/comfort? If you were comfortable with it, maybe reader is nervous to come out to Rex or Wolffe and reader starts avoiding them until they’re finally confronted about it?
Regardless, keep up the good work!
Clonetroopers x ftm reader
Tumblr media
I added Cody, Fives and two of my clone ocs, as a treat ;)
I imagined the reader is a jedi whilst writing this ^^
-          You and Rex meet through Anakin, as he’s gotten in trouble once again and sends out a help signal which you respond too.
-          Rex notices not long after you start dating that there are things you are hiding, and that you are keeping your distance. He assumes it had something to do with you being a jedi and keeping your relationship a secret.
-          When you start outright ignoring him, Rex tries to give you space but it hurts to see you rush away from he comes near. He thinks it might be something he did. In the end he sends you a comm message to meet him so the two of you can talk.
-          The two of you finally meet up in your room that night, and Rex starts asking into why you’re avoiding him and asking what he did. It’s clear he’s hurt and that hurts for you as well since you know why but haven’t told him.
-          The truth just seems to force its way out as Rex starts tearing up and not meeting your eyes, and he freezes and looks back at you. You feel dread pool in your stomach, and the dread turn to confusion when he sighs of relief and hugs you. Relief fills you when he kisses your cheek and hugs you in a tight loving embrace.
-          You end up sitting on your bed and talking for a long time, you are telling him about your feelings, and him telling you about his. When you’ve finished talking, he tells you that he loves you no matter what, and is happy with whatever way you decide to present yourself.
-          He’s your biggest supporter even if you don’t come out in public, and helps you find ways to present that make you happy. Hed get Anakin’s help to sneak stuff to you that you need.
-          Wolffe and yourself meet when you travel with Plo Koon and his platoon on a trip to a planet where you will act as an advisor or support.
-          Like Rex it doesn’t like Wolffe long to notice you keeping your distance in certain ways, but Wolffe thinks its more because you want to take the relationship slow.
-          When you start ignoring him and running away when he gets close, Wolffe doesn’t really know what to do in the beginning. He tries messaging you on the comms or calling out to you when its just the two of you. In the end he sneaks into your personal room to confront you.
-          When you wake up and see Wolffe in your room, your horrified but he calms you down. He spills to you how he’s feeling and how he doesn’t want to keep hurting you if that’s why, and just wants to know what he did.
-          It ends with the two of you cuddling on your bed and you quietly telling him the truth.
-          He listens diligently and asks questions when there’s something he doesn’t understand.
-          When the both of you have reached a better understanding of it, he hugs you to his chest and kiss you, telling you he loves you for you, and he wants you to be happy. He says there’s even some clones who could cut your hair for you or he knows how to get you clothes your more comfortable in.
-          If you come out in public, he will make sure everyone follows the right pronounce and names. But if its just the two of you, he will still make sure to use the right stuff and comfort you if your dysphoria is bad.
-          You meet after you got in trouble on the planet Obi wan and his men were sent to battle on. It was all on accident that you fell out of the tree you were in and ended up in Cody’s arms.
-          Cody notices immediately that you are uncomfortable with certain touches and how you tense up at feminine words of affection, but he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable by asking.
-          Cody is very hurt when you start avoiding him. He starts to think that maybe you regret your relationship or don’t want to be seen with him. Maybe it was something he did? But he isn’t sure since you wont talk to him. He sends you multiple messages to meet him, and when you don’t respond he decides to go to your room at night to talk.
-          The two of you are silent and the air is tense as you sit on your bed not touching. It actually ends with you starting to talk first, apologizing for hurting him and avoiding him. When he asks why you hesitate, but the honest and open look in his eyes make you tell him the truth.
-          Hes quiet for a bit, and your scared he’s gonna reject you but he puts out this worry when he pulls you into his arms and kisses you.
-          Of course, he isn’t gonna leave you, he just wished you had told him earlier so he wouldn’t have worried why you were avoiding him.
-          Your relieved that’s how he feels, and little do you know but the moment you go to sleep he has ordered binders and to get tests done for hormone treatment for you.
-          He checks in on you every now and again and keeps a close eye on if your having a bad day or not after that.
-          The two of you meet at the temple when Anakin and Ashoka have to return to report their last mission. You are fixing up his personal ship when he comes over and shoots a flirty greeting and offers to help.
-          It takes a little longer than the others for Fives to realize how you’re shying away from his touches and affection, but when he does notice he realizes how you tense up and scrunch up your face at some of his flirty comments and alike.
-          Fives is very hurt when you ignore him. He doesn’t know how to talk to you about it and tries to get you to pay attention to him when its just the two of you, but you always just leave quickly. When you flinch away from his touch it hurts even more. He needs to know what he did, so he comes to your room.
-          Fives is tense when you let him in and the both of you a quiet for a while, until it just bursts out of him, and he almost ends up ranting about it all. How it hurts, how he’s confused, how he just wants you to tell him the truth and stop avoiding him.
-          You finally end up telling him, and he looks almost ashamed for his reaction and how he was ranting at you. You have to explain some things about it, but he is very supportive and open to learning
-          You both end up spending a good portion of the night looking through different resources you need and some for him to learn. Fives and you finally fall asleep late into the night and he cuddles close to you which makes it clear he still loves you very much.
-          He starts using more masculine sounding compliments and pet names.
(Ocs after here)
-          You meet Misprint late at night in the halls of one of the many buildings set up to house the clones. You had to give a report to someone, and bump into the chest of the clone. You’ve never seen him before, and you feel you would remember him from his appearance.
-          Misprint realizes before you even start dating that you aren’t comfortable with your body, but he assumes it might be body image issues, or that it has something to do with the jedi order.
-          Misprint is hurt when you avoid and ignore him, and he starts spiraling in his mind that maybe he did something wrong and that he doesn’t deserve you anyways. The two of you go for a while and avoid each other, but he finally gets enough when he sees you try and leave the room one too many times, and he pulls you into an empty storage locker.
-          He is silent when he looks you down, his one blue eye seeming to almost light up in the dark room. Its very tense before he finally breaks and tells you in quiet short sentences that if you really dislike him so much you should break up, so you could be happier with someone else.
-          You panic because that’s not why, and when he doesn’t look convinced, you bite the bullet and finally tell him.
-          He looks at you and goes “oh. Is… is that it?”. He doesn’t mean it in a way to put down your feelings, just that he never saw it as a reason to break up with you. He wants you to be happy no matter what, so he has no problem with it.
-          He uses his not so legal connections to smuggle what you need into the temple for you, if your not comfortable going through the jedi medics to get it.
-          You meet when you are on a mission to the outer rim by yourself. When you catch what looks like a clone sitting along in a cantina, you want to go over and talk to him, but he leaves before you can catch him.
-          You meet again after he saves your life after you almost get killed by whoever you were tracking out here, and you end up following him until he’s willing to talk to you. Since he’s already killed those, you were after and your mission could have taken months you decide to partner up with him, even though he’s not very happy about it in the beginning.
-          It takes him a lot longer than he’d like to admit noticing you not being comfortable with yourself or being touched in certain ways. He himself is quite uncomfortable with that stuff so he tries to understand.
-          Its kinda hard to avoid someone on the same ship, when it’s a small ship mainly made for one or two people. But he notices you staying in your room most of the time. In the beginning he’s angry or annoyed since you wanted to come along, but he ends up becoming more and more sad by it. Its when you wont even come out to eat that he goes to confront you.
-          He looks angry when he gets in, but that’s just how he normally looks when he’s feeling any emotion. He tells you that you can avoid you all you want but you can’t neglect your health because he cares about you and doesn’t want you hurt.
-          He sits down beside where you’re lying on your bed, and its quiet in the room. He looks emotionally tired like he doesn’t know what to do since he isn’t very in tune with his emotions.
-          It feels like the best time your gonna get, and you come out to him.
-          He quietly listens and nods along, taking in everything you’re telling him. He looks interested to know what it is and what it means to you.
-          When your done telling him he just nods again, kisses your forehead, and tells you he loves you no matter what, and tells you to go get something to eat as he leaves back to the pilot seat.
-          He goes out of his way to find trustful doctors in the outer rim to help you along on your way in whatever process you’re taking. He starts working on getting better at communicating so a situation like this doesn’t happen again.
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suck-a-egg · 11 months ago
Rex, to Fives: My life is in the hands of an idiot! Fives, motioning to himself and Echo: No no no no no, TWO idiots!
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notpikaman · an hour ago
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laz-laz-ace-pilot · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
“Can I ask you something?”
How was this girl not tired?! It was going to be dawn before Echo got to leave at this rate.
“Sure, but you need to get some sleep after.”
That seemed agreeable to her. “Why do your brothers always look so sad?”
“Well, Bravo and ‘19 are still upset that ‘88-”
“No, I don’t mean them - I mean the other ones, the ones that follow you around-”
What other ones?!
“What do you mean-”
“Fives, and the others; Droidbait and Hevy and Cutup. Why are they so sad?”
His heart stopped in his chest. He had talked about the latter three the previous night, but he had made sure not to mention Fives. The girl was still watching him curiously, waiting for an answer. He mentally went over anyone that could have mentioned that name to her.
“Did Bravo tell you about Fives, because this isn’t-”
“No, I can see him! He’s wearing ARC trooper armour, like you used to!”
What in the sweet Force?!
He backed away from her, heart racing and mind spiralling out of control. How could she know?! How - no one knew he had been an ARC trooper, or that Fives had been. He could imagine them now, glaring at him, disappointed, hateful, disgusted.
“I’ve got- I’ve got to go,” Echo spluttered, barely able to get the words out.
“But-” Mara started, but Echo didn’t stick around to hear the rest. He sprinted out of the mausoleum, out of the catacombs and into the open air. The fire was still burning and the village was still gathered around it, eating and laughing, but Echo couldn’t bring himself to join them. He made it back to the clones’ room undisturbed, but the small amount of sleep he did get was filled with endless tunnels and unsettled ghosts.
The image was a commission by the incredible @anabimelo​ ! I love how she captures Echo’s facial expressions! Both characters are from In The Shadow Of His Brothers and I am so looking forward to continuing their stories soon!
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715thattackbattalion · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I’m a simp for bad boy Fives.
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din-djarins-riduur · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I feel broken . . .
It’s so strange because while I hated how the Kaminoans viewed and treated the clones, this was the troops’ home. They didn’t know any better, didn’t know or understand that a comforting and safe home isn’t a laboratory where you get poked at and studied on.
The clones sadly are expendable to the galaxy and it shows with how easily the Empire just destroyed the facility.
It makes my blood boil that everything the clones stood for and died for was for nothing. As much as I want it to be not true, the clones were made to simply be a pawn in Sidious’ game.
And this? This sequence of the empty rooms? It made my stomach feel sick. It was like everything I came to know was just a lie and is now gone.
I truly felt like I lost a home today.
And it’s strange how all this time I could never emotionally understand how evil the Empire really was. Sure, they’re obviously the bad guys in the saga, but I’ve never really experienced something like this where I felt like I lost something dear to me. I never connected with the “hey the Empire is actually threatening and evil. The heroes don’t always win.” until today.
The only death/loss due to the Empire that really made me sad was Kanan’s and Rogue One’s, but even then their legacy went on.
Here though? There’s literally nothing left of the clones. Everything was abandoned and destroyed. The clones were replaced.
And seeing the clones just taken away and used and ultimately having their home gunned down just makes me so angry and hurt.
I hope they find justice. I hope the clones fight back and punch one giant fist into the structure of the Empire.
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yel-ashaya · a year ago
I think the reason why I love clone armour is because it makes them look a little bit chunky?! Like their black leotard outfits are kind of ew...
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notpikaman · an hour ago
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